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(generated from captions) passion, I know you will love it too.Thanks so much. Make sure you pop down to your local pharmacy. By one and get one free. Tomorrow on the show, we've got an exclusive interview with One Direction's Harry Styles! And we reveal the amazing dress that will make you look super slim. And Eddie Perfect joins us for a performance. Please stay tuned for the 11.00 o'clock news with Brett McLeod. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Nine's Simon Bouda has been following the developments for us and joins me now live.

and joins me now live.When his brothers were arrested over an alleged assault on the day that he was given parole. That created a problem for the prole fight you because they said he would have to reside at home if he was given parole. Both those brothers also resided home. Now the conditions are of the brothers stay in the house he will have two stay at a house by house until the brothers vacate the parents home and then he can move into that home. Part of the other conditions he has that there is a list of 16 people, that he cannot have contact with. That includes as two brothers, unless it is under strict supervision. The State parole body also want progress report on home to see if he is adhering to those conditions and will be free on parole. He has been sentenced to 16 years and he will walk free, not for October three but later on October 10.We begin with the drugs in sport saga plaguing the AFL. Essendon players and officials will be holding their breath after revelations ASADA is preparing to issue a raft of infraction notices against the club - which could result in lifetime bans from all sport. Reporter Christine Ahern has been following the story and joins us now live. Chris, the saga looks set to continue? It certainly has.There was some relief of players undergo when the AFL repeated its investigation not charge any players. Some players said they felt vindicated by that. This investigation which is been running separate to that of the AFL has always been hanging over their head. Now there is a report on the straight in newspaper that the anti- doping agency is finalising paperwork to a shoe infraction notices against those involved in the Essendon supplement saga, which includes officials and also players. Those in the firing line would include the coach, James Hird, Dean Robinson and Stephen Danker is the one accused of masterminding all of this. That does not look good for players. They are holding their breath, waiting for ASADA to hand down any sanctions, which could mean lifetime bans if any are found guilty of trafficking illegal supplements. Essendon this morning said this was the first they have heard of it. They have made no comment other than that. The new sports Mr did speak generally about ASADA's powers on a radio station this morning.The point is, they have extensive powers. They will exercise those powers where they see fit. If people have done the wrong thing, they will impose bans and make sure they investigate matters properly.This does come a day after the AFL dropped all charges against Essendon club Doctor Bruce Reid but on the strength of this report on the Australian this morning, it is not over yet. A Sydney father stabbed to death in a daylight attack in the city's west has been described as a family man, who loved his children. You have some breaking news? A short time ago police arrested a man in Blacktown.He has been taken to the local flea station where he is being questioned by homicide detectives. It is an care of what charges will be laid against them. Two early in that part of the investigation. This drama unfolded after three o'clock yesterday afternoon at Doonside in Sydney's West. A 31-year-old Shane Duncan was rushed down here after he got a distress call promise Beyonce who had gotten into an argument with two men while walking their children home from daycare. The argument has escalated and resulted in Shane being stabbed a number of times. He was treated at the scene and rushed to hospital. He died a short time later. His mates have come down and left flowers and nights of tribute. They say he had been involved in a long-running dispute with another man in the neighbourhood. Whatever happened here, should never have ended his life.He was a family man. He loved his kids. He was there for his kids. Terrible for his kids to see something like that. It is unbelievable.His wife was there when he was stabbed, our kids were there. It was just an argument that should not have happened.A third man he was injured in this attack yesterday was also taken to hospital. He was questioned by detectives overnight were released pending further enquiries. Another man has been arrested a short time ago. Please detectives trying to pieces together and want anyone who saw what happened here yesterday to come forward. A man has been stabbed in the back with a screwdriver during a fight in Brisbane's north. The 21-year-old was attacked outside a house at Stafford just after 230 this morning. He was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. It's believed the man knew his attacker. To Queensland now and detectives are investigating a drive by shooting in Brisbane. Four shots were fired into the front of the home as the residents slept. Nine's Chris O'Keefe has the details. Forensic crews and detectives have blocked off part of the street in the Brisbane suburb. They have marked two bullet casings on the road as well as two holes, one and the fence and one in the car. The shots were fired at 1230 last night. The car drove past residents and 54 shots. One hit the fence and one was lodged in the passenger door of the car out the front. There were no people at home. Nobody was injured. Neighbours said the shots were very loud.Just like a firework. It was quite loud.I was totally freaked out. I felt like it was just at our house. Thought the gunshots might through -- I thought the gun short is made come through our house.Police and forensics crews will work through the day to try to determine who the gunman was full Tony Abbott's been in the top job for less than 24 hours, but already big changes have been introduced. The new Prime Minister's pushing ahead with the Coalition's asylum seeker policy, and restructuring the public service. John O'Doherty is in Canberra with the details. It was straight down to business for Tony Abbott.After the swearing-in, he met with his new cabinet at Parliament House. One of the first big changes was abolishing some government departments, sports, resources and energy there responsibilities have been rolled into other departments and three department heads have been sat. Is eight has been integrated into the Department of foreign affairs and trade. That has a few people worried, including the world version Chief Tim Costello. He thinks the Isles aid agenda may be disputed.Organise and -- organisations which have been able to focus on alleviating poverty or trade concerns or diplomatic concerns puts a shadow over that agenda. We may lose focus and clarity.Tony Abbott is determined to tow back the boats, but more members of the Indonesian parliament are speaking out against the plan.Some Indonesian politicians said the first they heard of this operation sovereign borders was when they read about it in the news. Not happy about a lack of consultation. Not happy with the policy itself. One member of the Indonesian foreign affairs commission said it could cause a rift between the two countries.The policy will be very offensive. We in the Parliament will report what was said by the foreign ministers that we will fully reject the policy.Tony Abbott will make with the Indonesian President in Jakarta later this month and the asylum seeker policy will be very high on the agenda.

