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(generated from captions) be for a while, but I can definitely do that depth.But you did feel narcosis?Yes.Tanya Streeter had a close call with severe narcosis ten years ago. She was doing what's called no limits diving - going down in a weighted device which moves fast and goes down deeper than most WWII era submarines. This is Tanya at 525 feet - deeper than anyone had ever gone. She blew a kiss to the ocean, but then she became disorientated and it took her 17 agonising seconds to remember that there she had to pull a pin. Any longer and she might have stayed down there forever. But with experiences like this, why go down at all?It's just a little bit difficult for people to fathom, if you excuse the pun! But it's what I love to do. You know, it's a common phrase in free diving that we don't dive to look around us, we dive to look within ourselves. It's a journey of self exploration.What can you possibly be exploring in your own mind when your ears hurt and you're out of breath and it is dark? You know it's dangerous?I want to know what I've got. I want to know what I'm made of.When we watch this, we thought about other sports - running, climbing, boxing and swimming. They've all been essential for the survival of the human race. But descending in to blackness where there's no air? Yet, free diving is becoming more popular every year.



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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News. The Climate Commission abolished in a shock move by the new government. We speak exclusively to the Commission's high profile boss who's now out of work. A two-year-old child dead tonight in a house fire. And the ACT might become Australia's first jurisdiction to legalise same sex marriage. The Late News is next.

A quick update now on the story we brought you last week about the Australian soldier, Paul Warren, and his extraordinary wife, Dee. And I need to be that role model for my kids as well. They can't see dad sitting at home. No way.After losing a leg, and, for a while, his mental health, serving in Afghanistan, Paul Warren was out there looking for a job. The morning after our report last week, he got a call. He started work on Monday in his preferred field of occupational health and safety. Other opportunities are also flowing in. We wish him well. I'm Hugh Riminton. Thank you for watching tonight's edition of Revealed. You can follow us on Twitter and you can watch our stories again on

stories again on the website: more stories next week. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. From the Ten Network News Centre, this is the Late News. Tonight - Tony Abbott fulfils a promise and the Climate Commissioner loses his job. Tim Flannery is our guest. The ACT is said to be the first place that same sex couples with get married. We speak to the Chief Minister pushing the legislation. And Alan Bond is back. The comments that enraged so many.

Ahead - a performance from country music star Dina Corcherane.

You can tweet us with your thoughts.

Our top story - Tony Abbott sacked a former Australian of the Year from his government postings. Tim Flannery is the latest person given the boost after the Climate Commission is shut down. He's the 207 Australian of the Year, and a passionate advocate for action on climate change. What we're seeing is whether records are being broken. Records there that have stood for a century. There is no room for Tim Flannery or his Climate Commission the Tony Abbott's new regime.The Coalition lived up to their promise before the election and that's the reality. The Commission was created by Labor in 2011, to provide independent advice. They only got sworn in yesterday, and they've begun rolling Ausaid into the Foreign Affairs Department, sacking senior public servants and today the shameful act of shutting down the Climate Change Authority. The new minister rejected this.We have a an action which is more cost effective.Three department bosses were sacked yesterday, including Andrew Metcalft former Immigration Department Chief, who was critical of the policy of turning back boats. I won't get into the whys and where fores of individual decisions. We respect the interrety -- integrity of senior members of the public service.The Prime Minister has powerful allies. Rupert Murdoch took to twitter to express his delight at the sackings.

Wayne Swan hit back saying - what's next?

