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Anderson dumped in latest NT reshuffle -

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ELEANOR HALL: The Northern Territory Government's new Cabinet has just been sworn in marking the Country Liberal's fifth reshuffle since it came to office a year ago

The new Cabinet sees the Indigenous politician Alison Anderson stripped of all her portfolios including child protection.

As Sara Everingham reports.

SARA EVERINGHAM: The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles is describing the Country Liberals latest reshuffle as more of a refreshment.

As the ministers were sworn in to their new portfolios this morning, the former Minister for Children and Families Alison Anderson was not there.

Adam Giles has offered no reason for her sacking from cabinet

ADAM GILES: I'd like to thank Alison Anderson for her hard work over many years in Parliament in the Northern Territory, particularly working as a minister across governments and first coming into Parliament in 2005. I think she's done a fantastic job and I look forward to her continuing in her role as member for Namatjira and representing the constituents of Namatjira in a Country Liberals government.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Adam Giles is presenting her sacking as a possible opportunity for Alison Anderson

ADAM GILES: I also think there's a big opportunity for Alison to play a role representing the Northern Territory, particularly around Indigenous issues, working with Canberra and the Coalition and the new Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I look forward to that opportunity should she wish to take that opportunity up.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Mr Giles has offered Alison Anderson a position liaising between the Northern Territory and the new Federal Government on Indigenous affairs.

Alison Anderson has told The World Today she's trying to find out more details about the position and she can't make a decision until she has more information.

While Alison Anderson has been excluded from Cabinet, today the first term Indigenous MLA from Central Australia, Bess Price was sworn in as a new Minister.

Her support for Adam Giles was crucial to his ousting of former Chief Minister Terry Mills in March this year

BESS PRICE: I'm so excited to be here with the team and I look forward to working with them. And I want to thank Alison Anderson as well because she encouraged me to step up and think about getting into politics. She wanted me to be here to speak on behalf of our people out in the bush. So I want to thank her for that.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Alison Anderson's exclusion from Cabinet means the Northern Territory now has its third Minister for Children and Families in 12 months.

Adam Giles has also appointed a new Chief Executive to the department - the fourth acting or permanent Chief Executive of the department in less than a year.

Adam Giles has announced Jodeen Carney will take on the job. She's a former Country Liberals leader who's been working as an advisor in Adam Giles' office.

He's overridden Alison Anderson's choice of Jenni Collard who's been acting in the position. Miss Collard is a public servant with more than 20 years experience in the West Australian Government.

Today, Adam Giles said there were no immediate plans to change child protection policy.

ADAM GILES: Departments and policy agendas and portfolios, you know there's always change here or there but there's nothing on the outset that we're looking at in a particular, in a particular policy framework change.

ELEANOR HALL: That's the Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles ending Sara Everingham's report.