the agenda.
He weighs in at 750kg, is over five metres long and now calls Melbourne home. Nine's Chris White has met Melbourne Aquarium's latest attraction, which also happens to be one of the world's largest saltwater crocodiles.There are none so daunting as standing next to a five metre long saltwater crocodile. This 50 rolled ways at 750 kg. He is 5m long. He was probably born in the NT. In a flood in the 1980s he washed up on to a private property and started eating the local farmer's cattle. He was transferred to a crocodile farm at Rockhampton. He ended up being a threat to the females at the farm and lives out his days as the centrepiece at Melbourne aquarium. They have an 800 million dollar refurbishment.It is amazing for the guests to see such a massive crocodile. And it is part of our projects PCs platform. We thought was the right thing to add it to the aquarium.This state-of-the-art exhibit has been purpose-built for the crocodile. He will live for another 20 years probably in Melbourne. The vets who bought down from Rockhampton on the back of a minibus have described the 34 hour watch.It was a long journey, and for most of the time he did not move. We did not feed him in case he vomited. It would get messy in the bus a few vomited.The minibus had three seats left in it. Behind that was the box with the crocodile.We have had a sneak peek today, the doors were thrown open to the public in time for the school holidays this Saturday. Here's a quick look at the

Here's a quick look at the weather
across the country: Clear skies and 32 in Brisbane.

Here's a quick look at the weather
across Fine

across Fine also

across Fine also in

across Fine also in Sydney. Scattered showers in Melbourne and Adelaide. And rain clearing in Darwin.

Adelaide. And rain clearing in
Darwin. Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning news Hour, including, more than 100 deaths linked to painkillers - we're live to the AMA's Queensland president for the details next. Also ahead - a murder mystery baffles the US - the grisly discovery of six bodies at the bottom of a lake - how it's connected to a 40-year-old cold case. And the royal proving she's a good sport - our very own Princess Mary laces up for charity.

