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(generated from captions) Captions by CSI Australia This program is not captioned. Stoo tonight on 'The World' - Day 26 the Abbott government brings major changes on global warming, asylum seekers and Australian aid.There may well be fewer people working in AusAID in three years' time than is now the case.Despite new warnings of a sea level rise, the government abolishes the Climate Commission.Without an informed public, we will go astray. People need to understand what's at stake. They need access to the facts.

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Also ahead - Egyptian security forces clash with gunman near Cairo.

The army-backed government moves to reassert control in an Islamist stronghold. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani signals a diplomatic thaw with the west, government will never develop the west, promiseing that his nuclear weapons. government will never Prime Minister Shinzo Abe nuclear weapons. And - visits the Prime Minister Shinzo visits the Fukushima nuclear
plant, visits the plant, amid rising concerns over contamination leaks and the government's handling of the government's the crisis.

Hello. I'm Jane Hutcheon. Australia's new government has been in office for just two days but it's already stamping its authority on domestic and foreign policy. Today, a key climate change body has been abolished as the coalition sets about fulfilling its promise to dismantle the carbon tax. The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also confirmed that jobs will go in the aid agency AusAID as it merges with the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Australia Network's Canberra correspondent Karen Barlow reports. As the coalition moves to repeal Labor's carbon price, it's started dismantling the architecture around it.This morning Minister Hunt informed me by phone that the Climate Commission had been abolished. The Climate Commission is an independent body set up by the previous government to give advice about the science of climate change.Without an informed public we will go astray. People need to understand what's at stake. They need access to the facts. It's never been more difficult to get access to the factses. The government is also moving to dismantle the pod which which gives advice on the operation of the carbon price, the climate change authority, and the $10 billion funding body for the refubl energy sector. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation. abolish both of these Legislation is needed to abolish both of these statutory bodies.Tony Abbott can't just make this decision. He will have to put it to the have to put it to the Senate. And thankfully, the Greens are there to stand up and say "no". The new government argues it has a mandate on the carbon tax as well as a clear authority to stop the boats. Operation Sovereign Borders got its three star military General today with the promotion of Angus Campbell. The new Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says stopping the boat also be a tough operation with many gruelling months ahead. Dangerous, difficult. It requires great humanity and compassion. That's always been displayed by the men and women of all of the services an egzs that are represented.Indonesian MP and member of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs commission says his country doesn't support the Australian Government's asylum seeker policy. The Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he wants to work closely with Indonesia to resolve the issue.I have no argue minute with anyone in the Indonesian establishment or Parliament. My argument is with people smugglers. The new Prime Minister has also confirmed the aid agency AusAID may soon have fewer staff. AusAID is being merged into the department of Foreign Affairs and there are fears of job losses and cuts to program. Mr Abbott says as promised in the election campaign, public service jobs are in line for a cut of 12,000.So yes, there may well be fewer people working in aus is now
aid in three years' time than is now the case. The government wants aid objectives to be more closely aligned to its Foreign Affairs plans.

The Abbott government's decision to axe. Climate Commission comes ahead of the latest IPCC report which the ABC can reveal shows sea levels could rise by a metre by the end of the century. Environment reporter Jake Sturmer has the story. The message from scientists is clear.Right now if you look at the rate of increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it's fairly close to the worst case scenarios that have been looked at by scientists since we started looking at this problem. The final draft report from the intergovernmental panel on climate change shows global temperatures have risen by almost a degree since the pre-industrial era . While average land and sea temperature also continue to rise, the IPCC predicts anything over 4 degrees is unlikely this century. And disturbingly, sea levels could surge by a metre by the end of the century, in part because glaciers and ice sheets are melting faster. But right now, one thing melting faster. But right one thing scientists have been battling one battling to explain is why the rate of surface battling to explain is why rate of surface warming has rate of surface slowed. The planet's surface still heating up, but at a slower still heating slower rate.The evidence seems to be telling us that the to be oceans are taking up most of the heat, most of global warming. One question that has been answered is the future of the Climate Commission. Tim Flannery got the call from the new Environment Minister axing his team.I'm not aware of any other organisation that can do the job the commission was doing. The Bureau of Meteorology puts out advice and information on weather events but doesn't cover the economics or the international action around climate change.Fulfilling another election promise, Greg hunt has also moved to close the climate change authority set up by Labor to provide policy advice.

Stay with us on 'The World'. Still to come on tonight's program - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vows that his government will never develop nuclear weapons. With the same-sex marriage legislation set to go through the ACT Parliament, we speak with the leading gay rights campaignered and later the latest questions over the competence of Fukushima nuclear plant operators Tepco.

