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collected on the way as well. Yep. $6,500 you pocketed
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Look, it's a huge amount. $26,500 guaranteed
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Look, I' wife would kill me
if I didn't so I'm gonna say thank you
and I'll take the money. You're gonna take the money?
Thank you. Playing as well as you did,
you're gonna take the money? I still only won by 5 points. That is true. Congratulations.
Thank you very much. Well done. $20,000. Beautifully
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add that to your total, of course. That gives you $26,500.
Fantastic effort all round. Three brand-new players will start
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a young man's dance party confession
before his death from toxic pills. The child sex abuse inquiry
begins Sydney hearings with harrowing stories
of ruined lives. A risky salvage operation begins to refloat
the capsized 'Costa Concordia'. Why Sydney
is our most expensive city and it's only going get worse. And William speaks candidly
about his mother's legacy VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Chris Bath. Good evening. As he lay dying, police say
a music festival drug taker admitted swallowing
around three pills. Ecstasy, he thought,
but he had no way of knowing. Police liken it to Russian roulette, while organisers
of the Penrith event say

23-year-old James Munro
endured multiple cardiac arrests in the 10 hours
he spent fighting for life. Among his final words, an admission. He did say that he believed
he did take ecstasy. Around three pills, possibly more. ANNOUNCER: Def....qon...1!

Saturday night's
Defqon.1 music festival at Penrith attracted 18,000 fans. 21 overdosed
and were sent to hospital. When you're taking illicit drugs,
no-one knows what they're taking. Police released photos of some of
the drugs seized on Saturday. It's believed he took too many,
thinking they weren't working. Some of the drugs
that they may have taken over the weekend had actual delayed effect. Defqon's offices were empty,
they refused to return calls but in a late statement claimed to have a zero-tolerance
policy towards drugs. But they've faced similar issues
before. In '09,

the Melbourne event was cancelled
after eight patrons overdosed. Police say there was little more
they could've done on Saturday night. They had over 100 officers
in attendance, plus sniffer dogs, over 430 stopped and searched. But they were up against
a massive problem - one patron saying, "the drugs
were cheaper than the alcohol." Some at the event even blamed police saying the heavy presence
forced patrons to binge on drugs before entry. We make no apology for that. Our job is to enforce the law.

Chris Reason is live now
from St Vincent's Hospital, Which deals with
drug overdoses every weekend. Chris, how worried are doctors? Chris, both doctors here
and at hospitals around Sydney, as well as police, are worried about
this summer's dance festival season. They say the death of James Munro
shows that even reaching hospital is no guarantee of survival. These toxic drugs
made in filthy backyard labs can be so unpredictable,
so deadly. Chris.

The first harrowing stories
have been heard at the Royal Commission
into Child Sexual Abuse which began public hearings
in Sydney today. Its first witnesses
were victims of a Scout leader, a man families trusted,
who's now a convicted paedophile. Survivors of institutional abuse
have waited years, even decades, for a day like this. A chance to be heard, and believed. Justice, all the way.
Yeah. We just want people to know
what all of us went through, and we had nobody to tell. After a series of private sessions
across Australia, today the doors were thrown open
to the public in Sydney. Many of the stories we are hearing
will shock many people. This week's hearings focus on
paedophile Steven Larkins, who's now in jail. He was a Scout leader, then became boss of the Hunter
Aboriginal Children's Service, despite persistent claims
of suspicious behaviour. Armand Hoitink
was a whistleblower who tried to dob him in. Hoitink said he reported claims
of inappropriate behaviour - including Larkins "cavorting naked in a shower"
with young Scouts. He said he was told off
for going to police instead of letting Scouts
handle the issue. The Commission heard statements
from two of Steven Larkins' victims, who are still suffering the effects
of being indecently assaulted at the ages of 11 and 12. Victim 'AA' said he felt:

Lou Pirona called for
the Royal Commission after his fireman son John
committed suicide. John had been abused
by a paedophile priest. The Royal Commission means that some value, some good has
come out of my son John's death.

