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Tonight - Tony Abbott's ministry reveal ared a mid criticism over the number of women in Cabinet.Nevertheless there are some very good and talented women knocking on the door of the Cabinet. This is a ministry most notable for what it lacks.

This Program is Captioned Live.A third Porter dies following the attack on Australian trekkers in Papua New Guinea.A daring attempt is under way off the Italian coast to pull the shipwrecked 'Costa Concordia' upright.And later on 'The Business' rs the race is on to for the US Fed Reserve's top job.Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. Hello. unveiled his News 24. Hello. I'm Juanita
Phillips. Tony Abbott with most Phillips. Tony Abbott has
unveiled his with most ministers keeping the
roles this he unveiled his new front bench
with most roles this he had in Opposition, roles appointment of only one woman to the Cabinet that has draw criticism. Here is chief political correspondent Mark Simkin.The PM-elect has jobs for the boys - 36 of them, to be precise.It is, I believe, one of the most experienced incoming ministries in our history.The biggest winner in the first Abbott ministry is WA's Mathias Cormann. He jump noose Cabinet as Finance Minister.The other major changes include Barnaby Joyce moving to agriculture, Ian Macfarlane inheriting industry, and Andrew Robb getting an expanded trade and development portfolio. Tony Abbott has put a premium on stability. While most of his Shadow Cabinet is unchanged, Sophie Mirabella has ruled herself out, leaving just one woman around the top table, Julie Bishop, Minister.Plainly, I am disappointed that there are not at least two women in the Cabinet. Nevertheless, there are some very good and talented women knocking on the door of the Cabinet. The Cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women in it than the Cabinet of Australia.One of Tony Abbott's own team is even more scathing about the male/female ratio:

A woman will get the best seat in the House, though. Tony Abbott is backing his old friend Bronwyn Bishop for Speaker, in recognition of her outstanding understanding of parliamentary procedure.I would refer you to page 569 of the practice ( Page 189 of the practicePage 543 of practice. Page 555 of the practice.Two women have been promoted to the outer ministry. Along with SA's Jamie brition and John Howard's hold Chief of Staff, Arthur Sinodinos. The biggest losers: John Cobb goes from Cabinet to the backbench much. Three ministers of the backbench much. ministers of the shadow outer ministries become Parliamentary Secretaries.Tony Abbott has simplified his team's port foal yon u many three-word slow daps. Minister for Education, for example, a far cry from Julia Gillard's Minister for Tertiary Education, skis science and research, trade and competitiveness, assisting the PM on Asian Century policy.Thankfully I think we've got some title deflation as a result of this ministry.His deflated butle lated minister also be sworn in on Wednesday.The royal commission into child abuse has been told it took at least 12 years for a former Scout master to be charged with sexually abusing boys. Today was the first day of hearings in Sydney and the focus was on how Scouts Australia handle the case. The commission heard that even after Steven Larkins left the Scouts, other agencies allowed him to continue looking after children.A handful of survivors of child abuse in the nation's institutions gathered in the rain for an historic day.We just want people to know what all of us went through and we had nobody to tell. I did not adequately appreciate the devastating and long-everlasting effect which sexual abuse, however inflicted, can have on an individual's life.Counsel Assisting the royal commission detailed a litany of failures by agencies charged with protecting children , and lies by a former Scout master Steven Larkins which led to a situation where he had children in his care.In 2012, Steven Larkins pleaded guilty to, and was convicted of, a number of offences.One of the victims told the commission:

