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THEME MUSIC Political news with a digital focus, I'm Matt Cargill, this is News Exchange votes. Coming up parodies and peoples, can they have any real impact on politic and uncertainty over Indi as Sophie Mirabella rules herself out of the race for a frontbench role. That's aheads, first the latest news headlines with Richard Davies.Unemployment has risen to its highest level since mid-2009 at 5.8%. Figures from the bureau of stats show job creation continued to go backwards. 10800 jobs were lost in August, both full and part-time. The seven Australians attacked while trekking in Papua New Guinea have now arrived home. The men from Victoria and Mackay landed at Cairns airport this morning. They were ambushed while hiking on Tuesday by a group wielding spears and machetes, two porters were hacked to death and two hikers were injured. Two Sydney men have been charged over their involvement in a major fraud sint kit. They were arrested after an 8 month investigation. Police allege the pair manufactured false documents including credit and Medicare cards Serena Williams drivers licences, using high end equipment. And an out of control hazard reduction burn on the NSW Central Coast closed the F3 freeway for about an hour this afternoon. Firefighters have been Kent busy across NSW, they're still trying to contain a bushfire in the lower Blue Mountains west of Sydney, the Winmalee fire has burnt more than 1,000 hectares. I'm Richard Davies, now it's back to News Exchange Votes with Matt Cargill.Online conference Mirabella
continues to surround Sophie Mirabella and Bill Shorten. The former Education Minister has made it official he'll be running for the tomorrow and if there's more leadership. Nominating open than one candidate Caucus tomorrow and if there's party
than one candidate Caucus and than one party many members would all be able to vote in the party many members would able to vote in the next month.
It's able to vote It's not clear if anyone else will nominate. Former deputy Anthony Albanese is tipped will nominate. Former stand, Mr Shorten says he wants to lead the rebuilding of the party after the election loss.I believe our period in Opposition should be about our ideas, and about our vision, our ideas, for Australia's next 10 and 20 and 30 years. Indeed, our vision for the future should be as important to us as holding the Coalition to account for their actions.And people have been casting their views on Twitter. Mike says -

The Coalition spokesman on climate action Greg Hunt has reacted too. He wrote on Twitter -

As Labor looks to appoint its next leader, Kevin Rudd has greeted Tony Abbott in Canberra, Mr Abbott the PM-elect was welcomed by Mr Rudd at the Lodge. It's the first time the pair have met since the election. Meanwhile this image has been released. It shows Tony Abbott speaks on the phone to the US President. Barack Obama has congratulated Mr Abbott on the Coalition's election win. The battle for the north-east Victorian seat of Indi continues to play out electoral commission's virtual Tally Room currently has casty McGowan ahead of Sophie Mirabella. McGowan ahead Mirabella. On a two candidate Independent
preferred basis, the Independent had has preferred basis, Independent had has a margin of 1109 votes over the Liberal incouple bet. 'Mirror' has given up her position on the Coalition frontbench because it's unclear if she'll be re-elected. She's facing an upset from Ms McGowan who remain s confident.We weren't Robinson Crusoe in the people of Indi feeling very disillusions and disenfranchise from the last three years of politic, that was widespread, we knew people had felt that they were being taken for granted. It was called a safe seat and there was no sort of feeling in the electorate that things needed to change. Well from the party there wasn't. But in the electorate there was that feeling so we did this initial consultation, we called them kitchen table conversations and we got a very, very strong support back in those early days that people did want change, they that did want to engage in politics and there was a few oudge issues around infrastructure that people wanted action taken.The independent has also taken to Twitter. She writes -

That's in response to thousands of comments on social platforms as Indi votes continues to feature online. Aidan says - Sophie Mirabella who has been the Coalition's industry spokeswoman has issued a statement saying she's spoken to Tony Abbott about her role in the new Government. She says - She concludes by writing -

His election campaign gaffe went glebal, now Jaymes Diaz has proved he has a sense of humour. After eluding the media spotlight, the former Liberal candidate has made a rare appearance on the ABC's the Hamster Wheel.The best way to describe your campaign for the seat of Greenway, a, successful, or b, room for improvement? LAUGHTER Got asked me that Got anything...I'm happy asked me that question...It's Liberal Party asked me Liberal Party HQ again.Wait, I
know my f-point plan. I

know my f-point plan. I know the points.During the campaign Mr the points.During Mr Di yaz was quizzed by a reporter on the Mr Di yaz was quizzed by reporter on the Coalition's
asylum policy. He struggled to outline its plan to stop the boats. The gaffe made headlines around the world and the candidate was mocked for refusing to make public appearances. That 6-point gaffe was one of the more widely shared during the election campaign but did it and other oops moments have any real political impact? Joining us to join - talk about these issues is Dr Sean Rintoul. Dr Rintoul, give Australia quick overview, what are we talking about when mentions mems and how do they come about?We're talking about hash tags shared on Twitter, about images that have text on the top and Bottol only, viral video, really any kind of idea that is then made material in some kind of shareable way via social media.What were the standout shared moments of election 2013, do people get creative?They did. We started off of course with stenny Bannister the Queensland One Nation kaends who thought that Islam was a country, moving to Jaymes Diaz and then into the primary candidates and then of course it was right after the first debate, we had Tony Abbott talking about Kevin Rudd in terms of suppository, we had also Tony Abbott sex appeal, gaffe, and then throughout the campaign basically a number of gaffes like that became shared, as well as some sight like don't be an Fing idiot Saturday.Did you find there were more mems essentially making fun of one more side of politics?Definitely, it was biased against the Liberal National Party. That's for sure. Most mems seemed to be generated by left wing oriented voters, they are very quick to respond and to react to any kind of gaffe and they're also quick to share as as well as finding it and they seem to be quite creative. When the LNP tries to share or create mem-like things such as ask vault from the 'Sydney Morning Herald'or "I'm voting Liberal", unfortunately, they tend to work against them because they tend to be used ironically by the left against the right.Can you identify any secret to making a successful mem?The secret to making a successful mem? It has to come from something spontaneous. It's rather that it's able to be developed deliberately actually. And when we're talking about success, things can be widely shared but that doesn't niecely mean that they're persuasive and I think really that's the message of this campaign. There were a lot of widely shared anti-Coalition mems that didn't necessarily end up having much effect on the outcome.You've argued that we never really found our version of Mitt Romney's binders full of woman moment online from the US election, why was that, what was different in ours?In short, it's that our election was never that much on a knife edge, I think voters almost from the beginning wanted to Certainly Kevin Rudd and maybe the ALP more generally, and there was no particular group of marginal voters with whom a particular mem actually resinated so binders full of women resinated with women right at the time when it turned out that women would be the marginal group that would decide the election. Whereas in our election it didn't seem to be any particular moment when a mem particularly would resonate with, talking young men in western Sydney or regional voters in Queensland. The two sort of big groups who sort of decided this election.Dr Sean Rintoul, lecturer in strategic communication at the University of Queensland, thank you much for your insights.What do you think? Can gaffes and mems have any real impact on politics? An online petition calling fiber
tonight Coalition to ditch its fiber to the node plan has attracted a record number of signatures. The petition on 20-year-old business student was started by a from Queensland and is close to 20-year-old hitting the 200,000 signature mark. The petition mark. The petition site says that's a record for an Australian-based petition and is one of the fastest growing globally. The Coalition is one of the fastest Government has promised to implement a cheaper National Broadband Network and conduct an audit of Labor's scheme.Now to some of the most popular and shared stories on the political beat - former Labor frontbencher ceremony claims Kevin Rudd is planning to make an eventual comeback as PM. Dr Emerson says Mr Rudd has told a number of journalists that he wants to emulate former Labor PM Andrew Fish bhor served in the job on three separate occasions. Writing in theor the 'Australian' Dr Emerson says Mr Rudd has describe described himself as a determined bastard. Mr Rudd hasn't spoken loss.
publicly since the election loss. And Australia's unemployment rate as climbed to 5.8%. Full-time jobs fell by 2600 in August, 8200 part-time jobs were lost. There was an increase in the total number of hours worked during the month and that was attracting interest on the ABC News website, now to what's been trending across the social web. MUSIC Anyhow to some comments on mem and their influence on politics. Hudson says -

That will be a wrap. And that's News Exchange for today. We're online at, I'm Matt Cargill, thanks for watching, back now to Lyndal