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(generated from captions) that is to stop the boats. Together, the military, police, customs and others will take part in Operation Sovereign Borders.One of the key issues here is we're bringing together different agencies to work on this one task together.Indonesia's increasingly critical. Senior MP Tantowi Yahya says turning back asylum seeker boats is at odds with Indonesia's sovereignty.The policy will be very offensive and we, in the parliaments, fully support what was said by our foreign ministers, that we will fully reject the policy. Tony Abbott says his fight is with people smugglers, not the Indonesian Parliament.We absolutely totally respect Indonesia's sovereignty.He'll meet the Indonesian president at the end of this month.I am very confident that this government will be able to work effectively with the Indonesian government, as former Coalition governments have done.On his second day in the job, Tony Abbott's turned his attention to infrastructure, launching the business case for Sydney's massive WestConnex road project.I want to give our country the roads and infrastructure of the 21st century. But there can be roadblocks on the Prime Ministerial highway. SA Premier Jay Weatherill's warned that Holden may stop making cars in Australia from 2016 if it doesn't receive extra Commonwealth funding. The industry minister's noncommittal.I haven't got a pocket full of money. I thought they'd still have a bit of the $4.3 billion left that I gave them last time.Sounding more like a car salesman, Tony Abbott says he'll scrap Labor's fringe benefits tax changes.People should flood into showrooms. This weekend is a great time to be out buying a new car.He says, right now, reversing the tax hike is the best thing the Coalition can do for the car industry. And aid agencies have criticised the Federal Government's decision to merge AusAID into the Foreign Affairs Department. The Abbott Government says the move will help align Australia's aid budget with its diplomatic policies. And the chairman of one aid group says he's backing the move. Just two days in, the Abbott era has acted swiftly. 12,000 jobs are due to be cut in most areas of the Commonwealth sector, including the reintegration of AusAID with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.We don't want our diplomacy going in one direction and our aid program going in another direction. Yes, there may well be fewer people working in AusAID in three years time than is now the case.It reverses the Rudd government's decision in 2010 to make AusAID an executive agency, separate from DFAT. Agencies say that allowed greater focus surrounding how Australian aid is administered.Our sense is this will be a costly exercise, and there's a risk Australia's current clear focus on reducing poverty through the aid program could be blurred with other economic and foreign interests. While we all believe trade lifts people out of poverty, if you're sick or don't get to go to school, if you die in childbirth or through malnutrition, you'll never be trading.In June last year, AusAID employed a little over 2,100 people worldwide. The realignment delivers another blow to advocates, following Mr Abbott's decision not to name an international development minister and cutting $4.5 billion in foreign aid. According to AusAID's website, the agency has helped Australians help the world's poor in several ways. In Vanuatu, malaria cases have dropped 80% since 2003. More than 1.5 million children have been immunised against measles and polio in Papua New Guinea. And sanitation programs are providing clean water for nearly 500,000 people in Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe. But Care Australia's chairman says the realignment will help Australia distribute aid more efficiently.More than 50% of the world's poor are our near neighbours, and that's the most important thing - to be good neighbours to them. We can only do so much with what we are, and we need to concentrate to make it work. That's what the government is saying and, quite frankly, I support it.A more localised focus, on such a massive issue.

Meantime, the new government has today abolished the Climate Commission, headed by former Australian of the Year, Tim Flannery. The Commission was set up in 2011 by Julia Gillard to provide authoritative information about climate change. The new Environment Minister Greg Hunt axed the organisation, as part of the Coalition's plan to streamline government processes. Tim Flannery defended the commission, saying it had stayed out of politics and stuck to facts.The global action to combat climate change deepens and propaganda aimed at misinforming the public about climate change and action increases. Skilled migrants have rallied outside WA's The Liberal Barnett government will join three other states in charging 457 visa holders for their children to receive education. In WA, the fee will be up to $4,000 a child, per year, from 2015.We feel very unwelcome here at the moment. I feel like we are being picked on because we don't have a vote.Visa holders say they will continue to fight, until the fees are abolished. The French President has joined leaders h President has joined leaders from across Africa in Mali for the inauguration of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. Thousands of supporters turned out in the capital Bamako to witness the nation enter a new era of democracy, after months of political chaos. Keita was elected by a landslide in August and has pledged to unite Mali and end endemic corruption.

