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(generated from captions) Diarmid, I'm sorry.
For you the Chase is over.

I enjoyed that. Stroll in the park?Yeah. I don't
want to have to work too hard. No, indeed. I have to say you played
very well today. Well, thank you.
You're welcome. However, for Diarmid,
The Chaser was just too good. Join us next time when another team
will be determined to beat The Chaser. Goodbye. (APPLAUSE)

This is Seven's Afternoon News with Matt White and Melissa Doyle. Good afternoon. Police in Sydney have made an arrest over the stabbing death
of a father killed in front of his children. The attack happened just after the victim had
picked up his kids up from school. We'll cross live in a moment. Also this afternoon - detectives reveal
they're hunting for a mystery man who may hold the key to solving
a Melbourne mother's murder. Tony Abbott facing
a diplomatic backlash with Indonesia over his asylum seeker policy. Teachers strike
over school budget cuts in Western Australia. And Shane Warne spotted
as speculation mounts he's off to England
to save his relationship. First, police are questioning
a 21-year-old man over the stabbing death
of a Sydney father in front of his children. The victim was attacked
as he walked them home from school in the suburb of Doonside
yesterday afternoon. Live to Hugh Whitfeld
who's following the investigation. Hugh, this death
has shocked the local community.

The flowers and tributes here at the murder scene reflect the fact that Shane Duncan was a very well known here in Western Sydney. His was a brittle and callous killing. Possibly with a machete. It happened late yesterday afternoon. We are told that his partner, Jessica, was walking along with two of their children and a friend, when they were confronted by two black men and a woman. They called a shame for back-up. -- two men and a woman. When he arrived, he was attacked and stabbed. Witnesses say he was attacked with a machete. As he lay bleeding on the ground, neighbours heard the commotion and rushed out side, trying to help.

Ran down here and there was
a guy lying on his back. There was blood everywhere. His partner was lying next to him,
trying to control the bleeding, The kids were crying.

The most shocking thing out of all of this was that children witnessed the entire event unfold. We are told by friends that a shame may have been involved in a long- running feud with an number of other people in the suburb. But he was described today as a good man. One man was taken to hospital from here and spend the night under police guard. He has since been released from hospital and from police guard, but this morning police attended an address in the CBD of Blacktown, arresting a 21- year-old man. He is currently at backdown police station, being questioned by detectives, and is expected to be charged at some stage.

OK, thanks, Hugh. Melbourne police believe
they may be closer to a breakthrough in the case of murdered
Pakenham woman Kylie Blackwood. Brendan Roberts has
today's developments. Seven

Seven weeks to the day after mother-of-three Kylie Blackwood was murdered inside her Packer them home, police have today revealed they had any personal interest. This man was seen in the streets surrounding her home on the day of the murder. While he is not considered a suspect, police believe he may have cited who killed her.We are here this afternoon to appeal for any witnesses who may have seen a male person in this vicinity, somewhere between 2pm and 2:30pm on Thursday, 1st August. To this point, the investigation and all previous public appeals had centred on a mysterious man wearing a grey striped with a top, dark sunglasses and a black cap, he was seen outside her home on the day she was murdered. Police revealed today they had spoken to over 40 potential suspects but I get to identify Batman.We do not think he is involved in the youth -- incident at all, but we need to speak to him as a witness.Today her family broke their silence. In a statement released to the media, they thanked the local community and the general public for that love and support. Let's hope that police and the public can help them achieve some small sense of closure.

Tony Abbott has refused to comment
on harsh criticism from Indonesia of his asylum seeker policies

ahead of his first visit to Jakarta
as prime minister. Live to political reporter Alex Hart
in Canberra. Alex, how damaging
is this latest attack for Mr Abbott? Matt, this is the most savage
public criticism we've seen to date of the Coalition's
asylum seeker policies. Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell
is the man Defence has promoted to implement
the Government's plan, dubbed Operation Sovereign Borders. He met with the immigration minister
Scott Morrison today. They face a tough task
implementing key parts of that plan. In particular,
turning back asylum seeker boats. Indonesian MP Tantowi Yahya, who is a member of the country's
foreign affairs commission, says it would breach
his country's sovereignty and damage the relationship
with Australia. He also described
the Coalition's plan to buy Indonesian fishing boats as offensive. Tony Abbott will visit Jakarta
at the end of the month for formal talks with
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which could be quite tense.

The policy will be very offensive and, ah, we in the parliament
fully support what was said by our foreign ministers that we will fully reject
the policy. That's the reflection
of the position of the Indonesian Government and this is quickly turning into
a diplomatic disaster for the new government. We aren't going to conduct
discussions with Indonesia through the media. Um, too much damage has been done
in the past by megaphone diplomacy and it's never going to happen
under this government. Mr Abbott was also forced to defend
his decision yesterday to sack three top bureaucrats. Many suspect it's because they were
considered to be too close to Labor. Just to neck people because they happen to talk
to someone in the Labor Party is quite extraordinary.

I'm just not going to get into
the whys and wherefores of individual decisions. The new government also announced
today that it has axed
the Climate Commission, as promised before the election. Mel and Matt. Thanks, Alex. Alex Hart reporting in Canberra. Students, parents and teachers
are protesting the Queensland government's decision
to close six public schools. They say the education minister
has bent his own rules, so they're planning a class action. Live to Emmy Kubainski
at Nyanda State High School. Emmy, there's lot of anger
over these sudden closures? Varies. It is

Varies. It is pretty emotional p at nine and estate high school. This is one of six schools that have been told they will have to shut their doors forever at the end of the year. Earlier, the government had earmarked eight schools foreclosure, but on Tuesday it announced that an victim mac would be saved, and six would have to go. This afternoon, about 80 people here were protesting, including dozens of students and parents, as well as local politicians. Labor leader asked Brent Bill Shorten flew in this afternoon. He has been addressing the crowd at some time this afternoon. Parents say they just want to meet with the education minister.

We've asked the minister
repeatedly to come to our school, to visit us, we didn't want to shout at him
or anything like that, we wanted to have
a civilized conversation about the future of our school, and he hasn't replied
to one of those. We are ropeable. We were promised
in the consultation meetings the worst-case scenario would be the Year 11s would be allowed
to stay on until Year 12.

Parents at four of the schools that have been told to shut that doors are looking at a class action lawsuit to see if they can stop the government from closing best schools, but the government says there is nothing that would change their minds.

