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(generated from captions) I don't believe that.
You can't believe it, can you? You said to me, one question.
I said, "Give me something I know." "Give me something I know."
So I gave you your favourite song. That's right.
'I've Been to Bali Too' for $20,000!

There you go. How about that? I am the biggest Redgum fan. Redgum - John Schumann, of course.
'Only 19'. John Schumann,
I have his solo albums. Have you?
Yes. You've got it. (LAUGHS) Two daughters,
Leah, 20 and Kate, 19. Warren's your husband.
You've been married for 24 years. You've got 20 grand.
Go and enjoy yourself, OK? I don't believe it. That's what we do on the Hot Seat.
Kathie Minton just won $20,000. I'll catch you next time. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. Thousands stranded as a bushfire cuts the Sydney to Newcastle freeway. Australian survivors describe a machete attack in the Papua New Guinea jungle. Welcome to your new home - afternoon tea and a tour of the Lodge. Wheelers and dealers, William and Harry, make millions for charity. And Ricky Stuart on why he walked out on the Eels.ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton.Good evening. Just -- just two days after fires rages through our west, a new blaze has cause chaos north of Sydney. The M1 Freeway, formally known as the F3, was shut down as crews fought the flames at Morisset, near Lake Macquarie, with traffic banked up for kilometres. At its peek, the out of control -- out-of-control fire was more than 10m high, jumped across four lanes of traffic and a median strip. It appears the blaze was started by a hazard reduction burn conducted by the Rural Fire Service.I think they're burning off.They say an unexpected sea breeze helped whip up the flames. 15 trucks and 40 firefighters worked to put it out. Traffic around the Mandalong Road intersection was shutdown in both directions. Big plumes of smoke drifting across the motorway made visibility a problem. Trucks got out of there way -- any way they could. Bliss were called in to help with diversions, kilometres of cars at a stand still. With nowhere to go, their drivers waited by the side of the road, left to amuse themselves. The usually busy motorway empty as peak hour approached. Our reporter is at Morisset tonight. Any closer to confirming how the blaze started? At this stage -- stage firefighters are confirming there was a hazard reduction in this area just before the fire took off but they can't confirm if that was the cause just yet. They need a full investigation. For now their main focus is getting on top of the blaze. We've had water-bombing helicopters dropping into the dam behind us. We came from the M1. The traffic conditions there are getting a little better. Both lanes northbound have now opened but there is a lot of smoke and haze still in the air. The traffic is pretty slow heading up from Sydney and motorists heading that way are urging to take caution tonight.Thank you. A group of Australian trekkers has arrived home after a brutal machete attack in Papua New Guinea. The relieved hikers praised the bravery of their guide, as they relived their terrifying ordeal. Heading home, traumatised, horrified. Revealing for the first time their ordeal. Started to put my head outside the tent and smack. I thought I'd been shot, actually. Blood erupted out of my head.With blood running down his face, Nick Bennett looked up. They were actually butchering the porters and it was - it was just appalling.I didn't think at one stage they were going to stop.The adventurers all too aware of how lucky they are to be telling the story.This is not about heroic, this is about staying alive.The trekking expedition was attacked on the Black Cat Track as night fell on Tuesday.We witnessed a butchery, a slaughter. I... I still don't really know how to explain it to myself.Butching down in Cairns today, all -- touching down in Cairns today, all happy to be on home soil. Rod Clarke reliving the moment they were ambushed.We could hear the crys from the carriers, slash, slash, slash. Then they started on us.All praising the courage of their tour leader Christie King.She was amazing. Kristy is a very, very brave woman, a brave person regardless. She's exceptional.They believe the expat, who lives in Papua New Guinea, put her life on the line to save them. Kevin Rudd has officially handed over The Lodge to Prime Minister elect Tony Abbott. But Mr Abbott won't move in for at least a year as the Canberra residence undergoes renovations. The old occupant has been evicted by the voters but -- and he welcomes the new tenant and they pose for pictures at the front door.You and Margie will find this a good place to make a home.It's an extraordinary honour to be here. There was a bit of chat about the Abbott daughters.The girls moving inThe short answer is yes because they don't want to leave home before they're married.I know that feeling.But the Lodge is a mess. Slate tiles on the roof need replacing, 1920s electrical wireing is sa fire hazard, there's asbestos and rusty plumbing. While the residence has been officially handed over, it will be at least a year before the Abbott consist move NHave a cup of -- have a cup of tea.Temporary accommodation is being found in Canberra for the new Prime Minister. Barack Obama phoned to congratulate Mr Abbott on his win. The Australian leader commended the President's speech on Syria yesterday and said he looked forward to catching up at the APEC summit in Bali next month. The new Coalition Ministry is expected to be announced Monday. There's been a bit of a roadblock because the election result in indie, the seat of shadow Industry Minister, Sophia Mirabella s so close it probably won't be finalised for -- finalised for days. Miss Mirabella told Tony Abbott he should select the kwaob net without her. She's tkraeuling Cathy McGowan by more than 1,000 votes and looks like losing. Bill Shorten announced he'll nominate to succeed Kevin Rudd as party leaders --er when the surviving MPs gather in Canberra tomorrow.I believe Labor can win the next