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This is Seven's Afternoon News with Matt White and Melissa Doyle. Good afternoon. We have new details
of the hunt for a home invader who attacked a mother of three. Live to our reporter in a moment. And some fascinating findings
from research into back pain - how it's being fixed
without medication. But first, our headlines, and a mother has just been sentenced over the death
of her 2-year-old daughter - the jail term shortly. Tony Abbott gets to work after being sworn in
as Prime Minister this morning. A young man's incredible escape after walking in front of
a Brisbane train. And rail safety in the spotlight
in Melbourne too after a woman on a scooter
plunges off a platform. We begin with a shocking sex attack
on a woman during a home invasion in Sydney. Live to Hugh Whitfeld
who's following the investigation. Hugh, what leads do police have
to find the attacker? Mel, surprisingly, a number of neighbours actually
came face to face with this man after he broke into the home
at Oakhurst in the city's west. He was armed with a knife and over nearly 20 minutes, threatened and sexually assaulted
the 31-year-old mother of three who was home alone. CCTV pictures captured
at a neighbour's home show that when she managed
to yell for help, a neighbour came out, grabbed an iron bar
from his tradie van, but ended up being run over
by the attacker. He'd stolen the woman's car keys and ended up driving off
with her car. It was later found burnt out
a few suburbs away. The victim is said to be
obviously traumatised by the whole ordeal. Her neighbour,
who did his best to help, has been left with a broken leg. I've tried grabbing him out
and he's said something and then all of a sudden
he's just slammed into reverse and that's just within a couple
of seconds pushed me over. It was horrible,
she is scared for her life. Neighbours and police
are horrified by the attack. It's thought the man broke in
through a fly screen and window. Detectives are confident that this
is an isolated and random attack but are asking people,
especially women home alone, to be vigilant
with their personal safety. The wanted man is described as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
in appearance, slender build,
in his late teens or early 20s. Mel and Matt.

after he took the oath of office before the Governor-General
this morning. Live to political reporter
Mia Greves. Mia, the Coalition Government
can finally get to work. We officially
have a new prime minister plus 41 new ministers,
assistant ministers and parliamentary secretaries. Governor-General Quentin Bryce
conducted the ceremony at Government House in Yarralumla. Tony Abbott was sworn in first
in a separate room in front of his wife, daughters,
parents and sisters. It was certainly a proud day
for the Abbott family and dozens of others who watched their loved ones pledge
to serve the people of Australia. It was interesting to see
a lot of young children watching on. Their lives will also be very
different over the next few years. We will strive to govern
for all Australians, including those
who didn't vote for us. Tony Abbott said
he would make changes from day one - what has changed? Prime Minister Abbott called today
"an action day" and he lived up to it. The ceremony at Yarralumla
had barely finished when he announced the immediate
sacking of three department heads. But not Treasury Secretary
Martin Parkinson, who had been tipped to be replaced. Instead,
he'll stay on until next year. These jobs should not be
political play things. These jobs are important, we have professional
public servants, they should be respected. "Action Day" also includes moves to
repeal the carbon pricing scheme, getting operation Sovereign Borders
under way and bringing back
temporary protection visas for asylum seekers
who arrive by boat. Prime Minister Tony Abbott
let the cameras in for the start of his government's
first ministry meeting earlier this afternoon. We have won the trust of the people, now over coming
weeks, months and years, we have to earn it. So thank you so much, colleagues. And, Mia, it's all over
for Sophie Mirabella? Mel, she released a statement conceding defeat
in her Victorian seat while her Coalition colleagues
were being sworn in to office. Mrs Mirabella would have been the Abbott Government's
new industry minister and now she's out of a job. Sophie actually rang me about 10:30,
a lovely phone call, congratulated me
and wished me well in the future. And the future is still uncertain
for Clive Palmer. He's just three votes ahead
in the Queensland seat of Fairfax with 93% of the vote counted. He says regardless of the outcome,
he wants a recount. Mia Greves there in Canberra. The Victorian Government
is facing a potential crisis with misusing taxpayer money. If he's forced to quit Parliament, it will almost certainly leave
the Coalition Government without a majority and trigger an election. Brendan Donohoe in Melbourne
has details.

It is an incredibly nervous time for DENNIS COMETTI: Fine and his Victorian government because he holds on to power by just one vote. The Independent for Frankston, Jeff Shaw. A former Liberal MP who is now facing 24 criminal charges in relation to the use of his Parliamentary car and petrol card, allegedly using it to make deliveries for his private hardware business.Mr Shaw has been charged by the police so I don't think there is any further investigation warranted at this stage.Willie be fighting the charges?I have nothing to say.They remind if Mr Shaw is convicted of those charges, he faces disqualification from Parliament which would trigger a by-election in the seat of Frankston and could in turn bring down the government. Mr Shaw has described the investigation into him as incorrect. He has employed a senior counsel, it could drag on for several months, even be on the date of the next election which is next Saturday -- the last Saturday in November next year.

Details are being uncovered
about the gunman who shot dead 12 people
in Washington yesterday. Investigators now believe Aaron Alexis was suffering
from a severe mental illness and was hearing voices.

It is now obvious that authorities here missed a number of red flags. They could have prevented the gunmen from obtaining the security clearance he needed to get access at this Navy Yard. He had been discharged as a navy ridge of -- reservist for a pattern of misconduct, arrested twice for fire arms offences and received treatment for mental illness after claiming he was hearing voices. Despite his background, he was still able to legally by the shotgun he used in the massacre.It is really hard to believe that someone whose record is as chequered as this one could conceivably get clearance.The Defence Secretary lay a wreath in a small memorial service to honour the 12 men and women who died, all civilians aged between 46 and 73. We are starting to see their faces and learn their names. Like 59- year-old Michael Arnold, a veteran, father of two. His family cannot believe he is gone.It is not possible. Not possible that they shot him for no reason. He loved his country, he loved of the Navy. He loved flying. He was a happy person.The one question still unanswered is why? Why did Alexis decide to go on this killing spree? We may never know the answer.

