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The new Industry Minister under pressure to guarantee Holden's future.If everyone wants to be flexible, I will be flexible. I haven't got a pocket full of money.

Six dead and dozen injured in another train crash in Canada.We didn't know what he was doing. We probably easily could've gone flipping over there. The Aussie dollar surges as America's Central Bank keeps pumping money into the company.And the AFL black flips, dropping all charges against Essendon club doctor Bruce Reid. Good morning. Welcome back to 'ABC News Breakfast'. I'm Virginia Trioli.Our top story this this hour - the new Industry Minister has been given a Christmas deadline to commit to the future of Holden.South Australia's premier says unless the Federal Government promises further subsidies, Holden will stop making cars in Australia. Latika Bourke joins us now from part house. This is talking enough?It's a very familiar threat from car makers and the car industry in Australia. It's very often that they make this sort of noise and then ask the government what they can do in return. Today we're hearing from Holden that they are on the brink and if the fog doesn't stump up more cash, that could see them close. Now, of course, there's a lot of romanticism attached to the car industry and politicians are always very forthcoming in giving this sector a lot of hand-outs an subsidies. Now, when it comes to the coalition, they have previously promised to a Productivity Commission report post 2015 and the car industry assistance from then, and committed to what's already being rolled out now bar $500 million. Now, Ian pack far lane is the new but old Industry Minister. He held this position in the Howard Government. And he's been asked this morning about what his views on further industry assistance are for car makers, operating in Australia but of course in South Australia. And Ian Macfarlane says as soon as he was told that he would indeed be the Industry Minister first text was to mike
Devereaux at Industry Minister again, his
first text Devereaux at Holden. And he Devereaux wants to go down to Holden and
tour wants to go down tour the plant and see what the tour the plant and see Federal Government can do. Now
obviously Federal Government can obviously Holden wants obviously Holden more money has said or at least warned the car has said or car maker not to expect more car maker not cash from the Federal
Government.When I first became minister last name each of them were building 100,000 cars. It'd be great to get back to that one step at a time. Lets see what we've got to do all of us to work together. If there's money required, look, as I say, my pockets are a bit empty at the moment, I want to see where all the money has gone first but if it's an issue of of getting in there, giving Detroit confidence, saying we're a stable government, you had a minister who had this portfolio for six years, it wasn't shopped around under four or five ministers as it was under the Labor parties. You know I'm bhi partisan, you know I'm prepared to cooperate with both sides of politics and work with the unions. As long as no-one plays games, let's see what we can do in two months.Some reassuring words there from the incoming minister even if no promises of money at this stage. The other issue the government has to deal with this morning is some very strong criticism coming from Indonesia about the boat policy?Yes. Now, this comes from an MP in Indonesia, Tantowi Yahya. He's told 'Lateline' last night that two of the coalition's signature policies on border protection are an affront to Indonesia's sovereignty. And also very offensive to the country. Those of course are turning back the boats . Also a policy Indonesia is the idea of the coalition's to go to Indonesia and effectively fund local spy networks to see what fishing vessels might be used for people smuggling operations and potentially buy those boats. This MP says that it will frustrate the Indonesia/Australia relationship.In our perspective it might be a different story. But I do hope that this policy will not be implemented until the Prime Minister Abbott talks about this issue prior to the APEC conference in BaliWhen you talk about from our perspective, do you believe the policy of turning back these boats in international waters is legal or illegal under international law?It's illegal. Pretty categorical there from Indonesia. We know there will be conversations between Tony Abbott and his counterpart when he ends up heading to Indonesia. I guess this just makes the situation even more tense as it's been building towards this with the new government office?Yes although the coalition has always said they want their foreign policy goals centred around Jakarta rather than Geneva. They want a very Asia-centric foreign policy and predominantly a Jakarta focused foreign policy. So they will be wanting to broaden the relationship and define it further and beyond just asylum seekers which to date has become probably the most familiar factor when people think about the Australia/Indonesia relationship. One of the questions about the coalition' policy is whether or not turning back the boats can be done. Labor in government said it could not and the opposition has said it has done been under the Howard Government so of course it can be done again.Our job is it to safely execute the lawful direction of government. That's always been our job, always will be our job.Do you think there will be success with keeping boats from coming here?We will execute the direction of government and see how that goes. What can we expect from Tony Abbott today?We've got the two Labor
Leadership candidates out campaigning Leadership campaigning today. Jenny Macklin has endorsed Anthony Albanese. Nicola Roxon will be kanl paining with Bill Shorten, she is a former minister, retired at the election. Expect her to be endorsing Bill her to be Shorten. As for the Prime Minister, well, he's going to be in Sydney with the New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell a announcing or at least building election
