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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live.The latest Labor leadership drama - why it could takes -- take weeks to choose.I'm the best candidate.I'm pleased with the support I have received.Syria's 11th hour action to stop military strikes.And the crime that shocked India - Dell he's gang rapists -- rapists to learn their fate. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Anton Enus.And I'm Sarah Abo. Also tonight - all that Twitters is gold - the micro- blogging site to earn billions on the stock market.And - boldly going where no man-made object has gone before - Voyager exits the solar system.The Labor Party has begun -- the Labor Party has begun a month-long ballot for its leadership after former deputy prime minister Anthony Albanese confirmed he will run against fellow frontbencher Bill Shorter. Already on the winning side, the Coalition has reaffirmed Tony Abbott as leader as he finalises his ministry before being sworn in next week. Back in the capital for the formalitys. Two sides needing - - needing to elect their leaders. One now officially has a context. I'm standing for the Labor leadership because I firmly believe that I'm the best candidate.I'm pleased with the support I have received so far from my Caucus colleagues.The other is no contest at all.My friends, it is my honour to welcome you back to Canberra as the Prime Minister elect of Australia.(APPLAUSE)Julie Bishop's been endorsed as Liberal deputy. The Nationals have confirmed Warren Truss will be Deputy Prime Minister. Barnaby Joyce is his number two. Re-elected or elected e-elected or elected a new, Coalition MPs are cock a hoop.We three from Tasmania are glad to be here in Parliament. We'll see a change in Australia and a big dose of vitamin C, vitamin confidence.On Labor's side they're embanking on a month-long party wide ballot for leader.I'm standing because I have the policy credentials. I think I'm up to a hard job.I know that I'm a builder and campaigner.They'll travel the country campaigning among party members and debating each other. Eligible members vote and then the parliamentary party in a month.We will not seek to publicly disparage each other in our efforts.What you won't see from me at any stage is any criticism or any critique of Bill Shorten's -- of Shorten. Anthony Albanese declined to name a deputy. Bill Shorten appointed Tanya Plibersek. Chris Bowen is aboutk leader. Kevin Rudd is abouting Prime Minister until the new Government is sworn in. Labor conceded two more saoelts to the Coalition. -- seats to the Coalition. The real estate swap has begun. The Coalition is in the Government party room.There's no chance I'm going into that room boys and girls.One Labor senator went the wrong way, not yet used to Opposition. The new Prime Minister moves into his office this weekend and finalises his Ministry. He'll unveil it and be sworn in early next week. Hopeful Coalition MPs await the phone call.Some people will get a phone call they want and some will get a call they don't want.For today the Coalition was about one thing.My friends, we have won the trust of the Australian people. Our challenge now is to earn it and to keep it. Thank you. nd to keep it. Thank you.(APPLAUSE)Saviouring the moment. Karen Middleton joins us live now from Canberra. How will Labor's new leadership election process actually work?Everyone's trying to work that out. The nominations for leader will stay open for a week. Just in case anyone else wants to throw their hat in the ring but we don't expect that. Then national executive will meet because they will work out how it will work T2 candidates will travel tarpb country, try to persuade Labor and Labor Party members to vote for them, probably do some debates so we haven't seen the last of the debates. Labor will pay for this travel we understand but they're working out the logistics of that. Then the vote will be open to the wider members for two weeks. They have to be existing members. Once that vote is closed off, the apartment treu Labor Party will vote. They won't know -- the parliamentary Labor will vote. They won't know the decision of the vote before they vote. So the final decision is in about a month.What happens if the membership and Caucus decide on different leaders?That's a good question. They are weighting each side 50-50. The vote of the Labor members is 50% and the vote of the parliamentary party will be 50%. What happens if it's a dead heat? We don't know. What happens if it's one vote one way and one the other? It won't be a good look if the Parliament wants one leader and the party the other.No.Here are the latest House of Representatives numbers. The Coalition has 0 seats confirmed, Labor 53 -- 90 seats confirmed, Labor 53. One inn and the Greens and Katter's Australian party has one and four seats are to be decided.Syria has applied for membership of the global convention banning chemical weapons. It's the first step in a process aimed at averting US military strikes.The announcement came as the Russian and American foreign ministers met to agree on a timetable for ridding Syria of its chemical weapons stockpile.No rest for the wounded. Irrelevant may be willing to give up its chemical weapons but it is not giving up the fight. Syrian war planes bombing one of the main hospitals in rebel held territory in Aleppo. The opposition claims, - - claims 11 civilians were killed including two doctors. The deaths from conventional weapons marginally ignored by the international community as it focuses on Syria's chemical arsenal. Weeks after allegedly gasing his own people, y gasing his own people, the Syrian President has confirmed that his country has formally applied to join the UN chemical weapons convention but he's set tough conditions for a successful handover.TRANSLATION: When we say the US wants stability in our region and stops threatening us and preparing for a strike and stops supplying tourist with weapons then we'll be able to finalise all the necessary processes and they'll be acceptable from a Syrian point of view. Syria's main ally, Russia, making similar demands.TRANSLATION: We proceed from the assumption that the resolution of this problem makes any strike against Syria unnecessary. And I'm sure our American partners, too, as President Obama said, are firmly in favour of a peaceful settlement of the problem of Syria's chemical weapons.The United States feeling that Syria's agreement to hand of its chemical weapons may be a delaying tactic, refusing to withdraw the threat of force.It has to be real. It has to be comprehensive. It has to be able to be verified. It has to be credible. It has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. And, finally, there ought to be consequences if it doesn't take place.The US Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister are in general -- Geneva for two days of talk aimed at averting US strikes by coming up with a plan for the swift handover of the weapons. The lack of the trust between the two countries widely acknowledged as the US Secretary of State sought clarification of a point from the Russian translator.You want me to take your word for it? It's a little early for that.An Australian jihadist has reportedly blown himself up in a suicide car bombing in Syria. The attack was in the north-eastern city of Deir al- Zor. If confirmed, it would be the first case of an Australian suicide bomber. While it's labelled a civil war, thousands of -- have poured in from dozens have poured in from dozens of nations to join the fight on both sides of the Syrian conflict. The Syrian Observator for Human Rights has reported a man calling himself Abu Asma al- Australi detonated a suicide car bomb outside a school housing Syrian Army ool housing Syrian Army forces at Deir al-Zor. As the conflict goes on, we see more international fighters streaming into Syria, and becoming increasingly radical.The most prominent group is the al-Qaeda aligned al-Nusra front, which the Australian national Abu Asma was said to be fighting for. Our Government does not officially comment but it's believed up to 100 Australian nationals are part of a large contingent of fighters from Western countries.Sometimes it was other connections, sometimes through religion, but they find their way there. They tend to be small inner number than those from the region.A year-long stud by -- study by King's College in London found 600 fighters from 14 European nations in Syria. These brothers from France say they were inspired by internet were inspired by internet videos of other jihadists. Others are believed to have been recruited online through forums like this on a French Islamist web site. The London survey found he London survey found 250 individual posts inviting foreign fighters to join the jihad cause in Syria.The radical Islamists don't only want to overthrow the regime. They want to set up an Islamic state and they see the Free Syrian Army is going to oppose them so they have two enemies - the al-Assad regime but also the Free Syrian Army.Taliban suicide bomber has detonated a huge car bomb outside the US consulate in Heratt. At least three Afghan force members and four attackers are thought to have been killed after other fighters opened fire on the consulate. There are no US casualties. Four men found guilty of a crime that shocked India are due to be sentenced any minute now. They were convicted of the gang rape and murder of a woman in New Delhi. SBS reporter Christine Heard joins us from the newsroom. Any news yet out of that court?No. No news yet, but this is a verdict that all Indians are on the edge of their seat waiting to hear. Remember in December last year a 22-year-old student was viciously bashed and gang raped on a moving bus and dumped by the side of the road with a male colleague who tried to help her. She died in hospital about two weeks later from horrible internal injuries. The police arrested six men. One died in jail another, a juvenile, has already been sentenced to three years. The remaining four aged 19 to 29 now await their fate. The judge in this case is under intense pressure to deliver the death penalty. India's rape laws were changed in the wake of this crime to allow for hanging in the worst cases. Before she died the young woman apparently told her family she wanted her attackers to burn to death. The lawyers for the young men are arguing that there should be leniency shown because they are still young and it wasn't a premeditated attack. It was a spur of the moment attack. Whether or not the judge does give them leniency or give them a death sentence we should know within half an hour's time.Thanks. That's SBS reporter Christine Heard updating us on that rape and murder trial. A flotilla of activists from Australia have completed their mission to present sacred water and ashes to leaders of Indonesia's disputed West Papua region. In a clandestine ceremonyregion. In a clandestine ceremony off the south coast of Papua, the protestors held their cultural exchange without being intercepted by Indonesian authorites.

