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(generated from captions) Labor members have a tough choice
ahead of them. The party leadership
is being contested by the shadow education minister,
Bill Shorten, and former deputy prime minister,
Anthony Albanese. Both men have emphasised
Labor can win the next election. But what does Labor have to do
to make that happen? Bill Shorten joins us now
from Melbourne. Mr Shorten,
Julia Gillard wrote yesterday that Labor lost the election
because it lost its purpose.

One of the reasons possibly they lost the election was a lack of purpose or a lack or a failure to articulate that purpose. What purpose do you think Labor needs now and what can you offer the party in terms of what its purpose should be? I went into politics to make a difference. I joined the Labor Party when I was 17. I spent my whole time trying to turn my values and Labor values into real outcomes. So when it goes to purpose, I think there are issues out there which only a Labor government can tackle, such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme or lifting superannuation, making sure that we have the best-funded university and TAFE sector that we can in Australia. Education changes lives.Mr Shorten, all of that is very true. But in politics as you have learned to your detriment, much of your success is about perception. Now, in 2010, you were instrumental in deposing an elected Prime Minister for reasons that seemed to make internal sense but not to the electorate. In 2011 you were instrumental in deposing another elected leader for what seemed like pure political expediency. No political policy behind the decision. Aren't you emblematic of all that people see being wrong with federal Labor.And am glad you raised it so we can put some of the facts out there. 2013 was a really hard decision. But I believe that in order to keep the accomplishments of the minority parliament, all of the good changes which we have achieved, it was important that Labor be competitive at the election. This home, our nation Australia requirest both political parties to be as competitive as possible. None of us, are served, Liberal or Labor by having a one-sided outcome. I believe that Kevin Rudd made Labor competitive and the results were better than we might have otherwise gotIt has been said over and over since the election that disunity is death in politics. What are your plans to reunite the Labor Party? Because it certainly needs it?Well, someone famous once said when they were in opposition it is about three Ps, the party, the policy and the people. If I was given the honour of leading the Labor Party, I work on the team, not so much about individuals but what we can collectively offer the Australian people it, collectively offer the Australian people in its united form. Then it is about policies. We need to make sure we are connect wg the lives Australians are leading and guide them to the future. I don't think Australians want governments Manchester Citying in their Manchester Citying in their lounge rooms telling them what to do but we need to look to the future not just the past. We have got to listen to people and respect that everyone has got a view and something to contribute. There you are, it is the party, the policies and the people. That is how we can win the next election and acknowledge we have got to listen.People are crying out for Labor to clearly articulate what its policy positions are, how it remains the party of social reform and not just the party of factional fighting. You fighting. You had significant successes in the last parliament with education reform, disability care, economic management, the dismantling of the Howard Government's industrial relations scheme, what are your visions for the future?It is about jobs, it is about education, it is about innovation and being smart at the way we do business, it is about engaging with Asia, making sure that as people grow old get looked after, it is about the ekeal with treatment of women. There are issues that require Labor thinking. We created the National Disability Insurance Scheme. That is going to mean literally, hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and carers get an equal go. We have lifted for sanuation. We want to lift superannuation from 9% to 12% so people don't work hard and retire poor. We want to make sure people get a fair go at work. There are many challenges but Labor needs to speak to its base and supporters but we need to reach out to new constituencies and reach out to farmers and small business people and making sure that Labor can articulate their issues to articulate their issues to big guys. It has been over 100 years since a lairn opposition has gone on to become Prime Minister. How long do you plan to stay for?I inget the privilege of being elected, I and my team will do everything we can to be competitive at the next election. But as I indicated to my caucus colleagues, the rank and file numbers, I had am around for the long haul with a lot long haul with a lot of energy and optimism for the future. Yrn the future is not decided in Canberra. Most of the things that happen in Australia don't happen in Canberra, most of the most of the thichgs that -- things that mean change don't happen inside Canberra. You would find me spending my time outside of Canberra, because that is where Australia is happening.We have to leave it there but you are confident if you relected leader, your party will allow you to stay leader no matter what the polls are telling you?I have indicated this and the party thinks, people want to see cont newy ach. thinks, people want to see cont newy thinks, people want to see cont new -- continuity. When Tony Abbott beat Malcolm Turnbull by one point, the Liberals gotI have spoken to Anthony Albanese about these matters and he agreed, whoever wins we have got to conduct the next 28 days civily and once the verdict is over, that is it and we get behind each other if the next three years because that is what Australians want of their voted representatives, to think of not themselves. Thank you.

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