A body found on the
New South Wales Central Coast is believed to be that of a woman who drowned her children
in a bath tub. Allyson McConnell was convicted
of killing her two young sons in Canada. She returned to Australia in April after serving 10 months
in a psychiatric hospital despite being sentenced
to six years jail. Her former husband
and Canadian prosecutors until appeals against her
short sentence could be heard. Queensland Rail has released
incredible video of a man escaping death or serious injury
by a split second. He walked in front of
an express train in Brisbane. Remarkably, the 20-year-old
only suffered bruises when the driver's carriage
clipped his leg, causing him to fall on the tracks
at Cannon Hill station last month. He's been fined
for entering a rail crossing. There were 351 near-misses
at Queensland railway crossings last year. Eight were at
the Cannon Hill station.

Australia's priciest address
is on the market with the Fairfax family
selling its Elaine estate at Point Piper
in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Agents estimate
it will go for $100 million. The Fairfaxes bought it in 1911
for £2,100. In today's money,
that would be $250,000 - what a bargain! The current Australian house price
record is $57.5 million - that was for a property
at Mosman Park in Perth in 2009. And here's proof
real estate is booming - the New South Wales government
rang up a record $348 million in stamp duty
in July.

The rest of the day's top stories
are next in Seven News, including a rescue operation
for window washers left hanging.

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These are pictures
of a remarkable rescue from an apartment fire
in New York City. A trapped construction worker
tried to escape the flames by dangling out the window
of the fifth-floor apartment. A group of quick-thinking workers
nearby came to his rescue, straddling a ladder
across the fire escape. One brave man then walked
across the unstable ladder, pulling in the construction worker just as flames started
to burst out the window. Still to come - the new crackdown on pubs on clubs, how drinkers will be affected. And later,
the Australian study on the link between exercise
and Alzheimer's disease. Mechanics are trying to work out why a window washing platform
broke down, leaving two men hanging
off the side of a Sydney building for more than two hours
this morning. Ashlea Brown was at Parramatta
as the rescue happened. For over two hours, the pair of window cleaners
was trapped in their rig seven storeys up here at Parramatta. What we believe has happened is the cradle has become stuck
under a window ledge and that's cut power to the rig, causing it to tip on an angle. We were just on the computer,
working, we work upstairs, and before you knew it, a big thud. Not like an earthquake,
but you heard something. And we all looked outside and,
before we knew it, the two workers were stuck, like,
on a bit of an angle like this. The bottom one
was probably panicking a bit. The other guy, he was OK. New South Wales Fire and Rescue
were quickly called here. They put up their ladder platform
just to be on stand-by in case those guys needed
to be rescued from the cradle. That wasn't the case. Power was restored and the rig was winched safely
to the roof. Now, mechanics
will look over that rig. As for the two men, they're said to be in good spirits,

An Adelaide man
had some unexpected visitors stop by for breakfast this morning - two ponies that had escaped
from their stable. And it wasn't their first vacation
from their paddock either, having made a run for it
less than 12 hours earlier. Justine Northey reports
on the drama at Golden Grove. The

The ponies ate their way through this fence around the 6:30pm last night and made their way to the busy road in search of greener pastures. They were returned to the owners who put up a blue rope to fence them in. It did not work. They were out adventuring again this morning, a surprise to miss Brown spotted them while she was driving past and helped police ushered them into a Secure yard. The orange one is a bit of a cheeky one. I just had to get my road then try to catch him.In a case of deja-vu, the owner and her daughter were reunited with their wandering ponies this morning.I am pretty wrapped.Just nine months ago, their X-rays cause died after being hit by car on the same road. On that occasion, they allege someone opened the gate. The owners have promised to fix the fence properly this time using barbed-wire and may even relocate to a more secure a stable.

Still to come - Your Money with our
Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape. Also, the city that wants to turn
back the clock on drinking hours. And a breakthrough in treating
back pain without medication.

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You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, how being happy
could also make you wealthy. And serious injuries as an unmarked police car
crashes on a major road. Sydney is following Perth's lead
by introducing identity scanners in a notorious
alcohol violence hot spot. 35 pubs and clubs in Kings Cross will be forced
to install the technology, which will be linked so troublemakers can be identified
and kept out. The system will operate
after midnight at venues that have a capacity
of more than 120 patrons or a history of violent incidents. The scanners will operate from Thursday night
through to Monday morning and from 7pm to 7am on other days. They'll be rolled out
in time for summer. And Queensland is also considering
a crackdown on pubs and clubs by winding back trading hours. Live to Emmy Kubainski in Brisbane. Emmy, it follows recommendations
from an expert panel?

This panel was made up of police officers, city councillors, pub and club owners as well as you for support workers. Queensland's Attorney General is now considering a proposal which would see doors close two hours earlier at 3am instead of 5am. It is in a bid to reduce assaults which police say usually happen during early hours. The plan is based on the Newcastle model which has seen a 30% reduction in assaults since bringing forward closing times. About 100 pubs and clubs across Queensland are licensed to trade past 3am. Currently there is a lot out that prohibits people from entering them after this time. Community ballad -- venues are supporting this move but small operators fear businesses will suffer.

Winding back trading hours
to address antisocial behaviours is not a silver bullet
that will solve the issue. It's a societal issue
that needs much more work rather than just
closing businesses down and it will really just exacerbate
anything that happens.

Casinos will be the exception.

Casinos will be the exception. They will be licensed to trade for 24 hours. It is up to the Attorney General to decide if he wants to move forward with his proposal. The report says more police as well as transport will be needed to make it successful.

Finance news now with Seven's 'Barefoot Investor',
Scott Pape, in our Melbourne studio. Scott, good or bad news from
the share market this afternoon?