In a statement read out to the commission, another victim, AC, recalled the moment he told his mother."Mum started crying and told me it wasn't my fault and there was nothing to be ashamed about. The same thing had happened to her when she was young." Two of the region's most senior Scout leaders have defended the official warning they gave time, maybe
Larkins.Had they acted at that time, maybe this Larkins.Had they acted at saved a few more kids from being time, maybe this would have
saved a being abused.The royal saved a few more kids from commission was told in being abused.The commission was told in 2010, 7
years commission was told years after he had left the Scouts, Larkins had several children in his care and a case worker found worker found a text on one child's phone." Hey, I love you, but you should go home tonight so we don't get caught." Yet the Children's Court gave the green light for that boy to live with Larkins.More public hearings are planned for this year and next year, and they will focus on the YMCA, an Anglican children's home, the Catholic Church, and the Salvation Army, and the royal commission says it's going to need additional resources to deal with the scale of this inquiry.While all six commissioners are sitting together this week, they will soon separate so that hearings can be held simultaneously around the country.A key witness has wipe add way tears while giving evidence at the trial of two people accused of murdering a Gold Coast policeman. Detective Senior Constable Nicole Jackson told how she came face to face with a man carrying a shotgun on the night Damian Leeding was killed.Detective Senior Constable Nicole Jackson was Damian Leeding's partner when they overheard a police radio alert of an arnled robbery at the Pacific Pines tavern in May 2011. They were the first to arrive and Detective jarkson told the Supreme Court in Brisbane told how he ran ahead. The accused killers were Brisbane told how he The accused killers were still on The on scene. I heard stop, police, police!" She told the court. Then she heard two gunshots that sounded loo ik they were fired from a Glock hand gun. When she looked up, she came face to face with a man wearing a balaclava and carrying a firearm. " His eyes were just staring right at me." She said she jumped down behind nearby bushes as the man ran off. When she looked again, Damian Leeding was on the ground. I yelled out, "Damian, Damian, what are you doing?" The Crown asked, "Did he respond?" She replied, "No." The court also heard a recording of her desperate call for help. Detective Jackson had to stop and wipe away tears as she recounted running towards her fallen partner. She said at first she thought Detective Leeding had a pulse, but then noticed a small mark on his forehead. For some reason she thought he had been hit by a sniper. Then she saw the blood at the back of his head. Under cross-examination Detective Jackson rejected a suggestion that Detective Leeding didn't identify himself as a police officer. Phillip Graeme Abell and Donna Lee McAvoy have pleaded not guilty to murder. Opponents of a large open-cut coalmine in the north-west of NSW have gone to the Federal Court in a bid to overturn its approval. They say the Maules Creek mine near Narrabri will have a devastating impact on farmers and the local environment.It's the mine that has forged an alliance between conservationists and farmers who say the risks are simply too great.The coalmine itself is going to leave a final void 1500m long, 600 wide and 300m deep.An environment group is challenging Maules Creek and a nearby mine expansion, saying thousands of hectares of land Environment
will be cleared. Former Environment Minister Tony Burke gave conditional approval in February after his intention to do so was leaked by the State Government. At the time, he lashed out in a radio interview with the ABC .I can't have a situation where market-sensitive information gets strategically leaked for political purposes.Those trying to block the mines say this should never have formed part of his decision. They say plans by the mining company Whitehaven Coal to protect other areas offsetting the impact of cleared sites didn't stack up.They've had to hold their hand all the to get it to where it is now, and to get and it's not surprising it has ended up and it's not surprising it ended up in court.Mr Burke has also been ended up in court.Mr Burke also been accused of failing to properly consider the threat on animals and properly consider the threat animals and plants?There animals and plants?There were things that weren't animals and plants?There things that weren't even looked
at before it animals and plants?There were
things that weren't at before it was approved.The mine attracted headlines at before it was mine attracted headlines in
January January when activist Jonathan Moylan issued a fake media release claiming Moylan release claiming it had lost is
the support of the ANZ Bank. He is now being prosecuted by ASIC. Whitehaven says Maules Creek will generate more than $5 billion in benefits over time and the assessment was comprehensive. The hearing is scheduled to run until Wednesday .Queensland's land court meanwhile is hearing a challenge to a major coal project in the Galilee Basin in the State's Central West. The Alpha coal project is touted as one of the world's biggest.But six parties including land holders and environmental groups are contesting the mine over its effects on water, the ecology and climate change.There are nine other mines that are looking to be approved for the Galilee Basin and this is the first and so our concerns that we've brought before the land court are seeking to pult a halt to that development.The hearing is expected to go for three weeks.A soldier who has been charged over the death of a colleague during a training exercise last year has faced court in Sydney. Alexander Gall has been charged with dangerous driving occasioning death and six counts of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm. Police say he was driving a troop carrier which hit a tree and overturned at holes worthy army Barracks in 2012. 