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Single white female, Julie Bishop the only woman on the front bench as Tony Abbott

New ministry. disappointed there are not at least
two women in the cabinet.Tell the truth, the plea for child abuse victims as a major inquiry begins. The sexual abuse of children has been widespread in the Australian community.Conventional, not chemical, attacks continue in Syria as the UN drafts a tough resolution to enforce a controversial disarmment deal. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Hello, I'm Ricardo GoncalvesAlso ahead, a new dawn, the Costa concorda raised from her watery grave.And the latest from Col do where hundreds of missing after floods sweep the state.But first Prime Minister Tony Abbott is defending his decision to include only one woman in a cabinet of 19. The Abbott ministry will be sworn in at Government house on Wednesday. Karen Middleton joins us now from Canberra. Well, Ricciardo, he says he wants a back to basics Government with pared down job titles and little change to es and little change to the line-up. But Tony Abbott is warning he will move and possibly stack some public service chiefs as he puts his stamp on the whole Government.After nine days the ministry is finally taking shape.This is the team to provide strong and stable Government.At the top, little change. Nationals leader and deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss retains infrastructure, regional development and transport. Joe Hockey is Treasurer, Julie Bishop, Foreign rer, Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister. But she is the only woman in cabinet with former front bencher Sophie Mirabella fighting for her seat. There are some very good and talented women knocking on the door of the cabinet.The cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women in it than the cabinet of Australia. Liberal Senator Sue Boyce is shocked and embarrassed at so few women.There are other changes being made and we do have a wealth of talent.Senator Cash joins out outer ministry, assisting on immigration and women. Senator Fiona Nash assists in health. Susan Lee in education. Among parliamentary secretarys one woman, Senator Fierravanti-Wells N cabinet George pran advertise is Arts Ministerster. Senator core man takes finance. Eric abets takes employment, workplace relations. Christopher Pyne retains education and becomes leader of the house. Barnaby Joyce takes agriculture, Andrew Robb, trade and investment. Widely tipped for cabinet, Arthur Sinodinis moves only into the outer ministry as ly into the outer ministry as Assistant Treasurer. Peter Dutton keeps health and gets sport. David Johnson keeps defence. Ian Mcfar lane has a super industry portfolio including science and resources.Tony Abbott says titles won't reflect all portfolio components.Frankly, want to avoid title inflation. I think we have title deflaigs.Bronwyn Bishop wanted a ministry but will be speaker instead. National John Cobb is out too.They haven't missed out because of poor performance. They've missed out because I have simply had e I have simply had to make some changes. Labor's national executive met today to ecutive met today to refine the rules for its leadership contest. Now anyone who joined the ALP before election day will be able to vote. Tony Abbott and his ministers will be sworn in on Wednesday.Karen, what has driven Tony Abbott's decisions in the ministry?Sarah, it's always a fine balancing act. They have to represent all of the states and territories, both of the Chambers and the Nationals have to have a proper representation too. But of course the Prime Minister elect is come - copping some criticism over women. I suspect that will continue. He has demoted five former parliamentary secretarys and promoted five more but the ones promoted are all blokes. I'm told in Afghanistan there are three in the cabinet. That was our chief political correspondent Karen Middleton talking to us from Parliament House in Canberra.The man charged with investigating thousands of alleged cases of child abuse says Australians will be shocked at the scale of the claims.He says those documents the allegations of systemic institutional abuse have found it harrowing. The Royal commission was first announced by Julia Gillard back in January. Today was the opening day of the Sydney public hearings - the first session expected to last around two weeks. The hearings are being over seen by a team of six commissioners headed by justice Peter McClelland. Today he revealed more than 400 private hearings with witnesses and victims have already taken place with many more to come. Outside the Royal commission, moral support.We've come here because we want to see justice for what has happened to all of us children. Inside a warning from commissioner Peter McLellend.Many of the stories we're hearing will shock many people.He says the commission will reveal the extent of institutional child sex abuse in Australia and drive home that even so-called low level abuse can have catestrohic consequences - something he has a judge didn't fully realise.Until I began my work with the commission I did not adequately appreciate the devastating and e the devastating and long lasting effect which sexual abuse