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(generated from captions) Hello. I'm James McHail. Thanks for joining me nor this national edition of ABC news. Today - Operation Sovereign Borders sets sail.

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The Immigration Minister meets the new three-star General charged with stopping the boats. An Australian first. The ACT moves to legalise same-sex marriage. President Bashir al-Assad says he will let America destroy Syria's chemical arsenal. And Australian Taj Burrow takes his 12th career title winning the ASP event at Trustles Beach, California.

The task force charged with stopping asylum seeker boats has started its work in Canberra. Leaders of what the government calls Operation Sovereign Borders have begun charting their plans under the guidance of the new Immigration Minister. Political correspondent Greg Jennett is in Parliament House and joins us now. Greg, this is only the government's first full day in office. It's come out of the blocks. What's it doing to implement its asylum seeker policy?Straight down to business for the government that promised no surprises. And that means tackling what the Prime Minister calls a stand or fall issue. So the Immigration Minister has assembled the forces necessary to enforce his asylum seeker policy N Parliament House he gathered with his newly appointed three star General, Angus Campbell, immigration official, the AFP and other members of the agency task force. The coalition has been elected with a very clear mandate to do one job and that is to stop the boats he told them. It's clear there is resistance in Indonesia to some aspects of the policy like boat buybacks and intelligence gathering. An Indonesian MP has made that point. So has the Foreign Minister, Marty Natelagawa. The Prime Minister goes to Jakarta within a month. He says there really is no reason for Indonesia to question Australia's respect for it as a nation.We absolutely, totally respect Indonesia's sovereignty. There are many voices in Indonesia, but I am very confident that this government will be able to work effectively with the Indonesian Government as former coalition governments have done. Greg, while the government guests down to work, Labor is bogged down in talk about a job that doesn't actually exist. What's that about?The Australian Workers Union boss Paul Howes called a media conference today amid mounting expectations that Senator Bob Carr could quit federal politics after just 18 months in Canberra. There's no word that Senator Carr is actually going yet but Paul Howes has given an amazing insithd into the jostling that's gone on in anticipation of such a move. He's indicateed that if he had made a lunge for the job there would've been plenty of people out to get him. I made this decision because I don't want to be a wrecker. I don't want to divide. I don't want to have the branch of the party here in New South Wales and our movement rip itself apart over me personally. When you've gone through what we've been through in the last six years you recognise how destructive, how damaging, how distracting this type of politics is.Paul Howes says he looks like staying on as AWU chief for quite some time yet. In an Australian first, legislation to legalise same-sex marriage has been introduced into the ACT Parliament. But the Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Federal Government is taking a very close look at the proposed change. Many celebrate nt the public gallery as the ACT Attorney-General presented the Marriage Equality Bill to the ACT Legislative Assembly.This is a Bill a reflects the shared principle and intent of all of my Labor colleagues an all members on the floor of the assembly who have campaigned lodge and hard for this change. The ACT government says the Bill has broad support and could be challenged in the High Court or overturned in Federal Parliament.Obviously the ACT is entitled to do what it wants, within the law, wnl the law. And the attorney will be seeking legal advice on precisely how far the ACT can go on this. The Bill is expected to be debate and passed during next month's sittings with same sex couples able to marry in the ACT before the end of the year. The Abbott government has abolished the climate change. The coalition has long flagged its plans to abolish the body and says the move will save about $1.5 million a year. Science and technology reporter Jake Sturmer has been following the story aind joins us now from Sydney. What exactly did the Climate Commission actually do?It was established by the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2011. Its main goal was to provide Australians with an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change. That