And a paedophile Patrician Brother
has apologised to his victims during sentencing submissions
in Parramatta district court. Brother Martin Harmata said
he hadn't realised his actions
had destroyed his victims' lives. He's been convicted of a string
of sexual offences while he was a teacher
at a Blacktown school. It was something
that I felt like he had to say, and I don't know,
I feel a bit duped, I suppose. The judge revoked Harmata's bail, saying a jail sentence
is inevitable.

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott
has named his cabinet line-up, to be sworn in on Wednesday. But he's been criticised from both
inside and outside of his party for having just one woman
as a cabinet minister. His first news conference since winning the election
nine days ago. I'm proud to lead a great team. A team, though,
with only one woman in cabinet - his deputy Julie Bishop - the equal lowest number since
Gough Whitlam was prime minister. Plainly, I am disappointed that there are not at least
two women in the cabinet. Sophie Mirabella
would have made it two but she looks like losing her seat
of Indi. The cabinet of Afghanistan
now has more women in it than the cabinet of Australia. But the harshest criticism came from one of Mr Abbott's
own colleagues. I think it's embarrassing for us, not just nationally
but internationally. I'm really disappointed and it seems to me
that it is a permanent blemish on what was a fantastic victory
for us. I think you can expect to see,
as time goes by, more women in both the cabinet
and the ministry. The big winner
is WA Senator Mathais Cormann who takes finance. Andrew Robb shifts to trade and Barnaby Joyce takes agriculture. Former Howard adviser
Arthur Sinodinos enters the outer ministry
as assistant treasurer. Fiona Nash
becomes assistant health minister and Michaelia Cash,
assistant immigration. The losers -

Bob Baldwin
and Connie Fierravanti-Wells are demoted, and Ian MacDonald, John Cobb,
Don Randall and Andrew Southcott are dumped.

The new ministry will be sworn in
by Governor-General Quentin Bryce on Wednesday. I'm told Tony Abbott is planning
big changes to the public service later this week with several departmental heads
shifted and a couple even facing the sack. One person who is happy -
Bronwyn Bishop. Now almost certain to be
parliament's new speaker.

In breaking news,

two pedestrians have been treated
by paramedics after being hit by a tow truck
while crossing busy George St in wet conditions tonight. Witnesses say he appeared
to be struck near the truck's wheels.

A major salvage operation to refloat
the capsized passenger ship 'Costa Concordia'
is under way off the coast of Italy. After a short delay, crews are 2 hours into
the 12 hour operation, one of the riskiest ever attempted. Dawn on the Tuscany coast and the biggest salvage operation
in maritime history cranks into gear. It was delayed by several hours after stormy conditions overnight
forced the divers out of the water. These first few hours
will be crucial. Experts fear
if anything is to go wrong, it will most likely happen early on. A complex system
of 56 cables and pulleys will slowly winch
the 'Costa Concordia' upright for the first time
since she capsized in January 2012. What's not known for certain is whether the rusting hull will be
able to withstand the pressure. If it doesn't, will spill into the water, triggering
a new environmental disaster. We'll have a whole lot
of absorbent booms and oil pollution barriers and we'll have fishing nets
hanging down to catch any debris. Australian ex-pat Trudy Brizzi who has been visiting here
for almost 50 years says it will be devastating
if the ship does break up. That would be a total disaster. That would mean, I think, about 98%
of the inhabitants of Giglio would have to pack their bags
and leave because there is no industry here.

A house and car
have been sprayed by bullets during a daring drive-by
in Sydney's south west. Shots were fired
into the Eschol Park home just before 3:00 this morning. The blasts woke neighbours who say they're shocked
by the violent crime. Oh, obviously it's scary. You've got to think to yourself, families could potentially get
a stray bullet. Nobody was injured.

Police say it was a targeted attack.

