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This Program is Captioned Live.Hello, I'm James McHale and thanks for joining me for this national edition of ABC News. Today - Tony Abbott takes the reins.The new PM and his Cabinet are sworn in at Government House in Canberra.We will be a problem-solving Government. Based on values not ideology.Former High Court judge Michael Kirby paints a horrific picture of life in North Korea for the United Nations. The AFL drops all charges against Essendon club doctor Bruce Reid. And the American wheelchair rugby team takes on Australia in Sydney.The aboat Government is open for business. Australia's 28th PM has been sworn in at Government House and his ministry has taken office. Mr Abbott has told the Governor-General he will lead a problem-solving Government which will strive to serve ail Australians.Tony Abbott's hit his summit.Mr Abbott I invite you to take the oath of office as PM.It's been quite a climb, 1 # years MP, Minister, Opposition Leader and now...I Anthony John Abbott do swear that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia in the office of PM and I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Queen of Australia so help me God.With that and a signature, it's official. Mr Abbott becomes the 2 #th Australian to hold the top job. SCATTERED APPLAUSE A day of celebration and ceremony. # Advance Australia fairGovernment House was bustling as Tony Abbott's team spruced up and ready to go gathered do make it all official.Your excellency, I present your new ministers and through you I present to the people of Australia their new Government.I Julie Bishop...269 ministers and 12 parliamentary Secretaries.To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia.The class of 2013, plenty of smiles but no long celebration lunch, Tony Abbott insists day one is also about action.We are determined to honour our commitments to scrap the carbon tax, to stop the boats, to get the Budget under control, and to build the roads of the 21st century.Even before he'd arrived back at Parliament House, the new PM had issued his first press release, confirming the sackings of three departmental heads and a raft of new appointments. Straight down to business he's also ordered his own department to start work on legislation to repeal the carbon tax.Thank you so much.The full Coalition ministry met this afternoon, missing a familiar face. Their former industry spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella today conceded defeat in her seat of Indi, saying this election is over and the responsibility for the outcome is mine. Despite the closeness of the counts I have decided not to seek a recount. She's hinted she may be back to contest in next election.The Victorian seat of Indi was once safe Coalition territory, held by Sophie Mirabella for 12 years. Her concession coming just a week after the election has hand victory to Independent Cathy McGowan.The seat of Indi has been one of the mostly closed electorates throughout the Federal campaign. Originally the goal of Cathy McGowan and her supporters was to public this a marginal seat. It was held by Sophie Mirabella since 2001, but in the end they achieved much more than that. Counting has progressed over the past ten days, a very close race and it came down to fewer than 400 votes, Sophie Mirabella called Cathy McGowan this morning to concede defeat and made a public statement a short time later. Cathy McGowan says that she is listing her priorities for her first term as a parliamentarian as health, transport, indigenous issues and the National Broadband Network.I will honour the community of Indi, I will form partnerships with the people and the groups within this community and I will do my very best to be the very best member for Indi that we have ever had. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Exactly what Cathy McGowan will be able to achieve as an Independent at a backbencher under a Coalition Government remains the great unknown. She plan toss convene a summit for Indi early next year to discuss the issues that matter to the election.The AFL has dropped all charges against Essendon's cloub doctors Bruce Reid. Dr Reid was the only Essendon employee to challenge the league's charges and pems from the supplements scandal late last month. The veteran Bombers doctors and the AFL were drew in the Supreme Court later this week. The Bombers have welcomed the withdrawal of the charges and will now focus on finding a replacement for James Hird.We've obviously still got some tidying up to do but we're making a lot of progress and I think just looking forward we're in a very positive frame of mind at the club.Dr Reid will continue as Essendon club doctor when he returns from leave early next year. The Northern Territory Government and industry have promised to rehabilitate a toxic mine site near Borroloola. The Redbank mine has been leaking copper into a nearby creek for two decades, poisoning fish and plants for kilometres downstream. Traditional owners say they want to be involved in I in rehabilitation effort.In the tranquil pool looks like the perfect place to fish and swim but there's nothing living in this water.Our kids look and then they think it's a pool but we tell them it's not pool anymore, it's a poison river, can't swim there like we used to swim from before.The poison is copper, leaking into Hanrahans Creek from the old Redbank mine near Borroloola. The site was nemp rehabilitated after the former operators left in 1996. The water here in the pit behind me has a PH level of 2 which is about the same as battery acid. It's been leaching from the pit for the pars two decades down to Hanrahans Creek and copper's been found in water all the way to the border.If you want to drink it you have to go down there about 7 K's before you left livestock drink it or humansTraditional owners are angry that little has been done to stop the flow of contaminated water into the river system.The company that was here before folded and I think the EPA has a lot to answer for for leaving it this long.The