Egypt's military government says a police General has been shot and killed on the outskirts of cry row during an operation to capture militants. Heavy gun fire was heard as security forces moved in. Authorities accused the militants of setting fire to police stations and killing officers. During fighting that broke out in August following the ousting of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. In a separate incident, train services in Cairo were briefly suspended after two unexploded bombs were found on the tracks. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has promised that his country will never build a nuclear weapon. Mr Rouhani told a US broadcaster he also has full authority to negotiate with the west over Tehran's controversial uranium enrichment program. In his first interview since becoming the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani wasted no time making news. Is Tehran trying to build a nuclear weapons arsenal?We have never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb and we are not going to do so. What's more, the new leader made this clear to the US network NBC the Obama administration would not be getting mixed signals in future talks on Iran's nuclear program.In its nuclear program, this government enters with full power and has complete authority. I have given the nuclear negotiations portfolio to the Foreign Ministry. The problem won't be from our side. We have sufficient political latitude to solve this problem. The US has long accused Iran of lying about its intentions and that suspicion has driven Washington to impose round after round of economic sanctions on Tehran. Analysts say those sanctions have starved the Iranian economy, which Rouhani is under pressure to rejuvenate, but the O'Connor administration, which tried and failed to improve relations with the previous government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is trying again.There is an opportunity here for diplomacy. I hope the Iranians take advantage of it. There are indications Rouhani, the new President, is somebody who is looking to open dialogue with the west and with the United States in a way that we haven't seen in the past. And so we should test it.Obama sent Rouhani a letter of congratulations after his recent election. A gesture which Rouhani welcomed. And after the government released 11 political prisoners on Wednesday, including the human rights lawyer Sutathai, this reaction from the US staicht department:

Both Rouhani and Obama be at the United Nations next week for the start of the General Assembly so far, aides say there are no plans for the two to meet but with both leaders extending feelers it's starting to look as if what was once unthinkable is vergeing into the rel of the problem. Syria's President says he's prepared to allow the US Government to destroy his chemical weapons arsenal as long as Washington pays the bill. President Assad gave television gave the commitment in a
television interview Damascus.It need as lot of money, need business 1 billion. It's very detrimental to the environment. If the American administration is ready to pay those money and to take responsibility of bringing toxic materials to the United States, why don't they do it? He also used the interview to again deny any Syrian army involvement in last month's chemical weapons attack in which the US says more than 1400 people were killed.No-one has any verified pictures. The only verified things are the samples that the delegation took.Russia says it will show the UN Security Council evidence that the attack was the work of rebels. The mother of a man who killed 12 people at a snaif vee yard in Washington has apologised to his victims. Employees have returned to work at the base two days after Aaron Alexis went on a rampage with a shotgun and at least one handgun. He was later killed in a shoot-out with police.Aaron is now in a place we he can no longer do harm to anyone. For that I am glad. To the families of the victims I'm so, so very sorry that this has happened. security at its bases. It's The Pentagon is reviewing
also investigating how Alex sis was granted security clearance. Canadians are reeling after another train disaster. At least six people were killed and dozens least six people were and dozens injured in a crash at a level crossing. The double decker at a level decker bus ploughed into the passenger train in decker bus ploughed passenger train in the capital passenger train Ottawa. Passengers said the driver only realised the train was at the crossing when it was too late.I was text mig friend on the bus an then everyone had shouted stop, stop and then as I looked up the bus was coming into contact with the gate, and the front of the bus, it like all impacted at once, and everyone flew. The bus driver is among the dead. It's only two months since 47 people died in a fiery train derailment in Quebec. Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines remain defiant in the face of an onslaught by the military with fresh gun battles breaking out in Zamboanga City today. Security forces are searching house to house in two villages which have been under siege by rebels from the Moro National Liberation Front. More than 90 fighters have been capture sod far. They will face charges under anti-rebellion laws.Justice will begin for those whose lives were wasted in this atrocity. Let the perpetrators go to jail and never be allowed to come back to our city. More than 100 rebels, soldiers and civilians have been killed in the fighting, which first broke out last Monday while more than 100,000 people have been displaced.