22-year-old Jordan Penpraze died in hospital three days later.Gall is on bail and will return to court in November.Thousands of teachers, principals and support staff are expected to walk off the Josh in WA on over the Government's plan to cut hundreds of over the Government's plan cut hundreds of education positions of the strike cut hundreds positions of the strike action is expected to cause major disruption at public schools around the disruption at public around the State.For the first time, around the State.For time, three Public Sector Unions have joined forces to press home their concerns about the Budget. They expect 10,000 workers in Perth and another 5,000 in regional WA will strike on Thursday morning. It will be the first time teachers have walked off the job since 2008 when they took action as part of a pay dispute. This week's protest will include teachers and principals, education assistants and school support staff. The State School Teachers Union says that will leave some schools completely unsupervised and they argue it Premier.We
is a clear warning to the Premier.We are not to be messed with, public schools are not to be messed with and he is not to disturb the right and opportunity of the children in our schools to get access to quality programs and appropriate resources.The Education Minister Peter Collier isn't budging on his education reforms, saying money is being more effectively targeted. He is hoping teachers will reconsider.I ask them, I urge them, I encourage them to perhaps reconsider industrial action. I don't think it is worthwhile. As I said, we are funding our schools throughout WA, that is in all areas, better than they have been funded before. Our education system is being decimated about I Mr Barnett. Someone has to stand up to him in addition to us and support the teacher and education workers taking action.There will be a two-hour stop-work meeting on Gloucester Park on Thursday morning and unions haven't ruled out further action if the State Government doesn't back down.The ACT is set to become the first Australian jurisdiction to legalise same-sex marriage. The Government will introduce its marriage equality bill into the Legislative Assembly on Thursday. The ACT Attorney-General says he is ready to fend off any possible challenge from the Federal Government or in the High Court.We have very clear and comprehensive legal opinion on this question and we believe it is entirely valid for the Territory to make this law.The Liberals say they won't support the bill, but it's expected to pass during next month's sitting with the support of the Greens Minister.A burst water main in Western Sydney has September a spectacular jet stream at least 30m into the air. The break was reported at 5am and fixed an hour and a half later. Sydney Water says it was caused by ground movement. No major damage to movement. No major damage any property.The US, France and Britain say they want a strong US resolution on the removal of chemical weapons from Syria. The US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris for metings on implementing the Russian-backed agreement on removing Syria's stockpile. A few minutes ago he told a news conference the deal now needs credible UN backing.A week ago the Syrian regime did not admit that it even had chemical weapons. Today that regime has agreed, at least through the Russians and in some statements publicly, to rid itself of those weapons, to be accountable to the world and its standards and to sign up to the Chemical Weapons Convention.Clearly, nothing can be accepted at face value or in words alone, and that is why our meeting and the efforts of the international community to go to the United Nations in these next days is so critical. It is significant that three permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are standing here together, three partners, all joined in unity.John Kerry speaking a a short time ago. A third Porter has died after last week's savage attack on a group of Australian trekkers in Papua New Guinea. His family is angry about the lack of proper medical treatment and claim the trekking company did nothing to help four men suspected of being behind the attack. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports.It has been six days since the horrific ambush and some of the injured Porters have only just undergone surgery to treat their extensive machete wounds. Overnight, the most seriously injured, Lionel Agilo, succumb ed to his injuries and died. His death has devastated his colleagues.We are all worried about Lionel and Porters still are still the same and injuries still going bad and bad.Lionel Agilo's family is angry about received.These guys
the treatment they are received.These guys can be flown down to Moresby or Australia. I think they would be treated in a better way. They should have done whatever they treated those white blokes, sent same as those people. Now they are suffering. They' got no proper treatment in this place.They say Mr Agilo's employer, PNG Trekking Adventures, did nothing to help him.They have responsible to take all these guys down to a place where there is more better supplies of medicines and all this stuff.PNG Trking Adventures says it's working furiously on options for the Porters but people here say they've seen little evidence of that. Meanwhile, police have spent the day interviewing the four men arrested yesterday who are us spekted of being involved in the attack on the Black Cat laid
Track. No charges have been laid and police are not saying if they've determined a motive. Two other suspects are still on the run. New York police officers trying to arrest a man near Times Square have accidentally shot two women.

