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Tonight - Bill Shorten Federal Labor
confirms his candidacy for the Federal Labor leadership.I am running because I believe that Labor can win the next election. This Program is Captioned Live. Giving diplomacy a chance. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, heads off for crucial talks on Russia's initiative on the Syrian crisis. Australian trekkers tell of their harrowing jungle ordeal in Papua New Guinea. Later on Papua New Guinea. Later 'Grandstand' - why Stuart put the 'Grandstand' - Stuart 'Grandstand' - why Ricky
Stuart put Parramatta to coach Stuart put the boot into Parramatta to coach his old Parramatta to club, the Canberra Raiders. club, the Canberra Live across is ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Jane Hutcheon. Bill Shorten has started his run for leadership predicting the party can get back into office at the next election. He will know tomorrow whether he faces a ballot against Anthony Albanese. Caucus members are tonight heading back into Canberra for their meeting. One called in the Lodge to say his farewells. Here is chief political correspondent, Mark Simkin.

Out with the old, in with the new. Kevin Rudd's been dis-lodged for the second time.I haven't had much of a chance to look around but all in good time.See you guys, be good, we are going to have a cup of tea.A fresh fight is about to begin.It's a big job, a daunting job but I believe Labor can win the next election. That's why I'm putting my hand up.Bill Shorten has gone public. The so-called faceless man wants to be the face of the Labor Party.I want to lead the rebuilding of our movement and to take the fight up to the Coalition in Australian politics.The Victorian is a former lawyer and union chief, shooting to natural prominence during the Beaconsfield mine disaster. He entered Parliament in 2007 and quickly touted as leadership material.I believe I bring energy, I believe I bring optimism. I'm hungry for victory.His critics consider that hunger a weakness. He that hunger a insists he has only ever acted in his party's interests. Then and nowThe party can in his party's interests. and nowThe party can get on
with it. We can rule a line under the Rudd and Gillard era.So far there is only one declared candidate. Anthony Albanese wants caucus to be the know. The Shorten camp seems to be expecting competition.I have the ideas to lead Australian Labor.Mr Shorten is backing Tanya Plibersek as his deputy, wants to stop Tony Abbott repealing the carbon tax and thinks they should reach out to fall business owners.Anthony Albanese is best placed to take the fight up to the Government, others think Bill Shorten is more electable. Adding to the intrigue, some MPs are thinking of backing the Victorian, but only because they want to burn him off as a future leader.

Tony Abbott faces a new dilemma in shaping his ministry, long time frontbencher, Sophie Mirabella has ruled herself out, recognising she is struggling to hold her seat. That means Mr Abbott won't have to wait until the end of next week to announce the ministry. It means Julie Bishop is currently the only woman in the Coalition cabinet room.A move by the Indonesian Government to breed beef on Australian soil for its local market has reignited the foreign ownership debate. Australian graziers say the plan to buy one million hectares of land for beef production would be welcome, with the right restrictions in place. It could also throw a lifeline to northern cattle producers, still recovering from the live export suspension two years ago.Indonesia has a goal of becoming self sufficient in food production. But it doesn't have the land for breeding cattle. And since reducing its quota on Australian cattle imports, it's been unable to meet its own demand, meaning beef prices have spiked. Now Indonesia is looking to Australia's vast open spaces for breeding its own cattle more cheaply.What it signals is Indonesia acknowledging the comparative advantage of Northern Australia and the Indonesian feedlot system.Some NT cattle stations have been on the market for more than 18 months since the live export suspension sent the industry into chaos.It might be an opportunity for those people wanting to get out or looking to get out, to actually get out with some money in their pocket rather than nothing.At the end of the day it doesn't matter where whether the capital comes from Indonesia, from America or even from Europe. The fact is that the industry across the north of Australia needs capital. If that's Indonesian money, so be it.It's still unknown how the plan would roll out.If it is part of a plan which also includes an increase in quotas in terms it of both live cattle and/or boxed meat, there is benefits to this country as well.If Indonesia buys one million hectares of Australian farmland, at current production rates, that would give it a 5% share of the Australian export market. Producers say that alone is not enough to threaten the square kilometres of country and running cattle square kilometres and running cattle is not going
to result square kilometres of country
and running to result in market
domination.National Senator, Barnaby Joyce, is more sceptical. He says Australia wants to be a partner in regional food production, not just the location of it.

