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I'm thinking 'Forrest Gump', C. Eight seconds. Six.
C. Lock in C, 'Forrest Gump'. Final answer?
C. Final, yep.

(GROANS) 'Groundhog Day'. Oh! Yeah, Punxsutawney Phil
was the groundhog... Oh! ..which told you whether
winter was over or not. I have seen it.
You have? You've seen it! I've seen it
but I didn't know where it was. Oh, Punxsutawney Phil -
that's what it was all about. Chris, it doesn't matter. Hey,
you've won $1,000 for the charity. I have, indeed.
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This program is captioned live. A night of terror as firefighters win the battle. A careless truckie brings Sydney traffic to a standstill. Machete murders - Australian trekkers survive tribal violence in PNG. A cut-price iPhone, but will the bills come down? And Josh Reynolds on the explosive power of Ben Barba. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton. Good evening. The courage and tenacity of our volunteer rural firefighters has saved homes and property from bushfires that raged through Sydney's west. Tonight, all but one have been contained. But as homeowners count their blessings, questions are being asked about how the fire started in the first place. In the beating heart of an angry firestorm... ..panicked breathing, furious wind and desperation to save a home. By night, the fire threatened to swallow houses and the fight was on. As the sun tried to clear the smoke, good news - firefighters had won the battle. Cars and boats blackened, melted, but not one home in Winmalee was lost. It was so close for Tara and Simon - their garden flattened, their roof singed. A fire truck burnt in their backyard, stopped in its tracks when flames leapt over and tried to take their home.When I arrived, they told us, "Just take a breath. You've got plenty of time." And within minutes the fire was just in the backyard. It was really frightening. Just...had to keep reminding myself to stay calm. Cameron and Belinda's home was also saved.The firies did a fantastic job protecting property and homes. It's very close, closer than I really wanted it to be. But, no, thankfully everyone's OK.Those who lost possessions were also thankful. A bit of a pride and joy. But, you know, at the end of it all, it's just a boat.The Premier and RFS Commissioner came to thank the firefighters. More than 200 men and women still on the fire front.The weather that materialised exceeded what was forecast, so that presented challenges that were otherwise unforeseen yesterday. Making no apologies, this fire may have been started by a hazard reduction burn.It is a critical part of fire management in the landscape and learning to live with fire.And this most important work will be going on here in the fire ground for the next couple of days. It's hot, it's dirty, it's back- burning. And what these firefighters are doing is starving the fire of fuel, so they can finally get the upper hand on this huge blaze. Around Sydney, nine fires are burning, with Winmalee the only one uncontained. A September firestorm an early wake- up call our beautiful landscape can turn so quickly. And Lizzie Pearl joins me now from Winmalee. Lizzie, how is it tonight there?Well, Pete, this fire has already burned through00 hectares and firefighters are still out there tonight, strengthening those containment lines before the weather turns hot again. And while this fire has brought out the very best in human nature, which we've seen through our Rural Fire Service, it's also brought out the very worst, with claims of looting. The bare springs of a bed. This was a kitchen. The bathroom, caravans reduced to piles of ash, scattered among a skeleton of memories. Dave Robertson once called this home.I cannot believe this has happened. I mean, to lose one thing is one thing, but to lose it all just in one hit...10 cars in his yard were also destroyed. His mates inspect their loss too.At the end of the day, it was still my little baby. Precious pets are also gone. Animals, birds, cats.The devastation continues next door. It's just gone. It's trashed.Dave Morris can hardly salvage a thing. What he has left, though, is priceless.We managed to salvage these. These are of my little grand daurbgts when she was about six months' -- granddaughter, when