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There's new warnings this morning over the use of popular painkillers after shocking research revealed drugs widely available at chemists have been linked to more than 100 deaths. Let's cross to Dr Christian Rowan, live in our Brisbane newsroom now. These figures are quite concerning, what painkillers are we talking about here?These figures are very concerning. We talk about products such as ibuprofen, near the plus and Panna Dean plus. Medications which have ibuprofen and and also codeine. There are significant abuse potential in relation to these medications. We do see people who can take in excess of the amount they should be taking. That is in excess of six tablets a day. Some people can become dependent on these medications and take the deal 60 tablets a day. That can cause problems, not only with the stomach but heart and kidney problems. Over the last 10 years in Victoria, there are a deaths linked to these particular medications. Similar to what is happening in other jurisdictions around Australia. We believe there needs to be a call to all government, specially Tony Abbott and his new health Mr that they need to work with the states to look at these medications and how they are supplied.A lot of people use them without using them in such high volumes, what advice would you give generally about them?If people are taking more than six tablets a day, for pain like chronic migraines or chronic abdominal pain, they need to see the GP and have a full assessment of their circumstances and be aware there is an abuse potential and that can creep up on people, where they keep to take more and more medications. Unfortunately, some people develop a dependency on coding. Those people need access to treatment services to deal with that addiction. In relation to the anti-inflammatory component, these medications can have problems like perforated stomach ulcers and affect people 's hearts as well.Do you have any advice for people who use these drugs? Do you think there should be more measures in place to support safe use of these painkillers? Now to the US, where two rusting cars containing six bodies have been bound at the bottom of a lake in Oklahoma. It's reignited the cold case mystery of how three teenagers and three other people vanished more than four decades ago. New sonar they have got discovered to echoes.Today they pulled them out and discovered human remains in both vehicles. This county sheriff said the two cars may hold all the answers. The medical examiners working to identify the remains of six people. That means the mysterious disappearance of half a dozen loved ones may finally get solved.The investigation is that this may be the car with three missing teens from 1970.Take a look at these cars side-by-side. According to past records, Jimmy Williams was driving his car when it went missing. The same year and make and model as one of the deputies pulled out of the lake today. The county office was investigating his disappearance along with two friends who were classmate at his high school. Deputies are looking into that case and following leads on another.We have some indication that the other vehicle is one that was reported missing in 1969.Three people were in the second car. Deputies admit the investigation may take time but stressed the importance, saying answers for families what they looking for.It has real importance for families to determined, so they can have closure and what happened to the families and have remains and go on with life now. Princess Mary of Denmark has shown off her sporting prowess. The mother of four joined her husband, Prince Frederik, at a soccer club North of Copenhagen to launch a new project. The Mary Foundation has united with local charities to develop 'Club Trick', aimed at strengthening the well-being of children within Danish football clubs. But it was a good chance for Australia's favourite royal to put her own football skills to the test and they were quite impressive. Still ahead this morning: our soaring Australian dollar - why it climbed to a 3-month high in a matter of hours. Plus - deadly diet pills - the worldwide health warning for those wanting to loss weight. How online slimming scams could cost you your life. And perfect pearls - the dazzling display of gems on show in London.

