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(generated from captions) Did she lure you to the tent?

Are you who Brooke has been seeing?

Nothing happened between us.

But you were there.

And you didn't tell me.

I didn't mention it
because there was nothing to tell.

Did Brooke come on to you?

I told her I was committed to you.


Taylor, it's not what you think.

Uh, she wasn't really
interested in me that way.

What are you talking about?

Why would she go through
all of that trouble

to plan Palm Springs
and a tent and everything?

And you convinced me
that I was wrong,

that she isn't involved with Bill.

Are you covering for her?

What is it?
I don't understand, Eric.

Now you're telling me
that she made a play for you.

We can't have secrets between us.

What is it?!

Is Brooke hiding something?

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Tonight - a looter rubs salt into the deep wounds left by the firestorm on Sydney's outskirts. We talk to the families who came within a whisker of losing the lot - and some who did. A radical plan to keep cars out of the city. Wagging school - the cops teaching truants a lesson in life. ANNOUNCER: First at five - Ten News with Sandra SullyGood evening. As if last night's wild fires weren't bad enough today the unthinkable. Allegations of looting as the inferno threatened homes, causing terrified residents to run for their lives. The Premier reflected how many feel. He said he'd love to get his hands on whoever is responsible. Thankfully the four blazes that caused so much heartache are out or close to it. But there are deep black scars at Castlereagh, Windsor, Marsden Park and Winmalee in the Blue Mountains. Amanda Hart and Christien de Garis have been through the areas for us today. And they'll share with us remarkable stories of bravery and compassion. Melinda Nucifora has been investigating how these fires seem to catch everyone offguard. As I just mentioned as volatile and violent as bushfires are, at least you can usually see them coming. But a thief, using the cover of fear and panic, to rob poor victims is a rare and miserable act. Let's start with Amanda Hart at Marsden Park. It is staggering to think someone out there sunk this low. Yes, it's absolutely devastating. I mean, residents have been coming home today to discover scenes like this. If you have a look around, there's nothing left. And you can see also residents behind us are going through whatever belongings they can find left to see if anything is salvagible at all, and the fact that there are people going around to places like this and stealing belongings from people who have just lost so much is heartbreaking for them, and makes this whole bushfire situation worse. Still standing but Dave Morris says his Marsden Park home may as well as have burnt to the ground.How do you feel?I feel - I don't know what to feel at the moment. I just feel numb.Everything has been taken, and not just by fire. Looters stole Dave's laptop.You kick a man when he's down, and you kick me more down, like, you know. How could you do that.Appalling. Everyone in our heart knows what they'd like to do to the person. We hope they are caught by police. There are thousands of the hectares of blackened bushland and damaged infrastructure. There's nothing left here in this panel beating yard. You can see the owner's caravan. It's completely destroyed. You see a few belongings like a microwave and oven - they are clearly unusable. Birds in the bird cage - they clearly didn't make it. Everywhere the eye looks around here - mangled metal, and it's an absolute wasteland.I have lost everything because someone wanted to light a bloody fire. Thank you very much for destroying my life. Peter Lester is in disbelief. It's the second time fire ripped through his Londonderry property.My car is inside there. That's gone. Then the bikes and the quads and that are all inside there. They are all gone too. So, yes.Pretty upsetting.Yes, well, as I say, what can you do? You can't do much about it, you keep on going.Some degree of luck must have been on Peter's side. The fire left his home untouched. Despite easing conditions bringing the blaze under control the threat still lingers. Fire crews are not taking chances going house to house, checking the charred landscape. It's devastating what you see. It's burnt to bare earth, it's intensifier.Buried in the despair is hope.When we had the fire, we collected something to the tune of 1500. Hopefully I can do that this time again.Hope is what they need right now. Sandra, not only are residents upset, they are angry. They say back-burning should have been done months ago and that possibly would have prevented the devastation you see around us. Thank you. Amanda Hart there. That same misery is felt by families all over the western outskirts. Christien de Garis has been speaking with many of them today. While we are thankful no-one was hurt, this is a painful day.It was a terrifying experience for anyone forced to save their home from the fires. Look at the blackened area behind me, there's a smoking log. It's typical of the areas we walked through today. It's hard to believe there wasn't a greater loss of property. We spoke to a family that came close to losing everything. The Albury family was packing for a holiday. They ended up boxing up their most precious possession.It was frightening seeing the flames, they were as tall as the trees.How close it got was terrifying.Tara took off with their son and daughter.Watching my husband run around was scary.Simon stayed to help the firefighters, as the flames licked the verandah they fled, leaving a truck behind. You didn't know what you were coming home to?No, no, when we saw the fire roll through we thought the worst.Their home, goats and dogs locked in the laundry survived.We were very lucky. Very lucky. The firies did a fantastic job.There literally would have been a wall of fire that hit the home and the fire truck. So the crews have done a great job.It was a stroke of luck. The family would have been at work, but were here getting ready for a trip to Thredbo for a wedding. Tara is the maid of honour.She's understanding, she told me if I can't be there, that's fine.Kynan Hopkins and his dad were not so lucky.The house is fine, if you look. The animals is fine, everyone is fine. Just the worst of it, sobeit.Fire crews are having a hard slog back-burning to make sure the blaze doesn't break containment lines.It was a fantastic effort. That's what our people do. They have hearts of gold. The blokes coming in yesterday are knackered. It will be some time before