A bit of a mixed bag today. The stock market was slightly lower
today as traders sucked their thumbs
and waited for the eventual outcome of the US Federal Reserve's
two-day meeting. The concept that the US
may soon begin easing itself off the unsustainable money
printing has smashed the gold price. Take a look at this chart, gold has fallen around 7%
this month. The yellow metal is widely expected
to become less appealing to traders once the US gets their house
in order. And our gold miners were down today
as a result. Shares in one the year's
most hyped up floats, insurance comparison website
iSelect, hit an all-time low today. It's down roughly 30%. I've said before -
this isn't a stock I'd want to own. And in 2011, Foster's spun off its
wine division, Treasury Wine Estate, and it looks like it got
the best part of the deal. That's because the ABS today found that our beer consumption
is at its lowest point in 66 years but we're making up for it
by drinking more vino. And a global study released today reveals that Aussie retirees
have been the hardest hit by the global financial crisis. And that brings me
to my number of the day. The report by HSBC shows the financial crisis has caused
the biggest drop in incomes for those entering retirement
among the 15 countries surveyed. The reason is the big exposure
that our super funds have to shares. And maybe the other reason
is that 41% of retirees failed to plan for their retirement. Like an AFL footballer,
I guess it just crept up on them? And, guys, the big question
at the moment for home buyers is whether to fix your
interest rates while they're low or keep them variable. It's a good question
and one I'll be answering in Seven News at 6:00 and 7:00.

We'll recap
this afternoon's top stories next. Also, police officers hurt when their unmarked car flips
on a major road. And the new Australian study revealing the steps you can take
to ward off Alzheimer's disease.

Welcome back. You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News and these are our top stories - police have asked
for the public's help to find the man who sexually assaulted
a Sydney mother of three, after breaking into her Sydney home. The man also attacked a neighbour
who came to her aid. A mother who left
her 2-year-old daughter to die from serious injuries has been sentenced
to at least nine years jail. Donna Deaves waited two days
before calling for help to save her badly beaten child. Tony Abbott has pledged to deliver
on his election promises after taking an oath
as Australia's 28th prime minister. His ministry was also sworn in. And two window washers
have been rescued after their gurney became stuck halfway up
a 12-storey Sydney building.

A mother who let
her 2-year-old daughter die from serious injuries has been sentenced to at least
nine years in prison. Donna Deaves left her daughter
Tanilla lying injured in a pram after the toddler was bashed. Jodie Speers was in court. Mel and Matt, Tanilla Warrick-Deaves
was two years old when she was critically injured
at her home at Watanobbi on the Central Coast and then basically left to die. Her mother, Donna Deaves,
took two days to call an ambulance and, by then, it was too late. Deaves pleaded guilty
to manslaughter and was today sentenced
to at least nine years behind bars. The judge described her crime
as an "extremely serious offence" saying "society regards this neglect
as heinous "and worthy of punishment". His starting sentence was 18 years but Deaves was given a 50% discount
for her guilty plea and for helping police. Tanilla's father and stepmother
were pleased with the sentence.

I can see that justice has been served. The world has once again a better place.

The judge said Tanilla's death
could have been prevented by the intervention of
the Department of Community Services and other family members and said society, as a whole,
needs to take some responsibility. Deaves will be eligible for parole
in 2020.

Rail safety is under scrutiny
in Melbourne as well after a security video
was posted online showing a woman
falling onto the tracks. and toppled off the platform
as a train departed. Michael Scanlan has more.

This is an extremely lucky escape. Security footage shows the 58-year- old woman on the platform in the east of Melbourne. She accelerates towards the train as it is about to depart. She hits the side of the carriage and drops onto the tracks as it leaves. She fell about one metre and remained motionless until around 10 commuters came to her aid. They remained with four until paramedics transported or to hospital. Approaching trains were perverted. The people who helped have been praised. They did not know all rail services had been stopped. The drivers have been described as highly skilled and authorities have said they all this conduct appropriate mirror checks. Once doors are closed, the drivers look ahead for approaching signals. The woman has made a full recovery.

If Geoff Shaw is convicted of charges he has promised to fight, it could trigger a by-election. Geoff Shaw has said he will be vigorously defending the charges. Mr Shaw will face court next month.

Also making news around Australia
this afternoon - two detectives have been injured and another man is in
a critical condition in hospital following a crash at Cataract,
south of Sydney. The two officers were in
an unmarked car on Picton Road when it was hit from behind
and rolled several times. They suffered
leg, back and neck injuries. The driver of the other car suffered
major head and chest injuries. He was airlifted
to St George Hospital. In Brisbane, Queensland Rail
is warning pedestrians to take more care at crossings
following this shocking near miss. It happened at Cannon Hill
last month when a 20-year-old man
walked in front of an express train. Remarkably,
he escaped with only bruising when the driver's carriage
clipped his leg, causing him to fall. He's been fined
for entering a rail crossing. It's the eighth near miss
at the Cannon Hill station. In Adelaide, frustrated commuters
on the Noarlunga line are set to get free travel
on substitute buses after the Transport Minister
admitted diesel trains
won't be up and running by their September due date. Contractors involved in installing
new signalling systems are running behind schedule. The State Government says
it's confident they'll be in use by the end of the year. Until then,
substitute buses will be free.

And in Perth, new figures show the number of armed hold-ups
targeting businesses have doubled in the past four years. Just under 300 incidents have been
recorded in the past year alone. Police say drug- and alcohol-fuelled
thieves are largely to blame. Business owners say
it's a sign of the times with more desperate people
doing desperate things. We know money doesn't always
make you happy, but a new study says being happier
can make you more money. Economists looked at the happiness
of more than 9,000 Australians, rating their emotions out of 10. They found happier people
got more done at work When factors like age and education
were the same, annual income was $176.67 higher
for each happiness point. The take-home message here - a really happy person can make
more than $1,700 a year more than someone who's unhappy. Another report out today says regular exercise can help
ward off Alzheimer's disease. More than 320,000 Australians
have dementia and Alzheimer's
is the most common form. The report warns
one in five cases of Alzheimer's is caused by a lack
of physical activity. A modest increase
in the number of people exercising could reduce dementia cases
by 100,000 by 2050. Let's get more on this now
from Suha Ali from Alzheimer's Australia
in Melbourne. Suha, this would come as a surprise
to a lot people. Will this change
your group's approach to dementia?

