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(generated from captions) tough task.A message for the fans in Newcastle?It has been a lean 12 years. Thank you for all the true supporters. Thank you.You saw the two games coming up. You will see them at Friday night, Manly from Ali and stadium and then on Saturday, the Knights and Melbourne storm.

and stadium and then on Saturday,
the Knights and Melbourne storm. the Knights and Melbourne storm. A feast of rugby league continues on Saturday night. The storm and Newcastle, having beaten the Canterbury Bankstown side. Coming up next is the news. This program is captioned live.

Tonight - drugs tragedy - a man dies and 30 others collapse at a Penrith music festival. Cowboys fury over the 7th-tackle try awarded to the Sharks. Life after the lodge - lunch with friends for Julia Gillard. The Sydney suburb reaping big profits. Ben Barba's Bulldogs career ends in agony. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton.Good evening. A music festival in Penrith is at the centre of a major investigation after a 23-year-old man died and 30 others had to be treated for suspected drug overdoses. Witnesses say at one point patients were being carried out of the venue every 10 minutes. Defqon was promoted as a psychedelic waist land. In reality it was a -- wasteland. In reality it was a disaster - a fleet of ambulances taking away young patients overdosing on drugs.Security guards moved them out of the way. You see it every, like, 10-20 minutes.In a crowd of 25,000 a young man from Victoria, partying with hits mates. The 23-year-old collapsed, suffered seizures and died a few hours later.What I saw was the ambo cart, and a guy laying on the cart, going around on the road.In all - 14 people had to be taken to hospital after overdosing at the festival. Some are recovering at Nepean. 15 others had to be treated by paramedics.The music festivals themselves are not a problem - the problem is adults making poor choices about their lifestyle.This is unacceptable, demonstrating that what some call recreational drugs can kill.87 people were arrested. We attempted to contact the organisers of the international festival - with no luck.Is there someone we can talk to here - there was a young man that died?No, no-one is here, sorry.Police home to interview those in hospital in the coming days. Bitter and disillusioned - the only way to describe how the Cowboys and their fans feel about their controversial 20-18 loss to the Sharks as a result of a 7- tackle try. The Cowboys' season is over. No apology will make up for the blunder and the abuse players copped as they left the ground. Cowboys fans were prime for a lynching. But put that aside to welcome their men home. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) .Captain Thurstan convinced there's a NSW agenda because of Queensland's dominance in State of Origin.All they want the Sydney Grand Final - all-Sydney Grand Final. 8 minutes into the game a 7- tackle try.It's enough to suck the wind out of great players.But hardmen say suck it up.Unfortunate for them. I guess about time we had a bit of luck.Last year, with the game in the balance, the hand of Foran knocks on, but goes undetected. Manly win, Cowboys crushed. It's enough to fuel a conspiracy.The press talks about the ideal - the ideal Grand Final - Souths, Roosters - bring it on. Don't worry about Melbourne, they won a couple, they are down there. Don't worry in North Queensland. That's what you want, the heartland of the game. We've been dudded for an opportunity to make a dent in this competition.Carma almost rited a wrong on full-time. But no -- right a wrong on full-time. But no try for the Cowboys. That triggered another calamity, officially 11 seconds remained. The clock said 41. Then 10 minutes 59. It was like waiting for a train. You're confused. So was the stadium and millions watching. 11 seconds was settled on before enough was enough. Later Thurstan's reaction said it all.We worked our butts off. And to be dudded twice...That they were. The NRL's head of football Todd Greenburg joins us from ANZ Stadium. Good evening. Have any of the referees or officials involved in the controversy been sacked from the remainder of the NRL finals' series. We'll do a review of that tomorrow. As I said, we are disappointed having to talk about the reef rees' outcome. We had a great weekend of -- referees' outcome. We had a great weekend. The focus is on the referees.Do you expect them to be sacked?People will be accountable for decisions they made. We had poor decision, and those staff will be held accountable. We'll make the decisions in the right way.The Cowboys are talking a NSW conspiracy - the NRL wants an all Sydney Grand Final - your reaction to that?I understand the Cowboys are upset. There's not a consphircy around Sydney clubs. We want the best clubs. -- conspiracy around Sydney clubs. We want the best clubs, but the Cowboys took a difficult one yesterday, we understand that.The sporting world has been rocked by a multimillion- dollar match-fixing scandal described as the biggest in Australian history. Ayrton Woolley is following the story. How did the scheme work?Early this morning 10 people, nine players and a coach of a suburban soccer side, Southern Stars, were arrested by police after it was revealed they had links to a European crime syndicate that had links to a bookmaker across Asia, Singapore and Europe. It is believed to have rigged matches in the Victorian Premier League. Police learnt of the allegations in August. They swooped in a series of raids, netting large amounts of cash. It left Football Federation Australia David Gallop to talk tough this afternoon.You can be sure that we'll throw the book at these perpetrators. That means life bans on a worldwide basis.They are yet to be charged but are expected to face an out of sessions hearing here and face a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. Thank you Ayrton Woolley. A man is in hospital after being stabbed in the stomach during a brawl at Lethbridge Park. 37-year-old Michael Nikolski and his friend had been drinking heavily when they were attacked by four men. The father of three is in a stable condition. A 66-year-old man has been left homeless after his boat was destroyed by fire at Moreton Bay in south-east Queensland. The man who was living on the vessel injured his head and suffered minor burns whilst trying to save it. Premier Barry O'Farrell will introduce new laws to parliament this week to combat gun crime. The legislation will allow police officers to search cars and homes without a warrant if they suspect a perch could be hiding a firearm.-- person could be hiding a firearm. This is about giving police powers they need.Penalties for supplying or possessing an illegal gun will be increased from 10-14 years jail. Tony Abbott is keeping it real. He dismissed some of the Perks of the Prime Ministership in an effort to connect with voters. He decided to stay at the Federal Police Training College in Canberra while The Lodge is being renovated. A week since he was elected. This is about as close as we have got to a Prime Ministerial Tony Abbott. A rather awkward moment at The Lodge with Kevin Rudd. The transition has been tightly control. Serious, down to business belt-tightening government - Julia Bishop ordering an end to first-class overseas travel and Tony Abbott going down market, staying in there 120 a night digs at the Federal Police college until The Lodge is renovated. It was a decision made after discussing security arrangements with the AFP and dismissing the option of a $3,000 a week rental in the suburbs. I think it's a good thing to save Australian taxpayers money, having Tony stay where his security detail stays.He will stay in officers' quarters, a little more upmarket than this. He's not the first. Julia Gillard stayed in exactly the same room, I suspect, when she became Prime Minister. These issues should be beyond Partizan politics. We are told there'll be more from the Government this week, with a ministry likely to be announced tomorrow and sworn in on Tuesday. A world away from the business of government - Julia Gillard relaxed after lunch at a Melbourne pub. Russia and the United States told the Syrian government it must destroy all of its chemical weapons by the middle of next year or face a military strike.There can be no games, no room for avoidance - or anything less than full compliance by the Assad regime.Syria has not agreed to the deal and denies responsibility for a gas attack that killed hundreds in Damascus last month. Well, we have hit another key milestone in the delivery of the North West Rail Link. Construction of the first of the tunnel boring machines is under way. The tunnelling contract alone is worth more than $1 billion. Before the ground can be broken on Australia's longest rail tunnels, the gint high-tech diggers have to be made. -- giant high-tech diggers have to be made, and this is where it has begun, in Lyon. Most will be made in Europe and finished in China, where it will be put together, tested, taken apart before being Shipped to Sydney. Two machines will be reassembled at Bella Vista, and the other two at Cherrybrook.Great news for the Hills residence, you can see the light at the enof the tunnel until you build the tunnel, next year. Each machine weighs more than 900 tonnes - taking eight weeks to put back together. They'll cut through 120 metres of sandstone every week. We are getting the best and brightest around the country and world helping us to produce the project. There's few countries that have the ability to put the tunnel- boring machines in place.The tunnel will run from Bella Vista, via Castle Hill, and Cherrybrook to Epping. The workers are preparing the ground and a new above ground railway station will appear here. The tunnel boring machines will hit the ground in a month's time. The 8.3 billion project will open by the end of the 2014. Spring is off to a booming start for the Sydney property market. Vendors are, on average, securing 6-figure bone uss above reserve prices. Agents say the only way is up. We were told to expect a solid spring, and the hot property season has kicked off with a bang.Sold. Congratulations.This 1950s three bedder in Chester Hill sold for $601,000.The initial indicator from the real estate was 5.25,550.Buyers, Boyd Boyd by low interest rates -- buoyed generalously. Over the first two weeks of September, LJ Hooker secured massive gains on dozens of Sydney properties. At the top end this Girraween home went for more than $1.2 million - nearly $200,000 above the reserve.The owners of a Kensington hoped for $1.7 million and made $1.9. Even a knockdown job in Matraville picked up a difference of $1,55,000. We had a 7% increase in sales.The spike in sales has been met by a 30% jump in new sellers. Vendors expectations are soaring, pushing prices higher. I definitely see it continuing.As we know, it's been a weekend full of drama in the NRL finals series. Today was no difference. With all the details, good evening Ken.The Bulldogs' season is over. Last year's Grand Finalists eliminated by the Knights at ANZ Stadium. Ben Barba in his last game for the Dogs before moving to Brisbane suffered a possible leg fracture. The full extent of the injury is yet to be determined - Knights winning 22-6. Bulldogs fans prayers were answered, Ben Barba was back in the starting side.

Ben Barba was back in the starting
side. It wasn't a step or swerve opening the night. It was a brilliant kick and catch. Nathan Merritt's grab wouldn't have been out of place in a semifinal of another code, setting up Darius Ford as the Knights hit back. There were problems with bombs - but he was the only one that went for this one.Scoring a magnificent try. He said "Come here, give it to me". The Bulldogs copped a try and a couple of shots on the chin. They trailed 12-6. A professional foul sou a sinbining for 10 minutes. The Bulldogs lost a brilliant full-back. Ben Barba's suspect ankle gave way three minutes into the second half. His afternoon and Canterbury career ending in agony and a Mehdi cab ride. Frustration - points given away with silly penalties, a hard and straight run with Germany Smith made sure of a semifinal clash. Newcastle have knocked out one of last year's Grand Finalists. Now to face the other. And I'll be back later in sport with the fallout from the Roosters-Manly bruiser. Stay with us - in the news ahead the inside story of the detective work that caught Keisha's killer. Also, a mammoth effort to lift a sunken crews ship. And an upmarket campaign - the new approach for Tourism Australia. -- cruise ship - the new approach for tourism Australia. This program is not captioned.

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The disappearance and murder of Kiesha Wippeart captivated and horrified the nation. For the first time we've been given an inside look at how detectives unravelled the truth about the little girl's death.

the truth about the little girl's
death.Denial.Deceit.What are you trying to say, we did something to her.Tonight on '60 Minutes' - the detectives that saw through it all. It's something that just didn't sit rite.It was Sunday, 1 August 2010. Kristi Abrahams makes an emotional call to Triple 0.

She reports her daughter, Kiesha Wippeart, as missing. Responsibilities of parents is to look after your kids and give them a chance. And this little girl didn't have a chance.As police and the public search her Mt Druitt neighbourhood - detectives suspect something is not right.Is it nush to find it like that, folded back. It's unusual not to see her in the bed.Traces of the little girl's blood was found in the apartment. Kristi Abrahams was the more dominant of the two.Can we get to the bottom of what happened here?I hope we do, because I need to do. The interviews with Kristi Abrahams and partner Robert Smith that led detectives to undercover the truth. And finally the chilling moment Kristi Abrahams admits her daughter was dead.

And put the little girl in the grave and Roberts doused her in petrol and set the body alight.The couple led undercover detectives to the site. When she saws - she knew something was wrong. And you can see more of that detective work that caught Kiesha Wippeart's killer in tonight's edition of '60 Minutes'. A fifth person is feared dead and 200 missing in the devastating floods across the US State of Colorado. Residents are starting to clean up after the disaster, forcing thousands from their homes. The floods were triggered four days ago by late summer storms. More are expected. More than 18 months after it sank, the 'Costa Concordia' will be pulled uprite in a procedure expected to take 12 hours. The cruiseship will be towed away for scrap and the operation about cost about $800 million. No more shrimps on the barbie, Australia's international image is getting a make over the the new focus is on gourmet produce.23% of our top 15 markets would say we have an association with food and wine. When people comes, it changes. 60% of people say the food and wine is good.The campaign kicks off tonight. Ken is back now with the rest of the day's sport.I couldn't believe what I saw last night. Was this the hardest, toughest game of NRL this season? Clint McKay magic - a hat-trick against England. And Jess This program is not captioned.

Sharks star Todd Carney has reinjured his hamstring and is in doubt for Friday's knockout match against the Sea Eagles. Manly has less than a week to recover after losing 4-0 to the Roosters in one of the toughest clashes in recent

losing 4-0 to the Roosters in one
of the toughest clashes in recent memory. It looked like it belonged in the '80s. A game where flair and X Factor took a back seat to good old fashion physicality.Both forward packs were brutal.For 80 minutes the two best defensive outfits in the competition relentlessly hammered each other. It was excellence in defence that I have not seen for as long as I can remember.10 minutes in, Roger Tuivasa-Scheck scored the game's only try.It was the hardest game. The 4-0 win for the Roosters the lowst scoring finals match since 1992.That shows maybe what the calibre of this finals series might be. Nothing will come for free. Putting that much effort and not come away with a win - it's hurting. These are the match-ups for week 2 of the finals:

All the actions live on Channel Nine. The Swans premiership defence lives on. They have injury concerns ahead of the flirm against Fremantle. Star forward -- Preliminary Final against Fremantle. Kurt Tippett is a big worry. They knocked Carlton out of the race with a 24-point win. Ripping through England - Clint McKay couldn't believe it when he took a hat-trick at the fourth one-day international. It was the only celebrating the Aussies did. His best efforts couldn't help them, England winning by two wickets. Series is level 1-1 heading into the final match in Southampton. A new car nicknamed Liz worked a treat for Jamie Whincup, and Paul Dumbrell, in the V8 Supercar endurance race at Sandown. They won the 168-lap race. Craig Lowndes and Warren Luff behind them to continue Red Bull's ownership of the podium. Penrith's canoe Queen Jessica Fox is on the ride of her life, winning the C1 Slalon World Championship in Prague.I'm a teenager, I could party with people every weekend. I have imposen to focus on sport. Good girl. Fox is going for a second world title in the K1 tonight. The Penrith district is proud of that lady.She's

tonight. The Penrith district is
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It was a cooler day, temperatures reaching 19 in the city and 23 degrees in our west. Tomorrow a trough will move east, bringing rain and storms. Looking at the capitals:

Before we go - here is a look at what's in store on this week's edition of '60 Minutes'.Tonight - Keith Urban.Family...I love being home.What do the kids think of what dad does.

home.What do the kids think of
what dad does.Not really interested. His new-found happiness. It's a strange feeling that never felt so good.That's tonight at 7:30. Thank you. That's Nine News for this Sunday. Before we go a happy birthday to our grant friend Brian Henderson from

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