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This program is not captioned. cents after the US Federal Reserve surprised markets by deciding not to reduce its stimulus, as previously planned. Conditions in the job market today are still far from what all of us would like to see. Those negative comments weighed heavily on the US currency - sending the Aussie dollar up to a 3-month high against the greenback. Devastated families are leading a worldwide health warning about the effects of deadly diet pills purchased over the Internet after another tragedy in the UK. Despite being linked to more than 60 deaths, a legal loophole means the drug DNP can be bought online as a herbal medication. It is a dear next weeks and is this woman died after taking a diet pill. The medical student suffered from anorexia and had all the drug online. Since then, another three young people have been killed by the fat earner. The latest was Chris who took it to improve his physique. This family of Sera say the drug must now be banned.There is another family going through the grief we have been going through. Such a horrific place for people to be. It is the worst nightmare a peep -- parent could have. Just get round a table, get round quickly and have this stuff banned and prevent further deaths for the future.It is illegal to sell the drug for human consumption but it is widely available on the Internet as a tool.These drugs raise body temperature so you cook from the inside. Your internal organs will fail and using low doses over a long period of time can lead to cardiac arrest.It has been linked to 66 deaths worldwide. It was developed in the 1930s as a prototype diet pill. The dust right -- disrupts the use of energy inside cells. It causes the body to overheat, .There is no such thing as a miracle cure for weight loss. Things bought online, specially if they make claims about instant weight loss can seriously harm your health. These have promised to harm -- prosecute those selling it as a diet pill.But Sera's parent sadist till too easily available and more must be done to protect young people. An exhibit of more than 200 pieces of jewellery and works of art - all made out of dazzling pearls - has opened at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The Pearls exhibit charts the history of the precious natural gems. Throughout the ages, they've been worn as symbols of purity, power, seduction, wealth and frivolity. Still to come on Nine's Morning news Hour - one of the Skaf gang rapists granted parole in Sydney - we're live with the details next. Also - why speed limits could be increased on Queensland's major roads and highways. And - is stress making us fat? The new study linking our hectic lives with obesity. This program is not captioned. Welcome back. You're watching Nine's Morning News Hour. If you've just joined us, these are our top stories. One of the notorious Skaf gang rapists, Mohamed Sanoussi, is set to be a free man - granted parole this morning after spending 13 years behind bars for the brutal crimes. A man has been arrested after a father was stabbed to death in front of his children in Sydney's west yesterday. And Essendon players and officials could be banned from sport for life - with revelations ASADA is set to issue infraction notices to those involved in the supplements saga. Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi will be released from prison next month, despite having his parole sensationally revoked last week. The 29-year-old has served 13 years of a 16 year sentence for his role in the gang rapes of a number of young women in Sydney, back in 2000. Just 16 years old at the time, Sanoussi was part of a gang led by Bilal Skaf. Parole was re-granted today based on a number of strict conditions, which include restricting Sanoussi living with his brothers, who were recently charged with assault. He will be eligible for release between the third and 10th of October. Police have arrested a man over the fatal stabbing of a father