It reinforces what the program, Your Brain Matters, is all about. People need to lead a brain-a healthy life to reduce the chances of dementia.A lack of physical activity can be a cause. How much exercise should we do and how often?There is not a magical number. What the paper does do is bylines the message behind did physical activity guidelines. 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week. A row but exercise, strengthen resistance, flexibility and balance exercise. So will keep active and healthy. What are the signs you should look out for?Memory changes, and number of things.If you are concerned about memory or other symptoms, speak to your doctor for some medical advice and assistance.What else can we do to help ward off dementia?You look after your brain, a body and heart. Be mentally active, learn new things, be socially engaged, physically active, maintain a healthy diet and heart. What is good for the heart is good for the brain. Look after blood pressure, cholesterol, keep a healthy brain.We will put all of that information on the website. Next in Seven's Afternoon News -
back pain. The surprising research that
could change how we treat back pain. And in sport with Jim Wilson, some spectacular action
and big upsets in California.

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To pictures just in - an ambulance delivering a patient
to their home has been hit by another car
in the Sydney suburb or Ryde. The two paramedics and the patient
were injured in the crash. A passing pedestrian
was also struck by debris. All are said to be
in a stable condition. More details in Sydney's Seven News
at 6:00.

New research has questioned
the widespread use of steroids for back pain. A US study has found patients who have an epidural
or spinal steroid injection experienced the same amount
of relief as those injected
with saline solution. Researchers say it now appears any fluid
injected around the spinal cord could help ease pain. Steroids have been known to cause
a range of damaging side-effects. The research is ongoing.

A new salvage operation is set
to begin on the 'Costa Concordia' after it was successfully lifted off
rocks along Italy's Tuscan coast. With the crippled cruise ship
now refloated, families of two passengers
killed in the disaster hope their remains
can finally be recovered. Many have come
to see the 'Costa Concordia' since she was righted. Few have such a dreadful reason
for their journey. Kevin Rebello's brother, Russell,
died on board. His body is one of two
still missing. I'm hoping at least to find
some remains because after 20 months under sea,
under water, in these circumstances, I don't pretend much.

That the ship is now upright
means there is a chance the missing will be found but this vessel is damaged
beyond repair and the search
will be slow and delicate. Those who raised her are amazed
she stayed in one piece. That she did, and they were able
to salvage her intact, has protected the island of Giglio
from an environmental disaster. Little wonder, then, the man
who masterminded the salvage has become
something of a local hero. Are you hopeful now you might be
able to recover the remains of those
who are still lost on board? Yeah, I think
let the authorities take over now and that's obviously the priority. You must be very proud
of what you've achieved. Oh, it was a massive team so
it's been a wonderful team effort. The 'Concordia' will rest here
for the winter then get taken away for scrap however she is a vessel
that will always have a place in maritime history. Part of that history
is relived every day by the 3,968 people who were able
to escape the 'Concordia'. Seeing her again will be
a dreadful reminder of their ordeal but her salvage may yet give
the families of the missing their dearest wish.

The rain has stopped and the water is receding in Colorado. Roads, bridges and communications are being washed away. Towns are cut off. Evacuated residents are in shelters. Emergency crews are on the ground and in the air, looking for the missing. Those who have returned home are looking for waterlogged possessions.

Sport now with Jim Wilson. Jim, injuries to key players
in the AFL and NRL finals.

Todd Carty is trying every avenue to play against Manly. Players have been told not to use his injury as an excuse. Yeah, that's all you can do. There's no point
feeling sorry for yourselves. That's part of the game,
unfortunately. Injuries are part of it. Newcastle fly to Melbourne tomorrow ahead of Saturday's clash
against the Storm.

Corey Enright
is out of the Geelong side to take on Hawthorn in Friday night's preliminary final
showdown at the MCG. There's increasing speculation Lance Franklin is on the move
at season's end with reports the Hawks
have removed their contract offer. He'll likely head
to Greater Western Sydney. And finals fever is gripping Perth with Fremantle getting set for
the Sydney Swans on Saturday night. All the AFL is right here on Seven
and on 7mate.

Italian superstar
Alessandro Del Piero has been named
Sydney FC's new captain for the upcoming A-League season. Meantime, Socceroo Robbie Kruse
came on as a substitute for Bayer Leverkusen in a 4-2 loss to Manchester United. Robin van Persie
somehow missed this sitter.

thanks to a screamer
from Yaya Toure. Real Madrid belted Galatasaray 6-1, with Gareth Bale setting up one
of Cristiano Ronaldo's three goals. That is $300 million of talent
right there.

Dave Warner wants to return to the
top of the Australian batting order for the Ashes. Warner is enjoying a brief break rather than the middle order. He knows England will be tough. Obviously, they have the upper hand.

been told not to use his injury as
an excuse.

We will have our supporters. We are looking forward to it. Mick Fanning is set
to overtake Kelly Slater in the race
for surfing's world crown. Day three of the Hurley Pro
in California saw Slater and defending
world champion Joel Parkinson eliminated. Queenslander Julian Wilson
upstaged the big names with a series of spectacular moves. His final ride included
a stunning full-rotation air without laying a hand on his board.

I think that qualifies as fully sick! Totally stoked! You will be happy about Lance Franklin. Apparently it is an offer he cannot say no to. He is on his way, almost, to Greater Western Sydney.

And just trying to keep a lid on it until it is confirmed. Get it across the line. Then I will go to town. Up next,
Sally Bowrey with the hot issues that have captured
Australia's attention online today. But first, here's what's coming up

Hello... making Prime7 headlines...
Three high profile public service chiefs have been sacked
within minutes of the new Coalition government being
sworn in. Agriculture's Andrew Metcalfe ... Don Russell at
the Industry Department.. Metcalfe ... Don Russell at
the Industry Department.. and Tourism chief Blair Comley
have all been made redundant. While .. the Public Services
Union says it's worried there might be other job cuts to come..
that the Coalition hasn't revealed. It's as 51 local call
centre workers at Centrelink... revealed. It's as 51 local call
centre workers at Centrelink... are set to lose their jobs
by the end of the year. A terrifying night for
workers at a Scullin supermarket.. after the store
was robbed at knifepoint. A man got away with cash from the
till. He's 180 centimetres tall with short blond hair. with short blond hair. The country's new Defence
Minister David Johnson and Veteran Affairs Ministers
Michael Ronaldson... Veteran Affairs Ministers
Michael Ronaldson... have laid wreaths at our War
Memorial.. as their first ministerial duty. And a helicopter has
winched the last pieces of the Centenary Trail into
place. The metal framework was installed over a bridge. installed over a bridge. More at 7:30.