Eight men attacked on a remote track in Papua New Guinea have returned home. They were part of a group earlier this week. They flew into Cairns mid-morning before heading on to their home States.It was an emotional homecoming for the two Queensland men at Mackay airport. Less than 48 hours earlier, Nick Bennett and Steve Ward survived a harrowing ordeal. Nick's son flew from Brisbane to be with his dad. There were similar scenes in Melbourne where Peter Stevens, Kim Dewar and rod Clark arrived to open arms.A little bit emotional.The group set out on a challenging and remote week-long trek on Tuesday when the group was ambushed as they set up camp. Two of the group's porters were hacked to death in the attack.I started to put my head outside the tent. Smack, I thought I had been shot actually.We have come out of it pretty well but our carriers... We feel for them. They got pretty carriers... We feel They got pretty badly slashed They got up.The relieved men touched down in Cairns this morning where they paid tribute to the woman who saved their lives. Christiana King was leading her first trip on the Black Cat Track.She is exceptional and without her quick thinking perhaps we wouldn't be here.The group setting up a trust fund to help local villages and say the attack shouldn't reflect on them.It's no really about us. We are very concerned about the porters...And their families.Their local economy.There is speculation in the media about it being inter tribal warfare. It was nothing to do with that.The Australian Government has individualsed travellers not to use the Black Cat Track until the local police finish their investigation. The bandits haven't been caught yet but PNG's PM said they could face the death penalty. At least some of the trekkers want to return to PNG to finish what they started, if their families let them.

With American-led military action on hold, international diplomacy is now ramping up over Syria's chemical weapons arsenal. The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is flying to Geneva tonight to discuss the crisis with his Russian counterpart. The UN Security Council has also met, but there are warnings as long as the conflict goes on, more atrocities will be committed. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from the Lebanese-Syrian border.The international commission of inquiry on Syria says the war crimes it's documented are getting worse. And its latest report covers the period before this apparent chemical weapons attack last month. While the commission says those who use the weapons must be brought to justice, it warns a military response will make peace even harder to achieve.With this battery of international military involvement, Syria and the region face further confrontation, leading to increasing civilian suffering. Bashar
But inside and outside Syria, Bashar al-Assad's opponents are still begging for intervention. Thousands of Syrians have crossed the border with Lebanon and taken refuge in little bitter
towns like al sal and they are bitter about the West.This man who called himself Abu Mohammed says if Barack Obama says something and backs down, he does not deserve respect and does not mean what he says. A mosque turned first-aid station for fighters and civilians, it's the same story. This farmer was hit by a tank. His doctor said he has lost all trust in Barack Obama and the United believe Barack Obama will
follow United Nations. Few here believe Barack Obama follow through on his threat but none think Bashar al-Assad follow through on his will live up to but none think Bashar will live up With the Syrian chemical
weapons weapons issue looming as a shadow over weapons issue looming as shadow over his presidency, President Obama has paused to remember the victims of since
September 11. It's 12 years at
since nearly 3,000 people died at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on board United Flight 93 that crashed near Shanksville in Pennsylvania.I have to come every year here because he don't - we don't Jose Nunez
found him.An amazing father, Jose Nunez Castillo. Thank you for the amazing memories and spoiling us every Friday after school.After more than a decade, scarred by the wars which followed September 11, the President is emphasised a need for discussion and negotiation when confronted with violence.Have the wisdom to know while force is at times necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek.

