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Tonight - Tony Abbott's ministry revealed over criticism of the shortage of women in Cabinet.Nevertheless, there are some very good and talented will knocking on the door of the Cabinet. This is a ministry most notableal for what it lacks.

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Giving victims a voice - the first public hearings into the royal commission into child sexual abuse.A daring mission to pull the 'Costa Concordia' upright.And later on still
'Grandstand', North Queensland still seething over the refereeing of week one of the finals.Very good evening to you. Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24. I'm Jeremy Fernandez. Tony Abbott has unveiled his new front bench with most ministers keeping the roles they had in Opposition, but it is at pointment of only one woman to the Cabinet that has drawn criticism.Al here is chief political correspondent Mark Simkin.The PM-elect has jobs for the boys - 36 of them, to be precise.It is, I believe, one of the most experienced incoming ministries in our history.The biggest winner in the first Abbott ministry is WA's Mathias Cormann. He jumps into Cabinet as Finance Minister. The other major changes include Barnaby Joyce moving to agriculture, Ian Macfarlane inheriting industry, and Andrew Robb getting an expanded trade and development portfolio. Tony Abbott has the a premium on stability. While most of his Shadow stability. Shadow Cabinet is unchanged, herself out, leaving just one woman around the top herself out, leaving just woman around the top table,
MinisterPlainly I
Julie Bishop, the Foreign MinisterPlainly I am disappointed there are not at least two women in the Cabinet, befr theless, befr theless, there are good and stall lented women knocking on the door of Cabinet. The Cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women in it than the Cabinet of Australia.One of Tony Abbott's own team is even more scathing:

A woman will get the best seat in the House, though. Tony Abbott is backing his old friend, Bronwyn Bishop for Speaker. It is a recognition of her outstanding understanding of parliamentary procedure.I would refer you to page 569 of the practice. Page 189 of the practicePage 543 of the practice Page 555 of the practice.Two women have been promoted to the outer ministry A long with SA's Jamie Briggs and John Howard's old Chief of Staff, Arthur Sinodinos. The biggest losers - John Cobb goes from Cabinet to the backbench much. Three members of the shadow outer ministries become Parliamentary Secretaries and six former Parliamentary Secretaries get nothing.Tony Abbott has simplified his portfolios. Many are three-word slogans. Minister for Education, for example. A far cry from Minister for assisting the PM on Asian Century title deflation as a result of this title deflation as a result this ministry.His dedemrated butle lated ministers will be sworn in on Wednesday. - his deflated butle lated minister also be sworn in on Wednesday.The royal commission into child sexual abuse have been told it took at least four years for a former Scout master to be charged with abusing boys. Today was the first day of the focus in Sydney and the commission heard that even after Steven Larkins left the Scouts, other agencies allowed him to continue looking after children.A handful of survivors of child abuse in the nation's institutions gathered in the rain for an historic day.We just want people to know what all of this - what all of us went through and we had nobody to tell. I did not adequately appreciate the devastating and long-everlasting effect which sexual abuse, however inflicted, can have on an individual's life.Counsel Assisting the royal commission detailed a litany of failures by agencies charged with protecting children, and lies by a former Scout master, Steven Larkins, which led to a situation where he had children in his care.In 2012 Steven Larkins pleaded guilty to and was convicted of a number of offences.One of the victims told the commission, "I felt belittled, dirty and confused about the incident." in a statement read out to the commission, another victim, AC, recalled the moment he told his mother. " Mum started crying and told me it wasn't my fault and there was nothing to be ashamed about. The same thing had happened to her when she was young." Two of the region's most senior Scout leaders have defended the official warning they gave Larkins.Had they acted at that time, maybe it would have saved a few more kids from being abused.The royal commission was told in 2010, 7 years after he had left the Scouts, Larkins had several children in his care and a case worker found a text on one child's phone: "Hey, I love you, but you should go home tonight so we don't get caught." Yet the Children's Court gave the green light for that boy to live with Larkins. More public hearings are planned for this year and next year, and they will focus on the YMCA, an Anglican children's home, the Catholic Church and the Salvation Army, and the royal commission says it's going to need additional re-Sorses to deal with the scale of this inquiry.While all six commissioners are sitting together this week, they will soon separate so that hearings can be held simultaneously around the country.A soldier who has been charged over the death of a colleague during a training exercise last year has faced court in Sydney. Gall galt galt

Alexander Gall has been charged with dangerous driving causing death and six counting of causing grievous bodily harm. 22-year-old Jordan Penpraze died in hospital three days later.Gall was on bail. He will return to court in November.NSW police are still trying to identify the drug that killed a 23-year-old man who a tended Sydney's west at the weekend. The who a tended a dance party in
Sydney's west at The 23-year-old died after Sydney's west at the weekend. lowing a number of pills The 23-year-old died say could lowing a number say lowing a number of pills police
say could have been ecstasy or a synthetic form of the substance.It was supposed to a synthetic form be a safe place to party, substance.It was supposed the
be a safe place to party, but be a safe place to party, the Defqon.1 Music Festival hit a sour note with the death of the Defqon.1 Music Festival a Victorian man. He told doctors he had taken three pills. Another 20 people were treated in hospital.Tragically, as a result of a young adult making a poor choice, his family are now suffering the consequences.Police seized pills with a horse head on the packet, about you thisser' waiting on tests to determine what they are and whether they caused the man's death. Their message is clear:Don't play Russian roulette with your life.Police arrested 80 people on drug offences, prompting speculation that party-goers may have taken drugs before entering the venue.If that is occurring that people are taking a lot of unknown substance in advance to avoid being arrested, perhaps cow say that the legal system is actually making something potentially more harmful.An influx of synthetic drugs ordered over the Internet is worrying health workers.Every day there is a new one and we don't know what they are and we find it very difficult to talk to people about safe use or less harmful use.Police have some are manufactured warning some may have a delayed impact.That may have caused them to think, "Look, this drug may not be working. I will take another one. I will take another one," and once the effects hit, in this particular case, it proved fatal.The man's identity is noting released at the request of his family. Event organisers say they are deeply saddened by the tragedy.The opponents of a large open-cut coalmine in the north-west of NSW have gone to the Federal Court in a bid to overturn its approval. They say the Maules Creek mine near Narrabri will have a devastating impact on farmers and the local environment.It's the mine that's forged an alliance between conservationists and farmers who say the risks are simply too great.The coalmine itself is going to leave a final void 1500m long, 600 wide and 300m deep.An environment group is challenging Maules Creek and a nearby mine expansion, saying thousands of hectares of land will be cleared. Former Environment Minister Tony Burke gave conditional approval in February after his intention to do so was leaked by the State Government. At the time, he lashed out in a radio interview with the ABC.I can't have a situation where market-sensitive information gets strategically leaked for political purposes.Those trying to block the mine say this should never have formed part of his decision. They say plans by the mining company, Whitehaven Coal, to protect other areas didn't stack hand
upThey've had to hold their hand all the way through to where it is now and it's not surprising it's ended up in court.Mr Burke has also been accused of failing to consider the impact on plants and animals.There were things that weren't even looked at before it was approved.Headlines in January when activist Jonathan Moylan issued a fake media release claiming it had lost the support of the ANZ Bank. He has now been prosecuted by ASIC. Whitehaven says Maules Creek will generate more than $5 billion in benefits over time and at Cesment was comprehensive. The hear something scheduled to run until Thursday.Queensland's land court, meanwhile, is hearing a chal election to a major coal project in the Galilee Basin in the State's Central West. The Alpha coal project is touted as one of the world's biggest, but six parties are contesting the mine for its effects on water, the ecology and climate change.AlThere are nine other mines that are looking to be approved for the approved for the Galilee Basin,
and this is the first and so and this is the our concerns that and this is the first and brought before the land is seeking to brought before is seeking to put a halt to that brought before the land court
is seeking to that development.The hearing is seeking to put a halt to is expected to go that development.The is expected to go for three is expected to weeks.A man said to be the Australian boss of an international match-fixing syndicate has appeared in court charged with rigging at least five soccer matches in Victoria. Gerry Gsubramaniam is one of six people associated with the Southern Stars club facing match-fixing charges. It is alleged he helped players and coach fix Premier League matches, allows syndicate bosses in Europe to make at least $2 million through betting.Police describe ha-year-old Gerry Gsubramaniam as the Australian-based big wig of an international match-fixing syndicate. They told a bail hearing the Malaysian national instructed the sur Stars coach and at least five players to rig games. The revelations have shocked the club's rivals.I haven't even heard of people betting on our Games.The Southern Stars' nil-all draw against Richmond Friday night is one of the matches under the micro scop scope. It is alleged phone taps have caught syndicate members discussing bets of up to $150,000 on the game.If you had seen the game, while not of a high standard, you would never have thought that that was a team who tries to throw a result or game.The club is on the bottom of the Victorian Premier League, despite recruiting a number of professionals from Europe. Police told the court some of those charged have already made add misses. It's possible more player also be charged. The club has released a statement saying no-one from the committee is involved in any way and that they had no idea this was going on because the club is run by honest, hard-working volunteers. The scandal has prompted talk of legislative change.So that the police are relevant information to sporting authorities and sporting bodies to make sure they can conduct their own integrity checks. If there is anything that the Government should do, we'll do it.The court heard Gerry Gsubramaniam had been booked on an international flight out of Melbourne tonight, but he remains in custody ahead of another hearing with his co-accused on Friday.The ACT is set to become the first Australian jurisdiction is legalise same-sex marriage. The Government will introduce its marriage equality bill into the Legislative Assembly on Thursday. The ACT Attorney-General says is he ready to fend off any possible challenge from the Federal Government or in the High Court.We have very clear and comprehensive legal opinion on this question, and we believe that it is entirely valid for the Territory to make this law.The Liberals say they won't support the bill, but it's expected to pass during next month's sitting with the support of the Greens minister.A burst water main in Western Sydney has sent a spectacular jet stream at least 30m into the air. The break was reported at 5am and fixed an hour and a half later. Sydney Water says it was caused by ground movement. There was no major damage to any property.

