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(generated from captions) up the front of the plane?A lot of commercial television... Now, let's talk election. One day out from the election, it seems the only man in the country who still thinks Labor can win is the party's leader. K-Rudd was meant to march Labor to victory. Easier said than done. Today's Galaxy poll predict as massive landslide for the Coalition, with Labor's primary vote stuck at just 35%. If that holds true tomorrow, it will be the worst Labor result in 80 years.Actually, Charlie, I think you'll find it's only 79 years.Sorry, Kev. A man of optimism can spin the numbers. Galaxy polls show a 3.1% swing. But with bigger swings expected to key electorates, the Coalition could pick up as many as 25 seats. SONG: # But wait, there's more! # Here's where it gets personal. Less than a third of people think the Coalition actually deserves to win, but far more than that think Labor deserves to lose.When Kevin Rudd took over from Julia Gillard, they should have called an election straightaway on the back of that. That was as good as it was ever going to get for Labor.Today, every major newspaper, bar 'The Age', endorsed the Coalition. Even K-Rudd's brother, G-Rudd, reckons Labor has zero chance.I this state that there is absolutely no way that Labor will win on Saturday. The man himself seems undaunted, even as a minor scandal erupts over allegedly misleading flyers in his home seat of Griffith. Though you can't help but wonder what's behind the brave face. Is he just trying to minimise the damage or does he really think he might still win? And Kevin Rudd joins us now, at the end of what may be his last full day as Prime Minister. What's the plan tomorrow? Do you go in there with both speeches written?Well, after that really positive introfrom you guys, I mean, what do you expect?! (LAUGHS) Listen, guys, we're in this to prevail and we've got good reasons to put to the Australian people, including all the folk watching your program tonight. Let's see what the Australian people decide by tomorrow night. They are the judges, nobody else.But it's safe to say it's hardly been an easy run for you and you could say that part of the problem has been you've been trying to sell the nation on a leader whose own party turned their back on him once before?Well, obviously, we've had some problems in the past. But I believe we've learned from that. The big calls for all the folk watching your program tonight are on things like the economy - keeping it strong, despite the global recession. You've still got a whole bunch of economies around the world going backwards. Growing jobs, keeping interest rates at the lowest they've been in 60 years. These are strong, fundamental achievements. Yes, we've had political problems. But on the big economic calls, I think we've actually done the right thing by all Australians.Kevin, let's go back to 2007. Weren't they the days?! I think one of the things about that campaign was it was really positive. There were so many things that you were pushing that made it look very, very fresh. This one, if I'm being honest, I think I have heard you talk a lot more about Tony Abbott than actually selling yourself?Well, the bottom line is the media will choose to run what they will. Every day I get up there and I either announce a new policy, explain how it fits into our positive plan for building Australia's future. Take broadband, for example, I'm on about that every day. So many of the folks watching your program want high-speed, aforwardable, universal broadband, same pry, country, city, outer suburbs, inner suburbs, poor people, rich people. That's what we're doing. At the same time, because an election is a choice, saying to everyone watching the media is Mr Abbott's alternative is to put people back on to clapped-out copper wire with low speeds, often no speeds, uh, in order to - and then charge them $5,000 for the privilege of connecting to fibre optic cable. You might say that's negative, I just say it's contrast. You've gotta have a positive plan out there first, and we have with the National Broadband Network.Now, election campaigns are rarely perfect, Prime Minister. Have you reflected on yours? Is there one thing you would like to take back and do again?One thing I would like to take back and do again? Probably changing the colour of my tie this evening, because this has got a huge gravy stain down here. I'm sorry that. I'm not gonna show you live on air, because that would be embarrassing.You're gonna lose all the gravy seats!Exactly.Would