Thousands of teachers have walked off the job
in Western Australia, angry about education cuts. As schools closed the WA government, and parents,
were warned to expect a lot more industrial action. Jessica Vanderende
was at today's rally in Perth. Premier Colin Barnett said

yesterday that he was surprised by the backlash against his school funding changes. Today, he could be left in little doubt. It was a beach and vocal crowd that turned out at Gloucester Park this morning. At least 12,000 teachers, staff assistance and administrators all walked off the job, knowing that their pay will be docked. The Premier was their main target.By Annette is a liar, but it is a la! Colin Barnett said that you were coming here for a rally just for the sake of the strike.It is the first time since 1998 Western Australian teachers have gone on strike, and the first time ever that the three unions have combined their forces. 62 schools had to close as a result. They have since reopened this afternoon. The protesters have voted unanimously to continue industrial action until the school funding changes are reversed.All those in favour of the resolution.Yes!With the Premier warning that more belt tightening is needed, not less, unions are warning parents that they could be more disruptions to their children's schooling in coming months. Today was struck one. They could be more to come.

Sydney gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi
has again been granted parole, but with new conditions. The 29-year-old
is one of the Skaf gang members jailed for the rapes
of several young women in 2000. He was controversially
granted release from jail earlier this month after serving 13 years
of his 16 year sentence, and he was to live with his family. But his parole was revoked
a day later because his brothers, a cousin,
and a friend had been arrested over a bashing.

Under the new conditions, Sanoussi will have to live
in a halfway house until he can move in
with his parents, once his brothers move out. And he can only visit
with his brothers under supervision. He'll walk free early next month. There's speculation Shane Warne
is preparing to fly to London following reports
in the British media that his relationship
with Liz Hurley is over. Live to Emily Angwin
at Melbourne Airport. Emily, any sign
of the former spin king?

Not yet. Not at all. We have been here for the past eight back hours and there has been no sign for Shane Warne here. The reason we are here is because we thought he was going to be jetting off to the United Kingdom to save his relationship with Liz Hurley. He left his house this morning at about 8:15am. We thought it was coming here, but he has since returned home. Who knows? He might be packing his bags. This basically started because the two prolific tweeters stopped tweeting. The last time they actually spoke to each other via the social media platform was on Father's Day, when Liz Hurley wished him a happy Father's Day. But the rumour mill is spinning and the media is crazy about this. There is even some speculation that his ex-wife Simone is involved. But we are none the wiser at this point.Thank you.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News, new fears an Aussie carmaker is about to take
its production overseas. And a collision during rush hour
kills commuters in a major city.

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Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, the mother
of the Washington gunman speaks for the first time
about his terrible crime. And how a breakthrough
in Australian research could help prevent breast cancer. There are new fears about the future
of the car industry in Australia following the swearing in
of the new government. Holden has indicated it will reveal
its plans by Christmas. But after starting work yesterday the new industry minister
is already making plans to meet with bosses at Adelaide's Elizabeth plant
next month.

Industry Minister Ian McFarlane was appointed yesterday and says that one of his first tasks was to tell Holben boss Mike Devereaux to arrange a tour of the South Australian plant. Mr McFarlane has faced this struggle before, having negotiated through the Mitsubishi crisis under that Howard Government. They have got to build cars Australians want to buy. I know Mike has something up his sleeve and maybe he will show me in the privacy of his office.He says he is keen to keep politics out of the issue, and has invited both major parties and Nick Xenophon on to the meeting in Adelaide.Obviously they will be tough negotiations. Article heads need to prevail. I'm impressed that he is taking this approach comedies to be bipartisan. Premier Jay Weatherill predicted hold it would shut down in 2016 if the Federal Government does not dig deep enough into his pockets.We know that Holden will not commit unless they have a business case that stacks up. We can see the Coalition policy that they took to the election really does put Holden at risk.But there is no indication as yet as to whether the Coalition will be prepared to compromise on its plans to cut $500 million from government assistance to the industry.

The green light has been given to start Australia's biggest ever
infrastructure project. It's called the WestConnex, a 33km road to link Sydney's
western and south-western motorways with roads that lead to the city,
the airport and the ports. Details of the $11.5 billion project
were released this morning by Prime Minister Tony Abbott
and the New South Wales Premier. $3.3 billion will come from
the federal and state governments. The motorway will have
distance-based tolls. They'll be capped at around $7.70. Construction will begin in 2015
and includes two tunnels. The project should be finished
by 2023. The motorway will bypass
52 sets of traffic lights. It's expected to take
3,000 trucks a day off congested Parramatta Road and create 10,000 construction jobs.

The morning commute
has ended in tragedy in Canada when a train and a bus collided
at a railway crossing. 6 people were killed
and 34 admitted to hospital. All of the dead were aboard
the double-decker Ottawa city bus. There were no injuries
aboard the train. The front of the bus,
it, like, all impacted at once and everyone flew
and there was dust everywhere and all I remember, I just grabbed my son
and ran off the bus. Passengers say they screamed at the bus driver
to slow down just seconds before the collision. The crossing boom gates
and flashing lights were working at the time. The bus and train
had black-box recorders. The mother of Aaron Alexis, the gunman who killed 12 people in
a shooting massacre in Washington, has apologised
to the victims' families. Cathleen Alexis spoke on the condition
her face wouldn't be show, saying she's heartbroken, but glad her son
can't hurt anyone else. Of all the people left asking why, Aaron Alexis's mother
is probably the one struggling most to understand, her grief compounded by guilt. I don't know why he did what he did and I'll never be able
to ask him why. Aaron is now in a place where
he can no longer do harm to anyone and for that, I am glad. To the families of the victims, I am so, so very sorry
that this has happened. My heart is broken. Douglass Gaarde's heart
is also shattered. He lost Kathy,
the love of his life. They were about to retire. I don't know where my life goes now. She was my partner. We had plans to do things
and now it's gone. Victims' families want answers. I don't know how in the world
he got a clearance to be able to get into the navy yard
with those weapons. The Pentagon has ordered
three reviews Alexis kept his security pass and was legally allowed
to buy a shotgun even though the veterans' department
was treating him for mental illness. Less than a month ago,
he reported hearing voices. Should we have picked them up?
Why didn't we? How could we have? All those questions
need to be answered. The navy yard shooting has reignited
calls for tougher gun laws. We are all different colours
and classes but we all have the same thing
in common - that we lost someone,
someone that did not deserve to die! Congressional leaders say they don't have the votes
to pass a gun control bill.

