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Arming the rebels - the CIA sends weapons to Syria.Force is at times necessary. Force alone cannot build the world we seek.Home sweet home - Kevin Rudd hands Tony Abbott the keys to the Lodge.Safe at last. Trekkers fly . Trekkers fly home after a deadly jungle attack.Three guys with hoods - hoods on and machetes, rifles, and then they were into us. ANNOUNCER: From SBS this is 'World News Australia'.Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Sarah Abo.I'm Anton Enus.Also tonight - are you OK. The simple question that could save a life. Standing tall and proud. Building the new World Trade Centre.The Syrian crisis has taken a new twist with the revelation ew twist with the revelation that United States has begun arming the oppositition. The US government has confirmed it began delivering light weapons and ammunition to the rebels two weeks ago.The news comes as Russia and America prepares to sit for crucial talks, aimed at neutralise the arsenal of chemical weapons. A country pauses to remember the victims much 9/11. The 12th anniversary of the attacks - a moment to reflect on the conflicts of yesterday and the challenges of tomorrow.Let us have the wisdom to know while force is at files necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek.His words reflecting a conflicted administration torn between punishing Syria for its use of chemical weapons, and allowing diplomacy - one last shot. As the President was speaking, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council were meeting in New York to plot a way forward before them - a draft French resolution before them, giving Syria 15 days to make an exhaustive, complete and definitive declaration of the location, amount and types of its chemical weapons. The regime would have to give immediate unconditional and unrestricted access to inspectors with the eventuality of destroying the measure. If not further measures a could be taken, including the use of force, which Russia opposesle Syria throwing a panner in -- opposes. Syria throwing a spanner in the works too.

His words playing into the hands of those advocating US Military intervention.I think that any initiative that would prevent this military action is worth exploring. But briefly, and I frankly am extremely sceptical.As is - the free Syrian army, as the CIA starts to supply the rebels with light weapons and other munigs, its leadership rejecting the Russian proposal out of hand. Outgoing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has welcomed his successor to the Lodge before next week's formal transfer of power. mal transfer of power. Earlier Tony Abbott spoke with President Barack Obama, assuring him of Australia's support for any action on Syria. After all the ak romjony - an outstretched hand. The man who lost greets the man who won at what will eventually be his new home, the LodgeVery few people...Kevin Rudd asked Tony Abbott if asked Tony Abbott if his daughters planned to live there too.The short answer is yes. They don't want to leave home...Mr Abbott added until such time as they get married.I know that feeling.Then it was off for the tour.See you, guys, be good. We are going to have a cup of tea. Tony Abbott has been taken calls from world leaders. Today me spoke to US President President Barack Obama, with Syria front and centre. Tony Abbott told the President he favours chastising the Syrians without force, but if force was necessary he'd have Australia's strong diplomatic and political support. Last night he spoke to Sri Lanka's President about asylum seekers, and Israel's Prime Minister. Incoming Foreign Minister Julia Bishop oreign Minister Julia Bishop took a call from the US counterpart John Kerry. They'll meet at the United Nations in New York later this month. On the Labor side they are looking for a leader. Bill Shorten is a candidate.I am running because I believe that Labor can win the next election.Mr Shorten wants Tanya Plibersek as his deputy. He is expecting former Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese would also run.I think he should. Obviously that will be up to him to decide.I believe I bring energy, I believe I bring optimism. I'm hungry for victory.As for those attacking each other.Please go into an empty room and say it to no-one.Bill Shorten says Labor will oppose repealing the carbon tax. A leadership ballot triggers the party's rules meaning the wider membership also votes - meaning Labor could be without a leader for a month. ut a leader for a month.These rules make us a laughing stockThere's nothing wrong with e's nothing wrong with a bit of democratic process. I'll back Bill Shorten. Tony Abbott is designing his military without frontbencher Sophie Mirabella.rontbencher Sophie Mirabella. Fighting for her seat, she bowed out of consideration. The new PM must have freedom to select his front bench... Government and oppositition MPs vote on the party's leadership in Canberra tom. A boat carrying asylum seekers has been intercepted in South Australian waters. It's the third since the Abbott government was elected. There was 76 on board, and they'll be transferred to Christmas Island for health and other checks. The incoming Coalition Government has been presented with a first challenge - creating more jobs. Australia's unemployment rate has risen to a 4-year high, raising expectations of another interest rate cut. erest rate cut.SBS business reporter Richard Goncalves explains how the figures affect you. Australia's jobless rate has been steadily rising since the beginning of 2012, and is now at its highest level since the middle of the global financial crisis in 2009. For the month of n 2009. For the month of the August the unemployment rate rose to

