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Bandits attack trekkers -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is demanding the death penalty for bandits who viciously attacked a group of Australian trekkers. The Australians survived, but two porters were hacked to death. It's believed they've been trying to shield the trekkers, who escaped with minor injuries. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports.

LIAM FOX, REPORTER: The trekkers flew back into Port Moresby this afternoon looking battered and bruised. A couple sported large bandages to their heads. They were picked up by staff from the Australian and New Zealand High commissions and taken to a hotel.

Among the group are seven Australians and one New Zealander. Along with an Australian guide, they were walking the Black Cat track in Morobe Province. They'd just set up camp yesterday afternoon when they were attacked by a group of men wielding large knives. Two porters were killed. Several other porters received serious injuries.

MARK HITCHCOCK, PNG TREKKING ADVENTURES: It all happened very quickly. Also unsure of all the weapons that were involved. It was a very quick and unexpected event that happened. Obviously the trekkers were quite stunned and shocked and were not expecting anything like this at all.

LIAM FOX: The trekkers received non-life-threatening injuries like lacerations and bruises.

It appears the motive was robbery; the attackers stole all of their gear.

The dead and injured porters have been flown to hospital in Lae.

The Foreign Affairs Department has upgraded its travel advice to PNG. It's urging anyone who had been planning to walk the Black Cat to avoid the area until local police have investigated the incident.

TONY JONES: Liam Fox reporting there from Port Moresby.