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Get the Kleenex out.
You've won $50,000!

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the investment banker freed on $500,000 bail over a drunken king-hit. Back in Canberra - Tony Abbott hits the ground running with new promises. A bricklayer stabbed to death on a St Clair building. Close call - the teenagers caught risking their lives on a rail line. And - the footy finals kick off with the help of the navy on Sydney Harbour. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton. Good evening. The man accused of king-hitting a Camden father of four is home with his family tonight after they offered up more than $1 million to have him released from jail. But the victim's family is outraged, claiming James Longworth is getting special treatment just because his family is wealthy. He normally spends the working week in a suit, but today it was prison greens for James Longworth. That was to be short-lived, though, with the investment banker allowed to walk from Central Local Court this afternoon, after his family posted bail. James, do you remember much of what happened? Initially, his mum and other relatives offered $1.1 million to the court, as well as the title to their Middle Cove home. But the magistrate decided the 32-year-old could be released for just over $500,000 - a move that angered the family of his alleged victim.It's amazing he can get off, you know, 'cause he's got money. Like I said before, if he was an average joe and he didn't have the money, would he be getting out of jail right now?Fred Taiba remains in a critical condition at St Vincent's Hospital after being king-hit at a city bar on Friday night. It's alleged Mr Longworth had been refused entry by the bouncer. Once the married father of four looked away, the banker hit him from behind. Prosecutors today said the entire incident had been captured by CCTV cameras, with the accused telling police, "I had too much to drink. I just snapped.". The magistrate agreed to grant the banker bairblgs thanks to the sizeable suretymentIf you've got - -Bail, thanks to the sizeable surety.If you've got money, you can get out of anything.Tom s there any change to the victim's condition?No. Still critical, but listed as stable. There have been positive signs. The swelling in Fred's brain was so serious they had to remove a large portion of his skull to try and ease the pressure there. But doctors say today that swelling has begun to go down. So, positive signs for Fred's family. They're all from Camden but staying up here in Sydney at the moment. I spoke to them just before, as they were heading in. They're keeping a bedside vigil and tell me they're constantly praying and hoping for a positive outcome.Tom, thank you. Tony Abbott returned to Canberra today, meeting his leadership team and preparing to take over as prime minister. He will be sworn in next week, though Parliament is not likely to sit until late next month. Just after 9:00 and Tony Abbott arrives in Canberra, the first time as Prime Minister-elect. Entering the Parliament House car park like any ordinary MP, and, like everyone else, forced to go through security. Before heading to his old opposition leader's office and effectively the first working day of a Coalition Government.The critical thing is to now work purposesfully, calm lip and conscientiously. That's what the public voted for. It is a big job. We are up for them. I don't think any opposition has been as well prepared to become a government. The Prime Minister's office isn't ready you but it's being prepared. The wheelie bins and shredders moved in as Labor memories were moved out. Tony Abbott and his ministers will be sworn in early next week. The new Parliament is not likely to sit until late October or early November. Anthony Albanese is the interim Labor Leader and is considered a favourite with Caucus and party members. Bill Shorten wants a consensus leader and is unlikely to contest if there's a ballot. Former treasurer Chris Bowen won't stand. I will be available to the new leader, in whichever role they see fit.Should Kevin Rudd, for the good of the party, continue to play an active role or walk away?If he chose to stay in Parliament, I think he could make a contribution quite appropriately.For Tony Abbott, the biggest hurdle remains the Senate. He will be forced to mix with left-fielders, including this guy - Australian Motorists' Enthusiasts' Ricky Muir. He won 11,000 votes. The difficult job of scrapping the carbon tax and mining tax while cutting spending is now a reality for Tony Abbott. Today, the Australian stact responded to the first day of the new -- stock market responded to the first day of the new government. One of the world's leading credit ratings agencies reconfirmed Australia's AAA credit rating.They certainly do seem committed to improving the budget balance over time as they can.But it must balance the book, while cutting controversial taxes.Abolishing the carbon tax will take $100 million per week whack off the Australian economy.The Schoolkids' Bonus was aboutspreading the benefit of the mining boom. $410 a year for families with primary school students, $820 for those with secondary students. It will be gone. As a single mum, it came in very, very helpful.I think it's pretty sad.Carmakers Holden and Toyota are also sweating on the Government, waiting to see if it will carry through threats to cut $500 million of financial assistance and whether Independent senator-the-Senators will greefpltIf Holden goes from Australia, there are literally tens of thousands of jobs more that will be lost around the country.There is relief the threat of fringe benefit tax changes are gone.Now we have the certainty in terms of going forward, it's unlikely there will be further retrenchments.The Coalition said Scrapping the carbon tax would save typical families around $550 a year. Nine News contacted major energy companies today, who confirmed electricity and gas price should drop by around 10%. It should have been a quiet journey home. Instead, a teenage girl's trip on the bus ended with serious injury. Emily Tan was hit in the head by a rock, hurled through her bus window in Bonnyrigg.It was pretty scary. I just felt, like, a hole in my head and blood dripping down. They're idiots.Police say attacks on buses have skyrocketed in the past year and are urging anyone with information to kablgt Crime Stoppers. Police have asked - - contact Crime Stoppers. Police have asked scrap metal dealers to look out for 16 bronze commemorative prime minister plaques stolen from the Blue Mountains park at the weekend. A tanker was carrying more than 100,000 litres of fuel when it went up west of Mackay. Four people escaped serious injury. A tradesman is behind bars tonight, accused of stabbing his workmate to death on a building site at St Clair. Detectives say the victim was knifed several times when a fight broke out. Police were called to the building site in Bode Place just after 7am. Neighbours heard a fight break out between brickies.Just sounded like a domestic. No sooner had it started, it was finished.When officers arrived they found a 54- year-old man suffering a number of stab wounds. Police and paramedics tried to revive him but he died at the scene.I'm unable to establish exactly at this time how many stab wounds there wrfpltThe scene was sealed off for much of today, as forensic experts tried to piece together exactly what happened. From China?Yeah.The victim's workmates were taken away. Interpreters were needed to question them. Neighbours were horrified.Very scary. Never happened in here before. Nothing in this area.No. Nothing. I was shocked when I came outside. There's a lot of police cars.Two hours later, a man wanted for questioning over the attack surrendered at Campsie Police Station.Early indications, there has been some sort of argument between the two gentlemen, which we believe has led to this stabbing. Police are keen to speak with any other workers who were on the site. It's make or break for Barack Obama this week, as he makes his final pitch to Congress to back his campaign to attack Syria. Peter Stefanovic is in Beirut. Pete, the US President is cutting a very lonely figure at the moment?Yeah, Pete. He has struggled to win support on this, so this week he is launching a media blitz to back up his case. He's doing a number of TV interviews. And on Tuesday he will address the nation. Meanwhile, here in Beirut, tensions have been rising. The American Embassy has been closed and the Australian Embassy has an evacuation plan ready just in case that is needed. Because there is a fear that if America does strike Syria, then that will have flow-on effects to other parts of the Middle East. Beirut is a city on high alert. Military men keep watch on the streets, well aware that Syria's war has crossed the border. Car bombs have killed dozens in recent weeks, which has made Lebanon nervous, including its many Australian residents.Whenever you're moving around, yes, you sort of have to think twice. You know, could a bomb go off here or there or anywhere?Islamic militant group Hezbollah supports the Assad regime. It sent thousands of fighters to Syria to back up government soldiers. In the Lebanese suburbs that control banners of Assad and Hezbollah's leader are in plain view. It was right here in this Hezbollah-controlled suburb onthe outskirts of Beirut that a car bomb spleed just a few weeks ago and killed 29 people. The locals here believe it was Islamic extremists from Syria who were responsible. Evidence, they say, that Syria's civil war is spilling across the border. If America attacks Syria, Hezbollah has vowed to fire its rockets at Israel. But the group's opponents believe Western intervention is necessary.Syrian regime didn't use chemical weapons only lately, they did before. And nothing came out of the international community. So, if the international community doesn't do anything, they will continue.It's not only the future of Syria at stake, but its neighbours as well. Sydney police are making more arrests and issuing faster fines after throwing away their pen and paper. And it's all down to a device many people use every day. (SIREN WAILS) On the road with the highway patrol at Mascot and an unregistered and uninsured driver is about to be picked up. But there's something different. The two tickets, totaling a whopping $1,214 are not written up using pen and paper.We don't want to be using 19th-century tools. We have no books.This driver is one of the first to be given a ticket using a computer tablet in a shockproof case. It's a world-first trial, where the driver's details are sent to a computer server. They can be emailed a ticket and pay for it before they get home.Quite a difference using a mini iPad to write up a traffic infringement notice, as opposed to a book. This saves police on average about six minutes every time they pull over a driver.Bus an extra hour at the end of every shift doing paperwork. One-time highway patrol officer and now Police Minister Mike Gallacher is confident the trial will be a success.Not only are they going to assist plrks but will attract future police.Senior Constable Jason Cuna and others came up with the idea and helped design it. Spend more time out on the road where we belong.The possibilities are endless. But the trt police and general duties officers dealing with drufrpbgs will get a chance to retire their pens and pads. After 26 rounds of a gruelling NRL season, the top eight for finals football is now set in stone. The today, the successful captains assembled to promote the finals series at a location not remotely associated with rugby league - the naval base at Garden Island. On a sparkling Harbour day, the NRL joined the navy for joint celebrations of finals football and the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy into Sydney next month. The trophy received a naval escort on to the chopper deck. A fly-by followed. That done, the captains' table came to attention for greater rank. But vice-admiral Ray Griggs was soon on a raw footing, when a second fly- past drowned him out.I love aviation...That look didn't suggest a lot of love! The vice- admiral soldiered on and was rewarded by Captain Pin-Up, Cameron Smith.I would like to thank the Royal Family Australian Navy for having us aboard today. It's a fine vessel.For services to rugby league, Griggs and Wendy Stewart were decorated with an Australian jumper. Back at the table, Bulldog leader Michael Ennis just wants to be understood bit referees. Hopefully get, um, get a couple of good ones on the weekend and see how we go.A naval whistle will signal the finals kick-off. The balls quickly retrieved, the captains put their best chest forward in front of one of the best backdrops in the world. Stay with us. Nst in the news ahead - the teenagers risking their lives playing chicken in front of trains. The urgent health warning for asthmatics. 