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(generated from captions) tried to revive him but he died. The man who's poised to become deputy prime minister says the become the country's Nationals have done reasonably
deputy prime minister says well in the federal election. Nationals leader Warren Truss is back in Nationals leader Warren meetings with senior members is the new Government. meetings the new Government. He's
speaking here with our political editor Lyndal Curtis. Warren Truss, welcome. Congratulations. What's the business of today and this week for you? The business this week is clearly putting in place the processes and structures for a new Government. We've gut to work hard to make sure we have a Government that can Government that can manage the business of the day well. That was one of the great failings of our predecessors, their really inability to manage the processes of Government and make sound and well thought-through decisions. We must do better in that area in the years ahead. Are you drawong the experience of people like Arthur Sinodinis who was Chief of Staff to a Prime Minister so knows the process of Government intimately? All of that and of course the fact we have 16 former Ministers who will be arpart of the new Government so that makes a real difference in our experience level, all new Governments come in a little raw and make mistakes, we will make mistakes too but at we've got a basis of experience that will help us through some of these challenging things in the early days.The experience of the last few Prime Ministers has been that the first term does tend to be, as you say, a bit rocky. What happens if something happens that's not expected, you get knocked off your game, you can't deliver everything you've said you can? We've got to adjust to the circumstances of the day but we've carefully costed our promises, we know what we're doing and we have every expectations of being able to faithfully honour everything that we've said we would do. I know that it will be difficult. I know that there will be some things that we want that are dear to our hearts, things that we want that dear to our hearts, the ambitions of every dear to our hearts, ambitions of every person who
was elected is to achieve things for their electorates and unfortunately the financial position is such that in a broad sense we're not going to be able to do everything that everybody wants right from the beginning but we'll need to work methodically through the issues, build a stronger economy because the best thing any Government can do for its people is to have a confident nation, a place where business is prepared to invest, where people are prepared to have the confidence to buy and build new houses and feel good about their own future and when that happens, when people are confident about their future, our country does well.Mr Abbott got briefish yesterday that any incoming Prime Minister gets from the head of the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the heads of Treasury and Finance, do you know credit whether the figures they were presenting with Mr Abbott with were the same as in PEFO or different? I wasn't involved in the briefings and I'm sure whatever was said was in confidence to Mr Abbott. Certainly we'll all be wanting to learn more about what's happening in our portfolios once the new ministry is decided. We can't have those sort of briefings until that time. Most of that will be for next week rather than this week. You as deputy prime minister-elect at the moment, not yet sworn in, you get to pick your own portfolio. You rukeeping the one you had in Opposition? There's no automatic right to pick a portfolio but certainly the views of the senior people within the Government team are usually respected and I'm looking forward to working in that infrastructure and transport area. It's gone to the key priorities for the incoming Government, Tony Abbott says he wants to be an infrastructure Prime Minister, well, I can think of no better job than being the Minister who actually delivers on that commitment.Now the front bench Mr Abbott had in Opposition is bigger than the one he has in Government so there will need to be changes, won't there? Obviously there's potential that there will need to be some changes but Tony Abbott has indicated he wants a team broadly similar to the one we have now. There will need to be some adjustments in portfolios as well because we have priorities that the previous Government didn't have. I hope we can have less titles and more action and so therefore we can have a simpler structure that people can understand, that Government can understand and therefore is able to work constructively rather than get mixed up in who's responsible for which tiny little bit of policy area as was very much the case in the previous Government.Now, if we can look at the election, particularly in your home State of Queensland but in other places, drorm's party Palmer's party had a strong vote for a new party. Palmer's party had a vote for a new party. He's
potentially going to vote for a new potentially going to get
ecollected in the seat vote for a new party. He's ecollected in the seat of
Fairfax, potentially going to get ecollected in Fairfax, he might have two Senators in as well. What do you put that Senators in as you put that down to? There you was a very late swing you put that down to? was a very late swing to Mr
Palmer. It's was a very Palmer. It's too simple brush it Palmer. It's too brush Palmer. It's too simple to just his massive spending over brush it off on the basis of his massive spending over that
period of his massive spending over period of time although that people. There are
clearly made an impact on people. There are always, in an election, when there is the mood to change the Government, some people who have well and truly made up their mind they've had enough of the previous Government but not perhaps quite game to go the full step to the other side, perhaps the scare campaigns that the Government has run made an impact on some people so they were looking for somewhere else to park their vote and there were plenty of choices this time, 50 or more parties running in the Senate and that also a, I guess, attracted attention to alternative views. Mr Palmer's message was very simple, simplistic I think most people would say, unachievable, all that sort of thing is probably right, but in reality he was able to harvest quite a bit of that vote. In Queensland, the Katter party was reasonably strong in regional communities but that vote collapsed over the last few days and indeed Mr Katter is now in trouble in his own seatyism think when they decided to preference Labor, that meant many of their supporters felt that that was one bridge too far and rather than coming all the way to Coalition, many parked their vote with Mr Palmer. I think his attendance at parliament will be quite interesting. It will be a different lifestyle from him looking after somebody's pension or problems with an immigration is in a different league than doing multi billion-dollar coal deals with the Chinese or other. He will have to get used to have very different style of life and I think that will be a challenge for him.Does the Liberal National Party, particularly in Queensland, have a problem with those sort of parties, with the Palmer party and Katter party on its right flank or is that just the price of doing business, just something that's always going to happen? Queensland seems to have more of its share of parties named after an ridge so I guess we need to know why that is happening. - named after an individual. There has always been a strong 3rd-party vote in Queensland, particularly in regional communities. In my own electorate the Independent vote is generally 20% or more and that's not a new phenomenon but certainly we've had a wide range of very contrasting political parties this time around. I would have thought that the experience of the last parliament where independence contributed significantly to the lack of stability and inability of the Government to govern would have sent a clear message to all Australians that the worst thing that could have happened in this election was another parliament
another hung parliament, another parliament that wasn't able to make the wise decisions and for that reason it was not the right time to vote Independent. We will have a strong majority in the Lower House even after 1 July. In the Senate, who knows.You'll be making a lot of new friends in the Senate. We may be and many of the people, if the names of their party reflect what they actually intend to do, may well be sympathetic to our cause. It would be hard to imagine that a motorist party would want to keep a carbon tax it would be hard to believe that drorm's party would want to keep the mining tax so we may have friends among the nee people elected to the Senate but it will be a challenge to manage the voting process each time an issue comes to the Senate.Warren Truss, thank you