on their pledge during the election campaign to fund the West Connex Motorway through, because as we know, Tony Abbott has said he wants be known as the infrastructure Prime Minister. Good to talk to you, thank youAim of the passenger train has crashed into a double decker bus in Canada, killing six people and injuring dozens more. The accident happened at a level crossing on the outskirts of the capital Ottawa. The front of the bhus was sheared off and the train's engine car derailed. Passengers have praised the train driver's skill at preventing further carriages from slipping over.I was looking down the track. The train was coming east to west. Next thing you know I see the train coming and the light disappeared on the train and I just seen debris flying. Wasn't much of a sound but then the train started to slide to its right and black train started to right and black smoke was coming up.I didn't hear much. All I felt was a bump and then I saw smoke and when they were going off the tracks. I thought we were going to flip over. The US Federal Reserve has defied expectations by deciding to keep its economic stimulus program at the levels it's at right now. Ben Bernanke says the fed will continue to buy $85 million a month in bond of a
until there is further evidence of a really sustained recovery.US shares hit record highs following the announcement and the Australian dollar has risen by more than a cent against the greenback. Now to Melbourne local radio where one of the Labor Party leadership contenders Anthony Albanese is speaking. Two blokes who won't criticise each other for a job that most people think neither of them really want?We obviously both do want it, otherwise we wouldn't be putting ourselves forward. It's a reminder to people that Labor members have a lot more in common than that which differentiates us. I think that's a good thing. Some people would like to see us attacking each other that won't happen. You have a pact, have you, you have negotiated a pact between you?We're just being civilised. We actually happen to like each other. We're of a similar generation. We have known each other a long time. We have similar use about most issues. There's different emphasis that we put, but basically we're putting ourselves forward. We want to be constructive. There is a real lesson being given to us with our defeat. Part of that lesson is that if we're not united, we won't be successful. The first thing you do is show how disunited you are?No, that's how deep democracy now goes in the Labor Party. This is about the power of the factions and nothing less.That's not right. In terms of the democratic processes, I spoke last night, I have my Queensland launch, it was launched by Arch Bevis, who's a long-term federal Labor MP for Brisbane, was a member of the candidates are out there I of the right wing faction. don't think there candidates are out don't think there should be any factional lock-in. People should make up their own mind, whether should make whether it be in the caucus or in the party. The process itself, there is a real energy there. After app election defeat cow defeat cow go into a corner hand think about what might've been. What's happening now is that we're getting a real grass
energy from the base, from the grass roots. People are actually going into offices and joining up to the Labor Party because we're respecting their view, not just to hand out how-to-votes on polling day, but giving them a say.There's branch stacking still going on?No, no, there's genuine recruitment of people who want say in their country. I think that's a good thing. Regardless of whether it's the Labor Party or the Liberal Party or the Greens it's a good thing that people join political parties and participate. But in order to join you have to give them a direct say, and this process that some people opposed, some of the factional operatives did oppose this system, some of them even after September 7 were saying we'll knock it off at the caucus. Now that this has happened, I think this will be a perm nebt feature of the Labor landscape and I think ... I hope it spreads to the other parties as well.It's window if indeed as is widely expected the if the parliamentary members vote
one way the
if indeed as is widely expected one way and rank and file vote one way and rank and file the other way? That's occurred in other places like the UK.You add it up and if UK.You add it up and if you get 50.1% UK.You add it up and get 50.1% of the combined vote, 50% waiting to the caucus vote, 50% to the rank and file vote, then someone is successful. Either myself or Bill will be able to move forward and I think unite the party.What does it mean if you win the rank and file vote and end up being the leader because the rank and file overwhelmingly vote for you but the parliamentary caucus voted for him? You end up the leader of a caucus that didn't want you and that becomes a glaring problem in your administration or if it's the other way round, equally?No, whatever win also have more legitimacy than any previous Labor Leader has because they will have been endorsed as part of a process ...You're open to ridicule immediately.People can ridicule democracy if they like but I think it doesn't stack up. Having 40,000 people participate as well as having caucus members participate is I think a very constructive exercise in democracy. What is also happening is that immediately, from the very beginning, an opposition that normally wouldn't get any focus at all, I'm in New South Wales, it's hard after an election defeat for oppositions to get focus. Immediately you're getting a focus on what Labor stands for, what the new agenda might look like over the next three years. And you're getting that engagement in that process.If you really believe in reform don't you need to do what Tony Blair did a decade ago with the UK Labour Party Angen winly restructure yourselves as a left of centre, not trade union-paced, broadly based Democratic Party?The trade unions get a big say in the labour peat in the support
