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(generated from captions) sometimes. I know a lot of comedians when they are starting out, read that book and it keeps a lot of them going a lot longer than they should. "And here we are..."Yes, it will drop off. Thank you. Huge influence. That book is coming out September 24. It is imminent. It nearly killed me writing the dam thing. Tim, thank you so much. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)


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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The bad news is that pin heads have got me this dud for cross promotional purposes. Luckily he's still someone I don't like. Welcome to I Hate You Changed My Mind. I'm joined by Osha Ginsberg, currently host of The kch bachelor. Let me say I hate you. But maybe you can change my mind.Let me say I love you. Bit desperate. Firstly I told my mef you I was ging to interview you. He said, where's he from? Narnia? Where has Andrew G?He was blonde and insane. I'm calmer.Do you answer to Andrew?No.Whabt Osha G? What about Osh Kosh Begosh?Can you get passed that.What go you reckon your name will be next year? You are best known as the guy from Australian Idol with Julie Bishop's hair. How do you maintain that wonderful head of hair?Well, I'm not an expert but I'd say the exact opposite of whatever you're doing. You got nominated for a silver Logie. You got beaten nair proly by Rove. I have a message from him. He said to say - suck shit. (LAUGHTER) What's worse, exploiting desperate musicians on Australian Idol, our exploiting desperately lonely women on The Bachelor.I think exploiting myself for publicity during this interview. How does The Bachelor win?He wins by falling in love. Do you know what that's like?Well, I'm in love, but it's gotten practical late lately. Sometimes we are reading a book and we have sex and then we go back to our book. (LAUGHTER) We keep our finger as to where we're up to sometimes. We've been together a long time. (LAUGHTER) Do you think there will be a season 2 of The Bachelor and if so, would they consider a bald married man. I'm asking for a friend. You are a vegan, which is a virgin vegetarian. Why don't you eat animals or have sex?Look at me, I will look at you. You're six months younger than I am. But, you know, who would you rather hang out with? Thanks, Paul, thank you, Osha. I think I like it. That's awesome. Thanks man.Can we hug now?That's a bit much.

We will go for another break, see you

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Coming up next in Ten's Late News - Tony Abbott has been sworn in as PM, but tonight we'll from a former military chief who is critical of his stop the boats policy. A camera has captured the moment a woman cheated death on the train tracks. Plus, we'll show you the quick thinking heroes who made a dramatic rescue five floors up. That's coming up, next.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hey guys. Welcome back to This Week Live. It's been sledgeing the whole show. We have Joel Creasy in Circular Quay. Joel, are you still there? Hopefully he is.I have a whole bunch of losers lined up. We've run ot out of time, ultimate sledge. Tim Ferguson has his book coming out. We have to leave now. That was us, see you next week. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. From the Network Ten News Centre, this is the 'Late News'. It's official Tony Abbott has been worn in as our 28th Prime Minister alongside his cabinet. The first order of business - stopping the boats and axing the carbon tax. Wallabies troublemaker James O'Connor under investigation after being thrown out of Perth Airport. And Australia's youngest, brightest and richest - BRW lines up its junior wishlist. They are all self- made. Tonight we meet one of them.