A third Porter has died after last week's savage attack on a group of Australian trekkers in Papua New Guinea. His family is angry about the lack of proper medical treatment and claim the trekking company has done nothing to help him. Police have arrested four men suspected of being behind the attack. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports.It's been six days since the horrific ambush and some of the injured Porters have only just undergone surgery to treat their extensive machete wounds. Overnight the most seriously injured, Lionel Agilo suck comed to his injuries and died. His death has devastated his colleagues.We are all worried about Lionel and some of us are in the same and still going bad and bad.Lionel Agilo's family is angry about the treatment he has received.These guys can be flown down to Moresby or Australia. I think they will be treated in a better way. They should have done whatever they treated those white blokes, same to these people. Now he are suffering. They've got no proper treatment Agilo's
in this place.They say Mr Agilo's employer, PNG Trekking Adventures, did nothing to help him.They are responsible to take all these guys down to a place where there is more better supplies of medicines and all this stuff.PNG Trekking Adventures says it's working furiously on options for the Porters, but people here say they've seen little evidence of that.Meanwhile, police have spet the day interviewing the four men arrested yesterday who are suspected of being involved in the attack on the Black Cat Track. No charges have been laid and police are not saying if they have determined a still on the run. motive. Two other suspects are still on the run.New York police officers trying to arrest a man near Times Square arrest a man have accidentalally shot two women.A troubled man was rung into traffic trying to get himself hit by into traffic trying to himself hit by vehicles. Police opened fire when he mimicked pulling out a weapon. They missed the suspect, but hit two female bystanders who suffered superficial wounds. The man police were aiming at was eventually Tasered and taken into custody.The US says a military strike is still on the table if Syria doesn't follow the terms of a deal to destroy its chemical weapons. Syria has welcomed the plan, saying it will avert war, about you in neighbouring Israel, many are sceptical. The ABC's Norman Hermant reports from Jerusalem.It didn't take long for US Secretary of State John Kerry to start briefing allies on the deal brokered with Russia for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons for destruction. Key American ally, Israel, was the first stop, and Mr Kerry had a warning for the Syrian regime.The threat of force is real and the Assad regime and all those taking part need to understand that pr Obama and the US are committed to achieve this goal.That was a welcome message for Israeli PM, Benjamin diplomacy has any chance to work, it must diplomacy has any work, it must be coupled with a credible military threat.The deal may have avoided war a, but it's exposed but it's exposed US President Barack Obama to criticism that he sent the wrong message to Iran.My suspicion is that the Iranians recognise they shouldn't draw a lesson that we haven't struck to think we won't strike Iran.But many in Israel suspect that's exactly the lesson. Iran has learned.Of course.The Iranians are learning as well and they're watching with interest how the international community is doing nothing about Assad gassing his own people.Israeli security officials say it won't take long to figure out Bashar al-Assad's intentions. His regime now has less than a week to deliver a complete inventory of its chemical weapons arsenal. Over the years, Israeli intelligence has compiled its own list. The question is will those lists match? pbSecurity forces are closing in on Muslim rebels after a week of violence in the Southern Philippines. At least 61 people have died and thousands displaced since gunmen stormed the city of Zamboanga last Monday, taking civilians hostage. Most of them have now been freed. The army is trying to clear rebels from the area, village by village, while closing off possible escape routes. Four days of conflict have left 120,000 people dead and forced 2 million to flee.In Italy, the salvage of the luxury cruise finally under
ship, the 'Costa Concordia' is finally under way. Workers are using cranes and high drawl ygs to try to rotate the liner into an upright position, but engineers say trying to move such a huge ship so close to land is an operation which has never been tried before. Experts are listening to every noise the ship makes as it's pulled off the rocks. The risk is the ship could break apart, causing environmental damage. If the operation succeeds, the vessel will be stabilised and towed away frr year.New research has found that towed away frr scrap next that obese people could be wasting their time trying to that obese people could lose weight. The Adelaide University study has found that those able to slim down through diet and exercise could put it back on through reasons they can't control.More than 5 million Australians are obese, making the nation one of the fattest in the developed world. Researchers already knew obesity damages stomach nerves that normally tell the brain when to stop eating. Now an Adelaide University study has found that even if an obese person loses weight, the nerves don't recover which means those extra kilos are likely to go back on.They think that they're
they've reached the level that they're comfortable with and they go back to eating normally. Unfortunately these signals, they still don't feel full, and so they will go back to just eating a lot of food.In the study, mice were fed lard to mirror the high-fat diet that brings humans undone. The findings are a warning for many to avoid a diet consisting of regular trips to fast food chains.If you're going there every night, five nights a week or so, people need to be aware that even at the moment they might not be obese, by consuming such a high-fat and risky diet, they may well be on the path to changes that could lead to them being chronically trying to work out what causes the nerve damage and if it's reversible. While many adults may be able to see when enough is enough, rising numbers of obese children aren't so discerning.They don't know when to stop eating and if there is no trigger of fullness, then they will continue.The best cure remains prevention, meaning more vigilance over what individuals eat.A a key superannuation lobby group has reject ed calls for more money to go infrastructure investment. The Financial Services Council has released a survey but says the industry shouldn't be treated as a cash cow. Phillip Lasker has more.It was a survey aimed at holding the new government to account83% of Australians sport the increase of superannuation to 12%.That's by 2021, and the Financial Services Council says it can't be delayed further.We see that as a critical time-frame.Research group Rainmaker questions the survey's findings, because responsibilities probably didn't consider that the super increase would replace wage rises.What surprises me is not 100%, because of course we all want more money going into our superannuation. It is a fantastic idea, 12% superannuation. The request is he who pays for that 12%.For 74% of responds, the choice of fund was made by employers and more than half had no idea of the fees they were being charged. The industry warns the cost of simplifying super means fees won't be coming down for a whileIn the short term I think a lot of the cost will be passed on, that we will see at least levels being flat maybe for the next year or two. If anything, this will give the industry an excuse to nudge up fees probably a little more than they were going to do anyway.And moves by the Coalition to become the infrastructure government using superannuation money won't necessarily be embraced by everyone.The only objective is to get the best return, not to meet other policy agendas. Superannuation is not a cash cow that can solve every problem.But cash-strapped governments can't resist. Staying with finance, the Australian dollar lurched higher today as the US dollar came under selling prosh sure. The price of crude oil took a tumble as well, after America and Russia signed a deal over Syria. Here is Alan