the crews walk out of here.The latest on the Winmalee fire - the crews are working the containment lines, it is not under control, but is contained and there's a watch and act alert in place.Thank you Christien de Garis. The Rural Fire Service Commissioner admitted it right here during a live interview on the news last night, that the people who are supposed to protect us from these sorts of fires were caught by surprise. Melinda Nucifora is at their headquarters tonight in, Mathew Elliott, we are betting there's a bit of soul -- and Mathew Elliott, we are betting there's a bit of soul-searching there.It's the last thing you want to hear, that your Emergency Services will be caught unawares. This is the main control room. With the charts, experts fore cast and predictions, they couldn't have prepared for the hotter and drier conditions that we saw across the region yesterday. And there is also a suggestion tonight that it was perhaps some of their actions which caused a few of these fires.Spring is off to a sizzling start. No rain, and temperatures up to 12 degrees above average. But despite the sort ofing condition, the Rural Fire Service is -- the scorching conditions, the Rural Fire Service has scheduled some back-burning. An investigation is under way into whether the controlled burns got out of hand and caused the fires yesterday.Their focus is to look at where the fires started, and how the fires started. And that will include detailed analysis of the effect, if any, as a result of hazard reductions.It's been the worst start to a bushfire season in years, and the RFS admits it was caught by surprise.The weather that materialised exceeded what was forecast. The temperatures were somewhat warmer than expected.The Bushfire Research Centre is predicting a dangerous season ahead. A wet June let to faster vegetation growth. That dried out when we recorded our hottest winter on record. The forecast of a wetter than usual spring will not provide much relief.Our outlook is an indication of what we will see over the 3-month period. It doesn't tell us how the rain will fall or some of those strong weather systems that may come through like we saw in Sydney yesterday.Communities are being urged to do their bit and prepare for the worst. Police are also investigating if arsonists were responsible for any of these blazes. Officers have been door- knocking around fire-affected areas this afternoon and will continue to do so, ramping up the efforts tonight, asking anyone if they witnessed anything suspicious. A backpacker made a fatal mistake after getting stuck in an elevator at Haymarket in the city. He was one of three people trapped, but he managed to crawl out only to fall seven floors to his death. Police have spent the day trying to peace together what occurred, including interviewing traumatised witnesses. The advice for anyone caught in a lift is to raise the alarm and then wait for help. The State Government is about to make the city a no-go zone for cars through radical traffic changes that will alter the CBD forever. It's stripping away street parking, slowing traffic to a crawl and, you guessed it, building more bike paths, here is Josh Murphy. They are the yellow envelopes for mill millons of CBD driving but could be a thing of the past. Roadside parking is likely to be entirely eliminated.There'll be major restrictions in parking on the street in the city.It's amajor generator of revenue. Instead, drivers will be forced into private underground stations that can charge up to $60 an hour.Free up congestion, help the city move. The removal of on-street parking makes way for taxi ranks and loading zones. The speed limit will be reduced to 40km/h. Another attempt to discourage driving.There'll inevitabley beginners and losers, but we have a challenge as a city and need to think through solutions. The State Government wants the toll reduced on the Cross City Tunnel to help city traffic, but that's up to the private operator. The intention of the plan is to not only make it easier and safer for pedestrian in central Sydney but to take 220 buses off the road to ease congestion. That transforms this mess to this - when the new Light rail corridor is complete. Bike lanes are planned, but not yet costed.They are not even able to explain how much, when they are going to start.If approved the Wind back will begin almost immediately. An oil spill and a truck accident put Sydney traffic in a tail spin this afternoon. All southbound lanes in the Sydney Harbour tunnel were closed for hours as crews raced to clean up a 30 metre oil spill. Traffic was diverted over the bridge. Half an hour later the delays were worse when an overheight truck took out part of the sprinkler system in the eastern distributor, forcing the closure of northbound traffic. Thankfully they reopened before the afternoon peak. As the school term wraps up some Sydney students are losing interest and wagging. Parents and teachers are not having a bar of that. And today police were dragging truants back to school. Natasha Squarey has been given exclusive access to the cops teaching the schoolkids a lesson. It's the ong battle to keep some kids in the -- ongoing battle to keep some kids in the classroom. This is Operation Forcett, a truancey squad formed by the New South Wales police and the Education Department.I rang your school and told me all students are meant to be there.To crack down on kids wagging school. Truant hot spots, such as shopping centres and train stations on the hit list, busting student shopping instead of being at school. Blacktown shopping centre is a magnet For truants.Not the place to be when you're meant to be at school. You heading to school now? The children are putting themselves in danger by being in an area they shouldn't be. The parents send them to school. That's why tracking down on truants like these is top priority for police and the Education Department. You shouldn't be by yourself. You should be in school or where your parents know where you are.While it might seem harmless police warn truants of sinister consequences. It's not a case that children are causing trouble it's people in society that may see them and try to take advantage of them.It's a parental responsibility for the young person to be at school.We monitor and offer suggestions and support them, it's up to the family. And the student. Stay with us, still to come on Ten News Bill Shorten throws his hat in the ring for the Labor leadership. Plus - Obama puts the breaks on bombing Syria. Also - the shiny new Apple to outmanoeuvre Android. And a run away cow causes chaos.