election. I believe I bring energy. I believe I bring optimism. I'm hungry for victory.Anthony Albanese will wait until the Caucus meeting before revealing whether he'll also be a candidate for the leadership. Two masked thieves have threatened a convenience store worker with an axe during an armed robbery in Sydney's west. The men pushed the woman behind the counter, smashing the till and taking cigarettes and $500 in cash from the store in Lidcombe. Police are still looking for the men. The father of a 2- year-old girl who was beaten to death has faced the woman who did nothing to save her - her own mother. Donna Deaves has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Tanilla Warwick Deaves. In a sentencing hearing today, she admitted she had "screwed up" and should have stopped her daughter's abuse. #$$NEWLINE Tanilla's father is calling for the maximum sentence to be imposed next Thursday. There's been a sharp spike in Australia's unemployment rate in August. It's at a 4-year high of 5.%. For many right now, -- 5.8%. For now it's a case of hang on to your job. In the past year, 1,000 Australians lost their jobs and others gave up looking.The only reason the rate rpbt isn't rising further is others are leaving the rate work.At the same time 105,000 found work but most were partly. In NSW the jobless rate is now 5.9%. This time last year, it was 4.7%. If a person loses a job it can feel like they've fallen in a hole. But for people who do retrain, their chances of getting a new job become much greater. For young people, where youth unemployment can be as high as 20% in some parts of the country, getting the skills at a TAFE such as this one is a key. In Mount Druitt, where youth unemployment is among the highest in the country, there's an centre desire to do well.77% of those students within six months will have a job. In the area that they were trained in.The same story in universitys with more than 1% of graduates working within four months of finishing.Having a degree is far more - far more important than just thinking about your first job. It's really the foundation of a career.Today's news will keep the Reserve Bank on edge.Given the story we have seen today on the labour market, the fact the Australian dollar is heading up again, my view is we need lower rates.Police have seized fake medicare, credit and keycards as they busted a major fraud ring operating in Sydney's south-west. Two men were arrested in the raid on a house at Riverwood. This was a sophisticated operation. The men used high-end printing techniques and equipment to produce documents that were very hard to detect adds being -- detect adds being fake.New crime statistics reveal a 22% jump in credit card fraud. London got a double dose of the royal family today, when Princes William and Harry visited a stock trading floor for charity. It's likely they'll be asked back - they closed a world record deal of $35 billion. The Playboy prince and the new dad. They've never had to worry about money until today. This company lost $6 -- 658 people in the September 11 attacks so every year on the anniversary they take donations and raise money for the victims. Harry was at his cheeky best, telling the world he was holding things up -- telling William he was holding things up by tkphreurting or constantly talking about baby -- flirting or constantly talking about baby George. But awake enough to close a world record deal - a staggering $35 billion. Push --. Expect to see a lot more of this especially in the near future W William on baby duties, especially at night-time, that leaves Harry to fly the flag for the modern Royals. Tonight was a children's charity. He spent every -- time with every one on -- every one of them. ( singing)It reminds us that all the things we take for granted, it just puts us back in our box.It's not clear if the bigger thrill was receiving an international award or spending taoeuplg with Harry. Denham Hitchcock is at Buckingham Palace. A major announcement is due about Prince William's future.Yes, it is. Royal watchers are holding their breath. Sources inside Buckingham Palace me William will give us his duties in the air force and join the Royal mounted regiment and be promoted to the rank of captain, so the brotherly rivalry will continue that. Will leave him in London, more time for George and Royal duties. You get the feeling they're trying to prepare him for something in the future.Thank you. On the 've of the NRL times, we get a first-ever look at Sonny Bill's inner sanctum. A brute on the feel, he's much softer off it as Phil found out for tonight's 'Footy Show'.It's Sonny Bill Williams. Like you've never seen him before. First time I really done an interview in my family house.No rock star lifestyle for the biggest name in the NRL. He lives here with his dad, siblings and their kids. Feed the mouths and used to gee me up, "You've got to beat your brother today." I found out the short cut on the mountain so I beat him. It was one of the happiest days of my younger life. At school he was a skraupby little stick.How times have changed. Sonny Bill is the consumate professional.Given footy my life. I'm an old man. I need to come down here.He does more than his fair share for charity, too. Not -- too, not that you'd know. For more than a deck said -- decade he has worked for Violet Foundation, for kids suffering meningococcal. Sonny Bill is torn about whether to stay in rugby league or European to union next year. He has a better idea of what do -- he'll be doing in a decade.Have a family of my own and be concentrating on my kids. When I finish playing and that I'm not gone tkpha be chasing the lime light. -- gonna be chasing the lime light.You can see the full interview with Sonny Bill Williams on tonight's 'Footy Show' at 8:30. Stay with us. In the news ahead - a simple mistake lands a driver on a bowling green at Hurstville. Plus - why codeine could make you This program is not captioned. Think quick. For a very limited time, get great
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This program is not captioned.