Still to come, Your Money
with our Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape. Also, the mega-croc that's made
Melbourne his new home. And Australian researchers
make a major discovery in the fight against breast cancer.

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Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come -

the Australian breast cancer
discovery that could save lives. And Melbourne scientists discover why many of us find it so difficult
to lose weight no matter how hard we try. The heart of Melbourne
is the last place you'd expect to find
a mega crocodile, But today, the Melbourne Aquarium
launched its newest star, Pinjarra. And he's a cranky croc
with a rogue reputation too. Nick McCallum went along
to meet him.

At five metres long, and weighing 750 kilograms, it is believed Pinjarra is one of the biggest crocodiles in captivity. He comes to the Melbourne Aquarium with a bad boy image. He was originally captured in the wild after taking cattle in a farmer's dam in the NT. He then spent 30 years in a crocodile farm in Rockhampton before recently starting to fight with other crocodiles. Believe it or not, he was transported all the way from a captain to Melbourne in the back of the Mini van. It took 34 hours.We stopped for some roadworks and I chatted to the guy about football. He did not ask what was in the box and I was quite happy not to tell him.Experts say Pinjarra should survive another 20 years in his cushy but solitary environment. They will lavish him with luck, but they know it will never be reciprocated.You have complete respect for the animal and what they can do, and so you treat them appropriately. I am not going to walk in there and pat him on the head. You do not do those things. If you want to leave.Pinjarra and his lair at the star attractions of an $8 million upgrade here at the Melbourne Aquarium.

Finance news now with Seven's 'Barefoot Investor'
Scott Pape in our Melbourne studio. Scott, the boss
of America's Central Bank got the share market firing today? Ben Bernanke gave the stock market
a big kiss overnight when he decided to turn off its drug of choice -
debt. Since the global financial crisis,
each month, a staggering $85 billion is injected straight into the veins
of the US economy. Eventually, the US will have to
wean itself off the drugs, and it'll be painful, but they put it off
for at least another month. And didn't the share market love it? And currency traders loved it too. It also put a rocket
under the Aussie dollar, pushing it to a three-month high. The reason it jumped is simple. By printing so much debt,
the US is weakening its dollar. The more they print,
the less they're worth. And like a seesaw,
that makes our dollar go up. And have a look at this gold chart. Gold is the ultimate
Armageddon investment, and with the US voting to continue
on their unsustainable path, the gold price jumped 4% overnight. And have a look at what happened
to gold stocks today. Now that's a jump.

But on the other hand, our local companies
with US operations, like QBE and Ansell, were whacked. Now to my number of the day -
26,000. That's how many people
lost their jobs in the past three months, which is the biggest quarterly fall
in 13 years going back
to the post-Sydney Olympics slump. And if you want
a visual representation of the downside
of the Aussie dollar, take a look at this chart, which shows the drop
in manufacturing jobs, which looks like a death
of thousands cuts. I'll have a full wrap
of the day's finance on Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO. Mel and Matt. This afternoon's top stories
are next, including the notorious gang rapist who's controversially
been granted parole again. And the science of why it's so hard
for some people to slim down.

Another opportunity
to say it with chicken - like thank you for accepting
that hospital pass. Apologies for the towel flick. If only you hadn't turned around. And congratulations. You finally made the team. KFC's new Zinger Pie. Crispy pastry, spicy
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Welcome back. You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News and these are our top stories - a 21-year-old man
is being questioned over the stabbing murder
of a Sydney father of three. Cheyne Duncan was stabbed as he walked his children home
from school yesterday afternoon. Melbourne Police have made a fresh appeal for help
to identify a mystery man thought to be critical to solving the murder
of Pakenham mother Kylie Blackwood. Tony Abbott has refused to bite back after Indonesia's scathing criticism
of his asylum seeker policies. An Indonesian MP labelled
the Prime Minister's policy as "offensive and illegal". And Shane Warne has taken to Twitter to deny rumours his relationship
with Liz Hurley is all but over. Sydney gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi
has been granted parole for the second time in a fortnight. The conditions have been revised
to limit contact with his brothers, but he'll still walk free from jail
next month. More from Jodie Speers.

More Alex Annecy will be walking free from this jail early next month. -- Mohamed Sanoussi. He is unlikely to head too far. He will live in a halfway house. It is just adjacent to the jail. He will have their until he can move into his parents' house. He was part of a notorious gang rape gang which was responsible for a horrifying series of attacks on young women in the year 2000. He was granted parole earlier this month, despite concerns is two brothers were members of a violent street gang called Brothers for Life. The brothers were arrested over a brutal assault. Today, Mohamed Sanoussi has been given the go- ahead to walk free but has been told he cannot associate with his brothers unless given permission and he certainly cannot live with them.It is in the interests of the community he is let in this restricted race without his life can be left in a meaningful way.He will be subject to 30 conditions including being monitored electronically, staying away from alcohol, staying away from King's Cross in Sydney. He smiled and thank the court after the decision was made.

Adelaide University researchers say they could hold the key
to wiping out breast cancer. In a world first, they've identified a link
between hormonal changes and a woman's risk
of developing the disease. Jessica Northey was at
today's release of the research. Mel and Matt,

the breakthrough research centres
on the role of immune cells known as macrophages. They're supposed
to protect the body but now and then, they get lazy. Now scientists know more about why. They say a woman's menstrual cycle
is a major factor. At certain times of the month,
macrophages' ability is impaired which means they're more likely to allow cancerous cells
to go undetected in the breast. It is a Jekyll-and-Hyde scenario. We need these cells
to function normally so that the breast can function, but at the same time, they're actually letting
cancer cells escape detection. It's research that could eventually
help women like Robyn Dawkins. A world without breast cancer
would just be amazing. The 67-year-old survivor
was diagnosed with one of the most difficult types
of breast cancer to treat six years ago. She hopes it will change the lives
of many women to come. I have a daughter,
I have a granddaughter and I have lots of other
special women in my life that i would hate it
if they had that diagnosis too. It took researchers five years
to get to this point using mice in their studies but there's still a lot more work
to do. We can start
to unravel the mechanisms that are responsible
for this increased risk and we can take steps to alter them. It could be 30 years before experts figure out how to turn this knowledge
into a real solution. Mel and Matt.