Thanks for joining us here on Ten News. A woman has been dragged from her vehicle and beaten during a car-jacking in Sydney. The attack happened outside the woman's home at Canterbury last night. She was punched in the face trying to get away from two men. Police are looking for the pair, described as being of Middle Eastern appearance and wearing Ball clavas. Hovering above with the claitest on Sydney traffic is Vic Lorusso. You are -- latest on Sydney traffic is Vic Lorusso. You are over Beecroft where there's a report of a grass fire.There are reports of a grass fire in the scrub. There's evidence of a lain closed with a fire truck that moved -- lane closed with a fire truck that moved off since. It will take 15-20 minutes for motorists to get home into Thornlie up to Westley as a result of the earlier problem.Thank you. Tony Abbott's plans for his ministry suffered a blow with frontbencher Sophie Mirabella set to lose her seat. It turnaround came after the Electoral Commission misplaced 1,000 votes for her competitor. National Affairs Editor Paul Bongiorno joins us. There are better news for Tony Abbott under the plans for the carbon tax. Cracks appeared in Labor's stand on defending the carbon tax. A backbencher and a Minister says Tony Abbott should be allowed to govern, saying the party shouldn't save him from what they called bad policy. The Prime Minister-elect was more focused on the shape of his ministry.Sophie Mirabella is the biggest Coalition casualty. Already trailling she was dealt a stunning blow when the Electoral Commission found 1,000 misplaced votes for independent challenger Kathy McGowan. Mirabella's task of holding the seat is now almost impossible. Tony Abbott is waiting on a clear result before announcing this ministry. He met with Defence Chiefs today.I'm looking forward to a fruitful association with the service chiefs.Last night he spoke on the phone with Indonesia's President and will meet him in Bali next month. Border security and repealing the carbon tax are the two priorities when Parliament returns. Plans are boosted with a brawl in the Labor Party.I don't think we have a right to frustrate the government's mandate and it's not a good look to vote with the Greens again.We need to acknowledge that Tony Abbott won the election.Wrong, says a colleague.We should stand by our beliefs.The Liberals running their strongest line.Every day the ALP refuses to listen to the Australian people and the election result is a day that they are voting for higher electricity and gas prices.Labor's Bill Shorten will put his hand up for the party's leadership when caucus meets Friday. He's receiving strong backing from the right in three states. Supporters are confident he has the numbers. Still unresolved whether the Deputy Leader Anthony Albanese will run. Albo has strong grassroot support with an instant Facebook page garnering 1500 likes in two days. He's refusing to declare his hand. And I can tell you neither Bill Shorten nor Anthony Albanese have any sympathy for Labor allowing the repeal of the carbon tax through the parliament unchallenged. Paul Bongiorno reporting there. Well, it's time to check on the weather with Tim Bailey. This is our favourite segment of the week. Tonight you join us from Thornleigh West Public School.It's your favourite segment of the week. How do you reckon I go. I live for Wednesdays, and this mob. Tonight we are at Thornleigh West Public School where they... (CHEERING) What about your mums and dads. Hanging out after school until 6:00. Let's give them a big round of applause. This is what the Ten at School program looks like, it isn't just the kids, it's the community, it's the teachers, and we squeeze a bit of weather out also, but not before we meet the stars - down here, a high from the Bacon Triplets - they are eight years old - one, two, three - and then you see things again. The Steele triplets - one, two, three. It's a school of triplets, and champions. It's Thornleigh West Public School where we...It's a community. Thank you, Tim. Fantastic. Changing tone. Animal shelters and vet surgeries are run off their feet by frightened wildlife. Among them a koala called Sandy, saved by a volunteer fireman, Georgi Glover has more. Sitting worried by Sandy's hospital bed. Rural Fire Service Jarratt Hadid hopes the young koala waits up. Jarratt Hadid has been fighting fires all night and has had almost no sleep. This is where he wants to beHe's a popular guy.He found Sandy wounded and frightened on the side of the road and stopped to help.We comforted him. I feel he knew we were there to help.In bushfires there's a lot of animals badly injured and burnt.Every year rescue organisation WIRES helps more than 3 thus animals caught up in the bushfires. At the Nepean Animal