Also ahead on the program - Angela Bishop is here with the stars of 'The Turning' - the new Australian film inspired by Tim Winton's series. We speak to gold medal Winter Olympics star Lydia Lassila. Tori has the latest sport. You can tweet your thoughts using the Harb tag #TenLate. First the top story. Tony Abbott is officially our Prime Minister. He said while it was a day of ceremony it was a day of action. He meant it. The new PM has sacked senior public servants and overhauled the beaurocracy and ordered legislation to repeal the carbon tax and his controversial border protection plan is being implemented. Shortly we'll speak to a former Defence Force Chief who said Mr Abbott's stop the boats policy is doomed to fail. First a report from Matt Moran. Surrounded by the first family, Australia's 28ds Prime Minister is sworn number ofI -- 28th Prime Minister is sworn in. I Anthony John Abbott do swear...The PM's parents beamed with pride. Mr Abbott taking the opportunity to outline his Government's policies.We will scrap the carbon tax, stop the boats, get the budget under control. # Advance Australia Fair... Warren Truss is Deputy Prime Minister. Julia Bishop is our first female Foreign Minster. In case you missed the controversy - the only womjg in Adelaide.Congratulations to you. -- woman in cabinet. Congratulations to you. Big Bibles made a formal event fun at times.I waited 20 years.It's deteriorating. Awe now Treasurer Joe Hockey bought along his family and enjoyed playtime. Greg Hunt, the Environment Minister went one step further with his daughter.Is this a special witness? It is, indeed. Tony Abbott gathered his Minister for its first meeting.We have won the trust of the people. Now overcoming weeks, months and years we have to earn it. A notable person missing is Sophie Mirabella. She released a statement conceding defeat in the seat of Indi. I will do my best to be the very best member for Indi that we have ever had.In the seat of Fairfax the count continues. Clive Palmer leads by just three votes. While we wait, Mr Abbott started his public service clean-out, sacking three Department heads. In addition, Treasury boss Martin Parkinson is set to leave after the budget next year.Sacking people, not promoting women, it's not the best start. Operation Soverign Borders, which includes turning back Larry Summers boats is under way. Tony Abbott is expected to visit Jakarta this month. Clearly the first order of business for Tony Abbott and his new government is to turn back the boats, stop the boats. Joining us for more is the retired admiral Chris Barry, who is heavily involved when the Howard Government was in Power, in dealing with Larry Summers boat arrivals. Thank you for talking to us. You've been critical of Tony Abbott's policy. Explain why?When the vessel is sighted, because we have a declared policy that we are going to turn boats back, I think that people smugglers will ensure those boats are disabled to an extent where that policy will not be able to be implemented. At least what they'll do is disable the enginess and navigatable apparatus. That's what they did in 2001. At worst, they'll sink the boat or set fire to the boat.The broader context here is that is one plank, if you like of a broader policy platform. Is it not possible that if other changes are effective, and more boats are deterred from travelling in the first place, that this might be a potentially more workable scenario? If the boats don't approach Australia, of course it will be workable. But I just don't see how you are going to put in place a host of arrangements to interrupt this business model. For example I've heard...Do you not think Tony Abbott's determination too interrupt the business policy before the boats leave will work?I heard a proposal that we'll buy up these boats, and, therefore, take them away interest the people smugglers. The sort of metaphor that that puts in my mind is like, you know, buying up all the Stocks of illegal drugs before the criminals sell them on the street. You know, I don't see how that will work. And, of course, we'll mount the operations and those purchases in other people's countries.How would we feel about it if somebody came here and started to buy up all our boats for this purpose? Can we be a little more specific about your concerns in terms of safety. Is it the safety of the Larry Summerss that you are concerned about or Australian military personnel?-- of the asylum seekers that you are concerned about or the Australian military personnel. I think it's both. When asylum seekers are in the water fleeing a sinking or burning boat, our people I'm proud of what they do in difficult circumstances,They'll turn from being interceptors to rescuers. That means they'll jump into the water, rescue people who are drowning. Well, I just hope none of them lose their lives in the execution. Operation.Do you think that's likely to happen?No, I don't think it's likely to happen, but it could happen. I go back to the fundamental principal of the operation in 2001. No-one, not an asylum seeker, and none of hours should lose their life in the execution of this operation. That's why I think this is poor policy. Alright. We are - admiral Chris Barry, we'll leave it there. Thank you for talking to us tonight. Thank you.Coming up - we'll meet one of the members of the Australia's young and rich list. Now, let's get more of tonight's news with Hermione Kitson. Police are still at the scene of a fatal stabbing in Western Sydney. Cheyne Duncan was attacked on a footpath at Doonside after an argument. He was rushed to hospital, but died a short time later. There are reports the offender was armed with an axe and Cheyne Duncan's children may have witnessed the assault.He kept to himself, seen him around, said Kidda.A Sydney mother who let her 2-year-old daughter die has been jailed for at least Nine years. 29- year-old Donna Deaves made no response when she was sentenced. Her daughter Tanilla died after being left in a stroller for two days suffering a range of injuries. I can happyly say justice has been served for poor little Tanilla. And the world is once again a better place.The judge said it was clear the toddler's death could have been avoided. Sydney police are warning residents about a sex attacker on the run. A man broke into a house at Oakhurst and raped a woman at knife point. He assaulted the woman's ex-husband before driving off in her car, running over a neighbour in the get away.It's a violent, disgusting attack. It's certainly confronting to the morals of the community. It's a serious offence and we'll do the best we can to put the person where he needs to be. Police believe it was a random attack.The AFL dropped its case against the Essendon Football Club's Dr Bruce Reid. Candice Wyatt joins us from Essendon. Is it a victory for the Bombers.It is, but it's a bigger victory for Dr Bruce Reid. He's a much-loved figure at the Essendon Football Club, and was determined to emerge from this saga with his reputation intact. He was set to return to the Supreme Court tomorrow to contest charges related to bringing the game into disrepute. The AFL withdrew them at the 11th hour. It accepts Dr Bruce Reid was kept in the dark. The -- it came as welcome news to the club's legends. I've known Bruce for over 30 years. I know the toll taken on him. For him to be exonerated is fantastic. Dr Reid's friends and colleagues says the saga has taken a toll on him because he was so determined to emerge with his reputation intact. Now that it's over, he is determined to stay on as Essendon's club doctor.Security vision emerged over disabled woman's dramatic fall on to train tracks in Melbourne. The footage captured in May shows the woman crashing on to a train in her electric wheelchair before it leaves the platform and she falls over the edge. The woman lays helpless for 30 seconds until people come to her aid. She suffered hip injuries. Security cameras captured a man being clipped by a train whilst running across tracks in Brisbane. It looked like he was run down, but another caught him being clipped. He suffered minor injuries and was charged and fined $300.The message has to get out there that people are playing Russian roulette with their lives, and they'll move.The train driver had to take leave after the incident. Rescuers droged a seriously injured pilot -- dragged a seriously injured pilot from the ning of his SES yeah plane. It crashed at Geraldton, 350 kilometres north of Perth. The pilot was the only person on word board, suffering burns. A rescuer was injured and both are being treated in hospital. Investigations are under way. More than 600 guests attended the launch of the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation. The event remembered Thomas after the 18- year-old was king-hit and killed in Kings Cross. The charity hopes to put an end to senseless alcohol- related violence.All of us parents, no-one wants this to happen again. The foundation's aim is to fund security cameras in popular Knight time hot spots. A study shows Australians are changing their drinking habits. Beer consumption is at a 66-year low, with the average person drinking 44 fewer beers than in 2008.Yes, so overall it's the lowest amount of alcohol per person in 10 years.But the study found wine consumption is up, with the average person drinking seven more glasses. A quick look at the weather: I'll be back soon with tomorrow adds forecast. Also ahead - Cate Blanchett steals the show in London for the premiere of her new film. It's an exclusive list. To be on it you have to have more than $18 million in assets, be under 40 and be self made. BRW magazine's rift list of wealthy Young Australians worth more Nan $5.13 billion. Mike Cannon-Brookes, and Scott Farquhar topped the list with a combined wealth of $550. Carolyn Creswell was the only woman, others that made the grade:.