unemployment rate rose to 5.78% An increase of 0.1%. All up nearly 11,000 jobs lost, most of those part-time. Unemployost of those part-time. Unemployment rates fell in Australia. The biggest increase came from WA. Up 0.4% to 5%, reflecting the pull-back in the mining investment story. Now to CommSec for more.These figures are backward looking data. Before the election there was a period of

backward looking data. Before the
election there was a period of uncertainty We had consumer confidence and business confidence figures suggesting that levels are likely to pick up over the medium term, we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime some suggest the National jobless rate could exceed 6%. Traders sold off the Australian dollar after the release, betting we'll see ease, betting we'll see another interest raid cut soon.The Reserve Bank will maintain an evening bias over the next few months, they are in wait and see mode to get a better gauge on how the economy reacts. If there's no pick-up in activity, another rate in activity, another rate cut before Christmas to try to bolster the consumer spending period over Christmas is likely.Incoming Treasurer Joe Hockey.Incoming Treasurer Joe Hockey kept a low profile but released this statement about the need for a positive economic plan. He's hoping to create 1 million new jobs in the next five years.The Perth man acquitted on charges in Malaysia carrying the death penalty is disappointed to be back in custodyy.Last week Dominic Bird was found not guilty of drug trafficking and set free. He was re-arrested on Monday, just minutes before his flight to Perth. His lawyer has accused Malaysian police of corruption.There is a case to argue. You can see that people are being subjected to a death penalty. Based on evidence, mostly by police officers, who we have proven - this is perhaps the tip of an iceberg. It could be serious as to the corruption in the police.Today the Kuala Lumpar High Court denied Dominic Bird bail, saying it needs more time to consider the case. A group of Australian trekkers is back after a horrifying ordeal in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Two of their porters were hacked to death in front of them by armed bandits.Out hem by armed bandits.Out of the jungle and into the spotlight. Touching down in Cairns, the trekkers were asked to make sense of what had happened to them.I don't - you know, there were three very bad people. They had done a lot of damage.The group had set up camp on Day 1 of the Black Cat Track, when armed men approached.I saw them coming out of the bush and I thought "What?", three guys with hoods on and - and machetes, rifles, and then they were into us.Local porters were attacked first.We could hear the cries from the carriers, slash, slash, slash - you know, they started on us. I was hit a couple of times s hit a couple of times - just with the flat of a bush knife.Two porters were hacked to death, several other locals badly injured.We are here, and two boys are not. And many others so badly LAS rited it's unlikely they'll work again.We are putting together a trust fund, a donation fund for the locals. We just want people to support it.Trek leader Christiana King led those who were able on a 5-hour walk to a medical clinic, down the same path the attackers had appeared from. They seemed to have disappeared now, though a police helicopter and locals are looking for them. If found - PNG's Prime Minister says they should face the death penalty. As for the trekkers, some have not ruled out going back.I would like to do the walk again, but it's going to depend on my family, whether I can get away with it or not.This is not New Guinea, the people are gentler and it is worth going there, worth having an adventure. But be prepared.For now, it's all about getting home.My wife is waiting at Mackay airport. My son has flown up from Brisbane. That's what is waiting for me shortly. That's what I want to see. A trip they will never forget. Anger is mounting an Manus Island with a group of locals threatening to shut down Australia's asylum seeker processing centre. In this exclusive SBS story, they have expressed anger at discrimination in pay rates for workers helping to build the centre. While many locals welcome opportunities that Australia's asylum seeker processing centre brings to Manus Island, some are angry they are not reaping the benefits. Workers at the centre staged a half day strike last month to demand their be be lifted from $1.50, less than half that of other worker. In a video exclusive to SBS, this man claims local workers are used as cheap labour.

