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(generated from captions) Captions by CSI Australia This Program Is Captioned Live. Tonight, Syria breakthrough. The deal that could see the country's chemical weapons destroyed within a year. There can be no games, no room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance by the Assad regime.Tony Abbott's Budget lodgings away from The Lodge. I think that it's a good thing to save Australian taxpayers money by having Tony staying where his security detail stays.Australian soccer in crisis as police smash an international match-fixing syndicate. And Queanbeyan looks to the future with a city centre face-lift. Good evening, Siobhan Heanue with ABC News. World leaders have welcomed a deal between the United States and Russia to eliminate Syria' chemical weapons by the middle of next year. Under the agreement, Syria has to provide a list of all its chemical stockpiles within a week to avoid military strikes. So far there's been no response from Damascus. ABC correspondent Philip Williams reports. After days of gruelling negotiations, finally a plan both the Russians and the Americans can agree on. There can be no games , no room for avoidance or anything less than fum compliance by the Assad regime. TRANSLATION: We understand that the agreement reached today is only the beginning of the road to control and eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria.The Syrian Government must hand over a full inventory of all its chemical weapons and precursor materials within a week. Then international inspectors will start the massive task of securing and finally destroying the stockpiles. The whole process should be over by mid 2014 if all goes to plan.Somehow the inspectors will have to do their jobs in the midst of an unpredictable civil war and Syria will have to comply or had threat of military action, this time through the UN, remains a possibility. The rebel Syrian supreme military council has rejected the deal, saying the Assad regime is already shifting its stockpiles into neighbouring countries. Be careful. The regime really began to move chemical weapons and materials to Lebanon and to Iraq. And the whole arrangement depends on the Russians effectively directing the Syrian Government what to do. If this ambitious agreement holds then one terror may be eliminated from this battlefield but the much bigger task remains, somehow negotiating an end to a war that's already ripped this country apart. Tony Abbott's period as Prime Minister in waiting is almost over. He's expected to name his front bench tomorrow and be sworn in within days but Mr Abbott has gone for the spartan option when it comes to accommodation, choosing to bunk down at the AFP college in Barton when he's in Canberra. Political correspondent Greg Jennett reports. He's evicted a tenant and had a property inspection. I've never really explored it.But an overdue, year-long renovation means The Lodge isn't a residence fit for the 28th Prime Minister. At almost $4,000 a week, this 5-bedroom mansion wouldn't do either so Tony Abbott's settling for The Block. The sleepers quarters are standard and include a king single bed and a bathroom with shower and toilet. The Federal Police college is just down the road from Parliament House, has all mod cons... One of the college's features is the dining room which serves all dietary needs. And costs a pettance to taxpayers. I think it's good thing to save Australian taxpayers money by having Tony staying where his security detail stay. Julia Gillard did the same thing so there's a precedent there. I think it's really a matter for Mr Abbott. He's got the living rooms and soon the Cabinet. Signs are emerging that Julie Bishop will be the only woman in the inner ministry after Sophie Mirrabella's departure. In time I expect to see many more women promoted but at this time Tony's indicated he wants to maintain the stability of the team he took to the election. The first Abbott ministry is due to be named tomorrow and sworn in by mid week. Stability is being preserved at its core but in the outer ministry and in the ranks of its parliamentary secretaries, there some signs of renew al. It's true I'm deputy prime minister. He is also an aspiring Opposition Leader. Anthony Albanese started the first of many Labor membership meet and greets. He and his opponent are selling dual visions of hope and opportunity. If we win the same number of seats Kim Beazley won in 1998 or Kevin Rudd in 2007 weerings will be back in the Government in one term.