Sally Bowrey is in the newsroom,
keeping watch on social media. Sal, what are the hot issues online
this afternoon? Tony Abbott's trending on Twitter after being sworn in as PM
this morning. Despite becoming
the king of social media during the campaign, Abbott's gone a bit quite
on Twitter of late. One of the most recent pics
he posted was of his dog a couple of weeks ago. There's Maisie, lending her support.

And it's not just the PM
who has gone cold on twitter. 'Shurley' - the tweeting lovebirds
Liz Hurley and Shane Warne - have flown the coop. Liz has been photographed without
her sapphire engagement ring. And today, Warnie tweeted that
he couldn't attend his own foundation's
ambassadors' program launch, apologising on Twitter
for dropping out at the last minute.

It was 'tweet' while it lasted.
But it looks like it's over. a new app is here to help? Yes, it's called No Cyrus, and it deletes her name
from internet browsers and even words associated with
all things Miley, like twerking. It can also be extended
to include the Kardashians and now we might have to add
'Shurley' to that list. Sal, this next video is bound
to become a YouTube sensation? Yes, if you have ever asked yourself
what happens when you leave a bunch of blokes
home alone, it looks like this. A group of Kiwis found a way
to rig their mate's place up so that every single tap
in the house flows with beer. Using a local brewery
and some plumbing, they created every man's dream, installing cameras
to catch the reaction.

Is it cold? Ahhh. That is a plan coming together.

I can see so many people trying to figure out that!

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the national weather forecast
for tonight and tomorrow with David Brown.

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isn't as useful as it should be.

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Welcome back to the Afternoon News. Let's get the forecast
for tonight and tomorrow. Brownie, spring thunderstorms
are rumbling across south-east Australia
this afternoon.

My garden is fantastic. A good time to get your fertiliser out. At the moment, an active cold front. It is producing scatter showers and thunderstorms. This is how it looks on radar - the front stretches
from the south-west into central parts
of southern New South Wales. Most areas can expect up to 10mm
of rain from this passing system. Let's take a look
at our weather wall. In our southern capital,
it's been a cold and showery day. Further periods of rain tomorrow. In Melbourne, it's been showery
for most of the afternoon with the odd thunderstorms
rolling through as well. In Sydney,
it's a warm and sunny afternoon. Cooler tomorrow.

And in Brisbane, clear sky. Hot tomorrow,
chance of a late thunderstorm. This front is driving the scattered
showers and isolated storms over the south-east corner. The tail end of this low is
driving areas of rain over Tassie. Tomorrow, this slow-moving trough

should trigger scattered
thunderstorms during the afternoon on its eastern flank.

Fine and sunny conditions for NSW. In Brisbane, chance of an
afternoon thunderstorm, 32. Sydney, fine and mild, 23. Canberra, fine and 16. Melbourne, a few more showers
and 18 degrees. Adelaide, fine and mild 19.

And don't forget to join me tonight
for Seven News at 7pm over on 7TWO. Our finance expert Scott Pape
will have analysis on whether now is the right time
to fix your interest rate whether you're a home buyer
or a retiree.

But that's it for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Matt White. And I'm Melissa Doyle. We'll see you back here tomorrow.
Have a good night. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases... ..150 contenders... ..$200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 6. Congratulations, Susan Merrifield. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now please welcome your host... Odna, Monnie, Maccy! ..Andrew O'Keefe. Yeah, hello. How are you? Hey, Susan.
Welcome to the Deal-a-Drome. Thank you very much. Welcome, everyone.
Great to have your company. Susan Merrifield doing the deals
with us here today. From Rosebud. Yes, I drove up from Rosebud
this morning at six o'clock. Good on you. That's a beautiful area of the
world, Rosebud, isn't it? Yeah, it's nice.
It's not too far away. What do you do with
yourself down there? I'm a draftsperson. An architectural draftsperson?
You don't ride draught horses. No, drafting, drawing houses. How does that work? The architect sends you the plan?
Is the way it works? No, it's a drafting company
so a client will come to us saying, "We want a brand-new house" and then they will give us a brief
of what they want and then it's up to one of us to
come up with the house, layout, elevations
and things like that... Yes. give them
the house that they want. What's the essential difference between the draftsperson and
the architect in that case then? Architects are more expensive! I see, I see. You've got to go to "uni"
to be an architect. Exactly, yes. What are you here for?
$200,000. $200,000. Yes, sure, sure. You can draft up a fair few pleasant
plans with that one I would imagine. Number one dream. Number one. We're all planning on going to Rio. Rio. Beautiful.
Yes. Are you gonna go
during the soccer festival? Carnevale in February. Carnevale, beautiful.
That sounds good. My friends Bernie and Lynette,
they're 50 so we're going for their 50th. Michaela is 18,
Tania is going to have a fling and we'll do some dancing! (CHUCKLES) I mean, you could be any age
and have a fling in Rio. It doesn't matter, does it?
No, it will be good hopefully. And you like a bit of dance,
a bit of salsa? That's why I want to go
for Carnevale. Feathers in our hair.
Fantastic. The samba schools
are incredible apparently. Really?
I've never been. I'd love to see it.
Let's go get the money, shall we? OK, thank you. Ms Monnie, Ms Katie, Ms Odna. Where are we going? Number 25, please. 25. Thank you, Ms Katie McGinnity.

This is the tool to use to draft
our dream, Susan Merrifield. Thank you, Miss Mac. It's deal time.

Could this case be tonight's
lucky case and contain $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin.

