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This Program is Captioned Live.Tonight on Live.Tonight on 7.30 Tasmania, embracing social media, schools tackle cyber bullying head on.If we ban it and block it and suppress it, then people aren't getting any education on how to use these things properly.The incoming Federal Government pledges to start turning the State around.We will get on with our half in Canberra, the other half clearly will have to happen in March next year when we hope there will be a majority Liberal Government.And Tasmania's former Risdon Prison boss lodges another complaint with the anticorruption watchdog.I'm absolutely confident that the department has acted correctly and appropriately in this case. Welcome to the program. Hell Lowe, I'm Airlie Ward.Do you know what your child's up to online? Most are Tweeting, Snapchating and posting on Facebook or Instagram. As digital technology becomes more accessible to young Tasmanian schools have been faced with a tough decision - get on board or get left decision
behind. Many have made the decision to embrace social media rather than ban it. They are hoping that by teaching responsible use and normalising digital technologies, cyber bullying won't become a problem. Annah Fromberg reports. It is an increasingly connected world. I use social media.I use use quite a few.Pretty much everything.A lot.At most Tasmanian high schools, nearly every student has a Smartphone, tablet or computer. Some have all three. Social media has become the main form of communication.Facebook especially is the main way that if you're not on Facebook you're a social outcast.People live on it really.Not only has their means of communicating changed but their form of communication. Conversations are dominated by acronyms like ASL or LOL which stand for age sex location and laugh out loud. On Facebook, a like can earn you a rating out of 10, a confession or a private message.There is a lot of, like, if I get 10 likes, I will answer these 10 questions or 50 likes for five confessions.They do a like for a like and a TBO, which is to be honest and rates. Some
be honest and rates. people get upset with it. people These people get upset with These young people are hanging out at the Hobart youth centre Youth Arc. It is a safe environment for 12-25-year-olds, run by Hobart City Council three afternoons a week. The young people are encouraged to express themselves through dance, music and art. There is no judgement or negativity.The Youth Arc regulars say cyber space is not as accepting. People that have nothing better to do than sit at home and just type offensive stuff to people that are doing something that gets a lot of views.People feel more detached speaking to each other on the Internet. They can say something that you wouldn't necessarily say to someone face to face.It is something sield psychiatrist Fiona Wagg is deeply wernd about. - child.In times past kids could get away from the bullying by being at home but now it follows them into their home and it is there with them 24 hours a day and often nobody else knows, because it is done secretly with the media.Also of concern to Ms Wagg are Facebook pages where teenagers post photos themselves and ask people to
rate their themselves and ask rate their appearance.There is rate pages like rate their appearance.There pages like Tassie's Hottest Teens, Ulvie's Easiest and Launie's Dirty's. Being that
shamed or being ostracised in them and
that context is difficult for them and it can lead to them feeling anxious and depressed and not sleeping. Even to the point that they feel suicidal at times.With social media constantly he involving, many schools have decided it is something they can't ignore. St Michael's encourages digital technologies in the hope of teaching responsible use.You can't say no to what is now part of our culture. People are going to use Twitter, they will use Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook or whatever to communicate and that is how the world is.Here is the notebook. We open it up in one note.At the girls' school in Hobart, every student from grade 5-12 has their own tablet or laptop computer. They can access the school's intra net any time anywhere.There is our intra net and we have all the classes on here and if I go into the maths page and it has all the home work and all our assignments. We can access them and edit them when we want from home and at school.The school even has its own Internet chat program.We are well aware that outside of school lessons, girls are engaged in using their technology in a more social connected way. We don't ban the use of mobile phones at school, we ask girls to keep them in their locker in middle school. In senior school we expect the girls to be using it responsibly. These are young people in a connected world. You are not going to get responsible use if you just ban them from using things. The head of digital technology at New Town High School is of the same opinion.If we ban it and we block it and suppress it, then people aren't getting any education on how to use these things properly. That won't be good in the long run.At the public boys school, all senior students have their own net book while the lower grades have one on one access to a desktop computer just like at St Michael's, the school has its own are highly its own intra net and classes are highly interactive.Now we are in an age really are highly interactive.Now are in an age really where the
