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(generated from captions) OK, the Worst Umpiring Decision
I've Ever Seen Party? Yes, I'm not fully cognoscente with all of the rich tapestry
of their policy platform. An interest in sport maybe?They get
out a bit, I would think, Bryan. We'll find common ground there,
yeah. Palmer Party, of course. Well, I'm from Queensland.
I know Clive. I mean, he's a good guy, Clive. It's a remarkable performance,
isn't it? Absolutely remarkable.
30% in the electorate of Fairfax. 6% right across the country. Was it a surprise?
Huge surprise. Big surprise to Clive.
Really? Why? He thought it would be bigger. So you've got the Palmer Party, and
who else are we talking to here? All the people on that list are
coming to the meeting. OK, yep, we've got
the Three Policies Party. No, no, Bryan, that's us. We're at the top because
we're chairing the meeting. The More Onions Party? Yes, I haven't spoken
to the Onions people but we've got Taller Buildings
that the Onions could go into. Everyone On The Floor,
This Is A Stick-Up Party? Yeah, we might have a bit of
a problem with them, I think. They'll probably keep the money
moving through the economy. That's a good thought, Bryan. Yes, though of as a stimulus
package, it might work. Yes, indeed. Good luck with all that,
and thanks for coming in. I haven't spoken to them either.
Don't know what they want.No. I was thanking you.
Oh, I beg your pardon. Sorry. Say George, will you,
every now and again? Captions by CSI Australia -
Matt Whitmore This Program is Captioned Live.Tonight, Bill Shorten stakes his claim to the Labor leadership as Anthony Albanese keeps the party guessing. Struggling to held her seat, Sophie Mirabella rules herself out of the ministry.Shaken trekkers tell of a deadly ambush in remote Papua New Guinea.I was coming out of my tent and I was clubbed and then basically was on my knees bleeding.And once again the Raiders choose one of their own as the Government warns them to lift their game.

Good evening and welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Bill Shorten has started his run for the Labor leadership, pre digging the party can return to office at the next election. But he will have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether he will face a ballot against Anthony Albanese. Caucus members are tonight heading back to Canberra for the meeting. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin.Out with the old, in with the new.

Kevin Rudd has been dislodged for the second time.I've never really had much of a chance to look around the place, but all in good time, as they say. OK. See you, guys, be good. We are going to have a cup of tea.Their battle for the keys is over. A fresh fight is about to beginIt is a big job, a daunting job, but I believe Labor can win the next election and that's why I am putting my hand up.Bill Shorten has gone public. The so-called faceless man wants to be the face of the Labor Party.I want to lead the rebuilding of our movement and to take the fight p to the Coalition in Australian politics. The Victorian is a former lawyer and union chief, shooting to national prominence during the Beaconsfield mine disaster. He entered Parliament in 2007 and was quickly touted as leadership material.I believe I bring energy, I believe I bring optimism, I'm hungry for victory.His critics consider that hunger a weakness. Mr Shorten rolled Kevin Rudd, then abandoned Julia Gillard. He insists he has only ever acted in his party's interests, then and now.The Labor Party can get on with it. We can rule a line under the division of the years of the Rudd and Gillard era.So far there is only one declared candidate. Anthony Albanese is yet to indicate his intentions. He wants Caucus to be the first to know. The Shorten camp seems to be expecting a ballot.I have the passion, I have the commitment and I have the ideas to lead Australian Labor.Mr Shorten is backing Tanya Plibersek as his deputy, wants to stop Tony Abbott repealing the carbon tax, and thinks Labor should reach out to farmers and small business owners. Caucus members think a contest is likely but they are divided on who will prevail, something Anthony Albanese is best placed to take the fight up to the Government. The Other s think Bill Shorten is more electable. Adding to the intrigue, some are thinking of backing the Victorian, but only because they want to burn him off as a future leader.Tony Abbott faces a new dilemma in shaping his ministry. Long-time frontbencher Sophie Mirabella has ruled herself out, recognising she is struggling to hold her seat. That means Mr Abbott won't have to wait until the end of next week to announce the ministry bu, it also creates room for the promotion of another woman to join Julie Bishop in the Cabinet room.Unemployment has hit its highest level in 4 years. Nationally, 11,000 jobs disappeared in August, taking the unemployment rate to 5.8%, and as Elysse Morgan reports, a growing number of people have given up even looking for work.Minus 10, below expectations. 