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad says he's committed to destroying his country's chemical weapons, but he's warning it could take a year. In an interview with Fox News, he again denied responsibility for the deadly chemical attack near Damascus last month.

Damascus last month.No one has verified the credibility of the videos and ity of the videos and the pictures.No one. The UN says more than 100,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict since 2011. Iran's president Hassan Rouhani appears to be making diplomatic overtures to long time enemy, the United States. Speaking ahead of a visit to the United Nations, he told a US television network that his country will never build a nuclear weapon. In his first interview since his first interview since becoming the president, Hassan Rouhani wasted no time in sted no time in making news. East Hebron trying to build nuclear weapons arsenal?TRANSLATION: We have never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb and we want.What's more, the new leader made more, the new leader made it clear to NBC that the Obama administration wouldn't be getting mixed signals in future talks on the nuclear program. TRANSLATION: In its nuclear program, this government enters with full power and has complete authority. I have given the portfolio to the Foreign Ministry. The problem gn Ministry. The problem would be from our side. We have sufficient political latitude to solve this problem.The US has long accused is run of lying over its intentions and that has driven Washington to impose round after round of economics sanctions. Hassan Rouhani is under pressure to rejuvenate the economy. At the Obama administration has tried and failed to work with the previous government and is trying again. There is an opportunity of despondency. I hope the Iranians take advantage. There are indications that the new president is somebody who is looking to open dialogue with to open dialogue with the West and with the United States in a way that we haven't seen in the past. And so we should test it.He said Hassan Rouhani a letter of congratulation after the recent election, a gesture which he welcomed. And after the government released 11 political prisoners on Wednesday, including a human rights lawyer, this reaction from the US State Department:

Both Hassan Rouhani and President Obama will be at the United Nations next week for the start of the General assembly. So far, it is said there are no plans for the two to meet. But it is starting to look as if what was once unthinkable is verging into e unthinkable is verging into the realm of the possible. he realm of the
possible. Coming up after the break - toddlers in tiaras. Cute or creepy? The French hand down their verdict.

The ACT's Chief Minister says that gay and lesbian couples will be able to marry in the territory by the end of the year. It follows the introduction of a bill to legalise same-sex marriage. But the Prime Minister says he'll seek legal advice on whether the ACT's move conflicts with federal laws.