included things like the international action being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also the economics of things like the carbon price. It was always hard to escape the sense and the feeling of political influence and partly that's because Prime Minister or former Prime Minister Gillard personally called each commissioner to get them to join. That was led by Chief Commissioner Tim Flannery. He spoke this afternoon and made his feelings very clear.You need a well-informed public in order to make the right sort of decisions.But that won't happen.Maybe the government will find another way. It's a good question for government, how will the Australian public remain informed about climate change? Fair questions, James. And for the staff working at the Climate Commission, other than the commissioners, they will be reassigned, but as for the commissioners, they're expected to continue their climate advocacy independent of the group.This was not the only decision made about the future of climate change groups today? Yes. The Environment Minister Greg Hunt today sign adeptal brief to close the climate change authority. That was set up by Labor to provide policy advice on emissions targets and have a general policy focus. Also yesterday we saw a departmental brief issued by Treasury about the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Both of those things will legislation before they can officially be scrap the.Thank you for that. The new Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says he is is willing to be flexible to ensure Holden survives in Australia. The car maker has flagged the pocket of closure in 2016, unless it receives a guarantee of more government funding by the end of this year. The coalition went to the election with a policy to slash car industry funding by half a billion dollars, but the minister says saving Holden is his top priority.If everyone wants to be flexible, I will be flexible, I haven't got a pocketful of money. But let's she what it is.There's no doubt the status quo puts Holdens at risk. Ian Macfarlane is saying all the right things and I want to encourage him. Ian Macfarlane will tour Holden's Adelaide factory in a fortnight and says he is happy to take the premier and independent senator Nick Xenophon with him. Sydney gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi has been granted parole for the second time in a fortnight after his initial approval was avokd because of his brother's involvement in an assault. The 29-year-old has served 13 years of a 16-year sentence for the rapes of several young women in the year 2000, perpetrated by a gang led by Bilal Skaf. Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop filed this report. Mohamed Sanoussi was granted parole a fortnight ago, but it was revoked just a day later after it emerged his two brothers had just been charged with bashing a stranger. Mohamed Sanoussi has spent 13 years in jail for his role in the gang rapes of girls and young women in Sydney in 2000 when he was 16. Under his previous parole conditions, he was due to live at his family home. But that posed a problem for the Parole Authority because his brothers lived there as well. At the moment one of them is living there on bail, the other is in custody facing those charges. So Samoussi has been ordered to live in a halfway house when he's released, until his brothers find alternative accommodation. He's also been ordered under his bail conditions not0 contact those brothers unless under strict supervision. The authority says the two brothers are members of a notorious Sydney gang called the Brothers For Life. Quite a brutal gang linked to murders, shootings, kneecapings and kidnappings. Mohamed Sanoussi will be released from jail in as early as a fortnight. He will be released some time between 3 and 10 October. The radio station behind a prank call to a London hospital that led to the suicide of a British nurse was in court today. 2DAYFM is trying to block an investigation by the media regulator ACMA which could lead to its broadcast licence being revoked. Court reporter Karl Hoerr has the details. This case is all about whether the station 2DAYFM has committed a criminal offence, particularly under the surveillance devices Act of New South Wales. We know that the call was made by two presenters of the station, enquiring about the condition of the then Duchess - the then pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. It was recorded and then put to air. Now, lawyers for the station have told the Federal Court today that the regulator, ACMA, is seeking to act as policeman, prosecutor, judge, jury, prison warden and parole officer. They say that there's an active police investigation under way that staff have