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(generated from captions) ladies and gentlemen. This is a game show buzzer. You may never have thought that you would actually hold
a game show buzzer, Jarrod, but because you have taken the risk
on a second chance, you get the honour, my friend. Thank you.
The honour.

You press it once
to start rolling the offers. Once to bring it on home. Best of luck, Jarrod. Come on!

(ALL CHEER) Alright!

Fantastic! Terrific work, mate. $13,000. You can keep that. That'll operate the roller door
for your four-wheel drive as well. The new garage. Let's see the money! Yo! Well done!
That's to my boy. Fantastic. Luckily,
there's a car for your boy too. Good on you, Jarrod.
So thrilled for you. Good stuff, Deb.
Thank you, Miss Katie. Hey, hey, hey, second chance!
Worth taking a shot, isn't it? Well, when you're sitting on
20 bucks, it is, that's for sure. See you next time, people.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - a new bushfire emergency
shuts down the F3 freeway, causing peak-hour gridlock.

Aussie trekkers arrive home, sharing horrific details
of a deadly machete attack. Police bust a massive identity theft
racket, as credit card fraud booms.

This way, prime minister - Kevin Rudd hands over the keys
to The Lodge. And Ricky on why he's a Raider again
and leaving the Eels in the lurch.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Chris Bath.

Good evening. The Rural Fire Service
has apologised for a bushfire emergency, triggered by
a hazard reduction burn. It shut the F3 freeway, or M1,
between Sydney and Newcastle near Wyee. Reporter Damien Smith
is at the scene. Damien, a frightening experience
for drivers?

As bushfires go, this perhaps won't be the biggest of the season, but there are few places it could happen more inconveniently. Around 3pm there was some hazard reduction burning going on to on the eastern side of the M1, what used to be the f three, and on the medium strip some fire erupted, jumped over the Northern Lanes and has spread further west.The unfortunate thing is that they are inherently dangerous but we really need to get them done before that fire comes through.We understand no homes at this stage are under threat. The fire seems to be under control but investigators are trying to determine exactly what was the cause. To the Blue Mountains.
Hugh Whitfeld is there. Hugh, what's happening
with the Winmalee blaze?

Chris, today's been cooler,
less windy and not so dry, which helps a lot. Fire crews spent the day
snuffing out any remaining flames. There's a chance of showers,
even thunderstorms, late tomorrow, but firefighters won't relax.

Smoke still rises
from the Blue Mountains. Flames too. Choppers are using water
from the nearby Penrith Lakes to try to control this fire... tandem with crews
on the ground.

This Katoomba team had to hike
through the scrub led by a local newsagent.

There's not many girls out here! Oh, you'd be surprised! (LAUGHTER) Jackie Jones has been a volunteer
for 10 years. She's taken time off work. At 71, John Mulquin didn't need to. My friends keep saying I'm getting
too old, but I'll keep going. Because it's a service, I enjoy it. Nearly 200 volunteers
were out today. Cooler conditions, light winds,
and higher humidity are helping. But the flares-ups won't stop.

This is the very edge of the fire
right here, and it's still burning,
and still smoking. The problem is,
if there's a gust of wind, it'll get these flames
going again into bushland
that's yet to be burned. The fire has scorched more than
1,000 hectares. It's thought to have started
from a hazard reduction burn near Lynchs Creek. Home are no longer threatened but 200 are without power. The hope here is for rain tomorrow.

Eight Australians
who survived a murderous attack on their trekking group
in Papua New Guinea have arrived home safely. They've described,
in horrific detail, the ambush which claimed the lives
of two of their porters.

The eight Australians leave
their hotel in Port Moresby for the journey home, desperate to be reunited
with their families. The terror of the ambush
still raw in their minds. These guys rushed
into the camp area, and they went
into the porters' lines and just started
hacking and slashing.

