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We enjoyed a warm and sunny day. It was a little windy, with fresh and gusty north-westerlies gusting up to 50km/h in the city.

Tomorrow, a front will produce some coastal showers in South Australia, Victoria and south-western NSW, while a trough will trigger the odd shower and storm in Queensland. This high over central Australia will lead to a very hot day in the interior.

Warm, warm, warm. Amber, thank you very much. Leila's next with 'A Current Affair' and Nine's National News is at 7:00 on GEM. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media
Tonight ... A man faces court afte lab
the discovery of an alleged drug sol
lab Residents protest against the Buch
solar farm proposal And Caroline champ
Buchanan eyes off another world Kerry
championship Good evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston, A sophisticated an G
dangerous drug lab discovered in a upside-
Goulburn home has been turned serv
upside-down by police. Emergency larg
services were on stand by - as a equipme
large amount of chemicals and spe
equipment were seized. Chemical Stre
specialists swarmed this Eleanor unc
Street home today... After a raid equ
uncovered a significant amount of manu
equipment and substances used to an
manufacture illegal drugs. It is matters
an extensive scene we do take la
matters like these very seriously, very
laboratories similar to this are chem
very dangerous they use a lot of f
chemicals that can be explosive and crews
flamable. NSW Fire and Rescue co
crews were on standby... as police w
collected evidence. At this stage th
we' re here for decontamination of
the officers coming out on the scen becom
and if anything does spill and render
become a hazmat we' re here to l
render it safe. +w One man had been
living in the home. Police expect t We'
seize a large number of items. b
We' ve been told to keep a distance in
because of a strong smell of ether known
in the air, which is a chemical ma
known to be used in the process of ha
manufacturing illegal drugs. It' s hard to believe such a sophisticate a
operation was happening here in an schoo
average suburban street, with a ro
school hundreds of metres down the Davi
road. 42 year old Goulburn man Magis
David Swan appeared in Goulburn e
Magistrates Court today. He didn' t t
enter a plea to charges relating to manuf
the possession, cultivation and h
manufacture of drugs. During a bail charges
hearing, the court heard more charges are likely to be laid - and inc
the defendant had previously been Swan
incarcerated for drugs offences. s
Swan' s mother offered her house as Magistr
surity, but bail was refused. wo
Magistrate Mark Richardson said he surit
would reconsider bail if a cash
surity of $100- thousand was put up Swan will reappear on November

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Governme
his new ministry gathered at swo
Government House to be officially Quentin
sworn in by Governor General, o
Quentin Bryce, this morning. It was de
off to work soon after, with three c
departmental secretaries sacked and publ
changes made to the structure of the
public service departments. While wher
there' s no official word yet on job
where Canberra' s public servants officials
jobs will be cut, the union t
officials are concerned. Meanwhile, Mini
the Defence and Veterans Affairs of
Ministers took part in their first Australian
official engagement at the wrea
Australian War Memorial laying a fl
wreath in remembrance. The chamber was
floor of the legislative assembly chaos
was transformed into a scene of awa
chaos today - as a motion to take powers
away the government' s call in wa
powers was debated. The Opposition
wants to ensure a solar farm planne isn
to be built at Uriarra Village - hom
isn' t constructed near residents earl
homes. The day started with an si
early morning protest - Move the doze
site, it' s just not right. as t
dozens of Uriarra Village residents bu
took their concerns about plans to s
build a solar farm, straight to the acro
seat of power. I live directly p
across the road from where they' re m
putting this, it' s 115 metres from
my house. My house value is going t ta
plummet. Their cries, were then Assembly
taken inside the Legislative Liberals
Assembly, where the Canberra T
Liberals took over. Moving a motion THAT the Environment Minister to no th
use his call in powers to approve thi
the development of the site. in this case it is my view and that of C
many of my colleagues that Minister Corbell take into consideration, th an
very strong will of the community to
and the proximity of this proposal which
to residential homes. In deal sole
which was struck yesterday - the
sole Greens MLA asked the Oppositio to support HIS motion - to stop th powers
Government from using call in powers at all. the liberal party sta
and I agreed on that prior to the thr
start of the debate unfortunately through the political shenanigans o mi
it that agreement got lost and we go
missed a real chance here to get a
good outcomes for the community. flo
There was a decision made on the o
floor of the assembly as to whether Rattenbur
or not we should support Mr t
Rattenbury' s amendment, ultimately my
they diluted the initial intent of sit
my motion which was to ensure the development
site was changed for this the
development his amendment changed f
the crux of what we were asking and for that reason we couldn' t suppor no
it. After two hours of debate - cal
no motion or amendments regarding
call in powers were passed - but th min
issue is now at the forefront of t
minds on both sides of the floor. endo
the assembly' s resolution today endorses the planning process is th concer
best way to address residents concerns about the Uriarra proposal