Making news around Australia
this afternoon, in Sydney, radio station 2Day FM
and the Australian media watchdog are battling it out
in the Federal Court. The radio station
wants to prevent ACMA from ruling that it broke the law when it broadcast
its royal phone call prank in 2012. The station says if the watchdog finds 2Day FM
committed a criminal offence or was in breach of its licence it would cause enormous damage. 2Day FM also claims
ACMA doesn't have the power to make a criminal finding
in the matter. In Melbourne the anti-doping authority
is reportedly preparing to impose tough new sanctions
on Essendon players and officials, that could include lifetime bans. According to a report
in 'The Australian' newspaper, Essendon coach James Hird
and sports scientist Stephen Dank are among those in ASADA's sights. But Essendon has released
a statement this afternoon saying there's no factual basis
to the story.

And in Perth,
14,000 teachers and staff walked off the job this morning, protesting against
planned education cuts. They gathered at Gloucester Park
in the city's east for a 1-hour stop-work meeting, which forced the closure
of more than 60 schools. I see this as
the beginning of the end, actually. these people have got no idea
what goes on in classrooms. Schools reopened at midday,
but further disruptions are likely after the teachers voted in favour
of more industrial action. Melbourne scientists
may have discovered the reason many of us gain weight
far too easily and they could soon
have a test for it. Monash University scientists say it comes down to the stress hormone,
cortisol. Turns out the more of it
splashing around in our body, the more susceptible we are
to obesity. In a trial on sheep, it was found those with the highest levels
of cortisol put on the most weight. Now Monash Uni wants to recruit
overweight humans for the next trial. Almost 60% of Australians
are overweight or obese and that figure is growing. It's hoped a test will identify
those prone to putting on weight so their diet and lifestyle
can be modified before it happens. Monash University's
Head of Physiology Professor Iain Clarke joins us from Brisbane
this afternoon. Professor, is the message here
stress makes us put on weight?

Some people have a high-stress axis and some people Hubble's stress axis. Those with the highest settings are the most prone to become obese.Can you explain what that means, as stress axis?We all have a stress system. We call it an axis. It is cortisol that response. -- responds. When we determine how high levels levels go with a simple test, we can determine how likely an individual is to become obese. To simplify, those of was who tend to get stressed need to take more holidays would do something calming? -- those of us.We are not trying to tell people how to live their lives. We are trying to understand the physiological basis for what predisposes us to obesity. Some individuals are more prone than others.It could be an interesting study. Thank you.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - Princess Mary and Prince Frederik
prove the couple that play together,
stay together. And in sport with Jim Wilson, the Barmy Army make it
an unhappy homecoming for Aussie skipper Michael Clarke.

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Thousands of tourists are being airlifted out of Acapulco. They have been stranded by floods and mudslides. What will levels rose to waist height in the main terminal. -- what the levels. Shocked residents were confronted by a large crocodile. Police have fired tear gas
on a group of protesters in Athens as thousands demonstrated against the murder
of an anti-fascist musician. Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death
by a member of a far-right party outside a cafe on Wednesday morning. His murder sparked nationwide unrest with dozens of battles erupting
between protesters and police around the country. A member of the neo-Nazi group
Golden Dawn has been arrested
over the hip-hop singer's death.

Princess Mary has put
her Aussie sporting skills on show, teaming up
with Crown Prince Frederik for a soccer match against
some schoolchildren in Denmark. The royal couple was launching
a charity event called 'Club Trick'. The project is designed to teach
tolerance, respect and compassion both on and off the field. It's been a pet project of Mary's since she joined
the Danish royal family.

Sport now with Jim Wilson. Jim, the Hawks and Cats
set to reignite a fierce rivalry?

They have had some fierce rivalries

over the years. I take to see it, Cats fans, but I believe Cawthorne will break the curse. Hawthorn are aiming to break and 11 game losing streak to the Cats. They will be boosted by the return of Cyril Rioli and Lance Franklin.It is a preliminary final. There are big stakes.Tom Hawkins as confident of playing after recovering from a back complaint. We have got the match live for you. Check your local guides. Parramatta captain Jarryd Hayne
has angrily denied rumours he's set to quit the Eels. Hayne's been slammed by supporters
who believe he's about to follow Ricky Stuart's
lead and walk out on the club. I think people are nitpicking
and carrying on so I'm at the Eels
for two more years. I've been there for eight years,
you know. If anyone wants to talk
about loyalty, they can just check my resume. New South Wales coach Laurie Daley
will coach the Blues until the end of 2015. Todd Carney swamped by media
ahead of Cronulla's final hit-out. Carney will need a miracle
to play tomorrow night.

Australian rugby star James O'Connor
is in hot water again. It's alleged O'Connor was prevented from boarding
a flight to Bali last weekend because he was intoxicated. Australian rugby
is investigating the incident while O'Connor has reportedly denied
he was drunk. The Barmy Army is already here
and causing chaos ahead of this summer's Ashes series crashing Michael Clarke's
media conference last night. The Australian captain admits
his back is sore and stiff but still hopes to play
in next month's one-day series in India.

The more I can be a part of the two formats of the game
that I'm playing, the more I'll try and do that because I'm enjoying my cricket
at the moment.

The Ashes begin in November.

Australian goalkeeper
Mitchell Langerak has made his Champions League debut
for Borussia Dortmund in a 2-1 loss to Napoli. Coming on as a sub, he let in a goal
and smashed his head on the post.

manager Jurgen Klopp was sent off for this heated argument
with the fourth official. Barcelona handed Ajax a 4-0 hiding with superstar Lionel Messi
scoring a hat-trick.

Taj Burrow has won a battle
of the Aussies against Julian Wilson to claim the Hurley Pro
in California. The win moves Burrow to fourth
in the world rankings, while fellow Aussie Mick Fanning
is the new tour leader.

A big selection news coming to you at 6 o'clock. And the Kiwis are one victory away from winning the America's Cup. Extraordinary. The new generation of yobs are amazing. Up next,
Sally Bowrey with the hot issues that have captured
Australia's attention online today. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Making Prime7 headlines...
The cuts keep coming for Canberra.. with the Coalition
announcing it's scrapped the Climate Commission... and
now wants to abolish the Climate Change Authority. It's
not yet known how many staff will lose their jobs. Fraser MP
Andrew Leigh says it's a will lose their jobs. Fraser MP
Andrew Leigh says it's a major step backwards. The Australian Marriage
Equality group says the Federal Government should
respect the right of the ACT Government to create
same-sex marriage ACT Government to create
same-sex marriage laws... and not launch
a legal challenge. Court next month for a 42
year old man.. after police uncovered a clandestine
laboratory at a Goulburn home. uncovered a clandestine
laboratory at a Goulburn home. Canberra's airport has
been named Australian Airport of the Year at the National
Industry Awards overnight. Airport of the Year at the National
Industry Awards overnight. The National Museum of
Australia has unveiled a new display.. including the
bike used by champion display.. including the
bike used by champion cyclist Cadel Evans in
the 2008 Tour de France. And Raiders coach Ricky Stuart
will fly to Brisbane within the week to meet with
rookie Anthony Milford. The the week to meet with
rookie Anthony Milford. The new coach is keen to keep
Milford in Canberra next season.

