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(generated from captions) Tonight's Seven News headlines - Sydney's WestConnex motorway
given the go-ahead, slashing travel times but at a cost. A long-running dispute
blamed for a street fight which ended in a father's death. Persistence pays off
for a Skaf rapist, granted parole again
under new conditions.

Checking finance now and the share market has closed
at a 5-year high after the US Federal Reserve
agreed to continue its economic stimulus program. The ASX 200 was 57 points higher.

Almost 50 years since
they had young girls swooning in the streets of Sydney, a new exhibition will mark
the Beatles' only Australian tour. The Powerhouse Museum
will bring to life the sights and sounds
of Beatlemania with an exhibit featuring
rare memorabilia, including a suit worn by John Lennon
on stage. We thought it was a good time to look back at the 13 days
they spent in Australia which had an incredible impact
on Australian music and culture. The exhibition opens on Saturday.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. We had lovely spring weather
in Sydney today. It was gorgeous outside -
blue skies, plenty of sunshine. The city dipped to 14 overnight. Today, it reached 23 -
three degrees above average. It was another mild night
around the suburbs.

The sunny weather continued today.

From the satellite, most of
the country is looking pretty clear with just a bit of cloud
extending into Victoria. Tomorrow,
eastern Australia is looking dry thanks to this high pressure system with fine conditions persisting
in New South Wales. We could see
just a few light showers pushing into far southern parts
of the state. Taking a look
around the capitals - a day of high fire danger
in Brisbane. A shower or two
in Canberra. A few showers
in Melbourne. Isolated showers
and storms in Perth. To the coastal forecast -
there's a strong wind warning.

Sydney's weather is staying clear
tonight. Tomorrow, we can expect
another sunny spring day. A top of 23 degrees. Temperatures will fall into single
figures in the west overnight.

Tomorrow, winds will swing
more south-westerly in the afternoon and they could be strong and gusty
at times. Top temperatures ranging from 21
along the coast.

Looking ahead - the weekend will start out fine,
sunny on Saturday. 24 in the west. An upper trough will bring the
chance of a late shower on Sunday. 21 closer to the coast. 22 in western suburbs. And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Now here's 'Today Tonight.'

Hello. Thanks for joining us. On the program tonight - Russell Crowe on how we're bullying
our Anzac mates across the Tasman. And a major consumer warning
for those buying cars privately or online. But first, exposing the
dirty secrets of the food business. We went undercover with one
of the nation's top food inspectors to test restaurants, cafes
and food courts. And, as Leisa Goddard reports, the failure rate
was a staggering 95%.

Uh, this would be a fail. This is a fail. You can get very sick off this. That would be illegal. That's another fail. You wouldn't eat food like this,
left out of the fridge for hours, at home, so why then do these restaurants
think it's OK to do it when you eat out? How long ago did you make these? Tonight, we'll show you how restaurant after restaurant,
cafe after cafe, food court after food court is putting your health
at serious risk and making you pay for the pleasure. If someone does die, we have the potential
for manslaughter charges. Gary Kennedy is one of Australia's
top food inspectors. He helped write
the codes of practice which govern food safety
in this country. Over two days,

we employed him to work undercover
for us in Brisbane and what he found
shocked us and surprised him. I think of the 20 places we saw, 19 of them had some sort of failure
or potential failure. What he's looking for is
poor handling, cross-contamination and, in particular,
how food is kept and served because bacteria
like Listeria and salmonella breed at an extraordinary rate. Between 4 and 64 degrees, they can double their population
every 20 minutes and, in a few short hours,
can reach deadly levels. It's why there are laws about the temperature
food needs to be kept at. I work as a food inspector. Right.

And the law says five.
Mm-hm. So they shouldn't really be
over 5 degrees. Mm-hm. This is at 40 degrees. It's at body temperature. It's exactly the right temperature
at which those bugs grow. Selling this at 40 is illegal. Here you have
chicken, prawn and seafood all sitting at room temperature. All of that should be refrigerated. Even a simple sandwich
was potentially not safe. Yeah, there is a thermometer. I'm going to stick my head over. This cold meat
sitting on 12 degrees, not the mandatory five. 12 degrees mean
that food is unsafe and it shouldn't be sold. It's illegal to sell it
if it's above 5 degrees but the staff were making sandwiches
around it

The healthy option at a bakery
proved a bad choice too. Let's go with pork.
Yeah. Pork rolls were the cause of one of Victoria's
biggest food-poisoning outbreaks. 1 man died and 213 people fell ill. It resulted in
a $1 million compensation payout. So Gary wasn't surprised to find... This is three times the legal limit. Hot food was no safer. This pie's at 46 degrees.