reality are in an age really reality is that students have got two, three, reality is that students got two, three, sometimes got two, devices each, lots of them have got their own tablets, net books, Smartphones, computers at homes and those kinds of things. What we are doing is we are moving education into the clouds so that students can use any device any time through the web to access their learning and their learning activities.Students are encouraged to use social media and the school operates from a position of trust. Ben Wilson says as a result, instances of rare.This
cyber bullying are very rare.This is quite similar to modelling in unity.Through that normalisation technology, we see a decrease in the number of instances of cyber safety issues and cyber bullying because people are using this technology appropriately. Former police officer Brett Lee travels the country educating students about the consequences of cyber bullying.I was a Queensland Police officer for 22 years and for 16 of those I was a detective working predominantly in the field of child steer
exploitation.Mr Lee doesn't steer young people away from technology, but encourages them to make good parents, he discusses how to manage technology in home.From my experience as a detective, if a parent right from the start can keep the technology in a public environment, it will not guarantee anything, it will reduce the risks dramatically of online issues and it will repay a parent gold for the rest of their life.New Town High School's Ben Wilson is confident technology is not the enemy.By embracing the technology that the students are using and by using that for teaching and learning activities, we are certainly on the right track. I feel very confident that what we are doing is succeeding. I think we have a long way to go and it is an exciting journey. Labor
To Federal politics and the Labor Party is entering unprecedented times, a national membership vote for the leader. Anthony Albanese will take on Opposition
Bill Shorten for the job of Opposition Leader and both have kicked off the month-long campaign by appealing for grass roots support.MPs from both major parties returned to Canberra today for the first meetings since the the
election.For Tony Abbott and the incoming Government, it was a moment to saviour. Hayden Cooper reports. The election has been run and won but the contest is never ending. Positions of prestige and power are up for grabs, be it in the ministry.Will you be putting yourself forward -It is not a matter of putting yourself forward, it is a matter of the PM making a decision.Are you expecting to move back into a front bench role? I have no expectations.In the parliament itself...Will you nominate yourself for Speaker? Is that what you do? I don't know.I have no idea. And in the party room.Will you put your hat in the ring today for the deputy -Yes, I am.On both sides of the isle.It is nice to be back in Canberra. I am determined we make Labor as competitive as possible. Thanks guys. Have a lovely morning. APPLAUSE My friends it is my honour to welcome you back to Canberra as the PM-elect of Australia.APPLAUSETony Abbott won't be sworn in until next week and he is yet to announce his front bench but the first joint party room meeting of the new Government was predictably euphoric.Our task is but briefly to saviour this moment. Our task is to give a great country and a great people the better Government that the people of Australia deserve. That is our task and we will now move purposefully, calmly, methodically to glifr on our election commitments, to build a stronger economy for a stronger Australia.He won't know for a month who his opponent will be. Labor has two new leadership contenders.I am standing for the Labor leadership because I firmly believe that I am the best candidate to lead Labor back into government at the next election.I am standing because I have the policy credentials developed over a long period of time.Let me say at the outset, I wish Mr Anthony Albanese well. I have indicated if he is successful, I will serve in whatever capacity he seeks and he also indicated to me that if I am successful, he would stand up as our pinch hitter in the parliament and I have indicated I think that is a great idea. Armed with an economic degree and a steely gaze, the young Anthony Albanese rose Labor ranks as a political
staffer Anthony Albanese rose through
Labor staffer and a scrapper from the party's left.All bets are off. party's left.All bets Political cooperation, financial cooperation, this is where the rank and file make their stand. As Leader of House for the past six years, he has held the difficult job of making the numbers work and crucially backed Kevin Rudd to return as leader, all the while building his profile in unexpected places.I am Anthony Albanese and you're watching Rage.What you see is what you get. I'm someone who forward a view, strongly and passionately, when I believe it.His opponent is a warrior for workers' rights, prominent as a union leader, persuasive as an MP, he used his clout to remove Kevin Rudd and then did the same to Julia Gillard. Throughout, despite the faceless man Monica he was often in the public eye for better or worse.I understand that the PM's addressed this in a press conference in Turkey in the last few hours. I haven't seen what she's said but I support what it is that she said.Hang on, you haven't seen what she said -But I support what my PM's said.Now the two Labor veterans square off against each other. The party has never been here before, 30,000 members will vote first, then the Caucus after that.That is the idea. We are opening up the party unashamedly to broader participation. That is a good thing.This ballot in the Labor Party will not be the contest of personalities, it will be the contest of ideas.Labor must have the big ideas for the next 20 and 30 years in Australia and that is what I would seek to do if elected leader.Despite some dissent for the new way...You ever been critical of the rank and file process. Why is that? I opposed it in Caucus and I still oppose it.Party strategists believer the rank and file vote will revive modern Labor.I think the most important thing here is that we are having a contest and that the two candidates can go out in a respectful way and say why they think they are the better candidate to lead the party for the next three years.Chris Bowen is the acting leader until a winner emerges to make up the fight against the new PM.My friends, we have won the trust of the Australian people, our challenge now is to earn it and to keep it. Thank you so much. APPLAUSE In Tasmania last weekend, Liberal