Emotional scenes inside ACT's parliament today, as the Marriage Equality Bill was introduced.Can the people in the gallery please resume their seats?It's expected to pass the Legislative Assembly as soon as October, with Greens supporting the Labor minority government.Everyone is equal before the law and is entitled to the equal ntitled to the equal protection of the law. The territory's government says it will welcome couples from around Australia who want to travel there to get married. The move welcomed by supporters in the gallery.We need to have them formally respected, right from the top, and you're doing that.But the jubilation could be short-lived. The Federal Government may consider overturning the legislation, if it's passed. The Prime Minister says the ACT is entitled to do what it wants, within the law.As you know, under the constitution, the Commonwealth has responsibility for marriage and the attorney will be seeking advice on precisely how far that extends.It's not the first time the Federal Government has intervened. The Howard government overturned the ACT's Civil Unions Bill in 2006. Chief Minister Katy Gallagher says that legal advice indicates that it could be different this time.That's been strengthened through the Bob Brown amendments in the last parliament, which now require a full vote of every member of fed parliament before that can happen. I mean, there's risks associated with all legislation and it doesn't stop parliament making legislation.It could also be subject to a High Court challenge. ACT's opposition says it doesn't support the legislation.Because it's likely to be found unconstitutional, certainly it will be subject to a High Court challenge and it's likely that it's going to be inoperable because of it's conflict with federal legislation and the federal marriage act.The ACT government says it will urge federal Labor to vote as one against any moves to stamp out the laws, rather than allowing a conscience vote. The Mexican beach resort of Acapulco was once a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. Now, it's a dangerous flood zone. And tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world are stranded. The airport is the gateway to countless sunny holidays but now waist deep in water. And it's very hard to leave for the tens of thousands stuck here. Those that can are heading north to a military base. Another runway bursting with people, all hoping they will get a ticket out of there.There are no roads, no planes, physically no way to get y no way to get out.But the people who live here are left clinging on. A city where people are now swimming to escape. In the hillsides, it's even harder. And this is the force they are facing. A double hit of two storms have created the worst weather in the worst weather in Mexico for decades. It has killed . It has killed more than 50 people so far will stop he calls for calm art, as the army tried to bring in supplies overnight, others help themselves to some by looting supermarkets and patience is running low.TRANSLATION: I've got a bad impression of Mexico with what's happening in Acapulco. We have been standing in a queue for nearly six hours. It will take us to Mexico City but there is nothing. A soldier comes and says one thing ys one thing while somebody else says another.This is a country trying to bring trying to bring in enough food and water and get the many stranded tourists out. And forecasters warn Mexico could face another storm in the next few days. Five skeletal remains, found in two cars at the bottom of a lake in the United States, could solve two cold cases going back to the 1960s. Police divers in Oklahoma came across the cars during a training session. They're thought to be a Camaro car, missing with three teenagers since 1970, and a Chevrolet car, with two people missing since the early 1960s. The daughter of the policeman who investigated the disappearance of the teenagers said it had always bothered him. He said there was nothing. No leads, nothing. Like a vanished into thing. Like a vanished into thin air. Police are waiting for the results of DNA tests to identify the remains. In a surprise move, the US Federal Reserve has decided to maintain its current economic stimulus program, by continuing to pump billions of dollars into the American economy. As a result, markets surged, the Australian dollar bounced and the chances of another official interest rate cut rose. It was one of the most anticipated news conferences this year, following the Federal Reserve's 2-day meeting.We have been over optimistic about out-year growth. And with that statement, the realisation the Fed was maintaining its current level of economic stimulus.It appears again the potential rate of the economy has been slowed somewhat, at least temporarily, by the recession and the financial crisis, and you can see that in the slower productivity figures.The market had been expecting the institution to commence reducing its $85 billion US bond buying program gradually, with a $10 billion wind back. While US unemployment had fallen, other economic indicators weren't strong enough to warrant a Fed move. The news sent shares on Wall Street to record highs, but some investors were left unnerved, with Mr Bernanke's lack of direction.It did not give the financial markets a clear indication of where Fed policy was headed.Adding to market uncertainty.But now you may see volatility increase, because we haven't done that first step of tapering.That volatility can be seen in the Australian dollar, which soared, adding almost two US cents, to a three month high. It may unsettle the Reserve Bank, which has been trying to keep a lid on the currency.That hard work has diminished over the past few weeks, and that task may mean that the Reserve Bank leaves the door open for more interest rate cuts, if the domestic economy does not improve. The flight to the Australian dollar pushed up commodity prices, which in turn supported our big miners and lifted our sharemarket to a fresh 5-year high.

And Ireland has climbed out of the recession that hit in late 2012. It has recorded growth of 0.4% to June this year. Let's check the finance figures now.

Let's check the finance figures

now. The

now. The Australian sharemarket finished at a fresh five year high. Resource stocks did well. The Commonwealth Bank was the only one of the big four to finish lower. Billabong soared on a fresh recapitalisation deal, while gold producer Newcrest Mining also did well. In Japan, the Nikkei hit a fresh eight-week high. Markets in Europe are stronger in early deals, joining a global rally. Shares on Wall Street rose around 1%. The Australian dollar is now buying more than 95 US cents and is mostly higher across the other major global currencies. And on the commodity markets, gold has surged, oil is also up.


A contestant

A contestant from

A contestant from Nigeria has

A contestant from Nigeria has been crowned the winner of an international beauty pageant in Indonesia. It's not Miss World, but Miss World Muslimah - Islam's answer to the western pageant, which is taking place in Bali next week. Finalists were judged not only for their beauty but their religious knowledge and piety. Winner Obabiyi Aisha Ajibola received more than $2,000, and trips to India and Mecca. Beauty pageants remain controversial. And today, France has moved to ban them for young girls. It's to stop what's being called the hypersexualisation of children. Pat Abboud from 'The Feed' reports on why the French are saying no to toddlers in tiaras. 96 and I'm a queen! This girl rose to stardom after first appearing in the massively successful show 'Toddlers & Tiaras'. -- I and six. I want '. -- I and six. I want to win money! A couple of days ago, the finale of her own reality show at 3.2 million viewers. With that audience, it's clear her audience, it's clear her antics are cute to some. But child beauty pageants have long sparked controversy and these dolls up children have the power to fascinate and the pulse. Now, France has taken a hard line stands, deeming child beauty contests a criminal event.