It was sushi that had
strike after strike after strike. The temperature on this
is saying 20 degrees. Remember, sushi is raw seafood,
in this case, so 20 degrees is way too high. If I found this
and I was the inspector, this would fail. We went back for seconds - another fail. No, you should never come across
sushi that's 20 degrees. Minutes later, a different batch
from a different sushi restaurant and an even higher reading. Here we have a product
that says "keep refrigerated" and here is the product inside
at 25 degrees. It's from the same store we investigated three years ago
on Brisbane's southside. It appears
they've learnt very little. Back then, a beef sushi roll
tested positive for Listeria which is a deadly bacteria which can cause a miscarriage
and death. The Brisbane City Council
sent in inspectors immediately. Do you know what Listeria is? Gary says readings like this
could see restaurants shut down and, at the very least,
heavily fined. Last year, a Gold Coast sushi store
was forced to pay $15,000 for leaving sushi out too long. It's a timely warning
for this sushi chef who admitted his
temperature readings were too high. They're 15 degrees. Right. Door always open, close, open, close so we cannot contact
exact temperature. Let's test the temperature
of the samosa. For those who thought
vegetarian food was safe, think again. We've seen deaths
from vegetarian foods. Of three dishes we put to the test, one was borderline,
the other two failed. This is actually too cold
to be served and this, technically, is illegal. So that's another fail?