Legislation to legalise same-sex marriage has been introduced into the ACT Parliament. The Marriage Equality Bill is almost certain to be passed into law in the Territory, which would be an Australian first. But gay marriage may be short lived. The Prime Minister Tony Abbott is already asking whether the change will be legal. Many gay couples have waited years for this occasion. They gave a standing ovation as the Marriage Equality Bill was prebtsed to the ACT Legislative Assembly.I commend this Bill to the assembly.Hear, hear.(APPLAUSE), (APPLAUSE) Many parents came too. To watch the announcement on behalf of their gay sons and daughters.We needed to come from our heads of government to accept and embrace our families the same as every other family in this country. We need to feel equal. The government says the legislation support across Australia. And with no residency requirement, it expects gay couples from across the country to travel to Canberra to get married.If people married because of people come to the ACT to married because of this law,
that married because of that really highlights why we that really need reform nationally. And why we need changes to the law. If there is so much demand for it, Parliaments, politicians should be acting. The laws could be overturned in the Federal Parliament. As John Howard did with the Territory's Civil Unions Bill in 2006. A more likely outcome: a challenge in the High Court.The ACT is entitled to do what it can within the law. As you know, under the constitution, the Commonwealth has responsibility for marriage. And the Attorney will be seeking advice on precisely how far that extends.We think marriage equality is what counts and what's important. And that's what people want. And we will be arguing kitsch tently that this law should be upheld and at this point in time we have no reason to believe it won't be.Bill is expected to be passed during next month's sitting. With the support of the Greens. Allowing same sex couples to marry in the ACT before the end of the year.

Ivan Hinton is the national group Australian Marriage
deputy director of gay rights

Equality and he joins me now from Canberra. Good evening and welcome to 'The World'.Good evening, Jane.So we hear in the report that was preceding that this could be passed in about a month and that marriages could take place before the end of the year. Do you agree with that time frame?Absolutely. That's the time frame that we've been given by the ACT Government.How many people do you expect will take advantage of the law?Well, I know that there's obviously a of the law?Well, I there's obviously a pent-up
demand there's obviously demand here in the Territory. A lot of people have demand here in the lot of people have been considering travelling to New Zealand to get married since marriage equality was achieved there earlier this year. So I think on a local level, there's probably going to be quite a large number. And potentially, nationally, there could be quite a large number as well. How quickly, though, could it all be dismantled by the Federal Government?I think it's particularly difficult for the Federal Government to dismantle the ACT's Bill. For two reasons. One obviously we have very strong support globally for marriage equality and this is just another Territory, another jurisdiction that's moving towards marriage equality. And what we have now with the federal jurisdiction is they need to pass a Bill federally that passes both Houses to be able to veto the Territory's Bill and that's different to what occurred several years ago under John Howard. So from your understanding, once there is gay marriage allowed in one jurisdiction within a nation, what happens to the rest of the country?Well, the rest of the country isn't standing still on this issue. While we might be feeling that way on a federal level, we're going to be seeing quite a lot of movement in other States imminently, within the next dumb of months. So we've got New South Wales that have got plans, we've got Tasmania, and South Australia that are working quite hard on this issue. So the ACT isn't going to be alone, and it's all going to happen quite imminently.So presumably, once the federal Attorney-General looks into the legality of this, if there's nothing the Federal Government can do, individual State Governments could implement their plans on their own?Well, certainly, the Federal Government couldn't veto a State's jurisdiction in relation to the way in which they enact their laws, but what we've found with kesive inquiries an expert constitutional advice is that States an Territories have the ability of legislating for marriages that department fall within the definition of the federal Marriage Act. Where does this leave the debate given the Will you given the last three years?
Will you have to wait until another supporter takes over as Prime Minister for gay marriage to be another supporter takes over to be accepted in this country Prime Minister for gay marriage as a as a whole?Well, I think we have an as a whole?Well, I think have an opportunity here with the new Parliament. I understand that before the election the Prime Minister election the Prime Minister was trying to keep quite a low profile on this issue and said it was going to be up to a party-room discussion. We're also aware there is very strong support within the Liberal Party for a conscience vote, and there's also a strong support in the Liberal Party for marriage equality. So it will be - there will be a serious focus on the coalition government. And their party-room discussion from this point onwards yeah. Ivan Hinton from Australian Marriage Equality, thank you so much for joining us on 'The World'.Thank you. In a year's time, the people of Scotland will get a chance to decide the future of the country in a referendum. The question they will be asked is this: should Scotland be pan independent country, yes or no? Now, the campaigns on both sides are now in full swing and the parties say there's a huge surge in grass roots activism. A year to go, but on the battle is already in full swing. And cam pinners for and against independence can agree on one thing: both sites report a revival of grassroots democracy.A lot of people out there, hundreds and thousands of them, who have yet to make up their minds. And we are going out there to win their hearts and minds.It's fantastic to see ... snoots public meeting is back in fashion. The yes campaign says it's held 200 so far. Last night, they were seeking converts to the cause.Good questions were asked and I found out a lot more information and I think it's helped me decide what I'm going to vote for. What decision have you made?Yes. Independent Scotland, definitely. Those who disagree are taking politics to the pavement. Campaigners for a no vote say they've handed out 4 million leaflets so far, one for every voter.We have two really committed sides of really committed activists working to achieve what they want. I think we will win out with our view that Scotland should stay part of the UK but it's great to et engagement from everyone. For many Scottish voters the key issue is not national identity but the state of the economy.No independence.Why?Economic reasons. Pensions. I don't think we'll be viable in the long term.It'd be good in the short term for Scotland but I think in the longer term, I don't know how it would be sustainable if we were on our own.Either way, debate is blossoming. But is Scotland being asked to make too stark a choice? In Town Halls acrossed is, both sides are campaigning for a a simple yes or a simple no, but the polls suggest that many people want something else a halfway house. More powers for the Scottish Parliament, stopping short of full independence. Commentators call that maximum devolution or devo max.That boat has sailed for Scotland. The unionist parties did not want to put up a devo max question because they felt it would be a consolation prize for the SNP. I probably think that was wrong. I now think it's incumbent on them to tell us what their offer would be in the event of a no vote. The side which can fuel that thirst for more powers may be the one with the winning formula.