been interviewed but no charges have been made and findings of guilt would be enormously prejudicial to any future case particularly given the immense notoriety this case has attracted. Preliminary findings haven't actually been released yet, but lawyers for 2DAYFM have told the hearing that it effectively finds that the station has breached the surveillance devices Act and has therefore been in breach of its licence. For its part, ACMA says that nothing in its statement determines guilt, that that would be a separate matter in the future, if indeed charges were laid. The regulator says it is acting within its powers. About 12,000 teachers, principle palms and support staff stopped work in Western Australia this morning to protest against cuts to education. The State Government wants to slash 500 jobs and freeze teacher numbers. And says it's not backing down despite the backlash. Thousands of teachers, principals, parents bs an support staff have gathered at Gloucester Park to protest against the State Government's planned education cuts. This is unprecedented action. It's the first time so many unions have joined forces like this and the first time West Australian school teachers have walked off the job since 2008. Now they're furious at State Government plans to slash 500 education jobs, mostly education assistants. The government also wants to freeze teacher numbers and reduce funding to specialist programs. This protest has led to the closure of more than 60 schools across WA. The Education Department says it's disappointed it's had to come to that, but that it's doing its best to try to accommodate both parentness and students. The Education Minister, Peter Collier, is standing firm. He hasn't addressed today's rally. But says that these changes are about long-term reform, not savings, and will lead to better outcomes for students. Unions say they're not backing down, so at this stage, it doesn't appear that this dispute will be resolved any time soon. Queensland Police are looking for a group of people who fired shots into a car and prorpt near Ipswich. Residents have described waking up to the sounds of gunshots just after mid night.Often we have fireworks that go off across the park. I thought then maybe it's fireworks but it just didn't sound right.One bullet hit a fence and another went through the back door after parked car. No-one was hurt and the occupantses of the property are known to police.They every been cooperate ing with our investigation. We hope that something will come from that and lead us to the perpetrators. Police have been told four people got out of a light coloured sedan and approached the property before returning to their vehicle. Officials in Canada are investigating a trash involving a double decker bus and a passenger train in the capital Ottawa. At least six were killed and dozens injured when the bus ploughed into a train at a level crossing. Passengers said the driver only realise ed what was happening when it was too late.As I looked up, the bus was coming into contact with the gate. And the front of the bus, it like all impacted at once and everyone flew. The bus driver is among the dead. None of the train passengers were killed.I was looking down the track. The train was coming east to west. Incomes thing you know I see the train coming and the light disappeared on the train. There wasn't much of a sound, but then the train started to slide to its right and black smoke was coming up.I didn't hear much. All I felt was a bump and then I saw smoke and then we were going off the tracks. I thought we were going to flip over.The Syrian President Bashir al-Assad has said he is prepared to allow the US Government to destroy its chemical weapons arsenal if it pays the costs of the job. President Assad gave the commitment in a television interview in Damascus.It need as lot of money, it's about one billion. It's very detrimental to the environment. If the American administration is ready to pay that money and to take responsibility of the bringing toxic materials to the United States, why don't they do it? He also used the interview to again deny any Syrian army involvement in last month's chemical weapons attack in which the US says more than 1400 people died.No-one has verified the credibility of the videos and the pictures. No-one verified. The only verified things are the samples that the delegation took. Russia says it will show the UN Security Council evidence the chemical weapons attack was the work of the rebels. A test flight for the Australian-built scram jet ended early with a rocket failing to fly high enough to record necessary dat tampt the rocket crashed into the sea as planned and researchers are trying to find out what went wrong. (No audio available)