Sally Bowrey is in the newsroom
keeping watch on social media. Sal, what's got people talking
this afternoon? One of the top tweeted
and clicked news stories today is about a news reader who somehow grabbed
a ream of photocopy paper instead of his iPad during a live broadcast. We've had a lot of posts
on our Facebook page questioning his intelligence. Sal, that's a mistake

Communications Minister
Malcolm Turnbull would never make? No, Malcolm Turnbull is very keen on
his technology - a prolific tweeter. And, a couple of hours ago, he used Twitter to tell
his 200,000 followers that he is now a proud grandparent, tweeting "Bliss." A big congrats to the family. Apple and iPhone are trending
on Twitter, but it's not all good? Apple rolled out
its new operating system last night. Turned out the excitement
was just too much - its servers couldn't cope
with the demand. Some downloads failed completely,
other phones simply died, which made it very hard for people to call up their friends
and vent about it, so they hit social media instead
to let off some steam. A lot of people retweeting
this scenario where the download progressively
gets longer and longer. Another joked that
operating system 8 will be out And this meme says it all.

Speaking of which, turns about being used for a meme - which is an idea or image that
gets circulated around the net - isn't always such a bad thing. This cat was the subject of one - Grumpy Cat became
an internet sensation, getting almost a million likes
on Facebook, 100,000 Twitter followers
and its own YouTube channel. And now it has landed
a lucrative contract with a cat food company. It is the star of a series
of new commercials. Will Ferrell is also looking
at doing a movie with Grumpy Cat.

And there you go. The power of social media. That is an iPad, isn't it? Not really!

VOICEOVER: With small snacks,
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Think quick. There's only four days left to get
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Welcome back to the Afternoon News. Let's get the forecast for tonight
and tomorrow. David Brown
is in our Melbourne weather centre. How's it shaping up, Brownie? Afternoon, Matt. It's looking like
another day of clear sky along the eastern seaboard, but the southern capitals can expect
a few more passing showers and cool westerly quarter winds. Let's take a look
at our weather wall. In Hobart, the rains continue -
it's currently 15 degrees. Mainly dry tomorrow. In Melbourne, it's a cool
and partly cloudy afternoon. A few showers developing overnight. In Sydney, another day of blue sky. The maximum
was a little over 23 degrees. It's 22 at the moment.

And in Brisbane, clear blue sky
and a very warm 27 degrees. More sunshine tomorrow. This sky is clear
across most of the nation under this strong
high pressure zone. To the south, we have
a vigorous westerly airstream with embedded fronts. This one has already peaked and it's expected to slip south
tonight and tomorrow triggering scattered showers
and the odd thunderstorm over the south-east
and some alpine snow too.

In Brisbane tomorrow,
fine and sunny and 27. Sydney, a sunny day, but becoming windy in the afternoon
and 23. Canberra, a few late showers and 16. Melbourne, a few showers and 17. Hobart, clearing and 17. Adelaide, a shower or two and 20.

Later in the week, virtually no change in Brisbane. Sydney, 23. A few showers in Melbourne. Adelaide, the same, around 20 degrees.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00. Mel and Matt.

And don't forget to join me
for Seven News at 7pm over on 7TWO. that could prevent breast cancer and when women could have access
to a new treatment.

But that's it for this Thursday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Matt White. And I'm Melissa Doyle. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Have a good night. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases... ..150 contenders... ..$200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 6. Congratulations, Yuly Castillo. Your battle with the bank begins
now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host
Andrew O'Keefe! Hi, Katie. Hi, Monnie. Hello, Candi. How do you do, everyone? Welcome. Hey, Yuly.
Hey, Andrew. Welcome. Welcome to
the Deal-a-Drome, everyone. Yuly Castillo
doing the deals with us. 'Castiyo'. 'Castiyo', 'Castiyo'.
Is that how I do it? Yeah.
And is it 'Julie' or 'Hulie'? Actually, my name is spelt like
Y-U-L-Y, so it sounds like 'Yully' Everybody calls me 'Yully'
in Australia. 'Yully' Castillo?
But it's not 'Yully', it's Yuly. It is Spanish for Julie.
For Julie. But you're not from Spain,
you're from Colombia. Yeah.
Oh, terrific. Nice to have you here.
Thank you. What are you doing in Australia,
Yuly, Yuly, Yuly Castillo? My husband brought me. Oh, happy days, yeah. He just packed you
in his overnight bag? Like that, "Let's go."
(LAUGHS) How did you meet your husband? I met him in London. I was studying English
so I met him there and then we just went back
to Colombia and he said like, "Why don't we get married?" And I was like,
"OK, let's get married." In Colombia?
Yeah. Oh, terrific. We got married in Colombia
and then we came here. (IN SPANISH ACCENT)
It was whirlwind. Was it whirlwind? Whirlwind?
A whirlwind romance? It was very romantic. Very romantic. I like it. So, what your plans here, Yuly? Well, I need to finish university. I'm studying economics now
and, yeah, win some cash and go to Italy
or go to Disneyland. Oh, sounds good. Alright, so another whirlwind trip.
Yeah. But this time Italy.
Everything romantic. OK, as long as it's romantic,
you don't care? No. Alright, well,
welcome to the Deal-a-Drome! What could be more romantic
than 175 screaming maniacs, hey? And, of course,
Monnie and Candice and Kate. Have you thought about your case? Yes, I'm going to pick 23. 23 it is. Miss Katie Mac on 23 today.

Yuly, well, we're here for
a good time not long time. It is going to be whirlwind. But let's hope
it's also very profitable. Deal time!

ANNOUNCER: Could this case contain
the top prize of $200,000?

