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10 seconds. Which one? What was your gut feeling? My gut feeling was...was Trafalgar.
Seven seconds. Six seconds. What are you gonna do? I'm gonna lock in Trafalgar. Which one? Quick!

Aw, no! Do you know the song from ABBA? Yes! It's 'Waterloo'! Aw! Waterloo.

Cam will kill me. He loves ABBA as well. Aw!
He'll kill me. Don't worry about that.
You got $1,000. Thank you.
Well played. Stay there. Stay there. Stay there. Meg!

Faced her own Waterloo. $1,000. Catch you next time in the Hot Seat.
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - daylight robbery - armed thieves ram a car into a bank in the centre of the city. Anthony Albanese throws his hat in the ring for the Labor leadership. The smarter the killer, the man who stabbed two brothers learns his faith. Nicole Kidman's humiliating run-in with the paparazzi. And Rabbitohs look to defy history. We're live as the NRL finals kick off. Good evening. A gang of masked thieves pulled off a daring bank robbery in the heart of the city, terrified customers and staff were trapped when armed thieves rammed a car into the branch just before lunchtime. Daylight robbery in the middle of the CBD. Bandits slam a stolen four wheel drive straight into a busy Westpac on Kent Street. Two blokes jumped out with a sledge hammer and cricket bats, smashing their way through what's left of the store front. Office workers looked on from windows above the street in disbelief.

One woman who witnessed it was too frightened to be identified.I heard the smash and I thought it was two cars had an didn't. I'm still nervous.The masked mentorised staff and customers still in the branch.They ducked into the safe room, came running out with bags of money.A driver sat running a high performance stolen car. Shocked onlookers who now realised what's going on hide in doorways and film the thieves as they speed from the scene.It was probably all over in under two minutes. For the robbers, it was a phrasian precision heist that went to plan.It's right next to one of the biggest companies in Australia, so, yeah, security everywhere.A traumatic Friday at the bank for customers and staff. Unhurt but badly tramatised by the robbery.A couple are rightly shaken up from the incident but they are seeking treatment at the moment.Live now to Simon Bouda in the city. Are police any closer to catching the robbers? GoGeorgie, I think one of the keys is lots of CCTV footage, mobile phone footage, still photographs that the police are hoping people will contact them and hand over to the police, to help them. One the cluesis the blue car, a luxury fast speed performance sports car. That's obviously been stolen and has to be found. One of the key os this will be how the police will react when they find it and where it goes to the next level. This was one of the most brazen robberies we have seen in years, something like out of a movie. That's one of the other things police are concerned about - these guys were willing to rob a bank in the middle of Sydney when customers were all over the place.We'll leave it there. Thank you. A week after the election MPs briefly descended on Canberra, still no cabinet or Labor leader. Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten will face off in a ballot for the job but it will be at least a month before a new leader is in place. Apart from the numbers, handshakes and laughs, it was almost hard to tell who had won. Certainly Kate Lundy forgot, going to the Coalition party room and sent packing.You lost the election, Kate.Keeping a lid on public shows. Tony Abbott was almost grim faced, business m like. Our task is to savour this moment. He would move calmly and methodicly. We have won the trust of the Australian people. Our challenge now is to earn it and to keep it. (APPLAUSE) And that was it.Barnaby Joyce was earlier elected deputy national as leader and Anthony Albanese threw his ring into the case for the Labor leadership. In a ballot of MPs and rank and file party members. I think I'm up to a hard job. What you see is what you get. I'm somebody who puts forward a view, strongly and passionately when I believe it.And so after five-weeks campaigning Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese begin their own internal month-long campaign while trying to unit a party that's torn itself apart for the past six years. I know that I am a builder. He also helped bring down two Prime Ministers. Chris Bowen is the interim leader.A 66-year-old man who disguised himself as a woman to carry out a double murder at Rozelle is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. Giuseppe Di Cianni stabbed Mario Frisoli in 2009 after a long running business dispute. Today he was sentenced to at least 30 years in jail.Giuseppe Di Cianni flashing a big smile for a man who is likely to die before he is free.We already got our life sentences, what's one for him?The crime was premeditated murder after falling out with business partner Albert Frisoli who he believed had frauded him. He dressed as a woman to sneak into the family home in Rozelle. First he stabbed Mario and waited for two hours to ambush Albert in the living room. Hopefully they rest in peace now. What happened inside this house was a frenzied and traumatic attack. Both men were stabbed more than 20 times. The judge said today that such was Giuseppe Di Cianni's disregard for human life, never met Mario, he killed him anyway so nothing would stop his attack on Albert.This was Mario in 1988 thanking the community for helping the community find his missing father. After the murders, Giuseppe Di Cianni fled toity Ali. As a person of interest, he faced the cameras at the airport, by his side was his mistress who was jailed for at least three years for driving the get away scene from -- getaway car from the scene.It's been confirmed that at least one of the fires that raged across Sydney's Weston Tuesday was deliberately lit. Another is blamed on a has yard reduction line that burnt control lines. In the wake of a bushfire, nothing rubs salt into the wounds quite like this.We strongly suspect arson activity and have detectives dealing with that matter currently.Today, confirmation that the blaze was deliberately lit. News that's particularly gauling for those in the area where the flames destroyed property Devastating. I'm stuffed. I am left with the job of cleaning it up. Burning from natural causesis one thing. To lose it because somebody decided to have a fire, I can't believe it.Investigations found that the fire at Windsor Downs was as a result of powerlines falling. When you have conditions of 90km/h winds that weren't forecast for that day that, would test any fire line.They have to be done. They try their best.A bit disappointed really. I mean, there's been plenty of opportunity to do it earlier. National parks say that they will replace all of the assets caused by the has yard reduction burns. Keep in mind that they are a Government department, at the end of the deities taxpayers who foot the bill. Burns will continue in the coming weeks where possible. Police motor bikes started traffic patrols in and around Parramatta in an effort to cut the number of crashes and pedestrian deaths. A trial in the CBD saw 20% reduction in crashes. It's hoped that the fleet will achieve similar results in our west. Two men are often the run after stabbing a students and bashing his unkal in a horrific robbery at the supermarket in Lakemba in Sydney's south-west. The young man suffered a deep knife wound to the stomach and was lucky to survive. Last night almost losing a life in a panic street robbery over a few hundreds of dollars. The business student was stretchered out of the medical centre where he fled for refuge, rushed to hospital after being stabbed outside his unkal's Lakemba hospital.I told him don't hurt me. Don't kill me.His 61- year-old unkal had a knife held to his throat before he too was bashed and thrown to the ground.My nephew, he was crying. The 25-year-old screamed for help and then he was stabbed with a six inch knife. Only here to protect his uncle as he walked from the shop to the car. It's only 100m. But robberies in this area are common. They had barely set off when they were ambushed in this laneway.They hit him on the backside of the head. Celebrities are used to clashing with the paparazzi. For Nicole Kidman, things have got a bit too close for comfort. The actress has been knocked over by a photographer on a bike in New York. She is considering pressing charges. Simply getting out of a car and walking into her hotel when the bike-riding paparazzi well-known for his aggressive tactics rammed into her, knocking her over. For once, he found himself on the wrong side of the lens, sprawled out over his bike. Others in the business say he was way too close.This is probably the worst that I've seen in terms of somebody being injured by a paparazzi. But they put a lot of celebrities in danger.Nicole Kidman, quickly on her feet, earlier in the piblgt your of elegance, enjoying herself and fashioning with 'Vogue' editor. But then came this.It's not a good look for everybody. This makes paparazzi photographers look bad. The at the police station the tables were turned not liking at all his paparazzi mates ambushing him. It's reported that Nicole Kidman asks police to look at more serious charges. Tonight, no word on serious injury to nick kid kited. Nicole Kidman can't do much about the paparazzi intrusions and just as likely tomorrow morning she will find him on his bike once again outside her hotel looking for that special shot.A breakthrough treatment discovered by Australian researchers is giving children the ability to walk. The drug has delivered remarkable results for sufferers of a genetic condition affecting children from a young age. Billy is bursting with energy. This is all new to him, even walking down a path unassisted was impossible two years ago. His genetic disease which mostly affects boys, sadly most sufferers won't live beyond their mid 20.The mustals breakdown and it's not being replaced. So by the age of 12 they are in a wheelchair.Trialling a new drug developed by Australian researchers. Sufferers lack a protein called Dystrophin. Here, you can see the drug making a difference. Once injected, it patches the gene fold saving the mustal from breaking down.We had videos of young lads that should be in a wheelchair by this stage, but they are running around.While the drug is an Australian success story, the US is currently the only country carrying out human trials. Researchers hope sufferers here can also benefit.Patrick is heartened by the latest development.Such an exciting step forward. It will give families hope. But it will also give the boys hope.In the news ahead - a dramatic twist in the death of a former NRL star's mother. Less than a year after sandy - New Jersey's famous boardwalk is destroyed again. And Kate dazzles on her This program is not captioned. SONG:
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is bubbling with possibility.

This program is not captioned. From Prince George.
There's been a twist in the case of a man charged with the manslaughter of the mother of former rugby league player Joe Thomas. Daniel Wood was depu to be sentenced today but told the court that he wants to reverse his guilty play. Mary Touma died after he smashed her dead on a brick wall. Less than a year ago, it was devastating by Sandy. Now a stretch of New Jersey has been destroyed again, this time by fire. The blaze started in an ice cream shop and spread rapidly, consuming many of the iconic sites. Prince William announced retirement from military to focus on fatherhood and charity work. They arrived without Prince George. Prince George left safe at home while mum and dad hit the town. Kate in a beautiful gown, hard to believe she gave birth less than two months ago. You can usually tell when it's a Will and Kate event by the noise and photographs. Kate no doubt about to enjoy her first night off mum duties in seven long weeks. The preservation of African wildlife A subject close to Will's heart and not far from home.As you might have gatherds, we have recently become proud parents, of a baby with a voice to match any roar.And Will has more time to enjoy, his 7- year military career is over.

From now on, expect more Royal duties as the future king and father steps further into the spotlight. And they are about to get some help with little Prince George. William calling his own nanny out of retirement to help Kate, as the new family prepares to move home to Kensington Palace. Completing a marathon is tough by any standards, imagine running one every day for 622 days, that's what Tom Denniss did. And when he crossed the finish line today, he made history beating the previous record by 40 days.I never held a world record before, so, yeah, I think that's worth an extra beer. Tom's 26,000km journey around the world raised $45,000. For Oxfam. Sport is next with Cam who is at ANZ Stadium.Hi, Georgie. The finals have arrived tonight. Can Rabbitohs defy history against Melbourne Storm? A trio of key Sharks given the all-clear to face the Cowboys. And the highs and lows of skiing's big air competition from Thredbo. And rain is expected across the This program is not captioned.