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It was the closest of calls - a teenager narrowly escaping death as he jumped between platforms, racing to catch a train. The incredible near miss south of Sydney has authorities up in arms, fearing a young life could soon be lost. Teenagers risking everything for a train and then a moment of absolute madness. Oi! Don't jump. Don't jump!A kwhrunge man, ignoring the screams -- a young man, ignoring the screams of strangers, leaps up on to the tracks, metres from the train trying to pull up. It's clear he had not even looked before his mindless dash.Crazy, reckless behaviour.It happened and Hayley Jones watched it all. She said those on the platform feared he would be killed.He had no idea if it was still keeping speed or slowing down. Skwhr if he was travelling as a non-stopping train, that person would not be alive today.The teenager disappeared into the crowd before the driver could track him down. If he's caught by plrks he could face a fine of -- police, he could face a fine of $5,500.The people were disturbed and quite frightened.An urgent health warning tonight with pollen levels expected to hit extreme tomorrow. Experts say it's the perfect storm for asthma sufferers, with higher-than-normal temperatures, high pollen counts and smoky conditions around the city from hazard reduction burns. The theory is if you're on the right medication at the right dose, you should have full protection when you come into contact with your triggers.The Smap Foundation also advises putting off out-- Asthma nounds also advises puttile off outdoor exercise. A jet has kidded off a runway in Thailand. Thai Airways says the front landing gear failed as the flight from China touched down in Bangkok late last night. 14 people were taken to hospital. She's just two years old but Harper Beckham is already hobnobbing with the great and the good of global fashion. That's her in the white dress, sitting on dad David's lap and chatting to her 'Vogue' editor, Anna Wintower. They were watching Victoria unveil her 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week. Geefrbgs Ken.Good evening. Tonight - a Rann Governmenters hard man has a date with a judiciary which may cost him a finals appearance. The Eels say farewell to the season from hell. And - an early Ashes blow as injury floors another Aussie. And just when we thought summer had arrived a cool change is heading our way. When will it hit? I'll tell you This program is not captioned. As part of our quote challenge
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Breaking news - and the NRL integrity unit is investigating an incident involving Roosters reserves and Rabbitohs fans at ANZ Stadium on Friday night. Roosters fans will be a bit more worried about the outcome of tomorrow night's judiciary hearing involving enforcer Jared Waerea-Hargreaves. This is the moment that sought Roosters charge towards the title. The wayward forearm means 'Hollywood' May be missing his stage. Ben wasn't even charged for this shot in round 22. The Roosters welcome back Luke O'Donnell against the Eagles. He's sure to provide firepower. Has he gotta tone it down a little? Is he too loose, wild?He does play the game very aggressive. And hopefully within the rules this week. The Bunnies' Sam Burgess is getting a bad reputation - Cam Smith is too smart to bag an opponent.I definitely won't be bagging any of the Burgess boy. They have got about 40 kilos on me. I will be staying well away from them, trust me.Cronulla are the amazing story of the finals. Despite ASADA being on their case, they're still alive. A lot of people would say, "Maybe the Sharks shouldn't be there, given the scandal they have been through." What's your reaction to that?Nothing's happened yet, has it? We're just dealing with it, with everything, week to week, as we have been for seven months now. Yeah, we deserve to be there. There's no reason we don't deserve to be there.Todd Greenberg was looking stressed at today's captains' launch. He's dealing with the alleged Ben Barba cover-up. The Dogs say Barba is ready to fire in the finals. Are the players off Ben Barba?No. Not at all. We read thra that there's dislike for him in the playing group?We've read different things. There's been things out there all season. I can tell you at our club, everyone's laughing, having fun at training, working hard. And Ben's no different.Mad Monday couldn't come fast enough for Parramatta. The woond-spooners are clearly fans of the Will Ferrell movie 'Talledega Nights'. If you're not first, you're last! Another blow for Australia's injury-prone fast bowling attack ahead of the return Ashes. Mitchell Starc is suffering a stress fracture in his back. It soured the Aussies' solid performance. Michael Clarke leagued them to an 88-run win in Manchester. The third match is on Wednesday. Serena Williams has won her 17th Grand Slam title, taking out a fifth US Open crown this morning. Yes. I definitely felt the love, so thank you all so much for the support. It's an honour.Williams defeated Victoria Azarenka 7-5, 6-7, 6-1 and earned $3.6 million in the process. Yes, Serena, it is your shout tonight!(LAUGHS) And for the rest of her life! Ken, thank you. Coming up - a quick check of finance. Plus - we'll tell you where the cheapest place is in Sydney to fill up.Pete, the warm start to spring rolls on. The city hit a top of 24 today, four above the average. And it's our 17th straight day above 20 degrees. It's been a dry start to spring, with the city recording little more than 1mm in a month. We are in for a dramatic temperature drop later this week. I'll have ele
Coming up: A look at the federal sur
election fall out in Canberra and Min
surrounding electorates The Chief Chi
Minister returns from her trip to Raider
China And the drought over for Raiders forward David Shillington This program is not captioned. James is very good at
putting on a brave face. Can't sleep. Always in pain.