The centre's security operato,, G4S say security staff paid the same basic wage, with non-Manus Island employees given a deployment allowance. Landowners are angry. They say most contracts for building and supplying the centre have gone to Australian companies. They have blocked access to a garbage dump they claim was used by the centre.No products, no plastics...Another group has blocked access to a gravel pit used in the construction of a permanent centre. Here the Immigration Department says there's no disruptions to centre operations, and discussions with locals about a long-term waste site continues. It says locals are engaged by and paid in line with PNG's Department of Industrial Relations rates. Locals are encouraged to apply for jobs. One Manus Island MP is warning the situation could turn nasty.When the time gets to a point where they decide they have had enough. You will see blockages to the airport. They will close the camp down. If we don't do something quickly. The whole thing will be in jeopardy.Mr Knight raised the issue in parliament and is calling for an investigation by the PNG government into whether Australians working at the centre comply with local labour laws. Australian trained police are under fire ained police are under fire for their rough treatment of villages in the Solomons. Police involved in a hunt for a suspected murderer have been accused of undermining the peace protests on the islands. Four 10 years an alleged murderer has been on the run in the jungles of Malaita, accused of crimes committed during the Solomons ethnic conflict.From here. The commander and some soldiers ran around the house. Some came around in front of the house.In May about 10 heavily armed Australian led place raided Fauabu.Edmund Sae is wanted for the murder of the Royal Solomon Islands Commissioner of the police force force.Stun grenades were used, shots fired. In child needed hospital treatment. There are a number of devices used, but no bullets are fired.It's a big slap of the face of the peace protest. That's the feeling we get during the tension.In the past decade Australia spent. 2 billion on a largely successful peace- keeping operation in the Solomons. Known as the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI. The raids were over within 30 minutes. What they did achieve was to destroy any faith the people have in RAMSI. Communities are in year. He committed a serious offence, he's believed to have used a firearm. It's a view at odds with the nation, still trying s with the nation, still trying to reconcile its violent passed. Edmund Sae is pretty well getting back into society. I back into society. I read that in - that he's been well adjusting to the society and hasn't imprisoned anyone. Does he endorse the auffed raid.Matters of the Australian Federal Police rests with the Commissioner of police, not the Prime Minister.The villagers insist they are not harbouring the fugitive. It's the second time they've been raided. They will take all reasonable steps to bring him to justice.Peace is very fragile at this point of time. Edmund Sae is at large, and the peace is holding. For some, the welcome for Australia's police is wearing thin. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next, a losing Liberal hits out at his party's treatment of migrant candidates. Shortly the real reason the Mammoth died out. Later, all in the name of charity, Britain's princes turn traders to hon your victims of the September 11 attacks.


