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for a working with children check. Prime Minister-elect Abbott...this is a ministry most notable for what is lacks than what it has. The new Prime Minister has announced a Cabinet without a disability care or disability reform Minister, one of the most important social reforms of our generation and it appears no Minister is responsible. No Minister for seniors, no Minister for Aging, no Minister for resources or energy, no Minister for services, the largest part of
our economy is the services sector, our financial services sector has great potential and we don't have a Minister or a we don't have a Minister assisting. No Minister for tourism. I think there will be a lot of people in who find these areas of policy important, who'll be very dis appointed they don't have a specific voice at the Cabinet table. The new Prime Minister has neglected whole swathes of the Australian economy and important parts of the Australian society in refusing to appoint Ministers specifically responsible for these important areas. Also just as disappointing is the fact that this ministry is patently lacking in women. Now, all Cabinet Ministers and all Ministers should always be appointed on merit but the fact that the new Prime Minister could only find, out of his entire Party Room, one female member of parliament that he regards as being meritorious isn't is
enough to serve in his cab isn't is a sad indictment. The Cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women in it than the Cabinet of Australia. This is a sad day for the senior representation of women in Australian politics. I also note that the role of the Minister for the status of women has been downgraded to a non-Cabinet position into the outer ministry. Now the outgoing Government had six women in the Cabinet, six talented women who earned their is
place on merit. I think that it is a disappoint pointing day when Australia goes so backwards, so backwards in the representation of senior females at the most important policy-making table in Australia. I also want to deal with the speculation today that the new Government - and I notice that the new Prime Minister refused to deny this - would not be releasing their mid year economic forecast until the January holidays. This is a clear breach of the commitment, the promise that Tony Abbott made at their campaign launch just a few weeks ago. It is unprecedented since the Charter of Budget Honesty act was cast for a mid year economic forecast to be released in January. We all know what happens in January in Australia , many of members of the press gallery, I dare Australia , many of you,
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ploy on behalf of the This is a clear and ploy on behalf of the new Government to avoid scrutiny. It is consistent with the approach they took during the It is consistent with election campaign of failing approach they took election campaign of failing to
be be upfront and honest with the Australian people about the state of their Budget books, about the impact of about the impact of their policies. What we're seeing here is now a clear pattern of behaviour from this new Government, saying one thing before the election and doing another thing after the election. Mr Abbott stood at a lectern at his campaign launch and promised that we'd see the state of the books within 100 days of the election of the new Government. Now we're told it's not urgent enough t can wait until everybody's on January holidays. We were told that the shadow ministry would translate entirely into the ministry. Now we're told Andrew Robb's not up to the job of being Finance Minister after the election. We were told that Tony Abbott would go to Indonesia within the first week of becoming Prime Minister, that we'd have a Jakarta-based foreign policy. Now we're told Minister Bishop will catch up with Minister Natalagawa in New York for a coffee. This a not a Jakarta' based foreign policy. She says she'll seek Indonesia's understanding not their agreement. Again we're seeing one thing before the election and another thing after the election. We were told that there's a Budget emergency and the crisis measure would need to be taken. Now we read that Treasurer Hawky is contem plating spending to stimulate the economy too, increase the deficit. So we're seeing this pattern of one thing being said another
before the election and doing another completely different thing after the election. Just before I open up to question, I also want on the process of the election of the new Labor leader. As you know, this process is under way. We have two cand who have indicated their expression of interest in leading the Labor Party. I can tell you there's been strong reaction from Labor Party members across the country. Really looking forward to having their say. There's also been an increase in applications and expressions of interest to join the Australian Labor Party and which is a good thing after an election defeat. We actually have more people wanting to join our party. I can tell you the National Executive of the party, with the agreement and the acquiescence of both candidates, I understand, have agreed more people should have a say and every member of the Australian Labor Party who is a financial member as at election day, 7 September, will get a vote. It had previously been a possibility that only those memberwise two years standing or omore would have a vote but we want as many people having a vote in the process as possible. Anyone who was a member of the Labor Party on election day will get a vote. I can also outline that nomnablings for lead orenough Federal parliamentary Labor Party will close at 5pm on 20 September, that's Friday, 20 September. The member ballot ballot
will open on 24 September, had ballot will close for members of the party on 9 October at 5 p.m. the Caucus will meet to vote at 4pm on Thursday, 10 October, and then the Caucus ballots will be counted after the member shf ballots have been counted and the result of the ballot will be announced on 13 October, Sunday, 13 October. As I say, this is a good thing for Australian democracy, a good thing for the Labor Party to invite so many more people to share with us the important decision about who should be our alternative Prime Minister, leading our party over the next term. It's an important process for the

It's an important process to go through and I'm sure the party and nation will stand in good stead. Happy to answer questions. How many members were financial as at election day? The rolls will be closed. The State branches are responding to the decision of the National Executive. The rolls will be closed and a final figure released. Will we get a split between the Caucus vote and overall? We would be very transparent about that. There was some talk it might get opened up to TV debates etc. Was that discussed at malings executive today? There will be a process for candidates to engage with the party members. Some of that will no doubt be through media, others will be through specific events which either one or both candidates may be willing to participate in. There will be ongoing suggestions - ongoing discussions about that. National Executive was going to discuss whether the entire process should be funded by the Labor Party or whether taxpayers would pick up the cost of flights and travel allowance. Neither candidate will be using parliamentary travel am title.s while campaigning. Taxpayers won't be called upon to fund the travel of the candidates on matters pertain ing to their leadership bid. On the question of budget, apart from taking a fill soskical position doork you have any problem with position out you have any problem with the
