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Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Sydney fire emergency - blazes burning from Penrith to Marsden Park and the Blue Mountains. Hundreds of crews are tonight trying to save property but already two homes have been destroyed. Firefighters have been injured. They fear it's the work of arsonists. Also tonight - Schapelle Corby's jail boss signs off on her parole. And the Eels star caught DUI after Mad Monday.

Good evening. As we go to air, there's a bushfire emergency in parts of our city's west, with seven fires raging out of control stretching all the way from the Hills District through Penrith, the Blue Mountains and south to Liverpool. Six firefighters have been injured and two homes have been destroyed. Our reporters are in the fire zones with the latest on all the major hotspots. We begin our coverage at Castlereagh, near Penrith. Walls of fire raced through the dry scrub, everything in the inferno's path exploding in flames. Out of control and burning across more than 60 hectares, the wild weather conditions fanning the blaze. Temperatures today are in the early 30s, but it's this strong wind that is really causing firefighters some issues as it pushes this fire towards the homes up the road.A bushfire season that has come to Sydney way too early. Unexpected but not unprepared. RFS crews battle through choking smoke, doing their best to dampen the flames.

The enormous fire front stretched out 4km in front of the Channel Nine helicopter, our pilot helping waterbombers prepare their attacks. I'm just over on the north side. I don't know if you've got your bucket on, but there is a bit of property under threat. We are coming up to the fire here now, trying to find a staging area. I hope they have enough firetrucks in there.Ferocious and fast-moving, swirling winds and smoke eerily turning day into night in just moments and closing roads.

The emergency warning was out and the riot squad were brought in, now running desperately to clear people from home to home.I'm sorry, we are just going to have to evacuate. No, I have not seen it this bad. I have seen it bad here before. I have been here for 13 years and we get a fire here virtually every year.For some, the heartbreak was nearly too much, with more at stake than just their homes.I came home from work because I was at work and my horses went right down to the fire and the smoke got to me and I was here on my own.Police and emergency crews arrived to help, locals moving panicked animals out of danger, carefully coaxing them into trailers.