however inflicted can have on an individual's life.The first institution examineds about Scouts New South bout Scouts New South Wales and the activities of former scout leader and convicted paedophile Stephen Larkins, now in jail. The commissions heard that he sexually astaulted - assaulted two scouts, one aged 12 at the time was raped at his Larkins house during a sleepover. Another scout leader told the commission that he contacted police when Larkins was spotted giving lollies to children outside a to children outside a swimming pool. He says the scouts pool. He says the scouts told him that Larkins would receive a formal warning and be removed from face to face children. But after he saw him a year later at Sea World in charge of a in charge of a group of scouts he resigned in protest.We promised that he would go.The commission was also told of rumours surrounding Stephen Larkins that, - that he climbed into the veeping - sleeping bag of one student to of one student to keep him warm and had been seen showering with others. Mr Hoitink was applauded as he left the commission.I'm actually looking in at myself at the little child. I'm in a bath tub and some people were touching me. I was telling them to leave my bummy alone. You y bummy alone. You couldn't tell anybody. I supressed this memory so long. It's all coming so long. It's all coming back and it's just horrible.Jo Parker, sexually Andy abused from nine years old was also told she would never be any good.I would like to tell those people who said those things to me I am a qualified teacher. I hold my head very high in the Aboriginal community and I am a respected elder.The first public hearing continues

Two weeks. Around 500 foster Careers in New South Wales ers in New South Wales are being investigated for inappropriate behaviour. The state government has revealed a backlog of cases, many involving allegations of abuse, physical harm or neglect. The head of the department of family and community services says 36 investigators are working to nvestigators are working to clear the backlog, to be completed by the end of the year. The club at the heart of Victoria's match fixing scandal says it knew nothing of what its coach and a number of players were I allegedly up to. Meantime the man claimed to be the link between bookise and players has appeared in court. The man police consider the key contact between the match fixing ring and match fixing ring and players at the Southern Stars appeared in court today. It's alleged the 45-year-old Malaysian took phone calls from Asian book makers and then gave players their match -day instructions. He was denied bail after the court heard he was planning to leave Australia tonight. Four British players and their Australian coach were arrested yesterday and appeared in an out d appeared in an out of sessions court hearing last night. urt hearing last night. They were all bailed on the condition they stay away from any FFA sanctioned match. The Southern Stars failed to return calls today but through a statement said no-one from the committee was involved and they had no idea what was going d no idea what was going on.That it allegedly did occur is really to me the shocking part. That in this culture, in this country where these things are abhored it could happen.The stars played Richmond on Friday night at odds of 20 to 1. Police allege it was the subject of a $150 bet. Gobsmacked. From a personal level, gobsmacked. From what I can hear within the t I can hear within the football community everyone is shocked.Culturaly and we tend to think - that this doesn't happen here. That we wouldn't do it, that it's so against our grain. But you have to understand corruption happens everywhere and certainly happens on a big level within football.The leagues that have lesser public exposure, second division or smaller competitions, where there is the opportunity to bet, but not the same public scrutiny. So the feelings is amongst those who try to do these things that they will get under the radar.Football Federation Victoria is expected to announce any club sanctions this week. They will reappear in court on Friday. We will have more reaction in our sports news later in the program. And the world game will be discussing the issue of match fixing at e of match fixing at length tonight. That's on SBS One at 11:00. Or you can watch it online from 9.30 tonight. America says the threat of force against Syria remains real despite the agreement to rid the country of its chemical weapons. The US, France and Britain are working on a tough UN Security Council resolution designed to enforce the controversial disarmment deal.As the Syrian mment deal.As the Syrian Government compiles its list of chemical weapons it's unleasing its Arsenal of conventional ones on the Damascus suburbs. Rebel held areas pounded day and night. The Syrian Government has declared that the deal agreed at the weekend between the US weekend between the US and Russian Foreign Ministers is a victory that averts war, but those leading the charge against the Syrian regime say it is too early to say that. France, which had been willing to take part in military action against Damascus now working at the UN to ensure that the deal is backed up with the threat of force.

