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This program is captioned live. Tonight -

a young bus passenger
hit in the head by a rock tells of her terror. The huge crowd events combining for Sydney's biggest
transport test since the Olympics. Tony Abbott touches down in Canberra to start pulling apart
the carbon tax. Millions offered
to free a Sydney banker accused of king-hitting a bouncer. And when to fill up
before Sydney service stations start pumping up their prices. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Chris Bath.

Good evening. A young woman has told of
her shock and pain at being hit in the head
by a large rock hurled through the window
of a moving bus. left her showered with broken glass Emily Tan
steps gingerly from the bus after a trip filled with terror. The loud bang came on,
and I was just, like, shocked, and everything
was just moving so fast. The rock, about the size of a fist, was thrown
at the 8:05 from Cabramatta just after 7:00 last night, smashing through a window,
right next to the 18-year-old. Everyone was like,
"Get on the floor, "Get on the floor!" I felt dripping blood on my neck and I just touched by head
and it was like, "Oh, my God." A lucky escape.

Emily has two bright blue stitches
and should be OK. The route is dark at night
and passes by a popular skate park. The bus company and police are pointing the finger
at young hoodlums. We're certainly appalled

that such a stupid and reckless
action could occur. While incidents like this are rare, bus operators say
they are essentially moving targets on the road and there's little more they can do
to keep passengers safe. So I think the best thing is for society to discourage
this type of cheap, gutless act. Unions want extra patrols from
the new Police Transport Command targeting dangerous routes
with school holidays on the way. We've been calling
on tougher penalties, so that if someone
does attack a bus driver or a bus that they know they could be facing
serious kind of jail consequences. Despite her frightening episode, Emily won't be able
to give up the bus soon. I want to get my P's
so I can stop catching the bus.

Live now
to Hugh Whitfeld at Bonnyrigg. Hugh, is there any extra security
for bus passengers tonight? Chris, police say
they'll step up patrols on buses across Western Sydney. That's welcomed by bus operators. But they say short of fencing in
bus routes, what's needed is an attitude change
by what seems to be bored teenagers. Drivers say buses are often used
like target practice in a sideshow and someone will be killed
if they don't cut it out. Chris.

Interpreters are helping police
investigate the murder of a brickie stabbed several times at
a building site in Western Sydney. Live to Rob Ovadia at St Clair. Rob, police have a suspect.
Have any charges been laid? Chris, it's my understanding
he is still being interviewed at Campsie police station tonight. He's been there
since 9:00 this morning having turned himself in
less than two hours after police were called to the
construction site here at St Clair. Paramedics were initially told
a worker had collapsed after suffering a heart attack. Instead, they found a man in his 40s
with a number of stab wounds. He could not be revived. Neighbours have told us arguments
between tradies at this site are common,

but they heard nothing this morning
to suggest this level of brutality. You could hear words being said, and then it just got
a little bit louder, enough for us to think, "Oh, jeez, that sounds like
they're cranky." We haven't, ah, established as yet, but we are looking
into different motives. The tradesmen
who witnessed the stabbing have also been
speaking with detectives at Campsie today. Neither they nor the suspect
speak English well. Interpreters
are slowing the process, although detectives expect they will
lay charges later tonight. Chris.
Thanks, Rob.

There are fears
Sydney could be facing gridlock as three major events clash, causing the city's biggest transport
challenge since the 2000 Olympics. The world's biggest band
will perform next to the League grand final as more than a million visitors
celebrate the Navy. The blockbusting events
of this October long weekend will pull the biggest
Sydney crowds in 13 years. It'll be the biggest
kind of spectacle we've seen since the Olympic Games in terms of the amount of people
moving to and from venues First, it's expected
1.7 million people will see the Harbour explode with the navy's spectacular
Fleet Review. Then Olympic Park hosts
the NRL Grand Final. at the same time, just 100m away
21,000 fans will be screaming for supergroup
One Direction. # I'm gonna meet ya, # Meet ya, meet ya one day. # The government's desperate
to avoid "carmageddon" - the bumper-to-bumper bedlam that produced
the sort of traffic that created chaos during the big
ship visits six years ago. We are concerned the roads
will be too congested. We are concerned that people
will miss out if you don't plan ahead and use the extra 5,000
transport services we're putting on during that week. One event
was promoting the other today as NRL semifinal captains joined the skippers
of the high seas. Navy and rugby League are both enduring institutions
in this country. Even if the new Sports Minister
was confusing the NRL with the National Rifle Association. We remain committed to ensuring
the NRA - NRL Grand Finals...

