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(generated from captions) And he's got up and started running
through the car park.

The fire department is on the scene
to mop up. One of the crew has had to clean up after other speeders less fortunate
than the motorcyclist on this very corner. We had a fatality
just down there on that bend there about, oh, probably 18 months ago,
something like that. Two Indian guys, actually,
three Indian guys in the car. But one of them went, when we found
him, he came up behind us and he'd actually
flown out the back window. If this bloke would've just stopped, we would've been asking him
a few questions in relation to a learner
driving a high-powered bike. It looks like, at this stage,
it might be unregistered. We're still checking
whether it was stolen or not. So, essentially, you're looking at
a couple of traffic penalty notices and he's just escalated it out of
all proportion by running from us and then, obviously, crashing
and trying to run from us again. Thankfully, it looks like
he's gonna be fine, but, um, you know,
it's one of those things. Any time you see
red and blue lights, just pull over and stop
and work it out. There's no point running.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - one dead,
more than a dozen rushed to hospital during a Sydney dance festival. Refs to be axed after an embarrassing
tackle count blunder in the NRL finals. More deaths likely as Colorado's flood crisis
escalates. And the huge effort
to salvage the 'Costa Concordia' about to begin. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Police have issued a warning
to Sydney's dance party community that they cannot protect them
against deadly contaminated drugs. It comes after a musical festival
at Penrith which saw one man die
of a drug overdose, another 14 admitted to hospital and 87 people arrested - most of them
on drug related charges. Festivalgoers were prepared
for an all-nighter. Many camped on the Penrith grounds. But over a dozen overdoses and
one death has shocked music lovers.

There were people lying on the floor
and on the side and medics there
and stuff and yeah, just carried away on the stretcher. The annual dance festival
attracted 18,000 people. An hour into partying, a 23-year-old man from Victoria By 10:30 he was dead. 14 others left the music festival
in an ambulance. Police believe the cases
are linked to illegal pills. They were among a swag of drugs
seized by police.

cocaine, LSD, what people were
reporting to be ecstasy, some GHB.

The Victorian man had travelled
to Defqon with a carload of friends like so many others.

You go to a festival,
everyone's there for a good time, have lots of fun,
you're all there for the music and when something
as tragic as that happens, it's always a bit of a downer
the day after. All of those affected have since
been discharged from hospital. Police are warning people
to think twice before risking their lives
and taking illicit drugs. We can't do anything more.
It's really a community issue. If you take drugs,
you've got a lottery with your life.

Two NRL referees
are likely to be sacked after a blunder that saw the Sharks
score a try on the 7th tackle in their elimination final against
the North Queensland Cowboys. The error has prompted Cowboys
captain Johnathan Thurston to claim
it's an anti-Queensland conspiracy because officials
want an all-Sydney grand final.

Try telling these fans
their boys aren't winners. Cowboys! They're furious the Cowboys were
knocked out of the NRL finals when referees Henry Perenara
and Matt Cecchin failed to order the Sharks
to hand over the ball after tackle six. They mistakenly gave the Sharks
an illegal seventh tackle

It's embarrassing for the game,
I suppose, you can have these decisions. Get wrong decisions
in crucial games. It's not fair. It's gutted me. Two years in a row. You've gotta ask,
is there a conspiracy? The Cowboys claim
it's an anti-Queensland conspiracy. If you're playing for a team
outside of Sydney, you're fighting up against it. No doubt about it. I'm sick of New South Wales and what they just unfoiled
last night. And he's a Blue. New South Wales is crying out
for something and they seem to be getting it. We got it wrong. Match officials
had a really poor game and it's obviously been
a terrible result. I'm embarrassed for the game.
It's not a good look. At least one betting company's
softened the blow. The Cowboys were dudded.
Our punters won't be. We've refunded $200,000
of bets placed on the game. There'll be no second chance
for the referees with Henry Perenara
and Matt Cecchin expected to be axed
from first grade.

And soccer has its own dramas with police arresting 10 suspects over what's claimed to be
the biggest match fixing scandal in Australian history. Nine players and a coach from the Victorian Premier League
club Southern Stars are being interviewed.