As Dimity Clancey reports, Shane Duncan's children were there when the attack happened. A short time ago, police arrested a man in Blacktown. He was taken to local police station where he is being questioned by detectives. It is uncertain what charges he will be given. 39-year-old Shane Duncan rushed here after he received a distress call from his fiancee Jessica, after she got into an ottoman with two men while walking their young children home from daycare. The dispute continued and escalated to the point where Sheen was stabbed in number of times. He was rushed to hospital but sadly died a short time later. His mates have left flowers and tributes. They say that whatever this argument was over, it should never have ended with Shane losing his life.Our kids without. It was just an argument that should not have happened.He loved his kids. He was always there for them. And for them to see something like that. It's unbelievable.A third man who was injured in the attack was also taken to hospital and questioned by detectives overnight but released pending further enquiries. A man has been taken into custody and is being questioned as we speak. Police are still trying to piece it together and what anybody with information to come forward. There are reports ASADA is preparing infraction notices against Essendon players and officials, which could result in lifetime bans from all sport. News Corp reports Coach James Hird and sports scientist Stephen Dank are among those in the anti-doping agency's sights. It comes after the AFL yesterday dropped all charges against Essendon club doctor Bruce Reid for bringing the game into disrepute. Reid had been due to have his charges tested in the Supreme Court today. There are renewed calls for major changes to speed limits on Queensland's major roads and highways with news more than half of people taking part in a state-wide study want to drive faster on main roads. Nine reporter Jessica Millward joins us now from Brisbane. Jess - do we know what road networks are under the spotlight? Yes, there are several. This is the biggest overhaul of speed limit in Queensland in a generation. The transport minister called for submissions last month. About 3300 people came back with their opinion as to which roads they'd like to see a speed limit change. 52% said that in areas across the state the speed limit is too low, while 32% said it was too high. The main roads were people would like to see a change of the Bruce Highway, the Pacific motorway, the Mount Lindsay Highway, and others. There are around 1000 roads were people would like to see change. Queensland drivers must be asking - when is this likely to effect them? These roads will be narrowed down to 100 over the next month. Engineers will go out and check if it is safe to change the speed limits. By mid next year we will know which roads will see a change. Safety campaigners are very cautious about this. Speed is one of the biggest killers in the state and there will be making sure that any speed increase is warranted. A search has resumed this morning for a surfer who disappeared yesterday evening off Clovelly Beach, in Sydney's east. Police were called to Gordon's Bay at around 6:30 after reports the teenager had been hit by a wave and didn't re-surface. A large air and sea search failed to find him. He was wearing a black wetsuit and had a light blue surfboard. One witness has told police he believes the surfer actually left the water via a nearby track. The future of Wallabies winger James O'Connor is in doubt after reports he was escorted out of Perth Airport by Federal Police. It's alleged the 23-year-old was drunk, and refused entry onto a flight to Bali, in the early hours of last Sunday morning. Police say the incident happened after the Wallabies win against Argentina. O'Connor admits he was involved in a heated dispute with airline staff over seating arrangements, but denies being intoxicated. The ARU is investigating. Two men accused of being involved in the murder of a Brisbane man are expected to apply for bail today. Matthew Darlington is charged with being an accessory after the fact and interfering with a corpse. Matthew-John Kirk is also accused of being an accessory after the fact. Michael Klasson was reported missing by his father on August 12. The daughter of TV actress Paula Duncan has told police she's certain a woman was responsible for the murder of Morgan Huxley in his Sydney unit 11 days ago. Jessica Orcsik says she knew Mr Huxley for more than a decade, and that they had dated earlier this year. The 28-year-old told News Corp he wasn't the type to make enemies. Mr Huxley was found in his Neutral Bay apartment, with nearly 30 stab wounds to his neck and back. Police have previously revealed they're looking into the possibility the killer is a jilted lover. Tony Abbott's implementing his plans to stop asylum seeker boats, but some Indonesian politicians aren't happy. And they're warning the government's policy of towing back boats could cause a rift between the two countries.I think the policy will be very offensive and we in the parliaments will fully reject the policy.Tony Abbott will travel to Jakarta later this month and asylum seeker policy will be high on the agenda. And the PM has spent the morning with NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to officially launch the WestConnex project. Construction of the $11.5 billion dollar motorway will begin in early 2015.Sydney is 25% of our nation's economy. All too often Sydney suffers from transport gridlock from years of inadequate infrastructure development under state and federal Labor governments The 33 kilometre roadway will link western Sydney