she was about six months' old.Every room tell as sorry story. But no story is as sad as the low act that happened here overnight.This is where I had my laptop. So some (BLEEP) has come over here when twast it was darks put their hand in the window and grabbed it and taken it.As residents count the cost of yesterday's fire that swept through these rural properties in a heartbeat, in the bask their minds is the horrid possibility that all of this damage is the result of a deliberate act.They're just total scumbags J thank you very much for destroying my life.Blackened trees along Charles Street, Marsden Park, are a reminder for residents here of the horror afternoon.I was still shake when I went to bed at midnight last night. It was very, very traumatic.But perhaps, as they start to rebuild, their now charred neighbourhood could save them from a scorching summer ahead. A group of Australian trekkers has survived a frightening attack by bandits armed with spears and machetes in the remote Papua New Guinea jungle. The Australians were hiking the Black Cat Track, near Lae, in the country's north, when they were set upon. Two of their local guides were hacked to death. Bloodied and bandaged, Papua New Guinean porters stretchered to safety from the Black Cat Track after a brutal jungle ambush in which two of their colleagues were hacked to death. The eight Australians and one Kiwi they were with have made it back to Port Moresby. One was speared in the leg, others have knife wounds. Scared but safe.A gang had attacked and robbed the trekkers on the track. Four of the tourists were hurt. Expat Aussie Christie King was leading the trek. She led the survivors back to base camp for treatment. Deep in the PNG jungle, machetes are a necessary survival tool. Yesterday, they were wielded with devastating and demed effect. The last time David Howell -- deadly effect. The last time David Howell walked the track, he was with one of the murdered locals.I have never heard of people being hacked to death in front of other people up on the track. I mean, this is just really shaking the whole industry.In April this year, I walked the Black Cat Track with senior politicians Jason Clare and Scott Morrison. The local porters were lifesavers.They're our version of the fuzzy wuzzy angels. We were commemorating the 70th anniversary-of-Australia's World War II battles. The politicians had hoped their trek would help boost Aussie tourism. That now seems unlikely. Australians travelling to Papua New Guinea are advised to exercise a high degree of caution. The Government has updated its advice, warning trek tores avoid the Black Cat Track while PNG Police investigate. There's no such warning for the more popular and tourist friendly Kokoda Track. Thousands of drivers were held up today after not one but two of Sydney's biggest tunnels were shut down. Worse still for those stuck in lengthy delays, a truck driver's stupid decision was to blame for bringing parts of the Eastern Distributor to a standstill. Sadly, it's not the first time an over-height truck has ended up wedged in a Sydney tunnel. This time it was a misjudgement of more than 30cm and a city-bound tunnel at Moore Park.Pretty hopeless, frankly. Didn't stop early. Went through the warning bars and then finally took out the fire sprinklers. You don't want get that far into the tunnel without being careless.It didn't just paralyse traffic on the Eastern Districtor, it steched almost 6km back past -- stretched almost 6km back past the airport.A fair way.That translated to houfrs waiting. Sydney, isn't it? Just gotta get on with it. It's a shame, though.And it took almost two hours to remove the truck, make the repairs to the sprinklers and completely reopen the motorway. Just as the heavy traffic conditions were starting to dissipate, a new problem emerged in the Harbour Tunnel. This time Southbound, when a backed-up drain started to deposit gunk on the bitumen and needed emergency maintenance. It meant a new round of headaches, with traffic being diverted to the bridge. A bad day on our roads for drivers, Kevin. What will happen to the truck driver behind the first mess? Literally, the RMS are going to throw the book at this driver. It will be costly. He's already got a court notice. He will have a fine of more than $2,000. He will also lose six demerit points. Now, the fact is also it would be a heck of a lot worse in a few weeks' time. The penalty will increase to losing your truck for three months. You'll be taken off the road if you make the same mistake. Hopefully rogue or supertruckies will learn it's gonna cost them big time.Thank you. A trip to Australia has ended in tragedy for a young Italian man, falling seven storeys to his death in an elevator shaft in a Haymarket apartment building. The 25-year-old was trapped in a broken lift with two friends when he tried to jump to the floor below. He had been in the country for just three months. Police have set up a special strike force to investigate the murder of a 31-year-old man at his unit on the Lower North Shore. Morgan Huxley was found stabbed a number of times in the bedroom of his Neutral Bay apartment early Sunday morning. He later died in hospital. A man has fallen from a cliff and died in Gerroa, south of Kiama. It's believed the 45-year-old was with friends when he stumbled over the edge. He plunged around 25m and died at the scene. Well, Tony Abbott gets down to business and the Federal Opposition remains without a leader. And it's not the only challenge facing Labor. They'll also have to decide their position on the future of the carbon tax. Still not sworn in, but the briefings continue.Thank you so much.Tony Abbott brought up to speed on defence, meeting with senior officials.Obviously, you are at the heart of ensuring that we maintain our national security. And overnight Tony Abbott's been talking about his plan to secure the borders on the phone to Indonesian President Yudhoyono. Stopping the boats remains a key Coalition priority, along with scrapping the carbon tax.The Australian people voted to elect a Coalition Government. The Australian people voted to repeal the carbon tax.And now Labor appears divided, with some MPs not against the carbon tax roll-back. We do need to acknowledge the fact that Tony Abbott won the election and we lost J I don't think we've got a right to frustrate the Government's mandate.Meanwhile, Labor remains without a leader. Bill Shorten's planning to nominate himself, but it's not clear if Anthony Albanese will also step forward. If more than one person nominates, then it could be some time before an opposition leader is appointed. Rank-and-file members of the Labor Party would also get a say in the ballot. That process would take weeks. The threat of military action in Syria is fading, with Barack Obama putting plans for US air strikes on hold. Syria must now agree to hand over all of its chemical weapons to international control. President Obama's address to the nation ends one of the worst weeks in his presidency. It's clear his plan to bomb Syria just can't happen. So, the speech, which was to explain why the US would attack Syria, was tonight all about diplomacy.I have therefore asked the leaders of Congress to postpone a vote to authorise the use of force, while we pursue this diplomatic path.Syria, at the last moment, agreed to accept Russia's proposal to turn over its chemical weapons. But still the President's asking the US Congress to vote in the OK to attack Syria if Assad fails to do so. And he's also keeping the military at the ready. I have order our military to maintain their current posture, to keep the pressure on Assad. And to be in a position to respond if diplomacy fails.There's no doubt that President Obama badly misjudged public opinion, with polls showing 63% of Americans against any military action. All that, despite all those attempts to sway things his way.It is time for that regime to move on. President Al-Assad has lost legitimacy. That he needs to step down. Assad needs to go.Awe President Assad hasn't gone anywhere, leaving his arch rival, the most powerful man in the world, on the ropes. She's here to direct a new film, and today Angelina Jolie got down to work. The superstar flew solo into Tamworth to scout possible locations for the movie 'Unbroken'. Her first stop - the small town of Werris Creek. Stay with us. In the news ahead - the wad of cash that could help Schapelle Corby get out of jail. Plus - a haul of guns found inside a suburban home in our south-west. And - why the new iPhone could prove costly for customers.