Bowlers were gretted with an unexpected obstacle on the green at the South Hurstville club - a car left almost vertical after ploughing down an embankment. Witnesses say the 65-year-old driver accidentally accelerated instead of hitting the brakes in the carpark. It's a common medication used by 3 million Australians to treat headaches. But in the first research of its kind, Australian scientists say regularly using the painkiller codeine may actually be counterproductive and cause increased sensitivity to pain. 5-year-old Liz Dawson started taking codeine nine years ago to stop her headaches. Little did she know it would lead to a vicious cycle ftAs I was getting successive headaches they were getting worse. Instead of taking two a month or whatever it was coming up to two a week.Her experience is reflected in the latest findings. University of Adelaide researchers compared the effects of commonly used codeine to morphine, a much stronger painkiller.We found for the same pain relieveing property codeine was much worse at making pain worse in the long-term than morphine was. Professor Rolan says users become more sense taoeued as they increase their dose.-- sense taoeued as they increase their dose. It causes a low level of inflammation in the brain. They make it more sensitive, more irritated. That's why, people over time, get more time and need to take more painkillers. Researchers are trying to find alternative treatments to prevent people overmeditating -- overmedicating. Liz Dawson stopped taking codeine and has made lifestyle changes.I lost weight, lost about 16kg so far, started drinking more water, started walking more.A woman has been arrested in Colombia after allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine in a bake baby bump. The Canadian national was asked by a policewoman at Bogota how long she'd been pregnant for. Police say the woman reacted aggressively, arousing the suspicion of officials who went on to search her. It appears Miranda Kerr has been dumped by one of the world's leading lingerie giants. After six years as a Victoria's Secret angel, the 30-year-old has been left out of the line-up for this year's show. The model previously said she's streamlining her commitments to spend more time with her family. It is time for sport with Ken. Good evening.Good evening to you, Peter. Tonight Ricky Stuart responds to accusations his decision to walk out on the Eels was a dog act. The Storm's surpriseing opinion of Sam Burgess. And is Adam Goodes set to place the Blues? That's next.It's going to drop at least five degrees tomorrow. I'll tell you how long the cool This program is not captioned.

Ricky Stuart says his decision to walk out on Parramatta and head to Canberra is not a dog act. Despite the anger of Parramatta fans. Danhy Weidler is at Rosehill where the Eels are holding their presentation night. Is Ricky Stuart turning up there tonight?Ricky Stuart is telling his players about his decision right now. That's at a Parramatta hotel. After that he will appear at this function and he will speak to the Parramatta faithful. There's talk about a new coach. Neil Henry's name has been mentioned, and Jason Taylor and a referee's boss has been mentioned. As for Ricky Stuart, the Eels are farewelling him in bit of a sudden departure.The Canberra boy is returning hoefplt despite a horrible year, Ricky Stuart says he's leaving the Eels with a heavy heart. How much does it hurt you to walk away from Parramatta?It hurts, mate. It hurts because I like the club.A wooden spoon wasn't in the plan or a half-back in rehab or broad room -- boardroom brawls. Would you work at Parramatta? Could you coach at your best?It was challenging, mate.What do you mean?Well, it was challenging. There's a lot of outside influences. I know board members didn't want you there.Yeah.Were you aware of that?Mate, I have heard so many stories.Ricky Stuart has been accused of walking out on the Eels at their lowest point. It's been described as a dog act.Yeah. My family don't think it's a dog act. I'm not that type of person so... Not a quit stphrNo, not for the people who know me.The strongest crit sreufrp is he's ripped up the playing roster and running away. 12 players are leaving the club and now you're leaving.Yeah. That's been on the back of my mind. It's a difficult one but...You regret that?No, not at all. That's a professional decision. That's my job. It should have been done earlier. That's why the club is where it's at.Ricky Stuart doesn't like sob stories but there are family reasons for his departure. He has an autistic daughter and she will be surrounded by family in Canberra.Itch to make decisions for -- I have to make decisions for my daughter and wife. The boys are fine, but there's a different support system in Canberra for those two.The Bulldogs and knights will a. The to defy the odds on Sunday in a sudden death final. Win the premiership from outside the top four. The Knights have beaten the Dogs twice this season. Coach Des Hasler always plays his cards close to his chest, refusing to rule out the last inclusion of Frank Pritchard and Greg Eastwood. Last