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has had a busy first day
in Canberra in his new job. He's sticking to his priority
of axing the carbon tax but Labor is sticking to its guns
and will fight to keep it. Tony Abbott's been flying
into Canberra for 20 years, but today was different,

setting foot on that tarmac
for the first time as Prime Minister-elect. Carrying the heavy responsibility
of office in a bag groaning with paperwork. Heading into a meeting
with Nationals Leader Warren Truss and Liberals deputy Julie Bishop. It is a big job. It's the biggest job that any
member of parliament can have. Discussing the plan he says
the people elected him to enforce... They voted for
an end to the carbon tax. They voted for stronger borders. Another boat arrived today, this one with 'New York Times'
journalist Luke Mogelson and photographer
Joel van Houdt aboard, travelling with Afghan
asylum seekers for a story. As the election story continued, mining magnate Clive Palmer
extending his lead in the Queensland seat of Fairfax. It'll be like watching a cross between Charlie Sheen
and Idi Amin in the House of Representatives. It'll be the most entertaining thing
since I was there, Koshie! And former league star Glenn Lazarus already securing
a Palmer Party Senate seat. He'll back Mr Abbott
on his first order of business. We certainly want
to get the carbon tax abolished. But others aren't as sure. I like my sports
as most people do, and I've got
an interest in politics, so I thought
I'd merge the two together and see where this takes us. Motoring Party Senator-elect
Ricky Muir had some explaining to do
about this fight on YouTube with kangaroo droppings... Well, people play. union leader Paul Howes
is tipped to replace Bob Carr in the Senate. Labor says it wants
a clean leadership transition with one consensus candidate. Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese
remain the main contenders, with Tanya Plibersek
getting some support. Former Treasurer Chris Bowen
won't stand, but warns the new Opposition
will take a stand against abolishing the carbon price. The Labor Party believes that
climate change is real. Setting up a ding-dong battle when Mr Abbott recalls Parliament
in November.

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott
will be live on 'Sunrise' tomorrow. Here in New South Wales, his victory
has been hailed by state Liberals for the promises he's made. His home state would benefit
from cheaper energy costs but also a billion-dollar kick-start
for Sydney's next big road project. With a new Prime Minister
comes new hope of renewed support for the state's
biggest infrastructure project, the WestConnex. They voted for roads
of the 21st century. Tony Abbott will stump up
$1.5 billion for the project

which will expand and connect
the M4 and M5 motorways. The WestConnex business case
will be released soon but the State Government believes the project
could now be fast-tracked. There is a lot of planning
that has gone into it. It clearly works and can be brought forward
in a much quicker timeframe. But Mr Abbott's main priority,
to scrap the carbon tax, is expected to deliver
the state's biggest dividend. The State Government's
power generators are up for sale and could be worth a lot more than
the $2 billion forecast if the tax is gone. Hundreds of millions of dollars
of additional money that will come on the back of those
transactions should we proceed. The treasurer says scrapping the tax could also save the State Government up to $250 million
in additional costs for powering government-run schools,
hospitals and even buses. How much can be saved depends on
how soon it can be repealed. Hundreds of millions of dollars of which we never got compensation
from the former government. But, as we know, Labor isn't budging
on the carbon tax. We won't be walking away
from those beliefs.

More than a million dollars cash
plus a million dollar home have been offered as bail for an investment banker accused
of king-hitting a Sydney bouncer. Tonight the banker is free. The victim remains in a coma.

After a weekend in prison greens, James Longworth was quick to get back
in a business shirt. The banker is now on bail. Will you be fighting these charges? The 32-year-old had been in custody
since his arrest on Friday night. He's accused of king-hitting
Freddy Taiba, leaving him in a coma.