There's been a debate Scotland's future at Holly rood today. Our Scotland political editor Brian Taylor is there for us. Did we get a sense of the battle lines in today's debate?I think debate?I think we did, George. Let me bring you that vote. Scotland or at least Scotland or at least the Scottish Parliament tonight voted Scottish voted in favour of independence
but there Scottish Parliament tonight voted but there is a majority but there is a majority for the SNP it might be more difficult to convince the country as a whole. Alex Salmond hopes that the voters will give a hearing to independence, to lose their anxiety about the economy more generally. Secondly he believes the economic and financial attacks upon independence will dissipate the more they are repeated. He believes they become a wasting asset. His opponents say that the economic and fiscal attacks upon independence and there will be further coming in the coming weeks and months that they will accumulate into a comprehensive argument against independence and for the union. Ultimately of course, Scotland will choose. The Sydney radio station behind the infamous royal prank call has launched a legal bid to stop the media watchdog carrying out further London
investigations. A nurse at a London hospital committed suicide last year after transferring the call about the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. The prank call was initially seen as a coup by 2DAYFM DJs Mel Grieg and Michael CristianWe were expecting to be hung up on. We didn't even know what to say when we got through joocht we got put through and now the entire world is talking.But quickly soured with the news quickly soured that the nurse who transferred the call, Jacintha Saldahna, took her own life. Nine months on 2DAYFM is trying to block block an investigation by the Australian communications and media authority. The station says a preliminary report by ACMA has found it contravened the New South Wales surveillance devices akd and therefore breached its licence. Lawyers for 2DAYFM say the regulator wants to be police officer, prosecutor, judge, jury, prison warden and parole officer there is a serious risk of interference with the course of justice. No charges have been laid but 2DAYFM says there is an active police investigation and staff have been ber vudz. The court heard is the report is finalise and published it will be highly prejudicial given the notoriety of the case. Everyone knows about it. Pack ma's lawyers told the Federal Court the report isn't final but if the authority reaches a similar conclusion later, any finding of that kind won't bind any subsequent court. The royal prank is by no means the station's first brush with the regulator. It's already had extra conditions imposed on its licence after two separate onair incidents. One involved a teenage girl being asked about her sexual history while hooked up to a lie detector. The other centred on offensive comments by presenter Kyle sand land about a female journalist. A decision will be handed down at a later date.

At least 80 people have now died in Mexico after two powerful storms. The situation is worsening with tropical storm Manuel now strengthening into a hurricane offer Mexico's pacific coast. Rescuers in al ka pull co are battling to reach thousands stranded by floods. Desperate for help. Hundreds of people from this village have been stranded for days. Many have gone without food or drinking water since severe flooding left them homeless. Government provided rations are a lifeline, but people say it's not enough.We haven't eaten since it started raining. The water took away everything. The children are sick. This fisherman says he was lucky to have gotten his disabled daughter out of their house in time.Look at my house now. The water took everything. The bed, fridge, everything. We're homeless now. More than a million people were affected by two tropical storms that slamed into weekend. Worst hit slamed into Mexico Pacific State of Gurrero where Pacific State more than 40 people Pacific State of Gurrero more than 40 people have died. In more than 40 In some areas, two months' worth of rain fell in just two days. Thousands have been forced to seek refuge in Acapulco. Here people wait for the water to recede and the mudslides to be cleared. Wondering what awaits them when they return home. But the government has a perhaps more pressing job to take care of first. 40,000 tourists have been trapped in Acapulco since the storms hit. Many say they've been here waiting in line for a flight for more than three days. They're Holt, tired, and they've had enough. As tensions rise, some passengers have started blocking the entrance to the military airstrip.Planes keep arriving and they leave but the line doesn't move. There's a lot of people with little children who every been sleeping here for 72 hours. With more storms on the way, the government is now racing against time, trying to get supplies to where they're needed the most.