It's been more than 20 years since Rabbitohs have been in a better position to break the premiership drought. They begin the campaign against the Storm tonight. We're joined by Andrew Johns. Good evening. You have breaking news out of the Storm camp?Brett Finch won't play tonight.So with a change to the Storm combination. How does that help Rabbitohs' combination, they were dominated last week?I thought they strug- year-old under pressure last week. It's an area where they need to lift. They are up against it tonight with Cooper Cronk tonight. When you look at history of the two sides, Andrew, 22 games played, Melbourne won 196 them, won both games they played this year. Do you expect any change tonight?No, I think Storm will win. I think if the forwards aim up against the Rabbitohs' pack I think the big three will get over the top of Rabbitohs.Thank you very much, Andrew Johns. Looking forward to your commentary tonight. Steve Price survived the end of season review and is said to hold onto the top job next year. With the Sharks hoping to keep their season alive against Cowboys today, they received good news today - Todd Carney fit to play. Not much went smoothly for the Sharks this season. But there were no problems with Todd Carney's hamstring today. The star play maker said he would only play if he was 100% fit. Part a boost, Paul Gallen is probably back. Probably the best team available to put on the team tomorrow.The minor premieres are less confident, they see Manly as the toughest challenge yet with or without an injured Brett Stewart.Probably one of the backlines in the competition. All of the smiles and glamour couldn't hide the disappointment at the Eels award night. Ricky Stuart facing the club faithful over his shock decision to quit with two years left on his contract.I've been assassinated today and will be again tomorrow. But they are small- minded people. They don't understand the big decision I've had to make.But Jarryd Hayne and the players are angry that they found out the news second-hand.I found out that something wasn't right with Rick. He is an emotional person. You could tell by his body language, and you knew something was up. I think it's hard to focus on footy.The Swans say finals experience will help them beat Carlton tomorrow night at ANZ. On a three game losing streak the Swans remain confident despite Adam Goodes being ruled out for the season.As a team, we move on quickly. That's the nature of footy. Getting on with it means the winner faces Fremantle next weekend. The ski season is coupling to a close but these daredevils made the most of the little remaining snow. The competition at Thredbo - impressing the judge ks come at a price. Russ Henshaw is considered a medal hope the next year's Olympics and this leap ensured that he finished on top of the podium today. The start of the NRL finals live and exclusive on Nine. The fans are taking it pretty seriously already. Coming up - petrol prices are on their way down. Plus, Amber with the weather.Thanks, Gorgi. We saw a strong southerly last night with winds reaching 80km/h. It was the city's coldest month, dropping to 10 degrees. We expect showers later tonight. I'll Ke
Next on WIN News... Labor' s Mike of
Kelly concedes the bellwether seat Canber
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This program is not captioned. next.The stock market closed the week lower.

It was cool and mostly cloudy day in Sydney with moderate south- westly winds. It reached a top of 19

In the city. Tomorrow a trough and developing low will move off the NSW coast bringing rain to Victoria and south-eastern NSW. A possible storm for Brisbane a few showers around for Canberra, cool and clear for Hobart. A top of 19 degrees. Looking

NSW: Bondi and Cronulla could see 30mm of rain. It will be a bit wet underfoot for the NRL finals tomorrow with a few late showers forecast. Penrith is heading for a top of 21 degrees. Looking

And that's Nine News for this Friday. Up next is A Current Affair. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight.

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status with Labor bowing out Police capita
crackdown on drug crime in the Gov
capital And a sneak peek into the Evenin
Governor General' s house Good K
Evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston, Mike memb
Kelly has conceded defeat as the o
member for Eden-Monaro. His Liberal eig
opponent Peter Hendy now leads by af
eight hundred and sixty four votes p
after preferences with more than 90
per cent of the vote counted. Mik memb
Kelly' s six year tenure as the Alt
member for Eden-Monaro has ended. continuing
Although counting is still de
continuing, Dr Kelly is behind and h
decided that conceding the seat was so
his best option. We were getting absente
some good results in terms of w
absentee ballots, but the situation th
with the postal votes was trending Pet
the wrong way. He congratulates sh
Peter Hendy and says now the focus t
should be on moving forward. So I communi
think in the interests of the uncertaint
community that we end this incomin
uncertainty and also that the
incoming member Peter Hendy be give so
his opportunity to get to work as co
soon as possible. He thanked the community as well as his ha
says he could not have worked any Kel
harder for the electorate. Mike person
Kelly says that while he takes defea
personal responsibility for his wa
defeat, the Labor leadership issue thi
was a factor in the result. I li
think the 2010 situation set fault th
lines and gave us a lot of lead in reco
the saddles that we never really
recovered from and it' s unfortunat superficia
because a lot of that was sa
superficial. The outgoing member achiev
says he' s proud of what he' s 80
achieved for the area, pointing to
800 million dollars spent on health he'
education and infrastructure.And governme
he' s warned that the Abbott the
government' s planned job cuts to disastrous
the public service will be ho
disastrous for the region. He says re
hopefully Labor can advocate for a planne
reconsideration of some of the g
planned cuts. These are jobs that r
go and they go in a hurry from this