A man has pleaded guilty in Darwin's Supreme Court to us using Facebook to meet up with and have sex with children. It was a joint investigation between the NT police child abuse taskforce and the fraud squad which led to the charges being laid against the man. 25-year-old Scott Quinn pleaded guilty to ten child sex related charges and six fraud offences. The court heard that between December 2011 and July last year, Quinn had sex with four girls aged between 12 and 15 and attempted to procure sex from another four underage girls. Quinn would add the girls as friends on Facebook and told them he was an 18-year-old looking for a relationship. The court heard Quinn met one victim at cast reason a shopping square who he then took back to the Capricornia motel in Fannie Bay where they had sexual intercourse. The prosecution told the court Quinn would send explicit photos of himself to the girls, knowing they were underage. Along with the child sex offences, the 25-year-old also pleaded guilty to fraud. Quinn was working at the mantra in Darwin's CBD at the time of the offending. He used the credit card details of customers to book motel rooms. The eight victims didn't give victim impact statements to the court but one of the fathers did. He said his daughter's innocence was taken away and the girl's mother had to quit look to look after her daughter. The prosecutor told the Chief Justice it to impose a penalty that would reflect the seriousness of the offences. He said:

Quinn's defence lawyer acknowledged the gravity of the offending but says his client never forced himself upon the

Prosecute are o Matthew Nathan described this type of to
offending as the most serious to ever come before the NT Supreme Court. Chief Justice Trevor Riley will sentence Quinn tomorrow.

In Queensland, the jury in the murder trial of Gold Coast police officer Damian Leeding has inspected the tavern where he was shot during an armed hold-up. Security was tight as the jurors, judge and legal counsel were walked through the events of May 2011.The Pacific Pines Tavern was closed and police cordoned off the area ahead of the high profile visit. Jurors in the Supreme Court murder trial have heard days of evidence from victims and seen CCTV footage from the night. Today they saw the crime scene up owes. They stayed for an hour walking through the business and the car park where the fatal gun fight took place. On a Sunday night in May 2011, Damian Leeding and his female partner arrived at the tavern and interrupted an armed up. and interrupted an armed hold the head and died up. The detective was shot in the head and died three the head and died three days later. Phillip Graeme Abell and Donna Lee McAvoy are on trial for his murder. Today's jury visit reminded them of what happened two years ago.It has been in the back of everyone's head but we have never given up on coming here.I feel safe when I go in there, so yeah. They are friendly and they have to have their business going. You can't shut up shop because things happen.On their return to Brisbane, the jurors were sent home with no witnesses to give evidence during this afternoon,'s sittings. They Court
will be back in the Supreme Court tomorrow morning. Firefighters have the upper hand on a fire that's burnt more than a thousand hectares of bush in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. While that threat has eased, another fire is burning to the city's north. It closed both lanes of the F3 freeway for part of the afternoon, after a hazard reduction burn got out of control.South of Newcastle and another blaze breaks out, this time along the F3, causing long delays for motorists.You have got bush on all sides of the freeway.Crews raced to contain the fire which is thought to have started when a hazard reduction burn got out control.On first glance it would appear to be so. We apologise to the motorists for the inconvenience.It's one of dozens of fires burning across the State. The major threat is at Winmalee. There residents remain nervous.When the fires first started...Firefighters were back at homes along Hawkesbury as embers reignited. A few kilometres down the as embers reignited. A kilometres down the road, crews were mopping up, breaking up logs and making sure every last ember is out.Let's go.It's slow and dirty work.Blacking out is removing any possible reignition point. So when the wind comes, we don't get a re-light.As water bombing continued, firefighters remain on alert.It doesn't take much if you have winds behind it, which is our worst enemy. It can sort of flair.The steepness of this terrain shows how difficult it was to fight this fire. Crews had to cut a path through this area before back burning could begin. Life is getting back to normal here. Schools in the area have reopened and power is slowly being reconnected. Crews are expected to be here until at least next week monitoring the There are plans to ban anyone other than registered practitioners, from providing birthing services in SA after three babies died in home births. The State Government says it's been forced to act alone because attempts for a national agreement have failed. Former midwife Lisa Barrett voluntary rendered her midwifery registration in January 2011. She was central to an inquest into the deaths of three babies at separate home births between 2007 and 2011. Despite being unregistered, Ms Barrett has continued working privately as a birth advocate. Under new legislation to be introduced to would
Parliament this year, that would be illegal.What the current legislation doesn't prevent is someone doing what a midwife would do at a birth, even though that person is not a doctor or a registered midwife.The State's Nursing and Midwifery Federation has been lobbying for the change and says it's vital the legislation be passed.I think this is a very unique case. It shows there is a gap in the law. Certainly no-one would want to take any risks with the gap continuing.Deputy State Coroner, Anthony Schapel handed down his findings in June last year but the Government says fruitless attempt toss create nationwide laws delayed action in SA.It was going to take years to get national agreement and so SA is going it alone.Unregistered people who provide the services of a midwife will face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $30,000. Last week the ABC reported the nursing and mid wifary board has launched action against Lisa Barrett. They are alleging her conduct was inappropriate, unsafe detrimental to the public's
confidence in was inappropriate, unsafe and
detrimental to the confidence in the profession.