Freddy's sister is keeping vigil and
is upset by the court's decision. We are sad
and we were hoping he didn't. The devoted father of four
was working at Bar333 when it's alleged
Longworth punched him, causing him to fall backwards
and smash his head on tiles. This alcohol-fuelled violence
just needs to stop. The defendant's family
offered over $1 million cash and their million-dollar home
in Middle Cove to secure Longworth's release.

Instead, the magistrate imposed bail
of $560,000. This was the not the outcome
police were hoping for. The prosecution fought
to keep Longworth behind bars, claiming these types
of alcohol-fuelled attacks are all too common and the community needs
to be protected. Before Longworth's
last city drinking session, he'd never been in trouble
with the law.

Sydney drivers
are being urged to fill up now with the latest
discounting cycle over and petrol prices
rising around the city. The average cost of unleaded could
go up another 14 cents a litre within days. Petrol prices are peaking
and drivers aren't happy. It keeps going up and up and up.
It's crazy. According to petrol price site
MotorMouth, the average unleaded petrol price:

So, why are we seeing prices
as high as $159.9 in Melbourne and $1.58 in Sydney? With tensions in the Middle East
running high, international crude prices
hit a 28-month peak at the weekend. And global investment bank UBS says this could drive the price of oil up
as high as $US150 a barrel. The price of our petrol is based
on the price of oil in Singapore, the refinery costs and the strength
of the Australian dollar. Now, if there's a spike
in oil prices, we're definitely going to feel it
at the bowser - however, we're also being shielded
by the supermarkets. The cost of both food and fuel
has come down drastically over the last three years because of the so-called
supermarket wars. The cost of food has decreased
by about 9%.

Residents on Sydney's outskirts have been urged to begin
taking bushfire precautions as soon as possible. Three years
of above-average rainfall followed by a mild winter have produced lush growth that's now dry
ahead of a blazing Summer. It doesn't take much

for fire in this bushland
north of Sydney to catch and spread. After one of the warmest,
driest winters ever, the bush is full of fuel
primed to burn, and the Rural Fire Service
is busy getting in first. It's probably not a good indicator
for the season ahead, but hopefully we can push ahead
with as many hazard reductions as much as possible. The coming season
is looking dangerous. A new national outlook
predicts fire activity is likely to be above normal
across much of the state, including Sydney, where suburbs bordering bushland
on the city's outskirts will be most at risk. It's not dissimilar
to what we saw last year, and last year
we saw, ultimately, in January, some of the worst
bushfire danger conditions ever experienced in this state. The Rural Fire Service is doing about 100 of these hazard
reduction burns each week before the weather gets too hot
and the bushfire season in Sydney starts
in earnest next month. If you want to help firefighters
this season then you really need
to do your part, and it really is about
having a bushfire survival plan. Residents are urged to prepare now
by tidying the garden, cutting back overhead branches,
and clearing gutters. More information on what to do
during a bushfire is available on our website. Sean Berry, Seven News.

Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - teenagers filmed dicing with death
south of Sydney. Also, why police confronted
Prince Andrew in the grounds
of Buckingham Palace. And young sports fans caught up
in a frightening collapse. That's next.

Shocking pictures have emerged of a teenage boy risking death by playing chicken
with a Sydney-bound train. As warning bells sound near
Corrimal Station on Friday night, Moments later,
as the train approaches, another teen puts on his shoe
then does the unthinkable.

The driver is understood to have
issued a stern lecture to the boys. Anyone who sees such activity
is encouraged to call the police.