The emotions have been up and down. There were some tears at times. There was relief. There was immense pride. The launch was the final part of a three-year project. The University of Queensland says it hopes the research will continue in some form.

The US Federal Reserve has surprised the markets by announcing it will not reduce its $85 billion-a-month stimulus program. Investors have welcomed the ongoing flow of cheap money.

The US Federal Reserve's decision caught many investors off guard overnight. For more we're joined by Neal Woolrich from the Business on ABC Television. So Neil, why did the Fed decide to keep its stimulus program in place?In the end, it came down to a very lacklustre run of economic data on the US economy over recent months. Economic growth in the US is at around 257%, so that's below par, retail sales are barely growing, inflation is too low for the Federal Reserve's liking and also the unemployment rate is stuck at above 7%. So the reason why investors were caught off guard by the announcement overnight that the Federal Reserve would not wind back its stimulus program is that as far back as May the Fed had been intimateing that it would start to taper the money printing program, and investors had taken it as gospel that a tapering would start this month, but obviously that didn't come to pass overnight. And the US Federal Reserve said it's waiting to see how the data will flow, and here's what the US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said overnight about the recent economic data.To say that the job market has improved does not imply that current conditions are satisfactory. Notably at 7.3% the unemployment rate remains well above acceptable levels. Long-term unemployment and underemployment remain high. The Fed's decision has pushed the Australian dollar higher. What implications does that have for the local economy?It's good for anyone who's planning a holiday to the US over the next few weeks, but for the rest of the economy it's going to cause some headaches. The Reserve Bank here in Australia has been counting on the non-mining sectors of the economy to bounce back as the mining boom fades and a lower dollar is very much important in that story. A lower dollar would help industries like manufacturing, even tourism and education, and so forth, but obviously the move by the US Federal Reserve overnight has as you said caused the Australian dollar to jump higher. It was up about 17 5 c against the US dollar in the moments after the Federal Reserve made its announcement. So that will make it difficult for the non-mining parts of the economy here in Australia to rebound and it will put a bit more pressure on the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates further as it has done several times over the past few years, so very much the next meeting of the Reserve Bank here in Australia is alive in terms of a potential interest rate cut. Neal Woolrich, thank you. Papua New Guinea says BHP Billiton is now liable for environmental damage caused by the controversial Ock Teddy copper amounted goldmine. The government has revealed a 12-year law granting the company immune fee from prosecution. Parliament also passed a Bill giving complete ownership of the Ock Teddy mine to the State. Wallabies player James O'Connor faces disciplinary action after he was removed from Perth airport just hours after Australia recorded its first win of the Rugby Championship. The Australian Federal Police say that O'Connor was intoxicated and was escorted from the terminal after staff refused to let him board a flight. He's no stranger to ill discipline. He misseded the official launch of Australia's World Cup 2011 campaign after sleeping in. He was also photographed at a fast food restaurant at 4am with Kurtley Beale during the Lions series. O'Connor conceded after the Lions series he had some work to do do regain the trust of some of his team-mates. The Essendon Football Club has rejected reports that anti-doping authorities are preparing to issue infraction notices against several players an officials. News Corp is reporting James Hird is among a number of people facing ASADA penalties. The first round of infraction notices will be reportedly issued after the AFL finals. Essendon says the reports have no factual basis. A spokesman for ASADA says a statement will be made later today. In AFL times news, good news for Hawthorn heading too the weekend. Hawks coach Alistair Clarkson says small forward Cyril Riolo is a certainty to play in tomorrow's preliminary final against Geelong after recovering from an ankle injury. The man they call Junior has not played since round 22 but he trained with the main group this morning and pulled up unscathed. The Hawks need Cyril's bril yajs as they prepare to take on their arch rivals. Hawthorn have lost the past 11 clashes with Geelong since the 2008 grand final. The NRL has confirmed the schedule for the third week of the finals series. South Sydney will hold their preliminary ginl at the Olympic Stadium next Friday, and minor premiers the Roosters will host theirs at the Sydney Football Stadium the following evening. The Rabbitohs will meet the winner of tomorrow's semifinal between Manly and Cronulla, the the Roosters will play the winner of Saturday's semi between the Melbourne Storm and Newcastle Knights in Melbourne. In surfing, Australian Taj Burrow has recorded his 12th career victory after winning the ASP event at Trustles Beach in California beating compatriot Julian Wilson in the final. It's just the first victory on this year's tour for the Australian. Burrow moves up to fourth in the rankings while Mick Fanning takes over from 11-time champion Kelly slater at the top rankings with thee events left in the season. II really wanted to tick this one off the list. And I put a lot of effort in the last few weeks. And it was so - it was heavy. I mean it was so intimidating seeing how much good surfing went down. And it was a tough task. But it just feels incredible to mutt that effort in and come out on top. Oh! It was unreal. The International Cricket Council is making changes aimed at improving the controversial decision review system. This summer's return Ashes series in Australia will see a new trial with Australia and England to be granted additional reviews. Currently, teams are allowed two unsuccessful reviews per innings. The boxer who famously broke Muhammad Ali's jaw when he defeated him in 1973 has died. Ken nor gone was 70. Norton was the US heavy dlt was #k456r7-on when he beat Ali and later went on to claim the WBC heavyweight title.That right 'The Hurt Locker' Muhammad al yir! Norton finished his career with a record of 42 wins from 50 professional bouts, and is ranked in the top 10 heavyweight fighters by many boxing scribes. Ken Norton died in hospital last night after suffering a stroke last year. We'll cross now to our local newsroom for a look at