So we better meet the crew, huh? The posse. We have Bernie, Michaela, Lynette,
and Tani on the podium here. How are you, ladies? Fantastic.
Thank you. You've been talking about this
Rio extravaganza for a while now? Yes.
Where did you cook up a plan? We all really like to dance
and we like to party. So you just love a party and you thought,
"Where's the world's biggest party?" Yes. Carnevale. It's a simple plan, isn't it? Yes.
I love it. Five of you, this is going to be
dangerous, isn't it? When you're there, obviously
Carnevale lasts for a week or so. What else do you do? You might as well travel around
while you're there. Salvador.
Beautiful. Ipanema
Ipanema 'The Girl from Ipanema'.
Absolutely. Depending on how much we win
we'd like to go on from there. Sure, sure. Maybe Africa or something like that. OK, transatlantic.
Beautiful, sounds good. To get the four of you there and living it up large
in Carnevale in Rio, the five of you I should say, we're looking at probably
I don't know 50 grand, aren't we? At least.
For starters. Yeah, yeah! The world's biggest party
don't come cheap. Think about the time
someone picks your pocket. You better watch out for that. And kidnapped.
And kidnapped, yes, yes. Absolutely right. So there's the $50,000
plus the ransom money, I forgot. Exactly. So you'll need maybe $100,000.
Let's get stuck in. Six cases. Best of luck, Susan Merrifield.

Can I please have case 11? 11 to start with. Dani. Good luck, Susan.
I think I have $3,000. Thank you, Dani. It's $250. Nice start.
That's the way we do it, Susan.


..17, please. Good luck, Susan.
I think I've got $20,000. OK, Courtney. In the maroon zone. $150 it is. Two blue.

Number 26, please.

Or "Bah-yah", as they say in Brazil. Good luck, I think I have $20.
Thank you.

It's $20,000. Alexis, thank you very much.

Number 20, please.
20 is Victoria. Hi, good luck. I think I have $10. I hope so.
Thank you, Victoria. Oh! $100,000. Three greens left. Still got the big one in play.
Don't worry, two to come.

Number 9, please. Good luck, Susan.
I think I've got $10,000. Thank you, Angela. $5,000 is alright. One more blue to bring it home. That will even up the board a bit.

Number 2, please.
2, Erica. Good luck, Susan.
I think I've got $500. OK, Erica. Five for five in 2 perhaps.

Yeah, nicely done. The classic conversion.
Beautiful. $500 for you, Erica.
Congratulations. So all in all, a pretty good round
other than the loss of the $100,000. Your form is pretty consistent. Offer is...?

$9,750. Almost two grand a head.
That won't go far. No deal. No deal. No deal!
No deal. That'll probably get you
to Santiago in Chile. You'll have to walk
the rest of the way. There's five of us.
Exactly, exactly. I reckon $50,000 is the minimum. See you when we get back.
See you after the break.

I feel most relaxed
when I have solid plans in place. That's why I took out
an Apia funeral plan. It's nice to know that my family will have help with
funeral and associated expenses - up to $30,000 - at a difficult time.

No forms, no medicals, and assured acceptance
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really rewards your experience↑j5 really rewards your experience. That's why
everybody's talking about Apia.

Well it's gonna be a very big
year for Brazil, isn't it? I mean, they just hosted
the South American Federation Cup, they've got the World Cup coming on. And now the five girls
are about to arrive. Here with Susan Merrifield, Bernie,
Michaela, Lynette and Tani. The whole gang. Five cases. Best of luck.

OK, I'm hoping that two greens
aren't next to each other so I'll go for 19, please. 19 is Rachel. Good luck, Susan.
I think I have $100. Thank you, Rach. Sounds good.

It's $20. Good work. Good.
That's blue as well.

Number 16, please. I think I've got the $50,000.
I hope you don't. Nicky going green.
Is it the first of them? No, $750.
sorry, the second of them. I forgot you lost $100,000.

Nice and blue, though. OK, can I please have number 6? Number 6. Emily? Hi Andrew. Good luck, Susan.
I think I have $4,000. Thank you, Emily.

Nice, $10. Good.
Fantastic. Good. Can I please have number 24? Of course you can, it's your show.
Alexandra? Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Susan. I hope I have $200 for you.
OK. The car.

Which is, you know, in it of itself
of no real consequence to you because there are five of you,
it's a two-seater car and you can't take it to Brazil,
so there you go. Exactly, it's not a bad thing. That is $30,000 you just lost so we
want to get back in the blues now. Anything below $10,000 will be fine.


Number 22. I think I've got the $200,000.
I hope you don't. Yeah, yeah.
Hang on, do you really? I think I do, yeah. Do you have X-ray vision, Paul? I wish I did so I could get it right
but I really think I've got it. Are you psycho...psychic.
I meant psychic. No, don't go for him. Change. No, I don't...

What do you think you've got,
number 3? I think I've got $5.

OK, well that's pretty good.
Are you gonna go with Raf? Number 3, please.
Alright, second-guessing. Good luck.
Here we go, Raf.

It's $1. Either which way,
it turned out for the best. This is good.
It is. You lost the car which I said
had no inherent property for you but the rest of the round
was terrific. Good, no more greens. Offer is...?


TANIA: No deal.
There's five of us.

That's the problem,
there's five of you. Yeah, I know. Not that that's a problem,
that's fantastic. It's fun. And one of the other girls
is overseas at the moment who couldn't be here
so there's really six of us. So I can't figure
that's gonna help us at all.

No deal!
No deal. That's the way.

Four cases. Let's go. Where are we going?

Number 1. What do you think, Brian? I think...$5. Thank you, Brian. Sounds good. It's $4,000. That'll do. That's OK.

What do you think you've got,
number 4? I think $3,000.
Sasha. Yes.
That will do. OK.
Happy? Yes, that's good. Number 4.
Let's see it, Sash. Good luck.

It's $3,000. Nicely done. $500 for Sasha. Good stuff. Well, the party
has certainly started in here. A couple of good correct guesses
so far. Yes.
Two cases.

Number 18, please.