Northern Territory Government has promised things will change.I'm here to tell you today that as the mine's Minister, Redbank is mine priority.Fixing the problems at Redbank mine will cost up to $100 million. The Territory Government's new levy for rehabilitating legacy mines is expected to raise only $6.5 million in the first year. And Redbank's new owner is having to consider its responsibilities.We've raised some capital, got some money, that was fundamentally raced for exploration but we're talking to the Government about making a contribution to starting the remediation process.The company's long-term solution is to redevelop the mine, traditional owners say they want to be consulted every step of the way and open they'll see results soon.The Queensland Transport Minister says people are gambling with their lives when they illegally cross train traction. Last month a young man escaped with his life when a train barely missed him at Cannon Hill Station. The 20-year-old ignored a barrier and warning bells and ran across the path of an express train travelling around 60km/h. The female train driver was traumatised by the ent Dominique Strauss-Kahn and had to take leave.People are playing Russian rule roulette with their lives and they'll lose. That is a reality.The man was taken to hospital, but wasn't seriously injured. More than 50 public schools in Western Australia will close tomorrow as teachers and support staff take industrial action. More than 15,000 staff from public schools are expected to walk off the job in protest at moves to slash 500 education positions and cap teacher numbers. The Premier Colin Barnett says the action will not change the State Government's plan to cut education sector jobs. It will be the first time teachers have walked off the job since a pay dispute in 2008. American investigators are trying to find out how the man who killed 12 people at a Washington military base was allowed to buy a weapon. Aaron Alexis a previous gun violations and mental health concerns but he was still issued with a security clearance if for a military facility.Another memorial service for yet another gun massacre. It's a familiar ritual, a laying of the wreaths, the flags at half mast and as always the question why? And to that there's still no answer.We believe at this time that the deceased shooter Aaron Alexis acted alone. As such, with no other suspects at rm large, the investigation has moved into a phase of evidence recovery and information gatheringBut more information is slewly emerging. In August, Alexis called police telling them he was hearing voices and believed he was being harassed by three unknown people keeping him awake by sending vibrations into his body which again begs the question how a man with a record of fire appears arrests and possible mental illness was able to legally buy a shotgun and take it inside a secure military base.Ed a investigators worked the families of victims of other American gun massacres arrived in Washington for another round of lobbying for gun law reform.We have a daunting task.The timing of their visit is sheer coincidence. Over pizza they planned their campaign in Congress. Sandy Phillips lost her 24-year-old daughter Jessica at the Aurora mos Kerr in Colorado. She's made this trip six times before, but even with the impetus of Monday's shooting she fears America has become numb to these massacres.Unfortunately, it's no longer shocking a lot of us, it's like OK we can - we know that this is going to happen again and again and again.And it does seem as though the outrage is missing. After Sandy Hook, there was a wave of grief and anger in this sense and that finally it might be time for change. But of course it didn't happen, today a handle of Democrats have called for a new debate on gun law reform but so far it seems they're on their own.The five permanent members of the UN Security Council have held talks on the Syrian conflict, but differences remain over how they should respond to the use of chemical weapons. The US, France and the UK blame the Assad regime for the attack, but Russia says their consclution premature and rebel forces could be responsible. TRANSLATION: We want an unprejudiced objective and professional investigation of the events of 21st August. We have the most serious reasons to suggest that this was a provocation.Russia is also refusing to support a strongly worded resolution that would contain a threat of military action if Damascus does not comply. An Australian former High Court judge has delivered damning evidence of systemic and horrific human rights abuses in North Korea to the United Nations. Michael Kirby was appointed to lead an inquiry into executions, torture and sexual abuses perpetrated by the regime in pong Yang. North Korea has refused to cooperate with the investigation, saying it's based on evidence from human scum.It's been described as the world's biggest gulag, a vast prison camp network holding up to 200,000 North Koreans in unspeakable conditions. A United Nations investigation led by former Australian High Court judge Michael Kirby is doing its best to get behind the wire to the stories of murder, torture and sexual abuse.The young man imprisoned from birth and living on rodents and lizards and grass, to survive, witnessing the public execution of his mother and his brother.That young man is shin-dong Hu kt only person know to have been born and escape from a North Korean prison camp. He testified before Michael Kirby's mannel last month revealing how he was lucky to avoid the firing squad for simply dropping one of the camp's sewing machines. TRANSLATION: I thought I could be publicly executed or my wrist or leg was going to be cuts off so I felt thank. And grateful that only my finger was cut off.Michael Kirby and his team have been refused entry into North Korea and the regime describes those who have already testified at the inquiry as human scum. Now Pyongyang has hit back at the interim report delivered in Geneva.My delegation totally rejects the oral update by the so-called commission of inquiry.But