If you've travelled interstate, you've probably noticed that
we Sydneysiders have to dig deeper to pay for a range of items, everything from housing
to a shot of caffeine. Now researchers say
they've figured out why. Which house is more expensive -
this one, or this one? A cinema ticket
to the film on the left, or the one on the right? Or these cooked chooks? Whatever you're paying for,
if you're doing it in Sydney, chances are, it'll cost you more
than in other capital cities. The cost of living in Sydney is so high.Child

high.Child care, then expenses, food. 'The Economist' magazine ranked Sydney
Australia's most expensive city - third in the world. A quick look at prices
across our capital cities seems to support the ranking. A 2-bedroom townhouse or unit will, on average,
cost you more in Sydney than any other Australian city. Go to the cinema and you'll often pay more
in Sydney too. When it comes to cabs, coffee
and cooked chooks, we're in the top two. But Sydney isn't much bigger
than Melbourne and isn't more remote,
so why is this place so expensive? A New South Wales
economics professor believes the cause can be tracked back
to Sydney's unique landscape. There's a lot
of geographic factors - proximity to a famous harbour
and ocean and fairly steep terrain which adds to building costs
and makes infrastructure high. The price of property
factored into everything we buy. Housing's higher, The cost of commercial real estate
is higher - that means higher rents. That feeds into
the cost of businesses so retailers
have to pay higher rents. And there's little relief
on the way. Property experts today predicted Sydney will soon experience
the strongest price growth of any capital city.

A burst water main put on
a spectacular show early this morning,

shooting thousands of litres
of water into the air on Cricketers Arms Road at Prospect. It took more than hour
for a Sydney Water worker to arrive and turn it off. Luckily the gusher
was well away from houses. It's likely the clay soil
was affected by recent rain causing the main to crack.

Speaking of rain,
Sydney copped a bit of it today, and Sarah, it's been cooler. Chris, it was very chilly and wet. Today was Sydney's coldest day
in over a month,

with a top
3 degrees below average. Dark and gloomy weather
blanketed the city, making it feel like winter. The Harbour Bridge disappeared
under grey clouds, with overcast conditions
and steady rain. It was Sydney's wettest day
since June, and in stark contrast to our
warm and sunny start to spring. Since this morning,
the airport and Frenchs Forest recorded 16mm in the gauge, Cantebury had 14mm,
with 10mm at Sans Souci. pushing through, and it could whip up
some thunder later tonight. But system
should move off the coast tomorrow. I'll tell you
when the rain is clearing up later in the bulletin, Chris.

Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - a Sydney shopkeeper tells how she scared off
knife-wielding robbers. Also, Prince William opens up
about his mother's legacy, and life as a dad.

And the clues that could mean
it's all over for Liz and Shane. That's next.

A shopkeeper in Sydney's south
has scored a small victory against robbers. Two men wearing hoodies
and armed with a knife stormed her
Kirrawee convenience store and demanded cash last night. But the 52-year-old
refused to cooperate.

That was enough to send
the bandits fleeing empty handed. Police are looking for two men
of Middle Eastern appearance. 16 years after
Princess Diana's death, more claims have emerged
that she was assassinated by a soldier of Britain's elite SAS. Scotland Yard has been
looking into the allegations made by the wife of another soldier. She claims Diana's driver
was blinded by a laser. And in a new documentary, Prince William speaks candidly
about his mother's legacy and hopes for newborn son George.

A prince opens up
about his passions. The first weeks of fatherhood. Just a very different
emotional experience. Something I never thought
I would feel myself. A lot of things
affect me differently now. Another passion - Africa, inspired by his mother
and her work there. I'm only trying to highlight
a problem that's going on
all around the world, that's all. I never realised
quite how much of an impact she had and I think
it was that infectious enthusiasm and the energy that she had that really rubbed off on me
for causes such as this. The conservation charity
he champions works to protect Africa's wildlife

from the killing, the cruelty,
that is so confronting. (EXHALES) Yeah... He is full of praise for those
recognised as conservation heroes. You did make me cry the other day. Your piece in the documentary
made me cry. A dedication he hopes
young Prince George will inherit. At the moment, the only legacy
I want to pass on to him is to sleep more and maybe not have to change
his nappy quite so many times. With any luck, he'll pick up
on the bug of conservation. And like him,
make it a lifetime commitment. I will be doing as much as I can
in this department for as long as possible. Probably following George
in your footsteps. Yeah. I'm sure he's going
to be super keen. I'm going to coax him into it.