authorites.West Papua!Adrenalin pumping as I they ran the gauntlet. With the Indonesian media in toe, it was plan for the foe till la to act as a decoy.East of the car right one.Two boats slipped away underneath the radar. Meeting Australia, -- near the Australia Indonesia border, rekraoebgting the Australian and West Papua Indigenous people. The Australians hand over Indigenous water and ashes. Arabunna elder Buzzacott issued specially made original nations passports. The ceremony was a pinnacle of a 5,000km journey beginninging at Lake Eyre.By this we give - we are one people one and one nation.The Indonesian military had warned they weren't welcome. They threatened to use lethal force despite activists trying to negotiate.That's just reflect the reality of what's happening in West Papua. Leaders calling for a peaceful dialogue with the Indonesian government. They're not willing to come out and have a dialogue.West Papua has a long and bloody history of what the activists say is a legitimate struggle for freedom and justice under Indonesian military occupation.We stand for help people.Organisers say they hope this will pressure Australia into action. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up - one man's remarkable escape as flash flooding wreaks hraf srobg in Colorado.Shortly -- havoc in Colorado -- Colorado.

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The incoming Abbott Government's relationship with Jakarta has had a rocky start with Indonesia raising strong concerns about the Coalition's border protection plans. The Indonesian Foreign Minister has said elements of the policy could undermine Indonesia's sovereignty. Labor says the Coalition's to buy Indonesian fishing boats is ridiculous. It says it's time Tony Abbott dropped the plan.Everyone in Australia knows it's a stupid policy and people in Indonesia believe it's an offensive policy. Indonesia's Foreign Minister has attacked the proposal. He's also criticised Tony Abbott's plan to pay Indonesian villagers for information about people smugglers. The minister has reportedly said "We will reject his policy on asylum seekers and any other policy that harms the spirit of partnership."This is indicative of the depth of Indonesian concern about what the incoming Liberal Government is proposing to do on the asylum seeker issue.The incoming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says all aspects of the Coalition's border protection policies will be negotiated with Indonesia face-to-face.I always like to sit down and talk to people and get from it the horse's mouth so to speak. And I'm sure Julie Bishop will be doing that. Indonesia expertsg that. Indonesia experts say the Coalition might have to drop some of its more contentious plans.It will be a good idea if Tony Abbott were to put those sorts of policies is maybe in the archive of unused policy ideas rather than implementing them now.This man says Indonesia's irritated that so much of the diplomatic agenda is being devoted to the asylum seeker issue. The border protext will come to a head. Tony Abbott will meet the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Bali early next month. But this man says there's no need to change course from Labor's policies.We have seen over the last few weeks the number of people arriving by boat and risking their lives on the high seas completely collapse.The flow of boats has slowed but it hasn't stopped. 158 suspected asylum seekers have been intercepted north-west of intercepted north-west of Christmas Island. Markets and investors around the world are preparing themselves for an influx of new listings. Today, two international firms at opposite ends of the technology spectrum have announced they're tapping the share market. Experts here predict some well-known Australian names may also appears -- appear on the boards of the local stock exchange. There have stock exchange. There have been more than 130 initial public offerings in the United States this year. The share market is encouraging companies to tap investors for cash to help tkpwro their business. The latest is micro-blogging web site Twitter. Twitter made the announcement on its own service using fewer than the 140 characters it allows. It sent out this tweet this morning saying that it's submitted for a planned IPO. A few minutes later it posted this photo with the headline: It didn't say when it may make its market debut or even how much it plans to raise. But it has been valued se. But it has been valued at around $11 billion. It's set to become one of biggest listings since Facebook which raised $16 billion in May last year. Britain's Royal Mail, meanwhile, may not have tweeted its news bit, too, looks set to be privatised. This is about trying to get more investment into the Royal Mail so we have a brilliant service.Postal workers aren't happy and are considering a strike despite the offer of free shares. It makes you wonder how local Australia Post employees would react if the same happened here. Which it might. Australia Post has turned itself round in the way it has corporatised itself, how it's ready to float.Two big Australian companies are likely to list on the stock market by the end of the year. The stocks we know are going to list, Channel Nine. Such a mixed history is coming back to the stock market. And the Dick Smith Group which has been held by Woolworths recently and sought private equity, that's coming back on the market. With the new Coalition Government, investors will be keen to see if a possible throat of Medibank Private gains -- float of Medibank Private gains traction. Medibank Private gains traction. Retired St Kilda footballer Stephen Milne has appeared in the Magistrates Court after an gistrates Court after an alleged rape in 2004. He was charged in June after a police review found the initial investigation ieview found the initial investigation wanting. 