The average age of those on the list is 36.5. 28 out of the top 100 people live overseas. One of those debuting on the list is Tolgat. Thank you for talking to us. You are number 50, worth $40 million. Officially, I suppose, that means you've made it?.You would say I've made it. I don't think I've finished. We have to build a mine. We have been fortunate to find a deposit like this, a project like this. It's a matter of bringing it into fruition. The point is to take it to the next step and become a large Grafite producer.I read that you struggled at school to some degree, it didn't occupy your mind in the way that you wanted it to. Did you have a sense that you would achieve this great success?I studied at Monash University, banking and finance. I was the best students getting HDs, I was meandering along. I knew that I had potential to do something interesting, and like I said by ambition was to be a currency trader. I didn't know the future path would be me standing in front of you at this point.Hopefully it's not too disappointing. In the midst of the GFC things went pretty wrong. You were sorting stocks, a lot of people trusted in your guidance on investment. Effectively you lost everything, but not just yours, but all your parents.Yes. I'm assuming that's the low point. It was an extremely difficult time for all of the participants in the industry. I had a duty of care to my clients, their super funds, life savings, and it was my parents, not just my clients. I was successful, I straugled, I lost their money. -- struggled, I lost their money. The market got so bad, I put all my clients in. I got to a point where it fell 10% within two days, I had torn up millions of dollars of clients money and I thought it was the end for my career as a stockbroker. I was circleing jobs looking for other opportunities. It turned out the day I looked for jobs was the bottom of the market. The clients were happy that I poured their money in, I didn't get exactly the bottom, but that's how it worked. The flow on was they made larges amounts of money, entering close to the -- large amounts of money entering the bottom of the market. I was able to do other things. They were high risk takers. It was beneficial for my clients and I was successful at it.You paid your parents back?I lost my parent's money, it was a trying time for me as you can possibly imagine. If you put yourself in your own shoes, and your parents sell a house - my parents weren't wealthy people, so it was surreal for me. What I did do for my mother and father was bought them basically - if you live in Melbourne you know Beach Road. If you drive down as a child and see the big large mansions. You go "I'd love to live in one, and I'd love to buy one for my parents". That's what I did.Don't give the address away. Thank you for talking to us. Congratulations on making the rich list. Stay with us, still to come on Ten's Late News, an incredible rescue operation caught on camera in New York. Hermione Kitson has more on that. Angela Bishop is here with a preview of 'The Turning'. A film adoptigs of Tim Winton's work. ('THE HORSES' BY DARYL BRAITHWAITE