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A defeated Liberal candidate has gone to ground after accusing his party of treating migrant candidates as second-class citizens. Andrew Nguyen said he did not stand a chance because the party ignored the wishes of foreign-born voters. Winning a safe Labor seat was going to be tough. Andrew Nguyen said his party head tougher. The Vietnamese- born candidate was contesting the seat of fowl rer. He was asked for interviews. SBS Radio held a forum. He was keen to attend. After checking with party advisors,He confirmed that he was not allowed to be part of it and they told him not to take part in the forum.As well as being told it switch off his phone. Andrew Nguyen was escorted away from an appearance by Tony Abbott in Liverpool. The party didn't know how to campaign with foreign-born people and candidates, including those in the seats of Greenway and Parramatta.Comments like this are not helpful at the end of the day. I don't know why he made the comment or why he mentioned my name.Martin Zaiter says the support he received from the Liberal Party was phenomenal. Votes are being counted where Martin Zaiter trails Julie Owens by 0.6. But the Liberals are ahead in Ashleigh Barty, where half the population was born overseas. The seat of Fowler is home to large clusters of Vietnamese-Australian voters. Andrew Nguyen's cap pain was so ineffective that a majority voted Labor. In Cabramatta, the ALP received five times the number of first preference votes and secured Fowler with a 9.4% swing. Concerns are raised about an Indonesian plan to buy 1 million heck Tahs of Australian grazing lands. Struggling -- hectares of Australian grazing lapbldz. Struggling farms welcome it, but National's Barnaby Joyce says Australians won't reap the benefit. Demand for beef in Indonesia is growing. Stocks are low. Jakarta approved a low. Jakarta approved a plan to buy a million hectares. Cattle will be bred here and sent to

And abattoirs. -- The man likely to be Australia's man likely to be Australia's next Agriculture Minister rejected the plan.This is like selling some of the ACT. It's a substantial chunk of Australia that is going here.He would not be drawn on how the incoming Government would deal with the issue. I'm unsure what our position is at this point in time. Once a block of land is found the can block the sale. Farmers support the mood.Our sector will not survive without a level of foreign investment and capital that is required to take Australian agriculture forward.Mr Linnegar says buying Australian land doesn't mean Indonesia will whittle back export quotas. l whittle back export quotas.If the trade continues and they invest in that that could mean more jobs for Australians.Graziers in the Northern Territory welcome foreign investment as a lifeline after the previous government suspended live exports. Barnaby Joyce says the live export sector is struggling. We have plenty of cattle. We have a huge problem with the fact we can't get the live trade going. Stpwoneesha wants to increase agricultural self sufficiency. The ak situation of land will ease the price of beef and lower dependency on Australian exports. A bushfire forced the closure of one of NSW busiest roads. The major freeway from Sydney major freeway from Sydney to Newcastle was shut for hours in both directions. The M1 was reopened before the evening peak. Another fire flared up on the southbound shoulder, again slowing traffic.A Brisbane school oval has been closed after the discovery of the asbestos. The dangerous substance was found by construction workers digging trenches for a classroom block at Graceville State primary school. The site has been cordoned off for repairs and clean- up.Australians are being asked to - dash urged to ask a simple question that could save a life. Today is RUOK Day. And sporting celebrities joined mental health experts in a bid to reduce suicide. He was known as a tough player on the football field. The mental strength of Tommy Raudonikis was tested when his teenage grandson died playing rugby league.A lot of friends I hadn't heard from for years rang me and gave me encouragement. That was wonderful. People cared about me and my family and my daughter.Looking out for others is the key message the former Wests half-back is keen to promote an RUOK Day.If you talk to somebody and you have a feeling that he is not well, he's not communicating well. Ask him the question - are you OK.A rugby league legend used the event to highlight the prevalence of suicide in Aboriginal communities.A lot of our people in the Indigenous culture don't want to open up to people. If you can sort of peel away the first layer or two, you can get ou can get to the bottom of what is going on in their lives.Now in its fifth year RUOK Day will be an annual reminder to be aware of the emotional state of others.Many people take their lives. A lot of people are not OK. By answering the question and listening to the answer, and being there, we hope we can make people feel less isolated and seek help.In Melbourne the mental health benefits of natural therapyies were on disciplai in the Bourke Street mall.Lovely. I love it.This is nice, yes.It's about making people feel comfortable and relaxed, and teaching them about their own health, and how they can look after themselves.Even if it means just taking time out from life's daily rigors to smell the flowers. The US claims North Korea has restarted a reactor that produces plutonium. Analysts say it proves the reclusive nation is making good on a promise to boost the stockpile of nuclear weapons. The institute at Johns Hopkins university says sat lit imagery shows white steam coming out of the building. Muslim rebels holding scores of the hostages in the Southern Philippines demand international mediation. Rounds of fire broke out with government troops on the third day of the stand-offment the rebels accused the government of reneging on a promise to develop an autonomous region for Muslims. Pope Francis has a new set of whilst. The mini popemobile was donated by a priest in Northern Italy. It's a 4-door manual 1984 's a 4-door manual 1984 Renault in papal white, of course, which the Roman Catholic leader plans to drive himself. More on the top story. While the world is concentrating on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. There are conventional weapons causing the damage.Diplomats in Europe and the US thrash out the issue of chemical weapons, the fights goes on. Tucked away in a mountain range is associated with the earliest days of Christianity. It's on a list of the UN world heritage sites and important to Christians and Muslims and fear they are having to take sides.Christian pilgrims used to take this road. Now it's an empty lonely drive. The road has been fought over several times since armed rebels seized the area. The civilians who lived here, part Christian, and the rest Muslim, fled. It was late afternoon. Since the morning the Syrian army had been assaulting the town and seized the main scare. The heavy gunfire showed the rebels were fighting back.