The Opposition has raised Territor
concerns about how ready the eme
Territory is for another bushfire Au
emergency. Earlier this year - the reco
Auditor-General made twenty four prepar
recommendations to improve the sa
preparedness system. Brendan Smyth disclose
says the Government needs to
disclose a list of its resources, t o
prove it' s meeting the objectives of its bushfire management plan - i Simo
moved a motion today to call on m
Simon Corbell to release it. this i
motion today really is unnecessary, Governm
it' s unnecessary because the r
Government' s already agreed to the g
recommendations made by the auditor Min
general. The Emergency Services happy
Minister says the Government' s
happy to outline further evidence o ensur
capability into the plan - and bushfi
ensure it' s ready for another Ca
bushfire season. A vital link to netwo
Canberra' s walking and cycling
network, the Centenary Trail was pu bro
in place today. A helicopter was pos
brought in to lower a bridge into oper
position near Kambah Pool. The operation to put the bridge in plac Kamb
started early this morning near near
Kambah Pool. The bridge weighing posit
nearly one tonne was moved into preci
position by helicopter. It' s a looki
precision operation. We' d be l
looking at weeks of preparation and
literally minutes of installation. do
Most of the construction work was wi
done beforehand...the bridge parts fabricat
winched into place. We' ve we
fabricated the bridges on site and br
we' ve fabricated the platform and hap
brought it to site. So everything Th
happens in a small time frame. with
The bridge will link Kambah Pool with the Tuggeranong Town Centre. I cyclists
will also allow walkers and Trail
cyclists access to the National ACT
Trail which goes right around the l
ACT. It forms part of the whole
loop of the Centenary trail. So thi al
is as far south as the trail goes then
along the Murrumbidgee River and northern
then it goes right up to the northern border with New South Wale en
and the ACT. When complete, the t
entire trail will take an estimated w
three days to ride or seven days to
walk. The aim is for it to become a visit
attraction for both locals and l
visitors. I think it will bring a give
lot more people to this area and give them the opportunity to explor some of Canberra' s nature reserve necess
that they wouldn' t otherwise and
necessarily get to. New bridges in
and remediation work are to be put trail,
in place in other parts of the Hig
trail, including near the Federal b
Highway road reserve and a new link between Forde and Hall.

Roads around Canberra and across evening
the border remain closed this the
evening - after heavy rain lashed h
the region for the past forty-eight Est
hours. The Molonglo River at Oaks Estate and the Queanbeyan River did th
have flood warnings in place - but bo
that water has since receded, with levels
both falling below minor flood flood
levels - there is still a minor flood warning in place for parts of Brid
the Snowy River. The Oaks Estate Hu
Bridge, Coppins Crossing and Point
Hut Crossing are still closed - wit hu
the Bureau recording close to one a
hundred millimetres of rain in some ...
areas. Coming up next on WIN News unop
... Goulburn' s mayor re-elected t
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This program is not captioned. re-ele
Goulburn Mulwaree Council has
re-elected Geoff Kettle as mayor fo his fourth term. A motion proposin pub
to have the mayor elected by the public was defeated at last night' Mu
meeting. Stability for Goulburn Kettle
Mulwaree Council - Mayor Geoff Kettle and his deputy Bob Kirk gi
re-elected unopposed. I think it communit
gives some confidence to the community that they do have a unite c
and strong and cooperative working har
council that will keep on working
hard for the benefit of GW Council. The Mayor has several key project in his sights - and is confident o membe
working with State and Federal o
members to make some progress. High archival
on the list is developing an facility.
archival collection storage trea
facility. That' s sort of been wit
treading water for the time being careta
with the Federal Government in caretaker mode, but now that we hav w
a new Federal Government I' m sure
we' ll be back knocking on doors. + attract
The mayor is also working to city
attract a tertiary campus to the c
city. We suffer because we are so Sydney
close to Canberra, so close to ou
Sydney, so close to Wollongong, so those
our students tend to migrate to tertiar
those areas to complete their great
tertiary education, it would be Me
great to have them stay in town. and
Meanwhile, a motion for the mayor was
and deputy to be publicly elected meeting
was defeated at last night' s s
meeting. Cr Kettle says he doesn' t colleagues
support it. I think your chose
colleagues are the best ones to ourselves
chose a leader from amongst
ourselves. We don' t elect our prim pre
minister and we don' t elect our for
premier and I don' t see the need for doing that locally.