You can be sure that we will throw
the book at these perpetrators. That means life bans
on a world wide basis.

It's alleged
hundreds of thousands of dollars were bet on the club's games with players receiving kickbacks for conceding goals
or throwing matches.

Tony Abbott will unveil his
Government's ministry tomorrow which is expected to include
just one woman in Cabinet. The Prime Minister-elect spent
the day finalising his new team before heading to his very modest
temporary home in Canberra.

The Australian Federal
Police College is far from luxurious... VOICEOVER: The sleeping quarters
are standard. ..but it has most things
an active Prime Minister needs. The gymnasium is fully equipped with qualified training staff
on hand to look after your every need. Tony Abbott will live in
a private apartment at the college until renovations
at the Lodge are complete, shunning more expensive
housing options. We're deeply aware that Labor
did not respect taxpayers money. But Anthony Albanese says Julia Gillard
also briefly bunked there as PM, without the fanfare. It's a pity the article
didn't pick that up. Mr Abbott returned
to Parliament House this afternoon to finalise his new ministry as ministerial offices are prepared
for their new occupants. Tony's indicated that he wants to
maintain the stability of the team that he took to the election. Julie Bishop says former industry
spokesperson Sophie Mirabella who is likely to lose her seat won't be replaced by another woman
in Cabinet, leaving herself
as the only female at the table. In time I expect to see
many more women promoted. At least one will be demoted. Seven News understands Brisbane
MP Teresa Gambaro will lose
her junior frontbench role. But Bronwyn Bishop
is in line for a promotion outside of the ministry, almost certain to become Speaker. Expect the demotions to be sold
as making way for young talent with some newer members promoted to the Parliamentary Secretary
ranks. Any fallout
from the inevitable disappointment is likely to be
at least partially overshadowed by Labor still talking about itself. Leadership candidates Bill Shorten
and Anthony Albanese promised unity as they stepped up
their campaigns today. An important point
to make that we love each other, I think, in the context
of the last few years. Firearm offenders
have been put on notice with the Government unveiling
tough new gun laws today. Police will be given greater powers
to search suspects without a warrant and those caught with weapons
will face heftier jail terms.

Last year police seized
nearly 10,000 guns but still the shootings
on Sydney's streets continue. (SIREN WAILS) Today the Government announced
plans for tough new laws allowing police to stop and search
suspects without a warrant if they're already banned
from having guns.

It enables police
to stop and search them, search their cars,
search their homes. Also they'll have the right
to search crime dens or disorderly houses. Only 60 people in the state have been banned
by the police commissioner from owning or carrying firearms. But more will join the list when local police inspectors are given the same power
as the police chief. These criminals who use guns
on our street have no respect, no respect for the rights
of the community, therefore these criminals
should not complain when they're about to lose
some of their rights. Just last week the Government
failed to back the Opposition's new gun laws. If the bill the Premier is proposing
does exactly what our bill proposes, of course I'll support it. I don't want to play silly politics
like the Premier. Both sides of politics agree gun crime is a big problem
on Sydney's streets and both have policies
that are strikingly similar. Including plans
for greater search powers and more firearm prohibition orders.

The death toll
from the Colorado floods crisis could rise dramatically with four people confirmed dead and around 200
now unaccounted for. As rescue teams
try to reach cut off communities, authorities are warning
there's even more rain on the way.

It's stopped raining for now but the danger continues in Colorado where flooded streams and rivers
continue to rise. It is no doubt an epic event. A 1-in-a-500-
to 1-in-a-1000-year storm. These families are homeless
but at least they are together. They are among hundreds of people
plucked to safety from just one small town. One of many destroyed
by flash floods.