The 33 kilometre roadway will link western Sydney with the airport and Port Botany, but isn't expected to be completed until 2023. Melbourne scientists have found a direct link between stress and obesity. And the research could help them develop a simple test to predict those at risk of stress weight gain. Nine's Emily Rice has this report. Stressing out could make you fat - and hormones, rather than food, could be the reason. Researchers here at Monash Univerity have found a direct link between the stress hormone cortisol and obesity. Scientists here injected animals with a substance to trigger their body's stress response. Those animals that secreted more of the stress hormone cortisol put on more weight, compared to those animals produced low levels of cortisol. It's definitely a lot more collocated than simply what we eat and how much we exercise. One of the biggest problems is once we become obese our hormones change. Even when we try to lose weight, there are changes in the body that try to protect that excess weight. Researchers are now recruiting people for a human trial - and hope to create a predictive obestity test in a few years.If we can identify those that are susceptible or have increased propensity to become obese, we may be able to intervene at an earlier stage.With almost 60% of Australians overweight or obese this research could help take some of the load off the health system. Sydneysiders now have the chance to be a part of Beatle-mania. A new exhibition has arrived in Australia, reliving the Fab Four's one and only tour down under. Nine's Airlie Walsh has more. It was one of those moments in history that you'd never forget. You always remember where you were when the Beatles came to town. It was June 11, 1964 when the Beatles came to Australia for the first and only tour. 13 days) the country. They left in the wake trail of weeping women and people in bowl haircuts. Now, Beatlemania has swept into Sydney. The Powerhouse Museum has recreated the sights and sounds of the 60s with this wonderful exhibition. You can see here some of the press clippings from back in the day. They really influenced Australian style and culture for a generation. As you can see, some of these hairstyles and clothes and his fantastic boots that everyone soon started sporting as soon as the Beatles came down under. One of the great things about this exhibition is there is also plenty of documentaries and news clippings that you can sit down and soak up some of the sights and sounds, but what exhibition would be complete without the iconic piece of memorabilia. That is the tea towel. Were going to stay here and soak up some of these sites and sounds. It's Thursday which means it's time to check in on all the new movie reviews with Nine's Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins. With school holidays upon us, there are plenty of films in cinemas for kids of all ages. First up One Direction: This Is Ours. If the film it follows the rise and rise of the boy band who came from humble beginnings to take the world by storm. We meet the families. See how they started.The fans were the ones who made up their mind that these were going to be huge.We get view of life inside the bubble and basically spend an hour and a half with five very likeable boys. The film is interspersed with concert vision, shot in 3-D of the boys onstage in London. It is fabulous. It is beautifully shot, skilfully edited and directed, and I think it comes up trumps. I love the film. There are also a couple of animated films in cinemas, first up, Turbo. He is the snail who dreams of going fast. Ryan Reynolds provides the voice of the snail obsessed with speed. You will never guess what happens following a freak accident. His dream comes true. And it's off to the Indianapolis 500 to take on the world.Welcome to the biggest race on earth.This is a lovely film with awesome computer graphics and positive messages. The 3-D experience is brilliant. It is a family friendly must see movie. I am giving it three and a half stars.RU radio active homely?Onto the spin-off of the Cars franchise. Another story about a quest for glory, this time it is Dusty the cropduster, who dreams of winning a race. Once again, it is the visuals that stand out and almost saved the day, but this time around the schmaltz, the cliches and the stereotypes prevent this from really taking off.I'm just a love machine.You got to be kidding me. Team New Zealand is one win away from wrestling the America's Cup from the US team in San Francisco. Strong winds denied the Kiwis the chance of snatching victory today. Nine's Robert Penfold reports.

Nine's Robert Penfold reports.
COMMENTATOR: The Kiwis are now just one win away from the America's Cup.Rumour has it there are about three cars, total, on the streets of Auckland as we speak.From the beginning, New Zealand was superior on the water, causing the Americans to make dramatic changes to their long-term strategy. It can really help.It's not over, it's a long way from over.The race series, spread over two weeks, has attracted tens of thousands of visitors. Having won the cup twice before, they were back to sleep Goliath.We are feeling fantastic. The whole country is behind the team.We are going to stay here and take back up home.COMMENTATOR: The Kiwis had a three second lead at Mach one. Now they have a six second lead.It cost about $100 million to mount this campaign, and New Zealand only got it together with the help of the government, who kicked in more than $30 million to help it happen. The Kiwis have two Aussies in the crew, and the Americans have four. Now, only a miracle turnarounds can prevent the cup from returning to New Zealand. COMMENTATOR: The flight of New Zealanders flying proud. -- the flag is. Erin Molan joins us for sport now, and big news on one of the NRL's real stars. There's been a lot of talk about Jarryd Hayne's future. Danny Weidler caught up with him this morning, to find out where he'll be playing next season. And Aussies rule on the surfing world tour. This program is not captioned.