20 witnesses are expected to be called at a hearing set down for November. There was drama in central Sydney today when a stolen four-wheel drive was used to ram raid a bank. Three masked men crashed the vehicle into an ATM outside a Westpac bank before running in and taking cash from startled tellers. They escaped in a getaway car. The Sydney suburb of Parramatta is bracing for the arrive of a example Bollywood superstar and one of the biggest shows to come out from India.But eyebrows are being raised at how much NSW taxpayers are pwouring into the venture. -- pouring into the venture.Sydney has never seen anything like it - a Bollywood spectacular called 'Temptation Reloaded' starring Shah Rukh Khan. It's toured the world to sell-out audiences. The show was developed by leading Bollywood entertainment compng Bollywood entertainment company, Cineyug. Two years ago the company founder was arrested and charged in connection with the 2G scam. A financial scandal that's cost the Indian government billions of dollars. It involved politicians and government officials under -- undercharging phone companies for frequent allocations licencesment Mr Morani's trial is yet to be -- licensed. Mr Morani's trial is yet to be completed. They supported their support of the December. In a statement the destinations NSW chief executive said -- Sandra Chipchase said. --: Destination NSW won't reveal how much it's paying to support the event, saying its commercial in confidence but some Indian leaders say the money can be better spent on community events. Last month, the Indian community sought State Government funding to help stage another festival in western Sydney. It attracting 13,000 people. Including campaigning Federal politicians. But no taxpayer support.Community aorgss such as -- organisations are struggling to find money for the local events and support the local communities in pport the local communities in different manner. Another festival is held over Labor day next month. Dozens of -- dozens of businesses have been destroyed in a fire on a famous New Jersey boardwalk. It had just been rebuilt nearly a year after being wrecked - - wreaked by haur Sean Sandy. The fire began near an ice-cream shop and spread quickly. Authorities say several firefighters and residents were being treated for smoke inhalation.A complex operation to Wright -- right a stricken cruise ship is to begin on Monday. They're confident the procedure, never attempted before, ure, never attempted before, will work. They don't have ll work. They don't have a plan B. 32 people died when the ship struck a reef off the Italian coast last year.An eruption of national pride has gripped Afghanistan after winning its first international football trophy. The squad that beat India 2-30 returned to a heroes -- 2-30 returned to a heroes welcome. The Taliban ousted s welcome. The Taliban ousted from power in 2001 restricted the sport and banning TV. This team d banning TV. This team the time's -- team's return was broadcast live across the nation.Thousands of people have tonight been order to evacuate the -- a city in Colorado amid more flash flood warnings. Three people have already died. A 6m high wall of water caused by a year's worth of rain in one day has cut off entire towns with mud and rock slides whrobging -- blocking roads stkpwhrfpl the rain --.The rain is relentless. By six o'clock this morning enough to suddenly wipe away this road.We got to the scene. There were three cars in the water. Two drivers were rescued but one car was upside down. Rescueers braved the rushing water, attaching cables, pulling the car upright. Break a window and and hand appears. The man inside trapped alive and under water for one hour.Car was filling with water. As soon as he opened the back door another truck fell on his car and turned him in the water.As they hand him a life vest, the car tumbles. They pull him free. les. They pull him free. All the driver's injuries were minor. It's -- the rain is washing out roads and train tracks, cutting off rescue teams from several towns which are surrounded by debris and water.We have lost roads. We have lost bridges. We have lost homes, cars. And we are just now beginning to try to assess the scope of the damage.There are new evacuations tonight in the -- in the Thompson canyon.It might seem like the threat is abating but it's not the case.Pwhr are ignoring the warnings, getting dangerously closengs, getting dangerously close to the worst flooding here in decades. In Boulder, which just had its wettest 24 hours on record, neighbours pitched in to save homes. Nick is pumping 7 -- seven feet of water out of his basement.It's happened before. That was it. Water. Everywhere.Officials -- officials believe so far three people have been killed in the flooding but tonight one of the local sheriff is worried there could be more dead in