A number of the porters
made a break for it - some made it, some didn't. Peter Stevens, from Melbourne,
suffered leg injuries. He was the only tourist
to see the start of the attack. I saw some of it, but certainly I could hear
the sounds - you know, the bush knives
striking people, the moaning. It was day one of their trek. They'd just set up camp
when the attackers, wearing balaclavas and armed
with machetes, knives and guns, struck. I think the porters
took the brunt of it. All we got was a few injuries
and robbed. Some of us, the trekkers, were beaten
with the flat side of a machete. Nick Bennett, from Mackay,
was beaten when he went to see
where the noise was coming from. I started to put my head
out of the tent. I thought I'd been shot, but what I realised after It's tough to relive such trauma. I don't think
anything goes through your mind. We're all in shock.
The whole thing was just rapid. As it came on, they were just lashing the tents,
demanding money. They say the bandits were on drugs and heaped praise
on their tour leader, Christie King, an Australian who calmed the
situation by announcing
herself as the leader, then led the injured Aussies
through the jungle to safety. 5.5 hours
and most of that was in the dark. The damage to Papua New Guinea's
tourism industry from this attack is enormous, and the concern has gone
right to the top. PNG's prime minister, Peter O'Neill,
has said he makes no apology that those responsible
will face the death penalty. The Aussie survivors arrived
in Cairns around lunchtime, keen to fly on to their home towns. They were scarred
by what they'd been through...

Do it was just three psychos that went nuts. ..but strengthened
by an unbreakable bond. They want to help the families
of the dead and injured through a trust fund. They bear no grudge
against Papua New Guinea. We've had so many people come to us, so many New Guinea natives
come to us and say sorry, and they touch you and say sorry.

Neil Warren is following the hunt
for the attackers. He filed this report
a short time ago.

The search is under way in a big way for those responsible for the attack. Security guards have joined police in the hunt for the rascals, as they call them here, and we hear they have quite a few leads. The Australians told us that the locals told them just after the attack that the bandits were convicted criminals - one a murderer, but at this stage that remains unconfirmed. Either way, authorities warn this wrapped up quickly because they were making biggest grades into tourism, but this may have done irreparable damage. Credit card fraud is booming, up more than 40%
for retail stores and banks. Two men have been arrested in one of the state's biggest-ever
busts involving identity theft. Police say the fake credit cards they've seized
look scarily realistic.

When police came knocking... Open up the door, Mr Zhong! 52-year-old Stephen Zhong went
outside the less traditional way - through the back window. Inside, police say they found
hundreds of fake identities some with holograms, some blank,
others partially inscribed. The men used high-end
printing techniques and equipment to produce documents that were
very hard to detect as being fake. Police also seized $50,000. These bank cards, driver's licences
and Medicare cards are among possibly thousands
produced and used over several years. When you've got
a manufacturing capability to manufacture multiple cards, you only have to use
that particular one, one-off, because you've got another one
in your pocket you can produce. Police say Zhong,
and Burwood man Keyang Chen, receive electronic identities
from skimming devices, reattach them to cards
they manufacture and sell them. It's one of the biggest
identity theft hauls police have uncovered and coincides with a significant
rise in fraud-related offences. It's increased by nearly half
in New South Wales. The majority of offences
involve credit card fraud. Police urge people
to always check bank statements, lock mailboxes, destroy outdated cards immediately, never let credit cards
out of your sight, even paying at a restaurant bill, and to ensure computers
have effective antivirus software.

An axe has been used
to terrorise a woman in a violent armed robbery
at a convenience store near Lidcombe Railway Station. The masked men, in their 20s,
grabbed $500 cash and cigarettes.

We don't want to be threatened again because around the station
is very, very dangerous now. The men were last seen running
down Railway Street about 9pm last night.

Tony Abbott has been handed the keys
to The Lodge in Canberra, literally, by outgoing Prime Minister
Kevin Rudd. With Mr Rudd also vacating
the Labor leadership, Bill Shorten has confirmed
he's nominating ahead of tomorrow's
party room meeting.

ready to greet the new occupant,
Tony Abbott, who arrived soon after
for the traditional handover, sealed with
the traditional handshake. with the family... Bill Shorten puts his hand up
to become the next occupant. he now wants to be
THE face of the Labor Party. I believe I bring energy,
I believe I bring optimism.