One friend is dead and no idea
of when we can go back and what will be left
when we get back. With town and houses cut off, there are still hundreds of people
unaccounted for. There may be further loss of life. We have to assume that, given the devastation
in some of those closed canyons, it's certainly a high probability. Authorities hope most are simply
stranded without communication. But with roads
and bridges destroyed, the rescue effort is difficult. Among the amazing survival stories,
this man who was rescued after spending
two hours in his submerged car. So I have to wait, I have to pray,
I have to sing to God because I want to survive. A gleam of hope for a state that's expecting even more rain
in the days ahead.

One of the biggest salvage
operations ever attempted will start tomorrow
off the coast of Italy to right the capsized cruise ship
'Costa Concordia'. It'll involve a team of 500 and cost more than $800 million but even so,
there are no guarantees it'll work.

It's only up close

that you get
the scale of the challenge confronting the salvage team. Off Tuscany's coast, the half-submerged rusting hulk
of the 'Costa Concordia'. The visitors no longer here
for just the sea and sand as they wait to witness one of the riskiest
salvage operations ever attempted. So now we need a bit of luck
and it's done. Nick Sloan is the salvage master, one of the most experienced
in the business, playing a key role in the refloating
of the 'Pasha Bulker' off Nobbys Beach six years ago. But the ship off this beach
is much, much bigger. The luxury Italian liner was
the largest ship ever to capsize. 32 passengers were killed,
more than 4,000 people evacuated. The captain is on trial, accused of abandoning his ship
before everyone was safely ashore. A salvage operation on this scale
has never been attempted before so nobody, not even the experts,
knows for sure if it will work. The plan is to roll the ship
onto a concrete seabed. Hydraulic chains
wrapped around the wreck will slowly pull it upright then giant steel tanks
welded onto the wreck will slowly fill with water,
pulling the ship upright. Underwater platform will provide
extra support as it's lowered. To Adrian Brown now
on the Tuscan island of Giglio. Adrian, there are real fears
of environmental threats with this salvage operation.

The big concern here
is that this vessel which lies off the coastline
like a beached whale could begin to break up
once the operation begins. Remember, this is an operation
which could last up to 12 hours. On board the vessel in storage
are some 10 tonnes of chemicals. The concern is,
if it does begin to break up, those chemicals could leak into some of the most pristine
waters in this region. This island is part of a marine
reserve. for its livelihood. It is tonight a community
quite literally holding its breath. Thanks, Adrian.

Still to come in Seven News - a funding boost
for suburban sporting clubs. The campaign to use people power
to reduce power bills. And the deal to avoid
a US strike on Syria. That's next.

The others have mobile plans
that try to distract you...

..but up close, their networks
might not be what they seem.

It's the network that matters. And the Telstra
mobile network is Australia's largest
and most reliable with more
than double the 4G coverage
of anyone else. the 4G coverage So when it comes to
the latest smartphone, don't be fooled -
get it on Telstra, the network without equal.

The State Government has announced
a $600,000 funding boost for grassroots sporting clubs. Grants of up to $25,000
will be handed out to help local teams
fix up their facilities, like this Penrith soccer team
that needs a new canteen. I really want to encourage
local sporting groups, community groups,
not-for-profit groups to make applications so that they can help
their local community get involved
in sport and recreation. There's now a total of $3.3 million
earmarked for the sporting upgrades. A new campaign has begun to harness people power
to reduce electricity bills. One Big Switch is hoping
it can sign up enough customers to force a better deal
from electricity retailers. They're the bills eating away
Amanda's family budget. Just even taking the kids
out for a movie, we always have to think twice
about doing it, if we can afford it for that week. Electricity has shocked the most. How have you seen them increase? About $200 to $300 a quarter. Research shows an $1,100 bill
five years ago with increasing costs is now more than $2,200 -
more than double. bills have gone up $75
for homes on electricity and gas, $165. Despite that, new figures show that the rate
of customers switching suppliers is at its lowest
in more than year, that people in Victoria
and South Australia are more likely to change companies
than here in New South Wales. So Seven News has joined forces
with the 'Sunday Telegraph' in a new campaign
by One Big Switch. the company aims
to sign up 50,000 households to bargain a better deal.