That task may be made easier in the coming hours when the report compiled by the UN's wasn'ts inspectors into last month's chemical attacks is released by the UN security general. It will confirm that chemical weapons were used and it will leave little doubt that it was the regime that used them.He's not comfortable as Commander-in-Chief.Under attack at home for appearing to be weak, President Obama has hit back at critics who say the deal is not only em boldened President Assad but Iran too.My suspicion is that the Iranians recognise they shouldn't draw a lesson that we haven't struck, esson that we haven't struck, to think we won't strike Iran. On the other hand, what they should draw from this lesson is that there is the potential of resolving these issues diplomatically.President Obama revealing he has exchanged letters with the new Iranian President, who despite being a relative moderate remains commitsed to his country's controversial - to his country's controversial - commit ed to his country's controversial nuclear program. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Up next, a clubber's death prompts fresh warnings from New South Wales police over the dangers of party pills.Shortly the health conditions that could increase your risk of developing dementia.Later, remembering a pivotal point in America's civil rights

MuchPolice are ramping up warnings after the death of a 23-year-old man at a dance party in Sydney over the weekend.The man told medical officers he had taken what he thought were three ecstasy pills. Police say drug takers are playing a deadly game.A road trip from Victoria with some mates which ended in tragedy. 23-year-old James Monroe was able to take par - tell paramedics he took three ecstasy pills before he had seizures and then went into cardiac arrest. Police say there was no way he could have known what was in the pills.If you're going to be taking jobs you're playing Russian roulette with your life.More than 20 others overdoseed at the event. Police say a slow acting drug may be behind it.People thinking maybe it wasn't working, I will take another one and then another one. Tony Wood's daughter Ana died from a single ecstasy pill 18 years ago. It makes you feel so bad for the family and friends of the young one who died.He says organisers of the party should be held account accountable.They say event organisers should be held accountable.Experts who deal with the fall-out from these drugs almost daily say it is becoming a bigger problem. But with more and more of them becoming available every week it's becoming more complex.We're seeing increasing numbers of different drugs we haven't seen before. Not just in Australia but globaly we're seeing an increasing array of different substances.Authorities say it's simply not worth taking the risk. A local deputy mayor and his son have been kill ad light plane crash in a remote area of north Queensland. The plane went down in bushland on Bellfield Station approximately 180 kilometres north of Richmond yesterday afternoon. The pilot has been confirmed as the deputy mayor of Croydon. His son was the passenger.The CEO of the only Australian Aboriginal academy says the school's program has been extended by another year thanks to positive results. year thanks to positive results. The Queensland Government has granted a 12 month extension for the direct teaching trial that includes cultural engagement programs and extended school hours.Australia's Chinook helicopters have ended their mission in Afghanistan 7 years after being first deployed to Kandahar airfield. The Australian flag was lowered at a special ceremony at the airfield. They flew over 6,000 combat hours, carried 40,000 personnel and transported more than 3,000 tonnes of cargo. Mexico is being battered by a double whammy of wild weather that has killed at least 1 people. It's bringing flooding and landslides to the beach d landslides to the beach resort of Acapulco. The storm has begun to weaken since making land eaken since making land fall. The country is also being lashed by Hurricane ingrid, which could make land fall shortly.Meanwhile torrential rain in the US state of Colorado has grounded rescue who will helicopters, slowing the search for more than 1,000 people who are unaccounted for after massive flooding.A bird's eye view of nature's wrath - rain has been pounding Colorado for almost a week. Thousands of almost a week. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes and there has been extensive damage to property. One county sheriff became emotional describing how his community would rebuild.How can we ever recover from this recover from this ly inch by inch mile by mile, community by community - they're taking this stuff back. They're doing it. back. They're doing it. People are getting those things done getting those things done out there.The floods have claimed at least five lives and the authorities believe that number is likely to rise. An 80- year-old woman ise. An 80- year-old woman is believed to be the latest casualty. She was injured and unable to leave her home as flood waters began engulfing it.Neighbours went down to assist her and discovered that the home iscovered that the home had been destroyed at that point. So, she is unaccounted for. We're presuming she is deceased. North-west of Boulder this man watched a car become stuck. It was carrying four teenagers.The intensity of the storm and the mud coming down the creek and overflowing on to Lindon had increased to the point where they bottomed out, their car got stuck. Two of car got stuck. Two of the teenages were swept to their deaths after climbing out of the car. With roads washed away and bridges submerged, helicopters have been a vital part of the rescue operation. This couple among hundreds winched to safety. But in some areas choppers can't be used.The helicopters are unfortunately grounded due to the weather. As soon as the conditions change and it's safe enough for them to get back up and flying they will be flying.In the words of one US official: Mother nature is not cooperating right now. A series of car bomb attacks across Iraq has killed at least 38 people and injured more than 100. The violence is the latest in a series of deadly attacks in recent months and the country's worst since 2008. The explosions targeted crowded commercial areas and car parks in several cities. A day of bombs and bloodshed in Iraq. These chaotic scenes are the immediate e chaotic scenes are the immediate aftermath of a blast in a city - part of a series of explosions on Sunday. The worst incident was in Hilla where bombs in two parked cars exploded simultaneously near a busy market. And a third blew up near a vehicle repair workshop. This was the seen in Basra after another similar explosion. The wrecked cars and foot stalls are evidence of the carnage that was caused. TRANSLATION: A terrorist attack by a car bomb has killed many people and wound others. The explosion in Basra was one of a series of strikingly similar car bombs across Iraq on Sunday. In Baghdad an explosive device was detonated as the deputy head of the city's provincial council was driving past. It's understood that he survived the blast but civilians were killed. While no group has claimed it carried out these explosions, they form part of a wave of violence across Iraq that has already killed more than 500 people this month alone.Riot police have .Riot police have clashed with thousands of an at this Government protesters in Turkey. rnment protesters in Turkey. Demonstrators in Istanbul set fire to barricades in the street while police tried to control the lice tried to control the crowd with tear gas. The violence was sparked after a 22-year-old protester died in an anti-Government deter died in an anti-Government demonstration earlier this month. Scores of protesters have been injured and arrested. Oh my God! Go! Go! Go!Dramatic mobile phone footage has emerged of a shooting in New York's Times Square. Police opened fire with three shots as they tried to arrest a man. They missed and the shots hit two women nearby. They are being treated for minor injuries. The suspect was brought down with a stun gun instead.Hundreds of South Korean South Korean work their joobs in a jointly run factory with North Korea. run factory with North Korea. It's being reopened five months after Pyongyang shut it down over threats from South Korea and Washington over military drills. In breaking news - a man has been fataly shot by South Korean troops's tried to cross the border to the north. Military officials say he was swimming across a river when guards opened fire. Engineers are attempting an unprecedented salvage operation off the coast of Italy.They are trying to raise the 114,000 tonne Costa concorda. These are live pictures from the Island of Giggli,0. The operation commenced two hours ago but it's going to be a slow and dangerous process. a slow and dangerous process.Before dawn the wreckage had an eary glow - framed by support boats and barges moving into place, all of it underscored by a sense of urgency.She has got to come up now.At daybreak the massive task ahead was clear. 500 engineers working s clear. 500 engineers working together attempting to ether attempting to do something on a scale not seen before - to lift this 114,000 tonne vessel back upright.It's a one-chance opportunity. When we start we have to be 100% ready.?January 2012 the luxury cruise ship struck rocks just off the island, claiming 32 lives. Five people have already been found guiltive manslaughter and negligence. The trial of the captain, who apparently abandoned ship, resumes next week. For the past 20 months the partialy submerged wreckage ialy submerged wreckage has served as a painful reminder. TRANSLATION: I really hope it goes soon because we can't stand seeing it any more. For a year and a half we have year and a half we have it in front of our eyes every morning when we wake up. We can't wait.The ship had to be