Mr Shorten was instrumental in bringing down Kevin Rudd
as prime minister in 2010 then the woman he helped install,
Julia Gillard, in June this year. Now he says he's the one
to unite the party with this promise... Labor can win the next election. Hoping to outflank
his expected rival, Anthony Albanese,
from Labor's left faction, by enlisting another key left figure
as his deputy. Tanya Plibersek, and I've indicated to her that I think she would be
a very strong part of a leadership proposition. But that's not the full story. It's understood Tanya Plibersek
has told Bill Shorten SHE wants to vote for
Anthony Albanese as leader and would only contemplate
running as deputy if he loses or doesn't nominate. If Mr Albanese does stand, that would spark a 3-week process and 50-50 votes
of the party membership and caucus. He's expected to declare his hand
tomorrow, when the Labor caucus meets,
appropriately, at high noon.

Australia's unemployment rate
has hit a 4-year high. Last month it rose to 5.8% with
10,800 people losing their jobs. New South Wales jumped
to 5.9. Treasury expects the jobless rate
to hit 6.5% by mid next year.

The news isn't better in retail, where one of our biggest chains
has suffered another profit slump. Myer says high wages and internet shoppers
are a big part of the problem but, like David Jones, it's fighting back
with new technology.

For Myer and David Jones, the models and bikinis aren't
the only things getting smaller. And it looks like it will stay up,
which is really important. It does, yes. The retail giants' bottom lines
continue to shrink as well. Today, Myer revealed that despite
a whopping $3.15 billion in sales, it made a relatively humble profit
of just $127 million. That's down nearly 9%. And that was largely due
to increased costs of labour plus also our investments
in new stores. David Jones is also expanding
by going smaller, opening suburban village-style shops
with all the mod cons. Including our
style-advisor service, complementary customer wi-fi,
interactive OmniMirror. The OmniMirror lets customers
take photos of themselves in new outfits and share them on social media, as well as check
for different colours and sizes. DJs hopes new technology
will win back shoppers. What Myer and David Jones have to do
to boost their profits is to migrate from a traditional
bricks and mortar business to an online business. But Australian retailers
face an uphill battle. Their foreign online competitors
don't face GST on sales of less than $1,000, making many of their products
simply more affordable. The Coalition Government has
ruled out any changes to the GST.

Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - surprise new findings on the
side-effects of common painkillers. Also, why these elderly residents
were locked out of their homes for hours. And William and Harry broker
a world-record deal. The extraordinary figure, next.

A world-first study by
Australian researchers has revealed the painkiller codeine
may be doing more harm than good. Adelaide University researchers
found taking the drug could actually increase
a person's sensitivity to pain even more than morphine. They think that's reasonable
because they think, "I've got more pain,
I should be taking more medication" but what may be happening is it's the medication that's driving
the pain worsening. More than 3 million Australians
take codeine on a regular basis. Frequent users are advised
to consult their GP.

Residents of a Sydney
public housing estate are furious at being left stranded by the failure of all the lifts
in their high-rise building. Many can't manage stairs
so found themselves stuck for hours, either outside or up in their flats.

It's the tallest building
in Waterloo - 30 storeys. Home to the elderly and disabled. It's not safe enough
for 300 people living in it. Last night, many were marooned
in the foyer, or upstairs. One of the building's lifts
has been out since Sunday. Yesterday, the other failed. I'm in a wheelchair
and I can't get upstairs, so I'm stuck here. We've got people upstairs
who can't get down. This has been going on now
for four hours. Some gave up. So, what are you doing? I am going home. An 82-year-old tackling the stairs -
a lot of stairs. 10...10 floors.

But no good, my heart. Then ambulance crews arrived to a report of a heart attack
on the 29th floor. Followed by police rescue. They all had to do it
the slow way. And if they needed
to carry a person out, they needed to clamber down
the stairs and time is...time is life. Eventually,
one lift was back in action. While getting up and down
in this building remains a challenge for residents, it's only three years ago when this whole Waterloo Green
precinct received an upgrade. One of the things promised -
better maintenance. Housing NSW says
it's waiting for parts.