There are obviously a couple of departments that were merged, but I think you can see stpr what we've done that we respect the professionalism of the public service. The pain is far from over. Tony Abbott promised 12,000 public service jobs would go. Joining us now is the former Chief Climate Commissioner, Tim Flannery. Thanks for your time. This can't have been a big surprise?No, it wasn't a surprise. We've known for several months the Climate Commission would be closed down if the Abbott Government came to power. You had said, I think, when Tony Abbott became the Liberal lead thaer you have learned you cannot trust anything the Liberal Party says on climate change. Was it realistic to expect ever that a Liberal-led government would want to work with you in this capacity? That's a decision to make. It's hard to trust governments as a whole unless they have well laid out policies. That's on any matters related to climate change. As the Chief Climate Commissioner, we were scrupulously careful not to wade into politics. We leave that to others. We're there just to inform the Australian pub lib about climate change, the science, the economic options and what is happening overseas.You indicated you voted for cud and he disappointed you. That sort of comment, presumably, would not put you in favour with Tony Abbott. What, that I'd been disappointed by cud?No, that you voted Labor.Oh, right. Well, I'm an ordinary citizen like other Australians. I might have said I voted formal come Turnbull. I have my opinions outside and before I was the Climate Commissioner.I suppose my question, do you now think in retrospect you wish you had not said those things publicly and it may have made this role in the longer term more tenable?No, I have great relations with a lot of people in the Liberal Party and good relationships with people on Labor. I'm a human being like everyone else wefrbgs have friends and we have our political preferences. But as Climate Commissioner I've been careful to keep that out of the work we do.Do you think that in this role you changed minds?I think we probably did. A lot of people assumed that the climate is changing, they think humans may be influencing it but beyond that they don't know much about it. I think for them we were a valuable source of information. Australia has recently elected a government that does not want a price placed on carbon. Does that mean people lairk you who believe there showbiz a price on it and believe that humans have an impact on climate change, have lost the public debate in this country?Look, we at the Climate Commission have always said that there are various ways you can achieve the ends that you want. You can have a price on carbon, you can have a regulatory environment, such as a renewable energy target, and at the end of the day, both side of politics agreed on the 5 % reduction target, both agreed on the renewable energy target. Those things are solid and outside the debate. There are different ideas between the two parties on how you price carbon - do you put a direct price that the polluter pays or get the taxpayer to pay it? That's a debate yet to - - yet to be bad.When it comes to the climate debate and there is an active one, who is winning - the believers or sceptics? Nfrpblgts the last 12 months we reduced emissions from the lek fristy sector in Australia by 9% over the last year. That's a huge achievement. We're not in the lead, but are doing things. So I think historically we are starting to address the issue. Tim Flannery, thanks for talking to us.It's a pleasure, thank you. Still to come - we will speak to the ACT Chief Minister about her plans to push through laws enabling same sex couples to get married. First aman can Hart. Thank you. A child is dead after a house fire west of briz. The blaze in tootoo took hold quickly. Neighbours tried in vain to ut put it out. A two-year-old died and four other children, all under 15, are being treated for smoke inhalation. A firefighter was treated. A huge factory fire in Melbourne this evening caused up to $7 million damage. 150 firefighters were called in to battle the Dandenong South blaze which engulfed a flooring factory at 6:00pm. Firefighters say there was also the presence of toxic fumes. We had these aggressive fire fighting attacks using aerial appliances to project water into the top of the factory to try to extinguish the fire.Investigators will arrive at first light to determine the cause of the blaze. Prime Minister Tony Abbott will try to smooth things over when he visits Jakarta after Indonesia slammed the Government's border protection policy as offensive and illegal. An Indonesian MP says the country has major concerns about the policy which includes turning boats around. I have no argument with anyone in the Indonesian establishment or Parliament. My argument is with people smugglers and my point to the people smugglers is the game is up. The Government is pressing on with its plans. The new Immigration Minister met with Lieutenant Angus Campbell who will run Operation Sovereign Borders. There's new evidence that the Industry Minister, Ian McFarlane is pushing for the Coalition to go ahead with plans to cut $5 million from the car industry fund. Everyone will have to do a bit here. This is an important industry on the brink of closing.The minister will visit the company's Adelaide plant next month. Holden bosses say they must make a decision about its future before Christmas. Reports are circulating in the AFL that ASADA will issue infaction notices against some Essendon players and officials. It is believed they will be served after the grand final. The sports scientist at the centre of the scandal still hasn't been interviewed. AFL commentators say the saga needs to come to an end. The AFL Commission is now going to have to act very quickly, or else all of this will be carried into next year.Essendon says there is no factual basis to the reports. A man who brutally attacked and gang raped a number of women when he was a teenager has been granted parole for the second time this month. Mohamed Sanoussi's parole was revoked earlier this month because he'd be living with his gang member brothers who recently bashed a man in Sydney's south-west. But as of today he will walk free from prison in three years time. I think that everyone's interests are now served and Mr Mohamed Sanoussi can get on with his life. Mohamed Sanoussi has been ordered not to associate with his brothers. Despite telling police he showbiz locked up until he dies t murderer of Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey, is appealing his life sentence. Stephen James Hunter attacked the 22-year-old with a hammer, before stabbing her and dumping her body in a bin in November last year. The 48-year-old told police he snaped in an argument after she became angry when she mistakenly thought he called her a junkie. Hunter has already served 13 years for the murder of another woman. Australian researchers have made a major breast cancer find that sheds light on a woman's chances of developing the disease. Immune cells designed to protect the bodies could be a driving factor in increasing the risk of developing it. While they normally fight off the cancerous cells in the menstrual cycle, they allow the rogue cells to pass through undetected. A young girl who goes through pueberty at 11 will have a 20% increased risk for her entire lifetime of getting cancer, compared to those who go through pueberty at 15. Now they've found where the fault lies, scientists hope to achieve ways to decrease the danger. Apple fans will have eyes on Australia as we are the first launch country for the new iPhone range. Apple is putting out a cheaper plastic version in five colours to capture the Chinese market alongside the flagship I phone 5S. It comes in three bright colours. A quick look at the weather - it's currently 24