Prince Andrew has accepted
an apology from Scotland Yard after he was involved in
a security scare at Buckingham Palace. He was taking a walk in the grounds
when officers confronted him, ordering the Prince
to put his hands in the air. He should be one of the most
recognisable faces in Britain. Apparently not
for police at Buckingham Palace. On Wednesday night, the Duke of York
was walking around the gardens when he was stopped by two officers. They demanded to know who he was and reportedly shouted at him
to put his hands up. The armed officer
would have seen this man and said, "Get down on the floor." It probably only lasted
a few seconds. But the truth of it is
they do have to follow procedure. An embarrassed Scotland Yard
apologised, saying the officers didn't draw their guns
or use force. Prince Andrew admitted:

The overzealous policing came two days after a real intruder
broke in to the palace. Two men were arrested. That was the most serious
security scare since 1982 when a man jumped the fence and managed to get in
to the Queen's bedroom. She apparently talked to him
for 10 minutes until help arrived. Maybe people are
a little bit twitchy at the palace in light of what's happened
over the last couple days. The moment they get something wrong,
obviously they can be criticised. Prince Andrew joked he's looking forward to a safe walk
in the garden in the future.

Young football fans
have been injured at a high school game in Ohio
when a section of seating collapsed. Four students were taken to hospital
with minor injuries with a fifth treated at the scene. The game resumed
after the emergency crews finished their work.

The ancient sport of wrestling has wrestled its way
back into the Olympics. It beat bids from squash,
baseball and softball for a spot at the
just-announced 2020 Tokyo Games, and in 2024. Not the result we were hoping for,
but we'll live to fight another day. We're not going to give up here. The IOC
only dropped wrestling in February.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and we're down to eight
and trouble for the Roosters. Chris, they'll fight a 1-game ban that could see a star enforcer
miss the clash against Manly. Coming up,
which of the eight captains will have their hands
on the trophy on October 6. While the rest drown their sorrows
in Mad Monday celebrations. And jumping for joy, Serena draws level
with Roger Federer. That's next.

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More pulling power. At 3.5 tonnes,
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More technology, when you can't trust
the navigator.

And more toughness, because great fishing spots
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Trent. Ah! I've got ya. VOICEOVER: Good drivers
deserve attention. Dance?
I'd love to. Choose AAMI to get more.

Roosters enforcer
Jared Waerea-Hargreaves will front the NRL judiciary
tomorrow as he fights to play
in Saturday night's final against the Sea Eagles. The Kiwi international
is facing a 1-week ban for using a forearm to the throat
of Rabbitoh Chris McQueen. All eight skippers were on board
at the finals launch but the Roosters face the prospect
of losing gun prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
for Saturday's showdown with Manly. That's not good. We need him in our side
to perform well, but if it doesn't,
Luke O'Donnell's coming back this week for us,
so that's great thing for us.

Whoever they bring in
is going to be strong and tough. That's even if he's out. Souths' Sam Burgess escaped action
for his niggle and is free to play Melbourne. I definitely won't be baiting
any of the Burgess boys. They've got about 40 kilos on me
so I'll be staying away from them, trust me.

He probably doesn't need that stuff
in his game, but in saying that

we want him to be as aggressive
as possible. As for the side
most skipper's fear... Oh, I'd say the Roosters, mate.
They were minor premiers. The Roosters. Probably the Roosters
at the moment, mate.

No doubt
everyone would be chasing them, I would imagine. While no side's won the title
from outside the top four under the current format, even the Cowboys rivals fear the
firepower they bring to the finals. Probably a bit more x-factor
than what we've got with Matty Bowen and Thurston. We've got momentum at the moment and that's a big thing
in the finals. But the Sharks say
their win against the Raiders showed their minds are on the job despite ongoing uncertainty
over the ASADA investigation. People been talking about it
all year. It's just something
that we're dealing with at the moment. Yeah, look,
we're just out to play footy, and we're playing
do or die footy now.

Parramatta drowned their sorrows
after collecting the wooden spoon but coach Ricky Stuart has ordered
his players to continue training through until the grand final.

The Eels, though,
were given today off. You know, obviously it's been
a long season for us so it's good to be here
just to let out hair down, Just to have a good time, really. Penrith went on a Harbour cruise while the 'Beast'
and his Warriors team-mates opted for fancy dress
across the Tasman.

Sydney is set to regain Adam Goodes
for Saturday night's final against a rejuvenated Carlton
at ANZ Stadium. Goodes has been sidelined
with a knee injury. He trained yesterday
and trained well. Sat in my office
and said he feels well. Whether we play him or not
we don't know yet. The winner
will play Fremantle in Perth.