To find out, let the dealing begin! OK, Yuly. Let's meet this lucky guy.
We have Nick on briefcase 8! Hi, Nick.
Hey! How you doing?
Very well, thank you. So, talk me through
your meeting in London. Where were you? We were working in a bar together. Aha.
Yeah. Oh, OK. Yeah, no, she started a few days
after me and love at first sight. But how long have you
been together now? Almost 3 years. And married for...? Two years and a half.
Two and a half years? Yeah.
So, it really was a whirlwind. Good on you.
Yes, very much. But when you know, you know, right?
Yeah. So, Italy,
why do you want to go to Italy now? Just because
you've not been or you...? I've been in Italy,
with both been in Italy but we just want to,
like, concentrate on it, like, just spend a long time on it
and try all the food and travel around
and enjoy the landscape instead of doing two, three days
tourist and that's it. Will you base yourself somewhere or will you just move
from city to city? To city to city in a Lamborghini. Yeah, in a Lamborghini, hopefully.
In a Lamborghini! (CHEERING) Alright, good luck to you.
Very good luck.

Where do we start?

Six cases. I'm going to start with number 1. Number 1. Hey, Milah. I think I have...

..$15,000. Thank you, Milah. Sounds OK. In the maroon zone for one. $750. Yes.
Nice start.

now I'm going to go for number 4. Number 4. Hey, Maria. Good luck, Yuly. I've got $500. Thank you. Sounds good. $200 is nice and close.

I'll go for number 10.
Number 10, Amy. Good luck, Yuly.
I think I've got 50 cents. Thank you, Amy. Are we on the monkey? Oh! No!
50 grand. You don't want to see that
in round one. But if you are going to see green,
that is the one to see. That's OK.
Three to come. OK, let's go for... ..25. Is Adam. Hey, Andrew. Good luck, Yuly. I think I've got five grand. Sorry, Eben.
That's the one. Going five grand. Thank you. $5. This is shaping up alright.

OK. 21. Sam. Let's go 50 cents here.
Sounds good, Sam. The monkey, the monkey.
Noodle me. $100. All those blues dispatched. One to go. One to open. Let's go number 19. I think I've got $500. Thank you, Sarah Lee. Oh, yeah! Nice work. There is the cherry on top
with the $10 right there. Pretty good round one.
Thank you. Do they have Deal or No Deal
in Colombia? Yeah, it's called 'Hay Trato'. 'Hay Trato'. What's 'Hay Trato'? 'Hay Trato' is like 'deal'. It's 'deal',
so it's just called 'Deal'? Yeah.


That's a pretty good start
for a whirlwind. 'No hay trato'! 'No hay trato'! 'No hay trato'! I like it. 'No hay trato'!
'No hay trato'! It sounds aggressive that way,
doesn't it? Yeah, you're really sticking it
to the bank. 'No hay trato'!
See you after the break.

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Welcome back. I'm here with 'Yully' -
that's Yuly to you - Castillo. And Nick. Married couple. Nick is an Aussie.
Yuly is Colombian by birth. Aussie now.
Looking for a holiday to Italy. Now, we all think we know
something about Colombia. Can you tell us something
we don't know about Colombia, Yuly? What do we do
when we go to Colombia? Well, first of all,
you have to dance. And if you don't dance,
they'll teach you. They'll give you some 'aguardiente', which is the typical liquor in
Colombia and they'll start you over. What is the national dance
in Colombia?

Mostly salsa, merengue, reggaeton. The basic stuff.
You like a salsa? Salsa, yeah.
OK, so that's like that, huh? That sort of thing?
Yeah. Is that it?
And then merengue. Give me your merengue.
I like the merengue the best. That's the one you sort of
drag your leg, don't you? Is that one?
That's bachata. That's bachata. Sorry, sorry. I always get my merengue
and my bachata mixed up, yeah. Which is the merengue? Merengue is just hips.
Just your hips? Well, that's nice and easy. And reggaeton is like... You're going to go
with your hips like that. Oh, wow. Hang on,
I don't know if I can do that. There you go! (LAUGHS)

Tell me, Nick, when you arrived
in Colombia and said, "Look, I'm here
to marry your daughter," did you get a great reception? The first day
was not a great reception, no, but, you know, a bit of Aussie
larrikinism won him over in the end. How is your Spanish now? Uh... ..'es un poquito bueno'. It's a little bit good. Even I can understand that.
Good. Is it OK?
Yeah, it's good. So, you can't talk about him
behind his back with your family? No, he understands now. Oh, rats, that's a shame, isn't it?
Oh well. Well, whatever happens here today,
we have to learn Italian next because that's where we're going
for holidays, yeah? Italia! Best of luck to you, Yuly. Five cases.

OK, let's go number 13. 13 is Tom.
Give me a blue one, please. I think I've got 50 cents. Thank you. $10,000. That's OK.
OK. Um...

Nick, do you want to say one? Um... Let's get number 7. Number 7, lucky 7. Nina. I think I have $1,000. Thank you, Nina. It's $50. Nice work. OK, let's go number 9. What's in 9, Franco? $20,000.
Thank you. It's... $1.
$1. Nice work. Good. Franco, you were born in Italy,
right? Yes.
Whereabouts were you born? Very close to Rome - Lazio. Oh, Lazio, yes.
That's a nice part of the world. What would be the first thing you'd
recommend two young lovebirds to do when they land in Italy? Go to Rome, of course.
To go to Rome. The eternal city. 'La citta eterna'.
To Venice. You like Venice?
Yeah. That's very romantic. It's all about the romance
here today. Two cases to come. Let's open number 11. Legs 11. I think I have $4,000. Thank you, Polly. It's...$20. Nice work. Good.
Good stuff.

And just one to come. Um... ..15. 15. Fred. I think I've got $3,000. Thank you, Fred. It's... Oh no! I'm sorry!
The big one. Down it goes, the $200,000. You don't need all that
to go to Venice. Offer?

(AUDIENCE SHOUTS OUT SUGGESTIONS) 'No hay trato'! Come on! No Deal? 'No hay trato'?
No, 'no hay trato'. 'No hay trato, no hay trato'. Very nice indeed. Now, Yuly,
we need to preserve those greens. Yes.
Four cases.

OK, let's go for number 16. I think I've got the $3,000. Thank you. It's... ..the car. OK. Bye-bye! Ta-ta! 'Hasta manana'. Three cases. OK, Nick. OK. Um... ..let's go 17. 17 is Ninette. I think I've got $100,000. Oh, Ninette. Another Emerald? No!
No, little sapphire there. $500.

OK. You're doing a very good job
of dispatching the blues, so that's a positive. Thank you.
Two to come now. Number 20. 20, Agnes. I think I have $2,000. Thank you, Agnes.
We hope you have $2,000. It is... ..$4,000, Close.
Not bad. Does the same job for you,
though, Yuly. One to come.

