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This Program Is Captioned Live. Tonight, Tony Abbott unveils his new front bench with just one woman in Cabinet. Plainly, I am disappoint that there are not at least two women in the Cabinet. Nevertheless, there are some very good and talented women knocking on the door of the Cabinet. Giving voice to the victims. The first public hearings of the Royal Commission into child abuse. The alleged organiser of soccer match fixing faces court in Melbourne. And Ricky Stuart talks about his new job at the helm of the raiders. Trying to win as much as you can in regards to off-field dramas and discipline problems, that's important for all of us to buy into.Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Tony Abbott will present his hand-picked team of 41 frontbenchers for swearing in on Wednesday. He's promoted and demoted at the Government's top and bottom ranks but it's the appointment of only one woman to the Cabinet that's drawn early backlash. Mark Simkin reports. The Prime Minister-elect's got jobs for the boys, 36 of them to be precise. It is, I believe, one of the most experienced incoming ministries in our history.The biggest winner in the first Abbott ministry is WA's Matthias Cormann. He jumps into Cabinet as Finance Minister. The other major changes include Barnaby Joyce moving to agriculture, Ian McFarlane inheriting Industry and Andrew Robb getting an expanded trade and development portfolio. Tony Abbott's put a premium on stability while most of his shadow Cabinet's unchanged, Sophie Mirrabella's ruled herself out, leaving just one woman around the top table. Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister. Plainly, I am dis appointed there are not at least two women in the Cabinet. Nevertheless, there are some very good and talented women knocking on the door of the Cabinet. The Cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women in it than the Cabinet of Australia. One of Tony Abbott's own team is even more scathing about the male-female ratio. It's a shame this shocking and embarrassing statistic will permanently tarnish a wonderful victory, Sue Boyce said in a statement. A woman will get the best seat in the house though. Tony Abbott's backing his old friend Bronwyn Bishop for Speaker, a recognition of her outstanding understanding of parliamentary procedure. I would refer you to page 569 of the practice. Page 189 of the practice. Page 543 of the practice. Page 555 of the practice. Two women have been promote ed to the outer ministry with Jamie brigs and John Howard's old Chief of Staff, Arthur Sinodinis. The biggest losers, John Cobb goes from Cabinet to the back bench, three members of the shadow outing ministry become parliamentary secretaries and six former parliamentary secretaries get nothing. Tony Abbott simplified his team's portfolios. Many are 3-word slogans. Minister for education, for example, a far cry from Julia Gillard's Minister for tertiary education, skills, science and research, trade and competitiveness, assisting the Prime Minister on Asian Century policy. Thankfully y think we've got some title deflation as a result of this ministry.His deflated but elated Minister wills be sworn in on Wednesday. The ACT is prepared for a fight to become the first Australian jurisdiction to legalise same-sex marriage. The Government will introduce its marriage equality bill into the legislative assembly on Thursday. The Attorney-General says he's ready to fend off any possible challenge from the Federal Government or in the High Court. We have very clear and comprehensive legal opinion on this question and we believe that it is entirely valid for the Territory to make this law. The Liberal say they won't support the Bill but it is expected to pass during next month's sitting with the support of the Greens Minister. The national Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse began its public hearings today. It was told that it took at least 12 years for a former Scout master, Steven Larkins, to be charged with sexually abusing boys. At the time of his arrest, Larkins had several vulnerable children in his care. A handful of survivors of child abuse in the nation's institutions gathered in the rain for an historic day. We just want people to know what all of us went through and we had nobody to tell. I did not adequately appreciate the devastating and long-lasting effect which sexual abuse, however inflicted, can have on an individual's life.Counsel assisting the Royal Commission detailed a litany of failures by agencies charged with protecting children and lies by a former Scout master, Steven Larkins, which led to a situation where he had children in his care. In 2012, Steven Larkins pleaded guilty to and was convicted of a number of offences.One of the victims told the commission, "I felt belittled, dirty and confused about the incident." In a statement read out to the commission, another victim, AC, recalled the moment he told his mother.