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott and his incoming Coalition Government have been delivered an economic reality check. Unemployment has hit its highest level in four years and a growing number of people have given up on finding a job. That complicates the task for the Prime Minister-elect as he tries to boost the national economy. Elysse Morgan has the details.Minus 10, below expectations. 5.8. On expectations.They may not be a disaster but these figures hardly paint a picture of an economy in health. The unemployment rate rose from 5.7 to 5.8% last month. Its highest level in four years. Across the States, WA saw the biggest jump. In Tasmania, the situation remains dire, while the figures were steady in Victoria and the ACT. SA was the lone bright spot. Its jobless rate eased. The figures reveal an increasing number of discouraged job seekers are giving up the search all together. That has pushed the participation rate to GFC level. It's no wonder, with thousands of roles being scrapped.1,500 jobs being lost a month. In male full-time workers, which is the bulk of the labour market, 3,500 jobs are lost a month. It's a soft outcome.That's bad news. Not just for job seekers, but also the incoming Government, with unemployment tipped to keep rising.We are on our way up over 6% by the end of the year and probably a little higher before we start to get things under control.That will be Duff with the economy growing below average at just 2.6%, economists are warning the Government to tread like
gently.There's no point being like Europe and trying to tighten the budget when things are weak.Economists say the Reserve Bank won't rush into another interest rate cut, given the red hot housing market.We are going to have to deal with a little bit higher unemployment for a while.In we have
other words, the jobless rate we have to have. In finance, Australia's rising unemployment rate share
undermined the dollar but the share market finished higher.

Rising unemployment wasn't enough to kill off a rising market. It pushed ahead to a new five-year high. Australia's been one of the best performing markets in the world during the past three months. Those jobs numbers removed some of the momentum but there is still an after glow from the improved prospects from China and global growth for that matter. That helped the miners and the recent pick up in business and consumer confidence here has given cyclical stocks a boost. That didn't extend to Myer. It reported a 9% drop in annual profit to $127 million. Myer's expecting the tough conditions to continue and that's where rising unemployment hurts. The less volatile measure of jobs growth trend employment shows we are losing 1,500 jobs a month. It's dipped below zero and that doesn't happen often. Negative trend employment growth is often associated with recessions if it persists. The encouraging part of the jobs numbers is the relentless rise jobs
in hours work. Those of us with jobs are working harder but sooner or later businesses will have to take on extra staff. In coming months we will also find out where the election made unemployment look worse because it added to business reluctance. The Australian galah had a knock, weak jobs numbers equals lower interest rates equals sell the dollar. The major commodities are down. Gold has fallen because everyone expect the US to start winding back its stimulus measures from next week.

