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(generated from captions) up to two The candidate for the Labor leadership, Anthony Albanese has been speaking west of Sydney today. We can bring that to you now. It was difficult. We were up against it from the very beginning and we knew that was the case. We went out there and fought and we held onto seats that we were expected to lose. We campaigned and took the running up in seats like Macquarie which meant that resources had to go away from seats like Greenway the neighbouring seat to come here to protect the local member. I visited the seat and I saw on the ground the work that Susan had done. We did - one of the highlights of the campaign I think, one of the highlights of the campaign was the switch on of the National Broadband Network where we stood there in switching it on in Windsor and Richmond and after all of the campaigning about how terrible this National Broadband Network was, we almost got knocked over by the local member wanting to was, we almost got knocked be a part of the by the local member be a part of the photo opportunity. That says a lot about some of what our conservative opponents have been about. It is true that I am still the Deputy PM. As much as there was a Budget emergency, a national security emergency, all these things were going to happen. It doesn't seem so urgent now. The fact is that yesterday, Joe Hockey was there on the front page speaking about the need for economic stimulus in infrastructure to protect jobs and to support the economy, given what is occurring globally. I just thought to myself, gee whiz, I hope the journos have a memory of more than a week because, a week ago, we needed to slash and burn, now that they are confronted by reality, that has gone.Imagine what would have occurred had our most important near neighbour, Indonesia, come up with the damning indictment of the Coalition policy, the incoming Government policy that we saw just this week.But it was a tough campaign because we had a lot against us, each and every day you picked up the paper and saw what the latest complaint was against Labour. But in spite of that, we have come through in a position whereby at the next election if we win the same number of seats that Kim Beazley won in 1998 or that Kevin Rudd in 2007 won, we will be back into Government in one term. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE