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Two of Tony Abbott's big promises
during the election campaign were to "stop the boats"
and "scrap the tax." But in his first few days
as Prime Minister, two boats have arrived and Labor is vowing to fight
to keep the carbon tax. So just how much will he be able
to achieve in his first term? Tony Abbott joins us now. Good morning.

Welcome to Sunrise and congratulations.Thanks, Sam.

In this new boat, there was
a New York Times journalist and photographer

who were travelling with asylum
seekers for a story. Are you worried how this will be
portrayed to the rest of the world?

We have obviously had a very serious problem on our borders for some years now, thanks to the errors of the former government. The incoming Government, as soon as we are sworn in, we will commence operation sovereign boarders. That will start making a difference from day one. Yesterday I spoke to Prime Minister O'Neill of PNG. We will make full use of the opportunities available to us for offshore processing at Manus Island. My message to the people smugglers is that change has happened, your game is up. You now face an Australian Government whose will and determination is more than a Manchester for yours.Mr Abbott, your message to the Indonesians, coverage of your election was a bit mixed in the media there, and saying the boat policy is just unrealistic? In Indonesia's long-term best interests for the flee of people to Australia to stop because the vast majority of them come via Indonesia. Many of them stay for many months in Indonesia. While they are in Indonesia, they can be a problem for the Indonesian authorities. I accept that this is a smaller issue for Indonesia than it is for Australia. Indonesia is a vast archipelago with many developmental and economic and social issues. Nevertheless it is going to be good for Indonesia as well as good for Australia that these boats are stopped.Let's talk about the carbon tax. What is being done to scrap the carbon tax. How quickly can you recall Parliament? We will recall Parliament in good time. We are going to approach it calmly, steadily, purposefully, methodically, we will recall the Parliament when the legislation is ready to go. I'm not going to recall the Parliament for a photo opportunity because for the first time in quite a few years, I want the people to know that calm, steady, purposes full Government has returned, a Government about the substance of getting things done, not about the theatre of putting things on the front pageduring the election campaign you said there was a budget emergency, that the carbon tax had to be scrapped quickly. You are a lot calmer now with this. You are saying let's not bring it on too soon?It will happen as soon as it can but it's very important to get these things right, Kochie. That's what the new Government is absolutely determined to do.OK, Mr Abbott, we have been talking a lot this morning about Senate candidates and the possibility of Senate reform into the future. Next year you may have some issues with that. The minor parties are making headlines this morning, including a poo-throwing pollie, as we are calling him, the man who has been calling him, the man who has been on YouTube throwing kangaroo poo with his family. He is from Victoria, from the motoring thus party. Let's look at a YouTube video showing him in the kangaroo poo throwing. Fplg my brother and I having a bit of fun. Before this I was an ordinary Australian. My past does not represent how I am now and has nothing to do with the party.Tony Abbott, you will have fairly colourful senators come into the Parliament. You have got this bloke, a guy who has a sporting party. Will negotiation writting with the Senate be your biggest challenge?Kochie, our system sometimes throws up colourful, quirky individuals. Sometimes they don't last long. Sometimes they do last a while. Some of them ultimately become very stable and respected politicians. Let's just wait and see who ultimately gets elected to the Parliament. I will certainly treat every member of Parliament with respect and courtesy but respect and courtesy are a two-way street. I would certainly expect the new Parliament to respect the mandate that the new Government has won. Let's talk about the basics, Mr Abbott. You are a Sydney man, you are a Manly boy. Will you and Margie move into The Lodge or will you spend most of your time at Kirribilli House?Sam, look, I want to be as far as possible an orthodox Prime Minister. My understanding is The Lodge is about to under go extensive maintenance and some renovations that have been long planned. It may well not be possible to move into The Lodge for a considerable period of time. So I'm going to seek advice from the officials over the next few days and finalise a decision after I've sought advice.A lot of Labor heavyweights are calling on Kevin Rudd to retire from the Parliament. What do you reckon? What's your advice to Kevin Rudd?It's really a matter for Mr Rudd and for the Labor Party. I guess the big question for the Labor Party and its new leader is are they going to persist - are they going to persist with toxic taxes that damage jobs, that damage cost of living and which are obviously toxic with the public. They can't do that for three years now.Well, the fact is the Labor Party will have to decide what its attitude is to the carbon tax, to attitude is to the carbon tax, the mining tax. Sure, they brought them in. Now they will have to decide are they going to accept the will of the people, learn from their mistakes or persist in the folly of the last term of Parliament.You spoke with Kevin Rudd, he apparently rang you on Saturday night to concede. Was that a quick phone call or how does a phone call like that go?To Mr Rudd's great credit, he was very gracious. He was quite warm. Obviously it was quite a difficult call for him to make. I suspect that he must have been feeling, I suppose, the gravity of the moment. I was certainly conscious of the gravity of the moment. I was very conscious of the fact that a baton was being handed on. I respected Mr Rudd for the manner of him doing that.All right, you have got to fix the budget. You have got to fix the boats. You have got a big challenge ahead with the carbon tax. What are you going to do about the Wallabies? Surely that is so much bigger than all this other economic and political claptrap? That has to be your number one priority, surely, Mr Abbott?If I may so, happy the country which is more interested in sport than politics because it shows that there is a fundamental unity, it shows that the business of the nation is normally under reasonably good management if we can be as excited...It's a serious question. What would you do for the Wallabies? You are a rugby coach. You slugged Joe Hockey at training. You are a passionate rugby player. What do the Wallabies need to do?It's 25 years since I coached a rugby team. I'm not going to venture an opinion on what the Wallabies ought to do except to say I hope they win, but it's up to them. I will just be someone barracking in the

You might need to think about our cricket team too when you have got a spare second.Concentrate on the big issues! white issues!The only place I played cricket was badly in England for all sorts of unworthy reasons and I have even less to trbt to cricket than I do to rugby.Tony Abbott, thanks for