In Penrith, the White Water Park was turned into an evacuation centre for hundreds of students moved to safer ground away from their schools.There was lots of smoke and we even saw a fire helicopter.Were you scared?It was a bit scary.Nearby in Marsden Park, neighbours were helping neighbours protect their homes. My property is just down the road.I'm helping to make sure this one is OK.In some areas it was too late, the fire left smouldering and property destroyed. Our correspondent is in Castlereagh. What is it like?We have just received word that an RFS volunteer has suffered a heart attack. Paramedics are treating him as we speak. Firefighters are already on edge. Dry, dusty wind is continuing to sweep through this area, flaring up spot fires all along the road in Londonderry. We are 6km away from where the fire started at Castlereagh. Hundreds of homes were evacuated today and those people are at a nearby oval, waiting for the all clear. I have just been told it will be a number of hours until that is the case. This situation is still unfolding and no one will be taking any risks tonight.The fire in Winmalee is still well alight in the Blue Mountains. How serious is the threat right now?It's still an extremely dangerous situation tonight in the Blue Mountains. The fire has crossed the road and if it continues on its most different path, it will soon be threatening homes. One home has already been destroyed at Winmalee and 30 fire crews are doing their best to bring this fire under control. The message from the RFS is to put your bushfire plan into action.Late this afternoon and Sydney's iconic Blue Mountains were black, a massive sprawling blaze bearing down on the tiny town of Winmalee. For the 6,000 who live here, there was no time to grab precious belongings. The fire was on their doorstep and the only choice was to flee and hope as their front yards burned.It came through really quick, man. One minute it was green and the next it was all gone. Lost a couple of sheds and a tractor. Some gear, you know.On the front line, it was a brave and desperate battle. There was back-up from above but at property after property, sheds, caravans and equipment could not be saved. Even a boat went up in flames.This was a caravan. In the sprawling fast-moving chaos, dozens of homes were threatened and then saved in a town where many still have bad memories of bushfires.It was almost too much.We lost the house in 1994. These guys have done a brilliant job. Thanks to all the firefighters.The fight to save the town even involved the police. For the brave volunteers who regularly put their lives on the line, it was simply exhausting. Six required treatment from paramedics at the scene. One was taken to hospital. We have just got an ambulance down to check them out for a bit of smoke inhalation or exhaustion. Homes are under threat in Windsor, with residents forced to flee. Tom Steinfort is there now. Tom, what can you tell us? It's still an easy situation here, with the smoke coming through and embers still burning. At their height, the flames were at the top of these trees, heading straight for properties. The majority of residents are still at the roadblocks. They were evacuated at just a moment's notice. Firefighters were expecting it to be hot but nothing like this. South of Windsor, near Bligh Park, and the flames were unstoppable, tearing across properties and forcing evacuations.This is the closest we have come to. This is close, too close.With no let-up in the strong north-westerly, it was a battle to stop it from jumping roads. And when the blaze spread into the bush, they called in the waterbombers. It licked at housing estates, a massive funnel of smoke reason enough to pack the car and get out.We were told to leave the house. We left behind the cat.Just on the other side of this road are two prisons housing hundreds of people. Weeks of no rain, a parched countryside and several residents bore the brunt. Tom Porter lost his fish hatchery.It's a koi farm for Japanese fish.That's your whole business.Yes. We could not afford insurance.School pick-up time but with roads closed, it was the long way around for many.I can't move. An early and unwelcome taste of the bushfire season. Let's get an update from RFS HQ at Homebush. Simon Bouda is there. Thank you for joining us. One of the most concerning things is that some of these fires may have been deliberately lit.All of those fires that began this afternoon will all be investigated and we will do that in cooperation with police. As soon as the situation is contained, we will begin investigating.What do you think about the idea that someone could be out deliberately lighting fires? The mindset of someone who would do that is always baffling. It's very frustrating. We have enough fires beginning from natural causes as it is. The fact that one of these fires could actually kill someone... These people should really think hard about that.You have had a number of people injured today.The indications are that they are OK and stable. I still have to check on the gentleman who was taken to hospital with burns but the indications are that they were superficial. The people with smoke inhalation, I understand, are OK. Looking at today's conditions, it's very difficult work. This has been a typically difficult day for this sort of weather we have had. What have you heard about the forecast for tomorrow?There is no rain predicted but wind will be coming right for tomorrow. By no means will these conditions be benign. They will be easier than today but we will still have to work very hard over these next few days and are -- the biggest concern is containing the fire in the Blue Mountains. Some places in Sydney have not seen rain for seven weeks. It's very dry and until we get rain, we will keep seeing this. Thank you. Sylvia Jeffreys joins us now. Sylvia we rarely see these conditions so early in the season. That's right, Pete. But we had all the ingredients for a fire emergency today. Temperatures were more than 10 degrees above average across the greater Sydney region. Penrith and Richmond both hit 32. Add to that low humidity and, of course, those hot gusty north-westerlies. The average wind speed around 50km/h, while Penrith recorded gusts to 9km/h. The radar shows the enormous smoke haze hanging over the region, which

hanging over the region, which
prompted another warning for poor air quality.

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prompted A gradual south-westerly change is setting in

prompted A gradual south-westerly
change is setting in as we go to air tonight.