5.8 on expectations.They may not be a disaster, but these figures hardly paint a picture of an economy in rude health.That's a about it.The unemployment rate rose from 5.7 to 5.8% last month, its highest level in 4 years A cross the states, WA saw the biggest jump in joblessness. In Tasmania, the situation remains dire. While the figures were steady in Victoria and the ACT. SA was the lone bright spot for workers. Its jobless rate eased. The figures also reveal that an increasing number of discouraged job seekers are giving up the search altogether and that's pushed the participation rate to GFC level, and it's no wonder with thousands of roles being scrapped.1,500 jobs on average being lost a month and in male full-time workers which is the bulk of the labour market still, 3,500 jobs are being lost a month, so really quite a soft outcome.That's bad news, not just for job seekers but also the incoming government, with unemployment tipped to keep rising.We're on our way up over 6% by the end of the year and probably a little higher before we start to get things under control.That will be tough. With the economy growing below average at just 2.6%, economists are warping the Government to tread gently.There is no point being like Europe and trying to tighten the Budget when things are quite weak.Economists say the Reserve Bank won't rush into another interest rate cut gifnl the red-hothousing market.We will have to deal with a little bit higher unemployment for a while.In other words, the jobless rate we have to have.With US-led military action in Syria on hold, attention is turning to the diplomatic effort to stop the bloodshed. The UN Security Council has met to discuss a plan for Syria to give up its chemical weapons, but there are warnings, more atrocity also be committed the longer the conflict goes on. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from the Lebanese-Syrian border.The International Commission of Inquiry on Syria says the war crimes it has documented are getting worse.And its latest report covers the period before this apparent chemical weapons attack last month. While the Commission says those who used the weapons must be brought to justice, it also warns a military response will make peace even hard tore achieve.With this international military involvement, Syria and the region face further conflagration leading to increasing civilian suffering.But inside and outside Syria, Bashar al-Assad's opponents are still begging for intervention.Thousands of Syrians have crossed the border with Lebanon and taken refuge in little towns like Arsaal and rebels and civilians a like are now increasingly bitter about the West. This rebel who called himself Abu Mohammed says if Barack Obama goes on TV and says something, then backs down, he does not deserve respect and does not mean what he says.At a mosque-turned-first aid station for fighters and civilians, it is a similar story. This 62-year-old Syrian farmer was hit by a tank shell just across the border.This this doctor, Kassem Zein, says he has lost all trust in Barack Obama and the United Nations. Few here believe Barack Obama will follow through on his threat, but none think Bashar al-Assad will live up to his promise. With the Syrian chemical weapons issue looming as a shadow over his presidency, Barack Obama has joined other Americans to mark the anniversary of September 11. Americans paused to commemorate those killed in the attacks, but after more than a decade, scarred by the wars which followed September 11, the President emphasised a need for negotiation when confronted with violence.Let us have the wisdom to know that while force at times is necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek.Nearly 3,000 people died in the terrorist attacks.8 men attacked on a remote track in Papua New Guinea have returned home. They were part of a group ambushed earlier this week. They flew into Cairns this morning before heading onto their home states. Kirsty Nancarrow reports.It was an emotional homecoming for the two Queensland men at Mackay Airport.Less than 48 hours earlier, Nick Bennett and Steve Ward had survived a harrowing ordeal. Nick's son flew from Brisbane to be with his dad. Similar scenes in Melbourne where Peter Stevens, Kim dew war and Rod Clarke arrived to open armsA little bit emotional T has been a very difficult time.The group set out on a challenging and remote week-long trek on Tuesday when the group was ambushed as they set up camp. Two of the group's Porters were hacked to death in the attack.I started to put my head outside the tent and then, smack. I thought I had been shot, actually. Snee we've come out of it pretty well, but our carriers, have... (sighs) so, we feel for them, they got pretty badly slashed up.The relieved men touched down in Cairns this morning where they paid tribute to the woman who saved their lives. Christiana King was leading just her first trek on the Black Cat Track.She is exceptional and without her, I guess quick-thinking, perhaps, we wouldn't be here.The group is setting up a trust fund to help local villagers and say the bloody a tk shouldn't reflect on them.It's not really about us. We're very concerned about the Porters, and their families, their local economy. Will is also speculation in the