A 29 year old man from Yass ha been banned from driving in the AC for
after he recorded a high reading for drink driving last night. Polic Bur
stopped a Hilux driving into the nigh
Burns Club at ten to eleven last Sta
night - at the Tuggeranong Police return
Station the provisional driver s
returned a reading of point - one - th
seven - one - he' ll face court at a
the end year. More than two hundred and fifty students have descended o agricultu
Canberra to get exposed to ha
agriculture. They were able to get s
hands-on experience with cattle and consi
sheep. Organisers hope they' ll They
consider a career on the land. Stu
They travelled from near and far. b
Students from around the region and t
beyond came to Canberra today for a Hopeful
taste of life on the farm.. Hopefully, we have the children and empha
teenagers with some idea or the industry
emphasis on the agricultural industry,
industry. It' s not a dying to
industry, but we do need the youth
to be involved. One of the hits o demonstrati
the day was the shearing bi
demonstration. So I spend a fair on
bit of my time at events like this Aust
one, telling the young people of int
Australia the benefits of getting as
into the shearing industry whether Or
as a shearer or a wool handler. +w youngster
Organisers are keen to tell she
youngsters the opportunities that Australi
shearing offers both here in Australia and overseas. You can Is
shear as far south as the Falkland a
Islands and as far north as Iceland
and nearly every country in between many
+w The students were told about in
many other aspects of agriculture, far
including the cattle industry and that
farm safety. We really believe sp
that if they' re educated from the stud
specialists themselves, from the
stud breeders to the shearers to th tod
wool classers which we have here today, it' s going to give them som a
background information as to where Stud
all these products come from. +w Students were also encouraged to ge volunteer
involved at grass level by Ba
volunteering with the society. £ Baa! £

A supermarket in Scullin has bee offen
robbed at knifepoint, with the pol
offender getting away just before en
police arrived. A man with a knife and
entered the five star supermarket member
and demanded cash from a staff pat
member, who complied. Police were around
patroling the Scullin shops at t
around eight thirty last night when st
they were told of the robbery by a aft
staff member, and arrived shortly clot
after - the man was wearing dark his
clothing and a black bandana over eng
his face. In an Australian first, ju
engineers here is Canberra are now l
just months away from bringing to a ca
little slice of outer-space to the purpos
capital. The ANU has created a mimic
purpose built space chamber, to t
mimic the harsh conditions of space what
to test if their satellites have sy
what it takes to survive the solar Stroml
system. For decades the Mt bea
Stromlo facility has shown us the harsh
beauty of space, a stunning but melt
harsh vacuum with enough heat to fr
melt metal and conditions that can engin
freeze almost anything. Now ANU
engineers on the mountain are tryin la
to recreate these extremes, Since building
last December they have been des
building this simulation chamber, t
designed to test satellites against Th
the ravages of the solar system.
There all sorts of weird things tha i
happen in space that don' t happen co
in the earth' s atmosphere. When it
completed, it will be the first of enough
it' s kind in Australia. Large ha
enough to test satellites weighing heat
half a tonne, The chamber can be degre
heated to one hundred and fifty pu
degrees, or liquid nitrogen can be th
pumped through these pipes to cool sevent
the chamber to one hundred and ch
seventy degrees below zero. This tha
chamber can be tested a pressures
that are as low as one billionth th mimic
atmospheric pressure on earth, t
mimicking the vacuum of space. In c
these extreme conditions, engineers consequence
can observe of the unique clou
consequence of travel beyond the for
clouds. Simple things like PVC, wide
for example, the plastic that' s wil
widely used in a number of areas,
will literally evaporate to nothing comp
The Chamber is expected to be cutting
completed in November, with a de
cutting edge plasma thruster, also designed at the ANU to be the first sev
item to be tested. The one point w
seven million dollar price tag well c
worth it for the peace of mind We can send any people up into space t fix things, there' s no repair man first
We got to get things right the first time or otherwise you might b
down one hundred million dollars o more on your satellite. LRWN