Two of the region's most senior Scout leaders have defended the official warning they gave Larkins. Had they acted at that time, you know, maybe it would have saved a few kids from being abused.The Royal Commission was told in 2010, 7 years after he'd left the Scouts, Larkins had several children in his care and a case worker found a text on one child's phone. "Hey, I love you but you should go home tonight so we don't get caught." Yet the Children's Court gave the green light for that boy to live with Larkins. More public hearings are planned for this year and next year and they'll focus on the YMCA and an Anglican children's home, the Catholic Church and Salvation Army and the Royal Commission says it's going to need additional resources to deal with the scale of this inquiry. While all six commissioners are sitting together this week, they'll soon separate so that hearings can be held simultaneously around the country. A man said to be the Australian boss of an international match fixing syndicate has appeared in court charged with rigging at least five soccer matches in Victoria. Gerry Subramaniam is one of six people associated with the Southern Stars club facing match-fixing charges. Police described 45-year-old Gerry Subramaniam as the Australian-based big-wig of an international match-fixing syndicate. They told a bail hearing the Malaysian national instructed the Southern Stars coach and at least 4 players to rig five games on behalf of known match fixers in Malaysia and Hungary. The revelations have shocked the club's rivals. I hadn't even heard of people betting on our game. The Southern Stars 0-0 draw against Richmond on Friday night is one of the matches under the microscope. It's alleged police phone taps caught syndicate members discussing bets of up to $150,000 on the match. If you would have seen the game, while it was not of high standard, you would never have thought that that was a team who tries to throw a result or a game.The club is on the bottom of the Victorian Premier League, despite recruiting a number of professionals from Europe. Police told the court some of those charged have already made admisses. It's possible more players will be charged. The club has released a statement saying no-one from the committee is involved in any way and they had no idea this was going on because the club is run by honest, hard-working volunteers. The scandal has prompted talk of legislative change. So that the police are able to pass on relevant information to sporting authorities and sporting bodies to make sure they can conduct their own integrity checks. If there's anything that the Government should do, we'll do it. The court heard Gerry Subramaniam had been booked on an international flight out of Melbourne tonight but he remains in custody ahead of another hearing with his co- accused on Friday. Another of the porters injured in last week's attack on a group of Australian trekkers in Papua New Guinea has died. His family's angry about the lack of proper medical treatment and say the trekking company had done nothing to help him. Meanwhile , police have been questioning four men arrested over the attack. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports from Lae and a warning this report contains some confronting images. It's been six days since the horrific ambush and some of the injured porters have only just undergone surgery to treat their extensive machete wounds. Overnight, the most seriously injured, Lionel Agillo, succumbed to his injuries and died. His death has devastated his colleagues. We all worried about Lionel and for us too, we are still in the same.Lionel's family is angry about the treatment he's received. This man should be flown down to Australia. I think they would be treated in a better way. They should have done whatever they treated the white bloke, same to these people. Now they are suffering. They've got no problem treatment in this place. Say say Mr Agillo's employer, PNG Trekking Adventures, did nothing to help him. They are responsible to take all these guys down to a play where there is more better supplies of medicines and all this stuff. PNG Trekking Adventures says it's working furiously on options for the porters but people here say they've seen little evidence of that. Meanwhile, police have spent the day interviewing the four men arrested yesterday who were suspected of being involved in the attack on the Black Cat Track. No charges have been laid and police are not saying if they've determined a motive. Two other suspects are still on the run. United States says military strike is still on the table if Syria