Fast bowler Mitchell Starc
is in danger of missing the Ashes due to a serious back injury. Meantime, captain Michael Clarke scored his first
limited overs century as Australia beat England
to go one up in their series. The captain's 155-run partnership
with George Bailey set up a total of 7/315. Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner
starred with the ball in the 88-run win.

Serena Williams has become
the oldest US Open champion in the modern era, claiming her
fifth title at Flushing Meadows with victory over Victoria Azarenka,
who fought back from a set and 4-1 down to force a decider. But Serena was ruthless
in the decider, winning 6-1. It's the 31-year old's
17th Grand-slam title,

The hunt is on for a team masseuse who caused chaos
at a football match in Brazil. He snuck into goal
and made a brilliant double save that knocked the opposition out
of the fourth division competition. The masseuse grabbed his gear and made a lightning getaway
into the grandstand.

I might be like that masseuse with the Sydney Swans faithful chasing me on Friday night. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - how much weight
this fat cat has lost powering along a treadmill. And turning up the heat.

It was lovely and warm across the
region today but don't get too comfortable with the warmer
weather because it's going to cool down a WHOLE lot
over the next few days Canberra could see some
late rain tomorrow with temperatures dropping back
under the 20 degree mark AND the ski season could still
have some life in it yet with both Perisher and Thredbo
in for snow tomorrow Just 15 in Canberra by Wednesday

Tonight's Seven News headlines - a young bus passenger hit
in the head with a rock tells of her shock and pain. The huge crowd events combining for Sydney's biggest
transport test since the Olympics. Tony Abbott touches down in Canberra
to start dismantling the carbon tax. And millions offered
to free a Sydney banker accused of king-hitting a bouncer.

Checking finance now and the share market
has closed higher, bolstered by encouraging
economic date from China and Japan. The ASX 200 was 36 points higher. Qantas shares jumped

An overweight cat in the US
is fast losing the kilos, thanks to an underwater treadmill. Buddha weighed more than 14 kilos when he was handed in
to an animal shelter last month. He's now at a rehabilition centre, pounding the treadmill
three times a week. One might think,
"Oh, cats and water, that's cruel. "How could they do that?" But it really has made
a huge difference to his health. And his waistline.

Buddha has already shed
around 2 kilos.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather.

It was a fairly warm day
in Sydney today but pretty cloudy too.

From the satellite we have areas of high cloud through the south-east corner
of the country thanks to a cold front
pushing through. Gale force winds are forecast
in southern parts of New South Wales tonight and early tomorrow. This trough will move through
the state with very warm weather ahead of it. Conditions will stay dry
on the coast. With isolated showers
in the south-east and parts of the central
and northern inland regions. A shower
or two The chance of
an afternoon shower in Brisbane. 19 in Canberra.

A strong wind warning is current
for Sydney's coast. On the water:

We're in for a hot spring day
across Sydney with dry and gusty westerly winds. So a bad day
if you're a hayfever sufferer. 18 the low. And 29 degrees tomorrow. Temperatures will soar
to 31 at Gosford. 30 at Richmond and Penrith. 29 at Campbelltown. 28 in Cronulla. Before a milder south-westerly
change arrives early in the afternoon. To the 7-day forecast. A weak cool change will see temperatures drop to 24
on Wednesday. A little cooler again on Thursday. 22 in the city. 23 in western suburbs. Friday 20 degrees. there is the chance of light morning
and evening showers. Thanks for your company. In Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, an exclusive look
at how Aussie troops are training the Afghans
to run their own country. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello, and welcome to the program. Before we kick things off
for the week, have a look at this. It has to be one of the most bizarre
advertising decisions we've seen in a long time. This ad for cosmetic company
Ella Bache was deemed
unsuitable for public display, not because
the models are naked but, believe it or not, because of the serious looks
on their faces. Odd, sure.
But no big deal, right? Well, not until you see the ad which
was deemed OK to run in its place. Can you spot the difference?