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In terms of the Parliament, I
think I have In terms of the think I have a record of taking on these issues. think I have a record of on these issues.What you see on these issues.What is what you get.I'm someone who puts forward a view, who puts forward strongly and passionately, when strongly and passionately, I believe it.I'm someone who is prepared to argue the case, whether in the Parliament, in the media, or out there in the community.People would well recall a certain demonstration attended by the former member for Indi outside my office m Marrickville where I was prepared to argue the case. I will always be prepared to argue the case. With regard to the Parliament, we should be standing up for our views.We should be prepared to constructively engage and not be negative for negative sake. Tony Abbott did too much of that. He did too much of that an not preparing his team for Government.We need to use this period of Opposition to encourage new ideas.New policies. What are the big picture vision for tomorrow? What is the next NBN and disabiliticare Australia? That's what Labor Governments do .You can do it by taking advantage of the fact that unfortunately we are in Opposition.The ballot prosecutes itself will be a start of that. process is an important empowerment of the Labour Party membership. I empowerment of the Labour membership. I am glad that Bill Shorten will contest that ballot. Bill is a friend of good
mine and he will make a very good leader. He's a great communicator. He is someone who I think played a critical role in the creation of Disability Scare Australia in its formative stages. So he's someone I look forward to working with into the future.I want to see a process whereby the 30,000 or 40,000 members of the Labour Party get a say, get a say themselves in the future direction of the party.Where this has been tried it has led to considerable growth in Labour Party members.So I say to you, the potential Labour Party members of Australia, that today the caucus has agreed, or reaffirmed the fact that we want Labour Party membership to be more than handing out how-to-votes on polling day. We want your involvement and there I no greater involvement than selecting the leader. I say to process
those who are looking at the process and thinking that it's a good idea, who will I vote for, I've never got around to joining, now is your time. Join up, be part of the Labour Party growth. Be part of the building, the rebuilding of Labour.Labour is a party of nation building. Today we begin the rebuilding of our own party.As a first step, not in and of itself, but for why that is important for what we can do for our country.So, it's now time for us to engage over the coming weeks.I've devoted my life to the service of the Labour Party and the service of the nation.I believe in the Labour Party. Not ats an ent y in itself but only Labor Governments that truly look after the long-term national interest. It is a great honour today to
to put myself forward as I did today to be leader of the Labour Party. Happy to take questions. One at a time. REPORTER: Do you plan to take part REPORTER: Do you plan part in debates with Mr and would there part in debates with and would every State? So and would there be a debate in Party members can every State? Party members can all have chance to see you up close?Look, I think those details will be worked out.I only indicated to Bill this morning that candidate for sure in the ballot. I thought it was important - call me old-fashioned - that you announce things to the caucus. I know it is frustrating to members of the media, but, you know, it's not...I have discussed with Bill the debates that will occur. Obviously we have a situation whereby nominations have been called. They will close next Friday. My understanding is that then the ballot papers will go out the following week and be open for two weeks.REPORTER: You didn't say in your spiel what you would do as Leader of the Labour's legacy
Opposition in defending Labour's legacy as regard the carbon price or other key bits of legislation, for example, the mining tax as well that Mr Abbott intends to repeal?I believe Labour has a mandate to defend our legacy.My position is very clear - I believe in helped
action on climate change. I helped write the policy that saw us have and support an emissions trading scheme.I could not - I said on Meet The Press, for a free plug, last Sunday, that I could not look my son in the eye and say, "Sorry for reasons of whatever we gave up the we gave up the argument." Climate change is real. The scientists tell us it is real. We need a scientists tell We need a market-based mechanism to deliver that change.That's mechanism to deliver change.That's my That's always been my position.Labour has to be prepared to argue out our case. Argue it out consistently. Consistently, to our supporters and those who are not our supporters. To embrace that change.To be prepared to go on and debate, as I have on three change.
occasions, about climate change. Let's have the debate.REPORTER: What about the mandate?Which one is that, Mr Abbott had a mandate in 2007 of supporting a CPRS. He went to an election with the Shergold report saying that all parties were elected in 2007 were elected on the basis of putting a price on carbon.REPORTER: Your opponent in the leadership ballot has a reputation for pragmatism. Are you concerned that he may not defend Labour's mandate on carbon pricing? Second question, what do you say to people who regard you as too aggressive and too progressive to be Labour's leader at this time?Well, surely you don't think that Katherine, you know it's not true!Bill has made his position very clear.His portion, I think is exactly the same as mine on the carbon price question.With regard to the Parliament, can I say this, Rob
talk to Tony Windsor, talk to Rob Oakeshott, bop Katter or a range of people who I was prepared to sit down and discuss issues with in order to It
secure passage of legislation. It didn't just happen there. Were others as well, of course, particular ly Julia Gillard and Joel Fitzgibbon, but I think I have a proven track record of being able to negotiate and gain consensus, not just within my party, but also much broader.When I came here - I come here as someone with 17 years in a public office. I think one of the things I bring to the leadership is that I have had time in Opposition.I know what it is like and what has to be done. I was the Manager of Opposition Business in the period that led to our victory in 2007. That experience does count. That experience given the honour of being the experience will assist if I'm given the honour of being leader of the Labour Party.REPORTER: Given you and Mr Shorten Party.REPORTER: Given Mr Shorten are pretty much Mr step on policy, there is little policy differentiation, do you see that as your main advantage, experience and longevity?People will make their own decisions but I believe I'm the best candidate, otherwise I wouldn't have run. I'm not someone who - there is no-one in this press gallery who can say I've ever said to you I think I should be the leader of the Labour Party. The first people to hear that were the people in the caucus. I've been here for 17 years. My view has been I will make a contribution to the team. That's what I've done. I now believe that the best contribution I can make is leader. In part of that is the preparation that I've had.Whether it be the work that I've done inside the Labour Party, but particularly the work that I've done inside the Parliament, listening to and having discussions with people like Kim Beazley and Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard and working across the party in the Parliament. I think I have a sense of what is required. What is required as well is we need to move away from having just tactics. There's been too many tactics. What we actually need is vision.And moving beyond the 24-hour media cycle.We need to be focussed cycle.We need to over the next three years, not on what is on the nightly news or on getting or on getting a grab, but on positioning ourselves so that we have a very clear, articulated and understood vision of our alternative for the nation around the economy, opportunity, sustainability and a fair go. Around those four themes that I outlined.REPORTER: Who would you like to be your deputy? And you've spoken about what a great candidate Mr Shorten would be, as has he, but let's compare the two of you now. What would you bring that he doesn't bring? Why go through the process? Only because it's going to the wider membership?One of the things you will see from me during the campaign is advocacy as to why I'm the best candidate. What you won't see from me at any stage is any critique of Bill Shorten's kandture. I will put forward in a positive way. This