Michael Kirby says there's nothing fake about satellite pictures of North Korea's vast gulag or the horrific testimony of witnesses and survivors.An increasing number of young men are giving up sport to concentrate on building up their muscles and are being tempted into drug use. Now one South Australian council is educating young people about the risks.These members of Adelaide's soccer team the Blue Eagles turn outing arely for training but intelligencingly young people seem to be swatching the pitch for the gym and that can lead to temptation.There is a strong amount of evidence that suggests that fitter more physically active younger males are more prone to this desire to have this idealised body type that of course taking steroid can facility.One council is trying to do something about it. The city of Salisbury has enlisted Australian basketball stalwart Jan Stirling to speak at a forum on drugs in sport. Her message is that despite the push to be let, enjoyment is more important.We put out there that you have to be elite and achieve great things in ordertor people to like you, we don't want young people coming through life with that mantra. Which want young people to enjoy sport.According to Uni SA sports management specialist Duncan Murray, the stants reminders about fitness versus fatness can also drive people to use performance-enhancing drugs to achieve an ideal body.We want people to be healthier and less obese and less overweight people but on the other hand it's almost like the other end of the spectrum where you're doing it in a dysfunctional or unhealthy way.Chad Bugeja coaches the Blue Eagles, he won't tolerate drug use but admits it's hard to monitor the problem at amateur levels.How, within suburban clubs, there's so many of them, it would be a massive cost to do that, that's another thing that - does the Government want to dot that?Jan Stirling says the key is educating young sports men and women at the school and community level about the risks of drug taking.The biggest exhibition of Australian art to be shown overseas is about to open in London. The show is called simply Australia and includes more than 200 works from the past 200 years.It's been described as as mux history lesson as art exhibition, after an opening room of works by indigenous artists 200 years of Australian art is presented in broadly chronological order from the paintings of early settlers right through the 19th and 20th centuries the contemporary video art.Certainly that's a thrill, to xibts with a lot of my art heroes in a sense from Australia, that's great to be along on the ride with them.Some of the artists on show at the Royal academy of arts are household names in Australia. But many of these works have never been shown overseas. Getting them here was a a costly and delicate exercise. The underlying theme of the exhibition is landscape.I think it's hard to not be inspired by this Australian landscape, the vastness, the colour palette, the light, it's such a profound and powerful force.14 f artists are represented here by just over 200 works, organisers admit that to some extent this can only be a snapshot of the past 200 year of Australian art.It's a good snapshot a big one if you like, there are lots of artists that we've had the leave out, lots of images.But what use is this to anyone asked one British art critic scathing of the concept of such a show.A real measure of success for me for this exhibition will be over the next 10-15 years seeing more specific, more focussed, Australian art exhibitions taking place around this country and in Europe.Australia opens to the public this weekend and runs through to early

through to early
December.Taking a look at the markets - the Federal Reserve's 2-day meeting is a big deal for investors.

There are some encouraging signs on the Australian economy today with a jump in the Westpac Melbourne institute intext leading activity index. We're joined by Neal Woolrich. What is this leading index telling us about the state of the economy?It's a somewhat confusing message from the Westpac leading index today. The leading index takes in a number of forward-looking indicators and tries to predict the level of activity over the next three to nine months and the leading index was up by 4.1% in July which is comfortably above its long-term trend of about 2.9%. And it seems as though the leading index in July was heavily influenced by a couple of factors one was a rise in the share market and the other was a strong rise in dwelling approvals which are quite volatile from month to month. So the rise h in if leading indem doesn't gel with a lot of economists' forecast of below trend growth for the rest of this year and into next year and Westpac itself is saying that it's keeping its own forecast of 2.5% growth next year intact. We shouldn't read too much into this result in the leading index which was a strong rise in July but most people are still sticking with their forecast that the economy will grow below trend for the rest of this year and next.Over in the big State, there's been a blow for the West Australian Government, been stripped of its AAA credit rating by Standard & Poors, what's behind that decision?Standard & Poors has downgraded Western Australia's credit rating from AAA to double A plus and in a statement today Standard & Poors has said although the West Australian Government's fiscal action plan in this year's Budget was a step in the right direction they expect a further slippage in the State's finances because of limited political will to make the tough decisions. Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett has said he'll look at asset sales and the like to try and restore the State's finances but really what happened over the last five years is that the windfall games of the mining boom have been sent, every the past five years Australia wees revenues have increased by about $8 billion annually whereas ex-spences have increased by $10 billion. There's some tough decisions ahead for the WA Government to bring its finances back in order and restore that triple A rating as we see the mining boom fade over the next few years.International wheelchair rugby or murder ball as it's often called as arrived in Sydney with the 2013 Tri Nations starting today. The tournament opener saw Australia take on the US but the home crowd kuntd quite give Australia the boost it needed, the US won the day 56-43.It's quite a setting with one of Australia's most famous churches St Mary's cathedral overlooking one of the most fiercesome sports? Event which feature Australia, New Zealand and the US got under way with the Americans taking on Australia.A totally different experience, something that I enjoy, have to get used to the heat and the sun factor as a huge thing for me, I'm a very heavy sweater to water and tyres don't mix and made it a bit slimary out thereIt's quite a coup to have the American team here as the US don't travel overseas too often.We don't have enough funding. We'd love to do it more but this opportunity is fantastic and rare.The Americans dock the number one ranks in June when they beat Australia in Denmark and the Americans continued on that form with an impressive victory in the tournament opener.In rugby league Newcastle Knights five-eighth Mullen has confidence in the NRL officials this week despite the controversial result at the weekend. Cronulla beat the Cowboys 20-18 in the elimination final but the Shark scored a try off the 7th tackle. The two onfield refs have been dropped for this weekend for the counting error. The Knightses clash with Melbourne on Saturday and Mullen believes the NRL officials are up to the job. To AFL and Fremantle has held its only open training session for the week. Garrick Ibbotson won't play and Michael Johnson trained lightly. Sydney is resting ahead of the match, considering replacements for its injured stars. Geelong finally concede it had little chance of getting Paul Chapman off his charge and accepted a 1-week ban. Dockers coach Ross Lyon believes Sydney likes to dominate every pocket of the field. In sailing Team New Zealand will have to wait another day for their chance to claim the 34th America's Cup after strong winds forced the postponement of the this morning's 11th and 12th races in San Francisco. The Kiwis lead Team US 7-3 and need two more wins to claim the cup. These races will now be run tomorrow. The win winds were peaking at nearly 25 knots forcing organisers to call off racing for the day. You're watching ABC News early edition right across the country on ABC 1 and News 24, we'll cross now to your local news room

Thanks, James and good evening. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in the Canberra news we'll have more on the new Abbott Ministry's first day at work, Just after the new team was sworn in it announced that three public service department heads public service department heads would be leaving their posts, and orders have been issued to axe the carbon tax, and initiate Operation tax, and initiate Operation Sovereign Borders, the Coalition's asylum seeker policy. Some roads in the ACT and surrounds have been closed following this week's record following this week's record breaking rain. A minor flood warning was issued for the Molonglo River which peaked about midnight at Oaks Estate and Queanbeyan. The low lying Morisset Bridge was flooded and several roads in Canberra were also closed. The New South Wales Family Services Minister is again defending allegations she's misled Parliament. The Opposition wants Pru Goward to The Opposition wants Pru Goward to be sacked for concealing a 25 percent reduction in caseworkers on the reduction in caseworkers on the south coast. The war memorial plans to overhaul parts of its commemorative space. Its director Brendan Nelson says inscriptions near the tomb of the unknown soldier will be replaced by excerpts from Paul Keating's 1993 Eulogy for the Unknown Australian Soldier. And during the four-year centenary of the First World War names from the roll of honour will names from the roll of honour will be projected onto the building at night. We'll have the details on those stories and the rest of the days stories and the rest of the days news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock.

We've had a series of frontal systems move up through the south-west of Western Australia but as they move east they're weakening so they're moving through as troughs and they're really not triggering much in the way of weather although today we did have a band of thunderstorms at that at one stage stretched from Melbourne to Wagga Wagga in NSWment these thunderstorms triggered some wind gust of around 80km/h through parts of Melbourne but triggered little in the way of rainfall. We are still expecting to see the potential of some heavy falls in Tasmania. There are fill flood watches and a severe weather warning for heavy rainfall about the east and north-east of the State and that rain will contract further south through tomorrow. Another front will move up towards Western Australia, this is the first in another series of fronts set to move through. In fact the next seven days in Perth are expected to see some form of showers and particularly through the weekend we're going to see some fairly fairly wet conditions. This trough is relatively inactive for Queensland, it could trigger an isolated shower or a possible thunderstorm anywhere south along the south from Rockhampton but at this stage there's very little moisture in the atmosphere so those showers and thunderstorms will be very isolated if they do form. Another weak trough will clip the south-west of Victoria and south-east South Australia, so a bit of an increase in showers as we move through the day but again nothing in the way of significant falls, the better of the totals will be about the east and south of of Tasmania with a fairly cool day on the way for Hobart.

That's all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC News will be up an in hour, you can also visit our website or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

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