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(generated from captions) but particularly with the number of...We are going to break out of that interview now and take you to Fairfield, in Sydney's west, where interim Opposition Leader Chris Bowen is holding a press conference. Yesterday we pointed out that it was a sad state of affairs that the Liberal and National Party could only provide one woman to serve in the Cabinet of Australia. John Howard's first Cabinet, a long time ago, had two women. We had six women in the outgoing Cabinet - all Cabinet appointments should be based on merit. We had six talented women appointed on merit to the Cabinet, and for Tony Abbott to say that he could only find one woman in his view talented enough to serve in the Federal Cabinet of Australia is a sad indictment. This has been supported by Senator Boyce and I saw Mr Jensen earlier today saying a Cabinet wasn't being appointed on merit. Also we pointed out great gaps in the Cabinet - no Minister for science, for skills, no Minister for multiculturalism, ageing or seniors and no Minister for DisibilityCare. It is all very well to say somebody is responsible in the Cabinet. But it's important for a Government to highlight its priorities, to highlight specific responsibilities for its most senior Ministers. Australia's had a science Minister since the early 1930s. James Scullion as PM knew that science was important enough to have a portfolio, but Tony Abbott seems to think it is not. Again, Dennis Jensen said earlier today this was a problem. He said he was confused by this policy, and he says it wasn't too late for Mr Abbott to change his mind and to put a science portfolio forward -Also today, Mr forward -Also has agreed exactly forward -Also today, Mr Jensen we have been making has agreed paid parental leave scheme of we have Mr Abbott. He paid parental leave scheme was too Mr Abbott. He wointed out it was too extensive - pointed out it was too extensive - it was too expensive. Mr Jensen called for it to go to the Productivity Commission and said it was being paid for by a whack on Australia's seniors. He said it was something somebody had thought of and hadn't properly somebody had thought of hadn't properly been thought through. Mr Jensen is telling the truth, and he's saying exactly what we said before the election. Mr Jensen is saying it after the election, in a sign of disunity before the new Government has even been sworn in. We made these points before the election. So, again, we are seeing what is frankly, in my view, a botched Cabinet reshuffle. Key portfolios have been left off. The embarrassment of only one woman being put into the Cabinet, and key Liberal backbenchers pointing out the errors in the paid parental leave scheme which will be paid for by Australia's seniors - self-funded retirees, part pensioners and mum and dad investors. Happy to take some questions. Why do you think he has only appointed one womanThat's a matter for him to explain. He said there were talented women knocking on the door to get into Cabinet. Well, PM-elect, open the door and let them in. There are, I say in the spirit of bipartisanship, women in the Liberal and National Party should
rooms who do have ability. And should be represented at the most senior policy-making table in Australia. As I say, appointments should be made on merit. in Australia. As I say, all
appointments should merit. I happen to think it's a very sad day in a very sad day in 2013, if the a very sad day in 2013, if PM-elect of Australia says, "I made my appoint pts on merit" and only one is a female. Who do you think should have been appointedThere is a whole range of people in the Liberal and National Party rooms. It is not my place to appoint Ministers. Some of them are still in the back bench, Kelly o-Dwyer. Some Parliamentary Secretaries who should be very seriously considered for Cabinet positions. Are you saying the male counterparts who have been put into the Cabinet, do you think that they haven't been won on meritWhat I'm saying, or Dr Jensen said that, and what I'm saying is that if the PM-elect of Australia in 2013, thinks that on merit he can only find one woman out of his entire combined Liberal and National Party rooms I think it is a sad day. Do you think a lot of that campaigning he did with his daughters and all the other women he was around, do you saying
think it was a shamNo, I'm not saying that. I'm saying what is important is matter of substance, and none are more important that appointments to the Federal Cabinet of Australia. I think it is a sad indictment that in this modern era a new PM could only find one female he thinks is up to the job. Will you be publicly boosting Anthony Albanese or Mr endorsing either
ShortenNo, I won't be endorsing either candidate. That would be inappropriate. Will you be attending either of their campaigns in any capacityNo. If there were join functions, I would consider that, but I won't be attending functions only supporting one of them. Rather early on in the process, I know, but is there anything you can point to at the moment that will tell us how this issue is going, how it's playing with the membership and so forthIt's very popular with the members in terms of getting