Number 12. Number 12 is Bree. I think I have $15,000.
OK, Bree. In the maroon zone at $15,000. Aw! No! Why? Why? Because you chose it, that's why. You can't blame Bree for that one,

$100,000 is there
and that is encouraging. Be nice, Mr Bank. But we are losing them at the rate
of one per round and that must stop. Offer?

No, 'no hay trato'. You don't even have to
think about that one? No.
No deal? 'No hay trato'?
No. Alright, that's it. You heard it here first,
Mr Smythe. We'll run it past the translators
on SPS and you'll finally get the idea
that that's 'no hay trato'! See you after the break.

Hello. Coming up in Seven News -
Sydney's new motorways. What they'll save you in time,
but cost you in tolls. Freedom
for a notorious Sydney rapist. I'll tell you exactly
where he'll live. Why this young sportsman's
Olympic dream has been shattered. And Shane Warne sets the record
straight on his love life.

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Yuly and Nick
in the Deal-a-Drome today. It's all about the romance. They had a whirlwind one
of their own. They are looking to go to Venezia. So, you've been to Italy
as a young girl, right? Yeah, I was like 15. Did you go to Venice then? Yeah, we do in Latin America the 15
is the important birthday, so you just go for a trip. It depends of your parents, but you
go for a trip around the world or... Oh, nice. That's a great tradition. Yeah, it's really nice. What's the most romantic place
you've been in Australia? Well, I'm from around the
Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Oh, yeah? And we've got some pretty romantic
little beaches around there. But you know there is only one
Venice, isn't there? You know. Let's see the real one, shall we?
Venezia. 'La vera Venezia in Italia'. Beautiful.
Please, Mr Bank. Three cases. OK, let's open number 18. Number 18, Tom. I think I have one grand. OK, Tom. We can live without that. That's good. It's... Oh!
Oh! Aw no. Aw no! Yuly, I'm so sorry. I'm the unluckiest person
in the world. Look at that! Not the unluckiest
person and the world, just the unluckiest person
in the Deal-a-Drome. I mean,
they're very different things. You've still got the 20 grand,
the $15,000. Let's gun for those.
$20,000 still makes a good trip. NICK: Mm-hm.
Two to come. Yes. OK. Number... ..5. Number 5. Marie. Good luck, Yuly.
I think I have $2,000. Thank you, Marie. It's...$2 That's better. That's better.
Good stuff, Yuly. You open the next one. Number 26, boo-yeah. Let's do it! Boo-yeah!

Good luck. I think I've got $5,000. Thank you. It's... ..50 cents! That's what we wanted to see.
Nice work. Nick should choose the next ones. And that way,
if he chooses well, we win. If not, I can blame him, so... That's right. You just want to live
blamelessly from here on in. Very nice.


Ooh. Taken a big bite
out of your last offer, sadly. 'No hay trato'. 'No hay trato'?
Yeah. 'No hay trato'.
'No hay trato'.

No-one dreams of walking away
from the Deal-a-Drome with $2,350. Two cases. You choose the next one. OK. Um... ..22. 22, Ashton. I think I have $20,000. Ashton... ..has $150. OK, good stuff. He has really good luck, yeah.
He's pretty good. Which one, Yuly?

14. 14, Rachel. I think I have the $250. OK, thanks, Rachel. It's... Yay!
NICK: Yeah! Great work, Rachel. And great work, Yuly. I mean, $500 for Rache
but sweet relief for you. You've been a very dab hand
at eliminating greens, but fortunately,
just as adept at losing the blues. Offer?

Nah. No deal.
No deal. No deal, I agree. I mean, you've got one
in the ball park, three above it. And it's only one case at a time
from here on in. We'll need take two cases
for Venezia, obviously. See you after the break!

Hello. Next in Seven News - what led
to a young father's gruesome murder in front of his kids. How would you feel
if you lost your best friend? A Sydney woman
and a missing $36 million - how she's accused of stealing it. And what the surging Aussie dollar
means for you. That's coming up
in Sydney's Seven News at 6:00.

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Oh, yes, Yuly and Nick have romanced in some of the romance capitals
of the world. I wish you the very best of luck,
Yuly. Thank you. Please give me $1,000, 24. Tom?
I think I have $2,000. OK, that'll do, Tom. It's... Oh!


Oh! Oh, dear.
No, keep going. No?
Yeah. No deal?
Yeah, no deal. 'No hay trato'. 'No hay trato, no hay trato'.

So, the only thing that will get us
to Venice is the 15 grand. We've got to push it pretty hard
to walk out of here with that. Did you have a plan B? Uh, yeah -
we're going to get a new fridge. (LAUGHS) A new fridge? Yeah, terrific.
Love it. Three grand, it's all yours. One case, Yuly. OK, Nick. OK, I've gone alright so far. Let's go 6. 6. Hey, Lorelei. I think I have $1,000. Thank you, Lorelei. Ooh.
Five grand it is. All the way from
Boston, Massachusetts. Thank you, Lorelei. Offer?

There's your fridge.

One more.

One more. 'Hay trato o no hay trato'? 'No hay trato'.
'No hay trato'!

Alright, come on. Let's do this, come on.

Nick, I listen to you. OK, 2.
Going 2? Yeah.
Mimi. Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Yuly. I think I have the $15,000. Oh, Mimi! Don't be so cruel!
No, 'por favor'! No, $1,000. Cheers. Slowly edging your way
back into this game, huh? Bank, be nice. Be nice?
Be nice. You're talking to
Walter P. Smythe here. He is like the Pablo Escobar
of the Deal-a-Drome. He's not nice. Offer?

(AUDIENCE SHOUTS OUT SUGGESTIONS) It's your choice. What do you think you have in yours?

I think I've got $2,000. 'No hay' deal. 'No hay trato'. 'No hay trato'? No deal.

Do you want to choose it or Nick,
which one do you want to go? I'll go with myself.
You'll go yourself? Yeah, $2,000. But if it's the $15,000...

Just open yours. Fingers crossed, lover boy.
Nick. It's... Aw!
No! No! Oh, dear. Ay, Nick! I told you! Oh, yeah, there we go. Offer? There you go. Your fair value
at this point in time. No deal.
No deal! No deal! 'No hay trato'! Going for broke! Yes indeed.