put on a massive base to keep it sinking further. A hollow box was placed on one sited with cables attached and those will be tightened to raise the ship upright. Another box will be placed on the other side of the ship and if all goes well it will help to float it. It will take 10 hours to pull off what has not been done before. Two bodies have yet to be recovered. Authorities will look for them during the salvage. There is also a can earn that toxic waste will pour into the sea.Everything will be taking a lot of strain during the operation.If the 1 billion project goes according to plan the once picturesque view will return to what it l return to what it was and the constant reminder of constant reminder of the deadly crash will be towed away and broken up for scrap.We will update you on the salvage operation in our Late News at 10.30. For more on our in-depth stories tonight...Rebel fighters with ties to Al-Qaeda are now among the many groups battling to top the government in Syria. One faction, known as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, c state of Iraq and Syria, has been called by one observer, more frightening than the Assad regime. It has more foreign fighters in other factions and their influence has risen significantly in recent months. This is how Syrian rebels finally captured a Government air base this summer in northern Syria. They Gerry rigged extra armour on to a captured personnel carrier and then rigged it with lots of explosives. The next step involved a man from Saudai Arabia - a member of an Al- Qaeda linked militant group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. After he drove the APC to the gates of the air base, he blew it up. The suicide operation ended a siege that had lasted nearly a year and marked a victory for the ISIS. Although C although C not independently verify some of the videos it's clear that the ISIS is one of the newest most ideologicalically extreme factions to join the Hodge poj of rebel groups that control northern Syria. This is the group I'm worried about. Abu, not his real name, is a Syrian activist who agreed to talk about the ISIS provide we blurred his face for safety.Now we're rufrg from two sides. The jihadi people and the hadi people and the regime.Within the last year the ISIS came from Iraq and began taking over territory in the rebel held north. Eyewitnesses say it now controls most of the city of Raqqa. The stated goal of the group is to establish an Islamist state. Isn't Palestine now a state for the Jews? Now when we declare an Islamic state is that right or wrong?A growing number of Syrians long opposed to the Syrian regime are now sounding the alarm about the ISIS?So these jiha distribution Is scare you as much as the e you as much as the regime now?Now, yes.It's that bad?Yes. Some of them, they are so horrible, especially the ISIS - because they are not Syrian. Many ISIS fighters come from Iraq, Turkey, north Africa and even checksa.Secular members say they have recently been targeted by a campaign of kidnapping. Among those missing for weeks now is a famous activist. In an interview with CNN earlier this year he warned about the rise of hard line Islamist groups in the rebel north. The ISIS militia is still vastly outnumbered by other more moderate rebel Brigades but these militants are well armed and well funded and determined to take over the rebel held enclave r the rebel held enclave in northern Syria. Melbourne's fickle weather has all but ex-distinguished a proposed protest against a controversial pro-Palestinian speaktroversial pro-Palestinian speaker. A handful braved the elements branding his views extremist and offensive. Outside Melbourne's state library spruemers distributed pamphlets. Earlier, the Professor fronted a crowd at fronted a crowd at the University of Melbourne maintaining his busy speaking should you'll and his controversial views.It is true that Israel has been responsible for the continuous oppression and abuse of the Palestinian people.A few months ago the 82-year-old earnt a reprimand from Ban Ki Moon over comments linking the Boston bombings to US foreign policy. But he says he was taken out of context and stands by this view.It's bound to have push back in various ways and that n various ways and that takes the form in the world we're rm in the world we're living in of these kind of terrorist f these kind of terrorist incidents.Today it was members of Melbourne's Israeli community objecting.He is considered a bigot and extremist in the Jewish nd extremist in the Jewish comuent. His views are extremely objectionable. He does not do anything to assist the cause of peace resolution in the Middle East.Nearby students for Palestine kept busy as police of whated on. Some members of Australia's Jewish community are critical of the role the Australian l of the role the Australian National University played in organising the speaking tour. They say it lacks academic credibility and s academic credibility and that some of