media about it being intertribal warfare and things like that, it was nothing to do with that.The Australian Government has advised travellers no the to use the Black Cat Track until the local police finish their investigation. The bandits haven't been caught yet, but if they are, PNG's PM has warned they could face the death penalty.At least some of the trekkers want to return to PNG to finish what they started if their families let them.He was the star player during the Raiders' golden era and now sturt Start sturt is returning home to coach the, and now Ricky Stuart is returning home to coach the Canberra club. Last night he walk add way from a three-year deal with Parramatta. Ben Lisson reports.Another of Canberra's favourite sons is set to take the helm at the Raiders. Ricky Stuart plaid in the Green Machine's three premierships.From the very day that Ricky left to go to the Bulldogs in 2000, or 1999, whichever year it was, some day that boy would come back.The decision does little to end the perception of nepotism at the club after coaching stints by Mal Meninga and David Furner. Stuart coached a premiership team in 2002, but success has eluded him recently. He was sacked by the Roosters, let the Sharks in turmoil and now just, walked out.Probably the best signing we've had probably since Gibson. Going forward, I can see Ricky being here longer than the 3 years. Leaving Parramatta, good riddance.Singing out to got a coaching job and when he gets one, what does he do?The family doesn't think it is a dog act. I'm not that type of person.Since 2009 Stuart has had a winning percentage of just 20 as head coach. Raiders had endorsed Andrew Dunemann to take on the role full-time in the capital and with long-serving chairman John McIntyre announcing his resignation last night, it seems the changing of the guard, but once again it seems they've put their father faith in the prodigal son.I was always confident.The Raiders hope it's third time lucky with a former player as coach. For Parramatta, it's time to rebuild again.The ACT Government has put the Raiders on notice to improve player behaviour and the club's culture. The Government gives the Raiders more than $1 million each year. The club has been forced to sack a number of high-profile players for misbehaviour, including Todd Carney, Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson.The issues of' raised and certainly are being discussed in the community and that's rightly so and have been discussed between the Government through myself and the Raiders' board and senior management.The Government will continue to support the team, but cultural change is needed.Firefighters have the upper hand on a fire that has burnt more than a thousand hectares of bush in the Blue Mountains. While that fire threat has eased, another fire is burning near the F3 north of Sydney. The blaze closed both lanes of the freeway this afternoon after a hazard reduction burn got out of control. Liv Casben reports.South of Newcastle and another blaze breaks out, this time along the F3, causing long delays for motorists.You've got bush on all sides of the freeway and in the middle of the freeway that has been alight.Crews raced to contain the fire which is thought to have started when a hazard reduction burn got out control.On first glance it would appear to be so. Of course we would apologise to those motorists for the inconvenience.It is one of dozens of fires burning across the State. The major threat remains at Winmalee in the Blue Mountains. There, residents remain nervous.When the fires first started it was in front of us here.Firefighters were back at home as long Hawkesbury Road this afternoon as embers reignited. A few kilometres down the road and crews were mopping up. Breaking up logs and making sure every last ember is out.Let's go.It's slow and dirty work.Blacking out is removing any possible re-ignition point, so when the wind comes, we don't get a relight.As water bombing continued, firefighters remain on alert.It doesn't take much. If you have winds behind it which is our worst enemy, yeah, it can sort of flare.The steepness of this terrain shows just how difficult it was to fight this fire. Crews had to cut a path through this area before backburning could begin.Life is getting back to normal here. Schools in the area have re-opened and power is slowly being reconnected.Crews are expected to be here until at least next week, monitoring the fire zone. The Indonesian Government has approved a plan to buy up large tracts of Australian cattle country. Indonesia hope it is will mean cheaper exports and help meet its domestic demand for beef. It could also throw a lifeline to Northern cattle producers, still recovering from the live export su spention two years ago.Indonesia has a goal of becoming self-sufficient in food production, but it doesn't have the land for breeding cattle and since reducing its quota on Australian cattle imports t has been unable to meet its own demand, meaning beef prices have spiked.Now, Indonesia is looking to Australia's vast open spaces for breeding its own cattle more cheaply.What it signals is Indonesia acknowledges the comparative advantage of Northern Australia and the Indonesian feedlot system.Some Northern Territory cattle stations have been on the market for more than 18 months since the live export suspension sent the industry into chaos.It might be an opportunity for those people who are wanting to get out or looking to get out, to actually get out with some money in their pocket, rather than nothing. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether the capital comes from Indonesia, from America or even from Europe, the fact is that the industry across the north of Australia needs some capital and if that's Indonesian money, then so be it.It's still unknown how the plan would roll out.If it is part of a plan which also includes an increase in quotas in terms of both live cattle and/or boxed meat, then there are benefits to this country as well.If Indonesia buys 1 million hectares of Australian farmland, at current production rates that would give it a 5% share of the Australian export market. Producers say that alone is not enough to threaten the industry.Buying 10,000 square kilometres of country in running cattle is not going to result in market domination.Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce is more scecht Cal, though. He says Australia wants to be a partner in regional food production, not just the location of it. District Court judge Helen more Relf will be the next Chief Justice of the ACT Supreme Court. Chief Justice Terrence Higgins will step down from the bench tomorrow after 10 years in the job.Helen Morell has been on the NSW bench for 17 years. She will take over the new job late next month.She does need a brief period of time to make the transition from her existing obligations and responsibilities in the NSW district court.Richard Refshaughey will act as Chief Justice until then.It is alleged a highly sophisticated operation was based in a suburban factory, producing fake documentation needed for new identities, about you it could be just the tip of the iceberg with figures showing fraud is on the rise. Antoinette Collins reports.Credit cards, Medicare cards, driver's licences, all meticulously produced and scarely authentic. 100 points of identification up for sale on the black market.This was a sophisticated operation. The menused high-end printing techniques and equipment to produce documents that were very hard to detect as being fake.After 8 months of surveillance, officers from the strike force raided a house in Sydney's south-west on Tuesday. The search revealed embossing machines, laptops, and holograms as well as other items purchased with the fake cards.There are no other indicators of the trimmings that go with living in the place. It was set up and established purely as a factory.A 52-year-old man from Beverly Hills was arrested and charged over the alleged manufacture of the fake documents. A 47-year-old Burwood man is alleged to have sourced the identification details and submitted to others. Police admit it's probable some of the fake cards are sick lates in the economy.To be honest, we don't know the exact number.Police revealed a 22% rise in fraud over two years, most offences involving the unauthorised use of credit and Bankcards.'Very sizeable increase, no question about it and in a way it's a bit surprising it's taken this long to see those sorts of things because the opportunities of electronic fraud have been growing relentlessly.The two men charged have been remanded in custody and due to face court next month.In finance, Australia's rising unemployment rate undermined the dollar today, but as Phillip Lasker reports, the share market finished higher.

Rising unemployment wasn't enough to kill off a rising market. It pushed ahead to a new five-year high. Australia has been one of the best performing markets in the world during the past three months. Those jobs numbers removed some of the momentum, about threw is still an aft-glow from the improved prospects for China and global growth for that matter. Ha has helped the miners and the recent pick-up in consumer confidence here has given cyclical stocks a boost that. Didn't extend to Myer T reported a 9% drop in annual profit to $127 million. Myer is expecting these conditions to continue. Trend employment shows we're losing about 1500 jobs a month. It has dipped below zero and that doesn't happen very often. Negative trend employment growth is often associated with recession fs it persists. The encouraging part of the jobs numbers is the relentless rise in hours worked. Yes, those of us with jobs are working harder, but sooner other later businesses are going to have to take on extra staff. That's where the pick-up in confidence meets reality, or not. In comes months we'll also find out whether the election made unemployment look worse because it added to business reluctance to hire. Those jobs numbers gave the Australian dollar a knock. It goes something like this: Weak jobs numbers equals weak economy, equals lower interest rates, equals sell the dollar. The major commodities are down as well. Gold has fallen because everyone expects the US to start winding back its stimulus measures from next week. That's finance.