A troubled man was rung into traffic trying to get himself hit by vehicles. Police opened fire when he mimicked pulling out a weapon. They missed the suspect, but hit two female bystanders who suffered superficial wounds. The man police were aiming at was eventually Tasered and taken into custody.Security forces are closing in on Muslim rebels after a week of violence in the Southern Philippines. At least 61 people have died and thousands have been displaced since gunmen stormed the city of Zamboanga last Monday, taking civilians hostage. Most of them have been freed. The army is trying to clear the rebels from the area, village by village, while closing off possible escape routes. After four decades of conflict in the district have left 120,000 people dead and forced 2 million to flee.In million to flee.In Italy, the salvage of the luxury salvage of the luxury cruise ship 'Costa Concordia' finally under ship 'Costa finally under way. Workers are using cranes and hydraulics to
try to using cranes try to rotate the liner into upright position. try to rotate the liner upright position. But engineers say trying to move such a huge ship so close to land is an operation never tried before. Experts are listening to every noise the ship makes as it comes off the rocks. If the operation succeeds, the vessel will be stabilised and towed away for scrap next year. Time for sport with Amanda Shalala. The NRL's refereeing controversy continues?A lot of anger. The NRL has dropped the officials responsible for Cronulla's 7th tackle try over the weekend. The Cowboys, their fans and even some politicians are still fuming over the controversial refereeing blunder.It's a problem the NRL hoped it wouldn't have to tackle.But the glaring error is overshadowing the rest of the finals series. Even Queensland politicians, including one former NRL referee, want heads to roll.Those referees won't be seen in the finals series again, noer in international series which they would have had aspirations for afterwards. I don't want ever to see that ref re, ref another Cowboys game over, full stop, over.In a statement, Mr Jourdain says the club will abide by the decisions made been the field on Saturday, even though there was a clear error admitted to by the NRL." Referees are expected to be benched for the remaining finals games.I've been in touch with Matty Cecchin and he is a shattered man. very good referee, both of them. very good them. Young TJ Perenara is a very good up-and-coming referee and I hope this doesn't derail his career early.Nearly 30,000 people have signed an online petition demanding the Cowboys be allowed back into finals, but that won't happen. And also calls for legal action. The Cowboys chief executive says the decision has potentially cost the club millions of dollarsYou look at all thelements that come with a win, downstream of that, increased spoirp, attendances at games a built to attract better players, so it does filter down.For now, the Cowboys are keeping their heads high and turning their attention to next season.As the Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs enjoy a week off, the other four remaining NRL finals teams are gearing up for this weekend's knockout round. The Manly Sea Eagles had a bruising loss to the Roosters but looking to stick with the same 17 for Friday's clash against the Sharks.Everyone is pretty sweet, but a few bumps and bruises, but the team that took to the field on Saturday night should be OK.Defending Premier Melbourne will need to beat Newcastle to keep its season a live, and the Storm isn't intimidated by the high stakes.There is no doubt we let an opportunity slip, but I've seen people in Formula One win a race from not being in pole position. The thing woo he have to go about now is the hard road and it's not impossible. This club's success has been built on hard work.Geelong veteran Paul Chapman is in danger of missing the SATS' AFL preliminary final against Hawthorn after he was charged by the match review panel for a high bump. Sydney has lost two key players through injury for its match against Fremantle.The 2013 season draws to an end and last Chapman
