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I'll see you real soon. Another go, I'll get it. OK, I've got three cards... Mike, come on! The queen of spades,
the three of diamonds... Mike, put me back together please. The only one you...

This program is captioned live. Tonight - security cameras capture
a shocking train station bashing. The multimillion-dollar plan
to clean up Sydney's beaches. Breaking her silence - Julia Gillard opens up
about the pain of losing. The State Government
issues a warning to the world's biggest band. And the Rabbitohs just one win away
from the NRL Grand Final. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. A teenager, who was viciously bashed
at a train station south of Sydney, has told Seven News
how he thought he would die. The 17-year-old
was assaulted by a gang at Corrimal last year. Security pictures shown in court
this week captured the terrifying attack. Their release
has also sparked debate over safety at our train stations. A warning - some viewers may find
these pictures distressing. It was a Saturday night,
July 14, 2012. A 17-year-old and a friend were
at Corrimal station in Wollongong waiting for a train home. A group approaches.

They were looking for a fight. Within seconds,
they had cornered them and started punching and kicking
repeatedly. Some of the gang thought
it had gone too far. That's enough, stop. Stop! Oh, my God! He's dead. He wasn't dead. But at the time,
he thought he would be killed. I thought I was going to die.
I thought I was going to die. To be honest,
I thought I was going to die. I consider myself very lucky. In Wollongong District Court, the groups ringleader was sentenced
to at least 12 months behind bars. His two co-accused were convicted
but escaped jail time. The judge Paul Conlon said the assault was unprovoked,
brutal and cowardly. The victim says
he's suffered terrible injuries and the attack has changed his life. Split me jaw clean in half,
right there. I've got two plates
holding my jaw together. Dead teeth here. Lost feeling in these teeth. I need surgery
to fix up my teeth and that too. I became antisocial,
stopped going out, stopped talking to my mates
and that, started getting involved
with the wrong crowds, taking drugs,
all that sort of stuff. The victim doesn't want anyone else
to have the suffering he's endured but wants to see safety improvements
here at Corrimal and at every train station. We showed pictures of the attack to the Opposition
transport spokesperson. Penny Sharpe says it's time
for the government to act. It makes me angry. to protect people
on the rail network.

The Transport Minister says the violence is working and that people who do the wrong thing get caught. In breaking news - a Queensland prison
is in lockdown tonight after two inmates
climbed onto the roof at the Brisbane Correctional Centre. The pair managed to scale a wall
this afternoon and climb onto the roof. They then smashed security cameras. Police arrived late this afternoon
and climbed onto the roof to try to negotiate with the pair. It's believed they're protesting
a decision to place another prisoner
in the detention unit. Queensland's
Corrective Services Department says the situation is under control. A man has been stabbed eight times during a violent fight
at a unit in Sydney's west. Emergency crews were called to the
apartment block at South Granville around 4:30 this morning. They discovered a 52-year-old man
suffering multiple stab wounds. He was taken to Westmead Hospital
and is in a stable condition. A 21-year-old man was arrested
and has been charged. It's understood both men
live at the apartment complex. Residents on Sydney's
Northern Beaches will soon notice a big difference
in their waterways when a new waste facility
is switched on for the first time. The $70 million project
will stop sewage being dumped into the surf
during heavy rainfall. The Opposition says it's about time. Beautiful one day, smelly the next. Northern Beaches locals know this pristine setting
can change dramatically after heavy rains with sewage and stormwater rushing
through to this Curl Curl lagoon. I've seen dead fish and just, like,
really rancid, rotten water. Yeah, it's terrible. Sometimes the water
can get a little bit - seems to smell a bit toxic. During big deluges, stormwater run-off plants
can't cope so excess waste bypasses treatment and runs into beaches and lagoons
like this one. It would end up out on our beaches and that's not good
for the community, that's not good
for the environment. But the State Government hopes this new 18 million-litre
wastewater tank will help put an end to that. The $70 million tank
will store excess water that builds during storms. It holds it
until after the storm has passed and then we have a capacity
back in the system to feed it in slowly
into our sewer pipes and make its way to North Head
for full treatment. It'll reduce the reliance
on partially treated events by about 70%.