Hot food, too cold
and cold food, too hot. Most of us wouldn't think twice about a serve of aioli but it can be the most dangerous
item to order off a menu. This one,
five times above the safe limit. If there is any salmonella in that
from the raw egg, that's breeding up to a dose
that will give you food poisoning. Cottage cheese too, a risk. It should be 5 degrees -
this serving was 20. It's not just the food
but how it's prepared and served. It's her gloved hand that got down
on the ground to pick up the boxes. No matter where you eat,
it really is a lucky dip. We presented our findings
to the Brisbane City council who have taken them seriously. We will investigate them. Councillor Krista Adams says
already this year, they've handed out $360,000 in fines
off the back of 450 complaints and you can bet
there'll be more fines coming. The list you give to us,
we will set up an audit and we'll go out
and work with the owners and go through their restaurants. Gary Kennedy says what we've seen today
will be happening in almost every food court
and dining precinct in the country. We've got a lot of way to go before food will be 100% safe,
100% of the time. From the birth of the Anzac legend
on the fields of Gallipoli, Australians and New Zealanders
have built an enduring brotherhood. But now, across the Tasman, there's a growing feeling that big Aussie brother
is becoming a bit of a family bully. Russell Crowe has been affected, even though he's been here
since, I believe, 1968. Once were welfare recipients, now even the Gladiator
is being left out in the cold. The time for honouring yourself
will soon be at an end. From the Kiwi leading the charge... We had thought
we were permanent residents because we were allowed
Medicare cards, we were allowed
a first homeowner's grant. the charged-up Kiwi
reality TV stars living here. The money, the high-paying jobs,
the great weather. Who doesn't want that? Yeah. Well, there you go.
Yeah, exactly. But they can't now. I do think
that we should be entitled to it. The Anzac spirit is looking shaky when it comes to
who should be entitled to get what. We're paying taxes and we're not eligible
for any welfare or any benefits. Adelaide schoolteacher
Erina Anderson came to Australia from New Zealand
in 2007. To her horror,
she quickly discovered that a change in the law means
Kiwis who arrived after 2001 cannot become citizens. They are given
a special category visa and treated as temporary residents. I don't really, I don't think
I've noticed significant change in how Australians relate to me
as an individual. Russell Crowe was overseas filming 'Gladiator'
and 'A Beautiful Mind' when the laws changed. He wanted to become
an Australian citizen in 2006 but the ceremony had to be cancelled
at the last minute when officials realised Russ was master and commander
of a Kiwi passport. Russell Crowe, I believe, should be able to apply
for a returned resident visa because there are criteria
around that that I believe
he would be eligible for. Crowe and almost 300,000 other Kiwis
living in Australia are not eligible for citizenship and most can never receive
student loans, disability insurance, unemployment
or family benefit payments, the aged pension, most pensions, carer payments,
even public housing, numerous state entitlements. There is that fear
that you don't want to get sick, that you don't want to have
an accident because you become more aware that
there is no support and no help. Their key argument is that Aussies who move to New Zealand
do get all these benefits but that ignores
one big difference - there are 68,000 Australians
living in New Zealand. There are 650,000 New Zealanders
living in Australia. Tame Noema is one of them. I came to the GC five years ago. I knew the girls were here,
I knew the beaches were here and I knew the dollar was here. Ain't gonna get that in Wellington. Tame is a star back home
on the hit Kiwi reality TV show modelled on shows
like 'Jersey Shore'. It's called 'The GC',
which stands for the Gold Coast. Why did you come to Australia, Tame? For a better life. Yeah? I grew up, single mum, struggling, and I saw where a lot of my mates
were going when they finished school. What about the classic cliche
of the Kiwi dole bludger? That's, you know, a bit harsh,
you know? I mean, we ain't all like that. A lot of us do work our butts off
to get where we are. I mean, you hear all these stories that all these refugees
or immigrants or boat people or whatever getting all these houses
and all these other benefits... And New Zealanders can't? ..and New Zealanders
don't get anything but we're the ones paying tax. Hi, I'm Rosie
from the TV series 'The GC' about Kiwis living in Australia. Model/actress Rosanna Arkle
is also on 'The GC'. She sympathises
with her Kiwi co-stars. Maybe they should make it that,
you know, you move here and you can be a citizen
after however long it normally is - or is it straightaway? Did it used to be straightaway? It used to be two years. Now, it's likely to be never, for all the Kiwis who have come here
in the last 12 years. The discrimination
is how they were treated previously, not how they're treated now. Immigration lawyer Ray Turner says
New Zealanders, if anything, are treated better than immigrants
from other nations because they are automatically
allowed to live here. There was the common perception,
right or wrong, that they were coming here and simply taking out
social welfare benefits. Erina Anderson
is calling on Kiwis in Australia, all 650,000 of them, to join her online campaign
to have the laws overturned, claiming the $2.5 billion Kiwis
contribute in taxes here every year is more than enough to fund
fair Centrelink payments to them. New Zealanders are actually the
least burden to Australian society. Bryan Seymour reporting there. Now to the young mum
facing a race against time to marry her sweetheart before she's too sick
to walk down the aisle. Lynda Kinkade has
Sarah-Jane's inspirational story. I found my life and found my purpose
here with you, so don't leave me. I'm working on it. Given just months to live, 36-year-old Sarah-Jane Woodford
is making every minute count. We want to have a beach wedding. We're going to have a
naming ceremony for Elijah as well. And I understand
you're borrowing a wedding dress? Yes, my dear friend Jena
came to the hospital last week and we had a fitting last week, so we are patching it together. Their wedding will be a chance
to celebrate what they have. I don't have any space to grumble
about what's happening to us because, whatever I'm feeling, I'm next to the strongest woman
I know.

Sarah-Jane simply wants to marry the
man she was meant to grow old with. We met in a bar back home in the UK. How important has it been
having Tony in your life? Oh, no, you'll make me cry. Three years ago, this courageous woman
lost her sister to breast cancer. Jo got through seven months of
her treatment and her cancer grew. It wasn't until 18 months later,
while pregnant, that doctors discovered
she had breast cancer - both sisters were born with a
genetic mutation known as BRCA1. It's so aggressive, two weeks ago the tumours spread
to her brain and spine. Elijah is just one, and next month, he'll watch his mum and dad
tie the knot. We got him to do
a little photo with a plaque. that was our idea
for our save the day invite. Sarah, a former HR manger,
is the face of Pink Hope - a charity which encourages everyone to wear bright pink lipstick
tomorrow. Men too.
Pink is a very good colour. It will be an annual event
and it will grow. Applying pink lipstick
may seem like silly idea but it's visual reminder
for all of us to get a check-up. Nearly 250,000 men and women carry a gene which means
a greater risk of developing cancer. Crystal Barter is one of them. 25 women in her family
have had breast cancer. My great grandma was 68
when she died from breast cancer. My Nan was diagnosed at 44,
and again at 53, and my mum was just 36.