Stay with us on 'The World'. Coming up after the weather with Graham Creed - Fukushima nuclear plant operator Tepco is accused of putting interests before safety. The US fed keeps the money tap wide open. Global fed keeps open. Global markets celebrate open. and the Australian dollar surges to a three-month high. surges to a Later, new rules of entry for Britain's most prestigious literary fiction award the Man Booker Prize.

A look at the global forecasts. First up in Australia, still another series of fronts set to move across the southern straits. The strongest of those will move into the south west corner of going
Western Australia and that's going to trigger the potential of some heavy falls about the lower west and south west. This front will bring some strong winds through parts of Victoria and New South Wales, gusty conditions expected in Sydney, but very little in the way of worthwhile rainfall across the south eastern States.

You're watching 'The World' on ABC News 24. I'm yain Hutcheon. A reminder now of our top stories. The Abbott government has abolished the Climate Commission. It was set up under then Prime Minister Julia Gillard and has produced reports on the impact of climate change in Australia, the global action being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the potential of renewable energy. The coalition flagged the move to shut down the body in the lead-up to the election. Gun battles between Egyptian security forces and unidentified gunmen have taken place in a town on the outskirts of Cairo which is known to be an Islamist stronghold. The government says a police General has been shot and killed during an operation to capture militants. Heavy gun fire was heard as security forces moved in. Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani has promised that his country will never build a nuclear Mr Rouhani told a US broadcaster he also has full authority to negotiate with the west over Tehran's controversial uranium enrichment program. And coming up later in world sport - team New Zealand now just one win away from claiming the America's Cup.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited the crippled Fukushima nuclear plants. Concerns over the leaking of contaminated water into the sea are on the rise, after an adviser to Tepco the operator admitted the problem
was not under control. To make matters worse, was not under control. matters worse, there's been a serious leak of highly radioactive water from one of the hundreds of storage tanks now filling the site T all raises questions about the competence of Tepco and the Japanese government in handling the crisis. It's 2.30am. And Fumio Suzuki is preparing to cast off in his boat. In Japanese folklore, Ebisu is the God of fishermen. But in this post-Fukushima world, Suzuki's protects year has seemingly forsaken him. Replaced by the demon of Tepco.

I think Tepco has been telling lies from the start since the nuclear plant exploded. Tepco tells us there are no problems, but then there are problems. We cannot trust them or the government.

With at least 300 tonnes of contaminated ground water flowing from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea every day, fishing in these waters has once again been banned. This is one of the just two boats allowed to fish today and whatever they catch will be sent off for radioactive contamination testing. We've been motoring out to sea for a couple of hours now. Dawn is just breaking. It's quite a beautiful sight. Although just 30 kilometres up the coast is the leaking remains of the Fukushima nuclear plant. For the generations of fishermen who every been coming here, it means their livelihoods are now over because they can't go out to sea to catch anything worth selling any more. With the net set and the sun rising over a glassy Pacific all Mr Suzuki can do now is wait and wonder.

The problem for these fishermen is that Tepco is seemingly powerless to stop the contamination reaching the sea. That's not the only crisis. On sites are about 1,000 hastily built tanks, some containing highly radioactive water that's been used to cool the melted reactors. Already, one has sprung a serious leak. the meltdowns sprung a serious leak. Causing
the most severe accident since the meltdowns 2.5 years ago.There are 340,000 tonnes ago.There are of contaminated water the of contaminated water inside The tanks out of the tanks. Tepco rushed to Mr The tanks out of steel, but with The tanks out with the salt and all the radiation they corrode quite quickly. The rubber seals are also vulnerable to radiation and they decay fast. At the time of the leak, only two inspectors were checking 900 tanks at any one time. So this highly radioactive leak went unnoticed for a month. Zoo in video, a Tepco official is asked if the company has been keeping records of tank inspections and radiation readings. No, replis the Tepco official.It's a matter of course that you install water gamings on tanks like this. So it's a mystery why Tepco didn't install gauges so that they can easily tell how much water was inside and in there had been a leak. It's absurd. This is one of Japan's top ground water scientists, and a member of a panel set up by Tepco and the government to try to find ways of managing Fukushima's growing reservoir of radioactive water. He says putting the nuclear plant on this stretch of coast in the first place was inviting disaster.A river used to flow right where the turbine and reactor buildings standing. So the ground water is knowing very fast through there and it's spreading is knowing very fast there and it's spreading the contamination. The company should've known this could the worst
happen. But there are warnings the worst is yet to come. Because it's believed that deep beneath the nuclear plant is a massive underground pool of contaminated water, which is slowly making its way towards the sea. And now, there are warnings from the head of Japan's nuclear watchdog that because room is fast running out, treated water may have to be dumped into the Pacific.

