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(generated from captions) be focusing your attention.Richard, thank you very much for talking to us tonight.Thanks, Hamish.One of those critical of the lack of women in the new cabinet is Sue Boyce, joining me from Brisbane. Sue, is that correct? If you want good outcomes don't promote women to cabinet?I don't think that was entirely what Richard was saying. Look, I agree with him - we don't want to be promoting women on the basis of their gender. I think we have to look at some of the instructural impediments in the party. It means we are in the situation we are in right now with so few women coming through into cabinet and the ministry.What was your gut reaction to the news that there would be one woman in a cabinet of 19?I was shocked, embarrassed. I think it's embarrassing within Australia, let alen embarrassing internationally that we only have one woman in cabinet. -- let alone. I don't think it's Tony Abbott's fault. We have to get to a situation where there are just as many women to choose from as there are men. Currently if only 20% of the people you have to choose from are women, of course you will get skewed outcomes like today.Less than 20% of the cabinet are women. So he did make a choice, didn't he? It was within Tony Abbott's gift to determine who was in cabinet. He just didn't choose women?He certainly did choose some women and promoted some women. I can't get into the why not her, or her.It's an inarguable fact.Well, Miss cash has been promoted into the outter ministry, both women who I think very successfully will knock on doors in the future. But I can't get into the why not pick her or her, Tony is the one who has seen the way they work. They have worked for him. He has made the choices he has, as Richard said, for all manner of reasons, including getting the right geographical spread and trying to get a gender balance.Tony Abbott says it's about experience and having an experienced team.Yep.With these 18 men in cabinet, they are always going to be more experienced to everybody else in the party to be in those positions. How will this ever change?One hopes that over time as some of them retire, they are replaced by women who are getting their experience now in the outter ministry and in the parliamentary sectry positions. Until you have as many women coming through the ranks as you have men, this is going to self-perpetuate, the problem is going to continue.