some towns they haven't been able to reach yet. After a scandal- riddled season, the AFL moves into the second AFL moves into the second week of its finals series tonight. It appears there's a new controversy on the horizon. They keep on coming. The league boss has revealed his fears about Asian match fixing syndicates emerging as ndicates emerging as a threat to Australian sport. He's calling for greater information shareing from police to help protect the integrity of our country's various sporting codes. So worried about potential match fixing and criminal influence in sport, Andrew has written to State Governments seeking permission tore police to pass on relevant information like that gathered from phone taps.I think, in fairness, the State Governments have been receptive to that notwithstanding there are privacy issues and we can work through those. But we couldn't get it through the Federal Government.Victoria's chief Police Commissioner believes the AFL's request is reasonable.We do understand and we do see from time to time information we'd like to share with sporting codes because of certain links with criminals. We can't share that at the moment because of national legislation. The AFL's particularly concerned about people infiltrating the sport to get inside information that might be of benefit to punters.Do we suspect that it's been attempted? Yes. But I haven't got any real hard evidence.While the AFL is disappointed its request for access to its request for access to police information has previously hit hurdles at a Federal level, it's hoping for success with the new Federal Government. It comes on a day Jake King-hit the headlines, apparenting -- apparently the asbestos boss into the Richmond room. Are you -- ban dedoze.Are you concerned about a player associating with the bikies leaderI am.The league has dismissed a report the AFL has dismissed a case against Dr Bruce Jacqui Reed over the AFL implements skapbdle -- scandal. When Eddie Mabo changed Indigenous rights forever, one person with him all the way, his wife. Tonight she was order -- awarded the Order of Australia. Bon -- Bonita Mabo received the ta Mabo received the award tonight from the Governor-General. Bonita Mabo started her career in activism standing by her husband's side as he fought for native title although it's been 21 years since Eddie Mabo passed away, Mrs Mabo says he would have been proud of her today.He would say -- I can't really express my feeling today. Mixed up. Happy feeling. Yeah.But it wasn't until her husband passed that Mrs Mabo realised her calling.With them, with my children, I never spoke about my side. Eddie had everything going for him, and I enjoyed it, too. It's only after he died, I got a side and I'm gonna go out and do what keu a go out and do what keu do for my people.Sips then, Bonita Mabo has dedicated her life to -- since then Bonita Mabo has -- has dedicated ler life to help the south see islanders get the recognition they deserve. They were kidnapped and taken to Queensland to work as slaves. Nearly half the adult population was taken. ult population was taken. Mrs Mabo says Southsea islanders deserve an apology for how their ancestors were treated. They say to forget the past but we can't. We have to get out there and know people know we are hurting inside and we need to get that all out in the open and tell.Despite all of her accolades for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land sights and reck in addition for the issues Southsea islanders face, Bonita Mabo remains humble.I don't know. I don't even know why I really got picked, you know. When I did get the letter I say, -- letter I said, "It can't be me."To infinity and beyond. A historic milestone has just taken place. Some are saying it's as significant as the moon landing or even circumnavigating the globe. NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft has become the first man-made object to venture into interstellar space. 36 years and 19 billion kilometres on, it will be another 40 years before it reaches another star.We have ignition and we have lift off!The start of a journey that would take Voyager 1 to the very edge of our solar system and beyond.Go further than ever before.This is the man who ease led Voyager's scientific mission from the beginning 36 years ago. He says it's step into the space between the stars ranks among humanity's greatest achievements. This is one of those journeys of exploration, like circumnavigating the globe the first print or footprint on the moon. This is the first time we begin to explore this new region of space, interstellar space.In the days before the worldwide web, people packed into buildings to watch Voyager's images come in. ager's images come in. The red spots are skwraoub ter, sat turn's shimmering rings and the earth as a pale blue dot. Voyager continued its journey past the plan -- planets of our solar system. It was bombarded by particles from the sun, something scientists call the solar went. -- win. The further it went the quieter the wind became until it passed a point where the wind from the sun stopped and it felt the particles that lie between the stars, the breeze of interstellar space. Voyager's new mission will be to study the nature of interstellar space.It's a historic event. It's the first time we have ever made a recording of sounds in interstellar space.