Heavy rain is again falling
in the US state of Colorado, which has already been inundated
by raging floodwaters. The official death toll
stands at six, but more than 1,000 people
are still missing. Residents are being evacuated
from their homes for a second time. This is one of their last chances
to get out, so if they need food,
water, medicine, they need to leave the area
because they're telling us that some of those roads - it may be up to a year
before they are rebuilt. More rain is forecast to fall
tomorrow. Witnesses have captured the moment
two innocent women were caught in the crossfire
of a police shooting in Times Square. Officers shot at a man
after he appeared to grab a weapon from his pocket,

but they missed,
hitting the two bystanders instead. They were rushed to hospital, but their wounds
aren't life threatening. The 35-year-old man
was eventually subdued with a stun gun. He's facing several charges.

Rumours are rife that Shane Warne
and Liz Hurley have split. Warne failed to mention Hurley
on Twitter while thanking well-wishers
on his 44th birthday last Friday, fuelling talk
their relationship might be over. She's posted other cryptic messages and hasn't yet turned up
in Melbourne, more than a week
since she was due in town. They were first
spotted out together December 2010.

Sport now with Jim Wilson, and the Cowboys are still seething. Chris, the conspiracy theory
is alive and well north of the border. Coming up -

the fallout continues
to 'Tacklegate', Plus -

Belmore Power Rangers
would love an Eels star recruit to replace Ben Barba. And look out, a terrifying moment
in Moto3 racing.

More cabin space,
so no man is left behind.

More pulling power. At 3.5 tonnes,
towing just got serious.

More technology, when you can't trust
the navigator.

And more toughness, because great fishing spots
aren't always on the map. The 147-kilowatt Mazda BT-50. Because more is more.
SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. #

The NRL has just sacked all officials responsible for the seventh goal Manly coach Geoff Toovey wants to know
why he copped a $10,000 fine for bagging referees, yet the Cowboys will get off
over the 'Tacklegate' affair. Johnathan Thurston won't be fined
for claiming the Sharks seventh tackle try
was an anti-Queensland conspiracy. No joy at the NRL
for Cowboys officials. Their fans had demanded a replay
after the Sharks scored a try on the seventh tackle. Johnathan Thurston claimed
the stuff up by referees was to ensure an all-Sydney decider. He's entitled to
an emotional feeling like that. Geoff Toovey
can't believe the NRL's agreed, when weeks ago he was fined
for criticising referees. I think it was pretty obvious
what he was saying. In 1995 Toovey's Sea Eagles
lost a game because of a seventh-tackle try. Yeah, well, ours was a grand final,
but anyway. Will you trust the refs this week? I think everyone
will be counting the tackles. Todd Carney's counting the days
and running out of time for his hamstring to be right
to face Manly on Friday. I'm not gonna be selfish
and take that away from them and try and play
and come off after 10 minutes. Like Manly with Brett Stewart, Captain's run on Thursday,
that'd be all, I think, but he'd have to do some running
before that as well. I'm not sure of Toddy's situation, but I would definitely get
one of my trainers to strap him up. I wouldn't do it myself. And Chris Heighington's free to play

The Bulldogs drowned their sorrows during subdued
Mad Monday celebrations. They said bye-bye to Ben Barba, and hope to say
hello to Jarryd Hayne in 2014. It was a carefully stage-managed
Mad Monday after last year's
post-Grand Final debacle. It's been...'s been a long grind. The end of their season from hell
and the Ben Barba saga. That's him
as the yellow Power Ranger. Everyone that's been involved
with him at Canterbury wish him well in Brisbane. Bulldogs players want Jarryd Hayne
to replace Barba. A player of his calibre
will be welcomed in the number one, that's for sure. The Knights were in recovery before
Saturday's knockout final against the Storm. Winger Sisa Waqa's
already back in training after Friday's frightening fall
against the Bunnies. They've welcomed Johnathan Thurston's
conspiracy theory in Melbourne. It's nice to have a bit more support
north of the border from Johnathan and the Cowboys,
so we thank them for that. Raiders players showed their support
for Ricky Stuart on his first day in Canberra. I'm happy to cop
the barrage of criticism and critics because I want to coach
this great club.