Hospital, a mummy possum and Joey are resovering.The mother possum doesn't have -- recovering. The mother possum doesn't have movement in her legs. The X-rays show there aren't breakages and she has a healthy appetite.After a snack and a couple of weeks in rehab they should be able to return to the bush. The vet hospital opened the doors to six rescue jobs stranded. They were evacuated with 120 stray dogs from the shelter and Londonderry. The flames were at their kennel. Every pup was at risk. They were close, up the back. We checked with the firefighters. They said we had to evacuate. It was chaotic.Mr Biggles was glad to be home safe and sound. Coming up here on Ten - President Barack Obama makes a primetime appeal to the US public on Syria. Also - concerns over Rio's readiness to host the Olympics. And the Sydney residents who are digging in over their fight with a quarry. (TV TURNS ON)
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Armed bandits savagely attacked a group of Australian trekkers in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The attackers set upon the hikers with machetes spears and knives as they trekked along the Black Cat Track. Two porters were killed and others wounded. Four Australians suffered cuts and bruises, but their injuries are not considered serious. Authorities are searching for the attackers. Faced with the mite of the American war machine the Syrian government agreed to surrender its chemical weapons, while it's upclear how and when this could happen, it may be the circuit -- unclear how and when this could happen, it may be the schet breaker. Lachlan Kennedy - the President started with an address to the nation. Does this mean the crisis might be over?That would be nice. Sadly, unfortunately not. The President says he welcomes this offer from Syria, and will give it a chance. Clearly he's not 100% sold. Most of his 16 minute speech tonight was still spent outlining why a military strike against the Assad regime may be appropriate. He's not completely convinced but Barack Obama accepts diplomacy is back on the table.It's too early to tell whether the offer will succeed. Any agreement must verify that the asard regime must keep its commitments -- Assad regime must keep its commitments.This is a serious proposal, we should act accordingly, a UN Security Council resolution is a good idea.Russia called an emergency Security Council meeting, only to cancel it a few hours later. A face-to-face between Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry has been organised this week in Switzerland.We are waiting for that proposal. We are not waiting for long.In a rare visit to Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama asked Senators to continue delaying the vote for military action. The administration prefers it to be on ice as opposed to thrown out.This diplomatic option to have a chance of succeeding, the threat of a US Military action - a credible real threat of US Military action must continue.US warships have been ordered to maintain their current position, in case diplomacy fails. The preference is clear.I have spent 4.5 years working to end wars, not to start them.What happens next relevance on Russia. According to the Syrian Foreign Minister Damascus and Moscow are working on a detailed proposal that will be taken to the United Nations soon, and soon is about as exact as we are getting at the moment. The details the world will be waiting for is how can we be assured that Syria will give up all of its chemical weapons, and how will those that have to transport and dismantle them do it safely in a country that is in the grips of a bloody war. A newly elected international International Olympic Committee advice President John Coates ruled out stripping the games from Rio in 2016. Mr Coates joined senior IOC officials in expressing concern about Rio's readiness.All our venues were finished in Sydney well out. We had a lot of tests the year before, as did London. That is at risk at the moment in Rio.German Thomas Bach, a former Olympic tennis champion has been elected President of the IOC. Apple unvild two versions of the iPhone, -- unveiled two versions of the iPhone. The iPhone 5S has a scanner and the 5C, a cheaper alternative will be available in a range of colours - blue, green, pink, yellow and White. When the community gets their hands on it they'll create better applications that are fastier, speedier and have more functionality.Australians will be the first to get their hands on the models when the phones hit stores on Friday. Still ahead on Ten News - radical changes at the Wallabies. Plus - a gigantic bust up in Sydney's south. Hunters forced to dodge a raging bull. And the markets closed at a 5-year high, up 32 points. Here are the details.