Can't sleep. Always in pain. He really did believe he was
10-foot tall and bulletproof.

And that's a phrase he still uses, but I know
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This program is not captioned. forecast next.
The share market closed higher today after strong economic data from China. The All Ords was up 35.4 points.

Here's Sylvia.Thank you, Pete. After a long, dry spell, a few showers pushed into Sydney last night but they were very brief. Cronulla picked up the highest total, a measly 1mm. Temperatures were once again above average across the region.

A trough is generating wet and windy conditions in Victoria, while pushing hot, dry north-westerly winds into NSW. A cool change behind that system will hit Sydney later in the week. Taking a look interstate - it hardly feels like spring in Melbourne!

Gusty north-westerly winds in store for Mudgee and Newcastle.

The partly cloudy days are here to stay, but the heat is not. The first cool change will hit us in the city on Wednesday, with a top of 24, before plummeting to 20 on Friday, with a low of 11. Showers, unfortunately, across the weekend for safrt and Sunday, with a top around -- Saturday and Sunday, with a top around 23 degrees. Overnight temps will drop to single digits in our west.

You might be able to pull your fan out this evening, Pete.Sylvia, thank you for that. Leila McKinnon is next with 'A Current Affair'. But that is Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. I hypohave a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Duggan. Tonight ... Andrew Leigh Too
and Gai Brodtmann survive a swing
Too close to call the senate And th Green Machine' s season ends with Duggan.
loss Good evening I' m Amy ou
Duggan. Despite Labor being thrown C
out of office by voters nationally, h
Canberra' s two lower house members Altho
have been comfortably returned. Although each endured a small swing Br
against them, Andrew Leigh and Gai p
Brodtmann will remain as members of members
parliament. Canberra' s two Representativ
members of the House of u
Representatives campaigned right up wh
until the last day. Gai Brodtmann,
who represents the seat of Canberra beat her nearest rival by nearly 1 prefer
thousand votes on a two-party he
preferred basis. She' s happy with outgoing
her own result, she says the to
outgoing Labor Government has much the
to be proud of, including keeping recession
the country from going into ac
recession. There are a number of e
achievements. But I do believe that
essentially we couldn' t communicat that to the Australian people. M bec
Brodtmann says the community had government
become disengaged with the appreci
government. So they could not be
appreciate the good work which had is
been done. She says the leadership b
issue also cost Labor at the ballot busin
box. Disunity is death in any cas
business and it is definitely the fo
case in politics, and particularly sol
for a party that prides itself on counte
solidarity. Gai Brodtmann' s se
counterpart in Fraser Andrew Leigh
secured an emphatic victory, winnin nearly 65 per cent of the two-part t
preferred vote. He also identified L
the leadership issue as a factor in it
Labor' s overall defeat. I think m
it' s important that Labor works as
more of a team in the next period o last
government than we did over the Labo
last four years. Dr Leigh says smalle
Labor should have focused on a rathe
smaller number of major reforms rather than reforms right across th