Thanks, James and good evening, I'm Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in the Canberra news, legislation to legalise same-sex marriage has been introduced into the ACT Parliament. There were celebrations in the There were celebrations in the Public Gallery as Attorney General Simon Corbell presented the Marriage Equality Bill to the Legislative Assembly. The bill is expected to be debated and passed during next month's sittings with same-sex couples able to marry in the Territory before the end of the year. The bill is likely to be challenged in the High Court and Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Federal Government is taking a very close look at the proposed change. Works look at the proposed change. Works by some of the world's finest artists have gone on display at the National Archives. The paintings and sculptures are among the winning entries finalists in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. The works are inspired by nature and display whimsy and fragility as well as technical brilliance. The bike Cadel Evans rode in the 2008 Tour de Evans rode in the 2008 Tour de France has gone on display at the National Museum. Evans was runner-up that year, finally winning the iconic year, finally winning the iconic race three years later. Tomorrow more three years later. Tomorrow more than 200 cyclists will take their inspiration from Evans, taking part in the inaugural National Capital Tour here in the ACT. We'll have the details on those stories and the details on those stories and the rest of the days news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock.

Block blog It's been another very hot day across many parts of Queensland particularly through the central and the northern districts and there's no relief in sight for these areas, well into the middle of next week. Tomorrow it will be hot once again.

Fire warnings for the central highlands and the coalfields region for tomorrow. In total contrast a cool change has now swept through Adelaide. It's triggered about 2 mm of rain and temperatures have dropped from highs of around 18 about an hour ago, sitting now at around 12 to 13 degrees. So quite a strong system moving through, there is a severe weather warning for the potential of damaging winds for the lower south-east and also the far south of the State. Could see wind gusts to around 90km/h through that region. They've certainly been approaching that through other parts of the coastal fringe through the afternoon. This system will then move into Victoria and across New South Wales tomorrow. It's not going to bring much in the way of rainfall as it moves through. Could see some isolated falls up to about 10 mm on and south of the ranges in Victoria, but as it crosses New South Wales, it's also going to bring some quite gusty winds to the region. This trough through Queensland will also be relatively inactive but it's helping to draw some of that very hot air down across the State and until we see one of these cooler changes or a high bringing some easterly winds across the State we're going to see those very high temperatures persist. There's very little in the way of rainfall through the south-east tomorrow. The heaviest of the falls will be around Perth and further south, particularly along the coastal fringe, a frontal system there will introduce some fairly widespread showers and possible thunderstorms. As far as temperatures go, Queensland, the hottest, looking at windy conditions in Sydney, showers across the mainland and the south-east.

That is all for in bulletin. The next edition of ABC News is up in an hour. We leave you with pictures of Pinjarra, a 50-year-old, 750 kg salt water crocodile. He spent most of his life at a crocodile farm in Queensland but he now calls the Melbourne Aquarium home. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

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Historic houses,
both humble and grand, have all played their part
in the story of our nation. But today, many are at risk, and some
in danger of being lost for ever. I'm going to be following
the fortunes of six properties, all facing their own struggle
for survival.

Oh, look, you can see the round.
MAN: Yes. Wow!

It is like walking into
a kind of Tudor fantasy. This is not quite
what I was expecting.

And they all have new owners, committed to turning them
into their dream home.

WOMAN: It's a bit like a little
old lady waiting for a face lift, and we're coming in
to make her better. I never, ever thought I would do
a project like this in my life.

I have spent years
restoring derelict old properties, and having poured everything into trying to create
my perfect family home, I know what a challenge it is to rescue a precious old building. MAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa! There's a lot riding on it,
and it's scary times.

We love it, we want to finish it, but sometimes
it just feels like too much.

It's Restoration Home.

Georgian architecture - simple,
stylish, just a little bit showy, perfect for a country manor
or a fine townhouse. And ask any estate agent, the words 'Georgian'
on the particulars always guarantee a speedy sale. Well, almost always.

In the Derbyshire village
of North Wingfield, surrounded by modern developments, is an early Georgian house
called The Elms.

When it was built, it must have been one of
the grandest houses for miles around, but for generations, The Elms has been slipping slowly
into a state of ruin.

So now, no-one can even get upstairs because the floorboards
have all gone.

For the last eight years,
it's been standing empty, as a string of developers
have tried to exploit it.

But because it's Grade II listed, they weren't allowed to do cheap
and cheerful conversions.

So, The Elms would never be saved
for hard profit.