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Worth sticking around for. Join the conversation using @TenLateNews. Check out the stories you may have missed, on our Twitter page. Angela Bishop joins us at the desk in a moment. Hermione Kitson, what else is happening around the world. Dozens have been killed in a wave of bombings in Iraq. A series of car bomb attacks in the capital claimed at least 15 lives. The deadliest attack took place in Fallujah, where three suicide bombers targeted a police station, killing at least eight people. A daring rescue in New York has been caught on camera. Fire forced a construction worker out the window of a fifth floor apartment. Several residents risked their lives to help, pushing across a ladder to act as a bridge. They risked their lives. The man was taken to Hospital with minor injuries. Blaj walked the Blue carpet at a premiere in London for 'Blue Jasmine'. The Woody Allen film hasn't warmeded the box office, but critics say it could be an Oscar nomination for her. Let's look at the markets now:

Let's go to CommSec. Jut yet Sally is there for us. A lot of intest -- Juliette Saly is there for us. A lot of investors sweating it out. There's a big announce: what will it be?We have been sweating on this announcement, when the US Central Bank hinted the word taper - the massive bond-buying program that it pumped into the US economy in one form or another at the height of the GFC. We'll hear that it will start to wind back the program by $10-$15 billion a month. It's at $85 million. The effort is to stop the stimu Luz by mid next year, the US -- Simu Luz by mid next year. The US is hoping inflation will tall to 7".The indication that things are looking up in the US has had a huge impact on global currency markers. What will this do?It depends on the size of tapering, or whether they'll taper at all. It's figured they'll taper $10 million-$15 million. We probably won't see too much reaction, but finally the euphoria that the bandaid has been ripped off if it's an aggressive tapering markets will rally. If it's soft, markets may fall. Watch the Aussie dollar, we are expecting the greenback could fall.