Americans have marked
the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks with sombre ceremonies
across the country. Victims' families gathered at
the site of the World Trade Centre, their emotions still raw.

I have to come every year here
because we don't find him. The President was at the Pentagon, which was also hit
by a hijacked plane.

The pride that you carry
in your hearts, the love that will never die.

Almost 3,000 people
died in the attacks.

Princes William and Harry
have helped broker a record $35 billion deal while fundraising for
a September 11 charity. The brothers toured the trading
floor of a brokering firm in London negotiating deals
during the firm's annual charity day in memory of victims.

1 billion.250. The company lost 658 staff
in the attacks. Its charity days have now raised
closed to $100 million. A sunny Sydney Harbour
was the perfect playground for a pod of dolphins this morning.

near the Opera House. Crowds on the foreshore
also got a show as the dolphins enjoyed the freshest
seafood the city has to offer. The best view, though,
was from the air. The Seven News chopper followed them as they took the scenic route
back towards the heads.

Sport now with Jim Wilson, and my Eels are on the hunt
for a new coach.

Chris, Parra fans have vented
their fury at Ricky Stuart. We're live to the Eels awards night. Seven News was first
with Stuart talking this afternoon and why he couldn't say no
to the Raiders. Plus - Cameron Smith's offload
as they arrive for the Bunnies while the Bulldogs
have injury concerns. And a football gaffe
on the road to the World Cup.

Shortly -
breaking news at the Sydney Swans but first, rugby league, and Parramatta fans have unleashed
on departing coach Ricky Stuart. Reporter Patrick Molihan
is at the Eels awards night. Pat, you spoke to Ricky
earlier today. Jim, he says
there are personal reasons but they don't wash with Eels fans
or players and it could get worse. Will Hopoate's due to end his
Mormon mission in November. He does have a get-out clause and his camp are sweating on
just who replaces Ricky Stuart.

Now, just over an hour ago, Stuart called the players
to a meeting here at Parramatta. Like Eels fans who'd heard him say
he was in for the long haul, they had just one question. Why? Oh, mate,
it's been a tough decision. It's been going on
for a few weeks now. Been lot of speculation and it's a situation
that came to a head last night.

Stuart's been offered
a 3-year deal to coach Canberra, having been one of the stars
of the Green Machine during the Raiders' glory days. Something I've always wanted, but. Timing in rugby league's
always a difficult situation. But he still had two years to go
on his deal with Parramatta. Bit of a shock? Yeah, it's a shock to all of us. Stuart was supposed to be
Parramatta's saviour. Instead, he's left the club
in disarray and fans are angry.

Better off without him now.He's probably the worst coach.Maybe they should be on short-term contracts. Signed on big money,
Stuart upset players when he announced
a mid-season clean-out. I just feel sorry for the 12 blokes
who got pumped through the year. Said, "You're sacked,
look for another club." Who knows, mate? Sounds like a bit
of a shemozzle out there. I'm a Parra junior, mate. Were you hoping he'd stay around? I've got no comment to that. But Stuart's defended
his right to leave.

Yeah, look, that's the world
of a professional coach, mate. but as I say, I just hope
people understand the reasons why I made the decision.

Bulldogs stars Ben Barba,
Frank Pritchard and Greg Eastwood are under an injury cloud heading into Sunday's elimination
final against the Knights, who've beaten the Dogs
in both meetings this season. I'm pleased we've got until Sunday but they're a very good chance
of not playing. Meantime, the Storm have flown five-eighths Brett Finch and
Gareth Widdop to Sydney ahead of tomorrow night's final
against the Bunnies.

Now a Seven News exclusive ahead of the AFL blockbuster
on Saturday night at ANZ Stadium. Live to Sydney coach John Longmire. John, will Adam Goodes play
against Carlton?