I will have the forecast later. Investigators try to pinpoint what went wrong in Ottawa, where six people were killed in a horrific crash. Thank you. Tonight Alan Bond may have cast himself once again as the villain. In an interview for Ten's Revealed, the 75-year-old failed tycoon spoke exclusively to Emma Dallimore. On his sprawling English estate, Alan Bond has been a recluse. There's never been a camera here. Never here?No.There's a loneliness here now, without his wife, Diana.The first 12 months was awful. To put it bluntly. We need to move on, but it's still taking some time.Did it break you? Almost. Almost. When it went the closest I've ever been.There's a dris tackion - the 30th anniversary of his historic Americas Cup win. Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum.Ben Lexon's winged keep shattered America's 132-year record, the longest winning streak in sporting history. Australia's Americas Cup win still the greatest sporting event in Australia's history?I think so, can't think of one that captured the spirit of the nation totally. How did the win change your life? It made me fiebl all over the world. -- iedfiebl all over the world. If I could achieve the win in America's Cup, is there anything I couldn't do? And the reality of that is, I think my ego got a bit ahead of myself.An ego that would leave him bankrupt and a trail of Aussie investors ruined. Bond was jailed for Australia's biggest corporate fraud, stripping $1.2 billion of Bell Resources. Bond claimed memory loss about where the millions went but has bounced back financially at least. Though money can't buy it all. It couldn't save his daughter from a drug overdose, couldn't buy Diana out of her deep depression. With all the ability to have the best in the world to treat her, we couldn't get through that barrier. She couldn't get through the barrier. When Diana died, he turned to church. I lit some candles to Diane and Susan. When I was walking back to the ho there, all of a sudden it lifted. It was like that you reach a point and it lifts.Are you spending a little less time out here, though? So the fog is starting to clear?Yes. I need a little break. He says he's a changed man, no comfort for those still hurting. So to those who still harbour ill feelings towards Bondie, people in Perth, what do you say?I say get on with life yourself. Alan Bond speaking to Ten's Emma Dallimore. Still to come t battle for same sex marriage legislation to be introduced in the ACT. Hardcore gamer Heaven in Tokyo.

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Welcome back. You're watching the Late News. Coming up the finance news, and we will hear from the ACT Chief Minister on their plans for legislation to allow same sex couples to Wednesday in the Territory. Now more on the World News from Amanda. The Syrian President has appeared on TV in the United States, this time denying part in the chemical attack in his country that killed hundreds. President Assad denied Syria gripped by civil war but was the victim of infill fraigs by foreign- backed Al Qaeda fighters. His appearance came as UN envoys backed a joint resolution to enshrine in international law a joint plan to secure and neutralise his banned weapons. Investigators are picking through the wreckage left by a train and double-decker bus crash in Canada. Six people have been killed and more than 30 injured in the collision at a level crossing in Ottawa. The accident happened in the morning rush hour. Witnesses say the bus crashed through a crossing barrier. In July 47 were killed when a runaway train exploded in a Quebec town. Hardcore gamers have flock nod the Tokyo Games Show to see the latest offerings from manufacturers. Of most interest in sewny's upcoming console - the Next Generation Play Station 4. Sewny aims to sell a million a month. I will update our top stories later. Thank you. Plet's turn to the markets.