UK.Nothing like here?I support the trade union connection, but I do think that we need to expand our membership. Look organisations, whether it be the local bowling club that still does the same old bowls games with the same people and doesn't open itself up to new ideas and activity withers. Same with political parties. If we just think people will go into a hall once every couple of months, sit there listen to a roorp from their local councillor and hand out how-to-votes on polling day, that's not enough. I want
to involve day, that's not to membership in to involve grass membership in other activities
as well. to involve grass roots
membership in as well. I support direct election as well. I support national conference. I want involve more people in national conference. policy development involve more people That's how involve more people in the
policy development process. That's how we'll get. More people whose views are ignored people whose and overridden by a leader like Kevin and overridden Kevin Rudd who makes up policy on the run halfway through an Kevin Rudd who makes up election run.That's not on the run halfway through right.That's exactly what happened.In terms of the big ideas that have come through, Disability Care came, where was the genesis of some of that idea, came through the Twenty20 summit. People ridiculed that summit, guess what, some really good ideas came from it and some momentum for that change. What's the next Better Schools Plan for Labor, what's the next National Broadband Network? Labor is the party of big ideas. We need to get as many people as possible participating in that process. Already we've seen, today I'm speaking to per capita about Labor's future agenda. More than 200 people have RSVPed. That's in the space of about 48 hours. A means is that people are interested in engaging in this debate. Have you spoken to Kevin Rudd since the loss?I have. I spoke to him yesterday. Before he flew out. He is attending a conference, I think, he was ed heading off to the United States and a couple of other places. It's difficult when you lose an election. Hasn't spoken publicly since election night?He said he wouldn't. On election night he said that it would be the last you'd be hearing from him for some time. That's a decision that he made. What he is doing is creating space for the new generation of Labor leaders generation of Labor leaders in whatever capacity. Chris Bowen as the acting leader, whatever as the acting leader, my sever and as the acting and Bill have been issued. They have other shadow ministers. Kevin I think after going through a pretty difficult election campaign where the olds were always against Labor, it's appropriate that he take some time.A difficult election campaign, difficult because of many of his own decisions and things that he chose to do, a dysfunctional relationship with the cam campaign head offers and rising despair from many of his colleagues at where he was taking party during the campaign?That's not right.Which bit?None of it's right. The fact is that for a long period of time, Labor was up against it, against the odds in terms of winning the next election. There's no time for any of the betting frameworks had Labor to win the election campaign. The odds were always against us. Under those circumstances, we put in the best effort we could. We've done 55 or around about seats, perhaps one more, we'll wait and see what happens. But under the circumstances, if we win the same number of seats that we won in 1998 or 2007, we'll be back in government. We're competitive and Kevin Rudd helped make us competitive. What difference would it make whether it was Bill Shorten or Anthony Albanese in charge of the Parliamentary Labor Party at next federal election, other than personal ego and drive for each of you, and we understand politicians are ambitious, that's why they're there, but what difference does it make to the nation?Look I think there's differences in terms of style and emphasis. I very much want to have an emphasis on the long term, particularly nation-building infrastructure is where I'm coming from. So I think you would see a different emphasis but it's important, whoever leads the party is the leader of a team. It's not just one person dominate ing I think that is what we need to do, particularly from opposition. I was the manager of opposition business when we last successfully went from opposition to government in 2007. I think I know what it takes to get there. But I also don't underestimate the challenge. There've only been three Labor leaders who've load us from opposition to government since World War II, whit lamb , Hawke and Rudd. So it's a gig challenge, but I think this process itself means that might've taken a year in that might've terms of getting some initial momentum terms of getting momentum will happen much quicker. Tony Abbott sworn yesterday, already quicker. Tony Abbott sworn in yesterday, already dismantling as they yesterday, already going
through doing as dismantling as they can of what dismantling as they can of they were critical off in opposition, the Rudd Gillard years, in particular, AusAID folded back into DFAT, carbon organisations and environmental organisations being dismantle ed and staff being laid off. Departmental heads being removed, renegotiating the relationship with Indonesia. Seven boats have arrived. We'll see what happens when Julie Bishop does go to Jakarta. They are implementing their plan and their attitude very much speaking to a senior Liberal yesterday at a social function, very much a failed experiment.If getting back to running the country is sacking senior public servants ... Political appointees that you mutt in?Oh come on! People like Blair Comley, people like Don Russell are very good public servants.Don Russell, former key Labor insider, adviser to Paul Keating.Absolutely. He's not one of theirs. He is one of yours.No, he is one of the public service's finest. And just to neck people because they happen to talk to someone in the Labor Party ... No, because it's tribal.Is