back. The commander called Nadal told me his rebels were pushing to a strong point. Among the rebel militias that seized Malula jihadists allied with al-Qaeda. Most of the Syrian troops trying to push them out were volunteers who joined a territorial force called National defence. Nusra are a terrorist group. They are destroying people and all the people are against them. They are destroying churches and mosques. This area has some of the oldest Christian churches in the Middle East. Its people in Damascus still speak Aremaic the language they believe was spoken by Christ.

believe was spoken by Christ. Most Christians and other minority sects in Syria support the regimes, or believe it's a better option than jihadist rebels and foreign fighters.I've been here and talking to the soldiers. A lot of them are local men, some Christians, who say that they are fighting for the town and for what it stood for. As well as that, they are Bashir al-Assad loyalists and are fighting for him.Malula is treasure usualed by every Christian in the Middle East, and the rebel advance horrified them. The Syrian army is well supplied with arms and ammunitions by Russia and... Fresh troops including volunteers from Christian areas and Damascus, got ready to go into action. The men said western countries opposed to the Assad regime were backing the wrong side and should help them to fight jihadist help them to fight jihadist rebels. He said - "Tell the EU and the Americans that we sent them St Paul 2,000 years ago to take you from the darkness", you sent terrorists to kill us. Wounded men were rushed back from the frond line. This is the reality of the war in Syria. Conventional weapons killed more than 100,000 people on all sides of this Civil War. And kill more every day. Syrian army jets were circling. Supporters of pro western armed rebels thought a few days ago that the Americans days ago that the Americans might tilt the war their day by attacking the regime's armed forces. The fact that the world's powerful military may not come after them is good news for the Syrian army and supporters. Chinese government is drawinging up plans to move 100 million people from rural areas to the cities in the coming decade. It's premier says more needs to be done to boost incomes and living standards. For many the pace of change is leading to divisions and discontent. Never in human history has one nation changed rapidly. The government here calls this the China dream. Giant cities rising from nothing. This massive building spree is what kept china's economy growing fast. Now the plan is to move another 100 million people into the cities in the next 10 years. In the rush for riches, many are losing out.The dream here was a boarding school. Her husband built it a decade ago. It had over 1,000 student. Studying English, all paying to be educated here. Today there's not a single child. The classroom gathered tuft. This is why what next door developers are building a shopping mall and apartment. They want the school too.TRANSLATION: Here is our canteen, ION: Here is our canteen, that was the dormitory, it was torn down in the myle of the night.No-one offered the family proper compensation. When they tried to stop the bulldozers, the thugs moved in. Trying to intim date them to sign over the land -- intimidate them to sign over the land. The family say they've been beaten up dozens of times. The police do nothing. It's a vicious circle. To keep growing china is urbanising, lands ing china is urbanising, lands is being grabbed. Ordinary Chinese are left feeling abandoned, vulnerable. Our parents are old. In their '70s, and 80s, they worry about it because of what is happening. I'm sorry, I can't talk about this.The leaders are aware that development can fuel disconspent say the nation needs to reform and build more cities. But improve people's lives and number too. TRANSLATION: We can keep the economy expandingWe can keep the economy expanding at a healthy rate. Industrialisation and urbanisation are far from complete. There is still room to grow.They are not sharing the dreams. Her family faces ruin, others bully their way to wealth. Greedy and powerful grabbing the opportunities as China's cities rise. Humans have been blamed for hunting the woolly Mammoth to extinction around 4,000 years ago. 4,000 years ago. A study suggestions we might be off the hook. The new factor is climate change. There's plenty of evidence that humans hunted woolly Mammoths. Many believe that it led to the extinction of gigantic creatures 4,000 years ago. Scientists studying their remains are seeing a different picture. By drilling into their tuskss they extracted DNA. From it they are able to tell moum mammoths there were at any given time. If the DNA from each is urgent, there were lots of them. If there are signs of inbreeding there are a few. The frozen remains of mammoths have remains of mammoths have been discovered across the world. DNA from their bones, and teeth, and their hair shows that their demise was due to a change in climate. It began 20,000 years ago. The ice age was at its height.It was too cold for Mammoths, it would have depressed the plant growth that the mammoth depended on. That was the first hit of a process leading to its extinction.Then it became too warm for them.Mammoths - the Woolley mammoth was the size of a modern day elephant. It thought they ate huge amounts of grass around 200 kilos.40,000 years ago. There was lots of ago. There was lots of grass for the creatures to eat. As the ice age ended the grass disappeared, so did the ma'am oth. These beasts were forced north as their grassland was replaced by forests. One clear message from here is that mammoth don't like the warm. When it gets warm, they get going, they go up north and sometimes they go up at least once they went up when they weren't extinct. All that's left of the ceet tours. Is there frozen remains. Some Woolley mammoth trivia you may not know. th trivia you may not know. They lived up to 80 years and died when their last set of teeth wore down. There was a Woolley era. here was a Woolley era. The prins William and Harry tried their hand at a new provision, stock broking joining traders in memory of stock broking staff killed in the September 11. It was one occasion when even for royals not short of a few bob sums traded were eyewatering. That's right. William had just concluded worth 25 billion euro, which is said to be a record for this kind of thing. All carefully set up, but then the purpose of this visit by William and Harry was serious - to raise money in memory of those who died on this day. In the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. More than 600 people from the company were e from the company were among those who perished that day. Traders around the world found themselves being pressed by the second in line to the throne to part with any spare cash for charity. Harry too was spying or selling a billion or two of something or other. So mite the city have found two new recruits. William, after all left his search and rescue eft his search and rescue squadron in Anglesey. No, they were trading places for one day only. Coming up - next on 'World News Australia', why the EU has enraged others. Also ahead a doping cheat joins the war against performance enhancing drug.


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performance enhancing drug. The President of the European Union mounted a defence of his organisation in a heated parliamentary exchangeed parliamentary exchange. He took aim at those rejoices in the union's difficulties, saving tough words for the British Conservative Party. The state of the union address in Strasburg from the President of the European Commission.We have good reason to be confident.He mounted a robust defence of the EU policy, saying it was time for proumpeens to stand up.You have not delivered on big promise.When a leading Tory criticised him and his team, suggesting they represent no-one outside the Brussels bubble. He warned that the Tories played into the hands of UQIP ahead of the European electionsahead of the European elections.I start to have doubts that you will be elected in Britain. They'll be the first force in the British elections. Because when it comes to be against Europe - when it comes to be against Europe.The people between the original and the copy. Music to some ears in the chamber but a political Hand grenade. It's unusual for the President to comment on the politics of a member state. Mr Barroso's age want the conservatives engaged in Europe. He stands by the statement. This will not do ment. This will not do much for the image of European institutions in many parts of the Tory Partyy.It's rich for the unelected head of the European election to give advice. That's typical of him.It is a European election said a leading MEP which is's not to be about left versus right, but Euro sceptics.Let's check the figures, and the South Australian sharemarket closed higher despite the disappointing jobs data. Department store owner Myer lost 11 cent after profits fell 8.7 cent.AGL energy firmed after the competition watchdog proved a $103 million takeover of

Power and gat.