prompted A gradual south-westerly
change is setting in as It

change is setting in as It will bring some relief later this evening. I'll have more on the forecast later.Schapelle Corby has jumped through two more hoops in her bid for freedom. Today, her sister's husband paid the $10,000 fine she was given when she was jailed and the Kerobokan prison chief approved her parole. It's now up to the Bali and Jakarta justice departments. She could be released in 2016. It's not yet been sworn in, but Labor is accusing Tony Abbott's government of being vindictive and petty over one of its first moves. It's revoking the decision to appoint former Labor premier Steve Bracks to a top diplomatic post. The winds of change are blowing through the nation's capital. In the corridors of power, the clean-out is gathering pace. And removalists are at the Lodge for major renovations. Tony Abbott will either find another Canberra residence or stay at Sydney's Kirribilli House.I want to talk to officials before making a final decision.The Prime Minister-elect was back at work, taking small and steady steps. But he was quick to tell former Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks that he will overturn Julia Gillard's decision to appoint him Consul General to New York. What a venal, vindictive and petty thing to do.Labor says it breaches the Caretaker Convention.Eye was available, appointed democratically by the government and the new government has a different view.As Labor MPs consider a new leader, there is a growing push for Kevin Rudd to quit Parliament for the sake of party unity.His continuing presence will see him do what he has always done and that is willingly, wilfully, recklessly destabilise Labor leaders.Tony Abbott's chief of staff meantime has had a low-level drink-driving charge dismissed. The magistrate took into account Peta Credlin's good character and driving record. I did the wrong thing. I made a mistake.Parramatta Eels player Mitch Allgood has been charged with drink-driving. Police arrested the player, seen here in the white T-shirt, following Mad Monday celebrations yesterday. In a statement, Allgood said he was incredibly remorseful about the incident. Barack Obama says he will not attack Syria if the government surrenders its chemical weapons. Russia has backed the plan, while in a rare TV appearance, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says an attack would lead to disaster. The man at the centre of Syria's civil war on American TV, threatening a strong response to any military intervention.Will there be attacks against American bases in the Middle East if they strike?You should expect everything. You should expect everything.What do you mean by expect everything? Expect every action.A solution to the crisis has been offered, accidentally, by John Kerry. At a press conference in London, the US Secretary of State was asked if there was anything Syria 's president could do to stop an attack.Sure. He can turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week. Turn it over, all of it.It was an off the cuff remark that Washington insiders called a major goof but Russia has taken it seriously and has asked the Assad regime to store and destroy its stock pile of chemical weapons. Barack Obama was forced to address the issue during a string of television interviews today.I want to make sure that the norm against the use of chemical weapons is maintained. That's in our national security interests. If we can do that without a military strike, that is overwhelmingly my preference.And while President Obama doubts Syria will comply, many in Congress see this as a way out.

In the news ahead - the 74-year-old robbed at knife-point in his own home by heartless thieves. An Australian first - the drug that could help thousands of pregnant women. And the terrifying near miss for a Hollywood superstar and her child.

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A 74-year-old man has been robbed at knife-point in his Guildford home. He was taking out the rubbish when two men forced him back into his unit, threatening to kill him if he didn't hand over cash from his safe. Reliving his ordeal this morning was painful but above all else, Touric Chamoun was simply happy to have someone to talk to.I want your money.They said they would kill you if you did not give them the money? That's right. The 74-year-old, alone and vulnerable since the loss of his wife, was ambushed as he left his Guildford unit by two knife-wielding thieves. Holding the weapon to his back, they demanded he hand over the few hundred dollars he had.He pushed me. Pushed me like that. Kneels down to the safe.

Middle Eastern of an average build and height, wearing dark clothing and dark-coloured hoodies over their faces.If robbing a defenceless pensioner wasn't bad enough, the thieves left with a death threat, telling Touric that they would be back soon for more money and that if he did not cooperate, he would be killed. It will be some time yet before the nerves ease and Touric Chamoun can relax. Although, he has taken some comfort in an outpouring of support from his neighbours and friends. Thank you very much.No, no, no, you're alright. Alright.Australian Olympics chief John Coates has slammed Brazil's organisation of the 2016 Rio Games, saying the city is way behind schedule.The IOC is concerned. There is the will, the money, but not the coordinated approach.Coates will tomorrow be appointed Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee. Australian researchers have developed a world-first treatment for ectopic pregnancy, a life-threatening condition for mums-to-be. They are combining the usual injection with lung cancer drugs to stop the embryo's development. The extraordinary breakthrough eliminates the need for surgery to remove the fallopian tube. We're not sure which award she should get first, Parent of the Year or Driver of the Year, but here's Gwyneth Paltrow pulling out right in front of a school bus on her scooter with 7-year-old daughter Apple on the back. Perhaps husband Chris Martin, right behind her with son Moses, can give her some tips. Ken is next with sport. We are live at the judiciary as a Rooster fights a finals ban. We will tell you who was the brunt of James Maloney's sight gag. The Sea Eagles say forget Sonny Bill - they've got the best forward in the business. And Rafael Nadal's tears after the US Open final.And Sydney's hottest start to spring has taken a devastating twist. When will the cool change set in? I'll tell you next.