The Opposition says
it's about time. The past two years have seen
record numbers of bypasses with beaches exposed
to unprecedented levels of stormwater and sewage. Since Barry O'Farrell
has been elected, there've been more than 400 bypasses That means
millions of litres of sewage. Julia Gillard
has finally broken her silence on the day she'd originally planned
for Australia to head to the polls. The dumped PM opened up
about the pain of losing power and revealed she watched
last week's election coverage alone. There was no sign of Julia Gillard
at her Melbourne home. Today would have been
her chosen election day. Instead,
she was back in the spotlight, unloading on Labor. Writing for 'The Guardian'
Australian website, she says:

And that:

She criticised Labor's
election tactics as having: And argues that the new rules
for electing leaders: But the rules will stay for now, as Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten
embark on a one-month mini-campaign across the country. The great thing about
the unfolding of it so far is we're actually being civil
to each other. Anthony Albanese would be hoping his football team's winning form
rubs off... # South Sydney marches on. # ..but he already has wide support
from Labor's grassroots members, who, for the first time,
will get a say. Albo's got a great personal story, he's been the deputy prime minister and he's a working class kid
come good. Bill Shorten is expected
to be backed by the caucus. I believe that he's the right person
that can unite the Labor Party in what's been a tough time. Things haven't been quite so tough
for winner Tony Abbott. He spent the day in his old office
here at Parliament House being briefed on the job ahead. It's expected that he will announce
his cabinet on Monday before being officially sworn in
on Wednesday. Deadly flash flooding
in the US state of Colorado has killed at least four people with dozens more still missing. Several dramatic rescue operations
have been caught on camera as hundreds of stranded residents
were plucked to safety. They're calling it
a once-in-1,000-year flood that has left
many Colorado communities cut off by raging rapids. MAN: An hour ago,
that road was there. A zip line was used to carry
this woman across floodwaters. The National Guard helped evacuate
1,600 people from one town. This family will have a hot meal
for the first time in two days. Just scary 'cause
you never thought that, you know - you just never think that
something like that - you'd be in that kind of situation,
all of a sudden you're trapped. With roads washed away, helicopters have been used
to carry people across flooding that stretches 200km. We've lived in this neighbourhood
for almost nine years and I've - I've never
seen anything like this. I mean,
it was absolutely terrifying. Holly Stetson's father
is among the 80 people missing. We're very anxious to get any word
and see if he's - if he's OK. Steve Flowers rounded up Molly,
Mr Finn and Dr Watson as he took one last look
at his home. We were lucky to get out. My neighbour two doors down
is still missing. A year's worth of rain fell
in just one day. Most of our injuries,
often in these types of disasters, fatalities occur with people
trying to walk through - get from their car. The rain has stopped,
but not the danger. The State Government
has warned the world's biggest band, One Direction, not to test the patience
of Australian fans and take their support for granted. The Fair Trading Minister says his department
is keeping a close eye on the practice
of taking money from concert goers up to 18 months
before the performances begin. They are the hottest tickets
in the world. # We danced all night
to the best song ever... # One Direction's 'Take Me Home'
Australian tour sold out in three minutes. But that was last April. 18 months later, the interest on a staggering
$17 million box office has promoter Simon Cowell laughing
all the way to the bank. He's earned an extra $1 million, and fans aren't happy after concerts were postponed
until October. Taking my money
almost 1.5 years ago. Wow, that's awesome money. That's interest you're not earning. Absolutely, absolutely. But it is a concern for me that people are
handing their money over well in advance of these events and it's something that Fair Trading
will continue to monitor. Someone's making a lot of money
somewhere, right? After forking out more than $800
to secure the tickets, the Fiagemos family
had to pay the same again. They missed the refund deadline
after the concert dates were changed and had to frantically
rearrange their lives. It's important to make sure that you keep a level of trust
and good faith with your supporters. Were you scared you were going
to outgrow One Direction before the tickets arrived? Yeah, I was scared, but...
I don't know. You still love them? Yes, still love them - so much. My warning always to bands
and promoters - quite often, like politics,
fame is fleeting. But fortunes aren't, and promoters
keep on counting the cash. # Best song ever. # The footy finals feast
is continuing tonight with a historic double header
at Allianz Stadium. League reporter Patrick Molihan
is there. Pat, it's been a great start
to the finals for Sydney. Mark, the Rabbitohs are already
through to a preliminary final after their win over Melbourne
last night. Today, it's the first time
we've had back-to-back finals at the same ground. The Sharks and Cowboys were up first with Cronulla through to next week and North Queensland knocked out in a controversial thriller. Tonight,
it's the Roosters versus Manly. Sonny Bill Williams
is the headline act but the battle between great mates
Kieran Foran and Mitchell Pearce is the key to victory.

I thought himself and Jim Maloney were really good on Friday night against the South Sydney rubber does so, you know, we're going to have to aim up and I am going to have to aim up against him. We'll have all the Sharks-Cowboys
highlights and all the reaction
from the Bunnies' big win coming up in sport. Still to come in Seven News, Sydney's auction bonanza - hundreds of properties
go under the hammer. New hope for sufferers
of eating disorders. And hundreds of police hit the road
to remember fallen mates. That's next.

It's been a huge day
for Sydney real estate with more than 600 homes
going under the hammer. Experts predict the market
will get even busier in coming weeks as the boom continues, partly driven by buyers from China. Once bidding
for this 4-bedroom house began, it really took off. AUCTIONEER CALL:
Where do I go, where do I start? 650 the bid, thank you, sir. 401 the bid, as 650,000 the bid. 750, at 750, the call... ..800 on bid.

The Pandian family
was in the thick of it. Most properties are selling for higher than what we think
it is worth but I think that's the nature
of the market at the moment. Sold! So he went all out to secure
the dream family home at a price that delighted
the seller. It's been a common thread for the last, say,
six months in the marketplace and it's only getting
bigger and better. Real estate guru John McGrath
agrees. We are going to see a bigger volume
of properties now than we saw pre-election, but I think the real volume
is going to hit early October. To match the high numbers
of foreign buyers already flooding the market. The huge influx of overseas buyers,
especially Chinese buyers right now, is the biggest I've seen
in 30 years. They're driving demand
at the top end of the market. There have been lots of auctions
and plenty of bids. So far, more than 20 here
and they're still going. This Annandale factory
sold for more than $1.5 million to a buyer with a big imagination.

Those fighting
for sufferers of eating disorders are celebrating tonight with a new Government plan
to dramatically expand treatment. But with almost
a million Australians battling anorexia or bulimia, the new funding
might only scratch the surface. Kathryn Courts relives a life
now thankfully past. I was really suicidal
and lonely, miserable. She developed anorexia in 2008
at 19. She feared food. I wouldn't even eat a tomato,
I was so terrified. Tell me -
where are you in that at the moment? Kathryn was eventually
able to access treatment, though many could not. I believe we must do better and that's why I'm really pleased
that this plan has come together. There'll be more day care places and additional hospital beds
for the most serious cases - a welcome addition. We, as clinicians,
have really felt quite helpless to assist those most severely ill. 1 in 25 Australians
is thought to be suffering. Official statistics show
that last year eating disorders claimed directly
14 lives. But a leading
eating disorders charity has commissioned a report
which estimates direct and indirect deaths at 1,800. At a total socioeconomic cost
of $69.7 billion. Some avoid treatment, but for others
who reach out for help, now there's hope. It just sends a message that
we understand it's a real illness and we're going to do something
to help. 300 police hit the road today
to remember fallen colleagues. A convoy of motorbikes made
the journey from Sydney to Canberra Slain Sydney officer Bryson Anderson
was among those honoured. His family handed a scroll
containing his name to the Police Commissioner to carry on the journey.

For those who worked with him, you know how proud you were
to work with him. For those who didn't know him,
you should know this was a good man. The ride raises money
for the families of fallen officers. Sport now with Ryan Phelan who's
been hosting our racing coverage. Ryan, a massive Saturday of finals
continues tonight. Mark, we're live to John Longmire before the Swans fight for survival,
next. Also, the big Bunnies
send the Premiers on a crash landing
in the finals opener. Plus, the damaging dash for pole
at the Sandown 500. And the odd couple,
Hewitt and Tomic, leading Australia
out of the Davis Cup wilderness.

The NRL has promised an inquiry
into the refereeing blunder

knock North Queensland out of the
finals today. The Sharks held on for a thrilling
20-18 victory at Allianz Stadium, assisted by a try awarded
on an extra tackle - a mistake confirmed
by league bosses. On the back of six straight wins, the Cowboys had all the momentum, the Sharks the fumbles and that opened the door
for North Queensland. COMMENTATOR: Here they go,
they're going in to score! Cronulla's reply swift and skilful. Now, the Sharks they get there,
turn... ..beautiful ball! Pomeroy out the back,
Beau Ryan scores. But it was also controversial, they had an extra tackle
after a blunder by the referees. Fifth and last let go. This was the seventh tackle
on their set of six. The Cowboys made it hard
for themselves and their coach. Then they opened up in the middle. There's Gordon. He got it away in time,
they're over the line. Down 12-8,
the Cowboys needed a break. Intercepted by the Cowboys and Ulugia is away, down the right.

Robson chases,
he's not gaining quickly enough. It lifted the Cowboys
and put them in front. Taumalolo. Ben Pomeroy's low blow
raised eyebrows including the match winner
with seven to play. It bounces away
for Feki and Feki scores.

The Cowboys made one last play.And the Sharks win. The Rabbitohs are one win away from
their first Grand Final in 42 years. Last night's 20-10 win
sent the Storm into sudden death against the Bulldogs or Knights
next Saturday. Greg Inglis's knee is on ice
for a fortnight and the Rabbitohs
were straight into recovery mode. Without a premiership since 1971,
they know what's expected. Glory, glory to South Sydney. They're really looking to us
to get them that 21st premiership. Russell Crowe knows it's close but they made it this far
last year too. He understands the hard work that the guys have put in
throughout the year, he's very supportive and he's great to have
around the place. The Big Bunnies used a show of force
to rattle the defending premiers. COMMENTATOR:
And in goes Dylan Farrell! Winless against the Storm at ANZ,
Souths led 14-0. Melbourne had a Sisa Waqa try
disallowed due to inconclusive evidence. It was probably a fair ruling. After Billy Slater scored
after the break, he had a second try
controversially overturned for Will Chambers' challenge
on Nathan Merritt. I think that was a real tough call. Inglis set up the match-winner
for the Bunnies' best. Issac Luke goes for the line...
he makes it! There was a frightening finish
for Waqa. Oh, my goodness! Waqa was released from hospital
today and could play this week. Sam Burgess was relieved
after an incident-free night. I don't think I'm a grubby player. The fairytale run
is over for Port Adelaide, eliminated from the AFL finals
by Geelong. Port led by 23 points at half-time but Kochie's Power
couldn't finish the job, losing by 16.

Paul Chapman starred,
but faces a nervous wait before next week's preliminary final
against Hawthorn. He's facing a one-week ban
for a high bump. It's similar to the hit that forced Lance Franklin
to miss the first qualifying final. Tonight, Sydney hosts Carlton for the right to play Fremantle
next week and Swans coach John Longmire
joins us live from ANZ Stadium. John, thanks for your time. No Adam Goodes - will you miss
his experience tonight?

Everybody knows that Adam Goodes is an absolute superstar. It would be great to have him but the reality is we haven't had him for the whole second half of the season. Carlton made the eight at Essendon's expense but they were pretty impressive last week against Richmond. Would they be better tonight? They certainly were, particularly the second half. They're superstars and Chris Judd, Murphy and Gibbs got going in the middle of the ground and got a lot of pressure on the opposition defenders. We hope it's not the case tonight and are confident our midfielders can get hold of the ball in that part of the ground and give a forward some quality service. Said there is right behind you so good luck tonight. -- Sydney. for pole position
at the Sandown 500. before a struggle for the co-drivers in the first
Supercars qualifying race, including IndyCar star Ryan Briscoe. The second qualifier
started with a lap one pile-up and drivers cutting corners. COMMENTATOR: Off the road,
there goes Tander! This is a little
Dukes of Hazard run. Rick Kelly went flying off-road but Will Davison took pole
for tomorrow's race ahead of championship rivals
Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes. Veteran jockey Jim Cassidy has
claimed his 99th Group One victory. Cassidy and Chris Waller's star colt
Zoustar overcame a poor barrier draw to win the million-dollar
Golden Rose at Rosehill. COMMENTATOR: Zoustar who ran to
the lead of the Golden Rose with 100 to go,
then Sidestep and Ballpoint but it's Zoustar! Zoustar beat Dissident. And Australia's other super-mare
Atlantic Jewel made it 9 from 9 and remains hot favourite
for the Cox Plate. Australia is on the verge of returning to the Davis Cup
world group after a flawless start to this Lleyton Hewitt continued
his impressive US Open form with a straight-sets thrashing
of Lukas Kubot. Aussie number one Bernard Tomic
also won in three to give Australia a 2-0 lead
heading into tonight's doubles.

I guess I am just getting a bit excited,

excited, Mark about tonight's spot. The Roosters are playing Manly and go the Sydney Swans against Carlton. Some early showers cleared
to a beautiful sunny day. I'll have the rest
of your weekend weather right after the break.

VOICEOVER: With small snacks like
Chicken Minis, Cheeseburger Minis and Rodeo Minis, the mini menu is a little awesome.

A few showers and storms
rolled over Sydney during the night but it cleared
to a fine and sunny day. The city reached a top
of 23 degrees. Right now, it's 17. The rain was heaviest
south of Sydney with 18mm falling at Wollongong and 12mm at Campbelltown. Overnight temperatures
were a few degrees above average. It reached 24 at Penrith,
Richmond and Liverpool. 23 at Gosford. A little cooler along the coast and 19 in the mountains. Around the country
tomorrow - Brisbane will have
a fine day. It will be
partly cloudy in Melbourne
and Hobart. A shower or two
for Adelaide. Perth can expect
a morning shower. And a partly
cloudy day in Darwin. On our waters, south-easterly winds
will reach 20 knots offshore. Conditions will be moderate
on a 1.5m swell. Tonight will be mostly fine with the chance of a light shower
close to the coast. That'll clear tomorrow morning
to another fine day. It will reach 23 at Gosford,
Richmond and Penrith. 22 at Liverpool and Campbelltown. 20 along the coast and 17 in the mountains. Looking further ahead - we're in for a soggy start
to the week with rain developing on Monday. It will begin to clear on Tuesday before the fine weather returns
by Wednesday. That's Seven News for this Saturday.
I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions
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