doesn't follow the terms of a deal to destroy its chemical weapons. But Syria has welcomed the plan, saying it will avert war, however, as the ABC's Norman Hermant reports from Jerusalem, many Israelis are skeptical. It didn't take long for US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to start briefing allies on the deal brokered with Russia for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons for destruction. Key American ally, Israel, was the first stop and Mr Kerry had a warning for the Syrian regime. The threat of force is real and the Assad regime and all those taking part need to understand that President Obama and the United States are committed to achieve this goal.That was a welcome message for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. If diplomacy has any chance to work, it must be coupled with a credible military threat.The deal may have avoided war but it's exposed US President Barack Obama to criticism that he sent the wrong message to Iran. My suspicion is that the Iranians recognise they shouldn't draw a less on that we haven't struck to think we won't strike Iran. But many in Israel suspect that's exactly the lesson Iran has learned. Of course, they Iranians are learning as well and they are watching with interest how the international community is doing nothing about Assad knasing his own people.Israeli security official say it won't take long to figure out Bashar al-Assad's intentions. His regime now has less than a week to deliver a complete inventory of its chemical weapons Australia in. Over the years Israeli intelligence has compiled its own list. The question is will those lists match ? Security forces are closing in on Muslim rebels after a week of violence in the southern Philippinesch at least 61 people have died and thousands have been forced from their homes since gunmen stormed the city of Zamboanga last Monday, taking civilians hostage. Most of the hostages have been freed. The army is trying to clear the rebels from the area while closing off possible escape routes. 120,000 people have been killed in four decades of conflict in the region. In Italy, the salvage of the luxury cruise ship, 'Costa Concordia', finally under way. Salvage workers will use cranes and hydraulics in a bid to rotate the liner in to an upright position but engineers say trying to move such a huge ship so close to land is an operation that's never been tried before. Experts are listening to every noise the ship makes as it gets pulled off the rocks. The risk is the ship could break apart causing environmental damage to Giglio island. If the operation succeeds, the vessel will be stabilised and towed away for scrap next year. A key superannuation lobby group has rejected calls for more money to go to infrastructure investment. The financial services council has released a survey showing strong support for a lift in compulsory super but says the industry shouldn't be treated as a cash cow. Finance correspondent Phillip Lasker. It was a survey aimed at holding the new Government to account. 83% of Australians support the increase of superannuation to 12%.That's by 2021 and the financial services council says it can't be delayed further. We see that as a critical timeframe. Research group Rain Maker questioned the survey's findings because respondents probably didn't consider that the super increase would replace wage isrise s. What surprises me is not 100% because of course we all want more money going into our superannuation t is a fantastic idea, 12% superannuation, the question is who pays for the 12%??For 74% of survey respondents, the choice of fund was made by employers and half had no idea of the fees they were being charged. The industry warns the cost of new regulations aimed at simplifying super means feeze won't be coming down for a while. In the short-term, I think a lot of that cost will be passed on that we'll see at least levels being flat maybe for the next year or two. If anything this will give the industry an excuse to try and nudge up fees a little more than they were probably going to do anyway.And moves by the Coalition to become the infrastructure Government using superannuation money won't necessarily be embraced by everyone. The only objective is to get the best return not to meet other policy ajenled Oz. Superannuation's on a cash cow that can solve every problem - not a cash cow. But cash-strapped Governments can't resist. To finance now and the Australian Dollar lurched higher today as the US dollar came under selling pressure. The price of crude ail took a tumble after America and Russia signed the deal over Syria.