Back out to sea offer the Fukushima nuclear plant, Fumio Suzuki is hauling in his nets. These waters are where two currents mix and they're rich in marine life.

Soon the haul of sea bream, squid, sardines an flat fish is on the deck.

Suzuki and his father begin sorting it, making it easier for the scientists back on land to analyse the contamination by species. Well once a haul like this would've learned - earned him about $600 but these fish are not going to market. We're heading straight back into port where they will be sorted and put on a truck and taken directly to a laboratory where of course they will be tested for radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

It's been 2.5 years since the disaster at Fukushima. But for Fumio Suzuki there's no end in sight. And the situation could get worse if Tepco gets its wish to dump some of its growing volume of radioactive water into the Pacific.

I totally oppose any dumping. If they release more radioactive water into the finished.
ocean, the sea off Fukushima is finished.

A group representing communities near Papua New Guinea's Ock Teddy mine has accused the government of stealing from the people. A law has been passed giving the State total control of the mine while also opening the door for people to sue mining giant BHP Billiton damage. Billiton over environmental
damage. Here's the ABC's PNG correspondent Liam Fox. damage. Here's the ABC's correspondent Liam The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says the decision back in 2001 O'Neill says in 2001 by the then government to grant legal immunity to BHP Billiton, then just BHP, was a bad one.This Parliament has done grass injustice to our people, denying their right to have access to their say and the claims to the damage that was done against the environment and themselves.He was addressing Parliament during the introduction of a law to prevent BHP from being sued. Mr O'Neill says the deal sun fair and corporate entities must own up to their responsibilities.Mr Speaker, these proposed Bill now removes that waiver for BHP Billiton, meaning that the landowners or any other affected party are free to bring any action or enforce any right against the company. Mr O'Neill has run a long campaign against BHP and the PNG sustainable development program or PNGSDP as it's known. As well as repealing BHP's legal immunity another Bill was passed cancelling BHPSDP's shares in the Ock Teddy mine and issuing new shares to the State giving it complete ownership. This man is now the complete now the Chairman of PNGSDP and was the Prime Minister at the time.I hope he is the first and last last Prime Minister to exploit his own people without compensation. This slap in the face, it's just like stealing from the people. Just took our right ace way from the benefits we were brought through the changed life of our people and that's tied very much to our environment.It's likely the battle for Ock hock will go to court, so it will probably be some time before the government gets its hands on the mine if it ever does.

The US Federal Reserve has thrilled investors and sent the Australian dollar soaring by doing the unexpected - nothing. The Central Bank has left its stimulus program in place, defying expectations it would turn off the money tap. Confirmation from the world's most powerful Central Banker that the US economy still needs all the help it can get.Conditions in the job market today are still far from what all of us would like to see.America's recovery is faltering, and Congress is preparing for another damaging battle over the Federal Budget and debt.Every single one ever those indicators says now's not the time to take your foot off the it was. So the massive $85 billion monthly bond-buying program is unchanged. Ben Bernanke rejected criticism that he created market confusion by earlier flagging the Fed would begin cutting back.I don't recall stating we'd do any particular thing this this meeting. What we are going to do is the right thing for the economy. Investors weren't complaining as they sent Wall Street soaring to a record high. The announcement also undermined the US currency. So the Australian dollar surged nearly two US Not
cents to a three-month peak. Not what Australia's struggling exporters and manufacturers need.We've got weak growth. We've got inflation that's very benign. We've got unemployment rising. Now you have a currency at a three-month high. It's a pretty toxic combination for the Reserve Bank.If the Australian dollar stays strong, it will be a most unwelcome headwind but the Reserve Bank will have to target with its only weapon .It means the case for a rate cut in November or even October is now strengthened snooft Reserve Bank Governor Stevens sieve is now left with the collateral damage caused by his American counterpart.