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Last night, we told you Schapelle Corby was another step closer to freedom. Now take a look at what her brother-in-law had to hand over to help her in her quest for parole. This is $10,000 cash and is the fine the 36-year-old was ordered to pay when she was first sentenced. Schapelle would have had to serve another six months if she hadn't paid up. A haul of firearms found stashed in a vacant public housing property in the city's south-west could have been used in recent gun-related crime around Sydney. Eight weapons were seized during a raid on the Lansvale home, including three rifles, two semiautomatic handguns and a machine gun. The arrival of a new iPhone always causes big excitement in the tech world. And today there were two models unveiled. But for many customers it brings something more nasty - an unexpected shock to the wallet. The new iPhone 5s, launched today, is faster than ever, with a better camera and fingerprint recognition. It even comes in a different colour. It's made of a high-grade aluminium, with diamond-cut edges.In an effort to redress lost sales to Samsung, whose Galaxy outsells iPhone two to one, Apple devise add cheaper model.And it's more fun, more colourful than any we've made yet.The new plastic 5c, though, costs as much as the original iPhone in Australia. $869 for the 32-gigabyte phone, because of our dollar's drop.Australian dollars don't equal US dollars. That's the simple fact of the matter.It starts with a large 16-gigabyte configuration at a price of just $99.Hang on, Phil. Everybody knows Australians pay more for their technology. They're American prices. Here, we'll pay around 14% more for the same phones. In fact, for a 16- gigabyte iPhone 5s, based on current plans, we'll pay around $1,700 over two years. That's not all. When new phones are released, people commonly blow their data limits. Bill shock - $100 or $200 a month extra. That's going to change. There will be a cost for more data. But it's a more certain cost. You'll know what you get. From their humble beginnings on the streets of London to conquering New York Fashion Week, the designers behind Australian brand sass & bide are certainly a home-grown stest success story. Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton wowed the A- list crowd with their spring/summer collection. Time for sport now with Ken. Good evening.Good evening to you, Peter. And tonight - how bitter disappointment is driving Todd Carney to finals success. Ben Barba's unfinished business at the Bulldogs. And - the desperate Wallabies dump their best player ahead of the Argentina test. And our dry spell is about to come to an end, with showers on the way. I'll tell you when a little later. This program is not captioned. More cabin space,
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Cronulla is expecting both Andrew Fifita and Todd Carney to play in Saturday's knockout final against the Cowboys, despite injury concerns. Carney's hamstring restricted him to a warm-up only today, while a calf problem kept Fifita off the paddock altogether. Without him, the Sharks lack the X- factor to be a real finals force. It is a lot of pressure for Todd Carney. Canberra knocked Cronulla out of the finals last year after the five-eighth went down with an Achilles injury. It still haunts him.I said to myself that if I wasn't 100%, I wouldn't go into the game like I did last year, because we didn't have a backup for me last year and it probably hurt us a little bit. So it's also a burning drive for me too.Souths coach Michael Maguire isn't expecting any more on-field bad behaviour from star forward Sam Burgess against the Storm on Friday.It's one thing that he knows - it hurts the team at times. If he gets ahead of his game, he's gonna become a better player. He wants to become a better player.Manly is dishing up silverware early this year. Kieren Foran won Players' Player. Best and Fairest Anthony Watmough, with fighting words ahead of Saturday's qualifying final against the Roosters.We know what needs to be done. We'll come out firing this week.They won't have to target Jared Waerea-Hargreaves. He was found guilty of dangerous contact at the judiciary and will miss this weekend. Bulldogs playmaker Josh Reynolds says Ben Barba has a point to prove and is ready to explode into the finals series. Reynolds says the Dogs are well-placed for a run at the premiership after finishing so close last year. It's toltsly different to last year, you know -- totally different to last year, you know? Last year, everyone was saying we're probably gonna go far and, if not, go on and win it. It's probably a bit better like this.They always say it takes a Grand Final loss to win one. At least you've got that in your pocket?Definitely. Last year we went into the semis as a really young team. For myself and Chris Keating and a couple of guys, not gonna lie, it was nerve-racking. We went into these big games and were expected to drive the team around. Last year has definitely helped me out this year.How angry do you get when people say the players are off Ben Barba?If the players were off, we wouldn't be talking to him at training. That's not the case. Benny's back at training, laughing, obviously moving on next year. Everyone's taken that. That's the best thing for his family and he's gotta do that. There's no hard feelings.Do you expect Ben Barba to explode in this finals series?I think he's got a point to prove, yeah, in himself. I think - 'cause the Dogs have been great for him. He's been there since - I'm not too sure what age, but a very long time. And, you know, I think he might feel he wants to leave on a good note. If you come out and explode on the field, there's not much people can say.The Knights have rolled you a couple of times this year?Yeah, they're definitely gonna get down and dirty, 'cause that's what they do. They have some really good old heads in their team. That's what semifinals football is about. They're gonna try and grind us out of the game. We've gotta make sure we're up for that fight. If we're not, if we try and go around them and do the fancy stuff, they will roll over the top of us. Will Genia has been dropped to the bench for the Aussies' clash with Argentina this weekend. Ben Mowen will become the sixth captain in two years. They're yet to win a test under Ewen McKenzie. With New York conquered, Rafael Nadal has turned his sights to chasing down Roger Federer's record of 17 Grand Slams. The US Open champion showing off his new silverware in Central Park. At 27 years of age, the Spaniard says he's still got time on his side. And that's a good thing to have on your side. Pete, that's a great recovery for him, because he had a lot of injury.An impressive young man. Thank you. Coming up - finance, petrol prices are climbing - when to fill up. And Amber with our weather J thanks, Pete. After 30 days out rain, Sydney is finally gonna see a few showers move in tomorrow night. Bringing between 5-50mm by the end of the weekend. The wind will move in late tomorrow. We can look forward to sunshine first. I'll have the forecast next.