The big story today on global markets was the withdrawal of Larry Summers from the trice be the next chairman of the US Federal Reserve board, replacing Ben Bernanke. Summericise a former Treasury secretary and generally perceived as a bit of a hard nut so the market's assessment today is under anyone else the Fed is likely to looser monetary policy for longer and vul of that the US dollar fell to a 4-year low and the Aussie rose to a 4-month high of 93.4. The other news affecting global markets was the deal that averts, for the moment, an American strike against Syria which calmed the crude oil futures down a bit and the oil price dropped 1.3% while gold and base metals fell. Asian markets rose strongly except for the one in Shanghai which had a small setback having rallied more than 15% since late June. The Australian market has done something similar, 13% since June 25 versus 5% by Wall Street and 7% by the global share index. The Australian market rose half a per cent today resulting from strong gains among the banks especially Macquarie as well as resources leaders and industrials like Bluescope. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers which was the worst day of the global financial crisis. Obviously there are many lingering effects of this including high unemployment around the world but one of them is the fact that businesses in Australia now have to pay much more in interest than home owners to borrow money. It's all part of the new spirit of risk aversion which is also shown by this chart of small mining company shares. They've actually had a second GFC this year and they're now on average sitting below where they were at the 2009 bottom. That's finance.

North Queensland has admitted there's nothing it can do about overturning Saturday night's upsetting result against Cronulla. The refereeing blunder saw a 7th tackle try awarded to the Sharks. The NRL boss met the Cowboys chief today in Sydney and assured him appropriate action will be taken. The six match officials involved in the game have been overlooked for this weekend's games. I have been in touch with Matty C hf, echin and he is a shattered man and I've offered him support and he is a very good referee, both of them, young Henry is an up come coming referee and I hope this doesn't derail his career early. Almost 30,000 fans have signed a petition for a rematch but that won't happen. Despite a former CEO of the club suggesting the Cowboys should take legal action, the club's current boss says he's happy to move on. As the Sydney Roosters and south Sydney Rabbitohs enjoy a week off, the other four remaining finals teams are gearing up for this weekend's knock-out round. Manly and Cronulla will meet in Sydney on Friday night while Newcastle will travel to Melbourne to take on the Storm. Rather than the infamous 7th-tackle try, this is what worried the Sharks most from Saturday's match against the Cowboys. He got good scan results yesterday. There's no further damage to the hamstring so it's probably a little more of a fatigue thing. Manly needed a midnight swim after Saturday's bruising loss to the Roosters but the Sea Eagles coach is hoping to stick with his same 17 for Friday's knock-out final against the Sharks. Everyone's pretty sweet, a few bumps and bruises but the team that took the field on Saturday night should be OK.Melbourne's confidence remains high despite Friday's loss to south Sydney. There's no doubt we let an opportunity slip but I've seen people in Formula One win a race from not being in pole position.Sisa took it easy after his fall but he is a good chance to play against the KnightsNewcastle isn't worried about playing in Melbourne even though the Storm has only lost one out of 12 games at home this season. We're in the semis now and we're on our second week so all the boys woil be looking forward to it. According to the Bulldogs, laftser the best medicine for the pain of a finals loss. Camouflaged in yellow, Ben Barba showed no signs of his ankle injury, amid reports Canterbury is hoping to replace the Brisbane-bound fullback with Jarryd Hayne. The Canberra Raiders have made it official, signing Ricky Stuart to a 3-year deal at the helm of the club today. Stuart has an option to extend his contract if he meets certain performance criteria. The former Raiders star met some of the Canberra players for the first time today. Ben Lisson reports. Ricky Stuart, a 3-time premiership player for the Raiders, has officially returned. I think being home is exciting and being involved in the club that I had so many years here and made so many mates and we had lot of success. There were some things that happened in our club hast year and this year that we want to put behind us and move on and Ricky's just the person to take us forward into the new future. The coaching deal comes with an option for an extension should he meet performance criteria. We won't go into the details of the performance contract but there are things in there about that sort of issue. We'll be no different to any other team. We want to make the eight like anybody else does. Unlike his one-year stint with the Eels where the playing roster was overhauled, Stuart doesn't believe he'll have to completely rebuild the Raiders and he's set his focus on retaining star player Anthony Milford over the off's a great club. He's a big part of it. I've got a good relationship with his manager and we'll sit down and go about it the right way. The club's no shortage of off-field issues this season, notably the sackings of Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson from the playing roster. Stuart pointed out the cultural issues couldn't continue if the team is to rise up the NRL ladder next year. It's healthy towards your future of success in eliminating or trying to eliminate as much as you can in regards to off-field dramas and discipline problems and that's important for all of us to buy into.It may prove to be his biggest test. In the AFL, Geelong veteran Paul Chapman is in danger of missing the Cats' preliminary final against Hawthorn after he was charged by the Match Review Panel for a high bump. The defending Premier, Sydney, has lost two key players for its match against Fremantle. Nick Bailey