Oh, God. Which only leaves 3 and yourself. Now, if you walk out of here
with $3,000, there is that new fridge
you were talking about, Nick. Not quite as romantic as Venice
getting a new fridge, but, you know. We can go to eat in a restaurant,
it's OK. Italian restaurant.
Italian restaurant, exactly. Going 3, Sonia. What do you make of 3? Oh, God. I think I've got $2,000. OK, let's see it. Is it two in 3? It's... $2,000!
(SQUEALS) Congratulations. So, ultimately,
you did one better than your worst.

I'm sorry, it could have been
a lot better than that. But that's the Deal, huh?
That's the Deal. Oh, hang on. Hang on. I think Walter's got a
little trick up his sleeve here. It's a...Second Chance! Yes! Oh, Walter likes you, obviously. He's been thoroughly charmed. Thank you, Miss Candice! Alright! Well, it's not often that Walter
offers a Second Chance to someone who bombed out as badly as you. Thank you.
But do you know how this works? Yes.
You know how it works? You choose.
Yeah, right. So, every previous offer in the match is loaded in our game computer. Now, you did have a couple of offers that were lower than $3,000, so you could go home with $2,000. But then again, you had a few more that were quite in excess. So, do you want to take the chance on the Second Chance?

Of course! Of course! Chance, yeah! Yeah. Yeah!

Yes. Caution to the wind?
I'll take it. 'Ay, caramba'! It's a Second Chance!
(LAUGHS) I love it. We'll find out if this one pays off
right after these news headlines.

Thanks, Andrew. Tonight - billions for a long-awaited
new Sydney motorway. I'll tell you the tolls you'll pay
and when it'll open. What the rising dollar means for
interest rates and petrol prices. Why doctors are standing in the way
of a young boxer's Olympic dream. In sport, live to the Sharks and an angry Jarryd Hayne
talks about his future. And the sunshine rolls on. I'll have
Sydney's extended forecast. Plus, huge news
for Sydney Beatles fans. That's coming up soon.

Welcome back.
Now, look, I apologise, Yuly. I think I must wear some of the blame
for how this game has gone. It was all going perfectly until I
mixed up my merengue with my bachata. That was it. I put you off your game. I'm sorry. But one person who has been on fire
all day with his selections is Nick! And so Yuly has selected Nick,
her partner in life and romance, to come and take the punt for us. Now, it's not a foregone conclusion. I mean, you had 11 offers in total, four of which were below the $3,000 you ultimately took. But I'm looking at that $7,300, the $5800, the $11,600 if all goes well. And the $11,600, certainly, will get us to Venezia.. Certainly. So, I wish you the best of luck,
Nick. You press it once
to get the roller started and once to bring it on home. OK.
Are you ready? OK.
If we win, we win together. If we lose, we lose together. You start, I'll finish. If we win, we win together.
If you lose, you lose alone. You lose without me.
OK. Alright, best of luck, Nick. Ready, set?
Come on. One. And... Come in, spinner.

Oh, yeah, alright!
Oh! So, made an extra
two and a half grand. It's alright.
That's not a bad result in here. Had a little bit of luck when it
counted, i.e. right at the end. Let's see the money! The gorgeous Miss Candi
with the cheque for $5,500. Now, that is two tickets to Rome,
two train tickets to Venice and then a slice of pizza each. That's not bad.
Yeah. Neapolitan pizza, no topping. But it's good stuff. Happy days. Send us a postcard. Thanks for being with us, people! Have a great evening,
wherever you be. 'Buenas noches'.

Rachael won the $50,000 jackpot and she's risking it to play on. Nah. I'm ready. Against two new rivals,
can she make it $75,000?

Hello, I'm Grant Denyer, and welcome
to Million Dollar Minute. Our returning champ, Rachael Bausor, breezed through the $20,000 jackpot,
she sailed past the $50,000, and now the unflappable mum
is playing for $75,000 on her road to the million. How far will she go? First, she has to beat
the opposition. Let's meet tonight's contenders.

And taking on the champ, a town planner and fitness buff -
welcome Christopher Bryce. Thank you. And a ukulele-playing
English teacher, Eddy Hill. Hi, Eddie.
How are you? Great to have you with us, guys. Rachael, $75,000 is on the line
for you tonight. So, does the intensity lift
as the amounts get larger? No. If anything, it gets more fun.
Really? Yeah! That's what we like to hear. This is, in fact, the Million Dollar
Jackpot Journey. If our champ gets through
to the Million Dollar Minute tonight and wins the $75,000, she can take the cash
and leave the show or Rachael can keep going
for $100,000, then $200,000 until she's just a couple of steps
to the magic million. Now, the stakes are huge and they are getting bigger
as you play along. So, good luck, everybody. 15 points now on the boards
to get us all started. 5 points for each correct answer,
5 off if you get it wrong. Be in the lead
at the end of the night and you'll be playing
tonight's Million Dollar Minute. So, good luck, everybody. Here we go
for Round 1. Hands on buzzers. In TV ads
for Home Timber & Hardware, mascots Rusty and Sandy...? Rachael?
Dogs. Incorrect, I'm afraid. ..offered what
instead of catalogues? Dogalogues. What is the next prime number
after the number seven? Eddy?
11. Correct. Which Ancient Greek physician is regarded as the father
of modern medicine? Rachael? Hippocrates.
Correct. Mount Bogong is the highest mountain
in which Australian...? Rachael?
Victoria. Correct. The 'Peanuts' character Snoopy
always begins his novels with, "It was a dark and stormy WHAT"? Rachael? Night.
Correct. Initially confined to websites
but now in common usage, what does the abbreviation 'FAQ'
usually stand for? Rachael?
Frequently asked questions. Totes. It does. Majak Daw
is the first AFL player to have...? Eddy? North Melbourne.
Incorrect. Born in which country? Sudan. The 'Courier-Mail'
is a major newspaper serving which Australian
capital city? Rachael?
Brisbane. Correct. What major key can be played
on a standard piano using only the white keys? Rachael?
C. Correct. Which brings us
to the end of the round. And our champ out in front
on 40 at the moment. Christopher, 15,
and Eddy also on 15. 25 points behind our champ
at the moment, as she chases down
the $75,000 tonight. Rachael, well done.
Thank you. This is getting fun,
this little bit. I'll give you some money
for that lead. You're 25 in front, as I said,
of Christopher and Eddy. I'll give you $2,000 right now if you sacrifice that lead
and come back to the field. Drop down to 15, $2,000 is yours.
And five seconds to decide.

Come on, humour me.
Just do it once. Love to see it.
No. No. You passing on $2,000?