the views are offensive.Endorsing events like this which are purely pushing the are purely pushing the propaganda wagon are hardly the things these kinds of institutions shouldse kinds of institutions should be fostering. But the e fostering. But the controversial figure says he is frequently the unfair target of pro-Israel movements.And tries to divert attention from the message to the messenger. And I think that's er. And I think that's been a consistent Israeli propaganda tactic.He travels to Sydney tomorrow for two further speaking engagements. One of the world's leading experts on brain health has warned people with heart rned people with heart disease, diabetes and obesity and obesity risk of developing dementia. Health professionals are calling for all high risk patients to be screened. Latest research also shows a link between sporting injuries and dementia.Caterina hen dor son has been diagnosed with a form of dementia that reduces speech and also affects her daily routine. Things happen like the sauce pan has boiled over and burnt and so I decided it was best if I took over the cooking.Husband Robert has to jog her memory for dates and appointments. The 65-year-old has been told there is no cure or treatment. Doctors say dementia no longer affects only the elderly but people in early retirement.We face an epidemic irement.We face an epidemic of unimaginable proportions and something that people are ing that people are not ready for.One of the world's top epdeemologists is visiting Australia as part of dementia awareness week. She says the latest science shows diabetics have double the risk.Too high a level of glucose can be harmful. If the insulin is not working properly or responding properly in the brain these could rly in the brain these could lead to increased risk of Alzheimer's.Research also shows high blood pressure and smoking are a factor while proteins and hormones in obese people can harm the brain.Experts believe that all people known to have chronic diseases should also be screened for dementia, to diagnose early and reduce the health burden. The young and active should be aware of the long term impacts of traumatic brain injury.We're not all the way we would like to be but more we're understanding that TBI is a risk factor.Australian of the Year itsa but the tros insists it's not about apportioning blame.The last thing I would want to do is make anyone feel guilty that they haven't done the right things. But we do have a duty to inform Australians about the evidence.Advocates say those who can't prevent its on set deserve patience and dignity. Sarah, here are some statistics. There are 320,000 Australians living with dementia - and the number is expected to grow to 400,000 in under 10 years.Not a great number. years.Not a great number. Thaufrp. A special church service has been held to mark 50 years since the pivotal point in the pivotal point in the American civil rights movement. Four young girls were killed when g girls were killed when a church in Birmingham was attacked. The area had become a focal point in the fight against segregation led by Martin Luther King.The 16th street Baptist church had become a gathering spot for those determined to end segregation.This Birmingham movement is one of the most inspiring developments in the whole non-violence strugglts in the whole non-violence struggle.Those nonviolent protests growing - families famously standing there as police dogs were brought in, as high powered hoses were unleashed on children were unleashed on children and their parents, determined to have their quiet message heard. heir quiet message heard. The scenes playing out amid scenes playing out amid calls from the other side to keep segregation alive.I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever. 50 years ago as church-goers filled that Alabama church it was bombed, killing four girls, four young faces gone. The bombing became a powerful symbol helping to fuel the push for change. The 1964 civil rights act e 1964 civil rights act would come a year later. On this Sunday 50 years later they gathered at ears later they gathered at the church again to remember the girls lost. Teaching the same lost. Teaching the same Sunday school lesson being thought that morning the lesson called a love that forgives and a statue honouring the young girls unveiled. Stay with us - up next Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Like fine wine, an American capture capture Tour of Spain I think aed 41.Also, are Australia's days in the Davis Cup

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One of the front runners to replace US fed reserve Chairman Ben Benanke has pulled out of the race days before the first board meeting to discuss monetary policy.His scratching has been viewed as favourable by investors.That includes Australian investors, which have pushed the All Ordinaries index to a fresh five- year high. The banks did well and it comes as home prices rose across the country by 2%.