No, he won't. Unfortunately he is still a little sore following Tuesday's training session and we've ruled him out for the year, so he's up for the season. No further damage, which is fantastic. Was it close, and how did the conversation go between you and Adam? He probably thought he was close after Tuesday's training session. But unfortunately today he didn't get much beyond the warm-up, so it wasn't much of the conversation at all, the decision was made for him with his body. Unfortunately he is out for the year. If you win that game and go to Fremantle, he would be playing either. We where do you think you have the edge over Carlton for Saturday night? We've got to make sure we play a real contested game. Carlton are very good at it, too, with Chris Judd in good form, but we want to played the two way football we know we can play. We did it for half against the Hawks and we need to do it for four quarters against the Blues.
If good night on Saturday night. I reckon this rates as one
of the biggest clangers for a while. An Armenian player came up with what has to be the worst corner kick
of all time, in a cup qualifier against Denmark.

If tripping over the corner flag
wasn't bad enough, he then commits a handball. Armenia lost 1-0.

And look what I've found at home this morning - thought I'd put that on ahead of Saturday night. They are ganging up on me. Any cult and supporter, please, I need your support. -- Carlton supporter.

Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - why this teacher's been given the
thumbs up as Sydney's best. And Sydney's sunny spell
is coming to an end.

g'day eveyone daniel gibson with
you great to see you again, Well the dark clouds were
starting to come this afternnoon, thats all ahead of showers
which are expected tomorrow In fact by tomorrow afternoon
rain is being talked about, between 10-20mm could fall. Getting down to -1 overnight
just 14 tomorrow in Canberra There is the chance
of more snow up high and cooma very cold and -5 See you again soon

Tonight's Seven News headlines - a new bushfire emergency
shuts down the F3 freeway, causing peak-hour gridlock. Aussie trekkers arrive home, sharing horrific details
of a deadly machete attack. Police bust
a massive identity theft racket as credit card fraud booms. And Kevin Rudd
hands over the keys to The Lodge.

Checking finance now and the share market
has closed higher, shrugging off 4-year high
unemployment figures. The ASX 200 was 8 points higher.

A music teacher
from St Edmund's school on the North Shore Margriet Shaw-Taylor scored
top marks in a radio competition for her dedication to those with
vision impairment and special needs. Thank you, that's overwhelming,
I'm really overwhelmed. I think the award really belongs to
my students. They are who inspire me,
they really do. She takes home a $10,000 cash prize
as well as $4,000 for her school.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Chris, after a very warm and sunny
start to Spring Sydney's weather is about to change
with rain on the way, which is good news for farmers
and firefighters. We hit 24 today, Sydney's 20th day in a row
over 20 degrees, the longest such run ever
for this time of year. It was chilly night in the west.

there's thick cloud
through South Australia and that system's
pushing towards NSW. Tomorrow it'll generate
isolated showers across the state. Just a few millimetres
in most parts. Up to 20mm
near the Victorian border. A cold surge is moving up
the NSW coast and it's already seen temperatures
drop to 10 at Ulladulla. It'll reach Sydney
around 10 o'clock tonight. Interstate - cold and wet
in Canberra. Fine in Hobart. Late rain
for Melbourne. Another warm day
in Brisbane.

A strong and gusty southerly change
will sweep through Sydney tonight, bringing cooler weather. We could see a brief shower
overnight into tomorrow morning, probably closer to the coast. It'll be mostly fine during the day.

Cloudy conditions
around the suburbs.

We could see the odd shower
redevelop tomorrow night too. Conditions should clear
early on Saturday but heavier rain will develop
Saturday afternoon and evening. So it's looking soggy
for the NRL and AFL finals. Sunday should be a mostly clear day but again we'll see
even heavier rain develop later in the day and overnight into Monday. And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. In Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, Seven's Adrian Brown
in the refugee camp where homeless families
are about to be evicted. Now here's 'Today Tonight'. Hello. Thanks for joining us. Coming up tonight - the roundabout chaos
driving motorists round the bend. So do you really know
how to use them? If you think you do,
you may be in for a surprise. That's a little later, but we begin with
a famous photograph council officers have deemed
too offensive to be displayed in
a bookshop window. Is it appropriate censorship or
another example of council madness? Take a look.

No reasonable adult
would think that was offensive.