You're not going to like me
but I'm going to say the $200,000. Oh! Well, you both can't have it.
(AUDIENCE GIGGLES) You got it. You're gonna pop the locks on 18? Yes, please. Let's see, Linda.
Linda's nodding so, yeah. Thank you. No, $50. Good stuff.

Plotting a very fine path here.
Good one, Susan. One to come.


..23 please. Emily. Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Susan.
I think I've got $5. Good on you, Emily.

Ooh! $50,000. Not a disaster. You know,
11 cases currently in play. Three to open next round. You have $200,000, the $75,000,
the $15,000, the $10,000. So you've got options. It's...?

$17,150. No. No deal. No deal. We can go further.
Keep going, Susan. Keep going.

We wouldn't even be able to have
accommodation for us all. No, I mean the current point
is not exactly where you want to be but your overall trajectory
has been good in this game. It just keeps rising. You think you can keep that up? AUDIENCE: Yeah!

Deal or no deal?
No deal! No deal. I can almost hear
the samba beats now. (HUMS SAMBA BEAT)

Well, dancing in the streets.
Dancing in the Drome. This is where it all starts.
See you after the break.

Hello. Coming up in Seven News - a Sydney man run down saving his neighbour
from a sex attacker. How police escaped with their lives
from a crash that flipped their car. And a pedestrian's close call
with a speeding train. See you at 6:00.

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Welcome back, people. I'm here with Susan Merrifield
and friends. You have the $200,000, the $75,000,
the $15,000, the $10,000. Now, $200,000 we definitely
all go to Rio and onwards. We can go round Brazil
for months on that kind of money, possibly even go to
Africa as you suggested. The $75,000 will definitely
get us to Carnevale but probably not a lot more.

You know, $15,000 or $10,000 you might want to consider Moomba. That's a terrific festival.
That's not far. You've got options, is my point. Three cases.

I still don't think two greens
will be next to each other so 21 is normally my lucky number but I'm gonna choose you
and I hope you're not lucky. Melissa. Good luck. I think I've got $200. Thank you.
That's good. $10,000.

Two cases. Number 10. I think I've got the 50 cents.
Thank you, Sam. Ooh! 75 grand.

Now we were just talking about
your abundance of options. Suddenly... There's not so many anymore.
No, your basket is emptying rapidly. You need that $200,000,
you need the $15,000 backing it up.

Number 8,
what do you think you've got? Nicole. Good luck, Susan.
I reckon I've got $15,000. Thank you, Nicole.

$1,000, thank you very much.

That's changed the complexion
of things a little bit. It has. There's obviously still
that massive figure in there. $200,000. That will keep your offer afloat.
I hope so. Offer is...?

It's all about
the floats at Mardi Gras. TANIA: One more, I reckon one more. I reckon go one more.
One more. I'm not saying. What can I do! TANIA: One more.

One more is two more,
you understand. Two more.
I mean two more cases.

So are you confident
you can open two more cases without hitting the $200,000? (AUDIENCE SHOUTS SUGGESTIONS) ALL: Yeah. No deal!

Very brave. Brava, bella. Alright, very good.

What do you think? Do you think one of you guys
have something bad like 50 cents? I think I'm not feeling
any lucky vibes from this one. I'll go with Tan, number 15. Tani, you're on. I think I have the $5.
Thank you, Tani. For our sake I really hope I do.

Two grand will do.
That's good, that's good. Anything other than the $15,000
or the $200,000 is ace.

What do you think 13? You want it? Do it.
I think I have blue. You got a blue?
Yes. Do it.
I hope you've got 50 cents. Going with Michaela?
I'll go 13, Michaela. I think I have 50 cents.

$200, nicely played. Well done.

Hey, good stuff. And it's only one case at a time
from here on in, you know. Yep, OK. Offer is...?


Our turn. Yeah, one more.

Yeah, what the hell,
just do it, just do it. One more, just go for it. What do you want to do? What was your instinctive
reaction to $28,300? Well...I'd like more!

I'd like more. Is that the first thing
you thought we saw it? No, I thought,
"That's perfect, take it."

Up to you. BERNIE: Come on. One more, one more. One more. You've come with nothing. Do it, do it. Yeah! One more, one more. No deal!
Alright. It's like the samba itself,
isn't it? No matter how perfect it is,
you always want more. A little Astrud Gilberto perhaps. See you after the break.

Hello. Coming in Seven News - detectives injured when their police car flips
on a busy Sydney road. The tense rescue of window washers
left dangling seven storeys up. The plan to slash train fares
by three quarters. I'll tell you which passengers
are set to benefit. And what $100 million will buy you
on the Sydney property market. That's at 6:00.

MAN: That's the way. Good one, Luke. WOMAN: Anne. Yay! Good girl.
Good girl.

MAN2: Oh, great job! WOMAN2: Come on, Matthew.
Go, go, go, go, go! Keep running, keep running! Go! (BOY SQUEALS)
Oh! Yay! I did it, I'm in! Ohh! VOICEOVER:
McDonald's and Little Athletics. Supporting young Aussies
for 10 years.

Welcome back.
Off to Rio if all goes very well. The Carnevale. We love our dancing. We love our good times, our parties. That's the posse we have with us
today led by Miss Susan Merrifield. Where do we go?

LYNETTE: Go with your gut.

Number 5, please. Yianni Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Susan. I think I have the $200,000. Oh, Yianni. Hang on!
Whoa, close it up! Did you see what it was, Yianni?
No. Close it up. Did you want to change your mind? I mean, up to you. I don't want to see disaster
happen if you could have avoided it. No, I'll go with him.
Go with him? Go for it.
Go with him. OK, number 5, number 5. Drama in the Deal-a-Drome! Wait, wait, because I think 22.
There's a pattern. I don't want it to go down. OK, alright, number...

..5. OK, good luck.
I think I have the $200,000. Yianni has...

Oh! Oh, no.

Oh, no! Sorry!

Oh, Susan. Susan. Oh, I'm so sorry. I want to cry. Oh, darling. It's not fair.


No deal. OK, alright.

Well, I guess the only thing left
is the 15 G's that gets us to Rio. That's it... That's your plane tickets.
Yes. The rest you have to take care
of yourself. One case at a time. I would have gone 22, so 22.
Paul. My bad about that!