From the children of planet earth. And now, on its way to the stars, is a golden record. With sounds and images of life on earth.We step out of arth.We step out of our solar system into the universe seeking only peace and friendship.Voyager's mission will continue for millions of years. As an Em eusery of human civilian. As one of the NASA team put it, through the door and on its way to eternity. Exciting, isn't it? That don't forget, Australia's part in all of this. Canberra's deep space communications complex has been providing vital communications with Voyager since it was launched and plans to carry on doing so for at least another decade. Long may it continue.Yes, indeed. Thank you. After seven years in the military, Prince William has announced that he's calling it a day. The search and rescue pilot will concentrate on charity work and Royal duties while considering options for public service.He's completed his last mission 's completed his last mission as an operational member of Britain's armed forces. After 7.5 years of military service, most recently with the RAF search and rescue force, William Wales is moving on from a job he's loved.To be able to see a son or daughter's face when you bring their father or mother back from the edge of death and to hospital and they're cuddling them, it's quite powerful. On -- a role in which he had a very clear purpose and which he leaves with reluctance, Williams moves to something much less defined. What there won't be is a sudden or sharp increase in his Royal work load. Instead, he will work with his charities and, in the words of Kensington Palace,he words of Kensington Palace, expand his work in the expand his work in the field of conservation.I feel a huge amount of protection and a protective instinct, more so now than I -- now that I'm a father than ever before, which is why I'm getting emotional about it.The change in Prince William's life is the birth of Prince George. Right now they're the Royal Family's most potent assets, apart from the Queen itself. There's a warning they need to tread carefully.There's a great risk in Prince William leaving the military, now he's entering the field of celebrity and that is treacherous. People will ask, "What does this young man really do for a live something"William and Katherine will undertake more foreign visits on behalf of the Queen and he'll start presiding at Buckingham Palace, a clear sign there's more need for the younger members of the Royal Family to take on more role. The fact Prince William left a job -- left a job that meant so much to him, he's not clear what he will do. Public service options but very little has been decided. More from the India gang rape sentence S here's Christine Heard.Thanks. We have heard the judge sentenced all four men to death. These are the four men who were convicted of rape and murder in the case of the 23-year- old student who was viciously bashed and gang raped on a bus in December. Now, the judge said this was the rarest of rare cases. That's why he's able to hand down the death sentence. When he did, one of the men broke down in tears, crying when down in tears, crying when the sentence was announced. As you can see from the pictures, there's been a lot of police presence outside the court. That's an indication of just how serious this crime has been taken in India. Huge public outrage about this and the issue of violence against women in general. Now, it's quite likely that the men's lawyers will appeal that conviction and will argue for lesser sentences. So it could be some years before we get a final resolution in this case. But just recapping, the four men in that case have been sentenced to death for rape and murder.Thank you very much for that update.Time to tighten things up, Michael Tomalaris is next with sport, and FIFA slams Australian football fans as the World Cup trophy goes on the road.Also the women from the Top