The 30-year-old founder of Pink Hope
also inherited the gene fault BRCA1, the same aggressive gene
that Angelina Jolie has. The Hollywood actress choose to have
a preventative double mastectomy to minimise her risk
of developing cancer. Crystal did the same, just in time. I had a pretty near certainty
of developing breast cancer - up to 87%.

The moment I had my breasts removed
and choose prevention my doctor came in and said I had a 1-2% chance
of developing breast cancer, and I can remember just going,

By sharing her story, Sarah-Jane hopes she can prevent at least one other woman from the sharing the same fate.

It just feels like you're getting
to the end of the film and you don't want it to...'s a crazy feeling. You've got no control. And if you think you can help
with a venue for that wedding, drop us a line. Next - their cars were fine. They paid in full. So why did these car buyers
lose the lot?

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The internet has changed
the way we buy and sell cars. Private sales
have never been more popular. But, as Tineka Everaardt reports, even vehicles in great condition
with no mechanical faults can come
with an expensive hidden cost. Buyers beware.

Who's to say who owns the vehicle? Drive away, no more to pay. Or is there? A car that you think is yours
is owned by a finance company. Nicole Kirby
has been kicked to the curb, much like thousands of other Aussies
fleeced by a financial loophole which sees them losing their car
and their cash. Now, I've got to either be
on public transport or rely on other people getting me
to where I've got to go - it's not easy
with two kids and a pram. The Victorian mum
bought this Holden Sedan three months ago for $3,000
from a private seller. Everything ran smoothly until she got a knock on the door
last week. It was the repossession guy Turns out the car had a loan
of $4,800 against it. When she'd transferred the car
into her name, the debt came along for the ride. Disappointed in human beings,
really, that they can do it to other people. Nicole had thought
she'd done all the right checks. Yeah, I asked him is it on finance
or a repairable write-off and he said no, no.

This is how it works. Car owner A buys a car on finance
for $10,000, then sells the car to owner B. The registration
is transferred over. Car owner A stops the repayments
on the loan and the bank comes chasing
car owner B. If, for example ,

the loan instalments
are not being made and they will realise their security
by repossessing the vehicle. He claims there's no law
to protect the purchaser but there are ways
to avoid this trap. When you're buying a private car, you really need to get
the vehicle identification number, or VIN, which should be located
on the rego sticker or, in most cars,
under the hood right here. Then head to the Personal Property
Securities Register website. For $4, you can check if there's
any debt or finance outstanding. Because you don't want end up like
Rob Fletcher. This real estate agent knows
the ins and outs of sales contracts but even he was beaten
at his own game when it came to purchasing
this $83,000 luxury car. If we, at Fletchers, sold your home,

Did you do all the proper checks
and balances before buying it? so, no I took the owner's word that they had a title to it and they transferred it
in good faith. Unfortunately,
the register wasn't around when Rob bought the car
four years ago. He says the previous owner
had $120,000 owing on the car which had been used as collateral
to get a bank loan and so,
his beloved Porsche was repossessed.

Just be very careful. You can actually check it
on the register these days. I think VicRoads
should have something on their system that brings up cars
that are under finance so they can't be freely transferred
between people. Nicole didn't check
the register herself. She relied on a document
the previous owner showed her saying the title was clear

A police have nothing to do with it as a civil case. Of oil has told the eye can pursue a civil legal case with him, but in regard to the car, being repossessed, I have no chance with that, because it is secured to them.

And you can find a link to the Personal Property
Securities Register on our website. Up next - the new treatment giving hope
to those laid flat by back pain.

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Welcome back. Now with all the latest
from the Seven newsroom, here's Chris Bath. Thanks, Helen.
Making news in Sydney tonight - the WestConnex motorway
has been given the green light, unlocking some of Sydney's
most congested roads. Construction will begin in 2015 and drivers will pay a toll again
on the M4 which will be linked to the M5. Police are expected to charge
a 21-year-old man over the death of a father
at Doonside. A long-running feud is thought
to have led to a street fight which ended with Cheyne Duncan being
stabbed in front of his children. I came out and they were like
full-on punching on, guy grabbed his knife out,
cut him right there and all the blood just came out
in front of his kids. Mohamed Sanoussi,
a notorious Skaf gang rapist, will be released from jail
next month. A 13-year-old champion boxer who's too young to fight
in New South Wales wants the age limit lowered to 10. And the Sharks insist injured star Todd Carney won't play
in Friday's semi final, despite appearing at team training. Sydney's weather will stay clear
tonight with temperatures falling to single
figures in the west overnight. Strong winds tomorrow. It will get to 23 degrees
in the city. 22 in Penrith. 21 in Campbelltown. Just 14 in Katoomba. That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening.