When you pop out for a coffee, what might you take with you? A bag, maybe an um brel larks some money? Well in the US so many customers are turning up at Starbucks with weapons that the company has now issued a request to all American coffee drinkers, please leave your guns at home. It's not the sort of brand you would expect to find in the midst of the gun debate but that's precisely why it is. Gun advocates have taken to holding Starbucks appreciation days. Celebrating the liberal leaning company's policy not to ban firearms from their coffee shops. This is YouTube footage of a Starbucks appreciation day in Alabama, one of the many States where openly carrying a gun is not illegal.I want to thank Starbucks for their position on the second amendment. We appreciate it a lot.It's the growing number of Starbucks appreciation days that's led the company to ask customers to leave their guns anti-gun.
at home.We are not pro-gun or anti-gun. But we do believe that guns and weapons should not be part of the Starbucks experience. And customers we spoke to agreed.That's good. Yes. Make me feel what happened at the navy yard, I what happened at the I think, you know, a country that has too many guns that has too many guns and guns commit krils.It says a lot about how perverse the gun debate in America has become that two days after 12 people were killed, a mile and a half from the White House, the were killed, a mile from the White House, the argue
minute is not over the easy availability of firearms, but the ease of access to a coffee shop. Now to sport with Adam Stephen. One of the AFL's most exciting players returns to the field tomorrow night?Sure does, Jane. But he will be match fit? Star Hawthorn forward Cyril Rioli could be used as a substitute for the club's preliminary final against Geelong at the MCG tomorrow. Both sides have made two changes tonight at the selection table. The Hawks will be at full strength with Rioli joining Lance Franklin as the two big-name inclusions. Cyril Rioli is underdone but ready to return for his first game in a month. The small forward started as the sub against the Cats last time and he might wear the green vest again tomorrow night.We'll work that out over the next 24 hours. But that's a possibility. Lance Franklin returns from suspension. The coach forced to drop Spanger and Anderson.It's always a tough time of the year. But we ended the season with our eyes open. You need 22 to play. We have 30 available.Brian Lake was hands-on at training and will have his hands full again against Tom Hawkins. The Cats' spearhead is ready to play despite a back injury.Feeling good. Confident about the game?Very confident. Geelong has made two changes, Josh caddy and Jordan Murdoch replace Paul chap mands and Taylor Hunt. The Cats might've won the last 11 against the Hawks but Clarkson believes their recent form proves they are vulnerable.We know their best is very, very good. We've also seen them not pat their best in the last few weeks.Michael Johnson is the key Dockers inchus ahead of their game against the Swans on Saturday night.We're preparing ourselves for what we call footy war. Because it's going to go to the end. What they're about is exactly what we like to be about as well. So we understand how hard a game it's going to be. Last year, Ben McGlynn was September's hard luck story after missing the premiership because of injury. Tonight he has been named in the Swans side after overcoming a calf complaint.

To the NRL. Cronulla captain Paul Gallen says Todd car ghee will not play in tomorrow night's sudden death semi against Manly. Carney has been undergoing intensive treatment in a bid to prove misfitness for the match. arrived at training for the match. Todd Carney clinging to arrived at being filth for tomorrow clinging to a faint hope being filth for night's semitime.Always hopeful. But you know, just didn't go real well hopeful. But you know, didn't go real well today, but
yeah, didn't go real well yeah, see what happens.But his captain quickly puts an end to speculation.He's not playing. Everyone knows that. There's no point mucking around. In a desperate bid to have their star five-eighth available, the Sharks turned to an unusual treatment. Therapist Chris Mortensen has spent hours on intensive therapy but time isn't on their side.If I had it my way we would do it a bit longer, but that's all we have. He is only human.Brett Stewart is also battling a hamstring problem but the Sharks expect him to front up.Everything we - we're keen for him to play. The Knights left Newcastle today pound are bound for Melbourne where they haven't won in nine years.It will be a tough ask. I'm sure they're raring to G we have to be able to match it. Jar win Hain says he - Jared Hain says he won't be going to the Bulldogs and will see out his contract.I've got the Eels for two more years. Been there for eight years. If anyone wants to talk about loyalty, check my resume.Despite New South Wales losing a record eighth straight State of origin series, coach Laurie Daley has had his contract extended for a further year, until

Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has returned to Australia to have intensive treatment on a back complaint. The niggling injury clouded Clarke's Ashes tour of England. He says he wants to take part in the one-day international series against India in October and the return Ashes series this summer but ultimately it will be up to his medical team as to whether he can make it on that tour of India or not. Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council is making changes aimed amount improving the controversial decision review system. This summer's return Ashes series in Australia will see a new trial with Australia and England to be granted additional reviews. Currently, teams are allowed two unsuccessful reviews per innings. But the allow for two more referrals after innings. But the trial will
allow for two more referrals after 80 overs. In the Champions League, Lionel Messi scored a hat trick in Barcelona's 4-0 win over IAX. Messi has moved to second Barcelona's 4-0 win over Messi has moved to second on the all-time Champions League goal scorers list with 62 goals. In other results, Arsenal conceded a late penalty, but held on to beat Marseille 2-1. That was the Gunners' 10th straightaway win in all competitions. While FC Basel upset Chelsea 2-1. Australia has beaten New Zealand 48-4 5 in the netball Test in Auckland tonight. The Diamonds had a point to prove after losing the series opener, and had a seven goal lead in the second quarter. The Silver Ferns hit back and the two teams were locked at 22 goals each at half-time. But the visitors edged ahead in the third quarter and went to win by three goals to break a five game losing streak against New Zealand. Taj Burrow has beaten Julian Wilson in California. It's the 12th career victory for Burrow on tour. He is now moves to fourth in the world ranking. Mick Fanning has taken over Kelly Slater at the top of the rankings and there are just three events left in the season: World's fastest man Usain Bolt says he was shocked when he heard five fellow Jamaican athletes had tested positive to drugs. Earlier this year the world of athletics was rocked by news that Powell Powell Powell and Sharon Simpson were among five Jamaican athletes who had failed doping tests. Usain Bolt holds the world record time of 9.58 seconds for the 100m. He's told ABC's 7.30 program tonight one poor decision can have serious ramifications.It was shocking defer nitly. But I think it's all about sometimes a lot of athletes aren't careful. I have known a lost athletes that have gotten tested positive by drinking energy drinks, sometimes you go out and you don't want to drink a beer so you might drink an energy drink and then you test positive. So it's all about being careful as an athlete. I try to stick to the same things that I've been doing over the years. I don't try to change anything. Team New Zealand is just one win ayay from claiming America's Cup. The Kiwis won the eighth leg of the best of 17 race series against the United States. They started strongly and produced a 15-second victory.The Kiwis now just one win away from the America's Cup! The next two races are scheduled for tomorrow morning. And the boxer who famously broke Muhammad Ali's jaw when he defeated him in 1973 has died. Ken Norton was 70. Nor gone was the US heavyweight champion when he beat Ali he later went on to claim the WBC claim the WBC heavyweight
title. Norton finished his career with a record of 42 wins from 50 professional bouts and is ranked in the top 10 heavyweight fighters by many boxing scribes. Ken Norton died in hospital last night, Jane, after suffering a stroke last year.Mmm. Thanks very much, Adam. Britain's most prestigious book prize, Man Booker, is changing its rules to allow all authors who quite fiction in English to enter as long as they're published in the UK. At the moment, only novelists from Britain, Ireland, the Commonwealth and Zimbabwe are eligible. Hilary Mante, Sal lan Rushdie and Ishiguru, all winners. Man Booker Prize. The award has been restrict ed to writers from are certain countries. Not any more. Today it was announced as from next year that any novelist writing in English and published in the UK will be eligible, regardless of nationality.It's perhaps been overdue. It's 45 years old as a prize. We thought the world is now much more global, the digital age has meant that books are simultaneously available on both sides of the the Atlantic. The time had come. It was the moment and this is the moment chosen. The change in the rules means that acclaimed writers such as the Dutch author Michelle Faber are now eligible as are the big American novelists like Jonathan Frantzen and Donna Tart, whose new book may well be in the running for next year's prize. Ben Okrie won in change
1991. Does he think the rule change is a good anything?It has combined greater inclusiveness with its rather extraordinary stature. It does mean that whoever wins, the accolade is much greater. The competition will be much more intense. It's certainly good for the novels. Not everybody will
is so keen. Others have said it will marginalise letter known authors.It will make it more and more likely that the competition is seen as a series of faceoffs, a Ryder Cup of literature. Be Tony Morrison versus Hilary Mantel. I think that's unfortunate. One of the great things about the prize in the past and in the present has been that there's always room if it for surprises, for new names, for previously undiscovered writers. Authors from Kansas to Cairo who write in English will be taking note. They now have a chance of winning the prize and enjoying what is it known as the Booker bounce, an instant uplift in sales in reputation that typically comes with winning the distinguished annual lit rare ree award. You've been wafrling 'The World' on a night when the Federal Government has followed through on its promise to scrap the consider bon tax by moving to abolish the Climate Commission. And - gun battles between Egyptian security forces an unidentified gunmen are taking place on the outskirts of Cairo. For details on those stories and more, you can log on to our web site. To keep up to date on Twitter, follow us or me.

I will headlines shortly. For now, goodbye. I will be back with national headlines Captions by CSI Australia

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Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Jane Hutcheon. The Abbott government has abolished Commission. The commission was Minister Julia Gillard set up under then Prime Minister Julia produced reports on. Impact climate change in produced reports on. and the pot continuation produced reports on. Impact of
climate change in and the renewable energy. The coalition flagged the move to shut down the body in the lead-up to the election.The Climate Commission is proud of our achievements the we've received overwhelming support from the Australian public and all the commissioners will I'm sure continue in some capacity or other informing the Australian public that climate change is happening. The Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young says the Prime Minister should respect the decision of the ACT legislative assembly on same-sex marriage. Tony Abbott is seeking legal advice after