The big story was the withdrawal of Larry Summers, replacing Ben Bernanke. Summers is a former Treasury Secretary and generally perceived bit of and generally perceived as a
bit of a market's assessment bit of a hard nut, so the that under any one market's assessment today is that under any is likely to have that under any one else,ed Fed is likely to have looser
is likely to monetary policy for longer and as a result that have the monetary policy for as a result that have the US
dollar monetary policy for longer and
as a result that dollar fell to a 4-year the Aussie rose to a the Aussie rose to a four-month high. The other thing affects the markets is a deal that the markets is a deal averts for the moment a strike on Syria, and the oil price dropped 1.3%, while gold and base metals also fell. Asian markets rose pretty strongly today except for the with unin Shanghai which had a small setback, having rallied more than 15% since late June. The Australian market has done something similar, 13% since June 25th, versus 5% by Wall Street and 7% by the global share index. The Australian market rose half a percent today resulting from strong gains among the banks, especially Macquarie, as well as resources leader and industrials like Blue scope. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the worst day of the global financial crisis. Obviously there are many lingering effects of this including high unemployment around the world but one of them is the fact that businesses in Australia now have to pay much more in interest than home owners to borrow money. It's all part of the new spirit of risk aversion which is also shown by this chart of small mining company shares. They have a second year this year and now
sitting below where they were at the 2009 bottom. That's finance.