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rules football.Time to check the finance figures now. The Australian share mark has closed lower after a 7-day run of gains. Miners led the market down following falls in the gold price. CSL, the biggest ASX health company, rose nearly 1%. The big four banks finished in negative territory. The Nikkei ended in positive territory. Wall Street fell overnight. The Australian dollar ended the day a little weaker and -- : -- a little weaker: Time now for all the day's sports news with Michael Tomalaris. Aupbl football fans snubbed.Yes. The FIFA World Cup trophy tour is Sundays way but Australia won't be one of the 89 destinations. The news comes as the Socceroos dropped to their worst world ranking in nine years, outside the top 50 following a recent drubbing at the hands of Brazil.Beneath Rio's iconic statue, organisers rolled out some of Brazil's legendary footballing figures for the unveililng of the World Cup trophy.

The troeity -- tour takes in 89 countries over the next 267 days including many Caribbean nations which hold FIFA voting rights but the closest Australia gets is being under the flight path. Football federation Australia refused to comment today. Some viewing the decision as a slap in the face given the Socceroos successful qualification for next year's World Cup.At the moment, the ratio is that cup goes to one place every three days. e place every three days. So surely you could squeeze us in somewhere. What have we done to be snubbed like this?Of more concern to the hosts is the fact opposition to the tournament in Brazil remains strong. The huge cost comes at the expense of spending on underfunded schools and hospital, add in construction delays and budget blowouts and it explains why Brazil is torn about hosting it. While the trophy isn't heading to our shores, there's the next best thing.Keep it quiet but this is the World Cup.Week two of the AFL finals kicks off tonight with Geelong facing Port Adelaide. Our man Port Adelaide. Our man Glenn Osborne is in Melbourne. The kweug question is, can Port up-- the big question is can Port do it?They are some chance. They shocked Collingwood a week ago. Who's to say they can't do it again. Port fans have come across in good numbers from Adelaide. They've been filling fed -- fed indication square. We spoke to a few of them and to their chairman who believe lightning can strike twice.Of course we are. I think we're at the same odds we were last week as well. This is a bunch of players that just never give up.We can definitely do it again.No, we're gonna win. We're gonna go a win. We're gonna go -- gonna go all the way! Not a chance, mate. Not a chance. They suffered . Not a chance. They suffered a shock home loss themselves last week against Fremantle.We, against Fremantle.We, but are there any late changes to the -- yes, but are there any - yes, but are there any late changes?No. So that's good news for Cats fans. Which means Tom Hawkins will play. He had a back injury and missed last week. Conditions are cool in Melbourne but no rain or wind. No excuses. It should be a great match. Yes. Glenn Osborne there among the AFL crowd. Carlton has been dealt a huge blow for its semifinal against the Swans -- Swans tomorrow night. Matthew Kruezer has been ruled out with a foot injury. While the Swans will be missing Goodes, who failed to recover from a knee complaint. Despite the set back, seasoned finals campaigner Jude Bolton is confident the reigning premiers will have the depth to stop their form slump.I appreciate I get a chance to run out alongside Goodes again, and I can't. Which is disapoeufpbing. As a team we move on -- disappointing. As a team we move on quickly. That's the nature of the job.The winner will face Fremantle in a preliminary final at Subiaco. The NRL finals searery, and it begins in a few minutes with the Melbourne Storm looking to continue their dominance against the Rabbitohs. Hannah is at Sydney's Olympic Stadium for the clash. Not long now.That's right. There is an electric atmosphere building here at ANZ Stadium. As tens of thousands of supporters rp expected to flock through the gates to watch their heroes play. Melbourne go in as favourites given their finals experience and recent dominance despite the Rabbitohs placing higher on the ladder. Two match-ups will be between Greg Inglis and Billy Slater. So the Queensland Origin teammates have different playing styles but whenever they go head-to-head, it's always an exciting battle.Yes, that's correct. You've been talking to a former Rabbitohs legend Mario Fenech. What's he had to say?He said he was disappointed with the way the boys played last week and they made a few too many mistakes. The win slipped through their fingers. He went on to say that it could be the role of aou Zac Luke tonight that could be the decide -- of Isaac Luke tonight that could be the deciding factor.Luke and another could be the ones. Isaac has been a revelation. We need him to play at our best. I'm confident if our forwards aim up, too, I think we can -- we can get the win. There's sure to be plenty of passion in tonight's game as both teams are vying for a place in the grand final.Yes, thank you very much. Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has handed back the bronze medal he won at the 2000 Sydney games. he 2000 Sydney games. The International Olympic Committee demanded the medal be returned after his conference to fter his conference to using performance- enhancing drugs. He was stripped of his seven Tour de France and banned from cycling for life in October last year. The AOC says it will not reallocate the bronze medal. The race for the red leader's jersey at Vuelta is heating up after Vincenzo Nibali's lead was cut to three seconds. Team SKY claimed stage 18 on a summit finish. Australia's Adam hapbspb sepb was third. Vincenzo Nibali looked -- Hanson -- Hansen was third. Vincenzo Nibali looked vulnerable. Horner gained 25 seconds on Vincenzo Nibali to move to within Nibali to move to within striking distance of the lead. There are three stages remaining. The coverage of the Vuelta continues tonight. Stage 19 gets under way tonight at midnight eastern time. Check your guide for local details. Team New Zealand seems to have one hand on the America's Cup nd on the America's Cup after sweeping both races on the fourth day against the US. The New Zealanders won back-to- back races thanks to superior upwind speed. Reaching speeds up to 28km/h in the -- 82 km/h an hour, they blew the Americans away. Team New Zealand is three wins away from claiming sailing's oldest and most prestigious trophy.ldest and most prestigious trophy. Finally in sport, when it comes to football, few players have shone as brightly as 1990's World Cup superstar George. Half a world away, the son of a Romanian immigrant hopes the famous name will create headlines once more but this time in the A- League. In Australia -- an Australia under-20 representative, this man has big shoes to fill but a big name to live up -- live up to. The fight before the World Cup and my son was born the year after so I named him that.It's pre-season fringe players have a chance to impress. In the crowd, his family watches keenly. The father's love and passion for the game passed on to his son.As a young boy he used to, you know, just pull up YouTube clips and make sure I watched the passs and the goals he scored.Now the chance to train with another great drives the teenager on.It's just a real feeling -- feeling. Seeing him on the pitch and take on players, it's like he's in a different world.Games like this give the fans the chance to discover the A-League's generation next and for the players, if that they do well, who and -- who's to say new names won't become household names. For now, though, both feet or now, though, both feet remain firmly planted on the ground.Until such time as he gets a regular spot in Sydney FC or A-League squad, it's too early to aim too high just kpwet yet.He's an apprentice at the moment. So he has to sit back and learn and when community comes he's gonna take it it.If his track so -- record so far is anything to go by, chances are he o by, chances are he will. I can remember SBS covered the 1984 World Cup and George was one of the superstars of that tournament. e superstars of that tournament. Great story. Fpblgs thanks very much. Coming up, --.Thanks very much. Coming up