With elephant populations in serious decline across Africa, Kenyan authorities are stepping up efforts to stop poaching. The country's economic future is at stake. Ginny Stein reports .Kenya's elephants are in decline. Bulls of this size are now considered rare sightings.The way he looks, the size, to me is one of a kind experience, to come across such a giant.Conservationists, tour operators and the governments now agree, if nothing is done, 10 years from now, wild elephants in Kenya will be a thing of the past and the impact will be devastating.A child who goes into grade school today will not see elephants by the time he is in his mid-teens. I think we are all worried, all the tourist operators because this is Kenya's diamond.In Kenya's most famed game reserve, the Maasai Mara, elephants are no longer protected, but hunted. This young bull, speared to death, its tusks then hacked off.They cut the tusks only. Before they used to cut the whole head and then remove the tusk as a whole.Kenya has been named as one of the gang of 8 worst offending and smuggling and poaching countries. An investigation into its own
wildlife agency has resulted in scores of officers being stood down.They have been suspect ed that they were poaching. They may have been communicating with known poachers.While Kenya can do little to bring an end to the demand for ivory, it's taking action to do more to halt supply, promoting the value of its wildlife on home soil, one way it hopes to make a difference.Work is about to start on a new development in Campbell. Part of the transform mission of Constitution Avenue in the tree-lined boulevard originally envisaged by Walter Burley Griffin. Known as Campbell Section 5, the site will become a high quality residential development with over 500 unit as long with shops and cafes.Go back to the original concepts for Constitution Avenue, it did very firmly focus on this as a grand boulevard for the city.Asbestos contamination thought to be the remains of builders' rubble dumped in the 1950s will be removed. The first units are expected to be ready in about three years.The people of Papua New Guinea have given Canberrans a centenary gift. As part of celebrations for PNG's 38th year of independence, the Chief Minister sat to have her portrait painted by a PNG artist.I think what I do helps carry Papua New Guinea on the international stage and promotes something positive. It is the High Commissioner's idea that it be a portrait of myself, so I'm sure there will be view as cross that across Canberra, but at its heart it should be seen as a generous gift.The Chief Minister has a personal connection to Papua New Guinea. Her adopted brother, Richard, has PNG heritage.Times are tough in outback Queensland where drought is stretching many cattle farmers to the limit, and it's tough on their kids, too. Now an innovative charity initiative is raising money to ensure those kids get counselling support at school. It is a cattle drive that has also won the support of the big end of town. From Longreach, Chrissie Arthur reports.Daybreak in Western Queensland and a mob of cattle is starting on the long paddock. They're part of a charity event, raising money for school chaplaincy programs that support young people facing tough times in the bush and in rural towns. Just north of here, we know there are many families on suicide watch. We have third, fourth generation cattle producer whose are at risk of their properties being defaulted by the banks. Young people watch this destructive theatre being played out and they need a place to protest it.A not-for-profit group has organised the Stock Sup For Hope drive.This is tougher than anything because of the high levels of debt and it will play out in children's lives.Company executives from cities have also joined the ride.We see mental health a big issue for youth around Australia. If you look at the $4 billion worth of claims we made out last year, the category of mental health is growing faster than any other categories.As well as cattle on the road, an online program is also helping to get urban Australia on boardWe launched a concept called the virtual mob where you can go online, buy a cow, steer, heifer and all the proceeds going to same cause.Organisers say it has been a challenge to coordinate this year's charity drive, but the prolonged dry has served to highlight some of the difficulties being faced by young people in rural areas.It's hoped $300,000 will be raised this year. The cattle drive finishes in Longreach where there will be a thanksgiving celebration and prayers for rain.To the weather now, and there was a bit of bite in that wind today. We reached a top of 18 degrees after a low of 3. It was similar around the region with only a little rain recorded and Cooma dipping back into winter temperatures with a minus-4 overnight.

A thick mass of cloud over the Bight associated with a weakening cold front and that is bringing a few thunderstorms. In the south-east, cloudiness over Victoria, Tasmania and the Tasman Sea is associated with a surface trough. That low is causing gusty winds, showers and snow in Victoria and Tasmania.Wind and showers are gradually easing in south-west WA as the low moves further east..

And that's the latest from the Canberra Newsroom many for more ACT News, you can follow us online or on Twitter. I'm Virginia Haussegger and I will be back with a news update in about one hour. Until then, goodnight.

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This Program Is Captioned Live.After the dirtiest race in history, Ben Johnson spreads the anti-doping message. I think it's got worse over the last 25 years. Doping is worse? Yes.The upheaval that's afflicted the Labor Party continues to play out as the battered Caucus gathers in Canberra to elect a new leader. Former Education Minister, Bill Shorten, the power broker who played a key role in the ousting of both Kevin Rudd and