The Director of the Australian ha
War Memorial Doctor Brendan Nelson Club
has addressed the National Press f
Club about the vision and programme Wa
for the Memorial. The Australian th
War Memorial in my view represents of
the soul of our nation. He spoke
of the importance of new initiative s
that have been introduced recently such as the last post ceremony and to
the addition of peacekeeping names to the Roll of Honour. To see tha
Australia' s young and not so youn t
look beyond the broad brushstrokes w
to understand there are real people were
who had real lives who loved and honour
were loved behind that role of honour He also outlined plans for refurbishme
the future, including the ga
refurbishment of the World War one full
gallery the diaramas have been brill
fully restored and we' ve got a wer
brilliant new lighting technology bringin
were applying to them, we' re wo
bringing in new things that people exh
would not have seen before in the
exhibition Amy with sport is next t
and the ACT Comets ready for a big Ker
test against New South Wales? Yes Kerryn, a good performance could se enduranc
players get noticed, and an Adventur
endurance test for a team of Adventure Racers. This program is not captioned. will
Adventure Racers. The ACT Comets against
will be out to make an impact thi
against the New South Wales Blues
this weekend. The match will provid ahead
both teams with a good hit out O
ahead of the start of the season. co
Off to a perfect start. ACT Comets side'
coach Mark Higgs happy with his Newca
side' s pre season form against the
Newcastle. It was good to go up actuall
there get away as a group and pla
actually play some cricket but we fanta
played some good cricket it was
fantastic. The Comets never looke vi
troubled, claiming two convincing s
victories. The side only set to get additi
stronger this weekend with the obv
addition of Jono Dean. And then ba
obviously Jono with the bat coming t
back in to captain the side we want to
to see him do well and he sets the wi
tone for our batting. The Comets W
will meet a full strength New South Sat
Wales squad in a one day clash on
Saturday. Higgs says there' s plent match
the players can get out of the understandi
match. I think it' s an go
understanding that the players are t
going well and it' s a true test of their abilities and obviously we us in
the comets program as a back door c
into first class cricket so if they fixtur
can play well in these sort of they'
fixtures than it shows how well
they' re really going. It' s a bi wit
weekend for the Meteors as well, i
with the women set to meet Tasmania in two trial matches.Dawson stickin we
with the same team that performed fi
well last weekend. It was a good I
first hit out in Blacktown you know sp
I guess it was a good gallop so to cob
speak to get the rust out and the o
cobwebs out and just see where some team
of the new players are at. The thi
team determined to go all the way ear
this season after coming so close a
earlier this year. Definitely was g
a bit frustrating but we might have definite
got a bit ahead of ourselves b
definitely not just for the players thin
but also the support staff to do ac
things better and make us all more those
accountable to try and get into those finals.