Sydney Swans star Kurt Tippett is out of Saturday's
preliminary final against Fremantle. But Ted Richards has been cleared
by the match review panel. Tom Mitchell
won't play again this season.

You always get thrown up different challenge us and we have had a few this year. We had another big one this week with those two players. But that is what we will cope with. The Swans head to Perth
on Wednesday.

Pat Rafter expects Bernard Tomic
to become a top-10 player after leading Australia
back into the Davis Cup World Group. Tomic sealed a 3-1 win
over Poland in Warsaw, sending the Aussies
back to the elite level for the first time in six years. Jorge Lorenzo
won the San Marino MotoGP. Earlier, Moto3 rider Jonas Folger
was sent flying through the air in a terrifying crash. He suffered a broken leg
and injured shoulder.

And that's all in sport.

I had a bet with you and Sarah and, yes, the Sydney Swans type is on tonight. Well played.In looks very good on you.Yes, Chris. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - the double whammy helping to ease
Sydney petrol prices. And a soggy start to the week
in Sydney. I'll tell you when the rain
is clearing, after the break.

It was cold and wet in Canberra
today with a winter-like top of just 14 RAIN Although there
wasn't quite as much rain as we were expecting with 6mm of rain
recorded in Canberra to 3pm this arvo The wet weather is going to continue through the night - easing a
little tomorrow - there is the possibility of some afternoon
thunderstorm activity across the region tomorrow although, it
shouldn't produce more than

Live now to Adrian Brown in Giglio. Adrian, how is the salvage operation
progressing? It looks

It looks very quiet behind me at the moment but the operation is no wonder way. It began about 1.5 hours ago. We have been told to expect some very loud noises during the day as the ship is called into an upright position. This is happening under the watchful gaze of the insurance companies who are footing the bill. The Italian government is trying to gain back some prestige as this has been seen as a metaphor for Italian incompetence.... Will bring you an update from Italy live at six o'clock. Checking finance now and the share market
has closed higher after former US treasury secretary
Larry Summers pulled out of the race to head the Federal Reserve. The ASX 200 was 28 points higher. Shares in shopping centre
giant Westfield edged up on news it's selling seven malls
in the US.

Sydney drivers looking to fill up
the tank have good news ahead. The easing of the Syrian crisis and the lifting of the Aussie dollar mean there's some relief on the way
for petrol prices. The national wholesale price
for unleaded petrol has fallen 4 cents a litre
over the past week which should soon flow on
to prices at the pump.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather.

We had a taste of wintry weather
today with cold and wet conditions
across Sydney. Let's take a look at the radar - you can see widespread rain pushing
towards the New South Wales coast thanks to a low-pressure trough. With steady rain in Sydney
this afternoon, Our coldest day in over a month
and 3 degrees below average. It was grey and drizzly
across the suburbs, with the heaviest falls
near the coast.

From the satellite - widespread cloud covers
south-eastern Australia with scattered thunderstorms
on its western edge. Tomorrow, the widespread rain
on the New South Wales coast will contract further east, with just a few showers and storms
lingering the state's south-east, with a low deepening
off the Far South Coast. Interstate -

rain is expected
in Hobart tomorrow. Showers will clear in Brisbane
and Perth. in Melbourne
and Adelaide. A gale warning's current
off our coast.

The rain will hang around tonight. Easing to just a shower or two
early in the morning. Tomorrow will be warm.

And we could see a possible storm early in the morning
and again later in the day. Top temperatures: After tomorrow, mainly dry and partly cloudy weather
is forecast with sunny conditions
and temperatures in the mid 20s. There's just the chance of a few
morning showers on Saturday, Chris.

And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. In Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, pictures of our troops packing up
to leave Afghanistan.

Now here's 'Today Tonight'. Hello, and welcome to a whole
new week of Today Tonight. Coming up - Johnny Ruffo goes back
to where it all began and what a night he chose to be
our guest reporter at 'X Factor', with two contestants
forgetting their lines.

Do you think it is acceptable for one of your performers to be forgetting their lyrics at this stage? Also ahead, the scariest debt collector
in Australia. But first tonight, the drug ice or crystal meth
is everywhere. It was in the news over the weekend when one man was killed,
14 taken to hosptial