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Calls for CCTV in schools to help out principals. God versus science - results are in - we declare the winner once and for all. You're watching Ten News. Let's get another traffic update with Vic Lorusso. An accident on the M5 causing delays tonight.It's been a horrible run for commuters to the south-west. We had an accident at Moorebank cleared. A broken down truck in the tunnel, sitting there for 30 minutes, impacted the journey. Boths are struggling on M5. Commuters will be delayed heading to Campbelltown and Liverpool as a result of those snents. A better option is the Hume -- accidents. A better option is the Hume Highway. Plans to expand a massive quarry in Sydney's south have local residents riled up. They complain that truck movements on busy Heath coat road will make the thorough -- Heathcote Road will make the thorough fare more dangerous. Sandy Point Quarry near Holdsworthy reopened in 2010. The crushed sandstone and roadbase was in demand to widen the M2 Motorway, and complete the expansion of Port Botany. Residents are worried about the numbers of quarry trucks on busy Heathcote Road, which they say is more dangerous, especially when locals are trying to leave the suburb in peak periods.We have to negotiate both lanes of traffic, and we take chances that you normally wouldn't take to get into the traffic.Now the quarry Lis holders want to stockpile more fill and build a glass-grinding plant.Now there are hundreds of truck movements a day, clouds of dust and the odd explosion to rock everyone's house. Residents say if the quarry is allowed to get bigger, it will mean more truck movements and congestion on busy Heathcote Road road. Sutherland Council opposes the expansion and is taking court actions over allegations 900 trees were illegally cut down.The expansion will increase traffic flow, dust and the environmental impacts will be huge.Quarry boss, Ernest Duprere is ready for a fight, insisting there's no limit to the amount of stone he could extract. I could take out a million tonnes if I wanted to. The claims made by a handful of people are patently false. Residents say they'll take on the quarry operator and want the State Government to block further development. A worker has told of the moment he was head-butted by a run away bull at Adelaide's Royal Show. The animal broke loose as it was being unloaded from a truck. It bolted through crowded Sideshow Alley and out the gates of the showgrounds before it was caught and tied up. Leon May has been treated for minor head injuries suffered in the mayhem.It jumped and hit me in the chest with his he. I went straight back.Show organisers are reviewing how animals are transported. Rugby league's serial offender Anthony Watts has been banned for eight matches, after being found guilty of dirty tactics. He faced a judicial hearing on the Gold Coast, accused of the biting a rival player below the belt. The player denied the claim, but the panel was unconvinced and banned him for two months. Watts is expected to appeal. Stay with us - after the break more on tonight's top stories. In sport the Pot shot fired at Shark's Captain Paul Gallen. Details next. Also - the cute bunnies - but there's an ugly side to their game that the coach wants to eradicate. A wake up call for Will Genia - with the half-back dumped to the bench. All the reaction ahead. He doesn't get it. I only talk to people that I don't like. Welcome to money.Really?Yes.He's my cousin. I wouldn't have Somewhere in between.You worked as feelings, you know.OK! I don't know interview politicians, I must admit it's a thrill. And then other times it's like this. Just like... Now, you're just not a politician, you're also an accountant by You don't get a choice when it
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Updating tonight's top stories, there's anger in Sydney's bushfire zone with reports of looting. Some of the first are being blamed on controlled burns getting out of hand. And the State Government is ditching roadside parking in the city and reducing the speed limit hoping to drive cars out of the CBD. Todd Carney admits that he's racing the clock to be fit for week one of the finals. Brad McEwen is here with the details.Todd Carney admits he's battling a hamstring injury that could rule him out of the clash against Queensland. Don't be surprised if there's ill feeling after a Cowboys had a crack at shork's Captain Paul Gallen. Shark's Captain Paul Gallen Andrew Hawse has the story.Paul Gallen wasn't saved from a serve from a little-known Cowboys.Not too many people like him. A few