(APPLAUSE) It's the party, it's the policies and it's the people. That's how we can win the next election. And by learning the lessons of the last. There were policies on the run. I think Kevin was playing catch-up football. He nominates the Northern Territory tax haven as one hail-Mary play that didn't pay off. Police have smashed what they say is the biggest case of match-fix s in the history of Australian sports. Nine players and a coach have been arrested. It's alleged the 10, from a Victorian Premier League soccer club, were paid to fix matches earning $2 million for an international betting syndicate. Dan Conifer reports. This is one of many goals the southern stars concede this season. Here's their coach explaining another loss for the team. We were very unlucky. We should have put three away in the first half fl we had three clear one-on-one chances we missed which has been the story of our season. But Victoria police put many of their results down to match fixing.Police arrested the coach and nine players over their alleged involvement with an international match-fixing sipedicate and have spent the day interviewing them. At this stage it seems to be from the Victorian investigation we've conducted, it seems to be restricted to the Victorian - this one club in the Victorian Premier League. Police say the 10 men targeted the Southern Stars club and worked with the European syndicate who placed bets on the second-tier competition with Asian book makers. Detectives became aware after a Football Federation of Australia tip-off last month. It's clearly distressing for everyone in Australian sport. We've known this threat exists. Members of the club committee refuse to be interviewed but said they are shocked by the news. The Football Federation is set to act immediately. We will throw the book at these perpetrators. That means life bans on a worldwide basis. We've been already commencing those and conducting inquiries off shore but we'll be continuing to extend those. As police hunt the syndicate in other countries, there's one more game left in the Southern Stars season. I know we're sitting on the bottom of the ladder but the luck's got to change sooner or later.Police are set to speak with more play scprsz officials have haven't ruled out further arrests.PNG police have arrested four men in connection with last week's vicious attack on a group of Australian tourists and their porters. It comes as the leader of the trek broke her silence to speak exclusively to the ABC, describing the attack as a frenzied, bloody massacre which made no sense. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports from Wau. Christina King says she's no hero. After the attack on the Black Cat Track, Ms King provided first aid to the badly injured porters. She then led the Australian trekkers on a 5-hour march in the darkness back to the town of Wau to raise the alarm. The trekkers praised her bravery but she says she was just doing her job. Everybody on that hill, the porters, trekkers, rescue team, they're all the heroes, not me. Two porters were killed, seven others were left seriously injured. The attack was a senseless, bloody massacre which made no sense. I have-M so sorry these men have had to receive such terrible injuries. I would like to thank them for the wonderful job on the track. She praised locals like Daniel Hargreaves who led the rescue party that reached the injured porters then cleared a heli-pad so they could be choppered out. Meanwhile, relatives of one of the dead porters, Matthew Gibob, have killed a man they believed harboured the criminals after the attack. Locals believe villagers from Bitoi, an alternate but largely unused start to the Black Cat Track, are responsible for the attack.

Many people here are outraged by the attack and say that if they get their hands on those responsible, they'll also end up here at the local morgue. In Turkey, there's been a sixth night of street battles between police and anti-Government protesters. Clashes took place in cities across the country including Istanbul and the capital, Ankara. Anti-Government demonstrationvise taken place intermittently since major violence in June and July but they intensified this week after a 22-year-old man died during further protests on Tuesday. The latest unrest comes just 6 months before local elections are set to take place. In the US, rescuers are struggling to reach hundreds of people stranded by Colorado's worst flooding in decades. At least four people have died and more than 350 are unaccounted for but authorities say many may simply be out of communication. A state of emergency has been declared in the National Guard called in to help. The intense operation in the air and on the ground will continue today at a level I've never seen to get people inserted and into those areas that are otherwise impassable or unreach able. Flash floods have toppled buildings while boats and helicopters have been used to evacuate entire towns. A man has died of a suspected drug overdose at a dance festival in Sydney's west. The 23-year-old had travelled from Victoria with