week, Ben Barba came off the bench and appeared to play without confidence but Des Hasler has great faith in the little plan, despite a turbulent season.He he's a bit like a pwrel Stewart, an Charmaine Ingram.This time last year, the Dogs were on a consistent roll until they got done over in the grand final. But we won't talk about that, will we?Waepblt to win for different reasons, -- we want to win for different reasons. Losing the grand final last year, we want to make it about 2013 not 2012.The Storm hit town today, ready to rumble. Ryan Hoffman keen to run into Souths Sam Burgess. Sam's one of the best players of the game. He plays it hard and he doesn't - he's got no malice in his game. I think hi plays it really tough and they're the type of people we want playing rugby league. So the guidelines have been set. No quarter asked or given. A blow for the Sydney Swans. Simon Goodwin has not been named in the team for -- Adam Goodes has not been named in the team for the game at ANZ Stadium. He was hoping to return for the first time since injuring his knee in June. That is sad news. Big 'Footy Show' tonight - the Sonny Bill story. And lots more. You can hear them now.Thanks. Finance, then petrol prices and when the prices will reach their peak and the weather.Thanks. A cool change will come through. And we'll see some possible coastal showers in the next few hours but they'll be light if anything. The three-week run of temperatures above 20 weeks -- degrees is about to come to an end. I'll have the forecast next. W
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This program is not captioned. forecast next.The stock market closed higher today despite the spike in unemployment figures today. The All Ordinaries up 7.6 points. Our dollar is buying: The average petrol price in Sydney is:

Now the weather.We enjoyed a warm and sunny day. It reached a top of 24 degrees in the city. That's four above average. 24 in Penrith and 23 in Campbelltown, Liverpool and Parramatta. Tomorrow a slow-moving trough will scatter rain across NSW and Victoria which will lead to a very chilly day. A few showers are on the way for the south-east tomorrow. We're looking at a top of 27 degrees for Brisbane, late rain in Melbourne, showers in Perth, a top of 20. NSW will also see some wet weather. The heaviest showers will be in southern NSW with storms around Griffith and Wagga Wagga. A top of: Looking further north: Sydney the expect a cloudy day tomorrow before more isolated showers develop in the afternoon and into the evening. Temperatures will drop after that southerly change overnight. We're expecting a top of 18 in: There is some rain on the horizon, probably not what we want for the weekend. Saturday's wet weather should clear up by lunchtime, a top of 24. Sunday will see some early rain but the day itself should be fairly dry, with a little rain on Monday and Tuesday before clearing up mid-next week. The west will be a little drier.

Thank you very much. Leila McKinnon is next with 'A Current Affair'. Nine's national news is at seven o'clock on GEM. That is nine news for this Thursday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, >opbt. -- goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

company - good night. Tonight ... ahead
Authorities warn of complacency fo
ahead of the fire season. Asbestos Ric
found on a construction site. And coac
Ricky Stuart quits Parramatta to m
coach the Raiders. Good evening, I' services
m Kerryn Johnston, Emergency i
services say last year' s bushfires c
in the ACT and surrounds showed the preparation
community under-estimates
preparation. Residents are now bein late
urged to act - before it' s too Sp
late. Less than two weeks into
Spring - fires across western Sydne w
this week have given a frightening come
wake up call of what could be to come this fire season. Several home were destroyed...Fortunately there was no loss of life. Obviously it messag
was a significant fire and the ro
message is to be prepared all year happen
round because these things can say
happen at any time. Authorities preparati
say nothing substitutes for Emergenc
preparation. The Lake George whic
Emergency Management Committee - Pal
which incorporates Queanbeyan and
Palerang Council areas the ACT - me s
today and is gearing up for a long season. We' re getting our system w
and communications established and whatever we can done and getting th t
message out to the community about the
the up coming season but again if wel
the residents aren' t as diligent well then the risks are more extrem
than they could otherwise be. Th tau
experience of last year' s fires les
taught the committee a disturbing communit
lesson. We learnt that the community is not as prepared as the it
think they are. Unfortunately app
it' s not a whole community based c
approach, we' d like to see a whole come
community based approach, but it comes down to individual motivation consider
The ACT and surrounds are are
considered particularly high risk
areas. Preparation includes having act
Bushfire Action Plan, as well as prep
actions around the home. Those g
preparations can be cleaning up the