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Minor parties and independents hope for Senat -

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(generated from captions) program tomorrow.Thanks, Leigh.Good luck Anthony.The big surprise on election night could well be the Senate with a record number of candidates standing around the country. Many of them from minor parties have done complicated preference deals that could lead to unexpected results. What's likely is that the Greens will lose their grip on the balance of power. Here's Heather Ewart again.

The heydays for the Greens when they had the minority Labor Government over a barrel are gone.Now they're fighting hard to hang onto the balance of power in the Senate. There is no doubt that Australia needs to have the Greens in balance of power in the Senate. The Greens have 3 of their 9 senators up for election. One of those at risk is Sarah Hanson-Young. Around the country their message is the same, vote Green to Abbott proof the Senate.You will need the Greens in the Senate standing up against him.The Greens could even pick up seats but if the Coalition makes gains in the Senate the Greens are likely to be squeezed out of the balance of power and it falls in a completely new direction.The balance of power is likely to fall to minor parties and Independent senators. Senator Madigan whose term continues, Nick Xenephon who will be re-elected, possibly James Blundell from Katters Australian Party. Those 3 would obtain the balance of powfer the Coalition pick up 2 seats as expected.It's a pretty frightening thought for Australia as to just how far to the right Australia would be dragged by that kind of combination.It's a combination that could well have others in the mix, like Pauline Hanson and a Clive Palmer representative. That's because there's a record number of Senate candidates at this election. And complicated preference deals among the minor parties mean they could get elected with just 2% of the vote. I'll give you one of these each, is that alright?But SA Independent Nick Xenephon is confident enough of gaining the balance of pow wer the D.L. P Senator John Madigan and Katter Australia candidate James Blundell that he's already begun talks on how the combination night work.I've spoken to James Blundell, I know John Madigan well and where there's common ground I'll work on that.Those two names are fantastic. I'd love to be in a think tank with those two men. We have our disagreement but we all do. We focus on what unites us, not what divides us.So who are these men the Greens claim will be dangerously right wing and side with an Abbott Government? DLP Senator John Madigan is a country blacksmith by trade and got into the Senate in the last election. He claims he won't be a pushover in any balance of power arrangement.I'm not going to cave if I'm in that position of holding the balance of power, if I'm threaten and say we're going to introduce another Work Choices and if you don't vote for it we'll go for a double dissolution. Go for your life because I won't vote for one.It's not quite so straightforward for Queensland country and western singer James Blundell. He's a prize catch for the Katter Australia Party but also a self-confessed political novice. So just how well equipped would he be to deal with the balance of power? Totally underprepared regarding process of Parliament, of governance. Ideologically and life experience I think probably pretty well equipped. (Sings) # Made in China on the labels of most everything we buy #What Tony Abbott can be assured of is they're all opposed to the carbon tax or want it scrapped for a different scheme. But it would still have to deal with Greens and the Labor until the new Senate took effect next July. He's already threatened a double dissolution if they unite to block the repeal of the tax.I think the brutal reality is if there is an Abbott Government and a Senate where the Greens have the balance of power we will probably go to the polls in the next 12 to 18 months.But if the Greens lose control Tony Abbott would be likely to get the carbon tax repealed by the Upper House after next July. I think it has to be abolished. Wasn't of the - one of the things I'm enjoying at the moment is it allows me to shoot my mouth off and deal with the flak later.I would support the repeal of the carbon tax. That's been crystal clear message of mine and the DLP.But on other fronts Tony Abbott couldn't rely on their support. For example, they broadly back the idea of a mining tax and they won't have a bar of the Coalition's paid parental leave policy.I don't believe this is going to deliver for the majority. I think that, you know, a minority are going to benefit.I see the paid parental leave scheme as too generous. So something has to give. Uniformally people feel paid parental leave, the sum or the resource of paid parental leave would be better applied to day care.For now, they're claiming they're not open to horse trading and that includes the strongly anti-abortion party the DLP.Could you see a situation where you would be tempted to use your strong views on-airias like abortion and same-sex marriage as a bargaining chip in the Senate? Look, I don't believe in bludgeoning people and I don't believe that you change anything unless you win hearts and minds and you do not win hearts and minds but putting people over a barrel. And I won't do it.As our