position out of the position out of with the need to fill the infrastructure with the need infrastructure gap? What I have a infrastructure gap? What have a problem is the-S the different approach from 6 heard
September to 8 September. We heard about the boirge emergency, kries xaz the great challenge for the nation, now we hear about the need to spend more. I pointed out as Treasurer during the election campaign we were facing a transition in the economy and needed other I pointed out we believed in investing in infrastructure. Now if they had this view they could have expressed it before the election. They had the pre-election fiscal outlook. They can't say, "There's stuff we didn't know about," after the election because the figures that have been presented to them would reflect the pre-election fiscal outlook which was released during the election campaign. What I have a problem with is a completely inconsistent approach from this new incoming Government compared to what they said Labor
before the election. Will Labor be matching the Shadow Ministers the same, lining up with the MinisterThat will be a matter for them. The new leader will allocate portfolios based on the election of the Caucus. As interim leader I have allocated portfolios based on the outgoing ministry and asked Mitchered Marles to act as acting Defence Minister. The new leader, I dare say, would have a view, his personal priorities ooze Leader of the Opposition and would reflect that in the appointment of Shadow Ministers. I don't think the new leader would be bound to exactly match the incoming ministry because the incoming ministry has so many gaps tin. I dare say the new Leader of the Opposition might want a Shadow Minister for Seniors and aging, the new Leader of the Opposition may want a Shadow Minister for Resources and energy, may want a Shadow Minister for Financial services, Minister services, a Shadow Minister for DisabilityCare because we'll continue to believe in it, may want to have continue to want to have a Shadow Minister
for Skills because that's important for our economic development. All points which are lacking, extraordinarily lacking in this ministry announce today. You said Earl I there would be no Minister responsible for those areas because it didn't have the name in the title. Mr Abbott says they will be responsible for the areas he's just shrinking the titles. He's not telling us who it is. Who's the Minister for resources and energy in Australia? He says Ian McFarlane. Industry is a very broad portfolio. It could cover a lot of things. Of course a little bit of steamlining here and there when it comes to putting together a ministry, nobody would quibble with that, but taking out whole swathes of responsibility y the
think there would be people in the resources sector who would be dis appointed, I think seniors advocates would be dis appointed and the disability sector would be annoyed they don't have a specific and clear voice at the Cabinet table. I was former Minister for financial services and ow know how important it is for the that sector to have a voice. When I was Treasurer I had an assistants Minister for financial services. It is important those key sectors of the economy have a stake and a say when big decisions are being made and a very clear line of somebody who has responsibility for considering their issues and putting their case forward and that their issues are addressed in Cabinet discussions and that's simply lacking in this new Cabinet. What's your view on sport being elevated to Cabinet? Nobody's going to quibble with that. I don't have a problem with sport being elevated to Cabinet y have a problem with other things being left off the Cabinet table. Are you surprised we vyrnt seen and tail of this - we haven't seen detail of this commission of audit which supposed to be first cab of the rank. Presumably we need see that soon. This is again the fat ern we see from the new Government. This was the Prime Minister-elect's first press conference since being elected. This is my third. Here we are answering your questions. I would have thought rather than soft photo opportunities and the like that the new Prime Minister seems to have engaged in, he could be having a discussion with the fine people of the press gallery a little more often and outlining his priorities and what he's doing. What has he done with the heltionship with Indonesia. has he had with Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono about turning back the boats and buying back the boats ? She needs to be more trans about - he needs to be transparent about these things. Was there talk of election post-mortems at had National Executive today? $obviously will be, as National Executive today? The keen to have keen to have a forward looking approach about approach about how we ensure advantage in the advantage in the next vote. Julia Gillard warned of a Julia return to men in blue ties running return to men in running the country. return to men in blue ties running the country. Has she
been running the been vindicated? I think it's a great shame we only have one female member of the Cabinet of members of
Australia and I think there are members of the Liberal Party Room and National Party Room who will be disappointed they haven't called on. I think female members will say they had mare toot bring to the
table. I would agree. Can the Prime Minister-elect look the Australian people in the eye and say not one other female in his entire Party Room was qualified and meritorious enough to serve in the Cabinet of Australia in 2013? I find that very disappointing. You said the leader would be nounced on 13 October. Do you envisage the Caucus will meet shadow
the next day to elect the shadow s?That will be a matter for me as interim leader and the new leader to discuss with Caucus. You're not going to throw your hand up before nomnaingedzs close? No, I have made my views clear about the lack of candidacy. Have you heard any other names going forward? No, I haven't. Thank you. Acting Opposition Leader Chris Bowen speaking in Canberra. He was taking a swipe at what he he seas as gaps in the newly announced Abbott ministry. Chris Bowen questioning why nobody around the Cabinet table was going to be responsible for seniors, ageing and financial services. Tony Abbott did say in his Ministerial line-up there are assistant Ministers moo are, pram, specifically responsible for DisabilityCare and aged care, that would be Senator Mitch Fifield, for example. Another picked up on is the number of women in Cabinet. There is only one woman, that is incoming Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop. There are only four women in the outer minsphry, for example, and one female parliamentary secretary. Chris Bowen says the Cabinet of Afghanistan has more women in it than Australia's incoming Cabinet. There has been a statement issued from an outgoing Liberal Senator, Sue Boyce. She says she is shocked and embarrassed by the fact that there is only one woman in the first Abbott Cabinet. She also points out the party's failure to preselect women to contest seats. She says, for example in Queensland only 6 of the 30 scnd dts were women. She is asking her party, the Liberal National Party party, what's wrong with our party that women of merit don't achieve preselection success?