boys here probably don't like him.Joel Reithmuller cranky at gal's crush tackle on Scott Bolton two weeks ago.We'll get out there, get into him and frustrate him.Todd Carney's dodgy hamstring is of a bigger concern.I'll train today and see Friday. Hopefully I'll be 100% by the game.Todd Carney out to make amends for last year's finals when succumbing to an Achilles injury and. Sharks crashed out against the Raiders. Ill said if I'm not 100% I wouldn't go into the game. Last year - I didn't let the team down, but there wasn't a backup and it hurt us a little bit. The Sharks confident that this is their year.We can win the comp and have a belief in each other, a great forward back and the pack is fants. With Todd Carney injured, -- fantastic, with Todd Carney injured - but we want to go all the way. The Sharks must beat North Queensland who has one six in a row and determined to send out a favourite son. Matt Bowen in career best form.He's welcome to come here.The full-back is open to offers from NRL rivals. Ahead of a showdown with Melbourne, Sam Burgess has been warned to cut the niggle from his game the the Rabbitohs raumped up the cute factor at training. There's -- ramped up the cute factor at training. There's nothing friendly about Sam's tang ticksHe's had a couple of incidents. He knows it hurts the team. If he gets it out of the game he'll be a better player.Roosters' tough man Jared Waera-Hargreaves has paid the price for using an elbow - suspended for a week at the judiciary. Wallabies great and Ten commentator Matt Burke believes dropping Will Genia to the bench for the clash against Argentina could be the Kick Start he needs. In a massive call from Will Genia, Nic White starts at scrum-half, Brumbies team-mate Ben Mowen takes over the captaincy in his seventh test. More from Charles Christian. The determination to play with ambition and flair is yet to translate into victories, three defeats to open the Ewen McKenzie forced the coach's hand.Decisions in life as a leader - you get defined by the harder decisions, not the easy ones. Everyone can make the easy decisions.It's the first big call of his Tenu in dropping a player of his note. Matt Burke says Will Genia's fall from Captaincy to the bench could reJuve mate the scrum-half who has been below his best in 2013.It's not all on a silver platter. I need to work hard to retain my position. After three test appearances from the bench, Nic White runs on into a baptisle of fire against an Arj tin -- baptisle of fire against an Argentinian club.I don't want the opportunity to slip.Ben Mowen is the sixth Wallabies captain in two years. The rise to captaincy is at odds to previous appointments. It took John Eales 32 tests to become leader, George Gregan in seven years and Ben Mowen makes it in seven tests.He says what he's going to do, goes out and does it and expect everyone to follow. He doesn't expect anyone to slip. The kind of standards that Ewen McKenzie wants followed at the game's highest levels.Don't expect to drive -- don't expect driver friction to ease up when Daniel Ricciardo teams up with Sebastian Vettel. The world champ has known Sebastian Vettel for some time the Aussie can count on a stiff learning curve.I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure he'll try hard to give me a hard time. I'm do the same thing.That's ominous. Also - Felipe massa announces he's leaving David Ferrer, with Carrie Reichart tipped to return to the ital -- Kimi Raikkonen tipped to return. Two more in additions qualified for the Soccer World Cup. The Italians won sealing their passage. It was a case of double Dutch from Robin van Persie as Holland booked a spot with a 2-0 win over Andorra. England was close to qualifying despite a scoreless draw with Ukraine. And across the Atlantic, team USA booked its spot in Brazil after beating Mexico. If Buddy Franklin decides to leave the Hawks for GWS, weth Melbourne may have a an ideal -- we think Melbourne may have an ideal replacement. Check out Cameron Smith's form with the Sherrin. Not bad. Smith got the better of Will Chambers in an AFL versus NRL challenge. He picked up our Play of the Day. Some people are good at two sports. The rest of us are good at nothing. Cameron Smith - pretty much good at anything, I think.Brilliant. Coming up next - we go back to Tim Bailey at Thornleigh West Public School.Yes, be prepared ladies and gentlemen, because in seconds your television will be taken over by... ALL: Thornleigh West Public School. And we are going to pump out a heap of weather and show you a wonderful community. It's after the commercial beak. See you then.