Can I a in

Let's go to ComSec. Stephen, a few surprise looks on people's faces when the Central Ban income the US announced it wouldn't switch off the tap. How did the market react? Significantly. We had pretty much everyone in the market expecting there to be a reduction in the number of dollars printed by the Fed. We saw the continuation in the current stimulus strategy. This had markets partying like it was New Year's Eve 1999 on a hot summers day. The more stimulus there is, the happier markets have been. The mining sector hit a 6-month high. The Aussie dollar hit a 3-month high. The Aussie market more broadly speaking rose by more than 1%, for only the 5th time in ten weeks: a good day.Unemployment has been on an upward trajectory. Which of the industries are pushing it in that direction?Last week we found out the unemployment rose to a 4- year high of 5.8%, but today we found out the industries that haven't done so well, and so have, and the retail sector is the worst performer. 36,000 jobs were lost in the retail sector between June and August, but to be fair, the retail industry is the second biggest employer in the country. 10% of the workforce work in the retail sector, second only to the health care sector. Not very good overall, but the biggest employer in the country. Thank you. Time for our music guest. This act looks almost certain to become the first - that's not what we're doing - we're going to same-sex marriage. Excuse me. We're almost certain to be the -- the ACT will be the first place to allow same-sex couples to get married. The Attorney-General will look into options to challenge the legislation.

Megan and Amy have been engaged for 12 months. They desperately want to get married, but our laws don't allow it. The young couple can't afford to go overseas to tie the knot, so they're waiting until it's legal here.We were born in Australia. We showbiz getting married in Australia.Now gay and lesbian marriages could be permitted, but only in the ACT. The ACT Government introduced a bill to allow same-sex marriages into the legislative assembly this morning. I commend this bill to the assembly. (APPLAUSE) It's aimed at gay and lesbian couples who can't marry under the Commonwealth Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a partnership between a man and a woman. I will drive straight to Canberra the moment it is passed and with bells on. We will be happy.But the excitement could be short-lived. Prime Minister Tony Abbott's reacting by saying his Attorney- General is seeking urgent advice on the bill.The ACT is entitled to do what it can within the law. As you know, under the constitution, the Commonwealth has a responsibility for marriage.We don't wake up to next Mr Abbott, we're not at his dining table, so why are we affecting the way he lives?The Territory has been knocked back before. In 22006 the Howard Government vetoed similar laws that woul have allowed the unions. And the support Kevin Rudd threw behind marriage equality did not help in the election. If the law doesn't get passed, I'll be happy with ami. We will be upset, because we will have to go somewhere else to get married.If the bill does become law, it won't just affect the ACT. Same-sex couples across the country, could bypass the a Commonwealth Marriage Act by being wed in Canberra.If people come to the asm CT to get married because of the law, that highlights why we need reform nationally.The bill is expected to pass next month with the support of the Greens.