We'll leave it there, thank you. They may criticise the number of women in cabinet. You can't criticise the number of wimon on the late news deck. And there's Bishops everything.I want the bee hive.The full Bronwyn.Yes.You have something that I'm excited about this week.I have, indeed. I've been chatting to Hugo waving and Mia, two stars involved involved in an Australian film called 'The Turning'. It's based on Tim Winton's book, which is a book of short stories. So there's 17 small movies, starring Cate Blanchett, Brenda Harding, Rose Byrne, Miranda Otto, the list goes on. 17 short films, each directed by someone new. Suffice to say you have never seen anything like it. What did it feel like, the moment you turned.Congratulations on your part in 'The Turning', and the reason I say your part it's unusual. Could you explain?There's 17 stories, 17 directors. And each director has kind of taken a story that they respond to in their own direction. So it's kind of sounding like a mad idea.Your piece is commission.Yes.And you star in it. Who was your directorDavid Whenan. That was a thrill for he working with Daisy as director rather than a co-actor.You read a lot.Yes, it's an education.It's a two- hander. Josh plays Vic Lang, he's in about eight stories, the central character in a number of the stories. In Commission he's going to try to track down his father Bob, an ex-cop, ex-alcoholic, very damaged soul who has disappeared into the bush and they've been estranged for years.You mentioned God as in new star's and preaching godly announcements...There's so many links that you make from one story to the next. If you haven't read the book there are obvious links between some of the stories. For instance, one of the stories Mia directed, a wonderful directorial debut concerns Vic as a young by. In her film as a young boy who has a gun and he's aiming it outside the - through the window of his house in an imaginary way shooting people out the window.I was excited at doing something different, having a chance to be on a film set in a different role. I thought the book was beautiful.Try that one.I didn't even have the guts to get my ears pierced. It must really hurt there. No. It's easier than getting a tat.How do people go to see this at the cinema, how does it work?It's a cinema event. We are opening on the 26th. Rather than looking in the paper - this is a night out. It's 6:30, 7:00. It's three hours, there's an interval, you get a beautiful program. Cinemas are giving a glass of something when they turn up. Trying to make it "Come out for the night and see 17 great Australian story tellers make Tim Winton's epic novel into a work for the screen".The world gets big around us. We give in, watch.Incredible. You saw a little of Rose Byrne. She a amazing. So many of these directors never directed anything. Mia the first time and Steven Paige directs a beautiful piece called Fans. It's amazing. Three hours at the cinema, buts an event.Can't wait to see it.Thank you. Now, Winter Olympian Lydia Lassila shows she has what it takes, making is back from serious injury to win gold.She has a battle on her hands defending her Olympic title as a mum. Melinda Nucifora has nor.Lass wr doesn't wear her heart on -- Lydia Lassila doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve, it hangs around her neck.I have a job to do in February. That's how we approach it, very professional.She makes no secret of her high standard, having won aerial gold at the voicks. Anything less would be -- Vancouver Games. Anything less would be app disappointment. She's not just training for her Fourth games, she's doing so as a mum.He's over two and speaks three Lang wiges. He's having a great experience. I'm happy to have him on the road with me when he can be. It's a blast. She's almost a veteran of a team Populated with fresh faces. She said it's the strongest team.Good medal chances. I'm predicting our best results ever, and hope that that happens.She warns first timers that the Olympics can be an overwhelming experience.There's so many distractions within the Olympic Village and the opening ceremonies and they are great experiences that you should soak up. At the same time when your event is on, keep your eyes on your own plate and focus as best you can. Her career has been fraught with injury. It's hard to expect the vision of Lydia crashing out of the 2006 towerin games with a ruptured knee ligament. But she says her body is back to its best.Being and doing the best I can.She won't manage her expectations. Come February she intends to become the first freestyle skier in history to defend an Olympic title. Good luck to her.Tori, what else do you have for us.After the break - James O'Connor is in hot water again. The Wallabies are investigating reports he was thrown out of the Perth Airport by Federal Police. All those details after the break. Plus, a blow for the Cats with Corey Enright ruled no chance for the prelip against the Hawks Hawks. Julian Wilson shines - the young Aussie through to the finals in California. (P.A. PLAYS JAUNTY MUSIC)


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California. Tori, take it away. The Wallabies are investigating reports James O'Connor was thrown out of the Perth International Airport in the early hours of Sunday morning following a 1 point win over Argentina. He was attempting to board a flight to Bali. He was escourted from the terminal. It comes after a year of off-field dramas, including his happy snaps at a fast food out the cases before a Wallaby test. Any hopes Geelong had of Environment Minister making a miracle recovery are over. As Trent Dan reports the key defender has been ruled out. The Cats have the Kennett curse going for them. There are a few issues, Paul Chapman has been suspended. They don't like it, but they are getting on with it. Corey Enright, another club great, didn't train and has been ruled out.He's come on well this week. We won't play him this week.Tom Hawkins did train and is coming off his most encouraging efforts for weeks. He's playing restricted. The Cats are contemplating picking first-gamer Shane Kersten. But the more likely scenario is Josh Caddy coming in it replace Shane Crawford.The last win was Shane Crawford's Swan strong.I blamed Jeff. I'm confident they'll play well Friday. We know Geelong have an exceptional record against them. They couldn't be better placed.Out west they'll hope this is not an emen. Fremantle fans painted the town purple only to have heavy rain wash it away. It's great for the fans and supporters. Everyone is getting on board.John Worsfold has broken his silence a fortnight after quitting as West Coast coach.Deep down, to absolutely do the job to the best of your ability, I felt I'd struggle to do na.The Eagles hope to name a replacement by mid- October with Scott Burns and Peter Sumich the frontrunners. The NRL is gearing up for a semifinal where we'll see one of the oldest love- hate relationships reignited and possibly a decade-long hoodoo broken. Mark Asthon reports. The Knights met the Storms 10 times in Melbourne without success.We had two great clashes, they got us both times. Now it's finals' footy. We are going down confident we can win. The record books make grim reading. The club has