The Australian dollar has ended the day stronger against all of the major currencies with the exception of the New Zealand dollar. Oil has fallen as the average petrol price across the nation rose nearly 6c to 1.55.6 per litre last week. Commsec is expecting some relief in the week ahead. Time for all of the day's sports news with Craig Foster. As we heard earlier, the fallout from Victoria's match fixing scandal continues.The Mariners coach says he has never encountered bribery in the A-League and believes coaches would reject advances to throw a match. Arnold offered his own solution on how he would deal with the issue if approached.Me as a coach, if someone tried to pay me off to lose a game I would probably hit them in the face. Same with the players. Arnold and his Mariners squad departed for Indonesia today where his side will play three pre-season games in 10 days. Central Coast open their campaign in Sydney on October 12. n Sydney on October 12. And Rinaldo has signed a reported contract worth $24 million a year. He had been linked with a return to Manchester united but he put an end to speculation with the deal. In the Premier League Southampton was denied a first victory of the season. The keeper holding on for a string of saves. Chris Horner's victory at La Vuelta has raised suspicions after becoming the oldest man to win one of cycling's grand tours. The 41- year-old held on to his slender lead to secure the red jersey with some questioning his performance over the three-week race.The final stage of ace.The final stage of this year's La Vuelta turned into a sprint shoot-out won by one of world cycling's young guns. When it's considered that the tour's overall winner is soon to turn 42 it puts Chris Horner's win into context. He is the oldest ever cyclist to claim one of the world tours.It's amazing. You think of La Vuelta's 100 years from now and your winner is on the plate it's amazing.An Italian newspaper investigation equated his power to weight ratio as equating to Chris Froome. Suggesting it appears unnatural given his age. He is more than five years the senior of the previous oldest grand tour winner. I would like to give Chris Horner the benefit Chris Horner the benefit of the doubt simply because he has never failed a dope test throughout his long career. It's been very consistent. There has been nothing to me to suggest any of his performances were nothing other than done on bread and water.Horner was a former teammate of a former teammate of Lance Armstrong's at RadioShack. His achievement in holding off the pre-pre-race favourite after a 19-year-old professional career has divided opinion. Australia's 6-year stint in the Davis Cup wilderness is over after Bernard Tomic helped secure a long awaited return to the top tier world group. He won in straight sets to give Australia an unassailable lead in the best of five world group play-off. Australia going on to win the tie 4-1.Australia's Davis Cup destiny rested with Bernard Tomic's raquet. The world number 50 rising to the occasion.Wonderful stuff there. Good movement forward there.Tomic breaking in the opening game of the match and continuing at breakneck pace. Trailing by a set Lucas went on the attack, but the Australian responded in kind. The Polish player was trying to summon the crowd's support. It seemed momentum had shifted - staring at set point. Bernie's body shape there doesn't react quite as match.Tomic fighting back from 5-1 down to take the set.Got it. What a comeback from Bernard Tomic.Tomic's baseline accuracy tormented his opponent in the third.He is so accurate with that shot. Australia's future in the top flight of the Davis Cup sealed in Warsaw.We all stood up and did really well. It's been a great atmosphere. Back where we belong in the world group.Canada was battling for a world finals berth. Novak Djokovic d finals berth. Novak Djokovic too God. Serbia will host the Davis Cup decider in November. Geelong star Paul Chapman has been slapped with a one-match ban for his high bump on Port Adelaide's Robbie Grey, ruling him out of this week's clash. Chapman can appeal the decision. Sydney defender Ted Richards is luckier, though, as he can accept a reprimand for this hit on Casbolt and is free to play Fremantle on Saturday.The shax captain has rejected claims by Johnathan Thurston that the NRL competition favours Sydney clubs. The Cowboys remain disappointed with macho firbls after Cronulla scored the first try of their final on Saturday on the 7th tackle. Johnathan Thurston says Queensland's State of Origin dominance was behind the push for an all-Sydney grand final. However Flannigan dismissed suggestions of a Sydney conspiracy.Who knows what would have happened on our last tackle play there. We could have still scored. I feel for JT and his team. But as I said, it had an impacts on the game but didn't decide the game.Flannigan confirmed he will give star play maker Todd Carney until kick-off to prove Hills fit for Friday night's semifinal against Manly. Carney aggravated the hamstring injury that previously ruled him out for two weeks. Team New Zealand is just two wins away from securing the America's Cup after taking out race 10 in San Francisco. Still feeling the effect from their near capsize 24 hours earlier the challengers started nervously with team USA claiming the opening race by 47 seconds. The second match-up was a tighter affair with the lead changing hands four times. The Kiwi crew crossing the line to go 7hn1 up in the series. To golf - Susan Pedersen has denied Lydia Coe a fairytale finish. The New Zealand teenager started the day one shot off the lead and quickly narrowed the gap. But it was Peterson in equally good form to card 8 under for the tournament. The win is the Norwegian's second major triumph. Finally in sport, who are Ray Lauren so's bid is still alive. The Spaniard's victory was his third consecutive triumph it is circuit and it moves him to equal second alongside Danny Pedrosa. Both are chasing Marquez, whose second place finish extends his championship lead to 34 points. That's the day in sport.Thank you very much. Still ahead - Mexico battled by a double whammy of wild weather. Plus knitting for the needy - a crafty initiative to raise funds tiative to raise funds for

