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(generated from captions) searching for a new leader. Are we any closer to finding out who it will be?At this stage, the only candidate puts themselves forward is Bill Shorten, and that has come after a few days of silence from any of the potential leadership contend relevance in Labor. The former Treasurer, Chris Bowen, ruled himself out very quickly and so all eyes were then on Bill Shorten, who has confirmed or at least his office has confirmed that he will stand when the Caucus meets here in Canberra tomorrow.But eyes are on one potential rival and that is Anthony Albanese who is underhat no have made up his - understood not to have made up his mind yet. There are 50 lot of factors here and one of them is the new luls designed to give the newly elected leader three years of certainty in the job. This is not a case of the Labor leader putting their hand up and potential - holding the job of Opposition leader for a year or so. Quick like we swau the Liberal Party when they were defeated in 2007 by Labor.Now these rules have come under some scrutiny by some within Labor who don't like them. One of them is Stephen Conroy. He is considered to be a factional enemy of Kevin Rudd, the former PM, and he says Kevin Rudd's rules are leaving Labor leaderless for up to six to eight weeks and there I they're a laughing stock of the nation, leaving Tony Abbott in his first month of his prime ministership potentially unchallenged. To talk about some of these issues and a little more, I'm joined, Nick, now by the Labor GP Graham Perrett in Brisbane. Thank you for join ing us on ABC News 24.Happy to be here.Firstly, what is your view on the leadership rules? Is Stephen Conroy right that, if you're without a leader for up to eight weeks, you are just a farce in terms of an Opposition?Well, I understand Stephen's point of view but reality Stephen's point of view but the
reality is owns those rules. reality is the Labor Caucus owns those rules. They're not
Kevin owns those rules. Kevin Rudd's rule,. That they're the Labor Caucus us they're the rules irrespect yfive of where people voted in the Caucus, Labor has always for the last 1 0 years said that you argue 0 years said that you your case and then you agree with what the majority have decided.So they're our rules. And they are workable. They're new and a bit challenging but the reality is we can have a appoint temporary spokes people. We can still proselytise what we plan for the nation and what our policies is are. So we can do that. We saw nit the UK UN where the Miliband's took a while to decide who the Labor leader was. I never had a problem. We 've just had people setting up our stalls, hanlding out how-to-vote cards, they're our grassroots members who were smart enough to support us. I have never had a problem with accepting they're smart enough to decide who the leader is should there be one nomination.Should Anthony Albanese run in your view?He should. I think he should.Obviously that will be up to him to decide. It's a big challenge for a family, especially the last six years but the last three years in particular I know he sweated on
blood, you would have seen him on the floor of Parliament, he was the one that made that minority government work and be in policy terms one of the most successful governments in the history Federation.Fight Tories is what he calls it.He calling it fighting Tories bit's bringing in things like the National Disability Insurance Scheme, rolling out the Better Schools Plan across the nation that will change the lives of the kids that grew up in circumstances like Anthony Albanese. So we did some incredible things. The National Broadband Network that he was the Minister for just going into the election. Things that will prop up Australia for the next 20, 30, 40 infrastructure of the third millennium. They the thingsly millennium. They be proud of forever and Albanese made it happen.It sounds like he will get your vote if he does run.He would. But that is not to detract from Bill Shorten. Bill Shorten is a fantastic Labor warrior. He has core values that we will need to rally around in the lead-up to the next election when we take on Tony Abbott and what he stands for.I want to talk to you about your seat of Moreton. Everyone expected your seat to go in the election. You actually towards you. Stephen Conroy says that is down to the efforts of local MPs and the State branches. And nothing to do with Kevin Rudd. What in your view got the swing towards youWell, I would have to respectfully disagree with Stephen a bit there. There were many factors. Obviously I am right next door to Kevin Rudd, so his influence would be strong est in the seat of Moreton. So I do thank him for that. I represent suburbs that he used to represent. There are schools in my electorate that he still gives a bike towards. He has a strong influence in Moreton. Many other factors obviously the local campaign, you do need to get it right. That is something you do need to do, I've been a campaign ing in my seat for 10 years so that does help.And just some of those other factors that aren't in Victoria or NSW and that is a bloke called Campbell Newman who has had a devastating effect on many suburbs and communities in the seat of Moreton. He put a school nighanda State High School at Salisbury, you might have seen the rally that Kevin Rudd came to, that school is on the closure list and it's a school that is essential for the southside of Brisbane that it remain open. So with Campbell having done that and my opponent not making any comment on that, with Campbell having sacked 14,000 people in Queensland, many of them in bush suburbs in my electorate that had that surge in unemployment they hadn't had for 50 or 60 year, people remembered, people go to church, they know these people that have been sack and they remember.On the question of Kevin Rudd, Craig Emerson today has written that Kevin Rudd holds aspirations to be a three-time PM. Should he leave the Parliament as many in your Caucus are calling him to do?Look, I am a good mate of Craigs u but aim not sure he has any great insights into what Kevin is thinking, with respect. I don't think they would have chatted.He says Kevin Rudd has briefed newspaper journalists so that effect.Oh, well, look, Kevin has contract with the people of Griffith and that contract is as per his word, that he would work hard for them, for the next three years.I think that is the most fundamental relationship that people need to remember. It's between the people of your electorate and the person that puts their hand up to run. I take that responsibility very seriously and I would think Kevin Rudd does. That is the fundamental relationship. He a lot to contribute to the Australian population. He's one of the best diplomats. He has an understanding of Asia which will be essential for us as a Labor Party in terms of developing policies for the future and some of these emerging issues Col come out of India. He's got a lot Asia, particularly China and contribute so India. He's got contribute so I think his contract is with the people of Griffith and he will carry contract is with the people that contract.Is Griffith and he will carry that contract.Is there room

in Opposition?I would for you on the Labor frontbench in Opposition?I would hope
so.What portfolio would you like?Well, I'm one of those people that has dabbled in lots of people that of things. I was a teacher, a lawyer, I work in the mining industry. I've chaired the social policy and legal affairs committee that's looked at other nintion. I will have a look around and once we have selected the leader I will be making sure they know of my strengths and intentions and strengths and intentions what I can contribute to - as a Queenslander particularly, as a Queenslander particularly to that national story, that Labor story that we have to rewrite and represent.Just finally, Graham Perrett, are you going to respect Tony Abbott's mandate to repeal the carbon tax?I have a mandate, it was given to me by the people of Moreton. I ran hard on putting a price on pollution. I would not be a swinging gate for Tony Abbott any day. He had a mandate from his electorate and that is for him to carry out but I tell you what, I believe in pricing pollution. I think this direct action policy is a complete joke,

'S flimflam operation that was designed to get him over the line on election day. Will not be waivering in my support for putting a price on prosecution. That is what I will be doing: I believer nit and you would be a fool 20 do otherwise, as far as I am concerned.Political reporter Latika Bourke there with the Federal Labor MP and as we just heard a frontbench