voters disyesterday Labor. The Liberal Party will have three lower house representatives in the Abbott Government compared with none in the last term of parliament. I spoke to Tasmania's most senior Liberal Eric Abetz before he left for party room meetings in Canberra. And began by asking him if he thinks the State will be rewarded for switching loyalties.I would like to think that on the back of the emphatic result in Tasmania that Tasmania will be looked after and I am sure we will after and I am sure be.Given the option, would after and I am sure we like to retain work be.Given the option, would like to retain work place
relations? like to retain relations? Work relations was my portfolio of choice. I relations was choice. I asked for it, I was granted it choice. I asked for it, granted it but in the mix of a granted it but in Government, the leader, the PM-elect might decide is something different and that is his gift to determine as to which ministry, if any, I might that as
be given.It has been reported that as part of a renewed Australian Building and
Construction Commission that there are plans for former police officers to be installed to root out bikie gangs or thugs. Are those reports true? There will be many reports. What we will do, as a Government, is take these things step by step in an orderly fashion. We're not going to get ahead of ourselves. It does stand to reason that if there is criminality involved in any aspect of society, any aspect of society, that the police might be called in.You think it is something that needs to happen, it is something you're hearing is an issue more broadly across the country? There is no doubt that there is information coming to hand indicating a link with the CFMEU and bikie gangs and that clearly needs to be determined and investigated for the benefit of the whole of our society.Tasmania has been a Labor strong swing to Labor strong hold until last weekend. There was a swing to the Liberal Party. When will Tasmanian voters then see results from placing their faith in you? We will get on with our half in Canberra. The other half clearly will have to happen in March next year when we hope there will be a majority Liberal Government and then we can work together Canberra and Hobart.In the next six months, as a Federal Government, we will be planning and working out how to best roll-out our promises for Tasmania. They stand, like the extension of the Hobart airport, like our assistance to Cadbury. Those policies will be rolled out because they don't rely on the State Government.In the Coalition's growth plan for Tasmania, just $2 million is budgeted this financial year. Why so little and what is $2 million going to achieve? If you rush in, like with pink batts, like with the NBN, you can rush in, say you are going to splash all the money around, but if you don't do it in an orderly planned process, you burn a lot of money on the way, you have deback yells and disasters such as roof fires or asbestos pits that weren't thought out before the work began.Even the $400 million that has been allocated towards the Midlands Hoy, only $120 million of that is allocated up until the end of the 2017 financial year. Why is that? What the contractors in Tasmania have told us is it is a lot better to have $40 million allocated each year over a decade which provides certainty and security of employment, it is the sort of management of the economy that you want to see, not the big bang that gets you the big headlines and then the unemployment only 12 months later.In the Coalition's plan again for Tasmania, there is a commitment to honour existing and exited contracts under the Tasmanian forest agreement. How can you do that but support the delisting of the new World Heritage area? Businesses that have been promised money and as a result are planning on that basis are entitled to have planned on that basis and undertaken the various measures that they have in expectation of the money. So we believe in honouring those promises.How are you going to do it? We will be approaching the World Heritage commission and advising them that there is no social license and there has been a lot of talk license in been a lot of talk about social
license in relation to license you forestry, well the license you can get is through the ballot box, the people have actually now spoken on this issue and we will do whatever we can to restore to Tasmanians the land that they want for multiple use forestry.Even if that means renouncing the World Heritage conventions? I have seen reports to that extent and can I say I think they are far-fetched. Each World Heritage listing is determined on its own merits and regrettably the listing that just went forward did not take into account the wishes of the Tasmanian people.Just this week there have been more job losses in Tasmania. Caterpillar at Burnie. There are calls for the Coalition to match the ALP's promise of $10 million to help the company restructure. Is that going to happen? We will look at every request that Labor Party