Let's return to one of our main stories that we are following tonight - the raising of the Costa concorda. The superannuation continuing in Italy. What you are seeing right now is the live feed. It was delayed by three hours because of bad weather overnight but all is now going as planned. But it's not a simple task. It's expected to take 12 hours to get the ship upright. The bodies of two people who died in the disaster have never been recovered and they may be found during the operation. Once righted the cruiseliner will be towed away for scrap.An endaipbg juryed form of Indigenous communication is set to be preserved through a new website launched by the University of Melbourne. Researcher Dr Jenny Green has spent years, woulding with communities across central Australia and has developed the first online dictionary of Indigenous sign languages. It includes hundreds of videos of hand signs and other actions including sand drawing. Father. Mother. Child.It's an innovative resource being developed with the developed with the help of IT experts and web designers. That represents the tip of the iceberg of the actual documentation work. So it's there for future generations.Let's check the weather for you now. A low is causing rain, ow. A low is causing rain, showers and potentially severe and potentially severe thunder storms across parts of Australia. To the major centres - Brisbane, and Sydney, showers and storms. Same for Canberra and Hobart. Showers in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Partly cloudy for Darwin.

Knitting has experienced something of a revival in recent times. Most notabley with a certain former Prime Minister Julia Gillard knitting a toy kangaroo for young Prince George. But for some the craft has never been out of fashion. Two Adelaide knitters have dusted off old patterns from the 1950s to make children's jumpers aimed at raising awareness and money for families in detention.It's called little jumpers of hope - an exhibition of pint sized pullovers aimed at humanising asylum seekers. Because they're um seekers. Because they're small and tiny, you look at them - I know myself I instantly think of small and vulnerable children.mall and vulnerable children. I think it personalises the issues.The artist filled the old designs with kangaroos and a boat and a lighthouse - nd a lighthouse - they heark back to another era.It's like intercepting boats and unsafe boats. I guess mothers who might have knitted these for their children might have wanted them to grow up to have safe travel under bright skies.With each averaging 20 hours to knit, the artists hope their labours will raise money and warm heats. - hearts.They heats. - hearts.They were created in the hope that people will become more compassionate and think more about what our Governments do in our name. My heart melted when I heard about this little jumpers for hope exhibition. I thought imagine those little children needing a little jumper to g a little jumper to keep them warm.We're hoping people warm.We're hoping people will love them and the money will go to help refugees in the community.With knitting recently made right royal headlines they would welcome the first lady of knitting to put politics behind her and take up her needles for the cause.We thought maybe Julia might like to knit some jumpers with us. We very much welcome her company. The two-week exhibition will support refugees leaving the Inverbrakie detentioving the Inverbrakie detention facility. Recapping our top stories now - Prime Minister elect Tony Abbott says his new ministry is one of the most experienced in the coalition's history. Incoming minister for foreign affairs Julie Bishop will be the only woman on the front bench.The first public hearings at the royal c hearings at the royal commission into child sexual abuse have taken place in Sydney. A former scout leader says he resigned from the organisation because it failed to act on allegations against a convicted paedophile.The US says the threat of a military strike against Syria has not been ruled out.And salvage crews in Italy are working to hoist a wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship off the Tuscna coast.I will be back ast.I will be back at 10.30 with our late bulletin.The Feed is about to begin on SBS2. The program gets under way shortly. Of course our website has news around the clock. Have a d the clock. Have a good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Red Bee Media -

The tour of the Murray concluded last week with a 36-kilometre criterium in Yarrawonga on the New South Wales/ Victorian border. Katrin Garfoot took out the sprint finish to hold on to her GC lead and the 2013 tour.It was a fast race, especially with the corners. And I'm not that confident yet in the corners, but, yeah, I was pretty happy with what happened. Meanwhile, in the men's race, Alex Edmonson won the final stage in style - Gangam style. While Tom Palmer hung on to his lead to win his first tour.It's just fantastic. I've never won a general classification in a tour. I've only ever won one-day races or stages, so this is a big step for me.