weekend was no different. Paul Chapman can accept a one-match ban for his hit on Port Adelaide's Robbie Gray. If he rolls the dice at the tribunal and loses, woe miss the prepare limb ri final and if the Cats qualify, the Grand FinalWe think you should know that by jumping up, a shoulder can contact the head.Richards' bump was also scrutinised but classified as negligent and he can accept a reprimand. While the Swans dodged a bullet, there they continue to be crippled by injury. Kurt Tippett and Tom Mitchell will miss Saturday's match against Fremantle.We will have a look at the white board, have another good working over this week and see what the line-up and balance looks like. Our reserves went to Canberra yesterday and they had a good win down there, so we can get some of those blokes in to fill the roles.The Hawks are confident Cyril Rioli will be fit.One thing that teams make mistake of when they come off a bye or a rest, if they avenue had probably an easy training load and they're not ready for the physicality or intensity of the game and we made sure on Friday that wouldn't be the case this week.Incredibly, Friday night will be the first time Hawthorn in a preliminary final. time Hawthorn and Geelong meet Australia is back in the Davis Cup tennis Australia Cup tennis World Group for Cup tennis World Group first time since 2007 after a first time 4-1 win first time since 2007 after 4-1 Tomic gave Australia an unassailable Tomic gave Australia unassailable lead in the best-of-five tie after unassailable lead in Poland's Lukasz Kubot in straight sets. It was second singles victory Warsaw with the result ending Australia's run of five consecutive play-off defeats. After the win, Lleyton Hewitt hinted at the perfect way to end his careerBack in the World Group where we belong. I wanted one more shot at the World Group and now I get my opportunity straight after the Australian Open next year.Serbia will face Czech Republic in the final. World number one Novak Djokovic spearheaded Serbia's 3-2 semifinal win over Canada with the title decided to be held in mid-November. James Horwill is expected to rejoin the Wallabies for next week's rugby Championship to South Africa.A small Indigenous community is a six-hour drive from Broome and a very long way from Canberra, but a group of children from the community have travelled to the capital to launch two books they've written about life in the remote Kimberley.They agent like any other kids who enjoy playing and learning, but these school students are also publish ed authors.(Reads) as the sun was racing....These children have come all the way from Yakanara to see their books launched.10 million books in this library.Their two books are written about the
star-lit skies, the two books are written star-lit skies, the hill and the star-lit skies, the waterfall that make up the the waterfall Yakanarra landscape and what they like to do thereRead books and play basketball and hunting and fishing and swimming.The books are illustrated by the children, too, and written in both English and their dialectIf they're fluent in English literacy they have opportunities to move in our world, about you if they're fluent in their own and strong in their own culture, then their identity is held fast.The Indigenous Literacy Foundation guided the project, part of its work to boost low literacy rate ntion Indigenous communities.They are good storytellers. It's just sometimes hard to get the stories out in English.But their pride in their work is clear. Once they were let loose in the library, no book was safe from perusal.Read them.Not afraid of anything at all.And with a thirst for words and a taste for telling tales, they will always carry their stories with them, even 3,000km from home.

A complex low pressure system and an associated trough. The low will move through the south-east, the trough will extend back to Queensland, so he that will see the rain contracting to Tasmania and Victoria fairly quickly tomorrow and the south-east of NSW. The thunderstorms are possible as the
the trough still moves through the eastern states and a gradual easing of the severe conditions in WA. Now for Queensland, potential of thunderstorms through the southern and central inland with patchy rain. That will clear to the coastal fringe.

And that's the news for now. Stay with us for 'The Business'. You're watching ABC News 24.

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This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

This Program Is Captioned Live.

The top stories from ABC News - the Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has unveiled his new leadership team to be in on Wednesday. Among them, Bicheno British will be Foreign Minister, Mathias Cormann Finance Minister, - Julie Bishop - George Brandis Attorney-General and Barnaby Joyce Minister for Agriculture. Mr Abbott says he is disappointed there will be Mr disappointed there will be only
one woman in his Cabinet. The Royal Commission into one woman in Royal Commission into child
abuse has been told a paedophile scout abuse has been told paedophile scout leader was not stood down because it would look bad to sack someone who was part Aboriginal. The allegation was made on the opening day of the first public hearing in Sydney. A court has heard the accused Australian ringleader of an international match fixing scheme was blaning to fly out of the country