is made on its merits. The Labor Party made some promises, we will have a look at those and ascertain whether they will provide value for money for the taxpayer. We want to see jobs growth. Tony Abbott has said that Tasmania was clearly a special case and in need of assistance.The winner in Braddon, Brett Whitely prior to winning "Governments shouldn't be in the business of employing people just to make - improve unemployment figures". Will you draw a line in the sand and money
commit not to use taxpayers' money to prop up an ailing business just to improve unemployment figures? We want to see sustainable businesses and we want to see value for money for the taxpayer investment.What about the $38 million towards a runway extension for the successful private Hobart airport? Hobart airport corporation made out Hobart airport out the case that for the Antarctic effort out the case Antarctic effort and for the few international flights that we might attract for the Hobart airport corporation, we might attract airport corporation, it was not necessarily a good business proposition. Can I tell you, it is a huge business proposition for the Antarctic business in Hobart and southern Tasmania to be able to attract potentially China and India to have their bases and the Koreans for that matter who were just here this past week.Finally, within the next six months, are Tasmanians likely to see a change, an improvement in unemployment figures, a turn around in business confidence? I would like to think that there would be an increase in business confidence as a result of the change of Government. It takes substantial time to repair an economy. It is a bit like quicker to
crashing a car. It is a lot quicker to crash a car than to repair it. It is a lot easier and quicker to crash an economy than to repair it. Our task is now to repair and rehabilitate the Tasmanian economy. How long that is going to take, we don't know, other than we will promise to the Tasmanian people we will do our jut most to achieve the best possible result. We are putting up the open for business sign. We are trying to stimulate the Tasmanian economy with our strategic taxpayer investments and assisting Tasmania to be sustainable again.Eric Abetz thanks for your time.Thank you. Now to another update on a story we brought you a few months ago. Tasmania's former Risdon Prison boss has referred more information to the State's anticorruption watchdog for investigation.Barry Greenberry resigned just months into a 5-year contract and was paid out more than a quarter of a million dollars. Earlier this year, he complained to the had
Integrity Commission that he had been bullied and undermined and that he believed there had been a deliberate attempt to remove him from his post.The complaint was dismissed but it appears Barry Greenberry is not giving up. Annah Fromberg has the story. An ABC Right to Information request alerted Mr Greenberry to never before seen correspondence between the deputy prison director Greg Partridge and the justice department secretary Simon Overland. Late on 10 January, Mr Partridge fired off an email... The email obtained by 7.30 Tasmania lists various complaints staff made to him about Mr Greenberry as well as his own observations. Greg Partridge acted in the
director Greg Partridge acted director position for about a year, prior director position for about year, prior to Barry
Greenberry's appointment, after detailing Greenberry's detailing staff complaints and concerns about Mr Greenberry's management style, Mr Partridge writes... writes... Greg Partridge then refers to a conversation he had had with Mr Overland in a Hobart book store saying... The four page email was one of about 40 documents requested by 7.30 Tasmania under Right to legislation.Because they contained personal information about Mr Greenberry, he had to be consulted about their release. Mr Greenberry's lawyer has now referred the contents of Mr Partridge's email to the Integrity Commission.It is understood Mr Greenberry believes the email backs his theory that there was a deliberate attempt to remove him from his post, as suggested in his previous complaint to the commission. The chief executive Diane Merryfull wouldn't comment on whether the anticorruption watchdog had received the complaint, or whether the commission had decided to conduct investigation.It is also unclear when a parliamentary investigation into Mr Greenberry's resignation will get underway.The Public Accounts Committee chaired by Ivan Dean decided to launch an inquiry in June. It is still receiving legal advice about whether Mr Greenberry is covered by parliamentary privilege if he gives evidence over the phone or via Skype.That is a matter for the Public Accounts Committee. I have been consistent on this for - I don't know how many months now. I am absolutely confident that the department has acted correctly and appropriately in this case. I am also absolutely confident that the information I have put before the parliament is 100% accurate. That is our program for tonight. We hope to show you a story on lithography artist Simone Pfister but plan to bring that to you next week. Don't forget if you miss any stories you can catch up online via the ABC Tas news web site. If you have any story ideas or you would like to get in touch send us an email. We will leave you with images of Tasmania's Derwent Valley. Have a great weekend. Good night. Captions by CSI Australia

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned.