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puts his hat in the ring, putting Labor's new rules to the test.

This is a real opportunity for us. A real opportunity for us to draw a real line in the sand. It's a pretty dramatic one.Mike Kelly concedes defeat, preserving Eden-Monaro's bellwether status. Daylight robbery, a brazen heist as masked bandits ram-raid a bank. And the NRL final season kicks off tonight with a clash of the heavyweights. Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. The Labor Party has begun a Anthony Albanese
four-week leadership campaign, Anthony Albanese has joined Bill Shorten in the contest, and both will have to endure an unprecedented ballot of Labor's membership. But there was nothing like that in the Coalition's room today, as Tony Abbott addressed his troops for the first time since the election. claef claef chief political correspondent Mark Simpkin reports.

Hail the conquering he rerow. No need for a ballot here. High friends, it is - my friends, it is my honour to welcome you back to Canberra as the PM-elect of Australia.


The Coalition's back in the Government party room and making itself right at home. We have won the trust of the Australian people. Our challenge now is to earn it, and to keep it. Labor's been evicted. As was an Opposition Senator, who crashed the Government meeting after forgetting Labor now gathers in the Opposition room. You lost the election, Kate. I know.That election's over, let another begin.

At the other end of the building, Anthony Albanese told caucus he will run against Bill Shorten for the leadership, triggering historic rank and file ballot. I firmly believe that I'm the best candidate to lead Labor back into Government at the next election.He's got to win this one, first. The process will take at least a month. Bill's a friend of mine. He would make a very good leader. It will be civil. He is a very good candidate.Australia's never seen anything quite like it before - a primary style contest between two men with the same policies. Both remain committed to pricing carbon. Look, I believe Labor has a mandate to defend our legacy.Anthony Albanese's a left-wing political veteran. I want people here to be prepared to be really tough.More recently, he's been a multi task Minister, as well as chief Government tactician and Deputy PM. I think I'm up to a hard job.Labor is still talking about itself. While some insiders are appalled, others believe too much democracy is barely enough. And that's not the only difference of opinion - MPs expect Anthony Albanese will win the rank and file bat local - ballot, but Shorten is favoured to get awe awe support. The lobbying has begun. One Labor figure says a candidate asked for her support, even though she can't attend caucus. How come you can't travel this week? I said, Mmm, because I'm not in the job any more.She was disendorsed in January. Bill Shorten disputes The Labor Party's begun a process without any knowledge of how it will work. The two candidates could hold debates members, but the details are still being settled. Greg Jennett reports.What's not to love about democracy. If five weeks weren't enough, double up for ten. to Labor's rank and file in a Balmain beer hall has well outlived him. I am perfectly relaxed in surrendering our future to you. challenge
And presents a leadership challenge like no other before to those who remain. Inviting up to 40,000 believes in the Labor cause to share with the members of Parliament this important decision.Labor's return to grassroots leaves officials to get down in the weeds on details that still haven't been sorted - like how will the ballot be held. There's been Labor Party ball lots which have been done electronically, there have been ballots with paper postal votes.And will the two candidates hold debates. We will sort these thing through so that we are both in agreement for all of the processes.What is known is that nothing will be known until two separate ball lots are hell. The first of the membership will be kept secret until the second of the caucus is over. Then both will be counted, given equal weighting, and a winner declared.The voting is novel for the ALP. Now the other milliband, David...But it's tried and tested in the UK. That's why I'm standing to be leader of the Labor Party.And draws on bill bigger bolder versions from elsewhere. Which, of course, brings rallies... Debates and advertising like there is no tomorrow. When it's show time...Department of education, gone, Labor bureaucrats...That's one way to win the leadership.

The elected of Eden-Monaro has hung on to its status as bellwether, with Mike Kelly conceding defeat. It's been a close contest, and although votes are still being counted, Mike Kelly says the trend isn't in his favour. Of the he has accepted responsibility for the loss, but has acknowledged other factors had an impact. We were fighting against a successful narrative, the Coalition ran on a debt and deficit, even though we knew there was no substance to that. But they created a lot of anxiety and fear in the community. And also obviously our leadership and unity issues played out badly as well.Mike Kelly, who entered Parliament in 2007, says he is yet to decide on his next career.There has been a disturbing development in Australian involvement in Syria's civil war. A man has reportedly blown himself up in a truck bombing in country's east. It's the first known suicide attack by an Australian. Security agencies are now taking a fresh look at the threat of home-grown Jihadist s. Michael Brissenden reports.According to various jihardi websites, Abu Asma drove a truck loaded with 12 tonnes of explosives into a checkpoint close to the Deir Al Zour military airport in Syria. It was 5:40am on Wednesday, 11 September, coincidentally the 12th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on New York's World Trade Centre. The checkpoint was destroyed and 35 soldiers from the Syrian regime were killed. Abu Asma, seen here on the back of the truck, is described on this website as one of the Lions of the cause. As the conflict in Syria continues to drag on, concerns have been growing about the involvement of home-grown Australian Jihadists. Thoous of the first Australian to become a suicide bomber is viewed as a significant and troubling development. There is a different level of commitment you would think, if you have undertaken a suicide attack and that would point to the fact that at least one, and if there is one, there could be more.Australian intelligence agencies are thought to be tracking at least 100 Australians, currently active in the Syrian conflict, and it's believed that number is increasing. The concern here is that some of those individuals will be even further radicalised by their experiences overseas. There would be little to no doubt that at least some of these Australian citizens have been coming into contact with hardcore Jihadists.Last year, in its report to Parliament, ASIO warned that Australians kredgetly training or fighting overseas - currently training or fighting overseas may also return to Australia to engage in terrorism or use their knowledge of Australia to help others plan an attack. In Syria at the moment, most of the Australians involved are working with the forces opposing the Assad regime. Gauging who among them could potentially pose a threat on their return to this country is the challenge now facing Australia's intelligence agencies.

The US and Russia are tonight holding a second round of talks on how to disable Syria's chemical weapons Arsenal. President Bashir al-Assad has acknowledged Syria's stockpile for the Russia's plan for the country to disarm faces major hurdles.So far the Russian plan is just that -. Not only does it require the Americans to back it, it depends on the cooperation of the Syrian regime. On Russian TV, President Assad admitted for the first time his forces did have chemical weapons, but has conditions attached to giving them up. When we see that the US wants stability in our region and stops threatening us and preparing for a strike, and also stop supplying terrorists with weapons, then we'll be able to finalise all the necessary processes and they will be acceptable from a Syrian point of view. There ought to be consequences if it doesn't take place. Diplomacy is and always has been President Obama's and this administration's first resort. TRANSLATION: Our position is that the solution to this problem makes any strikes on the Syrian Arab republic unnecessary, and I am convinced that our American partners, as President Obama said, firmly prefer a peaceful way to solve Syria's chemical weapons problems.The Syrians have indicated they are willing to sign the UN convention banning chemical weapons, a first step before stocks are destroyed.While there is some cautious optimism about the possibilities of the Russian plan, there is also a healthy dose of scepticism coming from the British. This is a regime that has lied for years about possessing chemical weapons.It still denies that it has used them.And while the talks continue, so too does the so-called conventional war, where the acceptable methods of killing continue unabated.

It was a daring crime in broad daylight. Three masked bandits armed with sledge hammers drove a luxury car into a bank in Sid's CBD. They demanded cash from staff before driving off in a getaway car - Sydney's CBD.It was a stylish start, but an unhappy end for this stolen Porsche. Everyone was pretty much shocked. You don't see this every day in the CBD, on Friday - it's Friday the 13th. I think it is crazy, particularly in the middle of Sydney at lunchtime when everyone is around. It looks pretty dramatic, pretty full on.Three men drove the luxury car into the Westpac Kent Street just after 11 o'clock. A stolen blue WRX waited outside as the men, their faces covered, battered their way in with college hammers - sledge hammers. They confronted staff, demanding cash. It's a brazen attempt, you can see. It's a pretty it was all
serious offence.Witnesses say it was all over in a minute, but it wasn't necessarily the most professional hit. They got caught between the car and the side of the wall, and then they took a fall on the way out.Police have plenty to go on with on lookers capturing the action.This is clearly not your typical ram-raid, with money being taken from the tellers rather than the ATMs, and in broad daylight. Westpac is now offering counselling to staff caught up in the robbery. As for the robbers, their bold adventure may not have been worth the effort. They weren't carrying a whole lot. They didn't have a bag over their shoulder. Thankfully they were pretty empty handed on the way out.They might have been better off with the $100,000 plus car, not the cash. The The ACT has the best performing students in Australia. According to the latest test results. The NAPLAN Report released today shows the average scores of ACT students in years three, five, seven and nine are the highest in the nation. Ed indicators say the results also identify the needs of individual students. It helps us to drill down on some areas that perhaps we might need to ask questions about, to look at where gaps might need to be closed for children, or where we need to extend on their achievements. What is really pleasing in these result is that since the testing was implemented in 2008, we have continued to lead the nation.The results for each school and individual students will be available later in the year. The University of Canberra has embarked on an ambitious plan to generate millions of revenue by developing vacant land. The university says it has more land than it needs, and is offering up to 40 hectares to private, public and not for profit groups. There will be restrictions and any successful project will need to benefit the university. It says the initiative will transform the campus and stimulate the Canberra economy. The ACT's Chief Justice Chief Justice Terrence Higgins hung up his robes for the last time today after a fond farewell from the legal community. Justice Higgins led the court for a decade, and sat on some of the territory's most significant case, including the civil action over the 2003 bushfires. More recently, he steered the court through troubled times as it struggled with a backlog in cases. Elizabeth Byrne reports. Chief Justice Terrence
The end of an era. at 70, Chief Justice Terrence Higgins has stepped down after 23 years on the bench, ten as Chief Justice. He has enormous capacity, enormous empathy and he'll be missed by the disadvantaged in the community. He was always challenging to appear in front of because he expected a lot out of you. I certainly haven't agreed with all of his judgments over the years, but I've always I think admired and respected him.Today was for accolade s, just Justice Higgins is the first to admit it's a tough gig. A very large segment of those who are involved in the criminal justice system have a diagnosable mental illness.Criticism he's been soft on drug offenders is taken on the chin. Of course they have to be given a penalty, but that's a penalty that doesn't exclude reform.In the late 1990s, Justice Higgins came to national attention when he found in favour of Tony Abbott and Peter Costello in a defamation case. It was an irony for a long-term Labor member, who once represented Gough Whitlam. And he's only just wrapped up the ACT's biggest ever civil case over the bushfires. But it hasn't always been smooth sailing, with the court beset by long delays. Today, the Government revealed the number of cases waiting more than a year has now been halved, after extra judges were brought in to help with the backlog. But Justice Higgins says it is only a temporary relief and a fifth judge will eventually be needed. He'll be replaced by NSW judge Helen Murrell next month. The new Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn has pledged his support to victims of sexual abuse. Bishop Christopher Prowse is leaving his pose in Sale to take on the role, which has been vacant since May last year. He says the church needs to support victims giving evidence to the Royal Commission into institutional abuse. There is a lot more forgiveness in their heart than one would think, but of course they demand justice for the crimes that are being committed against them and I certainly recommit myself as a Bishop of Australia with the other Bishops of Australia, to really stand alongside them.Bishop Prowse Opera House also pledged to reconnect with the indigenous community and the poorer parts of society. He will be installed in November.In finance, the Australian share market fell back from its five-year peak today. Nerves have set in ahead of next week's meeting of America's Central Bank. Finance correspondent Phillip Lasker.Friday the 13th is as good aday as any to start getting nervous. Apprehension about the US and its stimulus program came into focus. The US Federal Reserve buys $85 billion in bonds and mortgaged back securities every month. It's expected to wind that back by $10 billion a month. There you plenty of people who think this move is premature because the US economy's still not growing as strongly as expected and inflation's not a problem. There was very little domestic news, so the All Ords Index followed global markets, but it's been a pretty good week by September standards. The average over the past 70 years shows spent is by far the worst month for shares. It's the same story for Wall Street. Next week's US tapering upset global markets, and that might make things look more like a typical September. If investors were buying at all they were on the defensive. That's why they went for stocks like Wesfarmers but not the banks or miners. Resource shares were also undermined by weaker commodities. Gold is a victim of next week's expected tapering and the easing of global tensions over Syria. Bullion has a habit of picking up as wars break out. It rallied to a three-month high when it looked like the US would launch a strike against Syria. Even if there is a broader conflict, war usually causes a spike in the price before the novrm trend resumes, and the normal trend for the Australian Dollar has resumed, at least against the US currency. It's well below 93 US cents. That's finance. NASA has announced a milestone in human exploration, with the Voyager 1 space craft becoming the first man-made object to leave the solar system. Scientists say the probe is so far from the sun that tits detecting particles from distant stars. And is no longer feeling the force of the solar winds behind it. The project's chief scientist, Ed Stone, spent the last 36 years guiding Voyager on its journey towards the stars.This is one of those journeys of exploration, like circum navigating the globe for the first time. This is the first time we have been exploring - begin to explore the new region of space.The craft is carrying a golden disk with spoken greetings, earth sounds and a collection of music in case it's ever found by intelligent life forms.Canberra's 26th Floriade festival is ready to go. The gates will open at 9am tomorrow, with more than a million bulbs waiting to greet visitors. This year's display is a tribute to Canberra's icons and achievements in the city's centenary year. After months of hard work, gardeners still had their hands full with a few finishing touches today. It's always good to come to the first day when people come in and have a look around and just listen to what they have to say. It's really good. Really nice feeling when you get to that day.Floriade will run for four weeks, and is free. There is more upheaval at the Raiders tonight. The interim coach has quit the club after the appointment of Ricky Stuart. He coached the side for the final three rounds was an applicant with Stewart for the head coaching role. Ricky Stuart is expected to bring support coaching staff with him from Parramatta. And the NRL finals kick off tonight with South Sydney hosting Melbourne Storm storm at Sydney's Olympic Stadium. The Roosters are preparing for a physical contest, when they take on Manly as part of a double header at Sydney football stadium tomorrow.On the surface, the Roosters take favouritism into the game, having seen off south while Manly coming off a loss. Its the Sea Eagles win two weeks ago that interests tricolours coach Trent Robinson. Probably the most impressive game in the last couple of months.The Roosters will be without Hargreaves for
suspended Jared Warerea Hargreaves for what's likely to be a rugged finals encounter. It's always been physical against Manly. They have been bringing it for years. I think we have risen our game this year to match that.North Queensland co-captain Matt Scott is not concerned about carrying a finger Kerr injury into the elimination final against Cronulla. It's only pretty small, so hopefully won't cop too much attention.The backdrop of the ASADA investigation has meant the Sharks have spent most of this season looking over their shoulders. Cronulla's wary of the carefree Cowboys who have won their last six games. It's into use us trying to out score them, we need to out defend them.The winner of the Cowboys Sharks game will meet the loser of the Roosters and Sea Eagles. There was hardly a winning feeling at the Parramatta presentation night after coach Ricky Stuart walked away from the club one year into a three year deal. I'll cop the criticism and the punishment, whilst everyone knows it's the best decision for me and my family.The Raiders will be hoping one of their favourite sons will stay for the long-haul. The AFL's weekend of sudden death semi-finals gets under way shortly at the MCG. Geelong heavy favourites against Port Adelaide. Carlton has suffered a blow ahead of its match against Sydney Matthew Kreuzer
tomorrow night, with ruckman Matthew Kreuzer ruled out after failing a fitness test. Nick Bailey reports.It's not uncommon for teams to have injury concerns at this time of year, but Carlton has joined Sydney in needing to manage a major omission. Just as the Swans were planning for the match without Adam Goodes, the Blues Matthew Kreuzer failed a this
fitness test at Princes Park this morning. He's still a little bit sore, so, as I said, he's always had the philosophy that you take fit players into finals, and that's the way we're going.Levi Casboult will come into the provide support for Robbie Warnock, who will shoulder the main ruck duties. The Swans are outwardly philosophical about the absence of Goodes.I'm shattered, personally, I won't get a chance to run out alongside Goodsey again, I guess, which is disappointing. As a team, we move on pretty quickly. That's the nature of footy, you've got to get on with the job.The swopbs will also be open to the idea of Heath Shaw joining brother Rhyce if the defender is put up for trade. Fremantle awaits the winner of Sydney and Carlton, while a date with Hawthorn at the MCG next Friday night is on the line for the victor of this evening's semi between Geelong and Port Adelaide.

Team NZ has edged closer to winning the America's Cup after back to back race wins over the US. The US A team struggled to keep hold of the lead in both races, especially when sailing upwind. NZ is now three the prestigious trophy. But that didn't stop the USA's Australian skipper from trying to rattle the challengers.I think the question is imagine if these guys lost from here. What an upset that would be. I mean, they have almost got it in the bag.The cap con won over the weekend when four races are scheduled.Prince William is leaving Britain's armed forces to focus on Royal and charity duties full-time. The second in line to the throne completed his last shift earlier this week. His active military career lasted more than seven years and he's completed more than 1300 hours of flying. The new father's focus will now shift to official engage thes and conservation work for endangered animals.A group of school children in Melbourne received some valuable lessons in life today, from someone with plenty of experience. The students were visited by 100 year old Ms Kent, who was invited to the classroom's show and tell, by children who have been learning about the importance of history. It is hard to believe in just over a week, she will be 101. she's done a lot this past century, but this is the first time she's been brought in for show and tell. Did you have skateboards, scooters and bikes? I had a skateboard.These children have known her all their short lives. They knew their family friend was the perfect pen to speak about the old endays. Did you get to watch television? Oh, we didn't have anything like that. With help from her niece, Mrs Kent was able to deal with most of the curly questions. Could you sometimes send letters by birds, is that true? Birds.Say it againTechnology featured heavily in the questions. You know how you have PlayStations, when were the first consoles out and what was itThe students got to see the letter she received from The Queen which she turneded 100. We are trying to make use of our experts in our community.What has she taught you about life?To be healthy when you are old and get to 100 like me.She says there is no real secret to longevity, other than happiness. Enjoy it, don't be miserable.It also helps to have a great family and a game of bridge every Tuesday. Isn't she wonderful. Must be good genes in that family. To the weather now, and yes, there was a chill in the air today, but that didn't deter from the very bright and perfumed launch of Floriade which opens to the public, as you heard, tomorrow. We reached a top of 15 degrees, following a rather cold minus 3 this morning.

Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. A Labor leadership campaign has begun. Over the next month, Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten will try to convince 40,000 rank and file Labor members and their parliamentary colleagues to vote for them. And the electorate of Eden-Monaro has hung on to its status as the bellwether seat, with Labor's Mike Kelly today conceding defeat. And that's the latest from the Canberra news room. Stay tuned now for 7:30 ACT with Chris Kimball. I'm Virginia Haussegger, have a great weekend, good night. Captions by CSI Australia

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Every corner in Canberra has a different memory for me. For some reason they seem to be quite potent memories. I don't know what it is. I've lived in many places and city, but Canberra has something that is incredibly powerful in it for me. Hello, and welcome to 7:30 ACT. I'm Chris Kimball. We missed you last week. Coming up, Paul McDermott's return to Canberra and the Labor leadership tussle gets under way. First, ADFA, the Australian Defence Force academy was founded with the ideals to provide the three forces with grad anothers who had the attribute, intellect and skills to be officers. But