This program is not captioned. A critical night at the judiciary for the Roosters, with Jared Waerea-Hargreaves fighting a dangerous-contact charge. Rob Canning is at NRL HQ. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves's place in Saturday's final against the Sea Eagles is on the line.And that is being decided as we speak. Proceedings are under way. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and his lawyers arrived 25 minute ago. His lawyer will plea that it was in self defence that Jared Waerea-Hargreaves's elbow struck the throat of Chris McQueen of South Sydney. It will be a big blow to the Roosters if they miss out on Jared Waerea-Hargreaves playing in this match. It's the first game of the finals. If guilty, he will miss one week, if not guilty, he will be free to play. Manly are preparing as though Hargreaves will play but they are confident their pack can more than match the Roosters. This is Anthony Watmough in his element, wrestling the Eagles assistant coach and getting ready to take on the Roosters pack who have floored them twice this season.I would not say that they have dominated us... We don't have to worry about us catching up to them. We are already at their level.The leader of the Roosters pack has been Sonny Bill Williams but Manly coach Geoff Toovey says the Roosters can have him because Watmough has been the best back-rower this year.He has had an amazing season right through this year.Anthony Watmough does not hide that he will be playing on one leg, his injured knee aggravated by Jeff Lima's knee twist.It didn't take too kindly. I still want to get out there and play.The Roosters were laid back today, James Maloney making light of claims that Sam Burgess eye-gouged him.I won't be playing this week!Benji Marshall isn't the only Tiger heading to Rugby Union. Former Wallaby Lote Tuqiri has done a deal to play in Ireland. And Sandor Earl has been given more time to answer his infraction notice. ASADA want further interviews with the former Raiders star. An emotional Rafael Nadal has won his 13th Grand Slam title, defeating world number one Novak Djokovic in a 4-set final of the US Open. Nadal collected almost $4 million for the 4-set triumph, his second at Flushing Meadows. He is amazing. Coming up, the latest on Sydney's bushfire emergency. And Sylvia with the weather.Pete, winds are starting to swing around to the south-west, bringing a gradual cool change to Sydney over the next few hours. There's already some relief for Penrith. Overnight, temperature will drop dramatically to nine degrees. There is finally some potential for rain this week. I'll tell you when next.

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This program is not captioned. Returning to the bushfire emergency unfolding in the west. What is the latest? Paramedics are continuing to treat the RFS volunteer who sadly suffered a heart attack a short time ago. He has been treated and is being taken to hospital. It will be at least a couple of hours until residents are allowed to return to their properties in Londonderry and Castlereagh. The situation is still too unsafe at the moment. I have been told that the conditions are slowly easing as the night continues. Fire crews will work through the night, trying to get some containment lines in place. That may mean some more backburning. Smoke will continue across Western Sydney through the night. Today has been a horrible day for authorities and residents. Two properties have been destroyed. One at Winmalee and one at Marsden Park. A number of firefighters have been taken to hospital. Residents are being told to stay alert and listen to the warnings.Thank you. As we heard, fire crews are still fighting difficult conditions tonight, although the temperature is now dropping rapidly. We will see more significant relief beyond nine o'clock this evening. It was very dry today. The maximum temperature was 32, while the average for this time of year is 20 degrees. The wind came in, fanning those flames, but a cool change will come through, bringing cooler temperatures.