Joining us is the ACT's Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher. The ACT has attempted to push this sort of legislation through before and the Howard Government blocked it, what makes you think this time thing also be different?Well, I think a lot of it has changed since 2006 when the first attempt at civil unions was overturned by the Howard Government. We have had civil partnerships in place since then. We've gone back to our local community and made commitments around marriage equality. This is us simply trying to deliver the election commitments we went to the community with in October 22012. I think the main point is, I think community sentiment has moved forward in the last ten years, and certainly in Canberra there is overwhelming support for this change.Doesn't it become irrelevant what the community sentiment is if the Federal Government is willing to use or exercise its authority to quash the legislation?Well, we don't think so. I think it is important to try to deliver on the commitments you made to the people of the ACT and we were very clear about that. In fact, we've been clear about that in 2004 election, 2008 and 2012. It is no secret. We would say, just because there are risks attached with in legislation going forward, doesn't mean we should stop doing what we any is right. We think ensuring that people can marry regardless of their sexual orientation is an important law reform and one which we want to support and that's what the legislation does.You must acknowledge that the Federal Government does have the ability to intervene here, though.Yes, they do. I mean, their powers have been weakened in relation to one minister vetoing territory laws. That was changed in the last Parliament, the last Federal Parliament. So now any vetoing of our laws are required to go to a full vote of both Houses of Parliament. That certainly strengthens the position of the territory. We've also got good legal advice around our capacity to legislate for equal marriage and we intend to defend this, if it is challenged, post its enactment through the say semably in October. What's the legal advice you've received about the chances of your side of this being upheld if that is the case?I think the advice the Government is acting on is the fact the Commonwealth Marriage Act specifies that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. Our legislation only seeks to provide the opportunity for marriage to those who were unable to marry under the Commonwealth Marriage Act. Therefore we're not seeking to interfer with the areas the Commonwealth has power around and their legislation covers. We are seeking to represent those people who can't access the Commonwealth Marriage Act and so we believe they can run concurrently and we're not interfering with Commonwealth powers. Essentially that's the argument in a nutshell. Is this an ideological battle that you will have with the Federal Government snfplt I don't think it needs to be. The ACT Labor Government has been really clear about this since 2001. We've been amending laws and ensuring an end to discrimination through the statute books for just over ten years now. We've made no secret of our position on this. It doesn't need to be ideological. I can tell you if it is challenged, if there are those who want to interfer and seek to overturn the laws, the ACT Government will defend them. Chief Minister of the ACT, thank you. Thank you. We seem to have overcome technical problems, so we can get into music. Our guest is Dianna Corcoran. She is Australia's down to earth country girl, with two Golden Guitars. She burst on to the country music scene ten years ago with her debut album, Little Bit Crazy.

# I can see... Since then she went from strength to strength working with Grammy winning producers. She got back from knashville, where she recorded her fourth album. Nashville is where you live, but home is Parks?Yes, Australia will always be my home and the Central West is where I come from.Do you get back home often?I try to. I spend a quarter of my year here in Australia. I fry to spend as much of that back home in Parks.You still have the Aussie Act sepbts? It hasn't gone yet. There's a kum of words I have to go back. Here and for. I repeat them and say them in Australian. I believe you are getting married soon?I am.Tell me about that. You met in an interesting way, too.Yes, we've got a quirky little love story. My fiance is, he runs a German record label and we actually met through a publisher in Nashville. He emailed me about a song of mine, we emailed back and forwards and strictly business for two years. Then finally we had to have a marketing meeting after two years of doing that business, and popped up on the screen and had a connection through Skype. I don't know how that happens, but it happens.What happened then? You Skypeed and then, what's the story? Him being in Germany, me in Australia. We met halfway. We flew to Thailand and have been together ever since.What's the inspiration behind Love and Therapy?Bit of everything, real life. It's incredibly honest. You know, it's just a bit of everything. It's the most diverse album I've done. There's a huge surprise at the end of it. I didn't want any rules, any of the rules within the industry to stop me. There was one song not from this album, but from one of the others... Thanks for Cheating On Me.That was probably one of my biggest hits. It was a true story, it was before the fiance. Yeah, you know, I got my money's worth out of that bloke. In the country music scene, do you have to be based in Nashville for it to work for you?I don't think there are any rules. It depends, if you want to crack that market in America, and for me, I produce and write as well, so for me...For other people?Yes. To be able to do all of that and have access to the studios and musicians I want to use, you have to be there. You can make music anywhere.What are you performing for us tonight?Therapy t first single. A bit of a tongue in comeek song about the music industry being a bit of a circus behind the scenes. Thank you for coming in. We will hear from you at the end of the show. What have you got for us in sport? Plenty. Flanflan -- Tim Flannery, we will hear from him. And there is no doubt about Cyril Rioli, ready to take on the Cats with Buddy. Taj Burroughs' spectacular win.



