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(generated from captions) be heading for retirement. Tomorrow night, they will know. Last night we spoke to Kevin Rudd on World News Australia. Tonight, Tony Abbott told Anton Enus that if elected, a Coalition government would deliver on its commitments. And he defended cuts to foreign aid and other programs revealed in his party's costings. Foreign aid will increase every year, but it will only increase by CBI, because we have got to be a strong country before we can be an even more generous one. We are not cutting research, ne. We are not cutting research, we are increasing research, particularly to medical research, and we are not cutting indigenous legal aid, that stays. What we are cutting his son the Rock received. That particular program was about policy reform, not just legal aid.What about public broadcasters? And other soft targets are the ABC and SBS, a lay the firing line? I trust everyone actually listened to what Joe hockey has said in the last week and this week.To education, to health, to pensions, no change to the GST, and no cuts to the ABC or SBS. the ABC or