Concern is growing in several African countries after a new survey shows will elephant population plem eating. In Kenya their numbers are reaching lows. They are cracking down on smuggling. Here is Ginny Kenya's elephants are in decline. Bulls of smuggling. Here is Ginny Stein.
Kenya's elephants are in decline. Bulls of this size are now considered rare sightings. now The way he now considered rare The way he looks, the The way he looks, the size, to me is one of a kind experience to come across such a giant.Conservationists, tour operators and the governments now agree if nothing is done, ten years from now, wild elephants in Kenya will be a thing of the past and the impact will be devastating.A child who goes into grade school today will not see elephants by the time he's in his mid teams. Gee we are all worried, all the tourist operators. This is Kenya's diamond.In Kenya's most famed game reserve, the Maasai Mara, elephants are hunted. This young bull speared to death. Its tuskses hacked off. Before they used to cut the whole head and remove the tusk as a whole.Kenya has been named as one of the gang of eight worst offending, smuggling and poaching countries. An investigation into its own wildlife agency has resulted in scores of officers being stood down.They have been suspected they have abetted poaching. They may is have been communicating with known poachers.But Kenya can do little to bring an end to demand for ivory, it's doing more to halt supply, promoting the value of its wildlife on home soil, one way it hopes to make a difference. Tasmania is in the grip of a cold snap with freezing temperatures and snow, while cold snap with been
other parts of Australia have been hit other parts of been hit by bushfires and heat. Temperatures been hit by Temperatures plummeted to minus 6 degrees on Temperatures plummeted to 6 degrees on Hobart's Mount Wellington, while in the city, it was 1.9. Snow and thick frost blanketed parts of the State.We have had reports of snow to sea level at Dover, a pilot at Cambridge Airport rang up to say that there was snow flakes falling on district in
him.Tasmania's infamously cold district in the Central Highlands dipped to minus 7, slightly warmer than the record minus 12 in July. Weather forecasters say the cold snap isn't unusual for September. Warmer weather is expected over the weekend. across the south of the trough
continent in association with a trough moving into the south-east corner and another front in the south-west. It's this system that will bring the Heffiest of the rainfall. Another hot day on the way for Queensland but there is trough moving through the inland and a southerly change up the coast. We are expecting to see dangerous fire conditions across the Southern and central inland and expecting to see isolated and light showers inland and a possible shower about the south-east coast. In NSW:

We have a rolled weather alert for the Adelaide Hills tomorrow morning. The top stories from ABC News - Bill Shorten has confirmed his candidacy for the Labor leadership, saying he believes the ALP is capable of winning the next Federal election. If the former Education Minister is successful, he would appoint Tanya Plibersek as his deputy. Nominations for the leadership open tomorrow, with Anthony Albanese expected to announce whether or not he will run at the caucus meeting. Seven Australians who survived a deadly attack on their New
trekking expedition in Papua New Guinea have arrived home. The men from Mackay and Victoria touched down in Cairns this morning. Bandits hacked two local porters to death while some of the trekkers were also injured during the attack.

The number of people out of work in Australia has hit a four-year high. Figures show a rise of 0.1% to rise of 0.1% to 5.8. It's highest level rise of 0.1% to 5.8. highest level since mid 2009. Unemployment has been steadily rising since November last year and is nearing the peak seen during the global financial

The US Secretary of State is heading for Geneva have where he is due to hold talks on Moscow's proposal to seize and chemical
destroy Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. The plans have caused anger amongst the Syrian rebels, who want the Assad regime to be brought to justice in the International Criminal Court.

Now it's time for all the day's sports news with Amanda Shalala. Tonight - walking away. Ricky Stuart turns his back on Parramatta and looks set to return to the Canberra Raiders.I always thought Ricky would come back to the place. We have had difficulty getting the stars aligned.Also tonight, the Swans will take on Carlton without their star, while Port Adelaide banks on still self belief for a finals berlth. Gr I'm Amanda Shalala and this This Program is Captioned Live. Welcome to the program. Coming up - Kimi Raikkonen returns to Ferrari to drive alongside his replacement. A special Grandstand panel looks at the darker side of Australian sport. But first to rugby league and Ricky Stuart has parted ways with Parramatta. He is leaving after one season of a three-year coaching deal with the Eels. The former Raiders star player has been linked to his old club but Canberra is yet to affirm his appointment.Another of Canberra's favourite sons is in
set to take the helm. He played in the Green Machine.From the
day that Ricky left to go toot Bulldogs in 2000 or '99, I knew he would come back.The decision does little to end the perception of nepotism after coaching stints by Mal Meninga and David Furner. Stuart has coached a premiership team, the Roosters in 2002. He was sacked by the Roosters. He left the Sharks in turmoil and has walked out 12 months into a three-year deal with the Eels after leading the club to a second straight wooden spoon.Probably the best sign we have had since Gibson. I could see Ricky being here.Leaving Parramatta, good riddance.When he gets one, look what he does.My family