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The stock market closed at a 5-year high today.

The price cycle is on its way up and will climb further towards the weekend. Here's Amber.We had another dry and windy day, with fresh and gusty north-westerlies. The high fire danger remained, thanks to very low humidity of only 16%. But those searing temperatures we saw yesterday dropped back into the mid-20s. A top of 25 degrees in the city. 24 for Campbelltown and Liverpool. But that's still four degrees above average. Tomorrow, a weak front will cause showers in eastern Victoria and south-east NSW, while a high will clear Tasmania. Another warm day is expected for Brisbane.

Most of northern NSW should be sunny tomorrow. We're expecting a top of around 22 in Newcastle.

A shower or two along the south coast. And a few showers further inland as well. Tomorrow, we can expect a mostly sunny day with a strong southerly change moving in late afternoon into the evening. After a cool night tonight it will warm up to 24 degrees in Penrith.

Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, because we're in for at least five days of showers on and off. It will be noticeably cooler on Friday, with a top of just 19 degrees. Warming up across the weekend, but we'll still see a shower or two. At this stage, Sunday is looking like the driest day before some rain on Monday. A top of 22 degrees. In our west, a very cool day on Friday. It will jump by seven degrees across the weekend. A shower or two expected on Saturday. It should be mostly sunny on Sunday, with a chance of evening showers, before some rain on Monday with a top of 21 degrees. Pete.

some rain on Monday with a top of
21 degrees. Pete.I like the look of that rain, thank you. Leila McKinnon is next with 'A Current Affair'. Nine's 'National News' is at 7:00 on GEM. But that is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by

Johnston, Tonight ... A mother t
outraged after reporting an assault
to police A dog shot after attackin Chairma
three people And The Raiders evening,
Chairman calls it a day Good mo
evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston, The she'
mother of a boy with autism says response
she' s shocked at the police Sh
response to an assault on her son. h
She says the eight year old boy was cla
hit across the face by a man..but woul
claims police later told a court
would consider the matter a waste o suffe
time. Eight-year-old Matthew de
suffers from autism. His speech is cha
delayed and he is prone to sudden changes in mood. This means that hi misunderstoo
behaviour is frequently playi
misunderstood. When Matthew was h
playing with a child last week near c
his home child' says
child' s grandfather. His mother says that when Matthew didn' t do a
he was told the man assaulted him. instinc
He explained that it was an chi
instinctive response to a naughty t
child and he slapped Matthew across w
the face. But when I say slapped it mark
was hard enough to produce a red rem
mark that could be viewed for the immed
remainder of the day. Monique sai
immediately contacted police. She sympathetic,
said initially they were he
sympathetic, then one officer told it
her that if she lodged a complaint explain
it wouldn' t go far. It was is
explained to me that the gentleman from
is in his sixties, that he comes child
from an era when disciplining a accept
child using physical force was Sh
acceptable. Monique was stunned. polic
She felt that the response from behaviour
police justified the man' s
behaviour. She said the officer als slapped
told her that a stranger had a
slapped his child for bad behaviour also
and he was OK with that. She was
also told taking the matter to cour communi
would not be the best use of tha
community resources. I was told take
that in the circumstances if you