Chantal, the woman who pushed the amendment through, has long campaigned against the hyper sexualisation of the hyper sexualisation of children.

In France, Yuji pageants are known as Miss Minnie competitions. -- beauty pageants. s. -- beauty pageants. This man passionately defended his business, saying it just little girls playing princess. Concerns have propped up in several countries. Regulations are pretty rare. Sweden, Denmark and Norway recently pulled out of a contest, saying girls as young as five were dressed like sexed up dolls, wearing dresses that were too tight, high heels and expensive jewellery. There was few in-out vote backyard in 2011, when Australians against Child beauty pageants formed. They stopped a beauty pageant from kicking off in Melbourne. With the success of shows like 'Toddlers & Tiaras', there are probably a number of TV executives pitching a new series. But even as France has banned their version, it's not the end of it yet. The video game Grand Theft Auto V has raked in more than $800 million in global sales on its first day. Now ,compare that to the biggest grossing movie of all time, 'Avatar'. It took $2.8 billion around the world in total. No wonder analysts are saying the video game is set to become the biggest grossing entertainment product ever. Sightseers at an RAAF facility in Victoria may have thought they had gone back in time. They would have seen a Bristol Boxkite replica aircraft taking to the skies at the air force museum at Point Cook west of Melbourne. It flew just over 1,000 metres at a top speed of 67km/h. This plane is a replica. The forerunner to the RAAF, the Australian Flying Corp flew the planes between 1914 ad 1917. Coming up, the weather and Cup climax - New Zealanders on the verge of celebrating winning sports' oldest trophy.

sports' oldest trophy. In 1995, New Zealand won the most coveted trophy in sailing, the America's Cup. Now the Kiwis are just one win from winning it again. 13 years ago it was San Deigo, now its San Francisco Bay. Team New Zealand have won eight of the best of 17 series against defending champion Oracle Team USA. After winning today's first race, strong winds cancelled the second. But two races are scheduled tomorrow, and the army of New Zealand supporters can't wait.It's official. Something special is on the horizon.Everyone in San Francisco feels it. Tomorrow!Any Kiwi who decided to y Kiwi who decided to come at the last minute appears to last minute appears to be here. We found a Boeing 747 captain who couldn't park the plane fast enough to get down here. h to get down here.We were held up getting onto the gate. All of the flights full? Not totally.Leading at the end of the week it will be. It's a last call 's a last call for some at this yacht club.New Zealanders are hanging out here.Unfortunately, we are flying out ately, we are flying out soon.Emirates the entire way. The writing is on the wall for team USA. If they were to have a they were to have a comeback now, they would have to make a new board. The omens are, it's coming home.We have got it in the bag! Despite my English accent...Even foreigners claim they are Kiwi. To netball and Australia has beaten New Zealand in Game two of the Constellation Cup Series. The Diamonds snapped a five-game losing streak, to level the series at 1-1. In a physical encounter in Auckland, vice captain Kim Green was in thick of the action early on. The sides were locked at 22-22 at half-time, before the Diamonds held off a fast-finishing Silver Ferns in the final quarter. And one of the greats of heavyweight boxing, Ken Norton, has died aged 70. In 1973, Norton broke Muhammad Ali's jaw. He fought during a golden era of heavyweights that also included George Foreman and Joe Frazier. To the weather. A cold front is clipping SA, triggering a few showers.

cold front is clipping SA,
triggering a few showers. An offshore low is bringing showers into eastern Victoria and patchy rain over Tasmania.

cold front is clipping SA,
triggering a few showers. An A trough is directing hot, dry north-westerlies into Queensland. In the major centres:

Looking further afield:

That's the

That's the world

That's the world this Thursday.

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