On the commodity markets, gold is down, oil is up. Joining us now with the sport is Craig Foster, and a former drugs cheat is leading the fight against performance enhancing drugs. Ben Johnson called for the International Olympic Committee and World Anti-Doping Agency to provide better education and support on drugs issues. Johnson was among a number of high profile former athletes and administrators calling for change at an antidoping forum in Sydney. Wherever he goes, Ben Johnson is remembered as a notorious drug cheat. His 1988 blitz to 100m gold in Seoul came with the help of steroids and he

blames himself.I never did - you know, we'll move forward in life. According to some members of an aind drugs forup. If the World Anti-Doping Agency continues to catch cheats, it's wasting time testing millions of athletes every year.The sport begins with expersonnel forces, those that have a commercial or criminal interest, and then the athletes are corrupted. A new approach needs to be taken, moving away from a concentration on testing to focusing on investigations. 25 years ago Ben Johnson became the notorious drug cheat in history.Preaching what he learnt from mistakes made is important for athletes.Two petitions to the International Olympic Committee and Wada are asked to keep funding and powers. For Johnson it's about convincing the next generation to learn from his mistakes.I can change the minds of young people, that what I did back then was a mistake, and I never want to go back that road again. I will never take drugs again, it's final.Johnson's world tour moves to Melbourne, then Tokyo and South Korea. Former reeg great Kevin Hastings says he came close to taking his own -- rugby league great Kevin Hastings says he cam you close to taking his own life. He played his own life. He played more than 200 games for the Roosters in 1986 and 1987. He has been suffering from depression since retiring. An investigation by a rugby league magazine reported a number of former first graders suffered problems linked to memory lose and dementia. Eels fans are shocked and disappointed after coach Ricky Stuart walked out on the club. Gleen and Brett Stewart activated a release clause after a season to sign a 3-year deal to coach the -year deal to coach the Canberra Raiders. It's been a disastrous deal for the Raiders. Boardroom infighting contributed to Gleen and Brett Stewart's decision.Yes, it's unprecedented. It's been a double whammy the fact they have the woodenspoon and the coach left the club. It's disappointing. The fans are disillusioned from what is happening. Let's hope there's light on the horizon somewhere.Recently sacked North Queensland coach Neil Henry, and assistant coach Jason Taylor are contenders for the Parramatta role. Duel Brownlow Medallist season Adam Goodes season has is over after being left out of the team. Goodes hasn't played since Round 13 and failed to force his way into the team. He has trained twice in 11 weeks, with his coach deeming the risk too great. It's his first week of string and we are going into a final. That's one side of the discussion. The other side of the discussion is Adam Goodes a champion player, and has got incredible mental strength. Gary Rohan was omitted with soreness in the leg which he broke last season as well as Ben McGlynn. Harry Cunningham and Shane Bigs come into the side. Perth misses out on an annual test time for the first time into 40 years. Cricket Australia says the WACA's capacity and facilities were factors? A decision to axe Perth when India tours the country. Rain saw the third one-day international at Edgbaston end in a wash out. Play started 20 minutes later and didn't last much longer with 15 overs bowled before the heavens opened. Holding a 1-0 lead in the series, the Australian squad heads to Cardiff for the Fourth game on Friday with two matches to play. To cycling and Dutch naun Bauke Mollema has surprised the sprinters with a late charge to win the 17th stage of the Tour of Spain. Best known as a climber Bauke Mollema powered away in the 189km stage to clinch line honours. Vincenzo Nibali retains the race lead with a 28 second advantage over American Chris Horner. And a reminder for cycling buffs live coverage of the Vuelta continues:

Finally in sport - Hagi Gligor is possibly an unfamiliar name to A- League supporters, that pay be about to change. The Sydney FC youth graduate is one of a number of young guns looking to make their mark when the season kicks off under a month's time. In the special feature we look at the journey to the top and the role club superstar Alessandro Del Piero played in his fledgling career. It's a surreal feeling. Seeing him on the pitch and take on players, it's like he's in a different world. It's unbelievable. different world. It's unbelievable. There's a lot of young players - he's their idol. Seeing him every day is crazy.That special feature is crazy.That special feature tomorrow on World News Australia. Something to look forward to. That's the day in sport. Thank you. Coming up - the weather and rising again from the Ashes. The extraordinary imagery to mark 12 years since the attacks on the World Trade Centre.

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In a blast from the past, eight tall ships are taking part in a maritime festival on Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay. Among the international fleet - vessels from Britain and the Netherlands, and four from Australia. Their nest destination Tasmania. Let's go to the weather now - a low is causing gusty winds, showers and snow in Victoria and Tasmania. A trough brings storms to South Australia. Wind and rain is gradually easing in WA as the low moves further east. In the major centres, showers for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Storms for Perth, sunny in Darwin and Hobart. Partly cloudy further afield.

further afield. Light has again illuminated the New York skyline to mark the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. A time-lapse video has been released showing the 9-year construction of the tower that stands on the site.

Recapping the top stories - the US government confirmed it began delivering light weapons and ammunition to Syrian rebels. The news comes as Russia and America sit for crucial talks aimed at neutralising Syria's arsenal of chemical weapons.Outgoing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd welcomed Tony Abbott to the lodge. Mr Abbott spoke to Barack Obama about Australia's support for action on Syria.A group of Australian trekkers returned home after a horrifying ordeal that saw two of their porters hacked to death in Papua New Guinea. And sporting celebrities joint mental health experts for National RUOK Day in a bid to reduce the rate of suicide. That's the world today. Our next bulletin at the earlier time of 10:20 on SBS1. Goodnight. Red

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When I first came to Britain,

you would not have called this
a curry nation.

But today you certainly can.

Now most curries came
from South Asia,

and different parts of South Asia
have different kinds of curries.

They're all wonderful,
but there's one particular area

where I find that the curries
are exquisite.

Today I'm going to be exploring
the food

loved by the Gujarati people
of Britain.

Gujarat is a state in western India,
and its people

have one of the most delicate
and varied cuisines in the world.

Many British Gujaratis
first lived in Africa,

and it is that African influence
in their food that is something very special and
it is that that I want to explore.

This is what is eaten
through much of Africa.

And I also discover that real India
is to be found in Britain

with Gujarati Hindu classics.

These are cooked exactly the way
they were cooked a long time ago.

And I'm going to teach you
how to cook

a very nutritious dal soup
with pasta in it.

Pasta in a curry, I hear you say?

Trust me, this is one of
the most delicious recipes

I've ever cooked on television.

When my first recipe book
was published in the UK in 1973,

Indian food was in its infancy here.

But, boy, has it grown.

Wherever they travel in the world,

people take their favourite recipes
with them.

As they settle in new countries,
traditional recipes get adapted.

through food

and that is something I am going
to be doing in this program.

I have come to Leicester,
where many Gujaratis have settled

and made Belgrave Road
the centre of their community.

It's a very special street

filled with sari shops and
restaurants and Gujarati businesses.

But not all the food for sale here
sounds like it's Indian.

What is this one here?
That's mogo pili-pili.

Oh, mogo pili-pili.
That, I'm going to taste.

These spicy cassava chips are
on every Indian menu in Leicester.

But cassava is more popular in Africa
than it is in India.

And its name, mogo pili-pili,
is Swahili.

I want to explore this
African-Indian link a bit further

and ask listeners
to a local Indian radio station

about their favourite recipes.

Hello, how are you?
How are you?

To help me with my research,

Faruk Razak invites me
to his radio phone-in show.

In the 19th century
and the earlier 20th century

a lot of Gujaratis from India
went to Africa,