At Amy park. The players insist history is history.They are the favourites, we are the underdogs. The Storm are refusing to bait the Knights saying suggestions of a hoodoo are rubbish.To us records don't mean much. I was told we had a good record against Souths, and we were beaten.Manly and Cronulla have a bitter history. The 1973er was brutal. The players joined forces to deliver a black eye to the modern game day.These days everyone knows it gets to the fifth and up it goes, it's a bomb, let's play AFL.To play for 10 minutes before you come you have off.Some guys are on $200,000, they go on for 10 and then ride the bike. Are they cyclists or footballers.Since interusked into the competition Geelong has won 23 of -- introduction into the competition Geelong has bon 23 of 78 finals matches. Michael Clarke touched down in Sydney following the Aussies one-day series win in England, coming as coach Darren Lehmann insists he won't use a rotation policy for the upcoming tour of India, despite the home Ashes series.I don't care what England wants to do.That's their choice, we achieve the goal and win the series.Darren Lehmann returns from England tomorrow.Sydney FC named superstar Alessandro Del Piero as Captain. He has achieved almost everything in the sport, but rates leading Sydney a highlight. It's an honour to have the Captaincy of the one of the Asian biggest and most recognisable football clubs.Alessandro Del Piero takes over the Captaincy from Terry Mcflin. Huge upsets at the Hurley Pro, with Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson knocked out in round 3. Fang are goes through to Round 5. The ride of the day went to

Wilson.Look at the dit. That was incredible.The young Aussie is through to the quarterfinal. Have you wondered how fast you can pedal your pushy. The world record has been set by flies dushman Sebastian Bower smashing the old limit in the aerodynamic cocoon.It was 133 kilometres. It was still fast nonetheless.All the pedal power, amazing.Is that a bike.It's encapsulated in something.It was using his legs.So we are told. Alright. Still to come tomorrow's weather and the Bedtime Bytes, including the best body slam you have ever seen.

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You're watching the 'Late News'. Can we have a recap. Tony Abbott has got to work on his policy changes after being sworn in as Prime Minister. Mr Abbott was sounded by his family when he formally took over the top job from Kevin Rudd. The new PM sacked senior public servants. He said he will repeal the carbon tax and his border protection plan is under way. Looking at the weather across across the county tomorrow:

Bedtime Bytes now. This is one I have just seen on the 'The Guardian' website. We've had a chuckle at it. It's about a BBC News director. He accidentally - went to pick up the iPad to do a presentation on the news a short time ago, but accidentally picked up a stack of photocopying paper instead. It's so funny. Call is a Ron Burgundy moment.There we go.I have a new study saying those who take a gap year after school before uni perform better academically than those who don't.A study of 900 students. It challenges the those that you lose academic momentum if you weren't to go to uni after school.That's where I went wrong. Are you next, Angela Bishop.Me. Mine is some video from the US sumo open in LA. Probably the best body slam you'll see. Have a look at this.

How good is that.Measured on the Richter scale. The guy doing the slammers was 30 kilometres lighter than the other guy. Reports coming from Hollywood that favoured star Zac Effron who everyone knows for his cut abs and fantastic look has been battling cocaine addiction. TNZ reports he was put into rehab after missing on a Seth Rogan film 'Neighbours' he's out and better now. Surprising news. Not one of the people you would consider the usual suspect for that. I was surprised to learn he'd appear for an Australian soap.Quickly, do we have time for this. Quickly then, we have feedback to our comment earlier about women in cabinet. Rumour has it that Tony Abbott digs the a mostly Ten 'Late News' front bench and wants Angela Bishop to be a speaker.Do the ayes have it. That's it from the Ten 'Late News' team.Red (HORSE WHINNIES, WHIP CRACKS)

NICHOLAS: Goodbye, love.

I am not a terrorist.

CARRIE: I have never been so sure
and so wrong.

SAUL: He's a man who put
on a suicide vest, Carrie.

That's who he always will be.
It's crystal clear.

I thought you said
your eyes were open.

What if I told you
I don't think he did it?

I don't think Brody knew the bomb
was in his car. He's innocent.

VOICEOVER: The world's
most acclaimed drama is back

with a heart-pounding new season.

Rule number one -
we don't eat our own.

And it's better than ever.

He's still out there.
We let him get away.

You still have your twisted theories
about me, don't you?

No more secrets.

Fast tracked hours after the US.

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