There's been widespread speculation that Jarryd Hayne would walk out on Parramatta to join the Bulldogs. Nine's Danny Weidler caught up with Hayne this morning. Danny, has he made a decision? There is no doubt that he has been very dissatisfied by everything that has been happening at Parramatta. I did speak to him this morning, and he says he is going to stay put. He's got another two years of his contract to run, so its difficult to see how he could get out of it. Despite all the turmoil, Jarryd Hayne says he will stick it out. It's hard to see him achieving his dream. The Eels' season is mercifully over, Danny, but the Sea Eagles and Sharks have a huge clash tomorrow night. Yes, it will be a great game. Both of their fortunes depend largely on hamstring problems. But tiny and Stewart were having a run this morning. Todd Carney was scheduled with the sharks this morning. What he does, they know that both players are beginning to kick off to prove their fitness. Carney is definitely more doubtful than Brett Stewart. The first of the AFL grand finalists will be decided tomorrow night, when Hawthorn takes on Geelong. Corey Norris is at Hawks training right now. Corey, how are they shaping up? The Hawks are finally going through their final preparations before tomorrow. All eyes are on the final recovery from an injury. Not doing too much at the moment but the coach addressed the media and revealed that surreal we will play tomorrow.He will be okayed a play. -- OK to play. There is a big prize on the end of it. It's not because one team is being complacent but because the other side is very formidable. We expect nothing less than a tomorrow night. It not too different from the-Fremantle game. -- Sydney-Fremantle.Lance Frankel and also returns the Hawks lineup. They have not beaten the Cats in the past 11 attempts, but it will be another epic battle. Thanks for the update. The ARU has announced it's investigating an incident involving James O'Connor last Sunday. The Rugby star was allegedly escorted from Perth Airport for being drunk. The test winger was on his way to Bali for a holiday during the Rugby Championship bye week. Earlier this year O'Connor was dumped from the Melbourne Rebels for behaviour issues. He has been linked to a return to the Western Force. Michael Clarke has backed David Warner to return to the Australian cricket team this summer. Warner had a troubled tour of the UK which included him being suspended from the Test side and dropped from the One Day squad. Clarke returned home from England last night and says he wants to play in next month's One Day Tour of India, despite his ongoing back injury.I have spoken to him a couple of times on the phone. He will grab the opportunity with both hands.It was a good day for Australia at the World Surfing Tour event at Trestles in California. Taj Burrow claimed his first victory of the season, edging out fellow Aussie Julian Wilson in the final.I felt like a good waves were coming my ways. I really wanted this.The win puts Burrow into fourth spot in the rankings. Despite finishing ninth, the Gold Coast's Mick Fanning has reclaimed the number one spot on the standings from Kelly Slater who bowed out in the third round. A day after his great rival Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid in the Champions League, Lionel Messi has done the same for Barcelona. His first against A-Yax was a masterful free kick. In the second half, the Messi show continued. He had a second inside an hour. The third was a cheeky effort, that wrapped up the Spanish club's 4-0 win. A big shock for Chelsea, they took on Basel but nothing went to plan at Stamford Bridge. It was a huge upset, as the Swiss club won 2-1. How about this for a wild ride, Dutchman Sebastiaan Bowier has broken the world speed record for a bicycle. Riding a specially designed bike, the 26-year-old reached a speed of 133.78km per hour in the Nevada desert, just beating the previous record set in the same location in

2009.I'm not sure I'd call that a bike.It looks like a spaceship, doesn't it? Good luck to him. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour, finance and the latest weather.

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Keith Urban. To the National weather details now. A trough of NSW is causing showers and storms. Most of Australia's dry and sunny.


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(applause) Thank you. (cheering) Thank you. Have a seat. Come on. That's too much. That's very nice of you. Oh. (cheering) I don't want to stop you if you're not done. I never want to - thank you very much. (cheering) Thank you very much.

(cheering) Thank you very much.
See how some still had some left in you and some people were like no, I was done, I was completely done. Thank you very much. It all goes back to you, that enormous amount of energy and love. It all goes back to you. Thank you very much. (applause) So the other day, I was in a bookstore - you remember bookstores, right? Yeah. It's where you used to go to use the restroom before there was Starbucks. So I went to the bookstore because I liked buying new books, I just do, I like the feel of tI like the smell of the paper, I like lighting it up and smoking it. I'm thinking of cigarettes. All right. So there is a book that just came out, and it's called "The Guinness world records 2014" right there, apparently it was written by "Officially amazing" and it's a great read and not just because it's mostly pictures, but it's some incredible stuff in there, and by incredible I mean disturbing. (Laughing) I want to show you a few