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Welcome back. Take it away. Injurys are the talking poipblts ahead of tomorrow night's NRL semi-final. Manly's Brett Stewart and Carney are set to miss the game. The Sharks camp is sending mixed messages. Todd Carney is considered a long shot, but the coach hasn't given up hope.Probably nearly be a miracle if he turned out tomorrow night.But the captain, Paul Gallen, was not so positive.He won't play. We don't play games. We will do our best against a tough side. Todd won't be there.With or without Carney, they are rank outsiders. There's a 70% head to head record including seven wins from eight fines meetings.We would be disappointed if we didn't play well tomorrow night and challenge Manly. They are a good side. We will have to play our best.Their exit from last year's finals motivating the Bunnies to end the drought.I got paid for it last year, I came up short. It's left that fire in the belly.The Knights have the chance to knock out both of last year's grand final lists when they take on the Storm.A big job ahead. They have quality players all over the field. Looking forward to the challenge.Jarryd Hayne remains in the news. He is rubbishing speculation he is move fog the Bulldogs.You know, to me it's been talk.The Dogs have been linked with Hopoate. A double boost for Hawthorn, with Lance Franklin and Cyril Rioli returning for the prelim against Geelong. Franklin comes back after a one-match ban for rough conduct. Rioli has overcome an ankle injury. Running on top of the ground, Rioli has shaken his nagging ankle injury in time to take on the cats. Trained well and it pulled up fine. He will be okay to play.Lance Franklin turns from his enforced rest. Utility Matt Spanger and Anderson are making way.We have 30 available that could come in and get the job done.The Cats have made two changes. Catty replaces Khan-- Chapman and Murdoch gets his chance at text spepbs of Hunt. The Dockers predict a bruising battle against the Swans Saturday night. We are preparing for what we call footy war. It will go to the end and they are, you know, contested big-body players.All Australian Michael Johnson was named after overcoming a calf strain. I will freshen up this week. We are looking forward to spring a run around. It's exciting. One game from the big show.The last time these two sides met in a preliminary final was back in 2006. The Swans prevailed that night by 5. -- by 35. Michael Clarke is hopeful of featuring in next month's one-day tour of India. He arriveed to the unwanted sight of a cardboard cut- out of Stewart Broad. His ongoing back problem is causing more concern.In the next ten days I have seven TV commercials for Cricket Australia sponsors. Then I head to India. I think I have a bit of physio in between. The Indian series starts on October 13. Australia has hit back in netball's Consolation Cup, downing New Zealand in Auckland. Behind 1-0 in the series t Diamonds put their bodies on the line before breaking free in the third quarter.

The Silver Ferns came back, but the Aussies hung on to win 47 to 45. Game 3 of the five-match series is in Melbourne early next month. Adam Scott could be the first Australian since Greg Norman be the Crowned the PGA Player of the Year. Another victory would guarantee him the FedEx cup and a $10 million bonus. He could move ahead of Woods and Mickelson and Best Player.Two tro fe fis here this week, and also -- two trophies this week, and a possible prestigious honour.

Taj Burrows takes out our Play of the Day for taming Tressles for the first time. Twice the bridesmaid on the Californian coast, he blazed away to defeat Wilson in an all- sauz si final. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I was in the zone. It feels so good. I'm glad, I wanted this more than anything. It was a great day for Australia. Mick Fanning took the rankings lead from Slater.

A great result.Good on him. Follow us on Twitter. Coming, Dianna Corcoran, back to perform her new country hit.


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Amanda is here with the top stories. Tony Abbott has come good on his promise to axe the climate commission to the display of Green groups. The commission was set up to provide public information on global warming. The former commission head fln flanflan defended the work done by the commission, saying Australians have a right to awe nor tai tiff ipblt information on climate -- awe nor tai tiff information on clie -- authoritative information on climate change.

Thank you. Now my link from Bedtime Bytes is a piece from a Russian magazine. John McCain has written in someway a response to Putin's report on the other day. Worth a read. Mine is an article on the tuftest, most stressful jobs in the country. Train drivers take it out as number one. Not reading the news? No. Believe it or not. As stressful as that is. I would have thought there would be different jobs that might be more stressful, but apparently not.I have a website called Does The Dog Die? If you are getting attached to the animal in the movie and worried it might die, you pause the movie, go on the website and it tells you if the animal survives.What does it matter?The Adventure of Milo and Otis. Red Dog not so good.Does it tell you the plot?No, just tells you in the animal dies. I get upset. Do you need a tissue? And that's it from us. Thanks fosh your patience. We will leave you with Dianna Corcoran's latest single, called Therapy. Great to have you with us. We will be back the same tomorrow tomorrow night. Have a very good evening.