friends to attend the Defqon.1 Festival in Penrith. He began having seizures around midday and was taken to nupoen hospital where he was resuscitated after several heart attacks but later died. Police are awaiting results of the post-mortem and toxicology before we say too much more.Do you suspect a drug overdose? Indications are that that the bay we're heading. Another 14 people were taken to hospital after apparent drug overdoses and police made more than 80 arrests for drug offences. The head of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse says Australians should prepare to be shocked by what's uncovered. The warning comes ahead of the commission's first public hearing which begins tomorrow in Sydney but it won't be the church under forensic examination during this initial sitting. It's the Scouts, a Government department and an and its
Indigenous children's service and its leader who'll be the focus of the public hearing. We're looking at all sorts of institutions that have a responsibility for looking after children and this week there are five different institutions whose conduct will be examined. There will be intense scrutiny of how Steven Larkins came to be at the helm of a NSW Aboriginal children's service. Larkins's a former Scout master, who's in jail, convicted of lying to authorities about his clearance to work with children and possessing child pornography. Locals are appalled. It is the shock it's been kept quiet. Since April, almost 5,000 people have connected the Royal Commission. 400 have already attended private hearings. 1,000 people are waiting to find out whether they'll get a hearing. The Royal Commission is receiving 23 new calls a day and estimates that almost half of those people will need to be followed up in the form of a private hearing. Survivors really struggle with trust and so as they watch the commission unfold, more people will be coming forward. We believe that the public will be shocked to begin to learn just how difficult life has been for people.It's been a year since former NSW detective Peter Fox blew the whistle on the alleged cover-up of clergy child abuse in the Hunter Valley. You sort of pinch yourself now that it's finally here. This first public hearing could last up to two weeks. Queanbeyan is looking to the future, drawing up plans for an overhaul of its central business district and riverfront. The city is determined to shake off old stereotypes and enter a new age, embracing its heritage and natural assets. It may be 175 years old but these days Queanbeyan is waking up to a decent cup of coffee. Andrew Haskins was one of the first to open up shop on Queanbeyan's recently renovated Crawford Street. For me, I think it really just showed great prospects and great signs of leap nothing to something a little bit bigger. The council has copped some criticism since the first phase of its downtown rejuvenation was completed. 12 months on, Crawford Street still has a number of vacant shops but planners insist it is part of a gradual process of gentrification. I suspect if it had gone upmarket rapidly you would have had equal criticism from another sector who would say it's not Queanbeyan anymore. People feel happier to walk down the Street than two years ago. It's starting pay off. These are early ideas on how the next phase could look. Residents are being asked for suggestions on how to make the final plan a comfortable fit. To generally give the CBD a lift so as you come into the CBD you know you're entering Queanbeyan. The city has shown its appetite for change. Months after opening his doors, Andrew Haskins says he's been overwhelmed by customers to the point he had to knock a wall down and expand into the shop next door. You've got to look for a hole in the market. Queanbeyan is a small town built on loyalty and we really had to make a point of difference in our business. The council says there will soon be more competition, just not over night. Ewan McKenzie has earned his first win as coach of the Wallabies with a narrow 1-point victory over Argentina in blustery conditions in Perth last night. Israel Folau scored Australia's only try in the first half as the home side were forced to fend off a late challenge from the pume Oz to claim the 14-13 win. Ben Lisson reports. After three straight losses, the Wallabies knew they'd need to dig deep against an improving Argentinian squad. Ben Mowen led as captain. Nic White took his place as scrum half and immediately showed why he got the job. In wet and windy conditions, defence was critical and big collisions were plentful. Nic Cummins got trapped on his own line to hand Argentina an early penalty and the first points of the match. The big hits kept coming as the Wallabies gained the ascendancy with a stiff breeze behind them. With good field position, Israel Folau demonstrated his strength close to line to put the Wallabies up by 11 at the break. With the breeze against the home side after halftime, ararfought their way back into the contest, a converted try narrowed the Marge tonight just one point. - the margin to one point. The Wallabies hung on in the dying stages of the match to earn the breakthrough win. You need the win to validate what you've been doing and it wasn't exactly how we wanted to do it but we didn't control how the weather was going to be. Earlier, a spiteful encounter between the All Blacks and Springboks saw South African Bismarck Du Plessis black carded and All Blacks Dan Carter suffered a shoulder injury. The All Blacks moved to the top of the rugby championship with a 29-15 win. The Newcastle Knights will meet the Storm in Melbourne next Saturday night in the second week of the NRL finals. Overnight the Roosters moved a step closer to the Grand Final, beating the Sea Eagles in the lowest-scoring final for two decades. Today's match ended the Bulldogs' season. The 6-placed Bulldogs had lost twice to Newcastle this season. Ben Barba returned to the starting side in the unfamiliar number 23. The Knights were under siege. James McManus out-leapt by Sam Perrett. But Darius Boyd knows how to find the line and when Akuila Uate chimed in, the Knights hit the front. Barba went off with an ankle injury and penalties, this one given away by the skipper, pushed Newcastle to a 10-point lead. Jeremy Smith's try ensured the Dogs would remain in the outhouse. Wayne Bennett's men march on. A fortnight's break awaited the winner between Manly and the Roosters. Feathers flew from the outset but few would have imagined the points on had end of an accurate James Maloney grubber kick would turn out to be the only score of the match. For 70 absorbing minutes, both sides probed, occasionally finding open space, but in the main the defence lines dominated, the last score as low in a final was in 1992 when Saint George beat its future joint venture partner, the Illawarra Steelers, 4-0. Manly faces Cronulla next week and the Roosters can rest up for either the Storm or the Knights in a Grand Final qualifier. The Raiders under 20 side will be forced to go the hard way to win the premiership after a 1-point extra-time loss in their qualifying final against the Bulldogs in Sydney today. The Bulldogs got the jump on the Raiders and led by 12 at halftime. Three tries in 6 minutes early in the second half put the Raiders in front but the Bulldogs levelled late in the game to send the match to golden point. Canterbury's Patrick Templeman slot adfield goal to seal victory for the blue and white. Is this the game for the Bulldogs? Plenty of time. Yes, Siree. Finally Patrick Templeman gets the extra points and the Bulldogs have won a thriller.The result means the Raiders will play in a do-or-die semifinal next weekend. In the AFL, a number of Sydney Swans players are facing a race against the clock to be fit for Saturday night's preliminary final against Fremantle after a bruising win over Carlton last night. The Premiers were rarely threat medz in the 24-point victory at the Olympic stadium. Nick Bailey reports. Battered, bruised but still battling on and the Sydney Swans's premiership defence has reached the penultimate week of the season. I think heading in to a prelim final, it's amazing what that can do for your energy and the feeling over there. It does wonders for the enthusiasm come energy amongst the group. Just who will be fit to line up against Fremantle next week is anyone's guess. Already taking a lengthy injury list into September, the Swans lost star forward Kurt Tippett just minutes into last night's game. Moments later Tom Mitchell joined him on the bench. It was sensational really, to lose two players in the first half of the first quarter and be two down for the rest of the game and for the players to keep running and do what they did was fantastic. I thought the leaders in particular were outstanding. Sydney found enough to prevail by 24 points. Luke Parker stepped up in the absence of Tippett to kick three goals. Jarrad McVeigh notched up a staggering 42 disposals. I think 'Hand of God' played well and parker and myself y wanted to step up as well. It was a good team performance and we wanted to hit back hard. Unlikely to win plaudits was the playing surface at the Olympic stadium which saw players regularly lose their footing. Carlton arrived back in Melbourne satisfied to have made a fair fist of its surprise tilt at the finals and determined to