Get in a group see if we can get
a much better offer on electricity and move

and that will help drive
competition. Rosa and Jean
joined last year's Big Switch after their power bill doubled and secured a 14% discount. And what was that first bill like? A $500 saving, meaning more
for the mortgage and the family. To join this
Big New South Wales Switch, go to and fill in your details to register
by October 10. Amanda's on board with a to-do list
on the fridge just waiting. Anything to save a bit of money to be able to do more stuff for us
as a family is worth giving it a shot.

A deal has been done
to rid Syria of chemical weapons. America and Russia have given
the regime a list of deadlines to destroy its arsenal
and avoid a US military strike.

This framework can provide
greater protection and security to the world.

We will maintain
our military posture in the region to keep the pressure
on the Assad regime. (EXPLOSION, SHOUTING) As more attacks broke out
in Syria's civil war today, the country's opposition claimed the government has started
hiding its chemical weapons in Lebanon and Iraq.

Sport now with Ryan Phelan.
And Ryan, the Dogs' season is over. Mark, Wayne Bennett's Knights
were far too good as Ben Barba's tenure
as a Bulldog ends on a sour note, succumbing to an ankle injury. Plus, one win away
from another grand final but injury threatens
the Swans premiership defence. And drivers finding a way
to shorten the endurance races at the Sandown 500.

This one? Nothing? That's OK. (SIGHS)


What is my name?
SIRI: You're Sam. Last destination... The pier. Siri, text Lucy. "Meet me at our favourite place."


It's all over for Ben Barba
and the Bulldogs, ending their miserable season with a finals capitulation
against the Newcastle. Wayne Bennett's Knights will
take on the Storm in Melbourne on Saturday night for a shot at the Roosters
in a preliminary final.

Krisnan Inu was mysteriously dumped and Ben Barba back in the starting
line-up for the Bulldogs who hunted like a pack
and menaced the Knights. COMMENTATOR: Bang! Ooh! Canterbury striking first through
Josh Reynolds and Sam Perrett. It's plucked out of the air
magnificently by Perrett who scores. But the Knights held firm
then hit back. Oh, he took it.
Uate, he scores a magnificent try. Newcastle roughing up the Dogs
on their own turf but they may pay the price later. It's almost
an old-fashioned stiffy. Nothing went Canterbury's way. Reynolds snapped up a stray pass
but couldn't go the distance. Chris Houston binned
for interference. It denied the Bulldogs
a certain try. It got worse, Ben Barba crashing
after hurting his leg. His season from hell ending in agony
and on a medicab. In desperation, Michael Ennis pushed the rules
and his acting credibility to the limit. Oh, oh, no, please. 15 minutes to play,
Canterbury caved. That'll be the try
that will win the game. It sparked an early walkout
but Barba stayed until the end. Cronulla are likely
to lose Todd Carney for Friday's knockout semi
against Manly at Allianz Stadium. The Sea Eagles
have just six days to recover from last night's 4-0
defensive war with the Roosters who are through
to a preliminary final. From a Rugby World Cup
to heavyweight boxing bouts, Sonny Bill Williams
called this NRL final Not just physically,
but mentally as well - they threw everything
but the kitchen sink at us. To win in a couple of weeks, we'll have to go through
that pain barrier as well. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck scored the only
try of the game in the 10th minute. A little challenge, oh, yes. The rest was desperate, relentless,
try-saving defence.

You're always busting arse
doing those things you don't see on TV - the little one percenters. That's the most pleasing thing." The Roosters are the first team
to hold opponents scoreless six times in one season. It was very good.
I thought ours was better." Sacked by Essendon,
Dean 'The Weapon' Robinson's there to support his brother's bid
for a rookie year title. People have asked us a lot
about other goals along the way but there's only every been one. Richie Fa'aoso's ready for more
against Cronulla next week after being put to sleep
by Dylan Napa.