reports. The bump has been dominating the headlines as the 2013 season draws to an end and last weekend was no different. Paul Chapman can accept a one-match ban for his hit on Port Adelaide's Robbie Gray. If he rolls the dice at the tribunal and loses, he would miss a preliminary final and, if the Cats qualify, a Grand Final. More likely to be judged reckless with those incidents ebecause we thing you should know when bumping like that a shoulder can contact the head. Sydney's Ted Richards's bump from the weekend was also scrutinised but classified negligent and he can accept a reprimand. While the Swans dodged a bullet there, they continue to be crippled by injury. Kurt Tippett and Tom Mitchell will miss Saturday's match against Fremantle. We'll have a look at what the line-up looks like and what the team balance looks like. Our reserve s went to Canberra yesterday and had a good win so we'll get someone else to come in and fill those blokes' roles.Hawthorn's main injury concern remains Cyril Rioli. The Hawks are confident he'll be fit after the side underwent an intensive training session last Friday. One thing the teams make a mistake when they come off a bye or a rest, if they've had an easy training load they're not ready for the physicality or intensity of the game and we made sure on Friday that wasn't the case.Incredibly, Friday night will be the first time Hawthorn and Geelong meet in a preliminary final. Australia is back in the Davis Cup world group for the first time since 2007 after a 4-1 win against Poland overnight. Bernard Tomic gave Australia an unassailable lead in the best of five tie after beating Poland's Lukasz Kubot in straight sets. It was Tomic's second singles victory in Warsaw and it ended Australia's run of five consecutive play-off defeats. After the win, Lleyton Hewitt hinted another shot at the Davis Cup top 16 could be the perfect way for him to end his career. Back where we belong, back in the world group. It is fantastic for me. I wanted one more shot at the world group and now I get my opportunity straight after the Australian Open next year. Serbia will face the defending champions the Czech Republic in the Davis Cup final. Novak Djokovic spear headed Serbia's 3-2 semifinal win over Canada. The final will be held in mid November. New Zealand has the America's Cup within its reach after winning race 10. Team New Zealand grabbed back momentum from the defending champion USA in a tense showdown. The teams duelled fiercely until the Kiwis darted ahead, crossing the finish line 17 seconds ahead of Oracle. Team New Zealand will go to seven wins. It's the Kiwis! They're back on track. New Zealand has notched up seven victories and needs just two more to wrest the Cup from the Americans. The small Indigenous community of Yakanarra has a modest school library but the students are avid readers. Yakanarra is a 6-hour drive from Broome and a very long way from Canberra but the children have made a long journey to the capital to launch two books they've written about life in the remote Kimberley. They act like any other kids who enjoy playing and learning but these school students are also published authors. "As the sun is rising, Quentin goes to the hills".These children have come all the way from Yakanarra to see their books launched at one of the nation's biggest libraries yoof we've got lots of books We've got 10 million books in this library.Their two books are written about the star-lit skies, the hill and the waterfall that make up the Yakanarra landscape and what they like to do there. Um, read books and play basketball and hunting, and fishing and swimming. The books are illustrated by the children too and they're written in both English and Walmajarri. It comes down to giving the kids choices so if they're fluent in English literacy they've got opportunities to move in our world but if they're fluent in their own and strong in their own culture then their identity's held fast. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation guided the project. Part of its work to boost low English literacy rates in Indigenous communities. They're good storytellers, it's just sometimes hard to get the stories out in English. But their pride in their work is clear. Once they were let loose in the library, no book was safe from perusal. Read them.Not afraid of anything at. All . With a thirst for words and a taste for telling tales, they'll always carry their stories with them, even 3,000km from home. It's a little cooler here than where they've come from. To the weather and a little rain recorded today. 10mm in the Souths of the ACT but more rain is on the way this evening. We reached a top of 14 today following a low of 8.

A trough is affecting parts of northern and western Victoria, stral NSW and southern Queensland. Low cloud is streaming through Bass Strait and across Tasmania while another strong cold front is approaching the southwest of WA. A low is causing rain showers and potentially severe thunderstorms across parts of SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. A high is keeping the north and remainder of the west very warm to hot and generally clear.

That's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. Coming up on 7:30 with Leigh Sales, Liberal Party women speak out against Tony Abbott's new male-dominated Cabinet. I'm Virginia Haussegger and I'll be back with a news update in about an hour. Until then, goodnight.

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Welcome to 7.30. Tonight - the big fix. Global match rigging comes to local Australian football. Governments acting alone will not be able to Sol of the problem. This is globally roaming crime.

Jobs for the boys. Only one woman named in Tony Abbott's new Cabinet.I think it's shocking and I think it's embarrassing. It's not just embarrassing nationally but it's embarrassing internationally.

And - unprepared. Scouts Australia accused of ignoring warnings about a paedophile in its ranks.Probably the most evil person I have ever come across. There's something palpably wrong about this guy. There was a darkness about him.

This Program Is Captioned Live.

Australian sport has had a scandal ridden year, and it's just got worse. The Victorian