While Australia prides itself on its wines, it seems we're still seen overseas and a nation of beer drinkers and pie-eaters. Tourism Australia is looking to change all that.Australia's wine and food industry upholes itself as world-class, but it is emseems the sentiment is yet to be shared by foodies around the worldWhen people try to associate wine, the first would be
priority comes to their mine would be the European countries instead of Australia. The perception in our international markets from those who have They
never been here is quite low. They don't really consider Australia as a food or a wine destination.Australia's food, wine and tourism industries are teaming up to change that perception. Already the Barossa Valley is being promoted as a food destination and Tourism Australia's next campaign, called Restaurant Australia, will also focus on food and wine experiences. It's hoped this will provide a major boost to the economy.Potentially billions of dollars over the long run and for us trying to get to our 2020 goal of somewhere between $115 and $140 billion in tourism receipts we will hopefully get by 2020 The first time really as a nation stood up and being proud of the food and wine we produce.The concept is being unveiled at a three-day wine industry forum in Adelaide, attended by nearly 800 people from 20 countries.Australia became known as the McDone algd's of the wine aisle and now Australia's challenge is to show the world and the UK that it can do fine dining as well.Social media has been highlighted as an easy way to target international markets.Wineries being able to show what happens in their vintage on video and share that through their social media chal knells is a very simpleal but powerful opportunity for them.The Restaurant Australia campaign will officially launch next year.

A complex low pressure system and an associated trough. The low he will move through the south-east, the trough will extend back to Queensland. That will see the and
rain contracting to Tasmania and Victoria fairly quickly tomorrow and the south-east of NSW. The thunderstorms possible as that trough still moves through the eastern stauts, and a gradual easing of the severe conditions in WA. Now, for Queensland, there is the potential of thunderstorms through the southern and central inland with patchy rain, that will clear to the coastal fringe where we are expecting to see thunderstorms in the afternoon anywhere south of

The top stories from ABC News - the PM-elect Tony Abbott has unveiled his new leadership team to be sworn in on Wednesday. Among them, Julie Bishop will be Foreign Minister, Mathias Cormann Finance Minister, George Brandis Attorney-General and Barnaby Joyce Minister for agriculture. Mr Abbott says he is disappointed there will be only one woman on his Cabinet.Australians are being urged to prepare for shocking details as the royal commission into child sexual abuse begins public hearings. The focus this week is on former NSW Scout leader and convicted paedophile. The commission heard the man was allowed to nominate himself for a reference for working with children check.A third Porter has died of wounds he received in last week's attack on an Australian trekking group in Papua New Guinea. The man was one of nine local Porters slashed by machete-wielding bandits. Seven Australians and a New Zealander was also injured in the ambush. Police have arrested four men. And daring recovery effort is under way off the Italian coast to pull the shipwrecked 'Costa Concordia' upright. The salvage operation was delayed earlier in the day due to stormy weather. 32 people died when the ship hit rocks in January last year.Let's catch up on the day's sports news now with Mark Douglass.Tonight - unacceptable. North Queensland still seething over the 7th track cell try disaster. Those referees won't be seen in the finals series again, nor will they be seen in international series.Also tonight, footy finals casualties - Geelong has a date with the tribunal, while Sydney loses two key players. I'm Mark Douglass and this is 'Grandstand'.

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Welcome to the program. Thanks for your company. Coming up, Australia's cricket captain in doubt for the fifth and final one-dayer and the Kiwis close in on America's Cup. First, the North Queensland Cowboys have conceded nothing can be done about the club's shocking end to the season thanks to Cronulla's 7th tackle try. The club, its fans and even some politicians are still fuming over the controversial referees blunder. David Chen reports.It is a problem the NRL hoped it wouldn't have to tackle, but the glaring error is overshadowing the rest of the finals series. Even Queensland politicians, including one former NRL referee, want heads to roll.Those referees won't be seen in the finals series again, nor will they be seen in international series which they would have had aspirations for afterwards. I don't ever want to see that bloke referee another Cowboys game again, full stop, finished over. He should never ref a Cowboys' game again.The NRL boss Jourdain today. In a statement, Jourdain today. Mr Jourdain says the club Mr Jourdain says abide by the decisions made on the abide by the decisions made the field on Saturday, referees are expected to be the field on Saturday, referees are expected to the remaining finals gamesI've been in touch with Matty Cecchin and he is a shattered man and I've offered him support. He is a him support. He is a very good referee, both of them. Young TJ