We can take out positive stuff over the last month.The Swans need to dig deeper with a preliminary final against Fremantle just 6 days away. In the north-eastern Football League, the Sydney Swans reserves have won the eastern conference with a 52-point victory over Belconnen. The Swans led at every change in a dominant performance, claiming their first eastern conference title. When the Sydney reserves and Belconnen met last month, the Swans won by 81 points. Belconnen were almost going to face an uphill battle. In a hard-fought fist quarter, Sydney were first to get on the board. Neither team could assert their authority first. Swans had the upper hand. The Magpies kept in the match early and trailed by just 4 points at quarter time but after the first change of ends the Swans came out firing. A series of long-range goals had Sydney in a commanding position. By halftime the Swans had pushed their advantage out beyond four majors. In the third term Sydney's intensity proved the difference with the minor Premiers dominating possession and field position. The Magpies tried to find a way back into the match but were wasteful at goal. The Swans kicked five goals in the final quarter and claimed the tit in a 15-11-un-101 win. We knew Belconnen was going to be tough and it may not have been the prit knrs game of football but the misconception doesn't mean anything to these boys. It meant a plot to play in the Grand Final. The Swans meet the Brisbane Lions reserves in a NEAFL Grand Final next weekend. Despite a hat-trick from paceman Clint McKay, Australia has lost game 4 of the one-day series against England in Cardiff. The home team passed Australia's total in the final over to level the series with one game to play. Duncan Huntsdale reports. George Bailey continued his excellent form with 87 off 91 balls. That is huge.A late collapse had Australia all out for 227 in the 49th over. Clint McKay tore through the English top order, dismissing Pietersen and Trott before prizing out Root. Edged and gone. Hat-trick.Half centuries from Butler, Morgan and Carberry revived England's fortunes and the home team secured victory with three balls to spare. He smashes it down the ground for 4. In the Davis Cup world group play-off in Poland, Australia rested Lleyton Hewitt with 18-year-old Nick Kyrgios making an impressive debut alongside Chris Guccione. The experienced combination of Marcin Matkowski and Mariusz Fyrstenberg won in 5 sets but Australia only needs to win one of the reverse singles matches to return to the elite group for the first time since 2007. What a point.Australia's Olympic K1 silver medallist, Jessica Fox s a world champion after taking out the C1 slalom event in Prague. I was quite consistent in the World Cups and this was my big goal for the year so I'm happy it came together in the final. The women's C1 isn't on the schedule for the Rio Olympics but could be included for Tokyo in 2020. Take one humble sock, have a blind artist give it a celebrity makeover and the result is an all-star exhibition in Tasmania. As Emily Brian rOrlths, it's not a case of taking the Mickey out of art but putting the monkey into it. Some of the world's most famous artworks as you've never seen them. From the Mona Lisa to Salvador Dali's 'Stillness of Time', the great masterpieces have been remade as sock monkeys. Basing them off those was really a way for people to come into the space and then find out a bit more who's that monkey and then once they find out who it is it might inspire them to seek more of that artist's work outs.New new new is socking to the theory that craft and high art are worlds apart. He's blind but using remarkably detailed childhood memories, he's stitched more than 100 monkeys by hand. I have a device called a colour test memo which is a bit like one of those supermarket hand-held scanners that staff used to use. It identifies colours. It's got a data bank of 1800 colours. Sock monkeys emerged during the Great Depression when home-made toys were a necessity. It has the history from the 1930s but there's a whole worldwide sub culture of sock monkey-making. Many of new new new's are characters from books and films. Dame Edna makes a flashy appearance among an array of celebrities including the King of Pop. It's good to bring young people into the museum space. They come in to see this and they'll see other shows while they're here. They might take home a new idea for that old pair of socks. To the weather now and it was a mostly fine day in the capital. A Tasman low and high are bringing light rain to the NSW coast. A high is generating mostly clear skies in Tassie and those frosty mornings. A trough is generating light rain and thunder in the Top End and all the way down to SA. Lows are causing strong winds and showers in southern WA.

That's all from the ABC's Canberra newsroom. You can keep up to date with the latest news at abc online and on Twitter. We'll leave you now at the war memorial's Big Things in event at its warhouse in Mitchell. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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