mish -- Lake Michigan.Michigan locals were n.Michigan locals were treated to a rare natural phenomenon as a tower of water spontaneously appeared in the sky.Twin waterspouts formed over Lake Michigan, like tornadoes over water, performing a rare and remarkable dance.Let's go to the forecast now. A low-pressure trough is producing showers and storms in Queensland while onshore winds bring rain to the NSW coast. Elsewhere, a low and trough are producing rain and thunderstorms in parts of thunderstorms in parts of South Australia, Victoria and NSW. ralia, Victoria and NSW. In the other major centres:

Test best young female Indigenous footballers have been showing off their skills in a week-long tournament in Melbourne.The inaugral Kickstart grand final was won by the Northern Territory. But the championships did much more than showcase great sporting ability.A thrilling match showing all the highlights of our native game - high marks, big tackles and a result sealed in the dying seconds. The Northern Territory with their first national title at any level, male or female, defeating Victoria by eight points. But this isn't just about Australian rules.We know that women in We know that women in our own families that probably are the back bone of of every family. k bone of of every family. If we can get these girls to recognise and put their foot down in their communitys and be good communitys and be good role models and leaders. The women's game is sex panding culminating in the first national - - is expanding and culminating in the first national draft.It's getting bigger on a national scale. Coming down here was unbelievable and you can see the girls getting right into it.The best players here will be selected in an all- Australian Indigenous team to complete against us team to complete against the other states for the first time in the national championships next year. Based on what we have seen here this week, the Indigenous girls will hold their own.I think with the talent we have we should. There's a few girls here will make -- will probably make their state sides. One named in the national squad was Caitlyn Armstrong, named best on ground in today's grand final. Coming down here to, like, meet other people, playing against other states, was good.The Alice springs teenager leading her team to glory. Finally tonight, what's in a name? Well, quite a lot when your name is Janice Lokelani Key Hani Ku Cow Waka Kee Hooli Heeka Aha u

The Hawaiian woman has been asked by officials to shorten her 35- letter surname so it would fit on her driver's licence. But she's not budgeting. -- budgeting. She says it's disrespectful to the Hawaiian heritage. The department is now trying to accommodate the full name. As indeed am I.Glad you had to say that one. ad you had to say that one.That's the world this Friday. Our next bulletin 10:30 on SBS one.You can get all the stories online and our web site: You can also follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.Goodnight.

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Stage four - the final stage in this year's Sam Miranda Tour of the King Valley. It's going to be run over 87km and Katrin Garfoot has a very slender lead of 1.35 seconds over her teammate, Ruth Corset. And with time bonuses up for grabs, here at the finish at Sam Miranda, it's still all to play for.

Almost surprising herself, the Bike Bug rider from Queensland held on for a glorious solo victory. Just 11 seconds back, Ruth Corset led the peloton home. While Katrin Garfoot consolidated her overall victory in the tour by finishing third on ng third on the stage.

And I just said to myself, "You've got to get to the 1km to go corner, so that you can have a look back at where they are". And they were coming, so I was like, "Oh my goodness, I've gotta go hard!" So I just put my head down, jumped up a gear and just powered all the way to the finish. It was really good

London in 1886.

Then the largest city
in human history,

and the centre of the known world.

With its self-importance, its dirt,
its wealth and awful poverty

it seems a mystery to us now.

It was a different world,
an entirelydifferent world.

But there is a guide
to this human jungle.

Charles Booth,
Victorian London's social explorer.

Booth produced a series
of pioneering maps

that colour-coded the streets
of his London

according to the ever-shifting class
of its residents.

Booth's maps are like scans, X-rays

that reveal to us the secret past
beneath the skin of the present.

If people knew how many cattle
waskilled there,

I don't think they'd live there.

He wanted his maps to chart stories
of momentous social change.

I was on the bottom, and those
houses were the lowest of the low.

The ebb and flow between enormous
wealth and terrible poverty.

How easily desirable
or well-to-do neighbourhoods

could descend into the haunts
of the vicious and semi-criminal,

and back again.

Now the maps can help us reveal
the changes

that have shaped all our lives

and made the story of the streets
the story of us all.

Oh, my goodness!
The old toilet's gone.

Now we're going back to one of
the 10,000 streets he mapped.

This is the story of how
its prime location

made the Caledonian Road
ripe for exploitation.

I will give you advice.

As long as the cow has milk,
milk it.

But the people of the road
have found their own way

to survive in the big city.

Always against the odds.

There you go!
What are you doing?

What are you doing to my film?



On the edge of central London,

of Islington,

is a mile and a half long road.

It begins at King's Cross and
connects the City with the north.

This is the story of how
that prime location

left the Caledonian Road vulnerable
to powerful outside forces,

and how its working class community
learned how to fight back.