# Oooohh! # The night I seen I can tell you one thing, everyone in this town is on something # One man's whisky's another man's smoke # Ow # And the drinks are out there making a killing # We're oon the couch sharing our feelings, addicted to this, hooked on this, we all got a monkey we can't kick # Oh, everybody in this town is in therapy # If they're not, they probably showbiz # They're on anything to pull them through # When the lights go down it's a circus # All the plans go berserk # They're on cloud nine, moon shine, wide line, star high, somewhere out in the blue # But I'm on you # You... Oooh # You're on a plane, I'm pacing up there, when you're here, I'm begging for more. You're like the sugar in a candy cone, oh, whoah # Well, he got it, stand in line to be crazy and lose your mind # But baby you're my curse # Oh, I get goofy when it comes # Everyone down in here is in therapy # Anything to pull them through # When the lights go down at the circus and all the clowns go berserk # They're on cloud nine, moon wide line, star high # Somewhere out in the blue # But I'm on you... # Just a little # Is it all right with you if you're my drug? # Everybody in this town is in therapy # And if they're not, well, they probably showbiz # They're on Zanex, and anything that pull them through # When the lights go down it's a three-ring circus and all the Crowns go berserk # Hay're on cloud nine, mood shine, wide line, star # Somewhere out in the # But I'm on you # You... Oo o h... Ooh # Yeah, I'm on you. # You, oo... Oooh. # I'm on you, you... Oooh... Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Tonight to the boardrooms to chiing ka go - can Tecoma stop McDonald's. Should you be allowed to refuse medical treatment for your children based on religion? The most controversial video game of all time. What's the fascination with if Grand Theft Auto? Is funeral insurance worth the money? And we chat with the stars of the new more I have Turbo. This is The Project. A huge show for you tonight. Welcome back to Natasha Stott-Despoja and Peter Helliar. Mohamed Sanoussi has learned he will be released after 13 years in prison. His parole was revoked two weeks ago when his brothers were charged with assault. Today a judge reinstated it with strict conditions, ruling the two matters are unrelated.It's been a very wise and difficult decision for the authority, but I think everyone's interests are now served. Mr Mohamed Sanoussi can get on with miss life.A 21-year-old has been arrested over a fatal stabbing of a Sydney father yesterday afternoon. 33-year-old Shane Duncan died in hospital after being knifeed in the chest in front of his partner and children in a fight on a Doonside street.He was the best father. He was a very giving person. He helped everybody in our street. There could be rough diplomatic waters ahead for Prime Minister Tony Abbott amid growing anger in Jakarta over the Coalition asylum seeker policy. The PM says discussions won't happen through the media.Too much damage has been done in the past by mega-phone diplomacy. It won't happen under this government.The Essendon Club doesn't believe there is truth to claims at least 7 Bombers officials and players will receive infraction notices from ASADA over the supplements

Brisbane City Council denies security issue ahead of the G20 Summit as the blame for the city's annual Zombie March be moved. They say it's due to redevelopment work at the showground. Organisers say that's not the story they have from police.Really upset my plans.They will allow a zumba march, which I believe is far scarier. (LAUGHTER) CouldHTER) Couldn't they just give everyone in the G20 a shovel and say defend yourself? (LAUGHTER) Not sure if you can tell the difference between zombies and G20 members.Are you saying they will go hungry? Like zombies, we've had days where we tried to hide a skin blemish. Last week the make-up girls worked around the clock to cover up a pimple on my nose the size of Ricky Ponting. See if you can picnic la Roxon's critical mistake here.

The best way is to not talk into a microphone. (LAUGHTER) Don't talk into a There's no excuse. Out of Parliament three weeks and you forget everything you learned. Assume the mike is on. We never make mistakes like that. No, we wouldn't.Moving on.