I seriously thought I had it. I guess I'll just go
the opposite side then. I'll go $100.
Thank you, Paul. Good luck.

(AUDIENCE GROANS) Oh, that's really sad. You said, "Don't worry."

Paul, I don't want you
to take this personally but I don't ever want to
see your face in this Deal-a-Drome ever again. Yeah, it's a bit awkward, isn't it?


No deal.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Number 14, Lynette. I think I have two dollars. Lynette.

Oh, my God! Oh! Oh, boy. This is like 50 cents probably. Unfair. Number 7. Hang on, hang on! OK, sorry. Don't skip ahead, denying yourself of the opportunity
to accept this handsome offer.

No deal.
No deal. Moving on. No way.

We're going with 7?
Yeah, number 7. Rob. Hi, I think I've got five bucks.
Thanks, Rob.

Ooh, I could have $5. You could have the $5.

No, thank you.
No, thank you, no deal? No deal.
No deal.

There is only one thing
that can save us now. ALL: Megaguess, Megaguess... I want you to think
very seriously, Mr Smythe, about the possibility
of stumping up the Megaguess. I'll give you a moment
to think it over. Marjorie, please, I beg of you. Don't send them home losers. We'll find out
after the news headlines.

Thanks, Andrew. Tonight - a young mother's punishment
for letting her little girl die. Tony Abbott shows off
the women in his life as he's sworn in to office. With uncertainty over
where interest rates are headed, I'll tell you whether now
is the right time to fix. Sydney window washers
left dangling seven storeys up. In sport, a Seven News exclusive - controversial batsman
Dave Warner's plea for the Ashes. controversial batsman And spring has returned to Sydney. I'll tell you how warm
your suburb was today. That's next.

You can't expect Walter
to take pity on you. And that's why I'm appealing to
Marjorie Q. Smythe. Yes, please. Now, Marj, even If it's not to save
the dispirited souls of five wonderful women, I mean, do it for the dance,
do it for the samba. Marj, you remember your days
dancing the can-can in that Belgian cabaret troupe. Try and remember the good times.
Think what it was like. Give us a Megaguess.
Come on! (AUDIENCE CHANTS) Come on, please, Marj. ALL: Megaguess, Megaguess...

Alright, Bernie, what's in 12? My gut feeling is $5, Susan. Oh, I hope you're right.
Come on, Bernie.

ALL: Yay!

Oh, my God. Oh, my goodness. You were never gonna get
to Rio with that. But you turned 50 cents
into five grand. Yeah, I won the money. Well, I guess that cloud
had a silver lining. Let's see the money.

Oh, ladies,
I'm sorry about the blow-out. What a disappointment but a great
save at the end there, Bernie. Maybe just make that 50th birthday
party a Brazilian theme, huh? I'm looking forward to
the invitation. Well done, guys. Nicely played. Good stuff, happy days. Thanks, Katie. Thanks, Monnie.
Thanks to everyone. Hola! See you next time. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia

Rachael is our new champion. ANNOUNCER: Last time, Rachael didn't
falter and won the $20,000 jackpot. $20,000 is all yours! She is risking it
to take on two new players for $50,000.


Hello. I'm Grant Denyer and welcome
to Million Dollar Minute. Returning champ Rachael Bauser is taking her next big step
towards $1 million. The executive mum is back tonight,
playing for the $50,000 jackpot. First she has to beat
two determined opponents. Let's meet them now.

Taking on the champ, a sparky who
dreams of publishing a kids' book. Welcome, Billy Townie. Hi, Billy.
Hi, Grant. And carer and gold prospector
Berenise Lebator. Hi, Berenise.
Hi, Grant. Great to have you with us. That's who you're up against,
Rachael, with $50,000 on the line
this time. Now, you did not hesitate
one single second to make that decision
to come back and play on. Are you still as confident? Yes, I think I am. You wouldn't tell me at the time but
you said you had a bit of a mental
target in mind, financially. More than $20,000,
probably more than $50,000. So let's keep going.
Intriguing. Well, this is the march towards that money
and the Million. If our champ
gets through to the Million Dollar
Minute again tonight and wins
the $50,000 jackpot, she could take the cash
and leave the show or Rachael
can keep going and play for
$75,000 or $100,000, all the way
to the magic Million. Billy, Berenise,
knock off the champ and you'll be chasing down a
starting jackpot of $20,000 tonight. There's plenty of safe money
to be won along the way as well. So, good luck, everybody. 15 points
now on the boards to get us started. 5 for each correct answer,
5 off if you get it wrong. But whoever's in front
at the end of the night will play tonight's
Million Dollar Minute and go for the jackpot. OK. Here we go.
Hands on buzzers for Round 1. What passes between the earth
and the sun during a solar eclipse? The moon. Correct. In 1946, what revolutionary swimsuit
was named after... Bikini. Bikini is right. ..after Bikini Atoll
in the Pacific Ocean? Which is the only Australian state
to have never had a female premier?

Is it Tasmania? Incorrect.
South Australia, I'm afraid. Thermidor and Newberg
are two similar recipes... Lobster. Correct. Choreology is a method
for notating what activity? Dancing. Yes, that's right.
Dancing, ballet or movement. Peter Carl Faberge was a goldsmith
to which empire's court? The Russian court. I'll accept that. And one, in fact, sold in 2007
for £9 million. Wow! Playing the title role in the 2000
version of the movie 'Shaft' was Samuel WHO? Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson. Merle Thornton, who chained herself
to a bar for women's rights in 1965, was which Logie winner's mum?

Sigrid Thornton. That is exactly right. She wanted to liberate bars
from being men only. Name a country in which Mount
Olympus is the highest mountain. Greece. Congratulations. Greece is right. Cyprus is the other country that has the highest mountain
of the same name. And that brings us
to the end of Round 1. And the champ keen to lay down some
early authority on the competition. Rachael on 40. Billy having a bash at a few
but going a little backwards on 10. And Berenise on 30. But, champ, it's all about you.