Welcome back to Ten's weather. (CHEERING) .Stars are born. The school Captain at Thornleigh West Public School, where they do their best. Take a wow, you two. Thank you very much. The school captains that away. (APPLAUSE) .What a ripping little school this is. We find stories wherever we go. It's the Ten at School projects and it ilualinates my sense. I love engaging with the community. There's a few here, and a few with tales. What happened to your arm?I tripped at netball when we were running and tripped over my best friend.You tripped over your best friend. What's your name?Mia. That's why she's in plaster and now the whole world knows. Round of applause. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Now, over here let me introduce you to Sophie - now, Sophie, there's a reason why we are in your playground. There's a reason we are at your school. Look down the barrel of the camera and tell them what happened.I was sitting watching television and I found Tim on TV and I thought "This should be a good idea for Thornleigh West Public School to be on TV.And what a ripping idea it is. Your best friends, aren't you?Yes.And this is little sister. Do you look after her.Yes.Give her a cuddle on TV to prove it. Thank you for inviteing me. You emailed network Ten. You emailed me with a great effort. Email like Sophie did. Is it fun, girls. Is it fun, kids? ALL: Yes. (APPLAUSE) Do you reckon the clap doesn't come in handy. Another for Paul Miller, the principal - I was going to call you the Premier.Thank you. (CHEERING) .Great school.It's a wonderful school.Great pillars and achievements. Tell me what you've been up to lately.We have revamped the student welfare program and have expectations for all of our children of respect, responsibility and achievement and promote them through our award and in the classroom and teach the children those spocts.The achievements. Wakakiri is coming up.Yes, and we are in the finals. .You've been to the Opera House, you've been to the opera house with the choir and recorder. You must be proud.I'm proud of the student. A wonderful community, we have a lot of support from the parents.Look at the parents behind. You should be in front of the camera. Thank you for coming, give us a wave. Have a look at them. They are community events. Let's check the weather for you. The good news 25 degrees. Six less than yesterday, which all the fires and the furnace has gone away. We are doing the mop-ups, containing the wind. West at around 30km/h. A kood looking day tomorrow. Milder 22-23. Let's get to -- a good looking day tomorrow. Milleder, 22-23. Let's look -- middleer, 22-23. Let's

The Sat lie:

The Sat lie: A trough -- satellite: a trough swinging moisture in NSW. Light showers for coastal Victoria. South-east NSW, patchy rain in South Australia moves into western NSW. Around Australia:

Brilliant day in the Sydney basin tomorrow.

That's it from Ten at School. Beautiful way to wrap up the

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