Tomorrow night,
a Helen Wellings special report on a new portable device
achieving remarkable results for the sufferers
of acute back pain. You can wear this back pain device
anywhere and everywhere. Exceptionally easy to use. It's wearable back pain relief. I think this is a first
for this type of device. The relief was instantaneous.
I virtually cried for joy. And that's the program for tonight. I'll see you at the same time
tomorrow night. Bye for now. Supertext captions
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I'm not asking for forgiveness. I just wanted you to know
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to stay away from my family. I was trying to make things right.
Where's Andy? I'm not gonna tell you that.
Get out then! You're not entirely to blame,
are you? It's your brother. He's the one
that needs to show his face.
that needs to show his face. d when things go pear-shaped. Barretts? You're Johnny Barrett's kid? Yeah. Apparently our dads were mates. It's Marilyn, isn't it? You're actually
quite serious about her - that's why you're hanging around. Yeah, but that's not gonna happen. Well, stranger things
have happened, mate.
I'm broke. You're not interested
in anything more at all? I don't have those feelings for you,
Winston. I'm so sorry. Then I should leave the Bay. You feeling alright, mate?
Yeah, great. Haven't felt this good in ages.
Why? You haven't stopped
taking your meds, have you? No, I haven't. 'Cause you've been acting kind of
out there at the moment. It's called having a life. You're not the only one
that gets to do that round here.

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You are driving me crazy! What? You're driving me crazy.
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I'm sensing the sexy,
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Oh, wow, OK.
I see what this is about. This is about me
telling you that you were boring when I never actually did. Oh, you meant it. No, I didn't. Spencer, I like you for you, OK? And I meant that. I don't understand why you keep
getting things back-to-front. Maybe I was just too busy
looking at your lips to even wonder
what was coming out of them. Mm! OK, well, read them
as they say goodnight. No, you're staying, yeah? No, I'm not. I can clearly see
that you don't want to study, and quite frankly I want to pass. OK, I promise, I'll be good.
Sash. You've been saying that all night
and we have accomplished nothing. OK, I'm gonna study at my place
and you study here, and I'll see you tomorrow. A kiss?

See ya.

Thanks for today, for everything.
Don't. You're the one who
put yourself on the line. And somehow that ended with Brax
apologising to me. It's a pretty good result!

Well, I should go
the rest of the way on my own to avoid World War III, so... Hey. When I'm with you, it makes it
easier to forget all the bad stuff.

That's really sweet. Does it deserve another kiss? Who said I wanted another one? I promise I'll let you study!
I'll let you study.

Oi! Get your hands off her! Who are you?
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Get the hell out of here! Spencer! No, Josh, stop.
He's a friend of mine. Guys, stop. What the hell are you doing,
you psycho? Hey, what's going on? Nothing!
Nothing? Maddy getting attacked
isn't nothing. I wasn't getting attacked.
He's my boyfriend. Seriously? Him? He's worthless!
No, Josh! Stop! Guys! Leave it, leave it! You two, that way. Go, go! You - that way. Go! You, come with me.

Pathetic! Josh is gonna walk me home. Well, I'm happy to take over. Goodnight. Let's go.

How many times?
I told you! No, tonight was not Josh's fault. I told you, I don't want you
hanging out with him. Can't you see the bloke's trouble? Right, if the cops
are willing to let him go, then shouldn't you at least
give him a chance? That doesn't alter the fact that the
bloke was involved in the car crash. He's trying to make up for that. What happened? Winston, hm? Well... they were quite...
you know, and... ..blood was going to
be spilt. Sash and I were stopping them. If Josh wasn't doing anything wrong,
what was there to stop? 'Cause there was
a misunderstanding - actually of Spencer's. Really? Why don't I just make a nice
pot of tea for everyone? That's a great idea, I'd love one. What is the point?
You guys aren't even listening. Oh. I might just go and check
if she's alright. Or maybe we could have that
cup of tea and just... I think everyone might need to get
to bed, mate.