quite extraordinary. came into government in 2007, extraordinary. Well when we there were no public servants sacked and there were no public sacked and it's not a political plaything. What we've seen is a ruthless use of power by Tony Abbott. The first things he has done is withdraw Steve Bracks' commission as Consul-General to New York. The first thick Labor did in 2007, you you know what it was? Reratified the Kyoto Protocol. A really important visionary initiative. Steve Bracks accepted a diplomatic appointment and then got involved in the Labor Party's election campaign. Totally against all protocols an conventions.No - well, Brendan Nelson has been involved in a range of things as well. And that didn't stop him being appointmented and going to Brussels, where he did a very good job and then we've pointed him after that at the War Memorial. I mean, we need to actually use the talent that we have in the nation. And not just be partisan. I think the appointment of the Cabinet is a shocking beginning. I'm not sure what's worse, saying that you've got - appointing only one out of 19 or pretend ing that that decision to appoint one woman out of 19 isn't your decision and that you regret it. But even worse I think is the 1 out of 12 Parliamentary Secretaries and that 1 person was of course demoted, Senator Fierravanti-Wells. What that means is that they're locking in a future shape of the Cabinet that excludes women as well. Because people won't be getting that experience of Parliamentary Secretary to junior minister to Cabinet minister. 22 past 9. To callers in a moment. I've been putting off taking calls because we've had Anthony Albanese in the studio.We will leave Anthony Albanese there. He's speaking on local radio in Melbourne. His comments will be commented on through today as he and his good mate Bill Shorten ... It's a very civil leadership contest .Nonetheless we're going at it hammer and tongs trying to secure the leadership for themselves. To sport now and welcome back to Paul.It was an all-Australian final at the event in California this morning at Tressels. Taj Burrow won and celebrated, was carried up the beach. He has been wanting to win that event for a long time. Jewel Wran Wilson did really well to get through to the final. Winning his semifinal, while all the other top guns failed at various points in the earlier rounds. Mick Fanning was out in the fifth round. He is now on top of the rankings for in years a world title race. Taj Burrow doing his thing and winning this event with one of two rides there, that's one terrific ride. He stays in fourth spot but he's now, it's a really wide open race. Mick Fanning first, Kelly Slater second, Geordie Smith third and Taj Burrow fourth. Joel Parkinson is current world champ. rankings to fifth. So it's champ. He slipped down the rankings going to be an exciting finish rankings to fifth. as they head going to be an as they head towards Hawaii to
finish as they head finish off the world title race. Let's hear from Taj Burrow. race. Let's hear Burrow. Like a few people said I really wanted to tick this one off the list. I put a lot of effort in the last few weeks. It was so - it was heavy. I mean, it was so intimidating seeing how much good surfing went down. It was a good surfing went down. It a tough task but it just feels incredible to put that effort in and come out on top. It was unreal.Let's stay in the US and go to San Francisco. It's the America's Cup. It's nearing a finale with New Zealand just one win away now from win nag prestigious event. And taking the precious silverware away from the Americans. Team New Zealand won this morning's race. There were to be two races but New Zealand won the first one to go to an 8-1 lead. It needs just one more victory to win it. First to nine, it is. Then there was too much wind apparently that one got postponed. It will be 6am Australian eastern standard time tomorrow morning, will be race 12 and there will be lots of people gathered in New Zealand in Auckland I bet to celebrate that one not if but when it happens.It's a certainty, isn't it?USA could not win nine races in a row. We should just take that live. It will take care of the first hour of the program.Should do, yeah.It's fantastic to watch.Let's not examine psychologically why we're so pleased with New Zealand winning the America's Cup. It's not like Australia's winning it, but ... It's not America, more to like it's 1983 all over more to the point.I do feel again.It's just because it's south of the again.It's just south of the equator.That's right. Good stuff, thanks, Paul. Vanessa O'Hanlon is here with the weather now.Good morning. We've got lots of rain over morning. We've over Tasmania at the moment there's been around 50 mm at there's Sheffield and around 12 to 13 in Hobart that rain is expected to continue today. We'll see those falls mainly to the south of the State, clearing in the north as this low-pressure system moves away A trough from the Northern Territory down towards Queensland, still very hot with that in that region and another trough will make its way into the territory by the weekend. A front is moving over the south west in morning and that's causing a few showers. However, more fronts Sunday.
will follow tomorrow and Sunday. And a high is moving through central areas, so quite warm and clear skies, including New South Wales, but for Queensland today, it will be warm, up to 32 degrees in Brisbane.

What are you up to there, mike pale? You know will you have to live this down with your kids or maybe it will turn you into a hero with them. Have you heard from them this morning?They've been strangely quiet. Out of sheer and utter disgrace an disgust.There you go. You have just ruined their day at school. They will have to deal with this all day.Your daddy was acting like a goose. That's the one!Is it enough not to be a daggy dad, as we now hear? No, enough.Mercifully, that's it
for 'ABC News Breakfast' now hear? No, it's not
enough.Mercifully, the for 'ABC News Breakfast' now so
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