Oh, bloody better hope so. Far out. But it's not looking good
for Todd Carney after aggravating a hamstring injury
against the Cowboys. We're not a one-man band. If I don't play,
it doesn't mean we're gonna lose. The Swans have revived
their premiership defence but have more injury concerns ahead of Saturday's preliminary
final against Fremantle. Sydney lost Kurt Tippett
and Tom Mitchell in the first quarter
of last night's semifinal against Carlton. Despite the setback, the Swans produced
a stirring 24-point win at ANZ Stadium. they'll fly to Perth
on Wednesday night. so I can't wait. Jarrad McVeigh was a standout
with 42 disposals - one short of the record
for a finals game. The Wallabies have finally claimed
their first win under new coach Ewen McKenzie. On a bleak night in Perth, Israel Folau was the difference
against Argentina with his fourth test try. Australia held on to win 14-13, breaking
their Rugby Championship duck. They face the Springboks
in Cape Town in a fortnight. No-one will be backing us but I think we can draw some stuff
out of this tonight. Certainly a bit of character shown
which is good. An yellow card blunder cost
South Africa against the All Blacks. Bismarck Du Plessi's fair hit took
out Dan Carter for up to six weeks. England has levelled
the one-day series with Australia, despite paceman Clint McKay's
hat-trick in Cardiff. The fifth Australian
to achieve the feat in one-dayers, McKay claimed England's first
three wickets in consecutive balls - Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott
and Joe Root.

Edged and gone. Hat-trick! But Jos Buttler blasted England
to the 228-run target with three balls to spare. It's 1-1 before tomorrow night's
deciding 5th game. Jamie Whincup extended
his V8 Supercars Championship lead with victory at the Sandown 500. The 161-lap sprint was halted when Ash Walsh slammed into a fence
at 260 kays. Several drivers
had dangerous brake failures, while Garth Tander played enforcer. Craig Lowndes was on target to equal Peter Brock's record
nine Enduro wins, but was passed
by his team-mate Whincup with 11 laps to go.

I've been on the receiving end
of the exact same scenario three or four times. Whincup leads Lowndes by 96 points,
heading to Bathurst. Australia must win one of tonight's
two reverse singles rubbers to return to
the Davis Cup World Group. Lleyton Hewitt was rested
for the doubles against Poland with teenager Nick Kyrgios called up
to partner Chris Guccione in Warsaw. But the hosts won the rubber
in five sets, keeping the tie alive,
with Australia leading 2-1.

In Prague, Penrith 19-year-old
Jessica Fox claimed her first Canoe Slalom
World Championship, adding the title
to her World Cup victory. Fox won the C1 final
by almost 13 seconds.

Freemantle take on the Swans next week. Coverage from 6:30pm. A busy week. The Diary is sorted. Sydney's back-to-work weather
is after the break but first, what's coming up
on 'Sunday Night' with Chris Bath. Thanks, Mark. Tonight - war hero and VC recipient
Ben Roberts Smith joins 'Sunday Night'. His emotional mission
with our diggers in Vietnam.


Don't you think it's time?

Time for another way? A better way?

A way of fairness. Not greed.

People before profits.

not just corporations.

Prosperity for the many,
not just the few.

It's time.

Time for another way.

(SULTRY MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Start your summer
with the fibre, protein and seven essential nutrients
in Special K Oats & Honey. A sensational start to summer. What do you want to gain?

It was a mixed bag
across Sydney today. There was a shower overnight

It reached 19 in the city
and Parramatta. 23 the top
at Penrith. And 16
in the Mountains. Around
the nation tomorrow - a late storm
in Brisbane, rain in Canberra
and Melbourne. Showers
in Hobart, Adelaide
and Perth and a hot day
ahead in Darwin. Tonight will be fine with some light rain
developing in the morning and increasing during the afternoon. It should reach 19 in the city. 18 at Parramatta and 17 at Liverpool. The rain should clear by Wednesday, however the showers
are set to return on Friday. That's Seven News for this Sunday. I'm Mark Ferguson.
I hope you have a great night. Supertext captions
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This program is captioned live.

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The act I'm sending home is Barry. Who the hell is going to make it to the grand final at this stage? Tonight, the top 9 perform the biggest songs of right now. Cool, contemporary.Fireworks.Including

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