Caroline Buchanan will be out to Championship
add the Four Cross World w
Championship to her collection this
weekend, when she takes to the trac in Austria. Buchanan heads into th th
event as favourite after claiming Pro
the final round of the four cross Pro tour at the same track just day Wo
ago. It will be Buchanan' s third Sh
World Championships in two months. previ
She' s had mixed results at the B
previous two events, taking out the fif
BMX world title, before finishing Champions
fifth at the World Downhill athletes
Championships. Four Canberra tri
athletes could soon be off on the qualifie
trip of a lifetime. They' ve Wo
qualified for the Adventure Racing endu
World Championships, a gruelling b
endurance event that will put their th
bodies to the test. They entered
the Flinders Ranges XPD just for th C
experience. But when Dane Roberts, Co
Clare Lonergan, Lee Rice and Aaron A
Coles finished as the second placed than
Australian team they gained more f
than they bargained for. Qualifying Champi
for the Adventure Racing World go
Championships in Costa Rica. Our
goal and I guess the goal of most o just
the teams there was to actually gr
just finish the race, it' s such a gruelling event we started with ver bl
high temperatures and so a lot of lo
blisters and things early on and a
lot of time on the feet. The seve t
hundred kilometre expedition wasn' in
t for the feint hearted. The group incr
in pain from the start. It was con
incredibly hot and sweaty and the conditions were just unlike anythin w
we' d experienced in Canberra so I was a bit unprepared for how to loo after my feet in those conditions. com
It took five and a half days to forc
complete the course. Competitors
forced to trek, bike and kayak thei weig
way from start to finish. Extra p
weight in their packs adding to the very
pressure along the way. It was g
very gruelling we went through this w
gorge area with very small pools of water that weren' t really drinkabl u
so we carried about four litres on us and a lot of teams got to the en h
of that stage and were pretty much th
heat exhausted. The team battled a
through to not only finish but earn Ho
a spot at the World Championships. December
However with that falling in
December it doesn' t leave much tim Ye
for the group to get organised. Yeah that' s coming up awfully quic de
so we have to make some difficult decisions on whether we will be abl tim
to get there or not in the short that
time frame. The team will make weeks
that decision over the next few weeks.

The future of Raiders fullback air
Anthony Milford remains up in the t
air, with the nineteen year old yet
to decide if he will leave the club Milford took to twitter last night to tell fans that he hadn' t made u decision
his mind, but hinted that a corner
decision could just around the S
corner. It comes as new coach Ricky Stuart prepares to fly to Queenslan to meet with the Meninga Medalist. Stuart is hoping to persuade Milfor A
to remain in Canberra next season. Kerryn.
And that is Wednesday sport - t
Kerryn. Thanks Amy. Coming up after de
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This program is not captioned.

details The rain cleared around muc th
of the region today, In Canberra, the sun came out mid morning, and i now
reached a top of eighteen. Right and
now, a few clouds have reappeared sto
and there' s the chance of a late T
storm, sitting on thirteen degrees. Tablelan
Taking a look around, On the Goulb
Tablelands, Eighteen the top of reached
Goulburn and Queanbeyan, Yass reached a top of eighteen, Braidwoo Coast
ten to seventeen Moving to the twenty-three
Coast, Partly cloudy and e
twenty-three degrees at all centres twenty-four
except for Bega which hit an
twenty-four. Lows between thirteen showers
and fifteen degrees. Clearing fi
showers on the Mountains, Seven to
fifteen at Cooma Cool in Perisher, h
top of only five Thredbo reached a sevente
high of nine, Bomala, nine to t
seventeen degrees. Taking a look at sou
the satellite map, Cloud crossing southern and southeastern NSW with shower
weakening front is triggering It'
showers and storms. On the chart, o
It' s clearer further north because southweste
of a flow of drier west to fo
southwesterly winds. Moving to the coast
forecast, Sunny for most of the twenty-
coast, A few showers at Bega, Moruy
twenty-two Seven to nineteen at top
Moruya Heads, Twenty the expected on
top for Ulladulla and Nowra. Windy on the Tablelands, Four to fifteen fo
for Braidwood, an early shower and a
fourteen expected at Yass, Thirteen th
at Goulburn tomorrow More snow for Bom
the Mountains tomorrow Fifteen at maxim
Bombala, Thredbo is expecting a Perisher,
maximum of only zero Two at An
Perisher, Cooma, fourteen degrees. And for Canberra tomorrow, heading di
for a top of sixteen degrees after sh
dipping to seven tonight. The suns
should rise just before six, and se almost twelve hours later. Looking s
ahead, A possible shower on Friday, ni
sixteen, clearing up for Saturday, Su
nineteen, before starting again on Wedn
Sunday. And that' s WIN News for tomorr
Wednesday night. Join us again of
tomorrow at six, for the best hour J
of news in the country, I' m Kerryn -
Johnston....thanks for your company - Good night.

This program is not captioned.